50+ Best Standing Up Office Desks in Australia [2022]

There are many benefits to having a standing desk in the office. Not only does it keep you healthy and active, but it also helps to improve your productivity and focus.

If you're looking for the best standing up office desks in Australia, you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of some of the best options on the market so that you can find the perfect desk for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

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    Ultimate List of Stand Up Office Desk Shops Australia

    UpDown Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    Standing Office Desk


    1300 650 773

    Height Adjustable Standing Desks Australia

    Updown Desks Australia Pty Ltd is a prominent producer and manufacturer of standing desks and sit-stand desk converters in Australia. Our headquarters are in Melbourne, and we ship all around Australia.

    Our mission is to improve the health and happiness of Australian office workers by encouraging greater mobility and the ability to switch between sitting and standing at the touch of a button.

    Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

    Our premium standing desks range provides you with the highest quality desk range in Australia:

    • Unrivalled frame stability.
    • Beautiful Australian hardwood, bamboo and commercial desktops.
    • Memory height control buttons.
    • Verifiable market-leading features 

    Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desks

    Manual height adjustable desks are a full desk item that allows you to simply go from sitting to standing during the day. Winding and counterbalance options are available. You have the option of purchasing just the frame and using your existing desktop, or purchasing both the frame and the desktop.

    About UpDown Desks Australia Pty Ltd

    UpDown Desk is an Australian owned and operated supplier of adjustable sit to stand desks and associated products. Since our inception in January 2017 by our physio founder Jordan Lees, it has been our mission to improve the health and productivity of office workers all over Australia. Our business model is to sell a limited range of value-driven, top-quality products. It may be cliché to say, but customer service really is at heart of what we do. Without our customers, we don't exist. We operate on the philosophy, 'Treat our customers as we would want to be treated'. If our service is not as good as we claim, we urge you to tell us!

    We are real life people just like you. We like to get to know our customers, so here's some info about us in return.

    The Home Office Stand Up Desk Australia

    the home office stand up desk australia


    1300 166 732

    The Home Office is an Australian Family owned business which is dedicated to helping other businesses and their staff create an optimal home working space as an alternative to the traditional office.

    Our Senior Management team began in the office furniture industry in 1987, and our goal is to use this wealth of experience and expertise to assist individuals to fitout and furnish their new age workspace (at home).

    The Home Office delivers well-made furniture packages that have evolved over time, which are designed to take the stress out of designing your home to suit your work needs.

    Experts in aesthetically optimising your office or home working space

    With over three decades of experience in the office furniture sector across Australia, my team and I were ideally placed to launch The Home Office to cater for the ever-growing home office needs.

    We plan to use our trade and supplier relationships (built on over the years with loyal and trusted providers) to deliver a fine-tuned solution for your home office. Blending Interior Design, WHS Reviews, Fitout trades, Furniture supplies and any other associated subtrades, we offer a one-stop shop to our customers.

    If you need a company that can quickly and easily deliver office solutions for you or your employees at home, please feel free to get in touch today.

    Aurora Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    aurora office furniture stand up desk australia


    02 6299 4631

    Standing desks Canberra

    Our range of manual height adjustable desks and electric sit stand desks have been tested to withstand even the most demanding office environments. Aurora Office Furniture only selects quality products. Contact us today for a free consultation.

    Aurora Expertise, Quality and Service

    Everyday our clients use the Aurora teams furniture experience and expertise to consult, deliver and install high quality, in-budget and deadline office furniture solutions. We understand that successful workplaces need to support your organisations people, operations and objectives. Based on your project brief, we will streamline your workplace and business goals to implement a design for your employees and clients to effectively collaborate and achieve.

    Custom made furniture

    Australian made furniture is one of our specialties. Whether it be a specific shape, cutout, size or colour, furniture is manufactured using high-quality machines, giving you a very high finish. Every week we deliver and install Australian made furniture to whatever specifications our clients need. Regarding upholstery, a majority of our furniture can be reupholstered in colours of your choice.


    FAQs About Stand Up Office Desk

    Your standing desk ergonomic height should be adjusted so that the resting position for your arms, wrists, and hands when you’re standing is in a hanging position. So, while the 90-degree ergonomic setup described here for sitting with armrests isn’t ideal. 

    When setting your stand-up desk height, consider your head, neck, leg, arms, and wrists. For example, putting your workstation slightly lower than your elbows’ 90-degree angle is acceptable, but do not set it further than your elbows’ 90-degree height; this is considerably more harmful to your wrists and shoulders.

    Your standing desk ergonomic height may be affected by the height of your shoes. Someone may, for instance, have heels on one day and sneakers on the next. This requires the desk to be at two distinct levels. If you frequently change your height, an electric standing desk with “height recall buttons” on the remote is definitely worth the investment. 

    Because you spend a significant amount of time staring at the highest region of a monitor, your eye level should be at the edge of the window. Placing your monitor stand on a small pile of scrap paper is an easy way to accomplish your ergonomic monitor height. 

    The procedures are the same for most standing desks. In addition, you can use the standing desk height chart to acquire estimated dimensions for the elevation of your chair and keyboard and display whether you prefer sitting or standing. 

    It finds that people burn more calories when they stand than sitting or lying down, but the increase is smaller than many of us might hope.

    Those who overindulged and slacked off on our exercise regimens over the holidays also mean that being upright is unlikely to help us lose weight.

    A standing desk converter is worth it when you are trying to save costs or looking for a portable sit-stand desk solution. You may also consider buying a desk riser for easy assembly and quick desk conversion. What’s more, a desk riser is worth the investment If you love the functionality and design of your current desk.

    Electric motors used in standing desks need to smoothly raise and lower loads up to 200 pounds or more. In addition, these small DC motors offer high power density.

    Brushed motors are fairly simple and cheap but slow due to limited high-speed torque. In addition, the brushes wear down and require motor repairs, and the motors can be a little loud. Brushless motors offer instant response without lag when you press a button, and these motors are more efficient, more durable, and produce less noise than traditional brushed motor drive.

    The power of an electric desk motor only matters when it translates to factors that matter in operating the desk – adjustment speed and weight capacity. Ideally, the desk motor should be strong enough to move whatever load is on the desk so quickly that you don’t even notice.

    With electric stand up desks, their biggest strength is…their strength. Electric desks can usually lift some of the heaviest loads with the smoothly powered assistance of an electric motor. An Oben electric desk has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, lifting multiple monitors and other equipment with ease. Unlike pneumatic desks, an electric sit-stand desk does not need to be selected for the specific load it will carry or calibrated for changing loads.

    Electric desks support a sit/stand habit much more effectively than manual adjustable desks because they are faster and easier to use. Pneumatic desks offer similar usability, but some people prefer a motorized desk for various reasons.

    Business Desking & Seating Systems Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    business desking & seating systems stand up office desk australia


    (08) 6183 7840

    Our History

    BDSS is a market leader in the Western Australian workspace industry and has been a key player on the national scene for over 2 decades.

    Years of experience have seen us create and deliver efficient and productive environments for government bodies, educational, hospitality and commercial spaces and is a collection of world-class ergonomic designs and styles.

    We pride ourselves on understanding how you work and finding better ways to help you do it.

    Product Design

    Our passion for design increases consistently, investing in the development of new products, ideas and solutions.

    BDSS has invested in the latest technology and has the ability to carry out creative and innovative work while considering the technical aspects of the project.

    The in-house design team undertake constant research, looking for new opportunities, new materials and technologies.


    We are proud of our production and management systems as well as the experience and expertise of our people.

    With our quality craftsmanship and modern technology and machinery, we ensure to reach a successful project managed effectively and with all possible care.

    Many of our products are manufactured locally, enabling us to be entirely flexible, offering a customisation service organised around the customer requirements, and at the same time, significantly reducing lead times.


    At BDSS, we specialise in providing complete office solutions, from design and manufacturing to installation, Australia wide.

    We know what impact a great working environment can have on a company, and our constant endeavour is to establish a long-lasting relationship with the client.

    We ensure that the needs and expectations are always met with the highest standards: we have the delivery network, know-how and experience to provide the same level of service just about anywhere.

    Danpro Commercial Fitout & Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    danpro commercial fitout & furniture stand up office desk australia


    1300 515 529


    A Fit Out and Furniture company in one, Danpro was formed as a partnership between industry experts. Our team is relatively small in size but big in experience, we select our clients and projects with care and diligence. When we commit, we deliver, and every project we undertake is as important to us as it is to you.

    What we do

    We work closely with our clients, including project managers, designers and architects, engineers, consultants and end-user clients.

    Undertaking various procurement engagements, including Lump Sum, construction management, ECI and design and construct, Danpro can respond to your needs and requirements. Using strategic protocols, project planning and methodology, we are able to provide an enjoyable transformation and deliver outstanding final results. Timelines are met, and budgets are achieved through extensive planning and programming. We resolve site and design issues quickly and proactively to ensure positive outcomes for stakeholders and our projects are delivered to the highest quality standards and finishes.

    JasonL Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    jasonl stand up office desk australia


    1300 943 895

    About us

    Our purpose is to enable people to do their best!

    We do this by providing a tailored set of stocked products and services that create successful work environments.

    We service the private and public sectors. We work with decision-makers of growing SMB’s, franchisers, government, education departments and NFP’s. We love working with people who value honesty and reliability and who value their own people. We best service the Eastern seaboard but have Australian wide capability.

    Our Uniques

    • Tailored set of stocked products
    • Honesty Always
    • Fitouts Fast
    • People First

    Elite Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    elite office furniture stand up desk australia


    1300 686 699

    New working methods continue to be adopted around the world. From multi-national companies to small home offices, standing desks have emerged as an exciting new workplace trend. Excessive sitting has been linked to a range of health conditions. Thankfully, standing desks are capable of improving health and well-being outcomes when combined with good diet and exercise habits. 

    A standing desk can be the centrepiece of your entire office, with this single furniture item helping you to work efficiently without compromising your health. 

    Elite Office Furniture has a wide range of standing desk designs, including dedicated standing desks and adjustable sit stand desk products. We specialise in premium office equipment, including corner desks, reception desks, and ergonomic chairs, among other products. If you’re looking for a standing desk in Australia at a great price, we would love to help.

    Getting the right office desk for your needs

    The right office desk helps you to work fast while promoting workplace happiness and motivating you throughout the day. When choosing a desk, it’s important to select the right size and shape for your body shape, workspace, and working methods. Sit stand desk products are a great option in Australia because they allow people to mitigate the dangers of excessive sitting.

    Benefits of a standing desk

    Standing desks help people to avoid many of the health conditions associated with excessive sitting, including back and structural problems, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and even premature death. Sedentary time has also been linked to depression and other mental health problems, which are commonplace in modern society. 

    In addition to promoting positive health, standing desks also make it easier for workers to stay mobile and interact with the rest of the office environment. Movement between computers and workspaces is easier when standing, and workers are more likely to interact with other people and equipment. Dedicated standing desks and adjustable sit stand desk products are available in Melbourne and across Australia. 

    The Elite Office Furniture advantage

    Elite Office Furniture is the trusted standing desk expert. Our company is 100% Australian-owned and operated, and we provide a broad range of premium office furniture at a great price. We offer friendly and responsive customer support, with local representatives available across Australia. In addition, we provide an innovative and totally free 3D modelling service and some of the fastest and most reliable shipping in the industry. 

    Same-day order processing is available, with most items delivered flat-packed and assembly services also available. At Elite Office Furniture, we provide commercial protection for our entire product range. All furniture items come with a commercial use warranty up to 10 years in duration, and price matching is available on a case-by-case basis. 

    If you’re looking for a sit-stand desk in Brisbane, a dedicated standing desk in Sydney, or other innovative furniture products anywhere in Australia, please contact our customer support team today.

    About Us

    Elite Office Furniture was established with a vision to provide businesses, organisations and individuals Australia-wide with competitively priced, high-quality office furniture and interior solutions. Whether you’re buying on behalf of a business, public sector or for your home office, when you come to us for your desks, office chairs and storage solutions, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

    Elite Office Furniture specialises in premium furniture products for home offices and commercial spaces. We sell a wide range of office furniture online, shipping every day from multiple warehouses to hard-working offices across Australia. We provide high-quality products, great customer service, and industry-leading commercial protections for individuals, businesses, and public departments.

    If you’re looking for premium office furniture anywhere in Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

    At Elite Office Furniture, we specialise in office workstations, ergonomic chairs and standing desks for the ultimate workplace comfort and safety. We understand the unique demands placed on office workers and believe in safe and comfortable solutions that maximise staff health and improve workplace performance.

    We sell individual products at great prices and offer a wide range of smart packages and bulk deals for businesses that demand complete solutions. Whether you run a large commercial business, a small home office, or a government department, we’re sure to have what you need.

    We sell innovative office furniture for forward-thinking businesses, including the following furniture categories:

    • Office Chairs
    • Sofas & Lounges
    • Office Desks
    • Workstations
    • Storage Solutions
    • Office Tables
    • Accessories
    • Office Screens
    • Cafe Furniture
    • Whiteboards
    • Components

    Complete office furniture solutions

    Elite Office Furniture provides premium office products for individuals, businesses, and organisations across Australia. From innovative work-from-home packages to professional workstations, conference furniture, and office fit-outs, our furniture solutions work for your business and conform to your office space. We believe in safe and productive workplace environments and provide access to advanced ergonomic and standing desk solutions.

    Along with our impressive range of premium office furniture products, we offer advanced storage solutions to help you work smarter. We sell a wide range of shelving units, bookcases, cupboards, and drawers to help minimise your clutter and maximise your productivity. We sell commercial office furniture, quality home office furniture, and versatile storage systems for modern office environments.

    Direct Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    direct office furniture stand up desk australia


    1800 849 113

    About Us

    Direct Office Furniture is a family-owned and managed business that has been in operation for over 30 years. In 2016 Direct Office Furniture changed ownership and has transformed into a Factory Direct Online Store to bring the lowest price and best value office furniture products to the Australian office furniture market.

    Understanding today’s fast paced business environment and evolving workplaces, Direct Office Furniture has combined hundred’s of office furniture products onto a simple e-commerce platform to enable our customers to save time & money when selecting their office furniture. Without the large overheads of bricks and mortar store, we are able to offer the best pricing and back that up with a 5% price beat guarantee on any written quotations.

    With Manufacturing & Warehousing facilities in Kewdale, WA & Tullamarine VIC that are committed to implementing lean principles and continuous improvement, combined with our imported stock holdings, we can supply your office furniture with minimal lead times. Our in-house delivery & installation teams further enhance our prompt service allowing us to exceed your expectations.

    Ergomotion Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    ergomotion stand up office desk australia


    03 9579 1454

    Standing desks and TV lifts from Ergomotion

    Ergomotion’s two main products are electric height adjustable standing desks (also known as sit-stand desks) and electric TV lifts.

    Our standing desks offer users the ability to quickly change their posture from sitting to standing at the touch of a button.

    TV lifts allow a TV to be concealed within a piece of furniture when not in use. This not only protects the TV from dust and accidental damage but also enhances the aesthetics of the room when the TV is not in use.

    Our motiondesk® electric standing desks are Australian made with our showroom and office in Melbourne. We ship our products all over Austra.

    Stand up for your health with a height adjustable desk!

    Ergomotion has been manufacturing and supplying electric height adjustable standing desks since 2005.

    We have seen a huge increase in the popularity of these standing desks due to a lot of research coming out showing the health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time.

    Our standing desks are electrically operated, allowing the user to easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

    The key? Consistently alternating between sitting and standing.

    There is a misconception that a standing desk will negate all the risks associated with sitting for long periods of time, but the fact is that there are risks associated with standing for long periods of time, too.

    The main issue here is sedentary behaviour, whether that’s by sitting or standing.

    The electric height adjustable standing desk is therefore not only used for standing but also adjusted easily for sitting as well.

    The ideal work environment is to be able to adjust between sitting and standing throughout the day.

    Standing desk or height adjustable desk

    We hope by now you understand that it’s not just about standing – in fact, standing for long periods of time causes just as much strain on your body’s joints as sitting. The key lies in frequently alternating between sitting and standing.

    That’s why the term “standing desk” is somewhat of a misnomer. However, it’s become the default term for desks which can actually be adjusted from sitting to standing.

    We use the term standing desk out of simplicity for those who may actually be searching for a “sit-stand” or “height adjustable” desk.

    A true standing desk, that is, one that does not offer adjustability between sitting and standing, does indeed offer some great benefits… but some drawbacks, too.

    Standing desk pros

    • Increased blood circulation
    • Less pressure on the spine
    • Easier to move on the spot while standing
    • Reduced levels of blood glucose, insulin and blood fat
    • Reduced chance of heart disease
    • Feel healthier and more alert
    • Increased productivity
    • Reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

    Standing desk cons

    • Sore feet
    • Varicose veins
    • Tired back and legs
    • More tiring in general

    Types of height adjustable desk

    The optimal working posture is to be able to adjust from sitting to standing throughout the day. You don’t want to sit for too long, and you don’t want to stand for too long. It is the sedentary behaviour that is the risk. It doesn’t matter whether that sedentary behaviour is done sitting or standing.

    There are different types of height adjustable standing desks on the market. Read on to meet three of the most common and why an electric height adjustable desk is the clear winner.

    Technician height adjustable desk

    A technician height adjustable desk has a system where the height of each leg needs to be adjusted individually, usually in steps of 100mm.

    This is a cumbersome operation and usually requires at least two people to adjust the desk.

    If the desk is adjusted, it is usually done to a sitting position and then never gets adjusted again!

    Winder adjustable standing desk

    A winder adjustable standing desk has a winder arm at the front of the desk that you wind the desk up and down with. This is also a cumbersome adjustment as the winder needs to be turned continuously to get the desk from a full sitting to a standing height. This desk also usually gets set at a sitting position and then never gets adjusted again.

    Electric height adjustable desk

    An electric height adjustable standing desk is the ideal solution.

    It is the only type of height adjustable desk that will allow you to easily adjust your desk between sitting and standing throughout the day.

    Put it this way: if the desk is too hard to adjust, it won’t get used!

    Office Furniture Sales Stand Up Desk Australia

    office furniture sales stand up desk australia


    1300 937 483

    Office Furniture Sales is a Melbourne owned and operated online retailer providing competitive prices on actively designed office furniture. We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop in our online store by offering quality products with top-rated customer service. 

    We have been operating since 2016 and have managed to build up a reputable online establishment. We have a great team and aim to grow our business more and more, to offer the best active office furniture available. Being an online-only retailer means we have lower overheads which are how we maintain providing the very best customer service and great low prices.  

    Our head office is in Chelsea, Victoria. However, we ship nationally from factories all over the country.

    If you have any questions about our products or would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page or online chat.   

    Our Story

    “Office Furniture Sales was founded in 2014 by Bridget, a newly graduated teacher. Previously working in an office environment with standing desks and stools, she knew this active office fit-out was not the case for a majority of workplaces. She knew it was time to change the dynamics of the office and classroom by finding a way to be more active. Using standing desks along with ergonomic chairs and motion wobble stools, Bridget quickly saw the benefits of using active office equipment. She instantly saw a change in some of her students who struggled to stay concentrated with the use of wobble stools. This inspired Bridget to help others make the change to their office and classroom by starting Active Offices Australia. Her goal was to ensure others had easy access to select the highest quality active office and classroom furniture for their workspace.”

    Keen Education Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    keen education furniture stand up office desk australia


    (08) 6117 1792

    Keen Education proudly supports The Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register initiative and manufactures and provides commercial fit-out services to a range of SA products at our Adelaide facility. Our production facilities support local contractors and businesses to help support the growth of our state. We continue to invest in the latest machinery and technologies for an ever-changing world which will help us to improve our efficiencies here in SA.

    Equip Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    equip office furniture stand up desk australia


    02 9818 4209

    Sit-Stand / Height Adjustable Desks

    The biggest range of contemporary, ergonomic sit stands desks in Sydney.

    When working in an office, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the physical impacts of sitting all day, particularly for those using laptops and less ergonomically-friendly devices.


    1. Experience

    Our company was formed in 1982 and has grown into a market leader in the office furniture industry.

    Ease of mind knowing that you are dealing with an established, reputable business who has a solid track record.

    2. Team

    We employ a fully-trained team of 5 design consultants and a sales manager who can come to you to view your exact requirements.

    Fantastic customer service and the shared knowledge and experience of a team of experts in the industry.

    3. Technology

    We utilise the latest in design and computer technology so our consultants can show you CAD layout options and change them on the spot in your office environment.

    You save money by working on your planograms and office designs direct with us.

    4. Access

    We have relationships with over 200 strategic manufacturing partners around the world.

    Receive the exact product you want, and don’t compromise on your initial concept or brief. Colour options and custom finishes are no problem.

    5. Warranties

    Comprehensive warranties are available depending on the product purchased. 2, 3, 5, 10 year and Lifetime warranties are supplied.

    Confidence in the quality and workmanship of your new furniture.

    6. Availability

    Popular products are held ex-stock in our Sydney warehouse.

    Fast delivery of certain in-stock lines.

    7. Finance

    Up to $20 million in finance is available to approved customers.

    Order now and pay later so you can get your business up and running.

    8. Showroom

    Our Sydney showroom showcases all of the popular office products and latest furniture trends.

    Compare the different options available in person before you place your order.

    9. Full-Service

    From catalogues and colour charts to designers, installers and after-sales services, we can look after it all.

    Convenience of a one-stop shop for all your office furniture needs.

    Adept Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    adept office furniture stand up desk australia


    (03) 9484 0765

    Our commitment

    Adept Office Furniture has been supplying top quality office and home computer furniture since the 1980’s, with 31 years plus market experience.

    Our product range expanded as we listened to what the users of todays world actually needed to make their working environments work for them.

    We are committed to provide the best quality office and home furniture to our customers by continuously updating our range to suit the growing needs of our users.

    We offer a comprehensive range for all office and home environments.

    Our guarantee

    All products sold by Adept are covered by a warranty against faulty parts or workmanship.

    We take great pride in offering you the best office and home furniture that is designed to facilitate your work or home environment.

    Most of our office furniture is designed in Australia and manufactured with the best materials from all over the world.

    Some of the services we offer include

    • Wide range of ergonomic furniture
    • Complete office solutions and fitouts
    • Excellent warranty
    • Custom made furniture
    • Office space assessment and planning
    • Desks
    • Boardroom Tables
    • Joinery
    • Refurbishment of Boardroom Tables
    • Wide range of ergonomic chairs
    • Wide range of shelving
    • Wide range of reception counters
    • Full height office walls and partitions
    • Free Quotes we visit and advise your workplace
    • Buffets
    • Reception Counters
    • Bookcases
    • Specialise in custom-built items

    The company is a family business situated in the inner city of Melbourne.

    We have an extremely high standing within the industry and access to a vast range of quality suppliers, offering us exclusivity to a number of ranges.

    At Adept Office Furniture, we see fit-outs as more than dividing space. We provide a total package with all the finishing trades (electrical, plastering and painting) necessary to complete the total concept.

    Our staff and management keep in touch with today’s trends and ideas in space management and workplace planning.

    Our vision is to simply create an environment which is both practical and functional, from which you will be proud to work and display to your clientele. We aim to continually provide the highest quality office and home furniture, professional service and support.

    Should your company require a single chair to be repaired or a complete office layout, Adept is just a phone call away.

    Adept staff will come to your home or office for an obligation free quote.

    Adept recognises a small footprint can have a lasting effect on future generations. We are committed to reducing its impact on the environment, and all the company’s products are developed with these key criteria in mind.

    We are committed to pursuing the highest standard of environmental performance.

    Our goal is to minimise our manufacturing ‘footprint’ We can also advise on the design and manufacturer of special requirements.

    Our Products are available in timber veneers, Melamine and laminate.

    Timber veneers are available in an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes.

    Whatever your requirements, whether simple or complex.


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