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Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Steak?

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    It's not surprising that even in the modern era, humans still possess the instinctive craving that makes us salivate at the idea of the a juicy steak new off the grill, given that we've been hunting for meat for centuries. Because of its high nutritional value, it has been credited with propelling the human race forwards. And when done right, it's a delicious treat in and of itself.

    Even more so in Melbourne, Australia, known as the "food capital of Australia," our techniques have improved greatly since our ancestors' time. In that case, where can one find the best steaks throughout Melbourne? Fortunately, a handful of hardworking organisations have already done the legwork necessary to locate the finest steaks that this gastronomically exciting city has to offer. We looked to the top names in food blogging for their recommendations, and were not let down. We are thrilled to announce that Angus & Bon, our steakhouse in Prahran, has been included on multiple "must-try" lists of Melbourne's best steakhouses.

    Melbourne's Finest Steak

    If you're a foodie, whether you're a local or simply visiting, you'll love Melbourne, Australia's cultural capital, and its highly renowned eating scene, especially once you try the top steak restaurants around Melbourne.

    Whether you think Melbourne is overrated or not, you can't deny how healthy the food and beverages are. There is a dizzying array of options for those mandatory Melbourne steak nights, from the South Yarra restaurants France Soir as well as Angus & Bon to the Central Business District restaurants Gimlet and the legendary Grossi Florentino. You've probably already perused recommendations for the top steakhouses in Sydney, and you may have even zeroed in on this select group of Melbourne steakhouse nights. Time has come, however, for you to spread the word about Melbourne's finest steakhouses.

    France Soir

    For a tender steak in Melbourne, France Soir ought to be on your short list of potential restaurants. This South Yarra staple is like an old, wise uncle to Melbourne's carnivores: reliable, strong, and unrivalled in the industry.

    At this perpetually crowded French classic, you can get everything from calamari with chorizo & jalapenos for $26 to snails floating in garlic butter for $22. But if you're looking for the best beef in Australia, the O'Connor family of South East Gippsland has you covered. You can choose between a prime rib eye (600 grammes) for $53 or a porterhouse (330 grammes) for $42.

    Postal Address: 11 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia, 3141

    Rare Steakhouse

    Exclusive meat shop Their mission is to provide clients with the finest possible experience while they enjoy the full, rich flavour of Australian beef.

    The beef they sell is sourced from all around Australia, including regions like Gippsland and Ballan from Victoria, River Bridge in South Australia, or Rockhampton in Qld, and is graded by the Meat Standard of Australia because of its cut and quality.

    12 Goldie Pl, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000.


    There is a wide variety of excellent Parisian-style steakhouses in Melbourne, and you can avoid decision paralysis by limiting your options to those you know to be the very best. One of these is entrecôte, a South Yarra staple that consistently ranks among Melbourne's best steaks.

    One should begin their lavish evening with $159 caviar treatment of Black Sturgeon, Oscietra Golden Reserve, and then go on to the $79 two-course and $94 three-course selections. In either case, you get to select from a sizable menu, one of the highlights of which is the famous steak fries, comprised of pasture-fed Cape Fear Angus porterhouse, fries, and herb butter sauce created in-house.

    131-133 Domain Road, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia, 3141

    FAQs About Melbourne's Best Steaks

    High-end restaurants usually source their steak from cattle in New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria.

    Fitzroy Town Hotel offers affordable and tasty steak in Melbourne.

    Some of the highest-rated steaks in Melbourne come from France Soir, Vlado’s, and Steer Dining Room.

    The ribeye steak is perhaps the finest of all steaks due to its combination of luxurious tenderness and big, beefy flavor. Whether you opt for the boneless or bone-in version, ribeye steaks are ideal candidates for the grill.

    Lygon Charcoal Grill And Steakhouse

    The Lygon Charcoal Grill & Steakhouse, located in Melbourne, Australia, has been in operation since 1992 and has won the Great Food Guide Med. Medal both in 1995 and 1996. Taste delicious grilled meats prepared to your specifications. In its 27 years in business, Lygon Charcoal Grill in Carlton has become one of Melbourne's most well-known steakhouses.

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    All of these items are prominently placed in the fridges right next to the actual charcoal grill. When the finest beef is combined with the traditional cooking process, the outcome is irresistible.

    mailing address: 120 Lygon St., Carlton, Victoria 3053

    Angus & Bon

    So far, we're still in South Yarra. Not exactly, at any rate. Over in Prahran, you'll find Angus & Bon, one of the city's best inexpensive steakhouses. The five main steak options at this traditionally decorated cafe are guaranteed to satisfy any carnivore's cravings. Which one is the priciest? That would be the 800g vegetation Wagyu rib eye MBS4+, which retails for $130. Similar to France Soir, this kitchen gets its finest beef from the O'Connor family down in South West Gippsland. You can't go wrong with the $300g Westholme wagyu ribeye MBS6+ (another genuine winner) for $90.00.

    Postal Code: 3181; Postal Code: 168 Greville Street; Postal Suburb: Prahran

    The Railway Club Hotel

    Steaks may be had at reasonable prices at any of Melbourne's best pubs. However, The Railway Club Hotel, hailed as Melbourne's first steak bar, is a completely different animal.

    You should expect to see some foods on the menu that you normally wouldn't associate with a pub. Nonetheless, steak remains the standard fare, and diners can choose from three types of cattle.

    Robbins Island full-blood wagyu MBS7-8+ is the greatest option, and it comes in three distinct serving sizes as porterhouse and rump. If your appetite is really insatiable, go for the $78 300g porterhouse, otherwise, the $55 300g rump would suffice. One thing is certain: The Railway Club Hotel continues to enjoy its status as one of Melbourne's finest steak pubs.

    107 Raglan St, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3207

    Steer Dining Room

    So, we're still in the South Yarra neighbourhood for the time being. That, however, serves a useful purpose. The steak night at Steer Dining Room is renowned throughout Melbourne, and the restaurant takes great care in selecting only the best cattle and cuts. As their slogan puts it, "great steak should be handled as precisely as caviar."

    Not just in Melbourne, but around Australia, Steer offers one of the largest varieties of steaks. It's not cheap to be a committed steak eater.

    Steer's most popular items include the $215 1kg prime rib MBS9+, made from F1 wagyu raised by the Sher family in the state, and also the $149 200g sirloin eye fillet MBS9+, made from full blood wagyu raised by the Mayura Station, a historic and award-winning cattle ranch in South Australia.

    Mailing address: 15 Claremont St., South Yarra, Victoria, Australia, 3141

    Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel

    Already, residents of Fitzroy have access to some of Melbourne's finest casual dining options.

    The Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel is known for its excellent pub steaks. However, the restaurant has the foresight to use the O'Connor family for their main feature, a grass-fed Côte de Boeuf that costs $150 and is paired with bordelaise sauce for the same price.

    Postal Code: 3065; Street: 166 Johnston; City: Fitzroy

    Middle Park Hotel

    Locals in Melbourne can't get enough of classic steak pubs, and Middle Park Hotel is just another one of these places. Serving hearty meals since 1889, the venue's longevity is evidenced by the fact that this is still considered among Melbourne's top steakhouses.

    Get the entire experience with a $145 1.4-kilogram tomahawk black Angus steak that is grilled to perfection over a wood fire. If you want to save some money and eat at one of the top steak restaurants in Melbourne, your best bet is to head directly to the Middle Park Hotel.

    102 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park, Victoria, Australia, 3206

    Pascale Bar & Grill

    Pascale Bar & Grill at QT Melbourne, with all the opulence and designer sophistication of the hotel surrounding it, is a must-try restaurant thanks to its many delicious speciality dishes. The sophisticated baroque decor and the prideful French influence of the restaurant's signature steak are a winning combination.

    The beef tartare with chilli, yolk, & crisp potato will set your taste buds tingling for twenty dollars. After that, you may make your way into the more significant power move with the eponymous QT ribeye, a $48 300g 7 days and 28 days dry-aged beast displaying the benefits of Gippsland produce, presented simply with some light, buttery, and traditional bearnaise.

    Floor 1/133 Russell St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000.

    The Railway Club Hotel

    For almost 40 years, the Railway Club Hotel's restaurant has been one of Melbourne's most popular. Its ambience and feel are timeless. Simple, genuine Port Melbourne flair. Meat is cooked in front of you, so you can pick it out of our display refrigerator and then see it get prepared. They never fail to satisfy because of the extensive variety of shapes and sizes available.

    107 Raglan St, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3207

    MPD Steak Kitchen

    If the owners of MPD Steak Kitchen didn't keep the floor so spotless, it would be soaked with meat perspiration. The 2 different New York Style restaurant in Berwick (on Clyde Road) and Caulfield (on Derby Road) has some real chops waiting for the discerning diner looking for a wonderful steak night.

    The Berwick location the most well, particularly among those brawny enough to take on the $180 Surf and or Turf, which is constructed from a 1 kilogramme tomahawk and a juicy Ipswich Bay bug, both of which are complemented by herbed butter and triple fried fat cut chips.

    It's a Melbourne tradition for everyone who considers themselves a true steak connoisseur to tackle this massive and challenging meal.

    Postal Code: 3806; Postal Address: 288 Clyde Road; Berwick, Victoria; Australia

    La Luna Bistro

    Even if you're merely passing through La Luna on the way to the best tiny gods in Melbourne, you should make it a point to eat there at least three times.

    The restaurant has earned a reputation for serving some of the best steaks in Melbourne, as well as other popular items such as the bullboar sausage over potato aioli (at $21) and the pappardelle scialatielli spaghetti with pork and veal ragout (at $32).

    The grill is always the main attraction. The iconic $48 280g butcher's cut is best experienced with simple chimichurri and spinach, while the $80 500g rib eye is best had with green beans and traditional Cafe de Paris butter. All the cattle utilised here is grass-fed & dry-aged for 80 days.

    To contact us, please write to 320 Rathdowne St, Carlton North, Victoria 3054.

    Grossi Florentino

    When it comes to providing Melbourne with the city's finest steak, you can bet that one of the city's most renowned chefs, Guy Grossi, won't be sitting on his hands. Grossi Florentino, a restaurant with a seamless Tuscan flair that excels at wood-fired cooking, provides Melbourne with the most authentic Italian cuisine possible. Indeed, we're not just talking about pasta here. The kitchen places a premium on bistecca, so they bring in premium grass-fed beef from Union Square Farm and prepare it in a variety of equally delicious ways.

    where to find melbourne's best steak (2)

    The $95 three-course menu includes a variety of steak cuts, including eye fillet, sirloin, scotch fillet, and hanger steak, but the wise diner will select for the $45 two-course menu and choose chicken as the main course. A $50 surcharge would get you at-bone for two, though.

    You can find us at 80 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000.


    Gimlet at Cavendish House, the newest establishment to open under Andrew McConnell's direction, is attracting a lot of attention to the intersection of Russell Street & Flinders Lane. Also, this is one of the few new restaurants that will still be successful in Melbourne after 2020 and 2021. Everyone seems to be raving about the cuisine and drinks, not just the stylish decor and attentive staff.

    McConnell has correctly made the steak a focal point of the menu, giving steak aficionados in Melbourne the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant's famous $55 250g highland fillet served just with Cafe de Paris. Simple, time-tested, and consistently mind-blowing, just like a steak should be.

    Melbourne, Australia, 3000; 33 Russell Street

    A Hereford Beefstouw

    Steak night connoisseurs in Adelaide and Melbourne have been flocking to this high-end Nordic-style restaurant for almost 45 years. When inquiring about the greatest steakhouses in Melbourne, you may hear the name "A Hereford Beefstouw," which is the name of the Adelaide-born restaurant that has launched a branch in Victoria at Duckboard Place. South Australia is home to a purpose-built senior centre.

    When it comes to the quality of their flesh, a Hereford Beefstouw is in complete command. As a result, expectations are high. Because all of their cuts come from cattle raised in the Riverina region & fed an unique diet of just Australian grains and cereals for at least 150 days, you can tell the difference in flavour immediately. The 500g eye fillet, which costs $92, is served carved and is meant to be shared by at least two individuals so that each may appreciate the spectacular marbling it creates.

    Postal Address: Unit 22, Duckboard Place, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000


    Whether you consider yourself a steak expert, you've probably been looking for Vlado's to see if it was left off the list and then voicing your disapproval. We;re sorry to break it to you, but to put it simply, Vlado's is legendary.

    The iconic steakhouse has been established since the 1960s and is considered as one of Australia's best due to its outstanding charcoal-grilled beef. You can either pay $105 per person for the traditional set menu, which centres on your choice of prime ox eye fillet ribeye or rump, or you can close your eyes , point at anything on the menu and know you're in for a feast.

    For an additional $50-$80, you can buy a prime cut of purebred Australian wagyu, with prices and marble scores fluctuating accordingly. If you want to know what the naturally fermented of the day is, just ask the server in advance.

    61 Bridge Rd, Richmond, Victoria, Australia, 3121

    Steak Ministry Bar & Grill

    Steak Ministry Bar & Grill may be found at Glen Waverley for those who can bear to spend the evening outside of Melbourne Central Business District. The high-end grill has quickly become a local favourite because to its unique Delta BBQ pork ribs, which the kitchen imported a hot smokers from the United States.

    A full rack will set you back $65, but they go great with smaller items like the $60 400g rib eye or the $60 300g MS9 rump, both of which are made from F1 Sher Wagyu.

    If you're up for a test of your mettle, though, dividing a market price into two is the way to go. A 6-marble Tomahawk once again sourced from F1 Sher Wagyu. Do not take this lightly; the 2.8-kilogram beast has indeed been known to kill men with Ron Swanson-level strength. Initiate proceedings with the $23 eggs benedict, made with Tasmanian lobster, lobster ravioli, and Cognac. To begin a dinner with this is the epitome of good sense in this establishment.

    Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia, 3150, 39-51 Kingsway


    As the "food capital of Australia," Melbourne is home to some of the country's best steakhouses. The entrecôte at this South Yarra institution is reliably excellent, frequently taking top honours among Melbourne's finest steaks. The Great Food Guide Med Medal was awarded to Lygon Charcoal Grill & Steakhouse in 1995 and 1996. In terms of quality meat at a reasonable price, Angus & Bon is hard to beat. Many consider the Railway Club Hotel, located in Melbourne, to be the city's first steak bar.

    Pub steaks at the Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel are famously good. The 1 kilogramme prime rib at Steer Dining Room costs $215, making it one of the most expensive steaks in the world. The Middle Park Hotel is your best bet if you want to eat at one of Melbourne's premier steak restaurants without breaking the bank. Pascale Bar & Grill's 1.4-kilogram tomahawk black Angus steak is the full package, and it's only $145. Wood-fired dishes are a speciality at Grossi Florentino, a restaurant with an effortless Tuscan vibe.

    Cuts of steak such as eye fillet, sirloin, scotch fillet, and hanger steak are all available as part of the $95 three-course meal. However, for an additional $50, you could order at-bone for two. The steak at Vlado's is among of the best in Australia. Since the 1960s, the steakhouse has been a staple in the community. For $92, you can get a 500g eye fillet that's presented cut and can feed at least two people.

    A top cut of purebred Australian wagyu costs a another $50-$80. In the Glen Waverley area, you'll find Steak Ministry Bar & Grill. The Delta BBQ pork ribs are what have made this upscale grill a favourite in the area.

    Content Summary

    1. And in Melbourne, Australia, the "food capital of Australia," where these advancements have been especially noticeable, it's clear that we've come a long way from our forebears.
    2. We're excited to let you know that Angus & Bon, our Prahran steakhouse, has been featured on several "must-try" lists of Melbourne's finest steakhouses.
    3. If you're a foodie, whether you live in or are just visiting Australia's cultural capital of Melbourne, you simply must sample the best steak restaurants in the area.
    4. South Yarra's France Soir and Angus & Bon, as well as the CBD's Gimlet and the famed Grossi Florentino, are just a few of the many excellent places to choose from on those required Melbourne steak nights.
    5. You have most likely already researched the best steakhouses in Sydney and possibly even narrowed it down to this handful of Melbourne steakhouse evenings.
    6. However, you now have an obligation to inform others about Melbourne's top-notch steakhouses.
    7. France Soir should be one of your top choices when looking for a restaurant to enjoy a juicy steak in Melbourne.
    8. The entrecôte served at several South Yarra restaurants is widely regarded as one of Melbourne's finest steaks.
    9. Indulge in succulent grilled meats cooked exactly how you like them.
    10. With 27 years under its belt, Carlton's Lygon Charcoal Grill has established itself as one of Melbourne's finest steakhouses.
    11. Prahran is home to one of Melbourne's finest budget steakhouses, Angus & Bon.
    12. The Railway Club Hotel, on the other hand, is widely recognised as Melbourne's first steak bar.
    13. Although it is not the only option, steak is still the most popular entree, and there are three kinds of beef available.
    14. The Railway Club Hotel will no doubt remain one of Melbourne's best steakhouses for the foreseeable future.
    15. address: 107 Raglan Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3207
    16. Set Table
    17. For the time being, then, we shall remain in the South Yarra area.
    18. Steer Dining Room's steak night has earned a reputation for excellence across Melbourne, and the restaurant's owners spare no effort in sourcing the finest cattle and cuts.
    19. Steer has arguably the best selection of steaks in Melbourne, if not all of Australia.
    20. Pub steaks at the Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel are famously good.
    21. A 1.4-kilogram tomahawk-cut black Angus steak, roasted to perfection over a wood fire, will set you back $145.
    22. The Pascale Bar & Grill at QT Melbourne is a must-try because to its many delectable gourmet meals and the luxurious, stylish atmosphere of the hotel.
    23. If you're looking for a great steak night, head to one of the two New York style restaurants in Berwick (on Clyde Road) or Caulfield (on Derby Road).
    24. The Berwick location is particularly popular among the strong and hungry, who can challenge the $180 Surf and or Turf, which consists of a 1 kilogramme tomahawk and a juicy Ipswich Bay bug, served with herbed butter and triple fried fat cut chips.
    25. You should eat at La Luna at least three times, even if you're just passing through on the route to the best small gods in Melbourne.
    26. The most genuine Italian food in Melbourne can be found at Grossi Florentino, a restaurant with an effortless Tuscan flair that specialises in wood-fired cooking.
    27. 80 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia.
    28. GimletGimlet at Cavendish House, Andrew McConnell's newest venture, is the talk of the town at the corner of Russell Street and Flinders Lane.
    29. This is also one of the few new Melbourne eateries that will continue thriving even after 2020 and 2021.
    30. For nearly 45 years, diners in Adelaide and Melbourne who appreciate a fine steak have flocked to this upscale restaurant with a Nordic theme.
    31. A Hereford Beefstouw, originally from Adelaide, has opened a location in Victoria at Duckboard Place, and its name has been thrown around in conversations about the best steakhouses in Melbourne.
    32. There is a special facility for the elderly in South Australia.
    33. Hereford Beefstouws rule when it comes to the quality of their meat.
    34. The 92% fat, 500g eye fillet is served carved and is meant to be shared by at least two people so that everyone may enjoy the magnificent marbling it creates.
    35. Unit 22, Duckboard Place, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
    36. Even if you don't think of yourself as a steak expert, you've undoubtedly been looking for Vlado's to see whether it was left off the list and then complaining about it.
    37. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but Vlado's is, in a word, legendary.
    38. Since the 1960s, this landmark steakhouse has been serving some of the finest charcoal-grilled beef in all of Australia.
    39. You can either close your eyes, point to anything on the menu, and know you're in for a feast, or you can pay $105 per person for the traditional set menu, which centres on your choice of prime ox eye fillet ribeye or rump.
    40. Prime cuts of purebred Australian wagyu cost an extra $50-$80, with pricing and marble scores varying based on the specific cut.
    41. Just ask the server in advance for the day's organically fermented beverage.
    42. Richmond, Victoria, Australia, 3121, 61 Bridge Road
    43. Steaks at the Ministry Bar & Grill
    44. If you're willing to spend the night somewhere else than Melbourne's Central Business District, you might want to check out Steak Ministry Bar & Grill in Glen Waverley.
    45. Start things off with the $23 Tasmanian lobster, lobster ravioli, and Cognac eggs benedict.
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