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Top 20 Builders in Bayside, Melbourne [2022]

Constructing the home of your dreams is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting things you'll ever accomplish, and the same can be said for modifying an existing house to make more room. However, with all of this enthusiasm comes a significant amount of responsibility. You will need to make a crucial choice for both you and your project which builder to choose.

This decision will decide the level of artistry, and it will minimise both emotional stress and unexpected financial burdens. One of the most crucial things that must be done to keep the project under budget and on schedule when it is being built is to have the correct builder involved as early as possible in the planning process.

The following is a list of the Top Builders in the Bayside area of Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Builders Bayside, Melbourne

    MJS Construction Group - Builders in Bayside

    mjs construction group

    0395 701 827

    We have been a reliable builder for more than 35 years, and during that time, we have finished more than 1200 new homes, dual occupancy, townhouse, and apartment developments. We've been everywhere and done everything there is to do.

    You've come to the right site if you're seeking a builder in Melbourne who combines great quality with reasonable prices.

    We have built hundreds of new homes, dual occupancy units, duplex developments, and commercial spaces throughout the course of our 35 years in the industry. The staff at MJS Construction Group works with private clients as well as large property developers, and they make it a point to always make sure they grasp the specifics of the project. This ensures that you are filled to the brim with enthusiasm and delight once it is completed.

    MJS Construction Group stands out in the industry as a consequence of its emphasis on valuing relationships, respecting details, and delivering quality results. We don't just "say" that we'll accomplish all of this; we truly follow through with what we commit to doing. This is how MJS Construction Group has expanded throughout the years, and this is also how our one-of-a-kind organisational structure ensures that we remain successful in the architecture, building, and construction industries.

    Experience the comforts of home with builders in Bentleigh East who complete their projects on schedule, without going over their allotted budget, and with the utmost attention to detail.

    Our winning services

    Since the early 1980s, our clan has been in the business of constructing high-end, tailor-made residences. We at MJS Construction Group make it a point to pay attention when you tell us about the way your family lives so that we may tailor your home to the way your family lives. One of the ways in which we make the building process straightforward and convenient for you is by managing the construction of your home from start to finish.

    New Home Builders In Melbourne With Over 1200 Happy Residents.

    Builder of quality homes in Melbourne and around Australia for more than 35 years. Over the course of our history, we have successfully finished more than 1200 new homes, dual occupancy, townhouse, and apartment developments. When it comes to constructing your ideal house in Melbourne, we have been there, done that, and are aware of what it takes to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

    You've come to the correct place if you're seeking new house builders in Melbourne who can provide you with both high-quality and reasonably priced homes.

    • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments
    • New Custom Home Builds
    • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Apartments
    • Residential Developments
    • Home Designs & Drafting

    Dual Occupancy & Duplex Home Builders Melbourne With Over 1200 Happy Residents Around Victoria

    Over the course of our more than 35 years of service in Melbourne, we have successfully completed the construction of more than 1200 new homes, dual-occupancy homes, townhouses, and apartments. We've been everywhere and done everything there is to do.

    You've come to the right site if you're looking for a dual occupancy and duplex home Builder in Melbourne who can build homes of both excellent quality and an affordable price.

    • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments
    • New Custom Dual Occ Builds
    • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Apartments
    • Residential Developments
    • Duplex Home Designs & Drafting

    Townhouse Builders In Melbourne With Over 1200 Happy Residents Around Victoria

    Builders of quality townhouses in Melbourne and around Australia for more than 35 years. Over the course of our history, we have successfully finished more than 1200 new homes, dual occupancy, townhouse, and apartment developments. When it comes to constructing your ideal townhouse in Melbourne, we have been there, done that, and are aware of what is necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    You've come to the right place if you're searching for new townhouse builders in Melbourne who can provide you with both high-quality and economical options.

    • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Developments
    • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Townhouses
    • New Custom Townhouse Builds
    • Townhouse Designs & Drafting

    FAQs About Builders

    When a flaw constitutes a breach of contract, which is almost always the case, the standard limitation period for filing a claim against the contractor is six years from the date of practical completion. This date is determined by when the project was finished being practically usable. On the other hand, if the contract is written up as a deed, the duration of the agreement is increased to 12 years.

    Pay Subcontractors on Time, After Work Has Been Inspected

    If feasible, you should leave them with a reason to finish. For instance, you might cut the salary for a work that lasts for ten weeks in half and save the other three payments for the very end when you are certain that everything has been completed accurately.

    The price is significant, and it is the determining factor for many individuals who are considering engaging a builder. Because of this, it is essential to discuss your financial constraints with the builder from the very beginning of the process. There is no use in a builder providing you with a quote for a task if they are aware that they will not be able to do it within your price range.

    In short, the answer is yes; you should give it a shot. Most builders anticipate that there will be some price negotiation, and their estimates typically include a little buffer for such an eventuality. However, this is not always the case.

    If you choose not to pay for the service for any reason, the builder will, unfortunately, be well within his legal rights to sue you in court. Therefore, you must get legal counsel as soon as you possibly can if there is a possibility that litigation may ensue. For example, you might present evidence to the court that the work was of poor quality and was not suitable for the purpose it was intended for to defend the claim.

    Leneeva Homes - Builders in Bayside

    leneeva homes

    0395 539 824

    We are one of the most reliable groups of specialists in Melbourne, and as such, we take a very individualised approach to the design and building of residential properties that go on to win awards.

    It's an exciting time in a family's life when they decide to start a new construction project, and they should approach it in a way that gives them the maximum peace of mind. Therefore, if you decide to collaborate with our group to design your prestige home in southeast Melbourne – or property in a larger area – you will enjoy the benefits of working alongside a lineup of professionals who have your best interests at heart.

    We produce designs with a flair for spectacular aesthetics, logical layouts, and unparalleled customer service. Our team is highly skilled, experienced, and extremely passionate about the trade that we do. If you decide to collaborate with us on your project, we will put in a lot of effort to make sure you fully comprehend the reasons why our company has been honoured with a number of accolades relating to the construction industry.

    We're Here to Complement Your Lifestyle

    We consider the purchase of a new home to be a significant and thrilling life event. As a result, the design ought to be one that accommodates each and every one of your particular goals. Our prestigious home builders have a well-deserved reputation for having the ability to create homes that are perfectly suited to the lifestyles of residents all around Victoria.

    We are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to take into account all of the requirements and preferences that are associated with each project. Throughout the entirety of this process, we take painstaking measures to guarantee that the final product will not only meet but also surpass these goals.

    To begin starting, we strongly suggest looking through our portfolio of unique houses and our selection of pre-designed homes to get a better idea of how our service may actually improve the quality of your life. Our Melbourne properties are those that you will be absolutely glad to call yours because of how daring, bright, intellectual, and comfortable they are.

    Get in touch with us right now to learn more about the ways in which we can transform your ideal home into a stunning reality.

    Custom Home Building

    Whether you have your own design or need help to design one, we can help. We specialise in custom homes.

    Adaptable, attractive and affordable

    We pay attention to you and make an effort to comprehend your requirements, which enables us to provide you with a personalised experience, assistance when you require it, and guidance when you desire it. We will establish your desires and needs as a group and then work together to devise a strategy that will make your ambitions a reality. As a result of our collaboration with you, we are able to modify our services to meet your specific requirements, providing you with a liveable space that makes no sacrifices in terms of aesthetics.

    Custom design process

    Leneeva Homes has designed a personalised design route that provides customers with the option to choose from one of three unique design courses. The procedure, which involves working through stages, helps to cut expenses and guarantees that the project is handled within the predetermined budget for the building.


    Building Designers and Architects that are Leneeva Homes partners include a handpicked group of professionals. Once we have a better idea of your project, we will be able to direct you to the Designer or Architect who will be the greatest fit for it.

    Sloping Sites

    Leneeva Homes believes in constructing homes to work with a slope rather than against it, so if you have a site that slopes, you may really turn it into an opportunity. Spending as little money as possible on retaining walls so you may put more of your attention into the architecture and details of the house.

    Knock Down Rebuild

    Do you adore the neighbourhood you live in and have no desire to relocate, but you know that you'd be happier in a brand-new house? We are able to walk you through the steps involved in demolishing your current residence and reconstructing it on the same lot you currently occupy.

    Interior Design

    Leneeva Homes collaborates closely with an experienced interior designer to assist in the creation of places that are appealing to the sight and stimulating to the senses.

    Landscape Design

    Beautiful homes need beautiful gardens. As a part of your overall project, your garden spaces can be designed to complement and highlight the beauty of your home.

    Pool Design

    If you have a pool in your plans, we are able to assist you in either making the necessary preparations for a future pool or working with one of our pool installation partners to incorporate a pool into your project.

    Dual Occupancy & Multi-Residential

    Leneeva Homes collaborates closely with the design partners that we work with to maximise the use of your land while also generating an allure that will assist you in attracting excellent tenants or prime buyers in the event that you choose to sell.

    You can take advantage of the free project brief meeting that Leneeva Homes provides in order to get a better understanding of the available pathways and procedures.

    Full Turn-Key Solutions

    For customers who do not wish to be involved with additional trades in the completion of a project, Leneeva Homes provides turnkey solutions that include everything necessary.

    Ideal for all kinds of projects, from those in which the owner wants a complete customised finish to those in which investors want a project that is already ready to be leased out. It's possible that the answer you need is already in the box.

    Lowe Design & Build - Builders in Bayside

    lowe design & build

    0395 878 409

    Homes and townhouses built by Lowe Design & Build are consistently considered some of the most desirable real estates in the bayside area as a direct result of the exquisite craftsmanship with which our concepts are brought to life.

    It is not an easy task to construct a home that is cutting-edge in terms of its architectural style and can withstand the test of time in the bayside environment. When you work with Lowe Design & Build, not only will you reap the benefits of our many years of experience in the field, but you will also have the pleasure of living in a house that has been thoughtfully created.

    One Service.

    Customised & All-Inclusive.

    Client Brief

    We pay attention to your instructions, including the residential needs and outputs you like. We take the time to conduct a comprehensive examination of your site, during which we will talk to you about a number of different choices, demonstrate some of the projects that are similar to yours, and properly document your residential requirements.

    Custom Design

    Before beginning work on your unique design, an initial layout concept is generated, and then, through the course of ongoing talks, this is further enhanced with elevations. In addition, as part of this service, full interior design, as well as the development of your standards and features, will be provided.

    Town Planning

    If your project requires a town planning submission, we will handle everything for you, including the creation of properly documented plans, cooperation with the council and third party suppliers, and the resolution of any permit requirements.

    Interior Design

    Your suggestions and our years of practice will come together to form the basis of our interior design service. At this point, the development of your specification and the inclusions are locked in for good. You will be able to construct places that are functional, can stand the test of time, and, most importantly, suit your objectives if you work with your own designer.

    Building Plans

    The building designs are scrutinised in great detail, and the findings are published. After the residential project plan has been developed, a project manager and site supervisor will be appointed to oversee the management of the project until its conclusion while working in conjunction with you.

    Townhouse Presales

    Once a town planning permit is received, you may opt to sell one of your townhouses, pre-construction, to fund the build of your own townhouse. As a real estate agency that is registered and licenced, our committed sales service is centred on helping you accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

    Professional Partners

    With the assistance of our professional partners in areas such as finance, property law, and conveyancing, as well as town planning consultants and subdivision experts. Our team is here to make certain that a Bayside property development is carried out in a way that is both thoughtful and fruitful.

    Property Group

    We work with property owners as well as individuals who are interested in purchasing land, and we provide a comprehensive variety of support services, such as site sales, buyer advocacy, pre-purchase site assessment, development plans, collective partnerships, and joint ventures.


    We are well-known for the high quality of our projects, and we pay close attention to every detail during the process. You will be involved in planning progress site visits. After we have finished handing you the keys to your brand-new home that is finished with landscaping, we offer an aftercare service available to you in case you require it.

    Dusk Home Builders - Builders in Bayside

    dusk home builders

    0419 531 947

    What We Do

    We provide a comprehensive range of services, including project management, designing for occupation, and remodelling for resale purposes, among other things.

    Personalised service for every client

    We take on limited projects, so you receive our undivided attention, respect and creativity.

    32 Years Of Building And Construction Experience

    Committed to quality workmanship across our extensive portfolio of new and renovated homes and multi-residential developments.

    Design For Lifestyle

    Our design service includes concepts, managing all the consultants and contractors and planning or building permits. We take care of it all.

    We Build

    We offer to build services that include construction of all stages. Large renovations, pools, and landscaping.

    How We Work

    The Brief

    The beginning of our relationship.

    Now is your chance to tell us about the most important features of the house of your dreams, and with this information, we will be able to create the project team, establish a budget, and establish a schedule that will bring your vision to life.


    The start of a creative, communicative partnership.

    We work together with you, an architect, and a team of hand-picked experts to understand the requirements of your lifestyle and how those requirements are going to be reflected in the physical form.

    Planning And Project Design

    It's all about the detail.

    Your construction will move along more smoothly if you give careful attention to planning. At this point, we have reached an agreement on a timetable for reaching critical targets, monitoring the budget, and reporting our progress.


    Project completed and time to move in.

    We pass over the keys to a successful build that was a collaborative effort between you and the dusk team. It's time to throw a party in your brand-new, magnificent home. After the construction of your house is over, you may continue your working connection with nightfall on another project or even at the beach!

    Chisholm constructions - Builders in Bayside

    chisholm constructions

    0412 609 329


    Chisholm is quickly gaining a household name as a renowned construction firm creating architecturally planned and practical homes around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Chisholm is known for its work in the areas of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

    Chisholm is able to provide its customers with a complete solution as a result of its excellent connections to a number of Melbourne's most renowned architects. Chisholm provides a comprehensive range of design and construction services, from supporting clients with site purchases to recruiting and working closely with the most suitable architects and continuing this process all the way through to the end of the project. 


    When clients involve us from the very beginning of the process, our team is able to monitor the entirety of it, which includes managing client budgets during the design phase and ensuring that clients do not overspend or overcapitalise.

    Tom Chisholm is dedicated to maintaining his track record of delivering projects of the highest quality that are design-focused while maintaining their functionality. Because we are a boutique building company, we place a higher priority on quality than quantity. By capping the number of jobs we take on each year, our team is able to maintain complete command over every step of the construction process and guarantee that the final product lives up to their exact expectations.




    Chisholm Constructions is dedicated to delivering high-quality construction projects and developments on schedule and without exceeding the allotted budget in every single instance.

    Builders with a solid reputation and years of expertise who focus mostly on townhouse and subdivision construction in the bayside and neighbouring south-east suburbs of Melbourne.


    Tom is able to exercise full control over the entirety of the process since we restrict the number of projects we do in a given year to a maximum. This helps to ensure that the final result lives up to Tom's demanding standards.

    When Chisholm Constructions undertakes or is commissioned for a construction and development role, clients can be assured that the owner of the company has full involvement in the entire process and that the final construction will meet the highest possible standards. This gives clients the peace of mind that they need when working with Chisholm Constructions in a construction and development role. The commitment that Chisholm Constructions makes to the homeowner is to maintain this level of excellence in the work that they do.

    Plan ahead and get acquainted with Chisholm Constructions if you are moving, renovating, or downsizing your current home.

    Bentley Homes - Builders in Bayside

    bentley homes

    0399 995 747

    As a new home builder serving the western, northern, southeastern, and eastern suburbs of Melbourne at competitive prices, we are committed to providing you with something in addition to what you pay for. Our architects and designers are able to work their magic on plots of land of any shape or size, bringing your ideal house one step closer to reality. We have every square inch of Melbourne covered, from Bentleigh and Clyde North in the city's southeast to South Morang, our headquarters in the city's northern suburbs, and everything in between.


    When your neighbourhood is picture-perfect, but the appearance of your home leaves much to be desired, it may be time to think about tearing it down and starting again. Bentley Homes is a home renovation company that operates in the northern, western, and southeastern districts of Melbourne. The homes that they rebuild are customised to meet the purchaser's requirements and financial constraints.

    You will not only be able to potentially save a significant amount of money, but you will also have entire control over the appearance and atmosphere of your property. You will not be required to make any concessions to the design that is already in place. You will have the opportunity to spend less time in a busy building site and more time in a beautiful house that is completely yours when you go this route, which is a terrific option for many homeowners and offers a variety of benefits, including financial and time savings.


    When faced with the decision between buying a new home and renovating their current one, homeowners frequently choose the former option. Surprisingly, there are numerous situations in which tearing down and rebuilding a structure is actually more cost-effective than renovating an existing building. When you tear up floorboards or knock down walls, you run the risk of discovering unpleasant surprises, which can turn an otherwise straightforward renovation into a nightmare for the homeowner. Before you know it, you will be confronted with costs that are significantly higher than you had originally anticipated. In order to successfully complete a renovation, you will need to work within the confines of your existing structure, which leaves little room for movement or negotiation. A new home, on the other hand, provides you with options that are friendly to your financial plan as well as the flexibility to choose your dream house with relative ease.

    Our builders are able to work in any part of Melbourne because we are the masters in knockdown rebuild throughout the city. We have experience working throughout the northern, eastern, and western suburbs of Melbourne, in addition to the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, ranging from Bentleigh to Glen Iris and Clyde North.

    We at Bentley Homes are aware that not every family has the same requirements, which is why our helpful team is able to assist you with adjustments and options to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the final product, which is ultimately your dream house.

    As part of our range, service and commitment to you, we also offer:

    • Fixed price site costs.
    • Modification of our home designs.
    • Upfront pricing.
    • House on Land packages.


    Building quality homes with leading design features for over 13 years


    We pride ourselves in prioritising the design of our homes, and our attention to detail distinguishes us.


    We take fewer risks, using premium materials and accredited engineering for superior build quality.


    We offer a personalised service with dedicated and experienced staff throughout your entire build journey.

    Why Bentley Homes


    Both "volume" and "boutique" are two terms that can be used to define the kind of builder that Bentley Homes is. Simply put, we keep a close eye on the number of houses we construct in a given year to maintain control over the level of quality we achieve in our work while also ensuring that we have sufficient volume to give us the greatest possible purchasing power and to negotiate favourable terms with our vendors.


    We are aware that constructing the home of your dreams will represent the single largest investment that you and your family will ever make, and for this reason, our team is dedicated to assisting you in locating a property that is an excellent match for the way you choose to live.

    Our modern collection of houses seeks to fulfil all of your requirements by providing elegant designs that are also practical for day-to-day living. A few of the highlights of our house design are bedrooms that are generously sized, kitchens that are larger, living areas that are vast, and plenty of storage space. All of these features are effortlessly presented with an air of elegance.

    Gilpip Homes - Builders in Bayside

    gilpip homes

    0359 771 608

    Local Expertise. Transparent Costs. Quality Finish.

    Melbourne custom home builders who are passionate about your build

    Gilpip Homes is the most reputable home builder on the Mornington Peninsula, and we are renowned for our personable approach and meticulous attention to detail. We have more than 30 years of business experience in the field of custom-built residential houses and developments, and we come from a family with a rich history. Get to Know Our Staff

    We make it a priority to provide honest pricing estimates to each of our customers, and we take immense satisfaction in seeing each job through to completion. Look at the finished products of our work for yourself. We will see your project through each step of the way in a manner that is both professional and timely, regardless of whether it is only an idea at this point or whether you are in the early stages of pre-site preparation.

    At this time, we are providing our services to the Mornington Peninsula in addition to the surrounding districts of Frankston, Bayside, Berwick, Parkdale, Dandenong, and South East Melbourne.

    Our Services

    Custom Design

    We at Gilpip Homes are aware that not everyone has the same concept of a "dream home," and this is one of the reasons why we think it is so essential for you to be able to build your own home according to the specifications of your lot, your finances, and your way of life. With custom design, you can start with a blank canvas and create a home that is tailored to the primary characteristics of the land on which it sits. Our concept design and estimate service are where the starting part of the custom designing process gets underway.

    To produce a desirable proposal, we will first conduct a comprehensive design brief, during which our professional consultants will be present, and then we will begin by asking the appropriate questions and gathering the appropriate details. The drawing team, which is overseen by our consultants, will work with you to build your ideal home from the ground up, taking into account the design brief and budget that you provide. Our consultants will produce and deliver to you, in conjunction with your original concept design, a detailed preliminary cost estimate that is pertinent to your concept design and the finished brief that was provided to you during your initial meeting.


    On the Mornington Peninsula and beyond, Gilpip Homes has created or assisted in the development of a wide variety of real estate sites. You will save time and money on your next project by making use of our knowledge in developments of varying scales, including both small and large scales. Gilpip Homes, which has everything under one roof, will manage every aspect of your development, beginning with the concept design and continuing through the management of the planning process, assistance and/or management with the subdivisional process, completion, and assistance with the sale of the completed homes.

    Gilpip Homes is convinced that if you take advantage of our concept design and estimate service, we will be able to design the most cost-effective and practically oriented development footprint for you and your site. You will be provided with accurate upfront estimates and development suggestions through close collaboration with our building consultants and drafting team. This will give you the confidence to put the management of your money-making project in the hands of professionals.

    Aspire Designer Homes - Builders in Bayside

    aspire designer homes

    Putting up a house involves a lot more than just laying bricks and mortar; it's also about establishing a foundation for your future. Our best home builders in Melbourne and Victoria are here to assist you no matter where you are in the process of purchasing a home, whether you are a first-time buyer just getting started on your journey or the time has come to build your ultimate dream home.

    At Aspire Designer Homes, we make it a priority to get to know and appreciate our customers on a personal level. We are aware that the decision to construct a new house involves not only a massive amount of money but also a substantial amount of emotional investment.

    Your hopes and visions for how you want the interior and exterior of your home to look and feel will be realised with the assistance of our highly skilled and experienced staff. Whether you're building in the middle of Melbourne or in Lakes Entrance, a lovely coastal town, our team of new house builders will be there for you to provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire process.

    It has always been about the relationship, from the very first time we met until the moment we handed over the keys. From the very beginning, Aspire Designer Homes will provide both expert services and trustworthy counsel. Our home builders have a combined total of over one hundred years of experience in the field, giving them the foundation necessary to construct your new house using the utmost precision and the most accurate skills.

    Our construction crew is enthusiastic about the work that we do, and we can provide you with both high-end, custom-built homes as well as the ideal starter home for your vacant lot. The promise made by Aspire is not simply that it will pay close attention to the details but rather that it will be truly dedicated to providing the very best in quality, service, and value.

    Our cutting-edge designs are motivated by both national and global fashion trends, allowing us to bring you the absolute pinnacle of elegance and panache. There is something for everyone available in our homes, which range in size from 18 square feet to over 70 or more square feet, and you are invited to customise any of our designs to meet your specific needs.

    We offer creative solutions for sloped sites as part of our unique Design and Construct service. The ideas are informed by the specific experiences of our highly experienced home builders. Homeowners in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria can have confidence in the fact that we can build them the ideal house. To get the ball rolling on the construction of your ideal home in Melbourne or the surrounding area of Victoria, get in touch with one of our top home builders.

    Custom Home Builders Bayside

    It's possible that your first house held a special place in your heart. It's possible that your last move was a sensible one.

    But you want the next house you buy to be a reflection of your personal idea of luxury.

    Our custom house builders in Bayside will interact with you and include you in the building process of your new home at every stage of the project when you work with Aspire Designer Homes. The end result will be a brand-new home that is customised to meet all of your requirements. It will have awe-inspiring architecture, breathtaking vistas, and services that are based on more than a century of collective experience in the field.

    A luxury home that is custom created for you by Aspire Designer Homes will have its layout, design, and construction determined by the requirements and preferences that you provide. We make it easy for you to have creative control over the design of your custom house by streamlining and managing the design and construction process.

    Our design professionals will take the ideas you submit and elegantly weave them together with our knowledge in a design that has been developed over the course of more than 36 years as a business. We will design and build a luxury house for you, drawing inspiration from Australian and international architecture and design trends.

    Get in touch with our custom house builders in Bayside to schedule a consultation that is free of charge and comes with no obligations.

    Norton Builders - Builders in Bayside

    norton builders

    0395 988 465

    Over the course of the past half-century, builders from Norton have been personally designing and constructing homes and developments with dual occupancy that have won awards.

    We are a small design and construction company with our headquarters in the Black Rock neighbourhood of Melbourne. Our company has been in operation since 1958 and is currently run by the second generation of our family.

    Our company is made up of a strong team of specialists who are committed to their work and have a significant amount of experience in the field of architectural house design and building.

    Norton Builders is extremely proud of the distinguished and award-winning homes that they construct. We are aware that constructing a house of one's dreams requires a great deal more than just bricks and mortar. We are really proud of the excellent customer service that we provide and the meticulous attention to detail that we pay. We are enthusiastic and dedicated to constructing homes with distinctively individual styles using the greatest possible level of craftsmanship.




    Norton Builders is a genuine design-and-build company that takes a person-centred approach to its work. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and collaborate with them to develop homes that are tailored to the characteristics of the land as well as the members of the family. Because of our extensive experience spanning five decades, we are able to design houses in the post-modern, contemporary, classical, or period styles according to the parameters of your budget.


    The team at Norton Builders takes pride in offering a truly individualised design and construction service. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and collaborate with them to develop a dwelling that complements the personality of both the family and the surrounding environment. Because of our extensive experience spanning five decades, we are able to design houses in any of the following styles: post-modern, contemporary, classical, and period.


    We have a plethora of experience in the development of townhouses and properties with dual occupancy. Together with our customers, we will plan and direct you through this process, which may include working together with customers on joint ventures to generate an exceptional return on your house or investment.


    We offer our clients a complete landscaping package, including pool construction, for a more seamless build.


    We will tender on projects that have been designed by your selected consultants.

    Gaia Construction - Builders in Bayside

    gaia construction

    0399 890 798

    We are a building company located in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne that specialises in constructing additions and doing restorations. We are deeply committed to the practice of constructing homes that are not only exquisitely made but also environmentally conscious, comfortable, and fit for human habitation for many years to come.

    Not only are we professionals in remodelling and extension in Bayside, but we also offer a world-leading online client portal that will keep you up to date on your project around the clock from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the possibility of misunderstandings, lost emails, and confusion.

    Get in touch with us if you are seeking a competent builder who offers contracts at a fixed fee and guarantees the dates by which the work will be finished. It would be a pleasure to talk about your project with you.



    Because of our industry-leading online customer portal, you will never be in the dark about anything. You will have the ability to contact us around the clock from any location in the world, as well as see exactly where your schedule, selections, fees, and payments are at any given time.


    You will have the peace of mind to securely schedule your move-in date months in advance, thanks to our guaranteed completion dates. Before we begin the construction, we will also present you with a detailed project schedule so that you are able to keep track of our advancement throughout the process.


    We will never lower the standards of our craftsmanship or the quality of the materials we use. We will construct an exquisitely finished home for you, one that you and your loved ones will be able to take pride in for many years to come, thanks to the stringent quality assurance procedures and painstaking attention to detail that we employ.

    Dymond Homes & Renovations - Builders in Bayside

    dymond homes & renovations

    0130 0764 735

    Melbourne Builders and Renovators

    Whether we are building, remodelling, expanding, or reinstating your house following an insurance claim, Dymond Homes and Renovations treats your home with the respect it deserves.

    Building Forever

    Boutique custom house builders delivering a personalised, hands-on approach to the art of construction, Dymond Homes and Renovations specialise in bespoke residential construction.

    At Dymond Homes and Renovations, we contribute our expertise, understanding, experience, and passion to you and your most unique asset – your home. Whether we are building or renovating a house or undertaking a Melbourne home extension, one thing remains the same: we care about you and your home.

    We are proud to stand behind our work and will fulfil all of our commitments with unending zeal and dedication while treating your home with respect to its merits. It is important to note that we will keep you updated on a regular basis regarding the status of the building activities. The fact that Dymond Homes and Renovations uses high-quality building materials that are in accordance with industry standards is just as significant.

    There is no such thing as an accident when it comes to quality; rather, quality is the result of a team of highly skilled tradesmen being managed by supervisors and owners of Dymond Homes and Renovations who are unyielding in their pursuit of safety, quality, and excellence.

    To ensure that your project is finished on time, within budget, and with the exquisite attention to detail on which we stake our reputations, our building team is backed by experienced administration staff. Together, they work for hand in glove to ensure this.

    Our Building and Renovation Services

    When you work with Dymond Homes and Renovations, you interact directly with the principle builder and owner of the company, regardless of whether you are constructing a new building, doing renovations, adding on to an existing structure, or carrying out a demolish and rebuild project. Because Glenn oversees and inspects each and every construction project himself, you can be assured that your home is in good hands.


    New Homes and Renovations

    Dymond Homes and Renovations, reputable bespoke house builders in Melbourne, can assist you in constructing your ideal home or in renovating your existing one in order to make it more practical or to let in more light.

    Home Extensions

    Have you outgrown your home but decided that you don't want to leave the neighbourhood? As experts in Melbourne home extensions, we are able to provide you with the additional space you require by extending your living room, building an additional bedroom or bathroom, or anything else in between.

    Knockdown Rebuild

    Dymond Homes and Renovations is able to assist you in constructing the home of your dreams, regardless of whether you intend to demolish and reconstruct your existing residence or are thinking about purchasing a property that you might later demolish and reconstruct.

    Simonds Homes - Builders in Bayside

    simonds homes

    1300 746 638

    Since 1949, Simonds has been in the business of constructing homes for families. We build exceptional, high-quality houses that are suitable for a wide range of lifestyles and price points.

    Our experience gives you more.

    We are aware of how significant of an accomplishment it is to construct a house, whether it is the first of its kind, the second, or the beginning of an investment portfolio. As a consequence of this, we are fully committed to providing you with a bespoke customer service experience that goes above and beyond in every sense of the word.

    Because of our many years of expertise, we are more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of the requirements necessary to bring your idea to life. Across the country, we have established over 150 exhibition centres and have constructed hundreds of brand-new homes. But it was one family-oriented man named Gary Simonds who laid the foundation for the entire Simonds saga. It is still his vision that directs us now, and it is what elevates a Simonds residence above and above the status of a simple dwelling.

    The Simonds touch is hands-on and personal.

    Our viewpoint is that everyone should have the opportunity to buy their own home. Because of this conviction, we have established ourselves as one of the most reputable home builders in Australia. We believe in offering you more, too, not just because we have more experience than other builders but also because we have more experience.

    This translates to additional options, a higher level of service, and enhanced assistance from our team of sales consultants, Customer Relationship Coordinators, and construction crews. At each stage of the trip, we will be there to lend you our more extensive experience as well as our direction in order to help you feel more confident.

    Our homes are built with care, to last.

    Our highly skilled team of architects, engineers, design consultants, and builders ensures that each and every Simonds home is both aesthetically pleasing and constructed to withstand the test of time. However, because we are aware that there is a wide range of possible family configurations, we strive to provide a greater variety of naturally liveable space possibilities.

    This implies that you have more options available to you in terms of floor plans, facades, fittings and fixtures and that you may customise the home to suit the way that you wish to live your life. We hope that your new house will be a reflection of your own taste, personality, and way of life and that it will provide ample room for your family to develop to its full potential.

    We've helped create award-winning memories.

    The plethora of awards that we have received from the industry is evidence of our dedication to providing products that are excellent in terms of design, attention to detail, exceptional quality, and value for money. We are delighted to say that at Simonds, we have won more accolades than any other Australian builder, including several awards in the most recent year and approximately 100 awards overall since we first opened our doors.

    These honours recognise the great design, attention to detail, exceptional quality, and value for money that is considered in every new Simonds home. These factors are all taken into consideration. Although the greatest joy comes from helping our customers realise their goals of house ownership.

    Why Choose Simonds?

    With exceptional service, flexible home designs, and an array of affordable options, find out why more families choose Simonds.

    Exceptional customer service

    You can anticipate a hands-on strategy from us as your home builder if you choose to work with us. From the initial consultation all the way through the first steps you take into your new home, our enthusiastic team is dedicated to being there for you every step of the way. Your sales consultant is available to advise you on the best decisions to make and provide answers to any queries you may have so that you can proceed with complete self-assurance throughout the entire process.

    In addition, you will be assigned a Customer Relationship Coordinator (CRC) who will assist you throughout the entirety of the building process, beginning with the signing of contracts and ending with the move-in and handover of the property. In addition, you can check the status of your new home at any time by logging in to your mySimonds account, which is accessible online.

    We offer more options for naturally liveable spaces.

    We recognise that there is a wide range of possible configurations for families, and because of this, we provide more options that may be tailored to your preferences as well as your way of life. If you choose to build a Simonds home, it indicates that you want a residence with a more open floor plan so that your family may spend more time together. The outdoors are brought inside in several of our house designs, which have stunning alfresco settings and areas that have been thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique needs of children, allowing their parents to escape to more relaxed and secluded quarters.

    In addition, our Fusion range gives you the ability to select from a variety of floor layouts that you can further customise to meet the requirements of your family. You may put your faith in us to fulfil any of your home improvement wishes, whether it be the addition of an extra bedroom, a butler's pantry, or a master suite with a private area for the children.

    We strive to give you more affordable options.

    When it comes to the layout of our houses, we take great satisfaction in the fact that we are able to provide more of what people like while also maintaining an inexpensive price point. As a result, in addition to the adaptability of our floor plans, we also provide a large number of home designs, with over 150 options available.

    Each home has been crafted with the needs of families in mind in order to provide you with a space that is not only beautiful but also practical and cheap. Our home and land packages are designed to ensure that you get the highest quality home at the lowest price, with all of the hard work taken care of for you. If you are searching for more value for your money, you should consider purchasing one of our packages.

    We're driven by decades of passion and experience.

    Over the course of more than seven decades, we have constructed more than 21,000 brand-new houses and established more than 400 showcase centres. Without taking a cookie-cutter approach, this experience has provided us with the knowledge, perspective, and self-assurance necessary to understand what it takes to construct the ideal house for a family. Gary Simonds's vision and hands-on service have been the primary factors in directing the company in the right direction and propelling it forwards from the very beginning.

    A perfect partner for first home buyers

    First-time home buyers may rely on the support that Simonds can provide during the process of purchasing their first home, which is an experience that many people find to be intimidating. Our inexpensive options, experience, and devotion all contribute to this. With the introduction of the federal First Home Loan Deposit, which assists qualified first-time homebuyers in acquiring a home more quickly, the housing market has become more competitive. Get in touch with Simonds right away to find out whether or not you qualify for this guarantee scheme, which can require you to pay a deposit of as little as 5 per cent of the total price.

    Spacemaker Home Extensions - Builders in Bayside

    spacemaker home extensions

    0388 737 803

    Spacemaker is a quality design and construction contractor that has won multiple awards and has more than 50 years of experience in the construction sector. The company was established in 1969.

    Over the course of this time period, Spacemaker has established a solid reputation as a quality builder by completing a variety of noteworthy home repairs, additions, and new construction projects.

    Over the course of its first half-century in business, Spacemaker has developed an exceptional in-house team that consists of builders, design consultants, estimators, and project managers. We are a small, specialised construction company whose fundamental principles include being truthful and upright and providing superior service to our clients. Our clients are able to feel at ease knowing that their projects are in good hands when we deliver them with an emphasis on the personal touch.


    Our capacity to undertake projects as diverse as simple additions and custom-designed new homes is one of Spacemaker's most notable assets. We are able to provide innovative solutions for even the most complicated building project because of the wide range of skills that are represented within our staff.

    We are an end-to-end builder for discerning clients around Melbourne, and we create great home expansions, renovations, and custom new builds that reflect their ambitions. Among the services we provide is the construction of new homes. It is well knowledge that Spacemaker is one of the most famous and highly awarded builders in Melbourne who specialise in home additions and remodels.


    For the purpose of ensuring that the construction of your home addition or renovation goes off without a hitch, Spacemaker uses seasoned project managers. In order to deliver the high-quality outcomes for which we are known, we collaborate exclusively with Melbourne's most skilled specialists from a variety of trades. Most importantly, they are skilled tradespeople who we are confident you will feel comfortable having worked inside your house.

    Our methodology for conducting business is straightforward: build strong connections with our clients by delivering high-quality work on time and within their financial constraints. It is a strategy that results in pleased customers as well as recognition for superior performance from our industry colleagues.

    Get in touch with the renovation, extension, and new house builders in Melbourne right away if you are prepared to take the first steps towards realising your ideal renovations or if you have any inquiries regarding the expenses associated with home additions. At Spacemaker, we take great pride in our work in every department.


    Trust is the foundation upon which we build fruitful working relationships. We take great pride in the fact that the majority of our business originates from customer referrals. More than seventy per cent of the house extensions and home renovations business that Spacemaker receives comes from the suggestions and referrals that our past customers have given. Many of our customers come back to Spacemaker multiple times for home improvements such as renovations, expansions, and custom new houses, as well as for friendly advice on occasion.

    Why Choose Spacemaker?

    The history of Spacemaker's accomplishments in the architecture and building industries stretches back many decades. The genuine sign that a project was a success for Spacemaker is when satisfied customers enthusiastically recommend the company to their own relatives, neighbours, friends, and coworkers. Because of the remarkable abilities of our in-house staff, the vast majority of our business originates from recommendations made by satisfied customers. This fact fills us with gratitude and humility. We can do anything, from high-quality single-storey additions to individualised new house construction.

    Honesty, integrity, and providing outstanding service to customers are three of the team's guiding principles at Spacemaker. Because our projects are delivered with an emphasis on the personal touch, you can feel at ease knowing that you are in the hands of one of the builders in Melbourne with the highest reputation and the most awards.

    Custom made designs

    We will come to your house to have a conversation about your requirements and the things you'd like to accomplish. After that, we think of original ways that we might be able to assist. You will receive an estimate of the necessary money, and we will describe the building procedure as well as the components that are included.

    Genuine and fixed prices

    We can now certify that the project's final cost will be a set amount. Because we have conducted a comprehensive examination of the site and are committed to listening to your needs and including you in the design and detailing of the project, we are able to reliably propose a set price and refrain from going over the allotted budget.

    Experienced build team

    On-site, we provide a process that is low-stress, thanks to our experienced project managers and professional craftspeople who complement each other. Our clients routinely commend our professional and considerate personnel. We routinely receive awards from our industry colleagues in recognition of our high standards of quality.

    Work with us for stress-free extensions and renovations.

    Our differentiation from other builders in Melbourne's extension and renovation market is very clear: seventy per cent of our business originates from recommendations made by clients who have used our services in the past. Our clients have conveyed to us that we provide a quality design and construction process that is expertly carried out, unobstructed, and worry-free.

    We provide real design solutions.

    • Work closely with our experienced designers, who really listen to understand what you want to achieve.
    • Spacemaker designs achieve a balance between flair and imagination and practical building solutions, ensuring we keep within your budget.
    • We develop design solutions over multiple consultations to ensure total satisfaction with the final design before construction begins.

    We offer low–stress construction.

    • You'll receive ongoing and comprehensive project management with friendly professionals who support you through the entire build. Our experienced specialist tradespeople not only achieve high-quality results. You'll also enjoy having them around your home! At Spacemaker, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our friendliness and professionalism.

    We achieve genuine fixed prices.

    • Thorough documentation (including detailed plans and specifications), prepared after comprehensive client consultation to establish exactly what you need.
    • Thorough site investigations with our experienced construction team before completing your final documentation ensure accuracy with your fixed price.

    Hallbury Homes - Builders in Bayside

    hallbury homes

    0370 185 583

    Hallbury Homes has never constructed two homes that are identical to one another. Each property in the Hallbury neighbourhood has a presence that is shaped by the level of sophistication of its design and the individuality of its owners.

    Our design method takes into consideration your land, budget and lifestyle requirements. This equilibrium is something that we strive to attain on each and every project by committing ourselves to offer an uncompromising commitment to design innovation, value, precision craftsmanship, and communication with the customer.

    For more than three decades, Hallbury Homes has been one of Melbourne's leading home design and construction companies. Slope lots, knockdown and rebuilds, and bespoke home design are the areas in which we specialise as a construction company.

    Luxury home builders in Melbourne

    Are you interested in constructing a luxurious property in Melbourne? Hallbury Homes provides a tailored experience with the goal of assisting you in realising your ideal house. Hallbury is a well-known bespoke home builder in the Melbourne area, and its services include everything from design to construction. Visit our luxury display home to immerse yourself in our ideas, see the superior finish, and speak with our design consultants about how you envision yourself living in the future. You are able to put your hands on the luxurious finishes and get a real feel for what it's like to live in a Hallbury Home.

    Our consultants will lend their assistance to you along your trip by engaging in an open and forthright discussion regarding the requirements you have. After that, our professionals will proceed to design a floor plan that takes into account your preferences as well as your financial constraints. Presenting you with a solution that is original, one of a kind, and crafted just to meet your requirements.

    About us

    The fact that we are all guided by our designs is what sets us apart from other people. Our Sales Consultants and Client Services Coordinators, our New Home Designers and Interior Designers, as well as our, Estimating and Construction teams, each of us takes great care in our respective roles to produce excellent designs and then construct those designs into beautiful new homes for our customers. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the results.

    In addition to designing and constructing stunning homes, our primary focus is on the satisfaction of our customers. Our staff is sincerely committed to giving you not just an incredible design and a fantastic build but also a satisfying experience when you make a purchase from us. Your comfort and satisfaction are at the forefront of our minds while developing the pre-site, on-site, and aftercare procedures.

    The Build Quality Processes that our Construction Team adheres to include constructing each home as if it were their very own. This begins with an attitude that strives for excellence and continues with quality assurance inspections at each stage of construction. Additionally, we hold our suppliers and craftspeople to the same standard of pride.

    I am grateful that you are thinking about Hallbury. Contacting a member of our team will allow you to obtain additional information about our company as well as the ways in which we may be of assistance to you.

    Modifiable plans

    Modify our pre-designed floor layouts to fit your own specific requirements. In addition, you will be provided with cost estimates upfront, making it easier to monitor your spending.

    Architectural Floor Plans

    Make a one-of-a-kind, completely bespoke design with the help of our skilled team. Our customers are thrilled with the combination of our architectural design service and our volume builder pricing structure.

    Sloping Block Specialist

    As part of our individualised approach, we will include specialised design techniques throughout your floor plan in order to ensure that it flows seamlessly with the natural contours of your property.

    Knock Down Rebuild

    Hallbury is an industry leader in the development of bespoke solutions for demolition and reconstruction projects. We offer a bundle deal that incorporates design, demolition, and construction.

    Best display home in Australia

    The Evoke show home that we have here at Hallbury Homes was recently awarded the title of "Australia's Best Display Home" by a judging panel. Megan Gale is the host of the television programme "Australia's Best House," which can be seen on both 9now and 9life.

    The Evoke was awarded "Best Kitchen in a Display Home" honours by both the HIA and Master Builders, two of the most prestigious organisations in the building business. In addition to being awarded commendations for having the greatest showcase home.

    The Evoke display home is only open to visitors who have made prior arrangements. Simply click on the option that is provided below to schedule a personal inspection with one of our new home design experts.

    A-Tech Home Improvements - Builders in Bayside

    a tech home improvements

    0398 906 337

    Foundation replacement, repair, releveling, restumping, reblocking, and underpinning are some of the services that A-Tech Home Improvements specialises in providing to residential and commercial properties located in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

    The foundation repair services are provided by A-Tech Reblocking, which is a branch of A-Tech Home Improvements Pty Ltd. Over the past three decades, the primary focus of A-Tech Home Improvements P/L has been on providing homeowners in the Melbourne area with reblocking, restumping, underpinning, and floor repair services.

    A-Tech Home Improvements offers many years of experience in evaluating foundations, providing estimates for repairs, and making those repairs.

    We are able to offer the most cost-efficient means of addressing your foundation problems as a result of our extensive knowledge in the field of foundations. These solutions range from a jack and pack to restumping a multi-storey house. We are capable of doing everything from repairing masonry to substantial underpinning.

    Registered Building Practitioners

    A-Tech Home Improvements is our speciality. Offers a ten-year guarantee on the functionality of the rebuilt foundation.

    While the building is being constructed, we offer insurance coverage for any and all building tasks.

    This sum, which is currently known as the Public Liability Cover, is $10,000,000,000.00.

    Melbourne Restumping, Releveling And Underpinning

    Foundation replacement, repair, releveling, restumping, reblocking, and underpinning are some of the services that A-Tech Home Improvements specialises in providing to residential and commercial properties in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

    Concrete and Steel re-stumping

    We offer restumping, releveling and underpinning throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas.

    Brickwork Repairs

    Foundation repair, replacement, and floor releveling in Melbourne and have been operating for over 25 Years.

    Building Inspections

    A-Tech Home Improvements Pty Ltd provide Qualified independent, and objective advice.


    Repairs of floors and footings are only some of the services offered by A-Tech Home Improvements. We offer restumping, releveling and underpinning.

    The foundation repair services are provided by A-Tech Reblocking, which is a branch of A-Tech Home Improvements Pty Ltd. Over the course of our more than 25 years in business, the primary focus of A-Tech Home Improvements P/L has been on reblocking, restumping, underpinning, and the restoration of floors in Melbourne homes.

    A-Tech Home Improvements offers many years of experience in evaluating foundations, providing estimates for repairs, and making those repairs.

    We are able to offer the most cost-efficient means of addressing your foundation problems as a result of our extensive knowledge in the field of foundations. These solutions range from a jack and pack to restumping a multi-storey house. We are capable of doing everything from repairing masonry to substantial underpinning.

    House Industry Association has officially acknowledged A-Tech Home Improvements as a member in good standing. The number of your registration is 509327.

    We are experts in restumping and reblocking, and our service area includes Boxhill and the Eastern Suburbs. We are able to use jacking and packing to rectify sloping floors or floors that bounce if you require floor level adjustment. In addition, we are able to repair cracked walls, uneven flooring, and floors that squeak or sink in the Eastern Suburbs. Therefore, if you live in Melbourne and are in need of restumping, contact A-Tech Home Improvements. We are the industry leaders when it comes to restumping in Melbourne as well as floor levelling in Melbourne.

    Build 24/7 - Builders in Bayside

    build 24 7

    0418 211 012

    Build 24/7 is a premier building firm located in the bayside area of Melbourne, Australia, with more than 35 years of industry experience. Because they are reliable and skilled in a variety of areas, the members of our team are able to ensure the best possible quality of work in every facet of the construction industry. Because of our adaptability across all elements, including commercial, new construction, and renovations, we have earned a reputation that many other building businesses are unable to maintain. We are incredibly pleased with the work that we have done and the dedication that we have made to quality.

    Our services are available around the clock, every day of the week, as our company name, Build 24/7, suggests. Our hardworking employees give the utmost attention to detail and are inventive in coming up with solutions to the challenges you face with your building. Because they have such a well-organised and enthusiastic crew, you can anticipate the very best from Build 24/7. In addition, we ensure that positive channels of contact are maintained throughout the entirety of the project by continuously updating you on the progress that is being made.

    Over the course of our many years of service in this sector, we have developed a solid reputation that includes honesty, dependability, and quality work—a reputation of which we are extremely proud. When our customers are pleased with our services, they often tell their family and friends about us. This demonstrates their gratitude.

    We are aware of how blessed and appreciative we are.


    New Buildings: 


    • Domestic Residential Builds
    • Concept and Layout Design
    • Landscaping
    • Interior Design
    • Budget Planning and Considerations

    New Buildings:


    • 35 years experience
    • Innovation, Quality, and Reliability for your Commercial Project
    • Monitoring and Liaison with structural engineers and designers


    • Residential Extensions
    • Custom-Built Extensions
    • Transform Properties
    • Lifestyle Boost
    • Drafting Designs
    • Costs-budgets

    Dual Occupancy / Duplex design / Multi-Unit Development

    • Dual Occupancy and Multi-Unit Development
    • Maximise potential wealth 
    • Smooth, successful process


    • Experienced renovators
    • Measuring and assessing spaces 
    • Cost-effective, practical and innovative renovation solutions
    • Discuss budget and all options
    • Timelines required to complete


    • Property Subdivisions
    • Town planning 
    • Land development
    • Compliant procedures and outcomes 
    • Work with Town Planning
    • Work with Council

    Custom Design and Construction

    • Design brief through to Project Completion
    • Efficient and High-Quality Process
    • Stress-Free Client Journey

    Office Fit Outs

    • High-quality workmanship
    • Full construction or Incorporating existing facilities
    • Functionality, space, and design
    • Design-Drafting available
    • Textures and Products 


    • Kitchen Design and Building
    • Quality Cabinetry 
    • Customisation
    • Trends and Technologies
    • Suiting your lifestyle
    • Budget Constraints
    • Design Options
    • Quality Products


    • Balancing Aesthetics with Functionality
    • Upgrades and full remodel
    • Highly-regarded planning and construction
    • Quality craftsmanship

    Decking and Pergolas

    • Decking
    • Pergola
    • Timber or Composite Materials
    • From design to construction
    • Fully functional & practical
    • Product and Design


    • Superior Pools
    • Custom-Built Concrete Pools
    • Fade-Free Precision Molds
    • Quality-Assured
    • Anti-Microbial Protection


    • ​Enhance Outdoor Spaces
    • Support the Local Environment
    • Designer-Construction team collaboration
    • Design and Drafting
    • Budget Options
    • Research 
    • Plant Options - viability


    • Certified plumbing professionals
    • Troubleshoot plumbing professionals 
    • Blocked drains, leaking pipes, taps, toilets 
    • New homes 


    • Fully-qualified, fully-licensed electrical contractors
    • All electrical and data work in residential, commercial and corporate buildings.
    • Discuss your requirements with us


    • Creative tiling experts
    • All types of tile
    • Stonemason's quality and precision
    • Domestic and Commercial projects
    • Highly recommended service


    • Building Maintenance
    • Beachside Maintenance Specialism
    • Upgrade Facets
    • Repairs within your budget
    • Checklist 
    • Quotations

    Property Inspections and Reports

    • Full inspection reports
    • Pre-purchase inspections on property and land
    • Defect and problem detection
    • Checklist 
    • Quotations

    Leak Detection

    • Leak Detection
    • The Latest Technology and Equipment
    • Report Published
    • Cost breakdown in advance of work
    • Senior Investigator
    • Analysis


    • Problem Identification
    • Failed Products 
    • Construction Defects
    • Solutions and Cost
    • Reporting
    • Quotations 
    • Senior Analysts 

    Building Reports

    • Safety hazard identification
    • Structural and Non-Structural defects
    • Recommendations for Remedial Works
    • Cost Projection
    • Analysis 
    • Quotations

    Insurance Repairs

    • Detailed damage and loss reports 
    • Outlined remedial works
    • Cost and timeline breakdown
    • Checklist 
    • Quotations if required 
    • Causes 
    • Make Safe Options

    Aluminium Composite Panels (Alucobond)

    • Highly experienced
    • Aluminum Composite Panel Works
    • Dedicated Technical Construction Team
    • From offices to prestigious landmark buildings

    Contractors For Hire

    • Fully-qualified, fully-licensed contractors
    • All contractors for residential, commercial and corporate buildings.
    • Discuss your requirements 
    • Quality- skilled trades 
    • Hourly or Day Rates 

    24/7 Callout Emergency Service

    • Safety First
    • $250 call-out fee, including the first 15 minutes of work
    • Subsequent hours are charged at an hourly rate
    • Make Safe - Quoatations 

    Boat Restoration

    • Small vessel maintenance and refits
    • Scheduled Repairs
    • Unexpected Damage Repairs
    • Analyse issues
    • Quotation supplied
    • Options discussed 

    Drafting - Design

    • Your vision turned into reality
    • Cost-effective
    • Council discussions
    • Town Planning 
    • Building Plans 
    • Regulations 
    • Permit conditions 

    Customer Care and Design Team

    • Support throughout your project
    • Team of advisors to maintain budgets and timeframes
    • Quality materials and craftsmanship

    Interior Design Consulting

    • Interior Design
    • Styled and Aesthetically Pleasing Look
    • Working with your vision
    • Domestic and Commercial

    Cleaning Services

    • Professional Commercial cleaning
    • Pre-Sell cleaning
    • Post-Build Renovation cleaning
    • Quality Thorough cleaning
    • Rubbish Removal, if required

    Segal Build - Builders in Bayside

    segal build

    0361 450 446


    When it comes to the construction process, Segal Build takes a few different approaches; nonetheless, our principled and professional approach is the one that prevails in each and every one of the projects that we take on.

    The construction process at Segal Build is one that is meticulously crafted and may be expanded to include both interior and outside design.

    Company Director James Segal has a wealth of knowledge that spans over 20 years, and he delivers a personal and exclusive service to his clients, one on one, in a manner that only an experienced builder can provide for their clients.

    In order to produce the highest quality homes possible, Segal Build is known for paying minute attention to even the smallest of details. We never settle for anything less than the absolute best in terms of materials and craftspeople, and we handle our projects with meticulous attention to detail. In addition to our company's capacity to utilise expert product suppliers and installers, our business is able to meet the product requirements of customers who have a wide range of preferences and aesthetic preferences.

    Hotondo Homes - Builders in Bayside

    hotondo homes

    1800 677 157

    Putting up a brand-new house? You may put your trust in the local expertise and experience of the Hotondo Homes builders in your neighbourhood.

    Hotondo Homes is the only company you need to consider hiring to construct your new home if you are looking for a reliable construction crew. We are a company that is run by a family, and we take great delight in every house that we construct.

    Because each Hotondo Homes builder is individually owned and controlled, they each have their own reputation to uphold. This is one of the reasons why our construction firm has such a good name in the industry. We offer the local area knowledge and customer attention of a local builder, combined with the affordability and choice of flexible new house designs offered by a large building network. This allows us to provide the best of both worlds.

    Since our founding in 1979, we have expanded to include more than 70 new home builders spread across the whole nation. Because each of our new home builders is rooted in the surrounding community, they each have an in-depth understanding of the architecture, building codes, and other specifics of the region. They have a professional understanding of the local conditions and trends, and they will provide you with skilled counsel as well as excellent customer service. All of these are essential components that must be included when constructing a new house that will continue to meet the most cutting-edge design and building requirements for many years to come.

    Because our company is run by members of the same family and we build homes for other families, we have a deep understanding of the characteristics that define a genuinely wonderful residence for a family. Your new house will be one that you'll feel compelled to stay in for the rest of your life.

    Our builders will collaborate closely with you to ensure that our vision, which may range from modern townhouses to new homes with a heritage-inspired design, is in line with yours.

    Our home designs are versatile and may be adapted to accommodate a wide variety of aesthetic preferences and financial constraints. We provide a wide variety of floor plans that are adaptable to a variety of different sized and shaped lots, including those that are sloped, narrow, or acres in size.

    Because we want to assist you in making a house feel more like a home, one of our core values is adaptability. Our customers are allowed to make changes to the designs in order to obtain precisely what it is they are looking for.

    Find a builder in your area and start a conversation with them about your project. You can get in touch with a local builder directly, and they will be able to assist you in finding a brand-new residence that lives up to your expectations.


    Construct the house you've always imagined living in. For more than three decades, Hotondo Homes has been constructing exquisite brand-new homes all around Australia. Whether you reside in a metropolitan location, by the coast, or in a further community inland, our diverse selection of adaptable house plans has something that will appeal to you. Your new home from Hotondo is just a phone call away, with over 60 home builders ready to bring your dream houses to reality, a number of house and land packages on sale, and gorgeous showcase homes exhibiting our designs.

    From duplexes to beach houses – our builders do it all

    Here at Hotondo Homes, one of our greatest strengths is our adaptability. During our thirty years in business, we have constructed homes for more than 28,000 different families, so we have a solid understanding of both the significance of the family home and what it takes to build fantastic investment property.

    Our mission is to provide assistance in the construction of the house of your dreams, whether it be for you, your family, or your investment portfolio. Whatever it is that you have in mind for your "dream home," from a cosy cottage to a large beach house, know that we are here to lend a hand in turning it into a reality. These "dream homes" come in a wide range of styles and dimensions. Our designs range from those that are merely luxurious to those that are absolutely extravagant, ensuring that we have something that will appeal to each and every customer. We are available to you no matter who you are or where in the world you would like to construct.

    Speak to the builders trusted across the country

    Start in the proper spot if you want to make the initial move towards purchasing the house of your dreams. Come see one of our display homes and let the sophistication of our architectural designs and the depth of our interiors spark your imagination. The next step is to have a dialogue with one of our builders and see how we might be able to assist you.

    Hale Corp - Builders in Bayside

    hale corp

    0396 467 857

    Hale is redefining what is possible in terms of custom building in Melbourne. The company was established in 2006 by Matthew Collins, who comes from a family of builders. Our goal is to make construction not only simple but also productive and satisfying. To achieve this, we combine considerate design, individualised service, and meticulous attention to detail at each and every level.

    When it comes to construction, we feel that paying attention to the finer details is what makes the biggest difference. Therefore, despite the fact that we keep our methods straightforward, there is nothing simplistic about our builds. Our homes and complexes are constructed to the highest standards, using materials of the finest grade, craftsmanship of the highest calibre, and exquisite surface treatments.

    We don't just construct. We invent. We will conceive of, create, and execute the delivery of real estate that is tailored to your requirements. You can trust Hale to make the process of constructing your home, whether it be residential or commercial, simple, effective, and pleasurable for you. It does not matter what kind of property you are constructing.


    Your one-stop destination for Melbourne developments

    In Melbourne, should one construct residential or commercial buildings? Hale has the skills necessary to create and deliver a development that goes above and beyond your requirements. Our bespoke building services in Melbourne encompass the whole range of residential and commercial projects, including intricate construction of basements and other underground spaces.

    Here's what we build:

    • High-end luxury homes
    • Traditional detached homes
    • Townhouses
    • Apartments
    • Multi-unit developments
    • Basement projects
    • Commercial offices
    • Government buildings
    • Educations centres
    • Restaurants and cafés
    • Retail spaces

    Not sure what can be done with your house or the development you're working on? Do you need assistance with the design or the choice of materials? We are standing by to lend a hand. Because of our extensive experience working in both the residential and commercial sectors, we are aware of what approaches are successful.

    In addition, we are familiar with the Melbourne market. Our staff will work with you to develop and carry out a project that lives up to its promises in terms of rental returns, resell value, seamless functionality, or indulgent finishes, depending on which of these aspects is most important to you.

    Tailored, turnkey building solutions for developers

    The process of developing property can be difficult. We make the process easier for developers by providing turnkey building services that are tailored to their unique needs. Simply provide us with your financial constraints, and we will take care of everything else, from locating the ideal location to devising blueprints and coordinating the construction process and even beyond.

    In order to provide this turnkey building service, in addition to our in-house team of engineers, estimators, quantity surveyors, construction managers, contracts administrators, and support employees, we collaborate with some of the most brilliant brains in the property industry.

    In addition to architects and other specialised tradespeople, real estate agents, property managers, furniture staging businesses, and more are all members of our extensive professional network. We are even able to put you in touch with conveyancers, who are legal professionals that assist with transactions and settlements.

    Deianabuild - Builders in Bayside


    0400 039 851

    Deiana Build will help you create a revitalising living place so you can enjoy your lifestyle.

    You have found the perfect place if you are interested in constructing a new home or renovating an existing one in the southern or southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. Over the past twenty years, we at DeianaBuild have been working hard to provide residents of Melbourne with living spaces that are cosy and inviting.

    We are dedicated to providing you with the lifestyle of your dreams while ensuring your complete and utter satisfaction with every aspect of our work, which ranges from the construction of new houses and unit developments to the addition of second-story extensions and comprehensive home renovations.

    At DeianaBuild, we have every trade and service covered.

    We specialise in the design and construction of changes, additions, and expansions, as well as renovations to pre-existing residential properties.

    We provide a comprehensive service that spans from the concept stage all the way through completion. This service covers design, as well as getting approvals and carrying out construction.

    Trust our experience.

    You have found the perfect place if you are interested in constructing a new home or renovating an existing one in the southern or southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. Over the past twenty years, we at DeianaBuild have been working hard to provide residents of Melbourne with living spaces that are cosy and inviting.

    Why Choose DeianaBuild

    • Peace of Mind Guaranteed with a 6.5-year structural warranty
    • Registered Building Practitioner; DB-U 32693
    • Family run business built on integrity
    • Smart design and construction options that give you real value for money
    • Total Concept-to-Completion service.

    Our Process

    Design and Planning

    Some kind of planning and design must always come first, regardless of whether it's just a rough doodle on a bar napkin or a full-blown set of architectural blueprints.

    Check to see that you have enough money set aside for your renovation.

    Create a straightforward "yes/no" list of jobs that you can perform yourself and those that require the expertise of professionals.

    Unit developments

    From the initial idea to the finished product. Our initial consultation is provided at no cost, and it assists in determining whether or not your proposed development is viable and provides an estimate of its cost. We are responsible for designing, obtaining, and following through with the necessary documentation for the town planning and approval stages. We will begin the construction phase as soon as approval has been given and a building permit has been issued, and we will continue with it until it is finished.

    New Homes

    Allow us to design and construct your new home according to your preferences. A stress-free and straightforward design service that takes into account the needs of your family as well as your financial constraints.

    Extensions, renovation and bathrooms.

    From large-scale additions and remodels to more modest improvements like updating bathrooms. We are able to complete any task, regardless of its size or complexity.

    Inquire about our low-cost bathroom remodel, which starts at $10,000. We are able to completely remodel your bathroom, including the plumbing and electrical components, as well as the vanity, shower base, tiles, and faucets. 100% of the work is guaranteed. There is a catch here.

    Our Tradesmen

    • Our plumbers and electricians are fully licensed, insured and qualified. All electrical and plumbing work comes with a certificate of compliance.
    • Demolition might be the first step. All demolition is done by professionals. Asbestos and other foreign matter are removed safely and in accordance with Australian standards.
    • All our carpenters are fully qualified, with many years of experience, from pitching roofs and erecting truss roofs. We have everything covered. Our framing is neat and accurate, with no shortcuts, no compromising on workmanship or material.


    Insulation is installed in accordance with the certified energy report and the Building Code of Australia.


    Plasterers hang sheets, smooth off and let the compound dry. After drying, they sand it smooth. Sometimes, they will repeat the process until they achieve a seamless surface.


    If you wait to instal the flooring until later in the construction process, you can prevent considerable harm to the surface of the flooring. Installers with the appropriate qualifications are able to work on any surface, including concrete slabs, yellow tongue floors, and so on. We achieve an excellent and long-lasting finish with Tasmanian wood and spotted gum.


    Only windows that are built in Australia and are of high quality are produced by the local manufacturers that we provide. This ensures that both the materials and the craftsmanship are of a high standard while also maintaining employment in Australia.

    Fine Carpentry

    You can now begin to teach carpentry techniques that do not entail solving structural problems. Put in built-in elements such as baseboards and moulding, as well as for trim around windows and doors (bookcases, breakfast nooks, etc.).

    Interior Painting, Wallpaper, and Other Surface Finishes

    Painting the interior walls, hanging wallpaper, painting the moulding and trim, and staining and sealing the trim are all surface finishes that need attention to detail and should be completed as the very last tasks within the home.


    After everything is finished and checked over, the surveyor will give his final approval and then issue the certificate of occupancy. Upon completion, all relevant compliance certificates will be obtained and issued to the surveyor.

    Other requirements

    • Maintenance
    • Alfresco
    • Swimming pools
    • Landscaping

    Capital Building Contractors - Builders in Bayside

    capital building contractors

    0398 579 209

    Capital Building is a design and construction company with headquarters in Melbourne. They focus on bringing older properties up to date at a cost that is lower than that of constructing a brand new home. Peter Harnischmacher started his career in the middle of the 1980s by working on commercial and industrial building projects, including high-rise development in the city of Melbourne. Building and aesthetic design were in his blood, and he began his career by contracting and by starting his own business.


    Adding on to our home or doing major renovations is one of the most expensive things we will ever do.

    Before moving forwards with a project, you must first ensure that the construction company you select is worthy of your trust. If you decide to go with Capital Building, you will be working with a reliable, competent, and trustworthy building operator who is also conscientious of your safety, as we have an extensive list of qualifications.



    Capital Building has more than 20 years of experience designing dream houses for customers based on the ideas and inspirations provided by those customers. These house designs may involve home additions, home repairs, or the construction of a new home that is built just for the client.


    Capital Construction has achieved the well-deserved reputation of being a prominent Melbourne building firm because of the fact that its home remodelling designers and Master Builders have a great deal of experience in the industry. Over the course of the past ten years, Capital Building has been responsible for the completion of hundreds of residential renovation projects, including both modern and period home restorations. Its teams of incredibly talented designers, builders, and decorators work successfully together to help you improve your home, and the cost of the renovation is almost often cheaper than the cost of building a new house.


    As a home addition builder in Melbourne, Capital Building has many years of experience in designing and constructing aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound houses for our customers. These houses have been built by Capital Building. While we do go by the criteria that we have established for our own stringent Design Principle, our primary focus is on satisfying the requirements of the homeowner. We take care to ensure that the new structure or addition to your home is in keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of the property, has a low impact on the environment, and is constructed using only the very best and most suitable materials.


    Your home may benefit tremendously from the addition of a structure that has two stories. You may increase the value of your property, provide it with additional facilities, provide additional living space, and even extend the floor layout.

    We are able to assist you with all aspects of your extension needs. By working with our design experts, you will be able to obtain all of the features that you like, ensuring that your home will increase in size more quickly than your family will and elevating the status of your home to an entirely new level!


    Capital Building has built its name on the delivery of high-quality homes all around Melbourne, and we take great pride in our ability to design according to the specific specifications of each individual client.

    Because we are aware of the growing demand for sustainability and the fact that the world is undergoing change, we are able to provide no-cost or low-cost, energy-efficient design solutions to our customers in Melbourne and the suburbs that surround the city. These customers are interested in constructing new homes or renovating existing properties.

    We are a team of energy-efficient home builders who are devoted, passionate, and innovative. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in realising your ideal home with all of the most recent sustainable advancements.

    Our knowledgeable staff will collaborate directly with you to design your brand-new home from the ground up or modify an existing floor plan to better suit your requirements. In addition, we are able to modify any plans that you may already have in place to ensure that they adhere to your sustainability standards.

    Our new home designers are able to provide energy-efficient homes that satisfy all modern living standards while keeping the character of an older property, regardless of whether it is a simple repair or a total rebuild.


    Recently, Capital Builders had the opportunity to finish a variety of small commercial restorations, extensions, and adjustments. These projects ranged in size from one to two stories.

    We have had a lot of fun finishing these works and overcoming the many unique problems that they provided, most of which were regulatory in nature.

    Talk to the staff at Capital Building if you own a small commercial property and are interested in increasing the property's worth. In order to maximise the potential of constrained finances and limited space, we implement ingenious design solutions. It is possible to more than double the value of your rentable space by extending your business property at a cost that is typically fairly reasonable.

    • A 2 story addition to commercial premises in Preston.
    • A Second Story addition and renovation in Reservoir
    • A ground floor with basement extension in North Balwyn
    • The Napier Hotel in Fitzroy
    • A Kitchen extension and complete renovation at the Napier Hotel in Fitzroy


    "Bayside" is a bustling centre that provides an excellent location for a high quality of life. A genuine coastal experience right in the middle of Melbourne's suburbs.

    A section of the nearly 100 kilometres of uninterrupted white sand beaches that span from Port Melbourne to Portsea, the most south-eastern tip of the island, at the island's circumference. The sand and surf along this stretch of coastline are, after all, the primary draws for visitors to this stretch of coastline.

    It boasts wonderful shopping, restaurants, public transportation, and a large number of open areas. This part of Melbourne is regarded as one of the city's most desirable areas to reside in because of its proximity to Port Phillip Bay and the abundance of recreational opportunities and establishments in the region, including Surf and Yacht Clubs.

    The Bayside Shire encompasses the area between Elwood and Beaumaris, with Sandringham serving as its centrepiece due to the famous Yacht Club and the harbour located there.

    A number of suburbs in the Kingston Shire, including Aspendale, Edithvale, Chelsea, Bonbeach, Carrum, and Seaford, are also being referred to as being in the "Bayside."

    Bayside is the place to be for people who seek the best of both worlds, a sea change in the large city. As a result, home prices in the area have been highly buoyant as a result of this, which has been further improved by its proximity to the city and the sizeable backyards.

    People desire to either buy properties in the region or extend and build new homes in order to get the most out of the space they have available, both in terms of land and living quarters.

    Here is where Capital Building can be of assistance.

    We are in the process of remodelling our home in Edithvale, while our property in Bonbeach is almost ready for occupancy, with just a few details remaining to be attended to.

    Loewe Projects - Builders in Bayside

    loewe projects

    0419 232 327

    Quality Home Builders

    Since its founding in 1997, Loewe Projects has worked tirelessly to earn a reputation as an industry leader in construction.

    Our area of expertise is luxury home construction, and our target audience is a sophisticated and cutting-edge demographic. Our primary focus is on the area in and around the Bayside of Melbourne.

    We take great satisfaction in the quality of our craftsmanship and strongly recommend that our customers participate actively throughout the entirety of the project. Our supervisors, tradesmen, architects, and consultants have all, over the course of our company's history, grown into an incredibly devoted team that takes immense satisfaction in everything that they accomplish.

    We feel that it is important to have the foresight to examine and investigate new building processes and materials. This objective is one that we take very seriously, and we are ecstatic about the progress that we have already made and the progress that we will continue to make in terms of the environmental friendliness of our "Green Approach" to building homes.

    Our success as a construction company is not determined by the number of houses we are able to construct but rather by the quality of the houses we are able to construct and the relationships we are able to cultivate with our customers.

    We don't simply build houses, but homes. That's what we do.

    Operating in and around Melbourne's Bayside, Loewe Projects specialises in building architecturally designed new homes and renovations.

    Baker Building Group - Builders in Bayside

    baker building group

    0438 138 158

    Baker Building Group is a residential construction company that specialises in the creation of unique homes with architectural designs as well as renovations.

    A certified builder with a background in carpentry and more than 17 years of experience working in the building and construction sector, Scott Baker is the Director of Baker Building Group. In addition, he has over 17 years of expertise in the industry. The industry has developed a high appreciation for Scott as a result of his keen attention to detail and his ability to successfully complete individualised projects.

    Our headquarters are located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and we provide our services to the City of Bayside, Glen Eira, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Boroondara, and the surrounding areas.

    At Baker Building Group, our goal is to provide extraordinary service that goes above and beyond the expectations of our customers. This will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the quality of your home as well as the build itself. We are committed to providing you with high-quality homes and renovations on time, according to the timetable, and without exceeding your financial constraints.

    We will collaborate with you and your architect to obtain the best possible result for your project since we hold the belief that quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and attention to detail are of the utmost importance.

    What sets us apart?


    The Baker Building Group specialises in constructing unique homes and completing renovations, with a primary emphasis on the construction of aesthetically inspired residences. Director Scott Baker has been working in the construction sector for 17 years, during which time he has provided his customers with high-quality custom houses and renovations. 


    We take on a constrained number of projects each year, which enables us to be more approachable to clients like you and to take an active role in the management of the construction process. Throughout the entirety of the construction process, you can expect open, consistent, and transparent communication from us.

    Construction Expertise

    Our highly talented crew is a reflection of the city of Melbourne at its absolute finest. Our employees and the subcontractors we work with have a wealth of experience, and they put in an incredible amount of effort to deliver the quality of craftsmanship that we require. In order to deliver a bespoke finish that yields excellent results, we collaborate closely with your architects, engineers, and interior designers.

    Bespoke Building

    We create homes to the client's specifications. The projects that we work on are adapted to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your newly constructed house or renovated space will be one-of-a-kind in both its design and its superior quality and finishing. Since it is possible for ideas and concepts to develop as the building process progresses, we are more than willing to work with you to make sure that we reach the result that you are looking for.

    HIA Members

    The official body representing the home building business in Australia is known as the Housing Industry Association. We promote high standards within the industry and engage in ongoing education and training for both our staff members and the trades that they practise. We maintain current on the requirements that are applicable to newly constructed homes as well as renovations, and we are aware of any changes that may occur to the planning and building rules.

    Registered and Insured

    Because we are fully registered and insured, you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes along with knowing that all of our contracts are legal. Domestic Building Insurance, Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance, and WorkCover Insurance are the three types of insurance that we arrange for your protection.

    Build Guarantee

    We provide a structural warranty that is valid for ten years, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are protected against any problems that may crop up during that time. After the building has been completed, we will always be there to provide support and advice.

    Kube Constructions - Builders in Bayside

    kube constructions

    0370 168 293

    The construction of a house is a team effort, and we put your needs at the forefront of all that we do.

    The difference will become immediately apparent to you the moment you make contact with Kube's staff. Your priorities become our priorities, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that the job we produce for you meets all of your expectations. When you're happy, we're happy. It's that simple.

    We will make the process of constructing your ideal home as easy and pleasurable as possible, from the initial design brief to the final handover of the keys, and we will accomplish this by putting you at the centre of all that we produce.

    Your home should be distinctive to your lifestyle.

    We are the experts in design and building in Melbourne, so no matter where you are in the process, we will assist you in visualising your new house.

    What We Do

    Home Extensions

    Enhance your living.

    Whether you need additional space to accommodate a growing family or you are looking to modify your house to better fit your lifestyle, we will assist you in achieving an improved living experience that is unparalleled in comparison to anything else.

    At Kube, we're the experts in all types of home extensions.

    We are able to deliver results that will leave you in awe, no matter what stage of construction you are on the ground floor, single-storey, double-storey, basement; remodelling; renovation; or expansion. You are free to choose whether to incorporate opulent details into your newly designed areas or to keep things straightforward and uncomplicated.

    Live Bigger. Smarter. Better

    At Kube, our home extensions are designed to give you the best flow and practicality within your house while also presenting luxury and elegance at its finest. This is all accomplished without compromising on the aesthetic quality of the space.

    We are also able to add on to your property to make it more valuable, which means that you will have a house that is in great demand in the event that you ever decide to start over and relocate to a different location in the future.

    Home Renovations

    Reimagine your lifestyle

    Our renovations will modify the living areas you already have in your home so that they incorporate everything you've always wanted and give your house a new lease on life.

    At Kube, we cover all types of renovations – from the little fixes to the big overhauls.

    We are here to assist you whether you are looking to modernise your home by installing an open floor plan in the living area, updating your kitchen, or renovating your bathroom. We are able to concentrate solely on the construction of your project, or if you would rather have an easy full-service solution, we are able to handle everything from the conception to the finalisation of your work.

    Live in a new home, right where you are.

    In many homes, the layout does not flow as well as it should. Or, it's possible that the existing design has a "vintage" vibe to it, but not in a positive sense. Your house ought to be a haven that reflects both your own preferences and the way you live your life. It ought to be a place where you are happy to spend a day doing nothing but hanging out with friends and family.

    Custom Homes

    Spaces are created for you.

    Start fresh with a brand new custom-designed home that's uniquely you. Whether you've got detailed drawings and plans or are unsure where to start, we're here to bring your vision to life.

    We make sure every part of your new home is truly as unique as you are.

    Our team at Kube will be by your side every step of the way, from the beginning stages of designing, planning, and constructing your brand-new custom house all the way through to the completion of adding the finishing touches. We will go through critical issues such as how you want to include landscaping, what the optimum orientation will be to maximise the amount of natural light that enters the home, how many rooms you would like, and a great deal more.

    Design and build to your heart's content.

    You will have an incredible amount of options to pick from, including but not limited to walk-in closets, basements, rooftop decks, home gyms, theatre rooms, and many more.

    Simply describe what you're looking for in your brand-new custom home, and we'll be able to manage the rest of the process.

    Seidler Group - Builders in Bayside

    seidler group

    856 040 30

    Fully integrated design and construction company committed to perfecting lifestyles of tomorrow.

    In the market for luxury homes, Seidler Group has established a track record of success that is recognised widely. In order to provide you with the ideal version of the lifestyle you envision for yourself in the future, we mix innovation, technological advancement, and uncompromising workmanship. We are able to generate the ultimate combination of design brilliance with the greatest levels of construction expertise, which allows us to deliver a result that is perfect.

    The customised approach taken by the organisation is characterised by a number of traits, including personalised service, rigorous attention to detail, and a progressive commitment to turning dreams become a reality. We provide a design and construction service that is fully integrated, and it encompasses every aspect of interior design, landscaping, and recreational activities. 

    By bringing these essential factors together, we can create a family living centre that is complete, functional, and ideal for the entire family. To motivate both our customers and the design industry as a whole, to distinguish ourselves via the ongoing development of cutting-edge methods, and to pave the way for Seidler Group's further modernisation and expansion, this is our vision.

    Our Process

    Streamlined house building solutions that include everything you need to get started, turning aspirations become lifestyles.

    Our flexible method, which provides an integrated approach to design and construction, is one of the ways in which we set ourselves apart from the competition in this sector.


    With our diverse heritage in design and construction, we can offer a multitude of services.


    We allow you to discover, engage and interact with your desired living environment.


    Our uniform and systematic procedures ensure ease of progression through all phases.


    We coordinate project stakeholders collectively to achieve a cohesive and comprehensive outcome.


    Our team of professionals will deliver your project to the utmost level of craftsmanship.

    Rawlins Constructions - Builders in Bayside

    rawlins constructions

    0402 336 647

    Reliable and Professional Builder in the Brighton and Bayside area.

    If you are looking for a Home Builder, bring our unparalleled service to your project!

    Reliable Contractor Experts

    It is crucial to us to produce outstanding craftsmanship on every project since we are a quality home builder. Not only is our firm committed to providing superior customer service, but it also places a high priority on doing so. We provide a comprehensive range of services to cater to your requirements and guarantee high-quality and cost-efficient craftsmanship.

    Communication is Key

    In the Brighton and Bayside area, we will collaborate with you to achieve deadlines and ensure that our work is coordinated with other relevant initiatives. In order to keep you informed about the progression of your job, we will keep the lines of communication open with you. This is done to ensure that the project is finished according to your preferences before we consider it complete.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We are dedicated to providing outstanding service in the Brighton and Bayside neighbourhood of Melbourne, and as part of that commitment, we make it our goal to reduce the amount of time and money you will need to spend on a project as a result of working with us.

    Metricon Homes - Builders in Bayside

    metricon homes

    1300 786 772

    Start your dream home journey with Metricon today

    Metricon offers an incredible selection of new house designs and home & land packages, allowing you to make your dream home a reality. These new home designs range from split-level homes to magnificent patio designs with open plan living spaces.

    Why Metricon?

    Since 1976, Metricon has been providing Australians with newly constructed residential options. Find out what differentiates us from our rivals and why Metricon has been ranked as Australia's Number One builder for the past six years in a row*.

    Over 40 Years of Innovation

    You are selecting a builder with more than 45 years of expertise which has assisted countless families across Australia in developing a genuine affection for the communities in which they reside. Because of this experience, you can rest assured that your home will be constructed to standards that are at the forefront of the industry and that we will look after you through each stage of the wonderful journey that is the construction of your new home.

    Masters of Design

    Our homes are carefully crafted to honour you and enrich the way you live your life in a way that's unique to you. We never stop working towards our goal of designing stunning homes for you, complete with versatile floor plans and an abundance of amenities that will assist you in getting the most out of both your house and the life you lead there. Because of this strategy, we have been given a number of honours.

    Six Stage Quality Assurance

    Each of Metricon's finished homes goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance process to ensure that they are all of the same high standards. By following these steps, we guarantee that the construction of our homes will comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Most importantly, it instils confidence in our consumers regarding the construction quality of their homes.

    Lifetime Structural Guarantee

    On many of our homes, Metricon includes a priceless and reassuring lifetime structural guarantee. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy a higher level of peace of mind for the duration of your ownership of your stunning Metricon house.

    Australia's Most Trusted Choice

    Trust. Because of this, more people in Australia have come to us than any other building company to make their ideal houses a reality. We have maintained our position as Australia's leading home builder for the past six consecutive years*.

    *HIA-COLORBOND steel Housing Top 100 Report 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

    A high Product Review rating

    Metricon's Product Review website allows actual consumers to rate and comment on their experiences with the company. Product Review is entirely unaffiliated with any other organisation and relies solely on the opinions and reviews of actual users. Metricon takes great pleasure in the high Product Review ratings and favourable feedback it consistently receives.

    Carlisle Homes - Builders in Bayside

    carlisle homes

    0385 614 778

    Carlisle Homes is your number one provider of innovative home designs in Melbourne. We are able to provide the most comprehensive house design package on the market as a result of our strong reputation and extensive network of industry relationships.

    Our selection features a wide choice of houses that can be customised to meet your exact requirements. We are convinced that we will be able to assist you in building a house from the ground up, regardless of the size or design specifications of the house that you require.

    Why Choose Carlisle Homes?

    We are the most trusted house builders in Melbourne because of our trustworthy service and one-of-a-kind approach to meeting the requirements of our customers. Being a reliable brand in the real estate industry is not enough for us, which is why we have included a number of additional benefits in order to make your experience even more satisfying.

    Explore Different Home Ranges Options

    Finding the ideal residence can be challenging, particularly when there is such a diverse inventory from which to select. We have organised all of our properties into three distinct price levels for your easiness and convenience.

    Affinity, which we like referring to as Affordable Luxury, features designs that are sophisticated as well as top-notch architectural detailing. The open floor plans and plenty of natural light included in the Affinity home line make these properties ideal for families.

    The T-Range is what we refer to as the True Display Living range. These houses are made to accommodate not just your way of living but also your financial situation. Each home in this level has its own distinctive personality and is outfitted with a variety of premium and high-end amenities as standard.

    Last but not least, we have the EasyLiving line, which has fashionable residences and caters to the requirements of individuals who are searching for an economical housing alternative.

    Benefit From Our Current Offers

    Look through our selection of tempting deals, keep more of the money you've worked so hard to earn, and benefit from some of the most competitive pricing available today.

    Discover New Luxury Living Opportunities

    Each one of the homes in our Affinity Collection and T-Range will provide you with access to premium inclusions.

    Check Our Virtual Tours

    We have over 60 virtual tours on our website for you to explore our houses without having to leave your cozy home. Save time and book private display home visits for the homes you like the most.

    Live the Unique Interior Designs

    Not only do we offer distinctive floor plans for homes, but also interior design services. Utilise our online visualiser tool in order to get a clear picture of what your ideal house might look like. Get in touch with us as soon as possible, and we will do everything in our power to assist you in arriving at one of the most momentous choices of your whole life.

    Building with us

    Choosing who will construct your new house is an important step to take, whether you are a first-time homebuyer, contemplating a demolish and rebuild project, or searching for an investment property. When you go with Carlisle Homes, you can relax in the knowledge that the company has your best interests at heart and will put your money and confidence where it belongs.

    Outside Concepts - Builders in Bayside

    outside concepts

    1800 601 675

    From concept to clean-up, you can rely on us

    The company was founded in 1991 and began doing business as Mr Carports when first started out, but it has since grown to become one of the most successful and independently owned home renovation companies in Australia.

    Early in 2009, the company decided to change its name to Outside Concepts in order to more accurately describe the kinds of structures that it currently designs and builds. The company has established a reputation for outdoor living construction, including the construction of high-quality carports, pergolas, decks, and pool and spa enclosures.

    The Outside Concepts franchise network has been responsible for the successful completion of tens of thousands of home renovation projects across Australia's population. We have the experience and expertise to design, plan, build, and project manage the construction of your home, regardless of whether it is a historical one, a red-brick bungalow from the 1960s, a contemporary modern abode, or the tiniest cottage. Our prices can be tailored to meet your financial requirements.

    The work that Outside Concepts produces is impressive.


    Life's too short to compromise.

    Outside Concept is a leading provider of design and construction services for outdoor living buildings around Australia. Since its founding in 1991, our privately-held firm has flourished to become an industry authority and a trusted leader in the home improvement sector. When it comes to each project, the home renovation experts on our team collaborate closely with the clients they serve on the design and construction of the items. Builders and installers of a wide variety of outdoor structures, including but not limited to decks, patios, gazebos, verandahs, carports, and pergolas.

    Across Australia, delighted consumers have been the recipients of hundreds of home renovation projects that were performed by Outside Concepts franchises. We have the experience and expertise to design, plan, build, and project manage the construction of your home no matter what style it is—a heritage villa, a 1960s red-brick bungalow, a cosy country cottage, or a sleek contemporary abode, for example—and we can do so within your budgetary constraints.

    Every Outside Concepts franchise has outdoor living professionals on staff. These specialists take great pride in assisting customers in locating the most appropriate solution for their various home renovation requirements. We are of the opinion that it is not necessary to undertake a comprehensive home makeover in order to infuse your property with a sense of renewed vitality.

    Our professionals have years of experience tailoring any item, from our extensive selection of products to the aesthetic of a particular house. Therefore, whether you're looking for a garden-based entertainment room or an outdoor kitchen, the knowledgeable team at Outside Concepts would be happy to assist you in realising your dream house.

    Secon Constructions - Builders in Bayside

    secon constuctions

    0395 845 882

    Secon Constructions is a boutique construction company that was founded by Peter Considine, a highly experienced and qualified specialist in the construction industry. Since the beginning of the company, which was close to 15 years ago, we have worked very hard to carve out an enviable position for ourselves by specialising in high-end residential bespoke restorations and developing stunning new high-end properties. This has allowed us to build a reputation that is second to none in the industry.

    Since we began operations well over a decade ago, one of our key emphases has been on constructing, developing, and renovating high-end residential real estate in the neighbourhoods of Melbourne's inner south and bayside. Our team's working range encompasses the historic neighbourhoods of Malvern and Armadale, as well as the bayside communities of Brighton and Hampton, as well as the suburbs of the City of Port Phillip, such as Port Melbourne and Middle Park. In addition, our team is able to travel to all of these locations. We have become quicker, more efficient, and better at meeting deadlines in order to fulfil the precise demands of each individual consumer as we have grown as a company over the course of the previous several years.



    Secon Constructions has, over the course of its history, earned a rock-solid reputation for breaking new ground and making innovative use of the most recent developments in construction style and method. In addition, we continue to place a strong emphasis on staying within the allotted spending limit while at the same time making use of high-end, high-quality finishing, and we have never had a project that ran behind schedule.


    We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and professionalism, and we only use materials of the greatest possible quality, which are guaranteed to last the test of time. Whether it's the careful restoration of a heritage-listed facade in Armadale or bringing a client's ideal home in Bayside to life from the ground up, we take delight in every project, no matter how big or how small.


    In our business practices, maintaining complete openness is of the utmost importance, and this holds true at every stage of the process of building a new house. We will communicate openly and clearly with each client, setting clear expectations on exactly what is feasible and when and using our expert opinion to guide and support you in making important decisions throughout the process.


    Our expert knowledge and experience with heritage-listed homes in Melbourne's southeast have qualified us to conduct the alterations of these homes with the utmost care and sensitivity to heritage restrictions, delicately reviving them to their former glory. Our specialist skills allow us to seamlessly fuse classic and modern styles to establish new spaces that leverage a distinct appeal.

    Fundamentally, our team is passionate about maintaining the integrity and charm of heritage homes, whether our clients choose to retain their home's unique heritage character or need our help unifying classic design elements with more contemporary touches.


    We don't think that you should be required to make concessions on the most important aspects of the design that you want. Because your new house needs to be as one-of-a-kind as you are, we will assist you in realising the distinctive and one-of-a-kind vision you have for it.



    Are you currently looking for the house of your dreams? You can put your faith in the new home builders at Secon Constructions since they have more than a decade of industry expertise and a track record of success. We are Melbourne's prefered boutique construction company, and our work can be seen all over the city, from the Bayside neighbourhoods of Brighton and Hampton to the historic inner-city neighbourhoods of Malvern and Armadale, as well as in the City of Port Phillip suburbs of Middle Park and Port Melbourne.


    Our company, Secon Constructions, specialises in the planning and execution of one-of-a-kind home additions and remodels, and we use only the finest quality building materials. After more than a decade of experience in the construction of amazing renovations, we have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to skilfully manufacture new homes while keeping the more durable materials and design components of any existing structures in the home.

    We are aware of how essential it is to maintain the particular personality of your current property while also giving it a contemporary and forward-thinking new appearance, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our skilled crew is able to work in a variety of locations, including the Bayside neighbourhoods of Brighton and Hampton, the prestigious inner-south districts of Malvern and Armadale, and the City of Port Phillip, which includes Port Melbourne and Middle Park.



    Secon Constructions provides clients with the opportunity to conduct the conceptualisation and construction of their homes all under one roof by offering a service that is both designed and constructed. If you choose to design and build your home with the team at Secon, you will have access to our architect and interior designer on an exclusive basis. They will work closely with the construction team to make sure that the cost of building your home is kept within the allotted budget.

    MAP Developments - Builders in Bayside

    map developments

    0411 716 777

    Your home, in addition to your health and your family, is your most valuable possession. Therefore, it is prudent to think about every alternative that is available to you. It can be a very stressful experience to sell your house and then, within the next 60–90 days, have to discover your DREAM HOME in the location of your choice while also successfully negotiating a purchase price that is within your budget.

    MAP DEVELOPMENTS is able to provide a wide variety of alternatives, all of which can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of each client.


    Map Developments collaborates with an experienced group of independent contractors that have been assembled over the course of the previous 15 years.

    Map Developments is a family-owned and -operated construction company that takes pride in its hands-on approach and extensive building experience. With a focus on quality, attention to detail, and individualised care throughout the entirety of the construction process, from the development of the first design to the delivery of the keys upon the completion of the project.

    If you are searching for a reputable home builder in the bayside communities of Melbourne, including Beaumaris, Mordialloc, Moorabbin, Black Rock, and Sandringham, you do not need to look any further.


    • Renovations
    • Restorations
    • Joint Ventures On Your Land
    • Melbourne Home Builders

    Hydebuild - Builders in Bayside


    8409 659 690



    At hydebuild, we also care about the DETAILS.

    Homebuilder and owner Simon Hyde has been in the business for the past 15 years. Simon has developed his company on the foundations of his carpentry profession, which is supported by his degrees in Construction Supervision and Management in both the residential and commercial markets. He has recently settled in Bayside Melbourne with his small family and works as a builder, and he has a strong commitment to doing things well. The correct plan for the house, the right materials for the construction, the right kind of finish, the right kind of experience, and the highest possible degree of happiness for you.

    Because Simon is concerned about even the smallest details, you won't ever have to be. Every single application that is submitted is under Simon's direct supervision. If you have ever built a house before, you will realise the significance of paying attention to the smallest of details. If this is your first time undertaking a bespoke construction or renovation, then you have found the ideal partner for the job.

    The process of hydebuilding.

    The procedure that we follow here at Hydebuild is customised for each individual project because we are aware that each property and homeowner is one of a kind. To ensure that you are aware of everything that is happening at each stage of the process, Simon and his team adhere to the principle of maintaining an open and responsive approach.

    The Hydebuild process includes:

    • getting to know you and your vision, style and lifestyle
    • understanding your budget
    • clearly agreed plan for design, permits and construction
    • progress meetings
    • agreed timelines
    • accountability

    The hydebuild DIFFERENCE.

    Now that you've settled on either building or renovating, the process of finding the proper builder to work with can officially begin. Because this is such an important choice, you could feel anxious and apprehensive while you go through the process of conducting interviews, requesting referrals from friends, and searching the internet for information.

    We at Hydebuild are aware of how important a choice this is, and in order to be of assistance to you, the following is what those who work for us believe sets us apart from the competition:

    • We do what we say we will do
    • We are highly skilled
    • We are professional
    • We are clean & orderly
    • We frequently communicate with clarity
    • We simply care more
    • We are not satisfied unless you are
    • We use our own select team of trusted, qualified and licensed tradesmen & contractors

    Bayside Extensions - Builders in Bayside

    bayside extensions

    0395 960 367


    We ensure that the service we provide will always be professional, polite, and efficient. In addition to providing a structural guarantee that is valid for ten years on each and every one of our additions, we also provide a maintenance period that is valid for three months after the completion of your house addition or renovation. The helpful staff at Bayside Extensions is always accessible to assist their customers and offers support and assistance throughout the whole construction process.

    How We Work

    You will have entire trust in the project as well as peace of mind knowing that our highly skilled staff will assist with all elements of the design, management, and build. At Bayside Extensions, we are passionate about creating surroundings that will satisfy the requirements of your lifestyle while at the same time respecting the rich history and architectural aspects of your house. This is something we strive to do in every project we do.

    We Listen To Your Requirements

    The first step in the process consists of us listening to what aspects of your home addition or renovation are most important to you and what you hope to accomplish as a result. By collaborating with you to gain clarity regarding your requirements, we can ensure that we are on the same page as you and that we fully grasp the expectations you have of us.

    Home Designs & Finishing Touches

    Through high-quality home extensions and renovations, our Architecture and Design Team has extensive experience in the creation of unique solutions that not only match and enhance the aspects of your house but also meet the needs of your lifestyle.

    To help you make your house into a genuinely stunning abode, our Interior Designer will advise you on everything from the colour of the paint to the fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen to the tiles you should use.

    Expert Building & Management

    At Bayside Extensions, we only employ highly trained tradesmen, who are then managed by seasoned project supervisors. We take care to maintain a high degree of client visibility in order to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that both our rigorous standards and your requirements are being satisfied.

    Taking The Stress Out Of Building

    It takes the skills of an experienced renovator or house builder to turn your ideal home addition or remodel into a reality. You may count on our skilled Architecture and Design Team to lend you a hand in formulating a strategy that caters to your specific requirements. The construction of your ideal home will then be undertaken by our experienced crew of skilled craftspeople, led by one of our Project Managers. We will take care of all the necessary planning and permissions for the addition or modification to your home that you have asked us to do.

    Our Service Guarantee

    We ensure that the service we provide will always be professional, polite, and efficient. In addition to providing a structural warranty of ten years on all of our additions, we also provide a maintenance period of three months after the finalisation of your project. The crew at Bayside Extensions is constantly available to their customers, and they offer advice and support throughout the entirety of the construction process.

    Melbourne's Bayside Extension & Renovation Experts

    Home Designs & Finishing Touches

    Our highly qualified Architecture and Design team have extensive experience in the development of novel approaches that are suitable for contemporary ways of living. Our experts will design a plan for your home extension that is in keeping with the characteristics of your existing property while still providing all of the conveniences associated with a contemporary addition.

    Expert Building & Management

    At Bayside Extensions, we only use extremely qualified tradesmen who are then managed by seasoned professionals in charge of projects. We take care to maintain a high degree of client visibility in order to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that both our rigorous standards and your requirements are being satisfied.

    Taking The Stress Out Of Building

    Knowledge gained from working with an expert is necessary if you want to turn your ambition of expanding or renovating your home into a reality. Our knowledgeable Architecture and Design staff is able to provide you with assistance in building a strategy that satisfies your requirements. We will handle all of the necessary planning and permits for the home additions and improvements that you commission from us.

    Blint - Builders in Bayside


    0395 768 683

    A unique perspective.

    Because of advancements in architecture, construction, and building, there are now new chances to realise your dream within your budget. To get started, we make sure that we have a complete comprehension of all of your ideas, expectations, and overall vision. After that, our architects will visualise how you would like to live and will approach the design process from a variety of perspectives. We investigate a wide range of imaginative ideas to enrich each place.

    You are not merely a passenger on this trip but rather an active participant in the project that you are working on. At every stage of the process, we collaborate closely with you. We assist you in comprehending the procedure in order to guarantee that you are pleased with each stage as well as what is ahead. We get the most out of your financial resources without sacrificing attention to detail.

    We put our clients first.

    We have been exploring the boundaries of what is possible in architecture, design, and building construction for more than 50 years. We hold a far higher standard for both ourselves and the work that we undertake as a result of our familiarity with the Bayside and Glen Eira areas, as well as our appreciation of the discriminating tastes of local customers.

    This means that we dedicate ourselves to only a select number of projects, ensuring that each of our clients receives the individual attention they deserve. Our customers do not settle for anything less, and we do not settle for anything less of ourselves.

    What We Do

    New Homes

    Collaborate with us to design and construct the home you've always dreamed of having. Together with our most talented architects, we will accompany you through the discovery of unexpected opportunities while simultaneously striving to make the whole process as painless as it is humanly feasible. Allow us to guide you through the process as we work together to bring your vision to life.

    Renovations & Extensions

    Whether you want to improve your existing living space or expand your house, we will assist you in finding creative solutions from all angles. Together, we will discover what is actually possible and then go even further with it. Your room will be completely transformed in both appearances and use as a result of our method of documenting every element along the way.

    Dual Occupancies

    Our experts on dual occupancies have the research and data necessary to shape the design and build to maximise the property's return on investment. As a result, you will have a home that not only delivers on the budget but also offers a great investment opportunity for years to come. This is because our dual occupancies specialists work with larger land space opportunities.

    Latitude 37 Homes - Builders in Bayside

    latitude 37 homes

    0387 95 3009

    From our humble beginnings, we have quietly established ourselves as the premier custom home design and building a business in Melbourne, which has culminated in us being awarded HIA's Victorian Professional Medium Builder 2014 and 2020, as well as HIA's Australian Medium Builder 2015 and Finalist for 2021. (to be announced).

    We have over fifty full-time specialists on staff who all work together in a collaborative environment to provide our customers with individualised, customised custom houses.

    Our team possesses extensive skills and qualifications in many different fields, including design, interior design, customer service/project management, sales, marketing, and estimating/cost control, to name a few.


    Custom Home Design

    From Brighton to Beaumaris and Hampton to Black Rock, it is difficult to find a location in Melbourne that can compete with the reputation and respect that Bayside has earned.

    It's not hard to understand why so many people have the dream of starting their own life in a place as lovely as Bayside, especially when you consider that the coastline is dotted with a breathtaking assortment of both historical and contemporary mansions.

    Luxury Home Builders Bayside

    The well-established and tree-lined streets are home to a bustling neighbourhood, complete with its own signature Bayside culture of leisure and luxury. There is something for everyone in Bayside, whether it's fine dining restaurants, outdoor activities, or quaint yet well-appointed retail villages. Bayside is a highly diverse neighbourhood.

    Latitude 37 has the wonderful distinction of being Bayside's favoured custom house builder, and it would be a great choice for you if you want to create your own dream home by the water. Our designs, which have received awards in the past, are acclaimed for encapsulating all of the excellent aspects that the Bayside neighbourhood has to offer. Every Latitude 37 house is a balanced combination of beauty and utility, created to seamlessly enhance your living. Sleek and stylish, yet constructed for a life well-lived, this describes the Latitude 37 brand perfectly.

    We are able to accomplish this goal because, in contrast to other builders in Bayside who employ pre-fabricated designs, the customs houses that we create are based totally on the needs and preferences of the individual buyer. Whatever your idea of the ideal way of life in Bayside could be, we are here to help you make it a reality by collaborating with you at every stage of the process. 

    Bayside's Preferred Custom Home Builders

    As a result of the fact that our team of highly sought-after designers, interior designers, project managers, and industry-leading construction crew all work in-house, we are able to avoid outsourcing to third-party contractors who may not understand the shared vision that we have developed together.

    This idea gets underway when we get together for a preliminary Discovery Session in our prestigious Beaumaris residence. We want to get to know you and have an in-depth chat about the way you want to live. Additionally, we want to offer you some advice on how to make the most out of your Bayside block.

    Following your approval of the preliminary site plan, we will construct a three-dimensional model of your future home that is so lifelike that you will get the impression that you are actually there as you move from one room to the next. You will have the ability to visualise the work of our Interior Design team, which has won multiple awards. This team will beautifully finish each room with contemporary appliances, light fixtures, and benchtops.

    Homes designed for:

    Form, function, flow

    How can we make you feel absolutely amazing from the moment you enter through the front door of your brand-new home? Form, function, and movement are the three pillars upon which our philosophy is built.

    We never compromise on one aspect for the sake of the others, ensuring that all three aspects function in harmony with one another to create a house that is tailored to both you and the way you live.

    Whether it's you forever home to enjoy a well-earned retirement or the perfect space for raising a family, we understand your unique needs and will walk with you every step of the way with integrity, accountability, and expert advice. Whether it's you forever home to enjoy a well-earned retirement or the perfect space for raising a family, we understand your unique needs.

    Let's have a conversation:

    Book your Discovery Session

    We invite you to visit us at one of our breathtaking showcase homes so that you can get a sense of the opulent quality and finish that Latitude 37 is known for being known for.

    As part of your trip with us, we will demonstrate some examples of three-dimensional designs that you can look forwards to seeing.

    We are here to provide you with knowledgeable guidance on the things that are possible for you to achieve in Bayside and to help you get started on the fascinating new phase of your life.

    Dennis Family Homes - Builders in Bayside

    dennis family homes

    1800 336 648

    The Dennis Family Experience

    The process of building the home of your dreams should be enjoyable. Because of this, we are dedicated to making the journey as straightforward, transparent, and stress-free as is humanly feasible, and it all begins with great design.

    All Dennis Family homes are meticulously planned and expertly constructed to ensure that they are durable enough to meet the requirements of the active lifestyles of Australian families. Quality, functionality, and style are the three pillars upon which our home designs are built, and they are infused into every aspect of our home designs.

    Our modern-styled homes provide the ideal setting for family gatherings, get-togethers, and parties because they are designed with open-concept living, dining, and kitchen areas that are ideal for accommodating everyone in the family and allowing them to relax in comfort and elegance. These areas are also functional and feature modern appliances and fixtures.

    There is something here for everyone, whether you are an investor seeking the ideal investment opportunity or a first-time home buyer hoping to enter the real estate market. We have something for everyone. We make it simple for you to locate the ideal home at the ideal price by providing a large selection of reasonably priced home plans as well as house and land bundles from which you can choose.

    Even if you're working with a limited financial allowance, working with the Dennis Family won't need you to make any sacrifices in terms of the quality of the structure you've built. When you purchase a home built by the Dennis Family, you can be assured that not only will it live up to but also surpass all of your expectations because they only build to the greatest possible quality standards.

    All of our houses have been shown to stand the test of time by winning a number of prestigious industry awards for both their quality and their design. In point of fact, the same artisans who construct our display homes are the same tradesmen that construct your home, which means that you will actually receive the home that you see in the display.

    It should come as no surprise that we have earned a reputation as one of the most reputable home builders in Melbourne, given our long and illustrious history of helping to make homeownership a reality for Australian families. Building in a variety of established and emerging suburbs all around Melbourne, rural Victoria, and New South Wales, we are able to assist you in bringing your ideal home to live in any of these locations.

    We are confident that you will enjoy working with the Dennis Family on the construction of your new home because we have assembled an expert and devoted team of advisors to walk you through each step of the process. Make it a point to stop by one of our Display Centres so that you can get a firsthand look at what sets Dennis Family apart from the competition.



    We have been in the business for more than 55 years, during which time we have constructed hundreds of houses for every conceivable kind of family literally. However, each time we construct something, it feels as though it is our very first time since we get to experience the thrill that others feel when they receive a fresh set of keys to open their dreams.

    Because we have travelled this momentous path with so many different families, we have developed a profound appreciation for the things that truly matter. These range from ensuring that our clients are kept informed at every stage of the development of their project to concentrating on the minute particulars that are what gives a house its unique character. Therefore, the establishment of the trust is our number one priority with each new house that we construct. And we won't stop working until we've earned your full confidence and dependence on us.

    Sier Constructions - Builders in Bayside

    sier constructions

    0417 344 853

    We specialise in building high end, luxury custom homes with a difference.

    Sier Constructions is known for constructing premium custom houses in Melbourne East that stand out from the crowd. We only hire the most qualified tradespeople to ensure that your project timelines and financial goals are reached, and all of the custom homes that we build have architecturally inspired floor plans and are expertly made.

    Sier Constructions is a leading luxury custom home builder in Blackburn, Melbourne.

    We have a long history of constructing homes in Melbourne to individualised specifications. The team at Sier Constructions has been successful in completing various bespoke construction projects and has built a reputation for itself in the industry by successfully developing distinctive homes that are known for their opulent design and quality that will stand the test of time.

    Our team of architects and artisans have built bespoke homes that have earned rave reviews, several industry awards, and a reputation as Melbourne's leading builder of luxury, premium-quality, custom-built homes by combining creative ideas with proven construction techniques. These homes have earned our team a reputation as the leading builder of custom-built homes in Melbourne. We at Sier Constructions, a luxury custom house builder in Blackburn, take a collaborative approach to the design of bespoke homes. This means that we take the time to understand your particular requirements so that we may construct the home of your dreams.

    We specialise in converting clients' home dreams into reality.

    Michael Sier is living the life of his dreams by directing a team of skilled and devoted builders in the construction of one-of-a-kind luxury houses for his customers. In the early years of his career as a carpenter, he gained knowledge in the construction sector by working in London and Canada. He now offers this global perspective to the building industry in his native Australia. Michael is excited by new challenges and places a high priority on maintaining open communication with his customers throughout the construction process. Michael takes advantage of the time he has away from his demanding job to spend quality time with his wife and two sons.


    We build exceptionally designed homes.

    Sier Constructions' highly experienced team tailor your new architecturally designed custom home to your specific requirements and expertly craft your dreams into reality.

    Custom Homes

    We can make your new home vision a reality with our custom-built homes. We aim to build the best quality and unique homes in Melbourne.

    Extensions & Renovations

    Renovating is an easier and more affordable way to make the most of the home you already love, and all our work is of the highest standard.

    Dual Occupancy

    We are a leading dual occupancy home builder and have helped many clients build their ideal home as well as another to either sell or rent.

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