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Famous Foods In Victoria, Melbourne

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    The fantastic restaurants in Melbourne are well-known and seemingly endless. However, small towns in regional Victoria are becoming foodie destinations thanks to a plethora of incredibly inventive dining experiences.

    The capital of British Columbia, Victoria is a delightful, lively, and exciting port of call for cruisers. Victoria is an absolute must-see, what with all its historic allure, gorgeous gardens, and jaw-dropping sights and scenery. Victoria is full of exciting activities, such as world-class shopping, but you shouldn't leave without trying some of the city's signature dishes.

    Victoria is home to some of the country's most celebrated chefs, so you can draw inspiration from the city's thriving food and wine scene. Explore the city and the coast in search of the best seasonal fare served at both upscale and casual eateries. Explore one of state's numerous wine regions, known for their lush vineyards and diverse wine offerings. Experience the famed cafe culture in urban alleyways and the creative cuisine of regional restaurants using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

    Melbourne's rock restaurants and Rafa's scenic riverside eateries are just a few of the many places to eat and drink as you travel through Victoria. Indulge your senses at cosy country inns, upscale city bars, and Michelin-starred eateries. Pint of beer from an old-fashioned craft brewery to wash it all down.

    Melbourne is widely recognised as one of the world's best food cities due to the extraordinary variety of restaurants and cuisines it offers, as well as a casual fine dining scene that is unrivalled in the southern hemisphere. The city's diverse population has contributed to its fame, as has the locals' uncomplicated approach to making the most of delicious goods they have at their fingertips.

    Traveling even a few hours outside of Melbourne reveals the state's abundance of riches and confirms that innovative cuisine is not confined to the city proper.

    FAQs About Famous Food In Melbourne

    Melbourne's food is a cause for celebration for many of us – we have ready access to a wide variety of high-quality foods all year-round, which we enjoy at home and in a diverse and thriving scene of cafes, restaurants, bars, and other outlets.

    Melbourne is known for being one of the most liveable cities on earth. Often referred to as 'the Sporting Capital of the World', besides this it is also famous for its graffitied laneways, excellent coffee, cultural diversity and bayside location. This eclectic Australian city has something for everyone.

    Roast lamb has been declared Australia's national dish in a major poll that shows we're still a country of meat-eaters at heart.

    What to eat in Victoria? 7 Most Popular Victorian Dishes

    • Street Food. Doug. Melbourne. Australia. 
    • Snack. Chiko Roll. Bendigo. Australia. 
    • Street Food Sweets. Hot Jam Donuts. Melbourne. Australia. 
    • Sweet Pastry. Cruffin. Melbourne. Australia. 
    • Fried Chicken Dish. Chicken Parma. Victoria. 
    • Dumplings. Dim Sim. Melbourne. 
    • Spread. Vegemite. Melbourne.

    Melbourne has a long history as a place where communities have gathered and feasted on food. Indigenous communities hunted and gathered in the place now known as 'Melbourne', following the seasonal food supply.

    Yarra Valley Dining And Drinking

    Only about an hour's drive north of the city, beautiful Yarra Valley is just a favourite destination for weekend getaways. Well-known wineries may be found here, and many of them are open for lunch and even dinner on occasion. Located on 10 hectares, Oakridge is a family-run vineyard producing primarily Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. Chef José Chavez astonishes with his mastery of Mexican cuisine throughout lunch. Smoked and raw Buxton trout is served alongside sushi, and organic chicken from nearby Misty Valley is paired wit Chardonnay mushrooms and magnificent sprouts with bacon from Adams Brothers farm. Elegantly presented and expertly prepared, lunch is served with a panoramic view of the Yarra River, which provides the neighbourhood with its name.

    Nighttime In The City

    Explore the city and you will discover everything from Mexican restaurants to Spanish tapas bars to Chinatown treats to coffee shops to rooftop lounges serving cutting-edge Indian fare. Get to know the locals over a few beers and a steak at a neighbourhood bar, treat yourself to an eight-course degustation meal, or pick a destination and set out for a leisurely weekend of self-indulgence.

    The Life Of A Vine

    Try to see as many of the vineyards and farm stands as you can in Victoria. Come on by and try some of the best wines and local fare that the region has to offer, straight from the source. Victoria is home to numerous boutique vineyards that produce a wide range of wines, from light-bodied whites and aromatic rosés to robust reds aged in oak.

    Popular Victorian Recipes


    donug melbourne

    The donug, a large chicken nugget formed into a circle to resemble a doughnut, was invented in Australia by the a Scottish local businessman Crag Carrick. After being coated in cornflakes & panko crumbs, it is fried in oil. Donugs can be dipped in a choice of three sauces: a fiery chilli sauce, a cheesy Mustard bechamel, or a golden Japanese curry laced with mozzarella.
    In light of recent viral postings on social media, it appears that Carrick will be successful in his goal of making this strange culinary mix available all over the world.

    Dungeness Crab

    dungeness crab melbourne

    Though the West Coast's Dungeness Crab season begins in the colder months of the year, Victoria residents and visitors can indulge in this Pacific Ocean specialty year-round. Crayfish are full of delicious meat and may be prepared in a variety of ways. Any number of creative dishes may be made with Dungeness crab, from the most basic steamed crab to elaborate crab salads and even tacos.

    Hot Jam Donuts

    hot jam donuts melbourne

    The hot jam donut is a Melbourne, Australia, speciality. The doughnuts in Queen Vic Market are unique in that they are always served hot.

    Doughnuts are filled in red jam before being fried; the dough is yeasted and has been proved twice. Doughnuts are covered in sugar and presented in white paper bags, and they are best eaten while still warm and fresh from the oven.

    Chiko Roll

    chiko roll melbourne

    Australians use the term "chiko roll" to refer to their take on the Chinese "spring roll" or "egg roll." Carrots, cabbage, wheat, mutton, celery, plus rice are baked inside a dough prepared from eggs and flour. Chiko rolls are often deep fried in hot oil, and the dough was thick and nearly chewy.

    Every fish-and-chips joint should have them. The trademarked snack was created in the 1950s by Frank McEnroe. The original name for this snack was chicken roll; however, it has never actually contained any chicken. Curiously, Chiko rolls are commonly associated with surf culture and the food stands you see at the beach.

    Corrine Beach

    corrine beach melbourne

    The samphire, sea spray, and pigface are all available at Corrine Beach. It's a sea banana, and it's a salty ocean vegetable that goes well with seafood and may even be used as a salad addition. However, abalone from the municipality of Mallacoota is the Gippsland element for which the region is most widely recognised. As a result of its pure waters and strategic location, it is in high demand throughout the Asia–Pacific area. The region's Black Lip, known for both its size and flavour, is particularly sought for.

    Snowy River Station is another Gippsland producer that consistently places high in quality meat competitions. Owner Andrew Simpson purchased a piece of land that was prone to flooding due to the presence of sea water, making it unsuitable for raising cattle. It's created a flourishing new industry that smells and tastes better than beef raised on salt-resistant vegetables.


    cruffin melbourne

    The Cruffin is a hybrid of the croissant and the muffin, formed from layered croissant dough and stuffed with a variety of fillings such pastry cream, nut butters, cream and berries, chocolate, salted toffee, and many others.

    This sweet is a very new development; the original may have been made by Kate Reid, owner of Lune Croissanterie near Melbourne, Australia, in 2013. After that, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco made it famous and trademarked it.

    Fish Chowder

    seafood chowder melbourne

    Creamy and warm, with alluring smokey flavours and a slight sweetness, this soup features fresh salmon and rockfish for a delightful combination. The salmon chowder is loaded with healthy ingredients like potato, kale, and carrots, and is another of Victoria's hallmark dishes. If you find yourself in a restaurant in British Columbia during the winter, be sure to order the local speciality.

    Fairy Bread

    fairy bread melbourne

    Australian children's celebrations wouldn't be complete without the delicious, fruity, and brightly coloured fairy bread. White bread is spread with either butter or margarine and then sprinkled with hundreds of colourful sugar sprinkles before being cut into little pieces.

    This easy, sugary dish is a staple in Australian cooking, evoking warm feelings of nostalgia in adults and being universally adored by kids. Although the recipe is always the same, fairy bread is often found in unusual forms, themed colours, or iced to add a little of flair to the traditional treat.

    Toms Cap Winery

    toms cap winery melbourne

    Toms Cap is located far from the coast, in the middle of the extensive countryside that makes Gippsland the agricultural centre of the state. Despite being set in a stunning location with a view of the countryside, the restaurant's culinary stars are not A-listers but rather a husband-and-wife combination. Serving their Coffin Bay oysters simply with lemon or lime, they allow the quality of the local and national produce speak for itself. Lamb backstrap is pan-seared before being roasted with butternut squash rosti and a spicy beetroot sauce. Victoria on a plate, unfussy and without airs, where first-rate local ingredients take centre stage.

    Anzac Biscuits

    anzac biscuits melbourne

    The Anzac biscuit, often called a "soldier's biscuit" or "Anzac tile," was a popular snack among sailors and soldiers on long voyages due to its low cost and high durability. The Anzac biscuit's characteristic flavour is still created with traditional, primitive ingredients, despite the fact that it has gotten more flavorful and sweeter so over years.

    Modern Anzac biscuits are made using oats, flour, coco, butter, brown sugar, and bicarbonate of soda for a fluffy, airy, sweet taste, and a delicious snack. These components allow it to be preserved and stored for extended periods of time, as well as impart a distinctive flavour.

    Chicken Parma

    chicken parma melbourne

    Breaded chicken breasts are baked with tomatoes sauce and mozzarella until the chicken is cooked through and the cheese is melted in a meal known as chicken parmigiana. Despite its Italy name, chicken parmigiana was actually an American dish that was inspired by the Italian dish melanzana alla parmigiana, meaning eggplant parmesan.

    Chicken parmigiana was likely created by Italian immigrants to New York and New Jersey, although its origins are unknown. However it was originally prepared, the meal is typically served over rice or pasta, and some people even like it in sub sandwiches.

    Bannock Bread

    bannock bread melbourne

    Bannock is a type of traditional bread that often features a variety of spices, herbs, dried fruit, and other ingredients to create nuanced flavour profiles. The shaped dough can be roasted in the oven, fried in oil or fat, or even grilled using skewers. Most Victoria residents have their own secret family recipes for making fluffy, light bread.

    Butter Chicken Pizza

    butter chicken pizza melbourne

    Comfort food doesn't get much better than butter chicken from India or pizza from Italy. Seriously, though, who would've thought to pair them together? But you won't believe how many pizza places, both chain and mom-and-pop, are starting to offer this mouthwatering option. Butter chicken pizza is a speciality of British Columbia, although it has become increasingly popular thanks to eateries in other parts of Canada. This pizza's sauce is made of butter chicken sauce, yoghurt, garlic, and other spices; the toppings include chicken breast, red onion, greens, and cherry tomatoes; and the combined flavours are out of this world.


    japadog melbouurne

    Try a JapaDog when you need a quick snack while you're out and about in Victoria. You can get these Japanese-style hot dogs in restaurants and food carts across Victoria, and they feature tempting combinations of traditional Japanese foods like tonkatsu, teriyaki, and yakisoba. This innovative spin on the classic hot dog makes for an unforgettable lunch.

    Nanaimo Bars

    nanaimo bars melbourne

    One of the most delicious candies you'll ever try is a Nanaimo Bar. This chocolate bar is indeed a tantalising cross between a brownie, a pie slice, and a cookie. Of course, the city of Island in Vancouver is where the original recipe of Nanaimo Bars was developed, so make sure to add the treatment to your Victoria itinerary when you stop there on your trip. In your mind's eye, there's a square with sweet yellow custard nestled between layers of a silicon crust of coconut-flavored biscuits and a topmost part with rich chocolate ganache.

    Pie Floater

    pie floater melbourne

    A staple of Australian cuisine, the pie floater reflects the fusion of British and indigenous flavours. Traditional Australian meat pie is married with the time-honored English recipe for pea soup with meat to create a one-of-a-kind meal.
    Chefs will often use pasta sauce, salt, pepper, mint sauce, or malt vinegar too alter the flavour of the pie, which is served on or buried in a bowl or thick pea soup made from blue boiler peas. Australian beef, deer, rabbit, chicken, and even kangaroo meat may all find their way into the meat pie for a lighter, healthier supper with a more delicate flavour.

    Dim Sim

    dim sim melbourne

    Dumplings filled with pig or other meats, cabbage, and seasonings, dim sims can be steamed or deep-fried. While the name and some of the components may be a nod to classic Chinese fare, the size and thickness of Australian dumplings are somewhat different from their Chinese counterparts (they are larger and thicker than the traditional Chinese versions).

    For his Melbourne eatery, Wing Lee, Chinese chef William Wing Young came up with the dish in the '40s or '50s. You may find dim sims, often known as dummies, in many Australian fish and chip shops, corner stores, or certain Chinese restaurants.

    Okanagan Fruit

    okanagan fruit melbourne

    The contents of this tiny bowl could at first appear to be nothing more than a typical fruit salad. One spoonful of the crisp, refreshing summer fruits, however, and you'll realise that this is no ordinary fruit salad. Honey, apple cider, tarragon, or Canadian bocconcini, tiny balls of mozzarella cheese, serve as décor for this fruit-themed party.

    Wild Pacific Salmon

    wild pacific salmon melbourne

    The seafood in British Columbia is known for being exceptionally fresh. One of Victoria's most famous foods is wild sockeye salmon, which is caught in the rivers that drain into the Northern Pacific. You must have this incredibly tasty fish while on your trip to Victoria, and you can have it served however you like: grilled, baked, smoked, or perhaps best of all, grilled on the a cedar plank.


    vegemite melbourne

    Almost every Australian home has a jar of Vegemite in their pantry, despite the spread's infamous yeasty flavour. In 1922, the Fred Walker Company, now known as Kraft Food Company, hired a chemist to develop a new spread made from a single component that is particularly high in vitamin B.

    Vegemite was the name he gave to the spread he created from dried brewer's yeast, spices, and various vegetables that were discarded after brewing. Its rich crimson to brown, almost black colour and thick, gluey, dense texture are reminiscent of peanut butter. Vegemite is so salty that it takes time to get used to the flavour.

    British Columbia Winesbritish columbia wines melbourne

    The wine industry in British Columbia has gained international recognition for its high quality and wide selection. The Okanagan Valley is home to the lion's share of vineyards, where they turn out everything from crisp, enticing whites to bright reds. British Columbia is known for producing some of the world's top wines, known for their full body, flavour, and personality. Try to have a drink or two with each meal.

    The modern Melbourne diet encompasses everything from smashed avocado off toast in the morning to banh mi from the a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch and handmade spaghetti from a trendy wine bar in the evening. You can fit all of Melbourne onto one stomach if you drink a few flat whites and magics during the day and then finish off the day with a sauce-covered halal snack pack.


    Victoria has a booming food and wine culture because to its abundance of nationally renowned chefs. Treat yourself with trips to quaint B&Bs in the countryside, hip bars in the city, and restaurants with Michelin stars. The meal calls for a pint of local craft beer. Many Melbourne residents and visitors choose to spend their weekends in Yarra Valley. Numerous acclaimed vineyards can be found in the area, and most of them serve lunch and dinner.

    The greatest way to experience the region's wines and cuisine is to try them right where they're made. Delicious meat can be found in crayfish, and they can be cooked in a number of different ways. Donuts stuffed with hot jam are a speciality of Melbourne, Australia. Commonly sold at beachside food booths, chiko rolls are strongly linked to the surf subculture. A combination of a croissant and a muffin, the Cruffin is a delicious new food item.

    Potato, kale, and carrots are just some of the nutritious elements in salmon soup. Toms Cap lies inland, deep in the centre of the vast Gippsland countryside, far from the ocean. Oats, flour, coco, butter, brown sugar, and bicarbonate of soda come together to create the light, airy, and sweet treat known as an Anzac biscuit. Although butter chicken pizza initially gained popularity only in British Columbia, it has since spread across the country. This unique dish combines the classic English pea soup with beef recipe with an Australian pork pie.

    Dummies, or dim sims, can be found in numerous Chinese restaurants, corner stores, and fish and chip shops in Australia. One of the most well-known dishes in Victoria is the wild sockeye salmon. The wines from the Okanagan Valley's vineyards are often regarded as among the best in the world. It takes some time to adjust to the intensely salty flavour of Vegemite.

    Content Summary

    1. Melbourne is famous for its countless, top-notch eateries.
    2. In spite of this, a wealth of very imaginative eating experiences are turning little communities in provincial Victoria into gastronomic hotspots.
    3. Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a delightful, energetic, and thrilling port of call for cruisers.
    4. Victoria has a booming food and wine culture because to its abundance of nationally renowned chefs.
    5. Go out and about in the city and along the coast in search of the greatest seasonal delicacies served at fine dining establishments and dive bars alike.
    6. Visit one of the several wine areas in the state, which are renowned for their beautiful vineyards and wide selection of wines.
    7. Enjoy the inventive cuisine of regional eateries serving seasonal, locally produced ingredients, and soak up the renowned cafe culture of urban backstreets.
    8. There are many of venues to eat and drink around Victoria, including the rock restaurants of Melbourne and the picturesque riverbank cafés of Rafa.
    9. Treat yourself with trips to quaint B&Bs in the countryside, hip bars in the city, and restaurants with Michelin stars.
    10. Due to its incredible range of restaurants and cuisines, as well as a casual fine dining scene that is unrivalled in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne is often regarded as one of the world's top food cities.
    11. The stunning Yarra Valley is just a popular weekend getaway location due to its proximity to Melbourne (approximately an hour's drive north of the city).
    12. If you venture out, you will find everything from Mexican eateries to Spanish tapas bars to Chinatown delicacies to coffee shops to rooftop lounges serving modern Indian cuisine.
    13. Visit as many farm stands and wineries as you can while in Victoria.
    14. Stop by and sample some of the finest wines and regional cuisine prepared by the people who grew them.
    15. Victoria is home to a plethora of small, artisanal wineries that make everything from delicate whites and fragrant rosés to full-bodied, oak-aged reds.
    16. Australian entrepreneur and native Scotsman Crag Carrick came up with the idea for the donug, a big chicken nugget shaped like a doughnut.
    17. Despite the fact that the cooler months mark the beginning of the Dungeness Crab season on the West Coast, this Pacific Ocean delicacy is available in Victoria all year long.
    18. Dungeness crab may be used to make everything from steamed crab to crab salads to crab tacos, among many more meals.
    19. Melbourne, Australia is known for its hot jam doughnuts.
    20. A distinctive feature of the doughnuts at Queen Vic Market is that they are usually served warm.
    21. Australians call their version of the Chinese "spring roll" or "egg roll" a "chiko roll."
    22. Oddly enough, Chiko rolls have become synonymous with beachside food vendors and the surf subculture.
    23. You may buy samphire, sea spray, and pigface at Corrine Beach.
    24. Nonetheless, abalone from the Mallacoota municipality is the Gippsland element for which the region is best known.
    25. The area's pristine seas and advantageous position make it extremely desirable to people all around the Asia-Pacific.
    26. Black Lip is highly sought after due to its popularity and popularity amongst tourists because of its size and flavour.
    27. Salmon chowder, another one of Victoria's signature meals, is packed with nutritious ingredients including potato, kale, and carrots.
    28. If you're ever at a British Columbia restaurant during the colder months, you must try the regional delicacy.
    29. Yummy fruity and brilliantly coloured fairy bread is a staple at every Australian children's festivity.
    30. Fairy bread is a classic dessert that is made with the same ingredients every time, but can be found in a wide variety of creative forms, themed colours, and icing.
    31. Toms Cap sits in the midst of Gippsland's sprawling farmland, distant from the state's coastal cities.
    32. Because of its low price and great durability, the Anzac biscuit, also known as a "soldier's biscuit" or "Anzac tile," was a favourite snack among sailors and soldiers on long voyages.
    33. A light, airy, and sweet snack, contemporary Anzac biscuits are baked with oats, flour, coco, butter, brown sugar, and bicarbonate of soda.
    34. Nearly every household in Victoria has a special, guarded recipe for producing soft, airy bread.
    35. Butter chicken from India and pizza from Italy are two of the best comfort foods in the world.
    36. Although butter chicken pizza was originally a British Columbian invention, it has since spread across the country thanks to restaurants serving it.
    37. Dog when you're in need of a fast bite to eat when sightseeing in Victoria.
    38. Tempting mixes of traditional Japanese cuisine like tonkatsu, teriyaki, and yakisoba may be found on these Japanese-style hot dogs sold in restaurants and food carts across Victoria.
    39. If you've never tried a Nanaimo Bar, you're missing out on one of the best treats ever.
    40. Seeing as how the original recipe for Nanaimo Bars was created in the city of Island in Vancouver, you should definitely include the treatment in your Victoria agenda.
    41. The pie floater is a classic Australian dish that combines British and native ingredients.
    42. This unique dish combines the classic English pea soup with beef recipe with an Australian pork pie.
    43. At first glance, the contents of this tiny bowl would seem like a normal fruit salad.
    44. It's common knowledge that British Columbia has some of the freshest seafood in the world.
    45. Wild sockeye salmon is a popular dish in Victoria, and it is sourced from the rivers that empty into the Northern Pacific.
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