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10 Best Branding Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

When it comes to creating a successful brand, businesses need the help of an experienced and qualified branding agency. If you're looking for a top branding agency in Sydney, New South Wales, you've come to the right place.

Below we've listed some of the 10 best agencies in the area, so you can find the perfect one for your business. With expert knowledge and years of experience, these agencies can help you create a strong brand that will stand out from the competition. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, read on!

Ultimate List of Branding Agencies in Sydney, New South Wales

Hunter - Branding Agency Sydney, New South Wales

hunter branding agency sydney, new south wales


Since Hunter began in 2010, we’ve helped create over a billion dollars worth of value for our clients. This has included startups, scale-ups, and of course those bigger brands in need of a reboot. Our purpose is to help you change your brand for the better.

A world of disruption

We live in a world of disruption. Everything is changing and big brands have the most to lose. With business models driven solely by the creation of shareholder wealth, they were built for a world that no longer exists. The creation of social or environmental wealth is an uncomfortable subject for them.

Cost-cutting, not innovation

Instead of growth through innovation or reinvention, we’re seeing greater veracity of restructures, mergers and acquisitions in an attempt to not only stay relevant but to cut costs in order to return unattainable year-on-year profits to shareholders.

Cheaper, not necessarily better

We’re also noticing the bigger shifts in retail, where the race to the bottom is killing competition, reducing brand owner margins and screwing suppliers out of a living. This model is unsustainable, it’s broken and something has to give.

Scale-up. Reboot

Whilst this might sound like apocalyptic doom and gloom, we believe it’s a super exciting time for entrepreneurs, challenger brands and agents of change to start up, scale-up and reboot their brands for the better. Now, more than ever before, it’s easier to start and scale a business to stratospheric heights.


Our model is built on immersion, collaboration and iteration. Starting with our strategic planning process, we’re keen to understand your world. How and why it’s changing, what winning looks like, what losing looks like and finally what’s stopping you from moving forward.


If you’ve had a chance to look at our work, then you’ll hopefully notice a thing or two on how we treat our client’s branding. We’d probably use words like ‘human’, ‘considered’, and ‘modern’ to describe the way we do things. Nice words aside, the one truth that runs through every brand is the fact that they should be built from a unique, humanised strategic position. Without this, it’s just window dressing.


We take branding seriously. For us, it’s more than a logo, colour palette, typography, illustrations, images, packaging or websites. If our brand work doesn’t show empathy and respect for the people’s lives it wants to participate in… then we’ve failed.

Made Agency - Branding Agency Sydney, NSW

made agency branding agency sydney, nsw


1300 877 530

Sydney's Principal Design Agency

We are an award-winning agency committed to excellence for over 15 years.

We create meaningful brand experiences. Let’s collaborate and make your business better.


At Made Agency, we create brands and design marketing communications for business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs – like you. With proven experience in a range of sectors, from retail and real estate to financial and the influential, our full-service design and branding agency produces meaningful brand experiences for our clients and their customers. We are proud to be known as Sydney’s principal design agency and we look forward to collaborating on your exciting project and bringing your brand to life.


Our design experience, collective focus and pursuit for branding excellence. We provide personal service because every brand is unique. We’re also approachable, which is ideal for creative collaboration.


We openly work with various charities and non-profit organisations too. More here.


From graphic design and websites to branding and beyond. Explore our full list of recent awards here.

Client needs vary widely, so it is important to have a process that can adapt accordingly.


Giving shape to your idea, product and brand


You want your customer to choose your brand over any competitors.

Branding is about maximising every opportunity. Whether you require a new brand, a brand refresh or brand architecture for your complex organisation, Made Agency can produce all your branding requirements. Including brand strategy, logo design, naming, identity and brand guidelines. Working together, we will learn about your brand vision, objectives, customers and market. With our award-winning design, experience in strategy and pure hunger for collaboration – great results can be achieved. We look forward to discussing your branding.


Your corporate identity design is a visual representation of your brand.

From an introduction set of guidelines to a more elaborate version to ensure your brand is future proof. We will make it happen. Our team will produce excellent design solutions for your branding. Through our creative and technical process, incorporating the overall strategy and rounds of stress testing, the perfect guide for your brand applications will be delivered. We can advise you on everything branding: design, brand values, tone of voice, streamline, logo usage, sizing, spacing, fonts, colour palette, stationery, signage, livery, email, social media, web, media, templates and more.

Bringing synergy & strategy alive to give you the best start


Beautiful design is nothing without an effective brand strategy framework. Whether you’re launching a new brand or considering creating a new website for your existing business, a tailored personal branding workshop with Made Agency will help fuel the creative process and improve your creative approach and marketing focus.

We have held successful brand strategy workshops with many significant local, national and international brands from start-ups to major players. This is where synergy and strategy come alive. This is how brands are made.

Handle Branding Agency Sydney

handle branding agency sydney


02 8812 5997


Handle is an independent branding and creative design agency, based out of Sydney. Through our award-winning work, we partner with forward-thinking brands to connect and grow in a meaningful way.



We are a branding and creative design agency dedicated to helping brands drive open honest relationships with their audience. We open the hearts and minds of the people through creative outcomes and experiences. By breaking down the barriers often found in communication we seek new opportunities, boundaries, and conversations. 

With an award-winning portfolio of projects and clients, our work drives our ongoing clear thinking, straightforward communication, and considered execution in every challenge.


With a clearly aligned vision, and company-wide mission - we believe design should be at the forefront of every human interaction; bringing a fresh perspective, creative ideas, and extensive knowledge of consumer psychology and digital experiences.


Our work is transformative as we reposition companies and organisations into creative partners we are able to involve them in the conversation resulting in relevant and compelling solutions. We work out of our creative design studio in the heart of Parramatta and are very proud to be a part of the change happening in Western Sydney. Our clients and work are diverse and include but are not limited to private companies, government sectors and not-for-profit clients.


We value our staff and our business and we need to make sure that we are remunerated for the work that we do.

Handle does not endorse or associate ourselves with ‘free pitching’ but supports the Australian Graphic Design Association Code of Ethics on the issue. 

Any presentation to a client requiring the production of original ideas and concepts visual and otherwise must be reimbursed, either with a pitching fee or the signing of a design proposal.

The practice of free pitching grossly undermines the value of our industry, destroys the professional standing of designers, and delivers short term financial benefit to the client at the direct expense of the designer which can only result in an exploitative business relationship.



Our brand is who we are. It’s the set of ideas, emotions and associations that come to mind whenever anyone thinks about us. Whether you’re a new brand or an established brand seeking a rebranding refresh; have simple requirements or also require sub-branding and co-branding; Handle Branding can open doors for your business. We are known for creating brand identities that connect with targeted audiences and effectively communicate an organisation’s mission, values, personality and strengths. 

We can produce all your branding collateral including brand strategy, logo design, naming, brand identity and brand guidelines. Your brand will prove essential in every opportunity your business will encounter and can encourage potential customers to choose you over competitors. With our experience in collaborative design for both corporations and small businesses – great results will follow.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are essential in keeping your brand’s identity strong, memorable and effective throughout all future applications. As a part of our branding process, we provide a documented set of guidelines for this purpose.

Our guidelines will cover all facets of your brand: values, tone of voice, tagline, correct logo usage, minimum sizing, recommended spacing, fonts, colour palette, supporting graphics, patterns, and icons; as well as suggestions for stationery, signage, livery, email, social media, web, media, templates and more. With Handle, you can rest assured your brand will be developed into a powerful identity that will be noticed, talked about and remembered.

FAQs About Branding Agency

So to better understand, the branding comes first, and then the marketing follows. Your company owns your marketing. Your customers own your brand. The marketing agency does not have to develop the theme or logo for your company, all that is in place already.

Narrowing down your list of potential agencies can help you find the right branding agency for your business and future brand.

  • Look for a Diverse Branding Portfolio.
  • Look for an Excellent Branding Reputation.
  • Look for Regular Communication.
  • Look for a Well-Defined Branding Process.
  • Look for Proof of Brand Success.

To determine whether or not you need to hire a branding agency, you ought to consider your current brand strategy and go from there: Resources: If your company's brand management is DIY, how many hours are devoted to marketing, designing and testing? Brand marketing takes time and skill.

Branding agencies provide best-in-class research, identity services and strategies that the digital marketing firm or the in-house marketing team won't be able to provide. In addition, branding agencies offer unique and proven areas of expertise distinct from marketing.

A branding agency is a firm that specializes in creating and launching brands and rebranding. The role of a branding agency is to create, plan, measure and manage branding strategies for clients, including support in advertising and other forms of promotion.

Creative Order - Branding Design Agency Sydney, NSW

creative order branding design agency sydney, nsw


03 9505 0430


We create a visual identity and communications that inspire change and delivers success.

Profile Co.

Todd Lopez & David Marinelli came together in 2008, united by a simple design philosophy; that powerful ideas and quality craftsmanship are key to achieving excellence in brand communications.

Our big-picture approach is simple – listen to our clients, understand their business, and then answer their needs using the power of good design.

Whether you’re a start-up or re-energising an established company with a rebrand contact us now

We’re a boutique brand agency. We create industry-leading solutions – executing them online and offline. Our work cuts through the visual chaos, communicating clearly and effectively.

Creative Advertising 

We deliver creative campaigns that are truly integrated.

Advertising solutions for TV, radio, outdoor, direct marketing, print news and digital marketing including social and video content.

Combining intelligent thinking, clever concepts and powerful messaging, we produce engaging and effective creative advertising campaigns, from the concept stage, through to sign-off and production.

We’ve delivered integrated campaigns involving everything from television commercials, direct mail, magazine print ads, radio scripts and recordings, through to outdoor media Adshells, bus wraps and 48 sheet billboards.

We also take campaigns digital, with digital marketing services including strategy, social and content, display and search advertising using Google Adwords, and social advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Being an integrated agency means that we can go from creating your brand logo to developing your marketing communications, all while ensuring integrity and consistency for your brand.

Logo Design & Identity 

We design innovative brand logos and identities that go beyond today.

Creative solutions for brand names, brand positioning, logo design and complete brand identity programs. Let us help you make your marque.

Branding is the most powerful asset your business can have. It is not simply a logo, a colour, an image or a font, it is also how you present yourself and communicate to your customers. Most of all it is how all of these elements work together in one cohesive language to generate an emotional and memorable response in your customer’s mind.

Good branding is finding a unique way to identify your business, to tell your story and give you the edge over your competitors. Your brand speaks volumes for the type of business you are and hope to be. It represents your vision, values and culture.

The team at Creative Order are experts at crafting innovative rebrands, brand logos and identities. We make it our business to get to the heart of the ethos of your business because it’s critical to bring your brand to life. With every new branding project, our aim is to create a striking, beautiful brand logo and identity that will be as relevant today as it is in decades from now. If your brand is given the right consideration from the start, it will certainly be a valuable investment that will continue to grow into the future.

Packaging Design 

Award-winning packaging that evokes an emotional connection.

Whether it be packaging for beverages, food, homewares or fast-moving consumer goods, we create memorable packaging to help our clients stand above the fold.

In the consumer’s mind, good packaging design is a reflection of a good brand. A brand that is reliable, quality and worth the purchase price, and importantly worth coming back for. Packaging is the critical connection between shoppers and your products at the all-important point of purchase. Effective packaging design must be visible on the shelf, engaging and clearly communicate your USP and key benefits.

We produce packaging of the highest standard and work with sustainable and recyclable products where possible. We help brands stand out in-store and let their identity shine. A good packaging design should engage, entertain, involve and inform to create a memorable experience, keeping people coming back for more.

Good packaging design activates the senses and speaks directly from the shelf to the customer. A good design helps people; feel, smell, taste & try – converting browsers into buyers and brand advocates. We’re able to walk you through every step of the way, from visual strategy and execution process: taking our idea from concept through to development, application, and finally, artwork and production, always ensuring the highest standards of delivery.

Raw.Studio - Branding Agency Sydney

raw.studio branding design agency sydney



Designers of digital products and delightful experiences

We’re a team of makers, thinkers and explorers. We design and build digital products because we’re curious people driven by continuous learning and solving hard problems. We gain a huge amount of fulfilment through growing our clients' businesses, delighting their customers, and innovating in their industries.


A product design studio that uses strategy, branding and technology to help reach business and user objectives.

We are a result-driven design agency that prioritises your success

Our clients really do change the world

Every year we celebrate our clients’ successes – from the US, Europe, and Malaysia to our local Australia. These special moments truly define us as a product team.

Why are we different?

Our design process is end-to-end, from initial research all the way to high-fidelity design and development. Because we immerse ourselves in the project from the start, we are able to produce quality, validated designs and impactful results for our clients.

We are result-driven

Results are what you’re here for, right? It’s important for us to keep your end goal in mind throughout the project. We embrace this wholeheartedly and use this drive to create impactful products and experiences.

We are strategic

We strategise and streamline the design process by conducting our own user research and using insights to drive business strategy and design decisions.

We are experienced

You are in good, capable hands at Raw.Studio. While we are a relatively young agency, our team’s experience dates much further back.

We Care

We think it’s important to have a strong relationship with our clients. We care about you, your vision and your values, and want to help you succeed.

Our Values

Innovative Ideas

As a team of passionate innovators, we are constantly evolving our ideas and practises to ensure we stay on top of our game and serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Leading Industry Expertise

We understand that taking the plunge into something like this as a company can be scary. You can feel assured that you will be provided with the most impactful experience possible.

How do we work?

Tailored to you

No project or client is the same. So why use the same strategies and processes? We tailor to your brand and design, ensuring you get the most out of this experience.


We want to get to know you. It is so important to us to build great relationships with our clients – this is your product after all! We aim to collaborate with you for the best possible outcome.


Utilising the design sprint process has proven to be incredibly effective. It allows for constant feedback, saves time and money, encourages constant innovation and reduces long-term risks. It’s truly a win-win-win-win!

Our guarantee

Strong and constant communication

Communication in general is an essential tool, but even more so in a busy project environment. Here at Raw.Studio we prioritise effective communication with our clients and love keeping you in the loop.

Meeting deadlines + providing quality

Keeping within a time frame is critical, but it is also important to provide high quality results that aren’t rushed. We utilise tailored strategies in order to stick to deadlines whilst maintaining professionalism in our designs.

Providing effective solutions

Our aim is to provide you with solutions that work. A combination of our design process, result-driven motivation, innovative tendencies and strong work ethic will provide your business with just that.


Convey unique value in an ever-changing landscape

Stand out in your market

Your brand is a direct reflection of what your customers should expect from you. Positively positioning your brand in the minds of a target audience requires a strategic approach to visual, verbal & physical communication. Good branding encapsulates the DNA of a company and forms a deep internal connection with customers.

Core Branding services

Helping formulate core values

At Raw.Studio we’ve developed a series of engaging and fun workshops that help us formulate a clear understanding of our client’s core brand DNAs.

  • Branding workshop & interactive exercises
  • Understanding your company vision & DNA
  • Target audience research & competitive analysis
Thoughtful logo concepts & design

We’ve helped shape the face of numerous world-class companies by creating meaningful logo designs. Our logos are creative yet abstract, unique yet familiar.

  • Methodically creative approach
  • Intentional logo design that conveys meaningful concepts
  • Timeless, flexible and highly adaptable design
Strategic use of aesthetic & colour

We understand that users perceive meaning in colour. This meaning is cultural and changes over time. Colour can also be used to form a differentiation from competitors.

  • Choosing brand colours that align with your values
  • Differentiating from competitors with unique colour palettes
  • Brand & colour guidelines for internal & external stakeholders
The tone of voice & messaging

We help companies convey their brand’s character and relationships with target audiences through the thoughtful use of particular phrases, tone of voice, key messages and motifs.

  • User-centred messages aligned to customer motivations
  • Recognisable key messages and phrases
  • Messaging that conveys trust and increases conversions

The benefits


Having an established brand will show your audience that you’re a reliable and credible business. This in turn will make users much more likely to use your product over others.


When you have a solid brand in place, it’s so much easier to keep things consistent. Consistency makes it easier for you and it also gives a look of professionalism to your customers.

Increased interest

Creating an appealing product has the opportunity to result in increased interest/sales. We are no beginners with this either, feel free to have a look at some of our case studies.

Customer loyalty

When you showcase your values through your branding, customers who resonate will begin to build a connection with you, developing loyalty with returning users.

COG Branding Agency Sydney, New South Wales

cog branding agency sydney, new south wales


02 9523 6017

Activate Your Digital Business Touchpoints.

Enhance Your Brand Design.

Connect Your Brand To Your Business.

Develop Business Strategy & Tactical Marketing.

The Sydney Branding Agency.

We’re a Sydney Brand and Marketing Company.

COG Branding is a Sydney Brand Agency. We’re a marketing communications company that is unique because our entire branding group has the team and resources to deliver small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at-call ongoing branding and marketing support. We’re deliberately structured to provide the highest value for small businesses in Australia.

As one of Sydney’s leading branding agencies, our group is structured using the key disciplines of marketing and branding which include design, print, digital, strategy and promotion.

Our goal is focused on building partnerships with clients using clear and concise communication that flows from your team to ours. We use technology and digital smarts to reach all corners of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth Adelaide and right across Australia.

The COG Branding Agency team are brand marketing experts and career professionals and are here to develop your company's branding and marketing communications with innovative and strategic thinking. We are well networked and a proven Sydney Branding Agency ready to meet your brand and business objectives. A COG Client trusts our ethics and skill when we build their winning brand. The success you achieve as our client is ours too – we share the good times together!

The Name? Think of the COG Branding as a dynamic cog in your business's engine. You set our team spinning the full 360 degrees and we will deliver the best full-service branding solutions.

Start a brand agency partnership with a proven and skilled Sydney branding agency.

We’re the Sydney Branding Agency that are experts at generating ideas that connect the brand to business.

Our focus as a Strategic Brand Agency is to build brand equity for all our clients.

The strategy, digital and design services our marketing agency delivers ensure the brands we are entrusted with are active – delivering business success and longevity.

Think of the COG Branding Group as an integral element to your business's engine. You set us spinning and we deliver full-service branding solutions.

We launched in 2008 and today serve an international client base with all brand and marketing disciplines.

Sydney Branding Agency

Our Sydney Branding Agency Are Experts At Connecting Brand To Business.

We know that when we optimise our client's brands, their business performs at a premium.

That’s why our group focus is to build brand equity, for all our clients. We know this is a sustainable approach for long-term business success.

Why Partner With COG Branding?

Our point of difference – We Connect Brand To Business.

This methodology is one that has been proven to deliver project success and lasting business growth for hundreds of brands across many industries.

Through thousands of projects and brand experience COG Branding know that successful brands use the power of emotion to deliver lasting business outcomes. As a leading Marketing Communications Business, we have worked with hundreds of clients for over 10 years and have observed that our clients who harnessed the power of emotion within their brand strategy, ensured they out-performed our other clients who weren’t brand strategy considerate. 

Not many businesses understand that ‘brand’ is a key component to the success of their business. Your business can develop emotional branding that results in memorable experiences that help in forming the very fabric of your corporate identity. The information your business has captured to date about your customers can assist in unlocking their emotions and continue in delivering powerful outcomes. That’s where COG branding comes in.

Losing customers to a cheaper offer or a more convenient one doesn’t mean you should change the business positioning, it simply means that more focus is needed on the brand, its values and how well your business is communicating this. Customers define themselves through the brands they use, so knowing this should make it simple to have a business build in similar values to its brand based on the customers it wants to align with, right?

Well, you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t do this. Many brands COG Branding has worked on, with or alongside, aren’t even aware that their business has a brand, and why it should be intimately connected to their business.

We’re a leading brand and marketing agency that knows there are clearly distinguishable emotional characteristics that are clear in brands, though it’s not so clear for small to medium-sized businesses.

At Our Core, We’re A Creative Brand Agency

COG Branding Agency Sydney knows that when we deliver strategic marketing solutions for our clients, their business performs at a premium.

It begins with clear communication at a briefing from our management and leadership team and continues right through to project success and aftercare nurturing from our graphic designers, digital marketers, website developers and brand strategists (we’re proud supporters of Aussie jobs for Aussie workers).

Our clients are a mix of small to medium enterprise businesses through to large multi-national corporate organisations. We love partnering with clients that understand first-class brand, marketing and communications solutions make a real lasting impact on their business and its ability to perform year on year – plus we often become friends through our client partnerships that last years.

Located in Cronulla, our Sutherland Shire branding agency is big enough to match it with the bigger agencies in Sydney town while remaining more competitive… (we can see them from our office).

COG Brandings are a Full-Service Communications Agency and our entire suite of business solutions are generated under 1 roof. Our team are career professionals and formally educated in graphic design, digital marketing, brand strategy, printing, communications and project management – working as a single cohesive unit for you, our client.

If you are seeking the premium in brand management solutions from a leading Creative Agency in Sydney, reach out today and begin building a strong agency/client relationship that is key to generating sustainable business growth.

Contact us today for a no-obligation briefing and free quote, plus learn more about how COG Branding can connect your brand to your business.

How Our Branding Agency Works

SME Experts Ready To Serve.

Our brand and design agency is unique in that we have the team and resources to offer small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at-call ongoing desktop support. Hour by hour, day by day and year by year.

The COG Branding service suite is structured into clear print, design, digital and strategy departments, and these skills are made instantly available to your team by using a range of unique desktop and mobile software that enable communication to flow freely and efficiently between your team and our team. 

As a leading Sydney Brand Agency our use of technology and digital virtual tools allows us to structure dynamic relationships with our clients can that be located anywhere in the world. COG Branding operates in a global economy and we are aware that our services need to be on call 24/7, delivering support and solutions.

Our focus is long term relationships. Simply because when our team of creative designers and digital producers dedicate themselves to your brand and business for months at a time our knowledge and experience grow, compound and turn us into experts in your industry with an intimate understanding of what is required to achieve success.

The longer our brand experts work deep within your brand and business – the more knowledge we gather. Our agency approach includes research, analytics and insights it means what we learn is transformed into actionable strategies for your business to assist its performance in your market. We help you win!

The COG Branding team are passionate about all the brands we are entrusted with and intimately understands that our clients are relying on us to work hard to succeed at every opportunity. When our client's brands grow, so do we.

Think of the COG Branding Group as an integral element of your business's engine. You set our team spinning and they will deliver the full-service branding agency solutions.

Our Full-Service Branding Offer

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications (MarComms) channels your brands focus on any way your business can communicate a message to its targeted market. MarComms tools include advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sponsorship, communication, branding, online promotion and public relations.

From years of experience as a premier Sydney Marketing Agency we’ve become accustomed to realigning old beaten up marketing strategies that were developed in a different era that perhaps were once relevant and on-point, though in today’s business world has become redundant brand thinking. Click through to learn how our Marketing Agency develops and redefines your company communication strategy that truly considers the needs of your audience.


We’re a proud Sydney Digital Agency – we’ve been able to deliver all of our digital support for our clients in-house in our Cronulla headquarters. In a time where the trend is to offshore complex digital projects to India or the Philippines in the pursuit of a cheaper service – COG Digital has continued to provide first-class digital and website development services to our clients the world over while remaining 100% Australian.

Our digital services are for large organizations and businesses as our web development team follows standard methods like Agile methodologies while on website development projects. Though we also offer small to medium-sized businesses a direct single website developer resource to remain cost-effective in any website design project.

All our digital projects are a collaborative effort between the COG Branding Group departments (design, digital, strategy). Our digital team is made up of front-end developers, and back-end developers and led by our experienced and proven senior full-stack developers.


The unique offer from our Sydney Print Agency is that all our design projects that require printing are seamlessly entered into our print production workflow. 

We’re experienced in all types of digital and offset printing and maintain a national network of trade print suppliers that enable all our print design and print marketing to remain cost-competitive. These long term print supplier relationships allow us to offer competitive costings using first-class print methods and stock finishes. This network also allows us to deliver a reliable nationwide direct mail service. 

As the output from the COG Design team typically delivers projects such as corporate stationery, annual reports, marketing flyers, brochures, catalogues and Point-Of-Sale (POS), COG Print has the ability to offer the right advice on stock selection and production methods for your printing project too.


A dynamic and experienced Sydney Design Agency – our career professional graphic designers deliver all of our graphic design and branding support for our clients in-house in our Sutherland Shire design studio. In a time where the trend is to do-it-yourself online services or attempt to build brand strength through offshore services – COG Design has continued to provide the premium in design and brand visual communications to all our clients the world over. COG Design remains 100% Australian and we’re proud to employ and support Australian careers.

COG Design agency provides graphic design services for all sized businesses, from large multinational organizations to small local sole trader businesses. As a Sydney design studio with a smaller team than the bigger Sydney city agencies, we are able to quote our design jobs competitively that suit all business types while still providing first-class brand communications and marketing collateral. 

Utilising the strength of the COG Branding Group, all our client's design and branding projects receive the support from the collaboration of the design, digital and strategy resources. Our Sydney graphic artists know that great design and brand identity if often comprised of strategic thinking and dynamic marketing savvy, so the flat structure of the COG Branding group enables high-quality design outcomes for all our client's branding projects.


The benefit of having a department like COG Strategy as our Sydney Strategy Agency is that it allows every single project that comes through our Cronulla studio to be refined and assessed from a strategic perspective. While many brand, design and marketing briefs from our clients won’t have a piece of the strategy included in the proposal, the fact that we’re a brand strategy agency, inherently COG brand Strategists influence the rest of our team's thinking and approach to branding and our client's businesses.

COG Strategy are dynamic thinkers, commercially savvy with neat business acumen. Our brand strategists are a valuable resource for any brand and business needing a clever digital strategy, a campaign strategy with a wow factor or innovative ideation. Our Sydney Strategy Agency injects your marketing activity with smart thinking that will cut through and win in your target market.

Our approach to brand strategy is all about analysing behaviour, data, traffic, and metrics – all to better connect our client's brands with their businesses. By default our approach is analytical and this ensures the advice we deliver to our clients who need a more sophisticated brand is accurate, true and well researched. We have a brand strategy and business strategy at our core, simply because we know it’s key to the success of the brand sour clients trust us with.


Brand promotion is often done best for some of our clients by promotional products. The COG Promotional Agency offer is made possible by the strength of the COG Branding Group resources, and as a full-service Sydney branding agency, we can specialise in designing, producing and delivering first-class quality promotional items for Australian businesses.

Our online promotions service is supported by COG Design graphic designers, COG Strategy brand strategists, and the groups broader brand managers, logistics and production teams. 

BrandMatters - Branding Agency Sydney, New South Wales

brandmatters branding agency sydney, new south wales


02 9954 7920

Informed by research.

Destined to differentiate.

We build brands that drive growth.

Welcome to BrandMatters, the Sydney-based brand agency that delivers the full spectrum of B2B brand strategy and marketing services.

From conducting initial brand research to uncover key insights into your brand, to developing a brand strategy which clearly defines your brand's unique characteristics, values and attributes, to bringing your brand to life through logo, visual identity and collateral and launching your new or updated brand to employees and the market, BrandMatters has it covered. We can also help you with ongoing internal and external brand and marketing campaigns and ongoing brand measurement.


Organisations experience a variety of challenges when it comes to marketing. BM Inside is a unique and accountable resourcing approach that integrates our team within your organisation – so as to ignite your brand strategy, and bring your marketing plan to life. BM Inside is a dedicated resource who is not only an experienced marketer, but also comes supported by, and equipped with, the deep strategic knowledge and insights from the BrandMatters’ team.

When you need to:

  • Seek professional marketing help without the available investment to recruit a full time marketing manager.
  • Require additional assistance to execute a marketing plan, rebrand or brand launch.
  • Gain extra marketing support for short-term resource gaps such as maternity leave.
  • Define a clear marketing plan across target audiences and channels.
  • Create content that will create impact and engagement with target audiences.

Knowledge & experience

An experienced marketing resource that comes supported by our team of strategists, researchers and designers at BrandMatters.

Flexibility & on demand

Our on-site presence is scaled as required, and avoids recruitment investment or fees.

Momentum & accountability

Accelerate speed-to-market with an industry professional with a structured, accountability based approach.

Branding services

As a brand strategy, design and marketing agency, BrandMatters delivers the full spectrum of brand and marketing services - all under one roof.

Brand research

We love to solve complex brand challenges for our clients, and understanding your audience is central to achieving this. Brand research is about building deep understanding of your customers and potential customers, and uncovering the insights that will lay the foundation for your brand's development.

Our brand research services include:

  • Desk research
  • Stakeholder depth interviews
  • Market research – qualitative & quantitative
  • Brand tracking
  • Brand insights & recommendations

What is brand research?

We need a strong, in-depth understanding of our target audience to develop a brand that will compel our customers to enthusiastically choose it over all the other options available to them.

Brand research is effectively doing your due diligence when it comes to your brand. More formally, it is research that is specifically carried out to assist with the creation, development, strengthening and ongoing management of brands.

At its heart, brand research is about building deep understanding of your customers and potential customers, and answering key questions such as:

  • Who are they?
  • How do they behave in your category - what do they choose, how do they make their decisions?
  • What are their needs and motivations when it comes to your category?
  • What do they think of your brand?
  • What makes your customers choose your brand over your competitors?
  • Why aren't non-customers choosing your brand?

Above all, brand research is a powerful tool that, when applied with judgment and discernment, can be an invaluable investment in the future of your brand.

Brand research will deliver accuracy and efficiency. It can help you in the planning phases of any brand development or strategic marketing project. It will ensure you accurately target your brand or marketing investment by helping you understand the needs and requirements of your target audience, and exactly how your organisation can help your audience solve a particular challenge.

Brand strategy

A clear brand strategy lies at the heart of all successful organisations, guiding everything they do. A brand strategy defines your purpose, brand positioning, values and personality. It defines not only who you are and what you do, but importantly, why you do it - and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Our brand strategy services include:

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand story, tone of voice & key messaging
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand portfolio analysis
  • Customer value proposition (CVP)
  • Employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Brand naming

What is a brand strategy?

Your brand strategy clearly outlines your brand's unique characteristics, values and attributes. Your brand strategy is comprised of your brand positioning - the unique, relevant, credible and sustainable position in the market that you own - along with your brand story, values, personality and brand tone of voice. It should also include your employee value proposition (EVP), which is closely linked to your brand. If you have multiple brands, it may include a brand architecture framework and brand portfolio strategy. And if you have multiple brand audiences, your brand strategy may also include customer value propositions (CVPs).

Brand design & copywriting

Our brand designs are born from strategy. Our in-house designers and copywriters work seamlessly with our brand strategists to translate brand insights into thoughtful, distinctive and compelling brand designs and copy that reflect your brand's essence.

Our brand design and copywriting services include:

  • Brand logo & visual identity
  • Graphic design
  • Digital design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website & collateral copywriting

The importance of brand design

Your brand design is a core element of your overall brand and your visual identity is an important tool you can use to influence your audience's perception of your brand. Is your brand authoritative, heroic, irreverent, masculine, playful, intelligent or creative? Nothing answers that question quicker than your visual identity. When a prospective client visits your website, your colour and image choices, fonts and the mood of your design tells them exactly how to feel about your brand. That's why brand design is so important. It influences your audience into defining your brand in a certain way. If your visual identity does not match your brand positioning and values, it will disappoint, confuse and alienate your audience.

Brand execution

Brand execution is all about bringing your brand to life - visually, verbally and experientially. It's about activating your brand - developing go-to-market strategy and planning for launch. And it's about monitoring and measuring your brand over time.

Our brand execution services include:

  • Brand marketing strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Brand activation
  • Brand launch planning
  • Brand rollout & project management
  • Brand management
  • Brand measurement
  • Brand execution brings your brand to life

After you have completed brand development or rebranding, it's time for brand execution.

The brand execution stage of your project is all about bringing your brand to life, and launching it internally and to the broader market. It's about developing your marketing and go-to-market strategies and planning for launch. It involves successful project management. And it involves managing, monitoring and measuring your brand over time, to demonstrate ROI for your stakeholders.

Creating market impact with an on-site BrandMatters marketing professional.

Whether you are starting up, launching a new brand or marketing initiative, quickly filling a temporary gap in your team or training your team in marketing expertise, this unique approach empowers SME’s to develop best-in-class marketing initiatives.

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About Us

We Bring Brands to Life.

The Marc Edward Agency, a Brand Activation agency with a true national footprint was founded in 1996.‍

We specialise in bringing brands to life through the use of People, Activations & Comms. We work across a variety of product and service categories in both the retail and out-of-home space, amplifying our efforts through shared, earned, and owned channels.

We understand People are the core of any business, and hence why People have always been at the centre of everything we do and provide to market.

We, like the teams we deploy, are passionate about what we do with a ‘can do’ attitude often being the key to our success.

Our firm belief of quality over quantity has always been evident in the hands-on way we work with each client to deliver satisfaction through creative, fun and seamlessly executed end to end campaigns.

Why clients choose us


We are a passionate, fun & creative team to work with


We are well connected, experienced and know what success must look like for you


We are with you the whole way from concept to delivery

Result Driven

We are reliable, committed and result driven

We love what we do

We love what we do, and it shows in our work ethos

Our Services

A Creative Team, Who Understand Execution Is Everything.


What is an activation? Through insight-led creative, brand activations create a channel for a one-on-one conversation with shoppers. It allows a brand to engage in real world experiences, in real situations, where shoppers will better understand their value.

Our team of account management professionals work with you from the concepting and ideation phase, right through every minute detail throughout the planning stage, and delivering on exceptional execution.

A comprehensive campaign scorecard is developed for each campaign to measure five key areas of success: awareness, consideration, preference, commitment, and advocacy. What gets measured gets managed.

  • Experiential Events
  • Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts
  • Road Show & Tours
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Path-to-Purchase
  • Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Promotion
  • Creative concepts
  • State Sampling
  • Merchandising
  • Mystery Shopping

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