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30+ Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinics In Melbourne [2022]

Rehabilitation clinics play an important role in the recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. There are numerous rehab clinics to choose from, so do your homework to find the best one for you or a loved one.

If you're looking for a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Melbourne, the team is here to help. We can help you or a loved one get on the road to recovery because we have years of experience providing effective treatment programmes. Check out this list of Melbourne's best drug and alcohol rehab treatment clinics.

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    Ultimate List of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic in Melbourne

    Refocus Rehab Melbourne - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic

    refocus drug & alcohol rehab melbourne

    (03) 9537 0880

    Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Melbourne.

    Your life is far too valuable to be wasted on an addiction of any kind. There is currently accessible treatment that is effective. When you take the initiative to look for assistance, you should make sure that it is proceeding in the most productive direction possible.

    If you are a family member or a partner of the individual you are trying to convince to enter treatment for their addiction, our compassionate team is here to offer you guidance and support.

    Rehab For Marijuana Addiction In Melbourne

    At our facility in Melbourne, we are seeing an increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for an addiction to marijuana.

    Over the course of the past few decades, there has been a gradual increase in the western world's tolerance for marijuana use. This has accelerated in recent times, in part because it has recently been legalised in more states in the United States.

    Access was also made legal in the state of Victoria in 2016, at which time physicians were granted the ability to prescribe the drug to patients meeting certain medical criteria.

    Simply because a drug is given the green light to be sold legally does not mean that it is free of the potential to become habit forming or addictive.

    Approximately nine percent of people who try marijuana end up becoming addicted to it (source). The majority of people experiment with drugs for the first time during their teenage years and then begin using them again at some point during their adulthood.

    Heroin Treatment Centre

    In recent years, the use of heroin in Australia has reached nearly epidemic levels, putting the country on the verge of a public health crisis. This is something that particularly applies to younger generations. According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, nearly 2% of Australians aged 14 and older have tried the drug at some point in their lives, and that percentage is steadily growing.

    Heroin has a very high potential for abuse, which is why so many people seek treatment at REFOCUS. If you are looking for heroin rehab in Melbourne, feel free to give us a call or continue reading for more information. This article will hopefully help those who are affected understand how this drug works as well as why it can be dangerous to manage the withdrawal process on one's own.


    Getting treatment at a residential heroin rehab centre can mean the difference between a happy, sober life and one that is marred by addiction to the drug. There is no judgement, and clients are surrounded by support from counsellors and medical staff, in addition to other clients who are walking the same path towards being clean and sober.

    Our programs utilise a variety of treatments, including:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Group therapy sessions
    • Meditation
    • Stress management training

    During each person's time here, we take measures to ensure that the atmosphere is cosy, inviting, and private so that they may experience a sense of ease and security.

    I want you to understand that you are not alone in this. You are welcome to call at any time to ask for additional information or to schedule a tour of the facility, regardless of whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or whether you have a loved one who is enslaved by drug dependence. Our goal is to assist you in regaining control of your life and leading a life free from addiction.

    What We Can Help With

    Refocus Rehab Melbourne can help you or your loved one get your life back on track. We specialise in supporting a range of addictive behaviours.

    • Alcohol and drug rehab
    • Ice addiction
    • Cocaine addiction
    • Heroin addiction
    • Other drugs and addictive behaviours
    • Rebuilding relationships with friends, work, family and other loved ones


    • For more than 20 years, our principal has provided addiction treatment.
    • There is no waitlist. Get rehab care right away in Melbourne!
    • Located near Albert Park Lake and St. Kilda Bay in the centre of Melbourne.
    • a short distance from our medical professionals and many different therapeutic options.
      private bedrooms and comfortable living spaces.
    • All of our therapists have graduate-level and doctoral degrees from universities in counselling. They have years of professional
    • and personal experience combined, and they have achieved great success in the industry.
    • 10 people maximum for an intimate and effective rehab programme that guarantees individualised care (We have the best staff to client ratio in Melbourne).
    • During Covid restrictions, an exercise programme is offered that includes a qualified Personal Trainer who works outdoors in
    • Melbourne's beautiful St. Kilda and surrounding areas.
    • In engaging groups and workshops, you will learn the skills you need to enjoy life (and you will grow more self-assured than ever before!)

    Rehab Melbourne - Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Melbourne

    refocus rehab melbourne

     (03) 9537 0880

    Drug, Alcohol & Lifestyle treatment and management in Melbourne.

    The Refocus program has helped our clients find the path to recovery for over 20 years.  

    Your life is too precious to waste with addiction. Effective treatment is available now. When you make the first step to seek help, ensure it is on the best path to success. 

    If you are a family member or partner, our understanding team can provide advice and support when trying to get your loved one into rehab.

    What We Can Help With

    Refocus Rehab Melbourne can help you or your loved one get your life back on track. We specialise in supporting a range of addictive behaviours.

    • Alcohol and drug rehab
    • Ice addiction
    • Cocaine addiction
    • Heroin addiction
    • Other drugs and addictive behaviours
    • Rebuilding relationships with friends, work, family and other loved ones
    • Programs for professionals
    • Digital Detox
    • Lifestyle management 

    Why Choose Refocus Rehab Melbourne for Alcohol, Drug and Ice Addiction Treatment

    • Get rehab treatment in Melbourne now!
    • Industry-leading Clinical Management team with over 20 years of experience.
    • Beach front location in Brighton.
    • Close to our medical practitioners and a variety of therapeutic resources.
    • Luxury hotel accommodation with private rooms and bathroom.
    • Beachfront views are available at an additional cost
    • All our therapists have decades of combined professional and lived experience and have had great success in the field. 
    • Intimate and powerful rehab program ensuring individualised attention.
    • Exercise programs with group personal trainers and yoga.
    • You will gain the skills you need to enjoy life in interesting groups and workshops (You’ll become more confident than you’ve ever been!)

    Melbourne’s Premier Rehab for Drug, Alcohol, Cocaine and Ice Addiction.

    Our team understands that a successful program must provide you or your loved one with a safe, supportive, enjoyable environment. Clients feel more in control and at ease in a small private-focused treatment setting. Our program allows us to provide the focus and individual attention necessary to assist you or your loved one in achieving goals towards a successful life.

    The Refocus Team

    Refocus, and its people are renowned for their sensitivity, warmth and the safe, confidential environment provided. The team are highly qualified, experienced, and committed to your happiness, well-being, comfort and needs. Your groups are limited to ten to keep them intimate and effective. Refocus puts you back in charge of your life with a new feeling of enrichment, renewal, confidence and self-esteem.

    Malvern Private - Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Melbourne

    malvern private drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation treatment melbourne

    03 9885 9614

    Why should you choose Malvern?

    Malvern Private is the best option among Australia's many treatment centres for substance abuse. We've passed all the tests and received all the certifications, so we're approved by every major health insurance company. The "excess" and "gap" portions of health insurance plans are charged at different rates by private hospitals.

    Dr. Eli, a psychiatrist at the Malvern Private Clinic, discusses drug dependency and sobriety.

    Program for Alcohol Rehabilitation

    Treatment Program for Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Melbourne

    The country of Australia has one of the highest rates of alcohol dependence in the world, with 18% of the population experiencing excessive or problematic drinking at some point in their lives. It's not uncommon for people to go from wanting to drink occasionally to wanting to drink every day. One's drinking has become more of a necessity than a hobby. As a result of this lack of comprehension, many people struggle to cut down or quit their consumption of alcoholic beverages altogether.

    Detoxification from alcohol can be completed in 28 days. Talk to our assessment staff today to learn more about alcohol treatment options. Call 03 9885 9621 (business hours)

    Addiction to alcohol is destructive not only to the body and mind, but also to relationships, careers, and lives.

    A major first step towards beating alcoholism is admitting you have a problem. The first and most crucial step in overcoming alcoholism is to enter treatment.

    We at Malvern Private are here to help and encourage you. We are Melbourne's premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, and we offer a specialised residential, abstinence-based Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program that is tailored to each individual's needs.

    Home-based Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Program. To help addicts and their loved ones recover from the devastating effects of addiction, we offer a wide range of programmes, information, and resources.

    Self-referral, GP referral, or referral from other medical professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists, and counsellors all begin the admission and referral process over the phone.

    A personalised approach to individual care

    Malvern Private gives each customer individualised care. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive programme that focuses on mind, body, and spirit to restore optimal health. Our multidisciplinary team includes nurses, counsellors, addiction specialists, consultants, and psychiatrists. Our staff works together to help and motivate you.

    Our Recovery Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

    The admissions evaluation

    Before entering the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Recovery Treatment Program, an Evaluation Specialist conducts a pre-admission assessment. An hour-long one-on-one interview. Our assessment experts will review your background and explain all aspects of the programme so you can decide if it's right for you. If applicable, private health cover checks are also performed to inform clients of out-of-pocket expenses. Once these steps are complete, an admission date can be set.

    When the chance for treatment presents itself, clients and their families often feel urgency.

    Self-referral, GP, or other doctors such as psychologists and counsellors can start the admission and referral process over the phone.

    Beyond Addiction - Drug & Alcohol Addiction Experienced Rehab Melbourne

    beyond addiction drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    04 1032 4398

    Addiction Counseling, Support, Rehab Experience, and Detox Advice

    Break the Addiction Cycle and Live Addiction-Free

    My expertise lies in either providing in-depth, goal-oriented one-on-one care to addicts, or in meeting with them for a set number of sessions to determine their current level of addiction and refer them to the best service or treatment centre available in Victoria or another state, with consideration given to their gender, drug of choice, sexual orientation, mental health concerns, secondary addictions, time constraints, and financial constraints.


    Detox and Rehabilitation Referrals and Suggestions

    I've successfully counselled addicts and alcoholics one-on-one, but clients sometimes want help finding the best treatment centre for them. A facility may not accept dual diagnosis, "depot shot," mental health, or criminal clients. They may require specific paperwork, a detox program, or a "Q & A" session.

    I can help you prepare for each. Because of my experience in therapy, I can help you save money and time. Some people I know give up on treatment because of the "hurdles." At the time, Victoria may have long treatment waitlists. Specialized needs of each facility are required so they have the right resources and people for the client, but it can be unpleasant and frustrating for the person who just wants to get better.

    We may only meet a few times to 1) find the best treatment centre, 2) work on paperwork, and 3) discuss other options. 4) Arrange the most appropriate detox unit for your needs in Melbourne or Sydney, and 5) prepare you for entry into your chosen facility so you're not "killing time" or putting yourself at risk by using drugs or alcohol before treatment.

    I'm a licenced psychotherapist and counsellor who's also sober. I understand the addict's problems because I've been there.

    FAQs About Rehab Treatment Clinic

    While there is no one way or guaranteed way to prevent someone from abusing drugs and alcohol, there are things that everyone can do to prevent substance abuse.

    Here are the top five ways to prevent substance abuse:

    Understand How Substance Abuse Develops. 

    Substance abuse starts by:

    • Using addictive drugs (illicit or prescribed) for recreational purposes
    • Seeking out intoxication every time you use
    • Abusing prescription medication

    Avoid Temptation And Peer Pressure. 

    Develop healthy friendships and relationships by avoiding friends or family members who pressure you to use substances. It's often said, "we become most like those we surround ourselves by," meaning if you surround yourself with people who abuse drugs and alcohol, you are more likely to as well. Peer pressure is a major part of life for teens and adults. If you are looking to stay drug-free, develop a good way to just say no, prepare a good excuse or plan ahead of time to keep from giving in to peer pressure.

    Seek Help For Mental Illness. 

    Mental illness and substance abuse often go hand in hand. If you are dealing with a mental illness such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, you should seek professional help from a licensed therapist or counsellor. A professional will provide you with healthy coping skills to alleviate your symptoms without turning to drugs and alcohol.

    Examine The Risk Factors. 

    Look at your family history of mental illness and addiction. Several studies have shown that this disease tends to run in the family but can be prevented. The more you are aware of your biological, environmental and physical risk factors, the more likely you are to overcome them.

    Keep A Well-balanced Life. 

    People often turn to drugs and alcohol when something in their life is missing or not working. Practising stress management skills can help you overcome these life stressors and will help you live a balanced and healthy life.

    Develop Goals And Dreams For Your Future. 

    These will help you focus on what you want and help you realise that drugs and alcohol will simply get in the way and hinder you from achieving your goals.

    Prevention and early intervention are based on the idea that intervening to stop a problem from occurring, or acting early to prevent an issue from getting worse, offers better and more cost-effective outcomes for our community.

    Alcohol and other drugs are a part of life in Australia, and not all alcohol and drug consumption is harmful. Coffee, medications and enjoying a glass or two of alcohol with friends and family are some examples of drug use that may not be harmful.

    However, we also need to understand that drug and alcohol use can, and does, cause a large amount of harm to our communities.

    These harms can include long term health issues, including mental health concerns, injury, violence, dependency, substance misuse and worst-case scenario, substance-related deaths.

    That's not to mention the other costs to society, such as the cost of healthcare and law enforcement as a result of drug or alcohol-related use or misuse.

    Effective prevention strategies can minimise disease burden by delaying the start of use, reducing problematic use and reducing the harms associated with alcohol and illicit drugs. This can also be called harm minimisation.

    Treatment for alcohol use disorder can vary, depending on your needs. Treatment may involve a brief intervention, individual or group counselling, an outpatient program, or a residential inpatient stay. Working to stop the use of alcohol to improve quality of life is the main treatment goal.

    Treatment For Alcohol Use Disorder May Include:

    • Detox and withdrawal. 
    • Psychological counselling. 
    • Oral medications. 
    • Injected medication. 
    • Continuing support. 
    • Treatment for psychological problems. 
    • Spiritual practice. 

    Residential Treatment Programs

    For serious alcohol use disorder, you may need a stay at a residential treatment facility. Most residential treatment programs include individual and group therapy, support groups, educational lectures, family involvement and activity therapy.

    Residential treatment programs typically include licensed alcohol and drug counsellors, social workers, nurses, doctors and others with expertise and experience in treating alcohol use disorder.

    There are many reasons that teens and young adults get involved with drugs, and unfortunately, there are many instances in which the root of substance use goes much deeper than "experimentation." Consider the following reasons that adolescents and young adults use drugs.

    In Attempt To Fit In: 

    Making friends and establishing oneself at school can be difficult for adolescents. The teenage years often come with many insecurities, low self-esteem, and fear of not being accepted. In order to fit in, to feel "cool," or join an older, more seductive social circle, many teens will start buying and using drugs.

    To Feel Good: 

    Many adolescents abuse drugs or alcohol to get high. They are looking for a thrill, an intensified feeling that they cannot obtain through simple pleasures like food or exercise. This is where the addiction cycle starts to kick in. Drugs interact with the way our brain produces and the way our body experiences pleasure. When drugs are used, the brain creates up to ten times the normal amount of dopamine and euphoria a person should experience. It is unnatural chemistry that takes place, but our brain remembers it. It craves it.

    To Feel Better: 

    There is the desire to feel good, and there is the need to feel better. These are two very distinct entities when evaluating teen drug use. Teens looking to "feel better" are, in truth, self-medicating. They are battling something deeper than peer pressure or a failed homework assignment. Some adolescents are suffering from deep-seated conditions like depression, social anxiety, and stress-related disorders. They use drugs to forget or replace their negative feelings with substance-induced pleasure.


    The brain does not finish developing until the age of 25. The last part of the brain to develop is the one that controls rational decision making, self-control, and judgment, making adolescents more prone to trying risky and daring activities. Drugs and alcohol are often easy, accessible outlets for experimentation that can severely impact the developing teenage brain.


    The need to perform, to impress, and to make proud is great pressure for adolescents and young adults. Whether in school or on the field, young people consistently want to prove they are the best to their peers and parents. The competition to be outstanding, however, can be intense. In academics, for example, teens and young adults often rely on the misuse of prescription stimulants as "smart drugs" or study aids to improve academic performance.


    Teens often experience a lack of purpose or talent. They feel like they are not good enough to shine or are lacking something to make them special. These feelings may drive them toward substance abuse. Some youth do not know how to become the best, so they choose to become the worst in hopes of getting their parents' and teachers' undivided attention.

    Lack Of Education: 

    Some adolescents and young adults grow up thinking drug and alcohol use is normal. Their favourite musicians are singing about it, and the movies are glamorising it, the TV ads are selling it. Whether you are sad, can't sleep, or have a headache, there is a drug for you. Our culture has adopted the "pill cures all" mentality, leading our youth to feel the same about drugs. Many do not understand the consequences of drug use. Many teens do not know how it can harm their minds, bodies, and relationships. They need proper education. They need someone to tell them the truth about drugs and alcohol.


    Some teens and young adults are stuck in the cycle. At such a young age, they are more vulnerable to developing dependence and addiction. They get in over their heads at an early age and do not know how to get out. They need you to extend a hand. They need us.

    It's true that some people have a higher risk of abusing and becoming addicted to drugs. Knowing your risk factors can help you to be proactive in avoiding triggers and other situations that may make drug use more likely.

    Here are some of the most common risk factors associated with drug addiction:

    Being A Man.

    Even though the progression of addictive disorders has been seen to be faster among women, men have a higher likelihood of becoming addicted to drugs.

    Family History.

    Is drug addiction common in your family? Researchers believe there may be a genetic predisposition to drug addiction, meaning if someone in your family has dealt with drug addiction, you have a higher risk of dealing with it yourself. This is only true among blood relatives, such as a parent, grandparent or sibling.

    Mental Disorders.

    Having other mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can make you more susceptible to drug addiction. This is because these disorders may sometimes lead to coping through drugs, alcohol or other substances.

    Lack Of Family Involvement.

    When parents aren't involved in their children's lives, or their children simply lack supervision, the risk of drug addiction goes up. This is because not only is it easier for the child to acquire and abuse drugs, but it also promotes difficult family situations and a lack of a bond, which may compel drug use.

    Taking A Highly Addictive Drug.

    Some drugs are more addictive than others. For instance, cocaine is known as a highly addictive drug. Painkillers may also create a faster tolerance and dependency. Even so, taking drugs that are thought to be "less addictive" can still put you on a path to drug addiction.

    While the above risk factors may increase a person's chances of becoming addicted to drugs, anyone can succumb to drug abuse and addiction. Addiction recovery programs can help.

    21Renew - Rehab and Treatment Centre Melbourne

    21renew rehab and treatment centre melbourne

    1800 300 877

    21Renew is an innovative centre for substance abuse rehabilitation and treatment. Our 36 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation have allowed us to hone a special and individualised approach to serving each of our clients.

    We have done the research and talked to thousands of alcoholics and addicts who are struggling with substance abuse, so we know what works. To help you become the best person you can be, we designed a rigors 21-day programme.
    Our programme is completely private and transformative, helping these people and their families change their lives for the better.

    Substance abuse, be it of alcohol, meth, cocaine, narcotics, or other medications, is causing serious problems for millions of people right now. It's unlikely that any help will ever come to these people. Life is lost without treatment, but it can be regained. It might be the difference between life and death for you or a loved one.

    Why was 21Renew created?

    Most private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Australia and South East Asia follow the Therapeutic Community Model, which is based on antiquated beliefs and teaching techniques.

    21Renew was created as an alternative treatment option for people with alcohol, drug, and gambling issues.

    Arrow Health - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    arrow health drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    03 9533 7883

    Arrow Health: Melbourne Inpatient and Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers Doctors Trust

    For a doctor, treating a patient with an addiction problem is among the most challenging scenarios. There has been a lot of progress in the last few decades regarding the study and treatment of addiction, but the associated stigma has not gone away. Additionally, there are many scenarios that call for tact and caution. It's never simple to see a patient or their loved ones struggle with alcoholism.

    You may want to consider admitting your patient to an inpatient alcohol rehab centre in Melbourne, depending on the severity of their addiction. With the right evidence-based, well-developed, high-tech, and compassionate treatment programme, they can beat their addiction. That principle is central to the Arrow Health approach to care.

    We believe we can provide a direct path to sobriety for your patients by combining a safe and trigger-free environment with compassionate, tried-and-true alcohol rehabilitation techniques. Finding a clinic in which you have sufficient faith to refer a patient need not be time consuming.

    When it comes to recommending someone for inpatient alcohol rehab in Melbourne, we understand the challenges you face from a professional standpoint because of our experience with these issues ourselves. Please take the time to read this article and get to know Arrow Health's programme better.

    Why should you send someone to our Melbourne inpatient alcohol rehab?

    It is often best for a person to complete an alcohol rehab programme when they are able to do so in a sober environment. Clients at Arrow Health's facilities are immersed in a loving, supportive, and drug-free environment from the moment they arrive so that they can begin an abstinence-based programme with the best possible start. Numerous services and activities are offered on-site to provide a stress-free setting in which patients can concentrate on their healing.

    Our outpatient services are available when an in-house visit to our Woodend location isn't feasible. Patients and their loved ones work together in these all-inclusive outpatient programmes to foster an atmosphere optimal for recovery. Even if a patient hasn't made up their mind about medical attention yet, we're here to help them make that decision.
    Talk to a representative from Arrow Health right now if you want to learn more.

    Think about the benefits of our inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab in Melbourne when it becomes clear that one of your patients needs help for alcoholism. Our team at Arrow Health is dedicated to helping each and every patient achieve their goals, and we do so with empathy and compassion. Discretion and compassion are also central to the way we conduct business. If you are a doctor and would like to talk to us about the needs of your patient or any plans they may have, please feel free to get in touch with us. If you need help figuring out what to do next and taking the steps required to get your patient the care they need, we're here to help.

    DayHab - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Melbourne

    dayhab drug and alcohol rehab centre melbourne

    1800 329 478

    Melbourne's Leading Rehabilitation Centre

    Located in Melbourne and the Gold Coast, the DayHab Centre is a private hospital dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse disorders. We are a caring group of rehabilitation professionals who are dedicated to giving our clients the support they need.

    About Us

    Leaders in the field of addiction treatment services

    Addiction treatment as we know it has been revolutionised by DayHab's rigors approach to recovery. Our accomplishment is the result of many years of hard work, investigation, and experience. The DayHab programme for addiction recovery is state-of-the-art care, based on current research and best practises.

    People who use DayHab's services can expect to be treated with respect and compassion at all times. Our services are provided in a safe and encouraging setting where healing from addiction can begin.

    As a result of findings from the past two decades of neuroscience, the leaders of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) have come to the consensus that addiction should be reframed in terms of the brain. Addiction, for instance, has been shown to alter the brain's reward circuitry, leading to cravings and further addictive behaviour based on recollections of prior experiences with substances like alcohol, food, sex, gambling, and so on. There is a breakdown in the brain's reward and motivation circuits, leading to irrational behaviour in the pursuit of rewards.

    The premise of DayHab's treatment approach is the consensus that addiction is a disease and that abstinence is the most effective method of care. Because we believe that a healthy body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected, we treat addiction from every angle possible.

    Staff members at DayHab are all recovering addicts and mental health experts with years of experience in the field.

    Treatment for Drug Addiction

    Addiction to drugs is the symptom of a chronic disease that affects brain and behaviour, leading to uncontrollable drug or medication use.

    People have a lot of preconceived notions about drug use, and many of them centre on the idea that addicts lack the moral fibre, intestinal fortitude, or self-discipline necessary to quit using drugs.

    Actually, drug addiction is a complicated disease that can't be beaten with sheer determination alone. Brain changes brought on by addiction make sobriety a formidable challenge. Because of this, repeated attempts to abstain from drug use often end in failure if the patient does not receive adequate treatment or employ effective coping mechanisms, making addiction a relapsing disease.

    The social, economic, and physical costs of drug addiction affect thousands of Australians. Major personality shifts, financial difficulties, feelings of isolation, and an increased risk of developing diseases that can lead to disability or death are just some of the negative outcomes of drug addiction.

    Treatment for Drug Addiction in Melbourne, Victoria

    DayHab Private Hospital for Addiction Treatment provides programmes to help those struggling with drug addiction move past feelings of hopelessness and into a place of empowerment. We are committed to promoting long-term sobriety and reestablishing each patient's sense of meaning and value as we provide them with effective medication therapy treatments to aid them on their individual path to recovery.

    More than 3.1 million Australians partake in illicit drug use, with cannabis, pharmaceuticals, cocaine, and ecstasy being the most commonly used drugs. Substance abuse affects a sizable portion of the Australian population, and many others are directly or indirectly affected by those who are. Still, things may turn out okay. The holistic treatment and high-quality care provided by DayHab's outpatient and residential addiction treatment programmes are unparalleled. Our approach is multifaceted, targeting the addict on all levels of his or her being to break the cycle of drug abuse.

    Addiction-Specific Mental Health Services and Behavioural Therapies

    People who are looking for help with their drug addiction should consider inpatient treatment centres. Patient care at DayHab is all-encompassing, with options for both individual and group cognitive behavioural therapy.

    The following are part of DayHab's strategy to treating drug addiction:

    • Examinations that are both thorough and individualised to the client's specific situation are performed.
    • The use of specialised professionals trained to treat drug addiction in its many forms in one-on-one settings.
    • Personalized behavioural and therapeutic approaches
    • In order to successfully treat drug addiction, behavioural therapies are essential because they help patients alter their perspectives and routines surrounding drug use. Clients benefit from these therapies because they inform them on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which in turn boosts their self-esteem and improves their outlook on ongoing treatment.
    • The goal of treatment is to restore harmony within the family by removing the stress brought on by drug abuse.

    DayHab offers a variety of drug addiction treatment programmes. An option is a short-term, in-house programme that can serve as a reset button, such as a 28-day residential treatment programme. Full residential treatment, which typically lasts for 90 days, aims to treat addiction at its root before helping patients develop healthy lifestyle habits and acquire the tools they'll need to succeed in the real world once they leave treatment.

    Group therapy also welcomes people in recovery, providing them with a supportive environment in which to share their stories. Having the chance to talk to others who understand what they're going through can be very motivating and encouraging for those who are struggling to stick with their treatment.

    How does it work?

    • Attendance at DayHab Treatment Centre on a daily basis
    • All program content is according to the Day Program.
    • Addiction Medicine Specialist medical evaluation (when required)
    • Dr. Ranvir Sood conducts a psychiatric evaluation.
    • Residents prepare and cook their own meals.
    • Twelve-step meetings are held every night.
    • Help with life skills
    • A drug- and alcohol-free environment is provided.
    • Family and loved ones pay weekly visits to the DayHab Treatment Centre.
    • Aftercare planning and assistance
    • 24-hour assistance and care

    Betel Shalom Australia - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    betel shalom australia drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    1300 904 505

    Melbourne Drug Rehabilitation

    The Yarra Valley is home to Betel Shalom Australia, a residential drug and alcohol recovery centre in Melbourne, Victoria.
    A resident's financial stability, relationships, heart problems, employment, education, and future training are all addressed in our comprehensive rehabilitation programme. We take a hands-on and practical approach to making sure that everyone involved with Betel Shalom is able to feel like they belong there and can make a positive impact. Our services are available to anyone struggling with a debilitating problem, such as substance abuse or a phobia, phobia, or emotional trauma.

    As Australia's most stringent rehabilitation centre, Shalom House (Perthprogram )'s is one we use (with permission). Betel Shalom's strict rules and zero-tolerance policy are meant to hasten residents' progress through the programme and ensure that they gain the most benefit from it possible.

    Having spent 26 years in active addiction, Shalom House founder Peter Lyndon-James knows firsthand the importance of rehabilitation and the challenge of overcoming addiction. Peter comes from a broken family; he was institutionalised when he was nine years old and has struggled with drug addiction for the majority of his life. As he struggled to free himself from the routine that had become his prison, he gained invaluable insight. Now that he has found freedom from his own shackles, Peter wants to help others do the same.

    The Christian-based Betel Shalom Rehabilitation Centre in Victoria, which can house up to 40 patients between its two facilities, provides excellent care. When it comes to taking care of our clients, our staff and volunteers spare no effort.

    Turning Point - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    turning point drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    03 8413 8452

    Providing Support

    People and families affected by addiction, including those seeking help for the first time, have access to a wide range of clinical care and support through Turning Point, and clinicians are given the tools they need to respond effectively.

    Driving Change

    The goal is to eliminate discrimination and stigma associated with addiction so that it can be treated like any other health condition.

    Inspiring Minds

    Turning Point provides education, workforce training, and leadership in the health sector through a variety of means, including annual orations, periodic symposiums, and the exchange of knowledge.

    Building Evidence

    Turning Point is a leader in Australia and around the world in identifying population harms, developing new approaches, and changing lives through its frontline services, clinical trials, and partnerships.

    Information and Advice for Clinicians

    Turning Point provides a range of addiction treatment, consultation and workforce development programmes for health and welfare professionals working with Victorians with substance use and gambling problems.

    Specialist assessment and treatment, detailed management plans, medication initiation and stabilisation, secondary consultation and support, mentoring, and education for referrers are just some of the ways in which we help patients with complex presentations. All of Turning Point's services are founded on solid research and the most recent findings in the field.

    Turning Point has a wide range of professionals on their clinical staff, including those trained in addiction medicine, nursing, psychology, neuropsychology, social work, and peer support.

    Clients and their families/carers may also have the opportunity to participate in a range of research programmes and trials as part of their care.

    • Turning Point Statewide Specialist Clinical Services
    • Turning Point’s Statewide Specialist, Clinical Services, is based in Richmond and include a range of addiction medicine, psychology and neuropsychology assessment and treatment services. These services are available to anyone in the state of Victoria, and in some instances, can be delivered via telehealth.
    • Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services
    • In the Eastern metropolitan region, Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services (TPETS) is the lead agency for the Eastern Consortium of Alcohol and Drug Services (ECADS) – a partnership of alcohol and other drug service providers that cover the inner and outer eastern metropolitan region (Inner East and Eastern catchments). 

    Turning Point Addiction Services

    • Intake service and referrals
    • Inpatient detox and short-stay rehabilitation
    • Specialist addiction clinics
    • Counselling, psychotherapy and care coordination
    • Group programs

    Palladium Private Retreat - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    palladium private retreat drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    1300 573 001

    About Us

    To date, over 5,000 graduates of our programme can attest to the positive impact we have had on their lives. This day forwards, we pledge to do everything in our power to help you enhance your emotional wellbeing and quality of life. For people who are serious about overcoming issues with their mental health, like stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or trauma, we understand the importance of offering a bespoke treatment plan.

    We achieve these positive outcomes by customising a range of evidence-based therapies and treatments for each individual client's unique mental health concern. Our residential retreat programme incorporates psychological, physical, educational, and social strategies with a focus on nutritional ingredients to attack and eradicate the root of your problem. Palladium Private is ISO certified, meaning they follow these standards.

    About Our Program

    Our programmes generally last between one and five weeks and are designed to help people with a wide range of mental health issues. If you suffer from a condition like depression, anxiety, or substance abuse, it will take more than a week to replace negative behaviours with healthier alternatives. Group activities are essential for social integration as you get ready to return home, and all conversation therapy is provided on an individual basis.

    The total cost of a programme can be affected by factors such as its intensity, duration, location, and associated travel and housing arrangements. During the admissions process, we will discuss the specifics of your health condition in order to determine which treatment plan will be most effective in addressing it. Professional and confidential, our admissions process is just what you need. Feel free to contact our admissions team to discuss your needs and get started on the road to recovery.

    Why Select Palladium Private?

    The Palladium Private Program caters solely to those who are struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and/or substance abuse. In order to fully benefit from the Palladium Private Program, a two- to five-week residential stay is required. Long-term, sustainable improvements in people's lives are our top priority, and to achieve this, we expect nothing less than total commitment from everyone involved in our programme.

    For lasting improvement, we work with you to create a daily routine that works for you, while also limiting your exposure to potentially negative stimuli. This allows us to focus on helping you understand the root causes of your stress and emotional symptoms, which can then help you break free of destructive patterns of behaviour like substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental illness.Addiction to drugs and alcohol

    Connection Based Living - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    connection based living drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    0403 242 420

    Our Purpose 

    "being happy, feeling happy, enjoying serenity and contentment throughout all life domains" is the definition of recovery in Connection Based Living.

    We think the current addiction treatment and rehabilitation system is flawed, ineffective, and in need of reform. As we strive to become the world's preeminent provider of addiction solutions, we will spare no effort in our pursuit of this goal.

    We illustrate how incorporating the recovery equation into one's way of life can bring about positive changes.

    The goal of the foundational lifestyle known as "Connection-Based Living" is to help people conquer their addictions and lead fulfilling lives in every aspect of their existence.

    Recovery is not a random process; rather, there is a specific formula that, when applied, allows for recovery, transformation, and altered lives. This method is known as "Connection Based Living."

    Consultation Is Free

    You can schedule a free initial consultation with us online or in person. You can come in and talk to us about the programme to see if it's right for you.

    Continual Help As a member of the CBL support group, you can count on our undivided attention whenever you require it.


    Connection Based Living involves weekly one-on-one sessions with a coach to help you plan and implement your personal transformation.

    Membership in Video Training Content

    During your six weeks in the Growth Healing programme, you'll have access to our comprehensive video training series, which will guide you through a variety of exercises and provide you with a variety of tools and resources to monitor your progress.

    Natural Health Practitioner

    Talk to our Natural Therapist for a comprehensive health evaluation to get a baseline picture of your current health and wellness status.

    Microbiome Analysis

    We're here to help you reset your biology. After undergoing Microbiome testing, you will work with our natural therapist to create a unique treatment programme designed to restore your body's chemical balance.

    Fitness Training

    Get on track with your physical fitness and nutrition with the help of our personal trainer and nutritional counselling sessions spread out over the course of the programme.

    Comprehensive Resource Manuals

    We know that transformation isn't automatic, so we arm you with a tonne of resources and actionable advice to help you make the shift to CBL.

    Groups of Support

    After your time with us is over, we will put you in touch with recovery support groups around the world so that you can continue to be active in your journey.

    Planning for Aftercare

    The importance of treatment cannot be stressed enough. In fact, it's even more important to make good choices after finishing therapy. We'll work closely with you to make sure your post-treatment plan is foolproof.

    The Banyans - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    the banyans drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    1300 226 977

    The highest standard of wellness improvement, personalised mental health care, and exclusive rehabilitation services.

    Our Recovery Strategy

    The Banyans Health and Wellness Center provides a rehabilitation programme that has been shown to have positive, lasting effects on its clients. Australia's leading residential rehabilitation programme, offered by The Banyans Health and Wellness, takes a comprehensive medical and biopsychosocial approach.

    Dependency And Addiction

    Reliance and addiction are not character flaws. There's a wide range of reasons for this, and you're not alone.

    While others cannot, some people who are addicted or dependent are still able to contribute to society in meaningful ways. Relationship problems, job performance issues, mental health decline, and persistent illness are just some of the negative outcomes that may result from these behaviours.

    Dependence On Alcohol

    Two drinks per day are recommended by the Australian government's National Drinking Guidelines. Consistently drinking more than this raises suspicions of alcoholism, but there are other symptoms that stand out as well.

    Addiction And Dependency On Drugs

    Substance abuse as a coping mechanism has been linked to a wide range of negative outcomes, including physical and mental health problems. Substance abuse, whether it be of legal pharmaceuticals or illegal drugs, can be fatal if left untreated.

    Programs for Residents

    Residential treatment is available at Banyans Health & Wellness for those with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress, burnout, addiction, or eating disorders, as well as those with a dual diagnosis.

    The programmes at The Banyans Residence are based on a biopsychosocial assessment paradigm, which means that our interdisciplinary staff works together to address medical, emotional, physical, and nutritional concerns.

    All aspects of the programme are provided on a one-on-one basis, and it is individualised based on the patient's history and current symptoms.

    Comprehensive Plan

    Individuals whose mental health, addiction, and eating disorder problems are severe and persistent, and whose treatment will require a multifaceted approach, should enrol in the Comprehensive Program. The four pillars of care (medical, psychological, nutritional, and physical) will each be addressed in individualised, one-on-one sessions with guests.

    Program for Recovery Essentials

    The Essentials of Recovery is a psychologically-based programme. The goal of this programme is to serve as a successful recovery Kickstarter by equipping participants with the tools they'll need to face the challenges of daily life.

    Program for Rest and Refreshment

    The goal of the Rest and Refresh Program is to provide those who are feeling tired or burned out with a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life. Peace, rest, relaxation, and recalibrating oneself are encouraged through the Rest and Refresh Program's use of therapeutic counselling, stress-reducing activities, and delectable, chef-prepared meals.

    Program for Strengthening Relationships

    This programme is designed for couples who want to put in the effort to strengthen their connection. Our seven-day programme is coordinated by our family and relationship counsellor, who employs techniques from the Gottman Method of couples therapy, cognitive behavioural therapies, and mindfulness practises.

    Odyssey House Victoria - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Melbourne

    odyssey house victoria drug and alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    03 9420 7603

    Welcome to Odyssey House Victoria

    The effects of substance abuse on children and other family members are taken very seriously at Odyssey House. We also aim to support and make our services accessible to as many individuals as possible, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, and members of LGBTQI groups.

    Our Influence

    We hope you enjoy Our Impact, a snapshot of Odyssey House Victoria that details the people we helped, the activities we organised, and the difference we made. Staff, consortium and financial partners, supporters, and funders have all contributed to making the work we do today as relevant as it was more than 40 years ago. All of you are appreciated.

    Rehabilitation in the Home

    People with severe issues related to alcohol and/or drug use and associated mental health issues are good candidates for the structured live-in programmes offered by Odyssey House's Residential Rehabilitation department.

    Odyssey House Victoria's adult residential rehabilitation programme offers in-house care for single adults, couples, and families (aged 0-12). The values-based programme functions as a therapeutic community, creating a structured environment in which up to 143 residents and 30 staff members can work together to help people make adjustments and choices that will aid in their recovery.

    Sober Living Rehab - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    sober living rehab drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    1800 531 589

    Sober Living Rehab: Drug Rehab Melbourne

    After the detoxification process is complete, clients and their families can move on to the sober living portion of the rehabilitation programme.

    Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse problems come in a wide variety of forms and manifestations, and can affect people of any age. Unfortunately, those who need assistance the most do not always receive it. There were 3.1 million Australians aged 14 and up who had tried illegal drugs at least once in 2016, but only 127,000 had gotten professional help for their dependency.

    Rehabilitation For Sober Living

    Sober Living provides private, in-patient care for substance abuse in the Melbourne area. Their ultimate goal is to help clients strengthen their family relationships outside of the centre, but they also provide a safe space for them to develop their own support system and healthy friendships among their peers.

    Rehabilitation aid, specialised medical care, and other essential recovery services are the backbone of the Sober Living Rehab clinic's success and survival. To help patients maintain their sobriety at home, the hospital offers both intensive in-patient life skills classes and outpatient drug treatment services.

    Sober Living Rehab provides a deeper dive into the foundation of the programme. An improvement in health, sobriety, and hope for the future. If you're interested in finding out more, please contact a member of our team right away.

    Addiction To Drugs

    Rehab for Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. Relentless, self-regulating, all-consuming, and destructive drug seeking and use are hallmarks of addiction. Individuals, their families, and their communities can all suffer emotionally, physically, and monetarily as a result of drug-related behaviour.

    Addictive behaviours are learned, not innate. An individual may have their first encounter with the drug that would ruin their life under unusual or extreme conditions. Drug use is typically a free, impulsive, and spur-of-the-moment choice made by the user with little thought to the long-term effects.

    Alcohol, benzodiazepines, illegal drugs, opiates, sleeping medications, and stimulants are just six of the many addictive chemicals available.

    Inpatient Intensive Program

    Those with severe drug addictions need a critical and all-encompassing strategy for recovery. Research by Drs. Patrick Carnes and Kevin McCauley informs this strategy, which aims to help high-risk patients maintain their gains over time. Drug abuse treatment, process groups, family groups, workshops and consultations with family members, clinical psychology counselling, psychiatric evaluation as needed, and 12-step immersion are all part of the comprehensive, structured recovery programme.

    ​Vincent Care - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    ​vincent care drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinic melbourne

    1800 825 955

    What we do?

    VincentCare is the go-to organisation in Victoria for help when you're on the streets or facing other hardships.

    VincentCare was founded in 2003 to expand the St Vincent de Paul Society's Christian purpose to support and advocate for the most vulnerable Victorians.

    VincentCare's purpose, vision, mission, and values centre on helping those who are experiencing or at risk of primary homelessness.

    Our services have been assisting Victoria's homeless population for over 65 years.

    VincentCare Community Housing (VCCH) is a Registered Housing Provider that manages a wide range of properties and tenancies on behalf of the Director of Housing, including 180 properties designated as Transitional Housing.

    About ten years ago, VincentCare realised the importance of developing novel approaches to engaging with Victoria's most marginalised.

    Through extensive client feedback and analysis of the external operating environment and global trends, the Board developed a novel model of care that forms the backbone of our Strategic Directions for 2012–2015. When a client comes to VincentCare, they often have a number of different, complex problems, and we know that there are many different factors that can lead to homelessness. We also recognise the close relationship between trauma and homelessness.

    To fulfil VincentCare's mission and vision, we must first give clients hope by tackling the root causes of homelessness, and then give them the tools they need to create sustainable, person-centered plans for moving from homelessness to permanent housing and self-sufficiency in the communities of their choice.

    As of 2018, this was a widely adopted practise called the Homelessness to Recovery model.

    VincentCare is committed to the principles of social justice, and all people are valued and respected regardless of ability, culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

    Addiction To Drugs And Alcohol

    Learn about your options for receiving specialised care for substance abuse and related issues. A lot of changes have been made in recent years to the alcohol and other drugs (AOD) industry to facilitate those in need of assistance. The state of Victoria has been broken down into catchment areas so that you can find a local organisation to assist you.

    For immediate assessment and referral, contact DirectLine at 1800 888 236 or visit any time of day or night. Otherwise, you should visit an Access Point by appointment only. If you're in the northwestern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, you can also reach VincentCare by dialling their Glenroy location's phone number.

    There are many options for satisfying your stream needs. They consist of the following:


    There are many different types of therapy available, including in-person sessions, sessions over the phone or internet, sessions with your family, and sessions with other people.

    Withdrawal For Non-Residents

    For times when you need some alone time but still want to keep in touch with the world.

    Withdrawal From One's Home

    Those with complex needs or who are unable to withdraw safely at home should consider supervised withdrawal in a hospital or residential setting.

    Rehabilitation In The Home

    A residential programme that provides a safe environment for people to stay while they receive therapy from trained professionals in both individual and group settings, as well as the encouragement of their peers.

    Coordination Of Care And Recovery

    Help coordinating the many necessary services and programmes for those at the highest risk.

    Day Treatment For Rehabilitation

    Very much like residential rehabilitation, but with the added benefit of not having to leave your neighbourhood.


    A worker will help you fill your prescription for medication to ease your withdrawal symptoms and reduce your use if you need it.

    Services For Youth

    Families of people under 25 are strongly encouraged to get involved in these programmes. They also help with the coordination of the individual's other services, such as those related to mental health, education, and child protection.

    Indigenous Services

    Like the youth services, the Aboriginal Services are designed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in mind. Culture is taken into account as much as possible during programme delivery, which has a primary goal of lowering the number of people who drink and use drugs.

    Habitat Therapeutics - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    habitat therapeutics drug and alcohol treatment clinic

    1300 262 827

    Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation & Government Approved Detox Centre

    We're offering you incredible savings to come to our newer, larger facility. The time to start living a sober life is now. We will pick you up and drop you off at the airport no matter where in Australia you happen to land.

    Your healing foundation

    Habitat's three-pronged approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation provides a solid basis for rebuilding your life. First, you'll enter a residential therapeutic community for initial treatment, where you'll participate in psychological therapies aimed at resolving the root causes of your addiction. Then there's counseling and education, where you'll learn the skills and tools you'll need to live a clean and sober life as part of a 12-step personal recovery programme.

    Your recovery program are based on tried-and-true methodologies, and throughout your stay at one of our facilities, you will: 

    • Take part in communal living with other clients.
    • Participate in individual and group counselling sessions.
    • Participate in additional research to acquire a better understanding of addiction.
    • Attend external 12-step meetings on a regular basis.
    • Participate in fitness programs to get your body, mind, and soul working together.
    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Group Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) will be used to target and change maladaptive behaviours.

    Our facility in Geelong caters to those suffering from a variety of drug addictions, including alcoholism, ice use, cocaine use, heroin use, and more (a short drive from Melbourne). We also urge clients to go from out of town, such as Adelaide or Sydney, because being away from home and its associated triggers is always a good idea. Our multi-faceted approach to rehabilitation sets us apart from other treatment options because it is the most comprehensive available. Residential treatment for substance abuse is available, as is housing for those who need it.

    Ongoing Assistance For You And Your Family

    First-time guests at our residential drug and alcohol rehab centre are introduced to a variety of aftercare options and support groups during their inpatient treatment. We're here to support and inform your loved ones.

    In fact, Habitat's support and services continue long after your original programme has ended. We are invested in your well-being and offer numerous post-discharge care options, such as:

    • Housing in transition.
    • Outpatient services.
    • Constant counselling and instruction.

    You and your loved ones can take advantage of these, and our former customers and their families can use social media to stay in touch with one another and build professional and personal networks. We're happy to be able to offer education and job opportunities to those who want to pursue careers as drug and alcohol counsellors, a path taken by many of our former clients.

    Since addiction is often a chronic, relapsing disorder, Habitat Therapeutics offers resources for preventing relapse, such as education and counselling, as well as follow-up care options that are both accessible and cost-effective in the event that a relapse does occur.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Melbourne

    As far as rehabilitation programmes in Australia go, we believe ours is one of the best and most effective.

    Our Melbourne-based residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme is among the most successful of its kind in Australia. After completing the 90-day programme, 70% of participants maintained their sobriety.

    Addicts from all over the country can come to Geelong, Victoria to get away from their everyday environments and focus on recovery.
    We have a great track record of treating substance addictions such as alcoholism/alcohol addiction, ice addiction, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and speed addiction.

    Customers can come to us from anywhere in the country (Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Perth & beyond)

    People who are travelling long distances are picked up and dropped off at the airport.

    Our methods are grounded in extensive international research. We advise clients to commit to a 90-day programme for maximum benefit. Habitat's 30-day programme gives those with substance abuse problems the time they need to address and repair maladaptive behaviours, receive comprehensive counselling, and learn the skills they'll need to maintain their sobriety once they leave treatment. Participation in off-site meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is a daily part of the programme because these groups offer the recovering addict or alcoholic continuous, lifelong support.

    Although we prefer a 90-day minimum stay, we understand that this may not be possible for all of our guests. Therefore, we offer 90-day plans as well as 30-day and 60-day plans. To maximise the likelihood of success within the available time and budget, we can customise a programme to the specific needs of each client. Our shorter programme will still equip you with the tools you need to remain sober after leaving treatment, but a longer programme will naturally provide more strength and experience in recovery.

    Ngwala Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    ngwala drug & alcohol rehab treatment clinics in melbourne

    03 9510 3256

    About Ngwala Willumbong Aboriginal Corporation

    Ngwala employs a wide variety of specialists, including those in the fields of alcohol and drug treatment, counselling, social work, case management, family support, housing, outreach, and youth work. By providing best-practice services to those whose lives have been ruined by substance abuse, Ngwala aims to foster an environment conducive to healing and growth for our people.

    The Drug and Alcohol Problem The most controlled environment for people to reach their full potential is found in residential rehabilitation centres. People in the community who are recovering from substance abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, or involvement with the Adult or Youth Justice systems can turn to the Outreach Services for assistance once they leave a Residential Rehabilitation Centre.

    In the same way that Ngwala is committed to enhancing all aspects of service delivery, they are also dedicated to preserving and enhancing the knowledge of the Ngwala staff. For the purpose of fostering best practises in service delivery, Ngwala has formed and will continue to form appropriate alliances and collaborations with mainstream speciality agencies.

    Ngwala receives funding for Residential Rehabilitation and other Outreach services from the Commonwealth through the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and from the State through the Departments of Health, Human Services, and Justice.

    Melbourne's Galiamble Men's Recovery Centre

    Located in the heart of St. Kilda, Galiamble Males' Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre is a 24-hour residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre for men. It offers 15-16 weeks of intensive residential treatment in a peaceful and encouraging setting for those who want to live a drug-free life.

    There is no requirement for participation at the centre, and referrals from the law enforcement are welcome. All males over the age of 18 are welcome to stay at the facility, which has a maximum capacity of 16 men. It creates a comfortable, familiar setting that helps patients recover quickly and easily. Stay duration is client-specific; however, clients are strongly encouraged to commit to a 15-week programme. The goal is to ensure they leave the facility with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to continue to be drug- and alcohol-free in the real world.

    Every one of our rehabilitation programmes is structured around the twelve-step total abstinence paradigm and employs a holistic treatment strategy tailored to the unique psychological, social, and spiritual requirements of Aboriginal people. Programs like these are made possible by trained personnel.

    • Case Management at its Finest
    • Cultural Activities
    • Exercise Routines
    • Health Care Programs
    • Attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings
    • Anger Management and Self-Esteem
    • Domestic and Family Violence
    • Individual and collective Counselling
    • Prevention of Relapse
    • Computer abilities
    • Leatherwork and Art
    • Men’s Talking Circle
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