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Where To Find Unique Themed Cafes In Melbourne?

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    Choosing a new brunch spot may be challenging, especially when many of them feel identical. Melbourne's diverse café culture welcomes all kinds of customers, including those with a taste for the unusual and offbeat. There are several interesting cafes in Melbourne, with themes ranging from retro elegance to a fanciful paradise.

    FAQs About Themed Cafes in Melbourne

    Known as the "most beautiful café globally," the New York Café is nothing short of spectacular. The menu comprises Hungary's most traditional desserts, including around 16 cakes, but of course, it's not the cuisine that everyone comes here for -- it's the magnificent setting.

    Melbourne is known globally for its coffee obsession. It offers more than 2,000 cafés as well as some of the world's best baristas.

    Starbucks's expansion into Australia did not succeed like their other expansions to other developed countries had. you could explain it due to three reasons:

    • Advanced local coffee culture.
    • The pace of expansion.
    • Lack of effort to adapt (like they did in China).

    Starbucks is the largest coffee chain, with more than 15,000 locations in the US alone.

    The coffee-crazed city of Melbourne has more cafes per person than any other city on the planet, which is one of the reasons the city has been nicknamed the coffee capital of the world.

    Melbourne's Best Themed Cafes

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    Increasingly more theme cafes are sprouting in Melbourne, adding to the city's reputation as a hub for eccentric eateries. Themed cafes are a great example of Melbourne's penchant for the eccentric. Our top picks for Melbourne's greatest themed cafes are provided below.


    Easey has captured the hearts of so many with its retro burger restaurant that was once trams and trains from the 1990s. The menu is limited to a handful of items, including a few different kinds of burgers, some standard sides like chips, some dim sum, and a few different kinds of Australian beers.

    Three trains, of which there is a restaurant car, dangle from the building's fifth floor. The ground floor has been renovated to give off a retro and laid-back vibe, featuring black and yellow graffiti, tables for vintage arcade games, and repurposed railway seats as booths. The cabin of the updated train on top looks remarkably reminiscent of a caravan, despite the fact that it has chequered seats.

    One Plus Piece Cafe

    Manga clippings, a mural of a Straw Hat Pirates, and One Piece miniatures decorate the walls of this cosy cafe, making it a collector's paradise for fans of Japanese animation. The menu is an excellent fusion of eastern and western influences, with dishes like smashed avocado and eggs served on roti (an Indian flatbread) rather than bread. Try something a little more Japanese like a matcha latte in the morning instead of your regular cup of coffee.

    Balwyn's One Plus Piece Cafe is a hidden gem with a decor inspired by the Japanese manga and anime. In the Japanese manga One Piece, the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, is a wacky young guy whose body turns rubbery after he accidentally eats a Devil Fruit. Luffy, accompanied by his multicultural crew of Straw Hat Pirates, searches the seven seas for the legendary "One Piece," the prise that will make him a next Pirate King.

    Finding One Plus Piece Cafe is like the adventure of your favourite anime hero. Brunch, burgers, and healthier options, as well as top-notch coffee, stand out on the alluring menu.

    Alice Nivens

    Dive into Alice Niven's mind with a trip through the rabbit hole. The black and white tile floors, outdoor furniture, and magnificent painting depicting Alice in Wonderland all give this cafe a charming appearance.

    With random curios like inverted teacup light pendant, rosebuds in glass bottles, and numerous rabbit figurines, this location is a photographer's dream. But the fresh cake slices, muffins, brownies, and other baked products in the glass display case make everyone grin like the Chesire Cat.

    Alice Nivens is a whimsical fantasy cafe the World Loves Melbourne has visited several times (after falling down a rabbit hole), close to Flinders St Station. So for those who love Alice in Wonderland, this is the place for you. This cafe is like an oasis and haven and an escape from the hectic office that surrounds it.

    The enormous Alice in Wonderland painting and the bunny salt and peppers shakers greet you as you go in. The lunch and breakfast selections, as well as the sweets, have left us impressed. To name a few: the Morning bun, cookies, muffins, cakes, and sandwiches are all fantastic. Not to mention the warm cocoa. To keep up with the ever-evolving selection of delicious, freshly baked cakes, follow their Instagram feed.

    The owner, Janet, and the pastry chef, Jean, strike up a conversation that turns out to be just what you need to perk up your day. If you feel like you're drowning in spreadsheets, email, and a demanding employer, Alice Nivens is the therapist for you.

    Flipboard Cafe

    At the very end of La Trobe Street, you'll find a cafe that makes excellent use of the available square footage by decorating almost entirely in wood. There are surprises at every corner of the cafe's two levels. The interior, including the seats and tables, are hinged to evoke the boat's namesake.

    The series of wooden boxes on the outside conceals a charming dining area for two, complete with a table constructed from recycled papers. It's the best place in town to relax with a cup of good coffee and a friend or significant other.

    Little Mule Cafe 

    Bicycle riders from all over frequent The Little Mule for its excellent coffee. White brick walls, exposed cables from the light fixtures, and assorted bicycle components cover the roof of this trendy, off-the-beaten-path jewel.

    It's not just window dressing; the crew can construct and repair your gear bikes, or you could buy a ready-made, bespoke bike. Poached eggs and other breakfast items are available on the cafe's vast menu (and are served all day on Saturdays!). It's two-in-one — get your bicycle fixed and get some grub while you're doing it.

    Larry David's Cafe 

    People who enjoy Seinfeld & Curb Your Enthusiasm (the ninth season of which has begun production!) might enjoy these New York–style bagels. White tiles, wooden seats, and a few potted plants make up the shop's minimalist decor. The mural of the famed comedian's "meh" look painted on a wall, however, is the real eye-catcher.

    Brother Baba Budan 

    The pungent aroma of freshly brewed coffee will entice you to join a suit-clad line of individuals stretching out into the streets to get their morning cup of joe. This tiny gem of a coffeehouse, named after the first coffee smuggler in history, is rapidly gaining notoriety.

    With its dark wood, warm accents, and racks of coffee beans, the atmosphere here is reminiscent of an old-fashioned traders' shop. The ceiling's wooden chair canopy, on the other hand, is immediately noticeable. The modest bar has plenty of seating, but only enough for 15 people because there is only one large table. Good coffee is their main focus, thus they don't provide much in the way of snacks besides small pastries and cakes.

    29th Apartment

    The oddity level in the 29th Apartment is through the roof. The 29th Apartment is the best hangout ever, and we love to hang out there whenever we can. Katie, the infamous St. Kilda street performer-turned-aspiring-artist, lived in the apartment that has since been recreated as the 29th Apartment.

    Katie made the 29th Apartment in the Chelsea Hotel her own little piece of New York City not long after Jack Kerouac & Sid Vicious booked apartments there. None of the rough-and-tumble men and women this beautiful eccentric brought back to her house after a night on the town were prepared for the labyrinth of abstract paintings that lined the walls. Almost all of Katishe's paintings depict scenes from the streets of New York City, the metropolitan area that never sleeps, and which she has come to associate with the underground cultural and artistic revolution that Andy Andy had championed.

    The 29th Apartment is known for its eccentric furnishings, such as the 1970s-era Kelvinator refrigerator (they just don't make 'em like they used to). In order to further contribute to the laid-back atmosphere, we also provide board games such as a gigantic Jenga.

    Cat Cafe

    The Cat Cafe is unquestionably a top-notch Melbourne establishment. Here in this place, cats have it made. Take pleasure in the company of a plethora of cats, all of which are busy on the cat-shelf walkways. Naturally, each cat has a unique name and personality, and you can find yourself enchanted by them. To schedule an appointment, you must first examine what hours are still open (there is a fee per person to see the cats). Also, there are age requirements placed on the participants.

    Due to Council regulations, a cat cafe can only serve a limited menu. Snack on goodies like cakes, slices, cookies, chips, and of course, cold and hot beverages. The contentment and health of the cat is prioritised.

    Operator 25

    Because it is housed in a historically significant structure (it was constructed in the early 1900s), a visit to Operator 25 is like taking a trip back in time to a telephone exchange from the same era. The cafe's decor harkens back to the days when operators sat at switchboards to connect calls with brick walls, catchy phrases, hanging cord lines, copper-colored light shades, and wooden tables.

    People "remain on the line" notwithstanding the lengthy wait because of the consistent quality of service and the delicious seasonal brunch options.

    Marche Board Game Cafe 

    No matter how many guests you invite to your party, you'll be able to keep everyone entertained with one of the more than a hundred available board games. Your group will appreciate this. An eight dollar session lasts three hours, and you'll have to pay for your own drinks in top of that.

    Guests can also enjoy a private karaoke room stocked with the most up-to-date English, Chinese, Korean, and even that songs in addition to a selection of board games. The Marche Board Game Cafe is more than just a place to eat; it's also a pleasant place to hang out with friends or family, making it a great venue for social gatherings of all kinds.

    Biggie Smalls 

    This fresh take on traditional kebabs from the late Notorious B.I.G.'s namesake, Shane Delia, is Shane's way of paying tribute to the golden era of rap. New York-style counter stools, colourful tiling, vinyl, veneered panelling, and shiny metal accents create the atmosphere of a classic Manhattan diner.

    The décor is dated and Americanized, but the food is anything but. Shane's menu is a fusion of his Middle Eastern heritage and American flavours. The recipes include a wide range of cuisines and ingredients, from Turkish sandwiches with ice cream to fried chicken and pumpkin pie hummus and chips dipped in butter flavoured with preserved lemon and thyme.

    The Austen Tea Room 

    The Austen Tea Room was conceptualised as an homage to three from Jane Austen's novels: Sense and Sensibility, Emma, & Pride and Prejudice. Respectful of Jane Austen, this haven is decked out in posters from of the 1996 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and serves as a welcome refuge from the outside world. The cafe's furnishings, inspired by those of an English cottage, include fine china and beautiful floral embroidery.

    If you're looking for an elegant afternoon meal, choose their $45 high tea package, which includes tasty treats like fresh ribbon sandwich, warm scones with generous amounts of jam and cream, and cute little cupcakes. It's a pub from the 18th century in England!

    Matcha Mylkbar 

    This vegetarian restaurant has the calming atmosphere of a contemporary Zen garden. Matcha Mylkbar is a unique option for those looking for a new Instagrammable venue, thanks to its minimalistic industrial chic decor (very hipster). The concept of the café makes vegetarian food appealing to non-vegans; for example, the cafe serves "bacon" made of dehydrated mushrooms and "poached eggs" made with sweet potato, turmeric, and coconut milk. Match Mylkbar has attractive meals, a variety of lattes (including mushroom and beetroot), and matcha to satisfy your weekly healthful food cravings.

    Melbourne's Most Instagrammable Cafes

    It's common knowledge that Melbourne was Australia's premier destination for speciality coffee. While the value of a flawlessly brewed batch in our daily life cannot be overstated, selecting the ideal café to share your latest Instagram photo also requires careful consideration of factors such as the café's aesthetics, the quality of its natural lighting, and the presentation of its food.

    Luckily, Melbourne's coffee culture extends beyond the menus and menu items of the numerous Instagrammable cafes in the city, with strong latte and flat whites being just the tip of the iceberg. Discover the best cafes that have everything you need to create the perfect Instagram photo.

    Fat Albert

    This relatively new Albert Park hangout features decor that takes inspiration from the work of Slim Aarons, such as artwork and a coffee machine that are millennial pink.

    Vacation Coffee

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    This café, founded and situated in the centre of Melbourne, Australia, features gorgeous '80s-inspired décor, with pastels colouring and abundance of natural lighting, which no doubt inspired countless Instagram images from you.

    The Kettle Black

    The fact that this coffee shop has 71,300 Instagram followers attests to its "instagrammable" nature. The Kettle Black has a distinctive cuisine, with items like Raw Kingfish over Spelt Grain and Chocolate Polenta Porridge, and an attractive ambience, perfect for your Saturday morning gramme.

    Higher Ground

    This café has 15-meter ceilings and a huge mezzanine overlooking the busy ground floor, making it ideal for taking photos for your social media profiles. The food is also rather good, with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even special events.


    We appreciate that this bakery, which specialises in handmade bread, has five cafes spread out over Melbourne. While the thought of their homemade sourdough makes our mouths water, it was the stylish decor of the Melbourne Central location that captured our eye, and the optics of our iPhone cameras. All the other places are just as beautiful.

    The Stables Of Como

    Picnic in the property's beautiful gardens after enjoying some delicious baked goodies from this rustic cafe & events venue located in the stables of the a historic home.

    Sensory Lab

    The Collins Avenue location appears like a modern American diner, and the rest of the café maintains a calm, minimalist aesthetic that pairs beautifully with the expertly crafted cup of coffee served there, making for a great place to get some work done in the middle of the week.


    The notion of plant-based interior design aspects that make this gorgeous Hawthorn café so extremely instagrammable was inspired by Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, hence the name Bawa.


    This posh restaurant overlooks Melbourne's Botanic Gardens, making it the ideal setting for a ladies' lunch.

    Grub Fitzroy

    Melbourne's architecture is typically associated with gritty brick walls and heated industrial interiors, but Grub Fitzroy offers an outside space perfect for a noon pick-me-up. Of course, we have no doubt that you will also take the picture of a lifetime in their world-famous glasshouse.


    The café's bright, white decor is really what No.19 is known about, second to only their delicious food. The café was designed by the renowned Melbourne-based company Biasol.

    Cafe Latte

    This Italian cafe & restaurant is a neighbourhood favourite because of its sophisticated atmosphere, which works equally well for a morning pastry and coffee as it does for a celebratory supper with the whole family.

    Kitty Burns

    The names of the café's two namesakes, Kitty Minogue & Alma Burns, were combined to create the name Kitty Burns. Still, we're primarily just thinking about the way this riverside knockout blends wholesome, tasty fare with colourful, eye-catching decor that is sure to spark ideas for your next Instagram post.

    Industry Beans

    It's easy to see why this Fitzroy café received the UK International Café Award for the best-constructed café in 2014; the space is reminiscent of an industrial warehouse and is located in a vibrant, graffiti-filled neighbourhood.


    Bentwood resembles the polished incarnation of Fitzroy's signature grunge industrial vibe, with its high ceilings, exposed brick, and abundant windows making it a prime location for Instagrammable photos. Do yourself a favour and order some of the chia porridge while you're there.

    Code Black Coffee

    This Brunswick coffee shop takes its caffeine fix seriously, but that doesn't mean they ignore the aesthetics of their space. The venue's polished concrete floor and matte black walls give our Instagram posts an air of refinement.

    Glovers Station

    At this magnificent location, a repurposed mediaeval Tudor garage, we can all pretend we're Keira Knightley in Another Boleyn Girl while we sip our dragon hawk oolong tea and strike a pose.


    Everyone is welcome in Melbourne's eclectic café scene. Many people have fallen in love with Easey's, a burger joint built out of repurposed trams and trains from the 1990s. There is a hidden gem in town called One Plus Piece Cafe, and its decor is all about Japanese manga and anime. The Alice Nivens Cafe is the Most Famous Fantasy Restaurant in the World. Flipboard Cafe, which many Melbourne residents have frequented after becoming lost in a rabbit hole, has nearly exclusively wooden furnishings and decor. The cafe's eponymous boat inspired the design of the cafe's seating and tables, which are hinged.

    We consider the 29th Apartment the ultimate hangout and visit it as much as possible. The original coffee smuggler is honoured by the moniker of Brother Baba Budan. Some of the more unusual items in the 29th Apartment include a Kelvinator refrigerator from the 1970s and a lava lamp from the 1960s. When you visit Operator 25, it's like being transported to a similar era's telephone switching office. The Marche Board Game Cafe is not simply a great place to have a bite to eat, but also a relaxing hangout spot.

    Some of the most photogenic cafes in Melbourne include the Austen Tea Room, Matcha Mylkbar, and Shane's Cafe. Posters from the 1996 BBC rendition of Pride and Prejudice decorate the cafe, which is a nice escape from the rest of the world.

    Content Summary

    1. The eclectic café scene in Melbourne caters to a wide range of clientele, including those with a penchant for the bizarre.
    2. Melbourne is home to a number of unique cafes, with decor ranging from vintage elegance to a fantastical paradise.
    3. The city of Melbourne is becoming known as a centre for offbeat restaurants, thanks to the proliferation of themed cafés.
    4. Melbourne's flair for the unusual is reflected in its many themed eateries.
    5. This article lists our favourite speciality coffee shops in Melbourne, Australia.
    6. Many have fallen in love with Easey because of its vintage burger joint, which is housed in converted trams and trains from the 1990s.
    7. The One Plus Piece Cafe, located in Balwyn, is a hidden gem with a decor based on Japanese comics and anime.
    8. Take a journey down the rabbit hole and into Alice Niven's imagination.
    9. This cafe has an endearing appeal thanks to its black and white tile floors, outdoor tables, and wonderful picture showing Alice in Wonderland.
    10. The Alice Nivens Cafe is the Most Famous Fantasy Restaurant in the World. Flinders Street Station in Melbourne is a frequent destination after a visit to the rabbit hole.
    11. In other words, Alice in Wonderland fans have arrived.
    12. The surrounding office building may be chaotic, but this cafe is an oasis and haven.
    13. We were really pleased with the breakfast and lunch options, as well as the desserts.
    14. Cafe Flipboard A cafe at the very end of La Trobe Street, decorated almost entirely in wood, makes great use of the limited space provided.
    15. With a friend or loved one, you may unwind here over a cup of excellent coffee.
    16. There's a cafe run by Larry David. To the fans of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm (production on the ninth season has begun!)
    17. Eternal Brother Baba Budan There's a line of people in suits that stretches out into the street, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee is enough to make anyone want to join them.
    18. Named after the first coffee smuggler in history, this modest gem of a café is quickly becoming famous.
    19. Apartment #29 The strangeness quotient in the 29th Apartment is off the charts.
    20. Once known as Katie, the notorious St. Kilda street performer-turned-aspiring artist once resided in the apartment now known as the 29th Apartment.
    21. After Jack Kerouac and Sid Vicious moved into the Chelsea Hotel, Katie made Apartment 29 her own.
    22. They just don't make 'em like they used to, but the Kelvinator refrigerator in the 29th Apartment is a popular tourist attraction.
    23. Without a doubt, one of Melbourne's finest restaurants is the Cat Cafe.
    24. Delight in the companionship of many cats, all of which are occupied on the cat-shelf walkways.
    25. Due to rules set forth by the Council, a cat cafe must stick to a strict menu.
    26. Position 25 Operator Operator 25 is located in an old building, so going there is like visiting a telephone exchange from the early 20th century.
    27. Cafe du Jeu de Paume de Marche No matter how many people you have over for a party, you can always find something to keep them occupied with the wide selection of board games available.
    28. In addition to a collection of board games, guests have access to a private karaoke area packed with today's most popular songs in English, Chinese, Korean, and even that language.
    29. The Marche Board Game Cafe is a terrific spot for any kind of get-together because it's not simply a restaurant but also a relaxing location to spend time with good company.
    30. Shane's cuisine is an infusion of his Middle Eastern background and American cooking techniques.
    31. A Tea Party in Jane Austen's Tea Parlor The inspiration for the Austen Tea Room came from three of Jane Austen's books: Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice.
    32. The decor of this vegetarian eatery is reminiscent of a modern Zen garden, making diners feel at ease.
    33. Matcha Mylkbar's simple industrial chic interior makes it a standout among other potential Instagrammable spots (very hipster).
    34. These Are Melbourne's Most Instagrammable Cafes It's well-known that Melbourne is the best place in Australia to get a cup of speciality coffee.
    35. This trendy new hangout in Albert Park contains artwork and a coffee machine in the trendy millennial pink colour scheme that was popularised by photographer Slim Aarons.
    36. This café, which was established and is located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, has a beautiful '80s-influenced aesthetic, complete with pastel colours and an abundance of natural light, which has no doubt inspired countless Instagram photos from you.
    37. An Empty Pot on the Stove This coffee shop's "instagrammable" quality is demonstrated by the fact that it has 71,300 followers on Instagram.
    38. Superior Terrain Perfect for snapping images to share on social media, this café features 15-meter ceilings and a spacious mezzanine that looks out over the lively ground floor below.
    39. Rustica We're grateful that there are five locations in and around Melbourne where you can get the delicious bread this bakery is known for.
    40. In the Como Stables This rustic cafe and events facility is housed in the old home's stables, and it serves as a perfect jumping off point for a picnic in the property's lovely grounds.
    41. Laboratory of Sensation The Collins Avenue location is styled like a contemporary American diner, but the remainder of the café maintains a soothing minimalism that goes excellent with the high quality of the coffee they offer.
    42. Bawa The name "Bawa" refers to Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, whose ideas inspired the plant-based interior design elements that make this beautiful Hawthorn café so incredibly instagrammable.
    43. The beautiful views of the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne make this a great place for a ladies' lunch.
    44. Fitzroy's Grub While most of Melbourne's buildings feature gritty brick walls and heated industrial interiors, Grub Fitzroy has a pleasant outside area, ideal for a midday pick-me-up.
    45. No.19 The white, airy interior of No.19 Café is almost as well-known as the excellent fare served there.
    46. Biasol, a well-respected firm based in Melbourne, was responsible for the café's design.
    47. Cafe au lait This Italian restaurant and cafe is a local favourite thanks to its stylish ambience, perfect for anything from a morning croissant and coffee to a festive dinner with the whole family.
    48. Kitty Burns Kitty Burns is a combination of Kitty Minogue's and Alma Burns' names, both of whom were influential in the culinary world.
    49. Commercial Lentils It's not hard to understand why this Fitzroy cafe was named the best-constructed café in the UK at the 2014 International Café Awards; the building has a warehouse-like aesthetic and is situated in a busy, colourful area covered with graffiti.
    50. With its towering ceilings, exposed brick, and plentiful windows, Bentwood is an ideal site for Instagrammable photographs that evoke Fitzroy's trademark grunge industrial mood.
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