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What Are The Food Trucks In Melbourne?

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    You should start looking for the greatest restaurants in your neighbourhood right now. Try out a food truck instead of getting food delivered every time you become hungry. As a result of lower overhead and start-up expenses, innovative business owners are better able to bring new concepts to the food truck industry, and the best restaurant truck are those that aren't scared to bring new cuisine to the streets. Learn where to get the greatest food trucks in town, whether you're craving tacos on the go or Greek street cuisine.

    Because of its dynamic culture, Melbourne is a city that adopts new fashions rapidly. This is also true of the city's culinary scene. Melbourne has a well-established food truck culture, and it's there that you'll find the tastiest food for the lowest costs. To Melbourne's army of food trucks, we salute you. The number of you jerks, how so many of you are there at this point? It seems like there's always something new and tasty appearing on store shelves. Some of Melbourne's best eateries are using a mobile snack station to increase their reputation as culinary powerhouses, replacing the days when a Mr. Whippy Vans or a truck serving dagwood dogs would do.

    Here are some of Melbourne's finest mobile eateries, where you can get everything from ice cream sandwiches to gourmet tacos to juicy burgers. Keep an eye out for the top food trucks in Melbourne if you're prepared to dive into the city's mobile cuisine scene.

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    Melbourne's Food Trucks

    Melbourne, Australia, has a thriving food truck culture that has been going strong for some time. These vibrant food trucks are an essential part of every party, fair, or festival. As a result, Melbourne is widely regarded as Australia's culinary epicentre.

    Since there is such a need for mobile kitchens, the government has already been striving to legalise the humble food truck. The new plan establishes fixed locations for food trucks in eight different parts of town, with another eight locations available on a rotating basis.

    For one of the permanent parking slots, only the best restaurant trucks need apply. Having such intense rivalry helps maintain the highest quality of cooking.

    Watch for these trucks if you're looking for some of Melbourne's finest cuisine.

    Mr Burger

    It becomes a little exhausting attempting to source that current position of your favourite snack truck amid Melbourne’s suburbia. But fortunately, that's not the case! Mr. Burger has settled inside a tiny shop on Little Bourke St. Mr. Burger has an efficient menu, and their burgers are some of the best you'll ever eat.

    We've been saved more than once by these Melbourne burger pros after a day of sunbathing in the park or a game of tough lawn bowls across the street. They're usually positioned on the edge the Edinburgh Gardens. The trucker chips with bacon, cheese, and their secret sauce are a great choice if you're looking for a lighter snack.

    Taco Truck

    Tacos are the only thing that can cure Melbourne's current fever. The soft shell tortillas sold by Beatbox Kitchen's proprietor, Raph Rashid, are among the highest quality available. Two soft-shell tacos and a bag of Mexican chips are included in a $12 snack box.

    We recommend the rockling fish fillets, which are lightly breaded and fried and served with a rough'slaw, a squeeze of lime, and poppyseed mayonnaise, or the smoked beef strips, which come with radish pieces and salsas galore. Mushrooms are also available.

    There are times when the tacos might need a little DIY flavour help, but if you're craving a little heat, El Yucateco has you covered with both moderate green and excruciating red hot sauces.

    Visiting the food truck is one of the finest ways to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine outside of Mexico. And individuals from all walks in life go to the Taco Truck. Raph Rashid, the inventor of the mobile kitchen in Australia, owns it. It's definitely time well spent waiting in line for some tacos.

    This food truck is known for its vegetarian mushroom quesadillas and battered fish tacos. However, whether you order tacos filled with chicken, beans, lamb, or beef, you can't go wrong. You may rest assured that anything you choose from the menu will satisfy your taste buds and have you going to come back for more.

    Taco Truck, another of Mr. Rashid's excellent innovations and one of Melbourne's greatest food trucks, is the place to go for authentic, affordable Mexican cuisine. Just order some soft shell tacos, some torts (tortilla chips), and a generous helping of hot sauce.

    Ghost Kitchen

    Try to track down the Ghost Kitchen mobile restaurant when your stomach is growling for some Asian cuisine. Everyone in Melbourne is going crazy over this restaurant that serves authentic Taiwanese morning fare. Also, you don't have to be hungry first thing in the morning to eat here. You can eat these foods at any hour of day.

    The dan bing is a must-try item just at Ghost Kitchen mobile restaurant. A staple of Taiwanese breakfasts is roti with just an egg baked atop. To get the full, delectable effect, you need to get all the toppings. Equally delicious are the roasted pork belly buns, which feature a juicy centre topped with a sprinkling of herbs.

    As a result of lower overhead and start-up expenses, innovative business owners are better able to bring new concepts to the food truck industry, as well as the best food truck are those that aren't scared to bring new cuisine to the streets. That's exactly what Ghost Kitchen is accomplishing with its menu of Taiwanese street cuisine, which will make you feel like you've been missing on something fantastic your whole life.

    It's inevitable once you try the Taiwanese pancakes at Ghost Kitchen. Their version of the popular Taiwanese breakfast street snack dan bing consists of a grilled roti top with an egg and aromatic chopped scallions.

    You may order just that, but you'd be crazy not to have "the lot," which includes a fried Chinese donut and savory-sweet pork floss wrapped in an eggy pancake.

    In order to avoid running out, it's a good idea to stock up on chilli sauce. Like the spicy and aromatic Malaysian sambal that it recalls. The mildly spicy sauce is typically served with the lightly breaded salt & pepper popcorn chicken bits, but you'll want to use it on everything.

    The steamed bun is an appropriately airy container that soaks the pork juices, but the fresh coriander and pickles provide a nice counterpoint to the heavy braised pork belly. Jenny Chen, you're appreciated for bringing Taiwanese street food to America.

    Beatbox Kitchen

    Simply saying that Raph Rashid was instrumental in the development of Melbourne's food truck scene would be an understatement. Fans of the earliest food trucks, such Beatbox Kitchen & Taco Truck, would wait weekly in designated areas to dine at the trucks.

    There are now Beatbox burgers available at Rashid's Breakdance Kitchen shop near Brunswick, among All Day Bakery and fried chicken business Juanita Peaches, for those who aren't on the hunt for Rashid's famed Raph burger.

    There is a ping pong table and some communal seating in the back of the permanent burger joint, reminiscent of a chip store.

    The beef patty in Rashid's classic Raph burger is served pink with a caramelised crust and is topped with cos onion, lettuce, cheddar, tomato, and Stereo sauce. This burger is as amazing as it was in the early truck days (a mixture of cayenne, mayo, lemon juice and dill pickle).

    A good burger shouldn't have you wiping your elbows after every bite, and this one is straightforward enough to achieve that goal.

    When the dude food movement was at its height, Melbourne hit "peak burger," but since then, plain burgers with few ingredients have already been making a comeback. Clearly designed for those times when burger hunger is real but the money is a little skint, Beatbox's shop-only menu options include a $6 burger and its vegetable patty equivalent, the veg supreme.

    Cheeseburgers are somewhat smaller than the Raph, so if you're particularly hungry you may want to get two. The restaurant anticipates this and provides a $16 Burger Plate that includes two cheeseburgers and your choice of black beans or fries.

    Fast Food in Greece

    Due to the popularity of Melbourne's Greek solve stores, Fast Food in Greece has become one of the city's longest-running food trucks. In addition to their signature under-$10 souvlakis, they now serve grilled Kalamaki sticks that come with a side of salad, tzatziki sauce, and chips.

    But a twenty dollar bill goes a long way at this Greek taco truck, as it should. You no longer have to go on a wild goose chase to satisfy your yearning for a souva because Fast Food in Greece have set up shop permanently on High Street near Thornbury.

    Mr Burger

    You can't go far in Melbourne without seeing a Mr Burger food truck, and for good reason. Six of these yellow trucks now roam Melbourne, in addition to five brick-and-mortar locations. Also, they all serve the greatest burgers & chips in town.

    The name of this food truck pretty much says it all: it's not the place to go if you're trying to watch your weight. Instead, go into a Mr. Burger or Mr. Hot for some serious heat. Also, if you're truly starving, Mr. Double will more than fill you up.

    You might as well purchase fries if you're going to eat burgers. Furthermore, the Cajun salt adds a delicious flavour to the well fried fries at the this food truck. But if you'd rather give your ticker a workout, you may order a milkshake to go with your dinner.

    Yo India

    Yo India is worth keeping an eye out for if you're craving some delicious tandoori chicken from a mobile restaurant. The truck, formerly known as Big Cook Big Cook, is constantly bustling with customers whenever it makes an appearance at food truck gathers like Come to Thornbury.

    Butter chicken, buttery paneer, lamb korma, and smokey tandoori chicken tikka, served with rice and vegetables or wrapped in flatbread, are some of the most common Indian dishes you might come across. All you have to do is ask nicely, and they'll add some of that butter chicken sauce to your scrumptious Indian barbecued chicken.

    Satay Truck

    It was only matter of time until an Indonesian taco truck made its way to the streets of Melbourne, given Indonesia's long tradition of mobile cuisine. The satays at Satay Truck are charcoal-grilled and as authentic as you can get outside of Jakarta.

    Famous takeout dishes include nasi uduk (coco rice topped with beef rendang as well as other condiments), a traditional nasi goreng, the Gado Gado, a dish of tempeh, blanched veggies, and peanut sauce.

    Biggie Smalls

    If you've ever tried eating a kebab late at night after a drinking session, you know they're usually cold, have floppy lettuce, and make you feel nauseous. However, these kebabs from the mobile kitchen are quite different. Biggie Smalls's former storefront on Smith Street catered to drunken revellers on their way home. However, designer Shane Delia has moved on to more ambitious and portable projects.

    This food truck still operates under the same fundamental principles. The kebabs are authentically Middle Eastern and nevertheless come at a low price without sacrificing quality. The fried chicken and traditional beef are the most popular items, but everything you order will be delicious. Also, don't forget to order some preserved lemon and seasoned butter to put on your hot chips. They put a refreshing spin on a classic dish.

    The Real Jerk

    Just because it's Jamaican doesn't mean you shouldn't try this food truck. After all, how frequently do you eat this kind of food in Melbourne? You'll be left wondering why more people haven't brought these meals to Australia already after giving them a try.

    This food truck offers delicious and novel options. Order the jerk chicken or pork and enjoy it with some rice and a side salad. Don't forget to pick up a bag of cassava chips if you see them being prepared. Instead of potatoes, you might use cassava, which pairs well with jerk food.

    The Real Jerk is filling a gap in the Melbourne restaurant scene by serving authentic Jamaican food. The hip dudes in charge of the food truck are responsible for the preparation of some excellent jerk chicken and pig, which are customarily accompanied by rice and salad.

    When you encounter someone selling cassava chips, you should definitely buy some. The smoky jerk meals go wonderfully with the root vegetable, which is a fantastic substitute for potatoes. Keep a look out for rotating specials like patties (similar to pasties) or a comforting oxtail stew, since these guys try to keep things interesting by introducing new Jamaican delicacies like these on a limited basis.

    My Two Mums

    The weather in Melbourne, like the rest of Australia, may get very hot. That's one of the many reasons why the My Two Mums taco truck is so successful. Additionally, they have fantastic ice cream sandwiches.

    These locally sourced and hand-made ice cream delights are almost too beautiful to eat. The warm summer weather, though, will make you want to eat that cold, sugary sandwich. Particularly well-liked are the gingerbread, rock salt toffee, and chocolate chip sandwiches. That, however, is the greatest strength of this mobile eatery, and it caters to a wide variety of palates.

    We'd like to present a medal to whoever came up with the ice cream sandwich, and we'd like to find the greatest trophy we can to honour My Two Mums for their incredible efforts. The ginger, rock salt caramel, and chocolate chip sandwich is where they really shine for us.

    Billy Van Cream Y

    We can get down with artisan gelato, especially when it is all-natural and handmade. 

    Digging For Fire BBQ

    The raging inferno is exactly the way we like it—out of control and amazing. Some smoked meats are on the menu, but there are also many vegetarian alternatives, and everything may be either served on a roll or a salad.

    Smokin’ Barry’s Food Truck

    Jim White is selling BBQ meats that are the epitome of Americana. Imagine ribs, nachos, and rolls made of beef brisket that are all dripping with a smokey barbeque sauce. Smokin' Barry's may not be for you if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or just plain don't like meat. If you're not a fan of eating things that look like people, we make an exception with our homemade apple'slaw. The van travels from summer festival to summer festival, stopping at various food truck musters along the way.

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    Grub Food Van

    Fitzroy residents can order food from the 1965 airstream vehicle parked there. The restaurant is so committed to using local ingredients that they even have a glasshouse on the premises to supply some of the food on the menu. All meals are welcome, as the restaurant is open 24/7. In case you don't feel like wandering about Melbourne in search of a good meal, the best food truck in the city is permanently stationed on Moor Street.

    The Snag Society

    We'd go to a sausage stand that offered gourmet meats from throughout the world. The Aussie, an beef snag topped by sweet beet relish, creamy goats cheese, and pickles on the a soft brioche bun, is a staple in our diet despite our love of exotic flavours.


    No one can resist the deliciousness of a toasted sandwich. Maybe you're a cheese-only toastie purist, or maybe you want to spice things up with beef, cheddar, dill pickle, and BBQ sauce. TOAST has sandwiched your vice of choice between two slices. A toasted sandwich is loved by all. You may be a cheese-toastie diehard who won't budge from that rut, or you may be craving a little variety with beef, cheddar, dill pickle, and BBQ sauce on your toast. Whatever it is you can't stand, TOAST has sandwiched it between 2 pieces.

    Nem N’ Nem

    If you're looking for some bao burgers, you can always find this Vietnamese hawker restaurant at Welcome to Thornbury. The Vietnamese nachos and small banh mi slider are delicious.


    The food truck culture in Melbourne, Australia, has been running strong for some time. The best food trucks are the ones who aren't afraid to experiment with new types of street food. There are some excellent restaurants in Melbourne, and they are using mobile kitchens, or "food trucks," to spread the word about how great they are. Mr. Burger has opened a shop on Little Bourke St. Owner Raph Rashid of Beatbox Kitchen sells some of the best soft shell tortillas in the city. You can choose between a mild green sauce and a searing red sauce at El Yucateco.

    The breakfast menu at the Ghost Kitchen food truck is 100% authentic Taiwanese. Grilled roti tops topped with an egg and scallions are their take on the ubiquitous breakfast street food known as dan bing. Buns filled with delicious roasted pork belly and sprinkled with spices. Rashid's Breakdance Kitchen, a restaurant located close to Brunswick, now serves beatbox burgers. Two of the most well-known food trucks in Melbourne are Mr. Burger and Fast Food in Greece.

    Burgers and veggie supremes cost $6 each and are available exclusively in Beatbox stores. Yo India, formerly known as Big Cook Big Cook, is a food truck that offers tasty tandoori chicken. You won't find more authentic Indonesian satay tacos outside of Jakarta than at Satay Truck. The former shop of Biggie Smalls on Smith Street caters to inebriated partygoers heading home. With its authentic Jamaican cuisine, The Real Jerk is helping to fill a void in the Melbourne restaurant industry.

    The ice cream sandwiches from the My Two Mums taco truck are a hit with customers of all tastes. The kebabs are reasonably priced and taste like they came straight from the Middle East. Toasted (or TOAST) is Melbourne's top food truck, and it has a permanent spot on Moor Street. This establishment is so dedicated to sourcing locally that they've installed a glasshouse.

    Content Summary

    1. Immediately begin your search for the best restaurants in your area.
    2. Find out where to get the best tacos on the fly or Greek street food by learning about the best food trucks in town.
    3. You can enjoy some of Australia's best street cuisine at bargain prices at Melbourne's well-established food truck culture.
    4. We raise our glasses to the Melbourne food truck army.
    5. If you're want to immerse yourself in Melbourne's food truck culture, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for the best trucks.
    6. The food truck culture in Melbourne, Australia, has been running strong for some time.
    7. Because of this, many people consider Melbourne to be the gastronomic capital of Australia.
    8. It's no secret that there's a need for food trucks, so the government has been working hard to legitimise them.
    9. Only the finest food trucks need apply for one of the reserved spots.
    10. Finding the exact location of your favourite food truck in the middle of Melbourne's suburbs might be a bit of a hassle.
    11. Mr. Burger has opened a shop on Little Bourke St. Mr. Burger serves you some of the greatest burgers you'll ever have, and their menu is streamlined and easy to navigate.
    12. The only thing that will help the current Melbourne fever is tacos.
    13. A snack package for $12 includes two soft-shell tacos and a bag of Mexican chips.
    14. If you're looking for the best method to get real Mexican food outside of Mexico, a visit to the food truck is a great option.
    15. Owner and Australian innovator Raph Rashid is responsible with the concept of the mobile kitchen.
    16. Waiting in line for tacos is time well spent.
    17. Popular items from this mobile kitchen include vegetarian mushroom quesadillas and battered fish tacos.
    18. When your stomach starts growling for some Asian food, try to locate the Ghost Kitchen mobile restaurant.
    19. This restaurant's authentic Taiwanese breakfast food has everyone in Melbourne going nuts.
    20. You can only get Ghost Kitchen's dan bing at their mobile restaurant, so you better not miss out.
    21. One common breakfast dish in Taiwan is roti with an egg baked on top.
    22. The best food trucks are the ones who aren't afraid to branch out and try something new, and with reduced overhead and start-up costs, this is more likely to happen in the food truck market.
    23. Ghost Kitchen succeeds in doing just that with their menu of Taiwanese street food, which will make you feel as though you have been missing out on something great your entire life.
    24. If you eat at Ghost Kitchen and order the Taiwanese pancakes, you will be hooked.
    25. Like the original dan bing, their take on this iconic Taiwanese breakfast street snack consists of a grilled roti top topped with an egg and aromatic chopped scallions.
    26. It's smart to keep some extra bottles of hot sauce on hand.
    27. We thank Jenny Chen for popularising Taiwanese street food in the United States.
    28. It would be an understatement to suggest that Raph Rashid had no impact on the rise of Melbourne's mobile kitchen culture.
    29. Rashid's Breakdance Kitchen is located near Brunswick, alongside All Day Bakery and the fried chicken establishment Juanita Peaches.
    30. Even though Melbourne had "peak burger" during the height of the guy food movement, simple burgers with few toppings have been making a comeback ever since.
    31. Beatbox's shop-only menu features a $6 burger and its vegetarian patty equal, the veg supreme, clearly meant for those moments when burger hunger is real but the money is a little skint.
    32. Melbourne's love of Greek solve stores has helped make Fast Food in Greece one of the city's longest-running food trucks.
    33. But, as it should, twenty dollars can get you a lot of food at this Greek taco truck.
    34. Fast Food in Greece has permanently established a location on High Street, close to Thornbury, so you no longer have to go on a scavenger hunt to quench your craving for a souva.
    35. Nowhere in Melbourne will you travel without passing a Mr Burger food truck.
    36. For real sizzle, visit a Mr. Burger or Mr. Hot instead.
    37. If you're looking for a tasty mobile restaurant, keep an eye out for Yo India. They serve great tandoori chicken.
    38. There are a wide variety of Indian foods available, but some of the most common are butter chicken, buttery paneer, lamb korma, and smokey tandoori chicken tikka, all of which are typically served with rice and veggies or wrapped in flatbread.
    39. Because of Indonesia's rich history of street food, it was only a matter of time before a taco truck made its way to the streets of Melbourne.
    40. Satay Truck's charcoal-grilled satays are as close to Jakarta's originals as you can get without actually travelling there.
    41. If you've ever tried eating a kebab after a night of drinking, you know they're usually cold, have limp lettuce, and make you feel sick to your stomach.
    42. The former Biggie Small business on Smith Street caters to inebriated partygoers heading home.
    43. No one should dismiss this food truck because of its Jamaican origins.
    44. Take pleasure in some jerk chicken or pork with a side of rice and a fresh salad.
    45. With its authentic Jamaican cuisine, The Real Jerk is helping to fill a void in the Melbourne restaurant industry.
    46. Like the rest of Australia, Melbourne might see extremely high temperatures.
    47. That's why the My Two Mums taco truck has been so popular.
    48. In addition, their ice cream sandwiches are delicious.
    49. Whoever invented the ice cream sandwich deserves a medal, and we need to track down the most impressive award we can for My Two Mums.
    50. We're all for artisan gelato, especially when it's crafted with fresh ingredients by skilled hands.
    51. The blazing fire is perfect; completely out of control and breathtaking.
    52. This is Smokin' Barry's Mobile Kitchen.
    53. BBQ meats are the very definition of "Americanism," and Jim White is selling them.
    54. If you're a plant-based eater or just don't like meat, you might want to pass on Smokin' Barry's.
    55. We understand if you generally avoid eating things that resemble human beings, but hope you'll give our homemade apple'slaw a try.
    56. The van makes its way from one summer event to the next, making pit stops at food truck rallies.
    57. The 1965 Airstream parked in Fitzroy is a food truck where locals may place takeout orders.
    58. The restaurant is open for all meals, all the time.
    59. If you're in Melbourne but don't feel like exploring, the best food truck in town is always parked on Moor Street.
    60. We frequented a sausage shop that also sold exotic meats and cheeses.

    FAQs About Food Trucks In Melbourne

    Greek souva shops are among Melbourne’s most-loved cheap eats, so it’s a no-brainer that Greek Street Food is one of the city’s longest-running food trucks. Their main offering is cheap souvlakis under $10, though you can also get grilled Kalamaki sticks with a combo of salad, dip and chips.

    They’re a creative way to get delicious, fresh food out to guests, who will be excited to see trucks they know and love at your event. With over five years’ experience in the food truck industry, Here Comes The Truck has created strong relationships with Melbourne’s finest food trucks.

    Welcome To Thornbury is Melbourne’s first permanent bar and food truck park, straddling the divide between Northcote and Thornbury. Our tip: bring at least six mates, order something from each food truck (there’s a huge number on rotation) and try a bit of everything.

    The City of Melbourne currently has one permanent site and six rotational sites for food trucks across the city.
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