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Where To Go For Pho In Melbourne?

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    We are aware of the abundance of pho restaurants in Melbourne; nevertheless, where do we recommend eating?

    Below are the top locations to have pho in Melbourne, whether you are a pho-king beginner who's never tried anything but soft sliced beef, or a hard purist just on search for tripe and tendons.

    FAQs About Pho In Melbourne

    Pho is not just hearty, comforting and notably tasty – it also has an array of health benefits. If you hold back on the noodles and sodium and go heavy on the vegetables, you have the ultimate nutritious, filling and low-calorie meal or snack.

    Once you're ready to take a bite, pinch a few noodles in between your chopsticks, careful to include some leaves and a chunk of meat, then dig in. At the same time, take in a spoon of the broth and slurp it down with your other hand. Loudly. That's how the Vietnamese do it.

    Some pho broths suck and need a boost. But the bottom line is that condiments are not a default. Sip the broth first (I stress this because it's important) while working the noodles with your chopsticks. It's OK, even preferred, that you stick your face into the bowl while slurping.

    If you ordered pho with beef slices, it would be raw. Typically round and thinly sliced raw beef. Dine-in: thin beef slices will be added to the top of the bowl/pho, and as you separate your noodles and add in sauces, the beef cooks in the hot broth.

    Yes, it is a staple breakfast in Vietnam. Though people often eat only the noodles, chicken/beef/vegetables and leave the majority of the broth behind. Eating the broth will fill you up too much.

    The Finest Pho In Melbourne

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    If you're in the mood for some traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho, it isn't far away.

    Twenty Pho Seven Restaurant

    It doesn't matter what time of day it is, sometimes you just need some nourishing pho because you're craving it so badly at 3 in the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Twenty Pho 7 Restaurant is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and that's not all. This relatively new bar has the vibe of a nightclub, whether it's 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., thanks to the large cocktail menu.

    Here we present bubble tea cocktails, complete with instructions for making your own. The menu also features many pho options, including beef combo pho and Pho the Vegans pho, which are all vegan and free of peanuts, gluten, and dairy. The freedom to customise by adding everything from pig belly to more noodles is a source of great satisfaction.

    Pho Flinders

    You'll find the perfect bowl of pho at this laid-back spot right across from Flinders Street Station. There really are four sizes available, from the miniature variety for use while awaiting the train to the colossal variety for use when the rail system has collapsed. Plus a selection of beverages, including avocado smoothies, and your choice on three toppings, such as beef balls, chicken heart, and vegetables. People used to get together under the station clocks, but nowadays it's far more convenient to do so at Pho Flinders.

    Pho Nom

    You can expect pho-nom-enal Vietnamese food festival with a modern twist at this restaurant located in the ritzy Emporium. To begin, the stock at Pho Nom is made from the bones of grass-fed Warialda cow and free-range chicken from Milawa. Get a drink to match your mood, and then pick your pho toppings (which could range from thinly sliced wagyu sirloin through mushrooms and tofu). Iced coffee in the Vietnamese style or a Saigon 333? Rum iced tea or sugar cane juice?

    Homi Noodle Bar

    Homi Noodle Bar serves authentic street food. Come for the hip neon decor, sick tunes, and innovative Vietnamese meals like shrimp shells crab naan canh and potato thots. There are three different kinds of pho with beef, or you can get grilled chicken with lemongrass and quail eggs. Get a bowl, a mini snack, and a soda for for $20 during the lunch special. We suggest getting a little crazy with your drink selection in the evening, perhaps with a Hot Line Shiba or a coconut & jelly Slurpee.

    Mekong Vietnam

    This Swanston Street staple seems to be around for ages, and it probably did so long before any other Asian restaurants outside of Chinatown opened in the Central Business District. Mekong Vietnamese is still going strong because it is consistently excellent, reasonably priced, and stocked with every pho variation imaginable. The offal-y delicious Ta Pin Lu, which features hog blood jelly and tripe, is only one example. The medium portions are enormous, and the price per person is less than $15, so even if you're tight on cash, you can feast like a god.

    Tia Con

    Linda Huynh, a celebrity in the world of mobile eateries, has brought all the flavour of Vietnamese local cuisine to Brunswick with her creation, Tia Con. Tia Con prepares an excellent pho, using Angus brisket that has been slow cooked for 12 hours, pays homage to traditional Vietnamese cooking while also firmly anchoring it in the 21st century. However, if you prefer to avoid animal products, you can also find a vegan option.

    Bia Hoi

    Jerry Mai, the undisputed queen of Vietnamese BBQ, runs this popular eatery and bar. Even while pho isn't Bia Hoi's main draw, they nevertheless serve up a terrific soup. You may customise each serving by adding your favourite protein to the fragrant Thai basil, lemon, chilli, and bean shoots. Pick your favourite rare cut of beef, chicken, or vegetable and customise it with all the fixings you want. Whenever you want a guaranteed flavorful bowl, beef brisket is the way to go.

    Viet Star

    A local institution, Vietnamese Star has already been serving up big platters of Vietnamese cuisine to Hawthorners that since turn of the century. As well as numerous iterations on the traditional beef or chicken pho, they also provide a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian choices. Excellent for a quick, inexpensive meal at home or on the go.

    Hanoi Mee

    Using skills and recipes he learned back in Vietnam, Ennis Le has created one of the best spots for pho in bayside Melbourne. Hanoi Mee's pho is indulgent, with Sher Wagyu beef topping the bill. They also do prawn dumpling pho and free-range chicken pho. If you're feeling hungry but don't know what to order, then you can go for the Chef's Menu option or the Best Bits menu for a Vietnamese foodie journey from north to south. 


    If nutritious fare is what you're after, a visit to Misschu is in order. It is a point of pride for them to use healthy, wholesome, locally sourced ingredients in all of their dishes. They are environmentally aware as well, recycling and composting all that can be. But if the cuisine isn't delicious, none of that matters. Thankfully, there are no such dramas to be found. Grass-fed meat, chicken, vegetarian dumplings, spicy prawn dumplings, grilled mushrooms, and tofu are just some of the options out of the five phones at their disposal. Even if you're just looking for the best pho in Melbourne, this is where to get it.

    Pho Victoria

    Pho Victoria boasts one of the most extensive menus in all of Melbourne, featuring twelve different pho selections. Whether you're looking for beef, chicken, seafood, or even tofu for your vegan pho, you can get it here. As an added bonus, their low cost per bowl ($12) makes them ideal for those on a tight budget.

    Saigon Soul

    Enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a contemporary twist at Saigon Soul, a restaurant that has brought a taste of Vietnam to a heart of Ascot Vale. While we appreciate that you've made the trip to sample their best pho in Melbourne, we can't let you leave without telling you about their soft-shell crab with sriracha mayo, tomato, and honey. It's mind-boggling in the best possible way. Traditional pho comes in soup bowls and can be paired with a variety of dumplings. You can personalise your bowl of soup to your liking and afterwards slurp the rest of the night on some of the tastiest pho in the Melbourne suburbs.

    Madame Saigon

    The family who runs Madame Saigon has worked in the restaurant industry for three generations, and they have always specialised on pho. Traditional Vietnamese coffee, sticky rice rolls, and pho have been on the menu at Melbourne's premier pho restaurant since it opened in 1988. For all you vegans out there, the days of "vegan" food consisting primarily of eliminating the meat and replacing it with tofu are over.


    Collingwood's most popular cafe may have a limited menu, but they execute it brilliantly. The pho is vegetarian, but you may add meat if you want, such as beef or chicken, or you can stay to the vegetarian lifestyle and add mushrooms and tofu. To get the greatest of both worlds, try the Tonkin's trademark grilled vegan duck. Animal rights activists may get their hearts warmed by some of the greatest vegan pho Melbourne has had to offer for only $14.

    Pho Hung

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    When trying to locate this one, just follow the people. That, and the double-paned mirrors (why are those always present in these eateries?). Once you've gotten a seat at Pho Hung near Preston, order any variety of Pho off the menu and savour the brothy bliss. You only need 10 pounds and an empty stomach. You'll kick yourself for waiting so long to try their best pho just on northside.

    Pho Hung Vuong

    Avoid getting confused with Richmond restaurant of the same name; Pho Hung Vuong specialises in pho and nothing else. It's on par with the most popular barbeque restaurants in Texas in terms of popularity among Texans: it's the most famous pho restaurant in Springvale. Even though there are only two primary types of pho available, queues still stretch down Balmoral Avenue during noon. Pick your favourite cut of beef (or go all out with The Lot and if you're into pho) and order a traditional Vietnamese beverage. The presence of two mirrors on opposite walls is a sure clue that you're in a real pho joint.

    Pho Hung Vuong 2

    While there are many places to have pho on Victoria Street, the locals all know to head straight to Pho Hung Vuong 2. This cosy eatery is known for its vermicelli bowls, crispy spring rolls, and hot bowls of traditional pho (with options like tendon and beef).

    They consider Pho Hung Vuong 2 to be the best pho place in "all of Australia." Although the restaurant's white tiles and mirrors may seem garish, the food is excellent. All of the entrees cost less than $10, so it's easy to have a satisfying supper without breaking the bank.

    The classic three-color or four-color beverages are a great way to kick off your pho experience. The bowls are really the size of a tiny bathtub, and the service is lightning fast.

    Pho Hung Vuong Saigon

    Visually and conceptually, Pho Hung Vuong Saigon is quite similar to its sister restaurant, Pho Hung Vuong 2, in Springvale. The ph is just as good, but they also have pasta dishes and a few more entrées to choose from in addition to the traditional beef noodle soup.

    Pho Hung Vuong Saigon is indeed the best pho restaurant in Footscray, serving contemporary variations on the Vietnamese classic with combos like sliced beef & sausages swimming in a creamy broth. Those who like things spicy should get the beef and pork soup with added pig trotters. There's a reason why this eatery is always packed: the portions are huge, and the flavour is even better.

    Pho Chu The

    Just down the street from Pho Hung Vuong Saigon, if you can't get a table at the more popular restaurant of the same name in Richmond, Virginia, you can still get a delicious bowl of pho at Pho Chu.

    The point is to quickly grab some pho and leave, so don't count on anything fancy. Yet, holy crap, this soup is delicious. The rare cut beef is always a popular choice at lunchtime, drawing large crowds. Only $12, a steal. One helpful hint is to bring some Vietnamese iced coffee.

    Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill

    If you're in search of authentic Hanoi pho, look no farther than Sen Storm Noodle Bar and Grill in Fitzroy. Chef Ryan Pham's pho, in contrast to traditional Southern pho, is made with sugar-free broth and high-end (read: excellent) pieces of meat. The stock used to make real Hanoi pho has a crystalline clarity that complements the dish's distinctive flavour and appearance. If you're vegetarian or vegan, you can still have delicious pho served in the traditional Hanoi way. You won't want to leave Sen Storm just for the pho; the bistro's plant life and atmosphere are equally worth checking out.

    Good Day

    Vegans avert your eyes, because the majority of the items at the new Brunswick restaurant GOODdays are vegan. Vegan mushrooms and tofu spring rolls cooked in-house complement the fragrant four mushroom pho. Although this may not be the norm, the residents of Sydney Road are very excited about the prospect of even better times ahead. In addition to the vegetarian and vegan options, meat eaters can have a hearty bowl of pho made with marrow, chuck, and knucklebone, topped with herbs & pickled onion. All things considered, not bad.

    Hanoi Hannah Express Lane

    Hanoi Hannah Express Lane has been a mainstay of the Melbourne dining and drinking scene for many years. Sharp poached chicken pho, lemongrass beef pho, and the house speciality XO pho are just a few of the highlights of the menu; the Peking duck rice paper wraps are also highly recommended. You can skip the lines if you show up before or after lunch.

    I Love Pho 264

    I Love Pho 264 along Victoria Street is the ideal pho place to introduce a newcomer towards the world of "our." The traditional sliced beef or super-safe shredded chicken on the menu are great options for first-timers. Feel free to try the chicken's organ meats if you're feeling daring. Urbanites, take note: these merchants have a second location in the Emporium. Placed on the highest floor, the main food court overlooks the entire building.

    Mopho Canteen

    The best Vietnamese food in Balaclava can be found at Mopho Canteen, a real hidden treasure of a pho restaurant. They are the greatest option for a genuine hawker experience in Melbourne's southern suburbs, with anything from beef pho to coconut ice cream. The mushroom & tofu pho is stunning to look at and tastes great; it's a great option for both vegans and meat lovers. Canteen has also recently launched a new location on Toorak Rd near South Yarra.

    Pho Kim Long

    The atmosphere at this unpretentious pho establishment may not be anything special, but the Vietnamese food is among the best in Melbourne. True story. Everything on the menu at Pho Kim Long is excellent, from of the sliced beef to the chicken and egg yolk. Considering that you'll spend little more than $12 for both bowls, it would be rude not to order a second helping.

    Proud Peacock

    In 2018, this family-owned restaurant in town burned to the ground, taking with it the soft drink-lined walls, free sliced oranges, and Coles cakes that were staples of the establishment. But wipe away your tears, for Proud Peacock has reopened in a shiny new Mount Waverley location. Once again, you can get your hands on some of the best pho in town. So season it with chilli & lemon to taste (more is better, in our opinion) and allow the savoury, salty, thick soup wash away the week's worries. Ideally paired with such a Vietnamese drip coffee.


    For a taste of true North Vietnamese street food, head on over to Typhoon in Highett. The pho is served in giant, piping hot bowls. They offer chicken, beef, and two kinds of vegetarian food. If you're looking for a more traditional vegetarian dish, try the Pho Rau, which features white mushroom, black shiitake shiitake, bean shoots, choy sum, and fried tofu. Broccoli, zucchini, pumpkin, parsnip, carrot, and onion are roasted and put into a broth.

    Ginger & Chives

    To use a trendy pho cliche, Ginger and or Chives is a "contemporary" pho joint. That's just a fancy way of saying they brought in a designer and turned this place into something more than a humming neon warehouse with mirrors attached to every wall. Every item on the menu is delicious, and the pho is particularly noteworthy. Sliced beef, chicken, or both are available as toppings (purists will note the absence of tripe and tendon options). It's more in the vein of Pho Nom than some other local pho joints, but dang if it isn't excellent.


    The Vietnamese noodle soup known as pho is a classic comfort food. The city of Melbourne is home to a wide variety of excellent pho establishments. It's worth it to check out Pho Flinders or Twenty Pho Seven. The food and drink of Homi Noodle Bar are genuine examples of Vietnames cuisine. 12-hour slow-cooked Angus brisket is used in Tia Con.

    The beef brisket soup at Bia Hoi is delicious and comes with all the ingredients you could want. In addition to the standard beef or chicken pho, Viet Star also serves a wide variety of other pho dishes. The pho at Hanoi Mee is rich, with premium Sher Wagyu beef as the main ingredient. Pho Victoria is one of Melbourne's best selections of Vietnamese food. A little bit of Vietnam is now right in the middle of Ascot Vale, thanks to Saigon Soul.

    It completely blows your mind in the finest way. The best pho in Melbourne can be found at Madame Saigon. The most well-liked cafe in Tonkin Collingwood serves only a few select items, but they do so superbly. Two mirrors on opposite walls are a telltale sign that you've entered a legitimate pho restaurant. People from all across Australia agree that Pho Hung Vuong 2 serves the tastiest pho.

    Bowls are as big as small bathtubs, and service is lightning fast. Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill serves up delicious, traditional Hanoi pho. Mopho Canteen, Pho Kim Long, and I Love Pho 264 serve some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in Melbourne. For a long time, Hanoi Hannah Express Lane has been one of Melbourne's best bars and restaurants. The mushroom and tofu pho is as beautiful as it is delicious.

    The new Mount Waverley outpost of Proud Peacock is now open for business. The pho is exceptional, but all of the food is tasty. Ginger and/or Chives have hired a decorator to transform the space from a noisy neon factory into a more refined and sophisticated environment.

    Content Summary

    1. It's not too far away if you're craving Pho, the popular Vietnamese noodle soup.
    2. The kitchen of Twenty Pho 7 is operational around-the-clock, seven days a week.
    3. Just across from Flinders Street Station, you'll discover a chill restaurant serving up delicious bowls of pho.
    4. The upscale Emporium is home to a restaurant serving a contemporary take on the traditional flavours of Vietnam.
    5. You can get real street food at Homi Noodle Bar.
    6. For $20 during lunch, you can have a bowl, a small snack, and a beverage.
    7. This Swanston Street mainstay has been there for what seems like forever, and likely before any other Asian restaurants outside of Chinatown had set up shop in the CBD.
    8. The reason Mekong Vietnamese is still going strong is because to its unwavering quality, low prices, and extensive selection of pho.
    9. A well-known figure in the world of mobile restaurants, Linda Huynh has brought the authentic flavour of Vietnamese street food to Brunswick with her invention, Tia Con.
    10. Hoi, Bia!
    11. This popular restaurant and bar is owned and operated by Jerry Mai, who is well recognised as the "queen" of Vietnamese BBQ.
    12. They have great soup even though pho isn't their speciality at Bia Hoi.
    13. Ennis Le has opened one of the top pho restaurants in bayside Melbourne using techniques and recipes he picked up in his native Vietnam.
    14. The pho at Hanoi Mee is rich, with premium Sher Wagyu beef as the main ingredient.
    15. If you're hungry but aren't sure what to get, try a selection from the Chef's Menu or the Best Bits menu to sample dishes from all throughout Vietnam.
    16. If you're looking for healthy food, you should stop by Misschu.
    17. They take great satisfaction in the fact that all of their dishes are prepared using fresh, natural, and locally sourced ingredients.
    18. They have a choice of grass-fed steak, chicken, vegetarian dumplings, spicy prawn dumplings, grilled mushrooms, and tofu, among other things, from the five phones at their disposal.
    19. Looking for the best pho in Melbourne? You've found it.
    20. There are twelve different pho options at Pho Victoria, making it one of the most diverse menus in all of Melbourne.
    21. Tofu for vegan pho is available among the usual meats and poultry/seafood options.
    22. Saigon Soul, a restaurant that has brought a flavour of Vietnam to the heart of Ascot Vale, serves traditional Vietnamese food with a modern twist.
    23. The owners of Madame Saigon are third-generation restaurateurs who have focused on pho since the restaurant's inception.
    24. Since its 1988 opening, Melbourne's best pho restaurant has been serving up authentic Vietnamese fare like traditional Vietnamese coffee, sticky rice buns, and, of course, pho.
    25. Get a table at Pho Hung, and once you do, order any bowl of Pho you see on the menu and enjoy the brothy ecstasy.
    26. It only takes 10 pounds and an empty stomach.
    27. To avoid any confusion, Pho Hung Vuong is a Richmond establishment that serves just pho and goes by that moniker for a reason.
    28. It's the most well-known pho restaurant in Springvale, and among Texans, it's on par with the best barbeque joints in the state.
    29. Two mirrors on opposite walls are a telltale sign that you've entered a legitimate pho restaurant.
    30. While Victoria Street is lined with pho joints, the locals all know to go to Pho Hung Vuong 2.
    31. Apparently, "all of Australia" agrees that Pho Hung Vuong 2 serves the tastiest pho.
    32. The white tiles and mirrors in this restaurant might be gaudy, but the meal is worth the extra effort.
    33. All of the entrees are around $10, so you can have a filling dinner without breaking the bank.
    34. Bowls are as big as small bathtubs, and service is lightning fast.
    35. The decor and menu at Pho Hung Vuong Saigon are very similar to those at its sister location in Springvale.
    36. They serve a similar quality ph, but in addition to the standard beef noodle soup, they also offer pasta dishes and a few other entrée options.
    37. Contemporary takes on the Vietnamese staple, such as sliced beef and sausages swimming in a creamy soup, can be found at Pho Hung Vuong Saigon, the greatest pho restaurant in Footscray.
    38. The beef and pork soup with additional pig trotters is recommended for those with a high tolerance for heat.
    39. If you're looking for pho in Richmond, Virginia and you're unable to secure a table at Pho Hung Vuong Saigon, just down the street is Pho Chu.
    40. Sen Storm Noodle Bar and Grill in Fitzroy is your best bet for finding genuine Hanoi pho.
    41. Unlike traditional Southern pho, Chef Ryan Pham's version uses sugar-free broth and premium (read: outstanding) cuts of meat.
    42. Vegans, avert your gaze: in the New Brunswick restaurant GOODdays, vegan options comprise the vast bulk of the menu.
    43. For a long time, Hanoi Hannah Express Lane has been one of Melbourne's best bars and restaurants.
    44. Mopho Canteen is an undiscovered gem of a pho restaurant in Balaclava, and it serves some of the greatest Vietnamese food in the area.
    45. If you're looking for authentic hawker fare in Melbourne's southern suburbs, look no further. They serve everything from beef pho to coconut ice cream.
    46. The mushroom and tofu pho not only looks beautiful, but also has a wonderful flavour and is a healthy alternative for vegetarians and carnivores alike.
    47. While the ambience is nothing to write home about, the Vietnamese fare at this unassuming pho joint is some of the best in Melbourne.
    48. The fire that destroyed this local family eatery in 2018 took with it the ubiquitous soft drink posters, complimentary orange slices, and Coles cakes.
    49. But dry your eyes, because the Proud Peacock has reopened in a brand new, convenient location in Mount Waverley.
    50. Once again, excellent pho is within reach.
    51. Perfect with that kind of Vietnamese drip coffee.
    52. Typhoon in Highett is the place to go for authentic North Vietnamese street food.
    53. There are two vegetarian options among the chicken, beef, and pork.
    54. Ginger & perhaps Chives is a "modern" pho establishment, to use a hip pho cliche.
    55. The pho is exceptional, but all of the food is tasty.
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