20+ Best Branding Agencies Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

So if you're looking to give your business an edge in Melbourne, Victoria, you need to enlist the help of one of the best branding agencies around.

Luckily for you, we've put together a list of the cream of the crop – so you can rest assured that your brand is in good hands. Read on to find out more!

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    Ultimate List Of Branding Agencies Melbourne, Victoria

    Hunter Branding Agency Melbourne



    Us. You. This

    Since Hunter began in 2010, we've helped create over a billion dollars worth of value for our clients. It has included startups, scale-ups, and those bigger brands needing a reboot. Our purpose is to help you change your brand for the better.

    A World Of Disruption

    We live in a world of disruption. Everything is changing, and big brands have the most to lose. With business models driven solely by shareholder wealth creation, they were built for a world that no longer exists. So creating social or environmental wealth is an uncomfortable subject for them.

    Cost Cutting, Not Innovation

    Instead of growth through innovation or reinvention, we see greater integrity of restructures, mergers, and acquisitions to stay relevant and cut costs to return unattainable year-on-year profits to shareholders.

    Cheaper, Not Necessarily Better

    We're also noticing the bigger shifts in retail, where the race to the bottom is killing competition, reducing brand owner margins and screwing suppliers out of a living. This model is unsustainable, it's broken, and something has to give.

    Start-Up. Scale Up. Reboot

    Whilst this might sound like apocalyptic doom and gloom, we believe it's a super exciting time for entrepreneurs, challenger brands and agents of change to start up, scale up and reboot their brands for the better. Now, more than ever before, it's easier to start and scale a business to stratospheric heights.


    Our model is built on immersion, collaboration and iteration. We're keen to understand your world, starting with our strategic planning process. How and why it's changing, what winning looks like, what losing looks like and finally, what's stopping you from moving forward.


    If you've had a chance to look at our work, you'll hopefully notice a thing or two about how we treat our client's Branding. We'd probably use words like 'human', 'considered', and 'modern' to describe how we do things. But, nice words aside, the one truth that runs through every brand is that they should be built from a unique, humanised strategic position. Without this, it's just window dressing.


    We take Branding seriously. For us, it's more than a logo, colour palette, typography, illustrations, images, packaging or websites. If our brand work doesn't show empathy and respect for the people's lives it wants to participate in, then we've failed.


    Now you've got your minimum viable product (MVP), it's time to think about your minimum viable brand (MVB).

    Despite what the marketing and branding books say, we know first-hand that all startups are fundamentally different. Some are already well-versed in a particular category and have found a gap they know they can fill. Whereas others simply jump in guns blazing on a passionate hunch.

    Whichever way you get there, it's vital that you road-test your idea before fully committing the budget to any major branding work. We recommend reading The Mom Test, by Rob Fitzpatrick and Hunter's guide to a minimum viable brand for startups.

    Scale Up

    A new 'logo' and 'brand refresh' are two of the most common design requests we receive from entrepreneurs with fast-growing businesses looking to scale up.

    Whilst budget and cash flow are no longer a constraint, founders will typically underestimate how much time, effort, and involvement they require to achieve a successful modern consumer-facing brand.

    As daunting as this might sound, following a strategic planning process, being open and honest, and having a collaborative mindset are just some of the things that will help you get there. Want to learn more? Here's our top-line guide to managing your team through the process.


    Google' brand reboot', and depending on where you're located (we work across Auckland, London, Melbourne, and Wellington), you'll get 100 million+ results. However, the million-dollar marketing question is, 'what's the reason behind your brand reboot'?

    Whilst non-marketers might see brand reboots as superficial (logos, colours, fonts, illustrations, photography, and design collateral), smart marketers understand it's a far bigger strategic and creative opportunity to deliver real change for the business.

    Whether you're part of a new senior leadership team or an entrepreneur taking on the old world regime, it's important not to sell yourself short. Instead, if you want real change, check out Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard.

    Growthops Branding Agency Melbourne




    03 9243 8145


    Our strategic thinkers specialise in the space where research, brand definition, digital strategy, experience design, media, and analytics intersect.

    We drive more impact by taking a holistic view of people's behaviours, mindsets, and attitudes. So effectiveness is our ultimate goal.


    Insights and Research

    Strategic Planning

    Brand Strategy & Identity

    Creative Campaign Development


    Graphic Design

    The film, Digital, Catalogue and Print Production


    We help brands and businesses grow and make meaningful connections.

    Starting with strategy — always strategy — our in-house digital, UX, UI and development specialists work alongside our branding and marketing experts to ensure that the solution we develop, whether creative or technical, will engage and excite.

    The result is designed with clarity and conviction, delivering a solution that will resonate with your audience.








    Paid Media




    Human-Centred Design

    UI / UX / CX = HX

    Web, Mobile and IoT

    Application Development

    Marketing Automation

    Coaching & Leadership

    We deliver industry-leading coach training and accreditation, executive coaching, and leadership development. With unrivalled quality and scale, our programs are available globally, in-person or through virtual delivery.

    We train people to become accredited professional coaches. We coach individuals, teams and organisations. We develop coaching capability in leaders to lift organisations to new performance levels.

    Our transformative interventions increase the performance and well-being of leaders and organisations for rapid and sustainable growth.


    Coach Training and Accreditation

    Executive Coaching

    Leadership Development

    Our Story

    Our story began with 15 partners who founded eight independent businesses across advertising, technology, and leadership development, each believing they could do things better. But, while they became leaders in their fields, they realised markets, consumer preferences and client needs were changing and converging.

    So, focusing on the future, they joined forces to create GrowthOps – a new generation of thinkers and doers dedicated to finding new ways to help clients grow. In addition, we added a digital marketing and technology provider, Asia Pacific Digital, only months after launching, with a strong presence in Southeast Asia. And as they say, the rest is history.

    The creative and entrepreneurial DNA brought to GrowthOps by our founders continues today. Collectively, we've expanded our offering for our clients, our geography, and opportunities for our people. Collectively, we exist to drive competitive advantage for our clients every day.

    Rev™ Branding Agency Melbourne




    03 9863-7444

    Our Branding Services

    Helping the world's leading brands to formulate better ideas, better designs, better brand clarity, and better brand experiences = Better Business!

    Brand Development

    Having the right brand will BOOST your Marketing Results!

    As a specialist brand development and marketing agency, we help companies integrate their brands with digital technology and marketing to drive sales and business growth opportunities.

    For more than 20 years, we've been providing high-performance brand optimisation services which create brand stories that are strategic and creative and connect with your audience to inspire purchase driven actions.

    Digital Marketing

    Grow your brand using Hyper-Targeted Digital Marketing!

    rev™ Branding is a specialist (slightly edgy) digital marketing agency helping you transform your business brand into a set of hyper-targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

    Our digital technology experience incorporates social media & digital marketing, eCommerce and omnichannel, website and mobile apps, augmented reality, AI, and hands-free voice activation.

    We remove the 'traditional broad-based marketing' and replace it with transparent and highly measurable digital sales campaigns which deliver pre-qualified and engaged sales leads.

    Digital Brand Experiences

    Forging Relationships between Brands and People!

    rev™ Branding helps define your digital brand and create an engaging, scalable digital brand experience for multiple audiences delivered on any digital platform.

    We work at the intersection of business, brand, technology, and customer needs to harness personalised brand marketing opportunities.

    Rather than treating digital as only a channel, we use it as an ecosystem to unite products, services and customer experiences that will ultimately create loyal customers.

    Category Development

    Gain better results from your next Category Review!

    Category Management is critical for responding quickly and efficiently to the physical or virtual shelf changes.

    The rapid adoption of omnichannel has forced retail chains to re-think their product range and maximise the efficient use of valuable shelf space. However, suppliers and retailers need data-driven assortments, agile product layouts, and truly memorable brand experiences to succeed.

    rev™ Branding is passionate, motivated, and experienced category experts who use a mix of software, talent, process, and innovation to help brand manufacturers and retailers achieve their category objectives.

    Product Development & Launch

    Improve Product Launch Results, Control and Visibility!

    Our rev™ Go-to-Shelf Solutions are used by 70 of the top 100 FMCG / CPG companies to optimise their New Product Development (NPD), Brand Launch and Brand Marketing process.

    Our services include product ideation, NPD / NPI, range & category reviews, retail activation, product launches, omnichannel marketing, visual retailing, and advanced supply chain distribution and logistics.

    Ecommerce Development

    Opening New Digital Sales Channels to Reach New Customers!

    rev™ eCommerce Development helps consumer brands identify new growth and revenue opportunities from eCommerce digital sales channels. We've helped the world's leading consumer brands implement multi-channel marketing and sales strategies/tactics that help them scale strategically and profitable.

    We'll show you how to sell products across leading eMarketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Catch, Kogan, Click Frenzy, Google Shop, Facebook Shop, Coles Online, Woolworths Shop, Endeavour Drinks, and Alibaba.

    Rev™ Brand Optimisation Program

    Our MOST popular branding program, rev™ Brand Optimisation, creates the right verbal and visual brand elements to target audiences, be recognised instantly, and build brand trust and loyalty.

    We'll optimise your brand so you can invest confidently in marketing and business development campaigns.

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    FAQs About Branding Agencies

    • Look for a Diverse Branding Portfolio. 
    • Look for an Excellent Branding Reputation. 
    • Look for Regular Communication. 
    • Look for a Well-Defined Branding Process. 
    • Look for Proof of Brand Success.
    • Building a brand identity from the ground up.
    • Rebranding established businesses.
    • Establishing brand positioning and messaging.
    • Creating a branding strategy.
    • Designing company logos.
    • Formulating brand guidelines for design, style and tone.

    Essentially, a great creative agency offers a fusion of Branding and communications with digital marketing and graphic design. Ultimately, they help companies engage a wider audience through their marketing channels, whether via commercials, social media, print ads or events.

    • Do some quality training. You may begin thinking about a career in graphic design before choosing a further study course. 
    • Craft a standout portfolio. 
    • Show your skills in your CV/resumé 
    • Dazzle with networking skills. 
    • Stand out from the crowd in your application.
    • A focused, integrated marketing approach incorporates all aspects of the brand and company. 
    • A consistent expression of the brand using a set of guidelines and standards that they help you define. 
    • A clear set of marketing goals and objectives.

    Seesaw Branding Agency Melbourne




    03 9329 8409

    Seesaw is an award-winning creative agency that looks at brand, digital and design from a holistic perspective.

    As a values-driven business, we partner with like-minded clients who align with our core values of goodness, intelligence and craft. We're about great people, strategic thinking and perfectly executed solutions.

    We believe in creativity as a catalyst for change, and we call this Design For Good. Each year we dedicate a percentage of our income to pro-bono community-focused branding projects close to our hearts.

    Our clients span a variety of industries and platforms, with a focus on architecture, culture, education, lifestyle and community. Regardless of the sector or the project, our work demonstrates how bold creative thinking leads to real business outcomes.


    An innate curiosity drives us to examine every project from all angles. Then we can create something truly unique, purposeful and beautiful.


    A collaborative approach to research, discovery and exploration, open dialogue with total customer and stakeholder engagement.


    Focused strategic development within a workshop setting encompassing brand and digital strategy, brand architecture and naming.


    The core of the creative work: designing a unique brand identity and crafting a compelling brand story.


    Hands-on, forever creating, collaborating and refining both design and branded content.


    Targeted delivery to market across various platforms and touchpoints in print, digital, spatial and experiential.


    Audit results and customise brand experience accordingly, continuing to develop and grow the brand expression.


    Our skillset and capabilities allow for the management and development of an integrated brand that extends across numerous platforms and touchpoints.

    Our services include 


    Strategic Positioning, Research, Audits, Naming, Identity, Guidelines, Tone of Voice.


    Publication, Promotional, Advertising, Packaging, Corporate Comms.


    Signage, Wayfinding, Exhibition.


    Strategy, Research, Planning, Apps, UI/UX Design, Testing, Development, Social.


    Art Direction, Illustration, Copywriting, 3D Visualisation, Photography, Film, Animation.

    Calico Branding Agency Melbourne




    03 9663 1029


    Discovery & Research

    The first step in any project with Calico sees a dedicated team take a deep dive into your business.

    We review key information about your business and pore through any relevant project documentation – think research pieces, strategy documents, marketing plans, and audience research – to set a solid foundation for all the work to come.

    We conduct interviews with key stakeholders and undertake a detailed analysis of your industry to efficiently and effectively learn the lay of the land.

    We take the time to thoroughly understand you and your needs to ensure we are always meeting your expectations.


    Next, we undertake a series of workshops powered by our research to ensure we thoroughly understand your business, the wider industry context, and the purpose at the core of your project.

    We'll use this stage to ensure we stay true to your organisational objectives and unearth any potential unknowns or risks so that we can be prepared for any challenges. 

    We'll make sure that everyone involved in the project is completely aligned on its purpose and goals, unifying our respective projects into one cohesive plan.

    Throughout this process, we'll keep you in the loop, checking in with our progress to gather your feedback so we're always on track to reach the end goal.

    Strategy Development

    Our focus on data and performance is at the core of our strategy development, ensuring we measure up against and exceed our objectives while remaining fluid enough to pivot and refine our solutions.

    We combine our understanding of data and performance with digital execution to ensure your tactical plan continues to drive ROI for your business.

    Roadmap Development

    Teamwork makes the dream work – we'll work with you to brainstorm, detail and coordinate key tactical touchpoints to achieve the best result.

    Umbraco, A Powerful Enterprise Cms With No Licensing Costs

    Umbraco provides us with a powerful platform to build your website

    Due to its flexibility, ease of use and intuitive nature, Umbraco CMS is the #1 licence-free .NET Content Management System (CMS) globally.

    Enterprise-grade with a rich and extendable feature list, Umbraco is capable of building everything from brochure sites to complex, high-traffic websites for global brands.

    Insightful Design That Engages And Excites.

    Our design work doesn't just win awards; it puts insight into action. Whether working with established brand guidelines or developing a digital presence from scratch, we craft experiences that drive decision-making elegantly and intuitively. As a result, the best experiences feel effortless.

    The Design Process

    Research & Understanding

    Our first task is to understand the needs of your business and your customers fully. We'll interview your users, run workshops with your staff, research your competitors, and bring it all together to build a complete picture of the task at hand. Knowledge is power.


    Our design process is extremely collaborative. Every step is shared and discussed; we work with your people to define the goals and challenges of the project, refine user journeys, test prototypes, and create perfect designs.

    Creative Exploration

    It is a core part of our design process. We investigate new approaches to problems and challenges, push, and test ideas. We don't make assumptions and always ask the key question: "Can this be better?"

    Form Follows Function

    Websites exist for people to use. We design with people - your customers - at the core. Everything we do aims to help users achieve their goals quickly and easily. When customers have a pleasant experience, they return.

    Flawless Execution.

    Good ideas are nothing without great execution. We design with care, test diligently, and work with our developers to ensure your site is flawless. We can also help with your content: the words and images you use are crucial to a good user experience.

    Reflection & Refinement.

    Our relationships don't end when a website launches. We continue to monitor, assess and improve over time - your site needs to stay competitive and engaging. We've proven this approach works for over a decade with clients like The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Zoos Victoria.

    Building Relationships That Last

    At Calico, we pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with our clients. It's the cornerstone of what we do. We've been crafting award-winning digital solutions for nearly two decades, and some of our clients have been along for the ride since the very beginning. Fostering these long term relationships means we can truly understand our clients' businesses and their industries, whether within education, finance, law, medicine, or one of Australia's biggest cultural events and attractions.

    A Golden Opportunity

    When technical issues arrive, you'll never be left in the dark. Our partnership with Umbraco (we're proud to say Calico is a gold Umbraco partner) means you'll get the very best CMS servicing and support every step of the way. Whatever technical problem or challenge you may face, we are best placed to find a solution through our direct access to Umbraco HQ. As we progress our working relationship and look to extend your digital presence, this CMS partnership should reassure you that you're in safe hands.

    More Than Just A Digital Partner

    Once we launch your project, it's not over – in fact, it's just the beginning. So whether you need basic support and maintenance to keep your digital property ticking like clockwork, or you want to walk side-by-side as we grow together, we're here.

    Calico will continue to offer you a variety of premium design, development, strategy, and insight services while working closely with your team to ensure that your digital presence continues to evolve and is constantly optimised to give your audience the best ongoing digital experience.

    Smart Branding Agency Melbourne




    +61 2 9994 4014

    SMART is the reboot and reinvention of one of Australia's most progressive marketing services brands.

    As part of a fully integrated family of top-tier communications agencies, SMART brings a renewed strategic focus to the business's three key needs.

    With innovation integrated into every part of our offering, this focus on the intersection of business, technology and design thinking delivers solutions for today's complex commercial and marketing opportunities.

    We Discover Untapped Potential.

    Innovation is more than just our focus – it's a fundamental belief that for any organisation to thrive in today's environment, innovation has to move from being a deliverable to a part of the culture – at the core of how the organisation works. 

    We call this Integrated Innovation.

    It means embracing change, being prepared to break down barriers and exploring the uncharted spaces outside the comfort zone.

    Business Consulting

    Working with businesses and organisations to help them define their future is at the heart of Smart. But Business Consulting is not about offering philosophical musings or abstract advice - it's about providing practical working solutions to help organisations identify and act on their opportunities.

    It starts with working to help you identify the right path to innovation for you. But understanding the cultural environment both inside your organisation and in your markets, we can optimise the ways your people and process work to deliver genuine innovation - the news that leads to breakthroughs.

    But getting new is not enough - it needs to get to market to make a difference. The business impact of successful go-to-market strategies ensures that innovation is working for your business, not just inside it.

    These innovation strategies are not limited to creating new products; we also believe in the power of true brand innovation - especially for those brands that are looking beyond a facelift to undergo real transformation. Brand renewal is about understanding what makes a brand value to its consumers and finding ways to amplify that need in its story, design, and promise.

    Any brand is at its best when simply the sum of its actions. Innovation applied to the business model allows clients to ensure that their products and services are not delivered effectively but connect with their consumers through actions that work hard and make the right statement.

    Digital Transformation

    Digital is no longer just a communication channel; and it's a way of connecting organisations and people to create meaningful interactions. Finding this meaning is critical to understanding how digital can be a transformative force within your business. It means being on top of what technology can do for your organisation and why it will matter to your users.

    Being Smart in Digital means embracing innovation and integrating the technology that makes it possible at every possible point of transaction. We work with clients to help them make new technology work by making it work for people, both inside and outside their organisation.

    To understand the true power of technology to transform, we must understand the data we have to find the right path forward. So we work with data and system teams to find the insights that can truly deliver transformation - based on real, tangible business drivers.

    It gives us the smarts to build digital activation plans that reach people who matter with messages. But, of course, we look at content activation differently - it has to be connected to generating these meaningful interactions - get people to click, get people to play and get people to buy.

    Big D Design

    Design is no longer defined by how things look. Instead, we believe the smart future of design is in redefining how things work - and, more importantly, work together. We come to what we call "Big D Design" from designing the full ecosystem in which a product, service - or even entire organisation - will live.

    Our design process builds on the power of design thinking, optimised to operate at the speed of business today. It allows us to deliver new product innovation at speed but driven by the right insights to maximise the chance of success. From prototyping, testing and designing, we drive not only the product but also surround it with the marketing ecosystem it needs to thrive.

    For design to truly be smart, it also has to be human-centred. Not as a separate discipline but at the core of our design offerings. Service design - how we interact with our consumers and users - is essential for organisations wanting to create more efficient processes and deeper and more meaningful connections.

    It all adds to designing consumer experiences that drive business performance. Digital, retail, engagement, and customer service - creating consistently best-in-class experiences - because they provide what consumers need. We help consumers navigate your brand to outcomes where everyone wins.

    Aleph Labs Branding Agency Melbourne


    aleph labs


    We bring business, customers, and technology together to innovate and thrive.



    Business Strategy

    The digital world is moving faster and faster. In this ever-shifting landscape, business needs to evaluate how to bring the core offerings to the digital-enabled masses. We work closely with clients to create real digital business cases that help their brands thrive in the future.

    Product Innovation

    Besides looking for business opportunities, Aleph and clients co-create digital products and services. We take a fresh idea or an existing product and make it relevant for today's connected world, from concept to execution.

    Innovation Labs

    Even before our clients create any transformation program, we work with them to imagine their business's future. We work together in a compressed period to dream the future and rapidly sketch out and prototype those dreams. The result is a dream you can touch and feel, one that our clients then work with us to bring to their customers.


    User Experience Design

    We are the ones at the table that ask: "Is this right for the user?". Our focus on ensuring our solutions are right for the user has always made product headlines. We take research, wishes, and ideas and design something that users are delighted to integrate into their lives.

    Interaction Design

    What may seem like a simple press of the button, we iterate into perfection. Our clients interact with their brands across many touchpoints. We make sure that it is effortless and joyful when they interact with our client's products. Yes, we want to make your customers joyful.

    Rapid Prototyping

    The world is moving too fast to spend eight months thinking of an idea. We conceptualise and then prototype to get real-world feedback quickly. That's what we do.

    Visual Design

    Bad design hurts humanity. We work hard to give our clients' customers a wow feeling when they see a new product. A wow feeling that lasts, and one they want to talk about.

    Brand Identity

    We find, define, and design what a brand stands for. Making sure our clients' brand permeates across all of the customer touchpoints. So they walk away with the feeling of familiarity, yes, that was that brand.

    User Research And Testing

    After defining user personas, we put on research gear and interact with real humans. Finally, we make sure our clients' products get lots of friction with the real world from one-to-one interviews, focus groups, and recorded user interaction testing.

    Service Design

    Customers interact with brands through many different touchpoints across many different channels. So we work to redefine processes and create a cohesive customer experience from our clients' internal process to the user.

    Design Thinking

    We work with our clients to define, rapidly prototype, and test new and revamped products. We bring design thinking through the whole process. We ask the why to get to the how.


    Front-End Development

    Our clients have a strictly defined framework, whether it's HTML5 using Angular, React or other frameworks. We work hard to push the boundaries of beautiful interaction. We consider our Front-end development colleagues an extension of the design team. They are just as responsible for a wow experience.

    Systems Integration

    Aleph is not a systems integration company. But we have enough expertise so that our client's SI partner and internal back end technology team love us. Our Back End team ensure that all our work is easy to integrate and maximises our client's back-end services capabilities.

    Mobile Apps

    We develop iPhone and Android apps. Whether it's a native or responsive, adaptive approach that is usable across all platforms, we make sure to leverage the unique features of each phone. In addition, Aleph has years of experience in delivering enterprise-level apps used by end customers and our client's internal staff.


    Aleph brings e-commerce thinking to all of the projects we are involved in. In the e-commerce world, the fastest path to purchase wins. We develop big cross-platform e-commerce presences for some of the most recognisable brands.

    Internet Of Things

    At Aleph, we know the internet is all around us. So we work hard to make sure our clients are connected on all relevant items. It can be as simple as a campaign that links the digital world to the physical world to get customers excited. Or a deeply integrated iBeacon strategy to bring real-world impulses back onto our client's apps.

    Augmented Reality

    We take AR literally. We believe digital can Augment our client's Reality. So we work with clients to see how their brands can improve their customers' lives through AR.


    Digital Strategy

    We work with our clients and guide them in the digital marketing landscape. We provide a wide breadth of services ranging from Social Listening and Management to Campaign and Content creation.

    Content Marketing

    Content is King and Queen. We work with some of the biggest consumer brands to build a content strategy that drives popular conversation. As a result, we create relevant content for the customer, build brand equity, and win more share of mind for our clients.

    Social Media Marketing

    We work closely with brands from chat to social media to ensure their message resonates on relevant platforms. As a result, Aleph sends the right content to the right customer, whether it's paid, owned, or earned.

    Tank Branding Agency Melbourne




    We work with organisations to build meaningful brands, cultures of innovation and leadership for a human-centred world.

    Our teams work with you collaboratively and empathically to help you solve complex organisational challenges. 

    Be it building resilient strategy or transforming culture with creativity — our teams will always begin by asking, 'Why?' 

    We work with leadership teams to develop a meaningful, relevant, and responsive strategy for our ever-changing world and the needs of the people who matter most.

    Future Strategy

    Strategic planning

    Vision and Purpose 

    Strategic foresight

    Customer experience design

    Brand audits and strategic reviews

    Brand architecture strategy

    Brand Strategy

    Creative strategy

    Brand naming

    Brand books and style guides

    Corporate identity and design systems

    Strategic Design

    Customer experience strategy

    Content strategy and activation

    Content design and activation

    Brand voice and narrative

    Visual design

    Writing, editing, and authoring

    Marketing/Communications strategy

    Digital strategy

    Leadership teams trust us to seek answers to meaningful questions.

    We co-design research with the integrity and care needed to ensure the voices of all stakeholders are included and heard.

    Qualitative Research

    Stakeholder interviews

    Customer interviews

    Facilitated discussion groups

    Ethnographic studies

    Stakeholder workshop facilitation

    Customer workshop facilitation

    User experience research

    Quantitative Research

    Brand audit and analysis

    Consumer testing

    Culture pulse check

    General population studies

    Research Methodologies

    Impact evaluation methodology design

    Impact evaluation research


    Influential organisations put people first and understand that an empathic, values-driven culture is the key to innovation.

    Brand Culture Strategy

    Brand-culture strategy

    Values benchmarking and definition

    Cross-functional team design

    Value-led culture workshop facilitation

    Brand strategy culture review

    HR team brand alignment


    Purposeful culture

    Values-led culture

    High-performing teams

    Brand culture vision

    Design thinking

    Human-centred design


    The Innovation Culture Program

    The Meaningful Culture Program

    The Better B Corp Program

    The CMO Program 


    We believe in creative leadership and empowering everyone within your organisation with the power of creativity.


    Strategy For Creativity

    Strategy masterclass

    Innovation masterclass

    Discovering opportunities

    Strategy in uncertainty

    Creative confidence

    Creative leadership


    Coaching Entrepreneurs

    Monthly group coaching


    The Innovation Culture Program

    The Strategy Masterclass


    MarchFirst Community

    Rik And Ralph Branding Agency Melbourne


    rik and ralpj


    03 9111 5699

    We are Rik and Ralph - an independent Australian agency of creative collaborators and digital strategists driving high performance by modernising how brands go to market.

    What We Do

    Ecommerce & Website

    We are an eCommerce and web design company for modern brands. We work with you to create beautiful websites and identify key technologies to drive your business forward.

    Growth Marketing

    We are omnichannel marketing experts who create custom plans for brands to deliver scalable growth through SEM, SEO, Paid Search and Augmented Shopping solutions.

    Branding Strategy

    Every brand and company is characterised by its own unique story. Therefore, we collaborate with our clients to build strategies and narratives tailored toward their target audience.

    Our Ecommerce Approach

    We create digital experiences to have a positive impact on businesses and the people that they serve. For example, we transform online shopping performance by connecting business, design, and technology, driving brand growth.

    The Rik and Ralph approach is:

    Identify customer experience opportunities that unlock new value

    UX driven platforms focused on ROI and scalable growth

    Creative eCommerce design to drive conversion

    Accelerate growth results and create loyal customers through co-creation and collaboration

    Free Website Audit

    At Rik and Ralph, we design beautiful eCommerce Websites that accelerate growth for brands. Get in touch with us for a free site audit.

    Growth Marketing Services

    Augmented Shopping

    Our custom augmented reality solutions will connect your customers, driving engagement and conversions.

    Paid Marketing

    Drive traffic and conversions through audience targeting, ad creative, Facebook & Google AdWords.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Drive traffic and conversions through audience targeting, ad creative, Facebook & Google AdWords.

    Branding Services

    Brand Positioning

    We provide tailored strategies for brands through competitor research and detailed market analysis.

    Brand Guidelines

    We create and curate guidelines for brands showing their personality.

    Content Creation

    Every brand has a unique story to tell. We collaborate with our clients to bring these stories to life.

    Show And Tell Branding Agency Melbourne


    show and tell


    +613 9630 0950

    We know that connection is key.

    Anything from a simple business card update to an overall website refresh, our team is bursting with ideas on how we can build your brand. Let us help you connect with your audience today.

    What We Do


    Logos & Branding

    Annual Reports



    Website Development

    WordPress & E-commerce

    Web Hosting


    Social Media Graphics

    Community Management

    Google Ads


    Corporate & Architecture

    Food & Hospitality


    We Love What We Do

    We're a collective of dedicated creatives, web developers and social media specialists inventing and reinventing brands for over 20 years.

    Our websites are quality built, and we are proud to be amongst the pioneers of web development, having delivered our first website to executive recruitment firm Ponsonby & Partners of London in 2000.

    Now, let's see what we can do for you!

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