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15+ Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula [2022]

The Mornington peninsula's diverse landscape provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely afternoon of tasting and exploring. And with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. So to help narrow things down, here are the best breweries on the Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula BREWERY is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the peninsula. In addition to their impressive lineup of beers, it also offers tours of their facility, giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process.

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    Ultimate List Of Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    tar barrel brewery in mornington peninsula

    61 413 238 158

    Tar Barrel is a well-known corner in Red Hill and is named by road builders storing tar barrels during road building on the Mornington Peninsula.

    TAR BARREL Brewery & Distillery has seen Matt Bebe and Andrew Gow reunite to continue producing award-winning craft beers at 72 Watt Road Mornington, the original home of Mornington Peninsula Brewery. And now, with the introduction of a whiskey and gin distillery, it has widened its ability to offer more crafted taste experiences. The new Tar Bar will also maintain its belief in being ‘local’ and using ‘local’, having a core and specialty beers on tap to enjoy alongside the famous wood-fired pizzas. Local wines and spirits ensure all are catered for. A destination not to be missed.



    Beer Tasting Paddle 4 x 150ml ($18)

    A tasting paddle is a perfect way to start your beer journey at Tar Bar. You can pick from four (4) of our tap beers – core or specialty. And the best thing is that your favourite beer is available in a pot (285ml), schooner (425ml) or pint (570ml) for you to enjoy once you have finished the paddle.

    Australian Whiskey Tasting 3 x 15ml ($20)

    We have carefully sourced a limited range of Australian Whiskey for you to choose from. The styles vary from Rye Whiskeys (51%+ Rye grain) to numerous grain bills, including Rye, Corn, Wheat and Barley.

    Single-Malt Whisky Tastings 3 x 15ml ($20 standard or $25 premium)

    There are two (2) options for you – the standard or the premium tasting. The premium is ideal for those more seasoned whiskey drinkers. The whiskey comes from Mornington Peninsula’s only single-malt distillery Chief's Son – based in Somerville.

    Gin Tasting Paddle 3 x 15ml ($20)

    The beauty of the gin-tasting paddle is that you get to choose three (3) of our local gins, pick your mixer (tonic, soda), select the garnishes, and then combine them to make up your taste sensations. 


    Committed to local all our wine is sourced from the Mornington Peninsula region. In addition, you can select from the Crittenden Estate Wine range or other Wineries in the area.


    • Wednesday 3 – 9 pm
    • Thursday 3 – 9 pm
    • Friday 3 – 11 pm
    • Saturday 12 – 11 pm
    • Sunday 12 – 7 pm

    Smart Brothers Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    smart brothers brewing in mornington peninsula

    0491 763 788

    Smart Brothers Brewing is just that, two Brothers doing what they love.

    It’s been over ten years (and a shed load of beer) since Ben started home brewing. What started as a hobby quickly became an obsession with only one goal in sight – opening a brewery.

    It wasn’t long until brother Matt hopped on board, and the dream started to gather momentum. So local to the area, they knew it was time. Finally, some were given a proper craft beer offering. Smart Brothers Brewing is the realisation of that dream.

    Their Somerville brewery & Taproom has since gained a loyal following amongst Peninsula locals & visitors alike and is quickly growing into something special. So bring your friends and family and enjoy the good times!

    Classic Brews With A Smart Twist.

    Enjoy all 12 artisan beers poured directly on tap, with exclusive new releases, seasonal beers, guest taps and collaborations on rotation at our Somerville Taproom. From experimental IPAs packed with Pineapple & Coconut to BIG, Dark Porters and German-inspired classics - Smart Brothers showcases a true spectrum of brewing styles.

    Summer Pilsner

    4.9% ABV

    An Aussie twist on a German classic with Ella hops providing floral and tropical notes on top of a classic pilsner profile.


    4.5% ABV (SOLD OUT!)

    A traditional German Wheat beer with subtle notes of clove, banana and a slight citrusy tartness all overlying a bready, malty base.

    Golden Ale

    5.0% ABV

    A distinctive golden ale made with a blend of wheat, barley and caramel malts. A restrained bitterness and crisp finish make it highly refreshing.

    Pale Ale

    5.0% ABV

    A blend of Vienna and Munich malts provides the perfect base for Australian hops to deliver their tropical, fruity notes and crisp bitterness.

    Best Bitter

    4.5% ABV

    Classic English hops and yeast deliver a blend of fruity esters and floral, earthy notes, all sitting on a rich malty, caramel base.

    Pineapple Milkshake Ipa

    6.8% ABV

    Packed full of dry hops and pineapple, it's tropical and juicy with a touch of lactose, giving it extra body and a smooth finish.

    Hazy Session Ale

    4.2% ABV Now Also In Cans!

    Our Hazy Session Ale is bursting with flavours of juicy tropical fruits, apricots and citrus. Coming in at 4.2%, it's the ultimate summer sipper for the warmer weather.

    Dry Irish Stout

    4.7% ABV Exclusively On Tap

    Dry and roasty with undertones of malt and coffee thanks to the blend of roasted barley and caramel malts. Poured on nitro for a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

    Dainton Beer Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    dainton beer brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 9775 0399

    The Taphouse is open to the public five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday, pouring a range of core and limited Dainton releases and local guest cider from 18 custom taps. Be wowed by our award-winning and unusual beers or sip on some of our more approachable and sessionable styles. We also feature local wine and spirits and a food menu including slow-cooked smoked meats and the best wood-fired pizzas this side of Eastlink. We’ve always got something happening, including live music every Friday to Sunday, weekly trivia, special and seasonal events, and limited edition beer launches.

    Great Beer, No Nonsense

    These handsome fellas form our Core and Imperial range of beers. Check them out and choose your adventure.

    Core Range


    Imperial Range


    FAQs About Brewery

    Most people associate the Mornington Peninsula with quality wines and prestigious vineyards. However, a new wave of breweries is on the scene to showcase the other much-loved beverage of the Peninsula, craft beer.

    This private brewery tour in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, includes working breweries with the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at a variety of production locations and learn about the brewing process before returning to the brewhouse to sample some ice-cold, brewery-fresh beers.

    Make sure to get all of the costs included in the process to get the doors open for the brewery. Overall, starting a brewery could cost you anywhere from $500,000 to $2.5 million or more, depending on your desires, ambition and ability to negotiate. In addition, you add that you will need to pay alcohol tax, licences, and permits to brew and serve alcohol. Your Brewery Business Plan.

    You’ll just want to get an average of how much the brewery gets for each keg it sells. If the brewery sells beer in the taproom, count this as “selling” a keg (really, you’re selling it to yourself) and incorporate this into the average price you get by selling a keg. If the brewery sells cans or bottles to distributors, you’ll want to get the price that the brewery gets from the distributor. This can get tricky, so let me know if you have any troubles with this, and I’ll help you out.

    We now know that the appropriate tank capacity needed is 30 bbl. For a microbrewery that has decided to brew 80 per cent ales and 20 per cent lagers, using the 4500 total barrels example from above, this means that about 3600 bbl of ale and 900 bbl of lager would be brewed each year.

    Frankston Brewhouse Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    frankston brewhouse in mornington peninsula

    03 9001 0000

    Located at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, you will find the Frankston Brewhouse, a microbrewery and restaurant owned and operated by beer-loving friends and residents. The venue is a grand yet inviting space which features modern, luxury aesthetics and evokes a relaxed, friendly feeling.

    The Long Island Lager, Sunnyside Session Ale, Ambassador Pale Ale, Harold Hop IPA and Pope’s Eye Porter are brewed on-site. The menu, which changes regularly, features approachable yet modernly sophisticated dishes. So make the Frankston Brewhouse the venue for your next social event!

    Our Beers


    Escape Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    escape brewery in mornington peninsula

    61 414 238 212

    Everybody deserves an escape.

    Located at Capel Sound on the stunning Mornington Peninsula, we believe that everybody deserves an escape, whether from the city, an early escape from the daily grind, or just an escape with (or from) family and friends.

    Escape The Everyday

    Our custom-built taproom allows you to enjoy our best brews whilst looking across to our live working brewery in operation or enjoying our outdoor beer garden space. We also offer a selection of local wines, cider and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as freshly cooked pizza and other tasty treats. We work, you enjoy - it's that simple!

    Jetty Road Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    jetty road brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5987 2345

    Shaped by a life alongside the sea, our roots on the Mornington peninsula keep us grounded in the sense of community and passionate about local produce and vitality. Our story began years ago - on a quiet coastal road not far from where we are now - with nothing but a desire to create quality beer, a taste for adventure and a healthy appreciation of the good life. we’re not ones for rules, but we do have a few guiding principles that were born out of respect for our craft and our community:

    For one, our aim is to create an educational environment that takes people inside the craft beer experience and makes the enjoyment of a fine ale accessible to all. Then, of course, there is our love for local harvest, fresh produce and bringing the community together in celebration of the good life. Lastly, we’re very serious about not taking ourselves too seriously - enjoy yourself and drink great tasting high-quality beer. Simple.



    from 22.00

    Refreshingly tart, with a sweet and salty balance, our pineapple sour reinvigorates like only a perfectly balanced beer can. A warmer weather ale, it’s a light sea spray on a sweltering summer day or the streak under the backyard sprinkler. Brewed with a light malt base and a hint of sea salt to let the 300kgs of real pineapple juice shine through. Refreshingly sour with a hint of sweetness and a bold pineapple aroma.

    Chlorophyll, More like Borophyll - DDH Hazy IPA

    from 30.00

    DDH Hazy IPA

    Chlorophyll, More like *Borophyll* DDH Hazy IPA ​ ​

    Chlorophyll is the green pigment in… blah blah blah; boring! Hops are green, and we have thrown a metric sh#t tonne into this hazy juice bomb. Pillowy mouthfeel, big tropical juice on the palate and a nice, balanced bitterness. All the good stuff and none of the science lessons. ​

    Fairy Dust - No Hop Pale Ale

    from 22.00

    It’s A Fogazzi, and It’s A Fogaizzee, It’s a Wazzi, It’s a Woozzee, It’s Fairy Dust!

    A beer without hops, Is it a beer? Brewed using incognito and salvo, this Pale Ale is jam-packed with hoppy goodness without a single T90 pellet. With zero grams a litre dry hop, The cool kids won’t be talking to us.

    Available in 4-packs and 24-case

    Refreshing Ale - Mid

    from 22.00

    Mid Strength Double Fun

    Sometimes you just need something to wet the whistle without knocking you down. Something full-bodied and flavourful minus the one, two punch. Something mid-strength yet double the fun. Introducing Jetty Road Refreshing Ale 3.5% alcohol and 100% delicious.

    Available in 6-pack and 24-case


    from 24.00

    Crafted to be a session-able pale ale with a crisp and clean palate, underpinned by a subtle, satisfying bitterness. Tropical and citrus aromas come from generous late hop additions of mosaic and Simcoe.

    4.8% ABV | 2/5 malt intensity | 3/5 hop intensity

    Available in 6-pack or by case


    from 22.00

    Thirst-quenching satisfaction and fulfilling your need for a fresh, easy-drinking beer, the Jetty Road draught is traditionally European, with additional Motueka hops to give a Jetty twist.

    4.4% ABV | 2/5 malt intensity |2/5 hop intensity

    Available in 4-pack or by case


    from 20.00

    Inspired by our love of summer and all things coastal, this is your sunset in a can. Presenting golden honey in colour, punchy US hops of el dorado and ekuanot notes of tropical fruits, melon and guava.

    5.8 % ABV | 2.5/5 malt intensity | 4/5 hop intensity

    Available in 4-pack or by case


    from 18.00

    XPA 5.2%

    The middle child, but not the meek and mild of stereotypes. Living life between the Pale Ale and its big brother IPA, this is not the kind of middle child you neglect. Drinking drier than both, the piney bitterness and citrus notes are bold. Don’t underestimate this family member.

    Available in 4-pack or by case


    from 20.00

    Decadent layers of chocolate and vanilla balanced with additions of sweet lactose give a smooth and creamy taste. Add a subtle bitterness from English hops and roasted malts, and you get a delicious Milk Chocolate Stout. Chocolate and Vanilla sourced from Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie. Available online and from JR HQ. Cacao nibs and vanilla are provided from Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie.

    4.8% ABV


    from 22.00

    Refreshingly tart, our Blueberry Sour Beer balances sour, sweet and salty.

    It’s sea spray on a sweltering summer's day, fruit salad at your BBQ

    and the streak under the backyard sprinkler.


    Available in 4-pack or by case.

    Hazy Pale Ale

    from 22.00

    Like looking directly into the sun, your vision becomes blurred, even hazy, But in a good way.

    We brewed a modern pale ale so juicy and refreshing that it doesn’t matter whether you are drinking it watching the sunrise or sunset. A modern Pale ale that's juicy and, of course, hazy. A silky smooth mouthfeel from generous additions of oats and wheat with a low bitterness leaves the US hops centre stage. Tropical juice jumping from the glass/can.

    Available in 4-pack or case of 16.

    Mock Red Hill Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    mock red hill brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5989 2890

    Located in the Hinterland of the Mornington Peninsula, it is a well-established, 5th generation, certified Biodynamic apple orchard and processing facility. The family-owned and operated orchard has been producing high quality, Bio-dynamic (enhanced organic) fresh fruit, apple juice, apple ciders and apple cider vinegar for the local region and beyond.

    The family continues to nurture and nourish the Demeter-certified orchard, creating a unique range of Bio-dynamic products, inviting the public to visit their Farmgate Store and Cider Lounge.

    Our Venue

    Our venue is unique to the Mornington Peninsula, a once-renowned region for apple growing. Our venue is a celebration of the apple-growing history in our local area and our beloved family. What was once an original wooden cool-store, built on the orchard in 1945, has been transformed into our Cider Lounge for you to visit, enjoy our craft beverages and share-plate style lunch.

    You will find our Farm-gate Store & Cider Lounge amongst our 50+-year-old apple trees on your visit. We have transformed what was once a packing shed into our beautiful Farm-gate Store, where you can purchase our fresh produce and apple products. The Cider Lounge, which was once used to store hundreds of wooden crates of apples, has been converted into a dining area where you can cosy up to our fire in Winter with a hot mulled cider and enjoy our vibrant, vine-covered courtyard with our apple-themed cocktails in Summer.

    Our Apples

     The core focus at Mock Orchards lies intending to our A-grade apple varieties growing in the orchard. Being certified Biodynamic, produce has been grown to the Australian National Standards of Biodynamic Farming. In addition, we are certified by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute, ensuring the use of environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, biological methods to activate and nurture the soil, plants and animals within nature's organisation, without the use of artificial chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or any unnecessary additives.

    The Mock family have been growing apples for five generations. Walter Charles and Wilma Elizabeth Mock moved the family to Red Hill's well-known apple-growing area in 1960 and converted to the Demeter Biodynamic Farming Method in the 70s.

    Today our orchardist is Neville Mock (pictured), Wally and Wilma's 4th Son; Neville completed an apprenticeship in fruit growing with his father back in 1981; on completion of his studies, Neville achieved the award for “Outstanding Apprentice” from the Industrial Training Commission of Victoria and later he went on to win Victorias “Farm Entrepreneur of the year” in 1999.

    Our Ciders

     At Mock Red Hill, we produce modern, new world style craft ciders from our single Orchard at Red Hill, Victoria, with only one batch of each variety made per year. All our ciders are produced using a belt press and contain no added sugars, colours or flavours. We also produce a range of fresh non-alcoholic beverages. All of our Ciders and Juice are Demeter Certified Biodynamic and are made from 100% fresh fruit grown on our farm. Mock Red Hill is a member of Cider Australia, and our ciders have been approved to carry the 100% AUSTRALIAN GROWN TRUST MARK. Our products also carry the Authentic Provenance Trademark "MPP" - Mornington Peninsula Produce. The MPP Certified Trade Mark is a guarantee of provenance, giving consumers confidence in supporting their local farmers.

    St Andrews Beach Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    st andrews beach brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5988 6765

    The story of St Andrews Beach Brewery dates back to the early 2000s when our Co-founder Andrew Purchase built the racetrack on the property for the royal family of Australian horse racing – the Freedman Brothers.

    When the property became available in 2015, Andrew and Michael Freedman saw an opportunity too good to miss. With the infrastructure in place and a story like no other, Andrew, Michael, and their passionate team of co-owners set about turning the former stables into a unique brewery. After 12 months of construction, the stable doors opened to the public in December 2017, and the beers have not stopped pouring since.

    Our Brewery

    Our brewery is underpinned by the philosophy of brewing the finest beer on the Mornington Peninsula. Every drop of beer is brewed and packaged on-site in our state-of-the-art brewhouse and canning line using the finest hops, malt and local artesian water. So next time you’re at the stables, you’ll see our beautiful Italian brewhouse and passionate team of brewers on display for you all to see. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

    The Beers

    • The Guv’nor Strawberry Sour

    $40.00 – $72.00

    • El Charro Mexican Lager


    • The Apprentice Session Ale


    • The Farrier India Pale Ale


    • The Farrier India Pale Ale


    • Box 54 Golden Ale


    Boatrocker Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    boatrocker brewers & distillers in mornington peninsula

    61 438 394 999

    Boatrocker is a small, family-owned and runs brewery and distillery in Melbourne's southeast. Boatrocker sets out to challenge the status quo of beers and spirits. Celebrating tradition while pushing the boundaries, finding new and exciting flavour profiles but never straying from our quality-driven values is what sets Boatrocker apart. Founded in 2009 by Matt & Andrea Houghton, Boatrocker has come a long way from its beginning of selling its first beers from the back of their car.

    It all started back in the '80s when Matt was a teenager, with a television show called 'The Beer Hunter'. This show was an inspiration for Matt's love of all things beer. It set him on a path of enlightenment, education and travel.

    Our Beer

    Establishing Australia's first & largest barrel ageing facility in Australia, our beers range from Australian Wild Ales to Whisky & Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts to hop monster West Coast and Hazy IPAs, to classic Saisons.

    Barrel Room

    Our Barrel Room is open Thursday-Sun. So join us for a beer, spirit or cocktail and sit amongst the barrels or out in our beer garden.

    Valhalla Brewing & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    valhalla brewing and taproom in mornington peninsula

    0412 997 3999

    Valhalla Brewing and Taproom are a microbrewery and bar based in Geelong, Victoria.

    Valhalla Brewing creates craft beer that honours the Viking philosophy that life is to be lived to the fullest. We intend to live up to this philosophy by producing brilliant beer and serving it in an environment where people are welcomed and encouraged to have a great time.

    In 2021 Valhalla was awarded Champion Australian Gypsy Brewer at the AIBA awards. In addition, Valhalla’s Obsidian Black Ale was awarded Champion Australian Stout or Porter.

    Obsidian Black Ale

    Our firstborn and forever our favourite, Obsidian, is a big black ale in the mould of a black IPA. Cola and coffee hide a slight raspberry, followed by chocolate and toast. Black malts with bold grassy hoppiness make this a gem of a black beer to treasure. The perfect beer for a cold night by the fire, yet equally great to drink all year round.

    • 6.8% ABV
    • IBU 65
    • Hops – Centennial, Tettnang, Mosaic
    • Available – LIMITED RELEASE

    American Pale Ale

    An American style hop-driven Pale Ale with a solid malt backbone. Chinook, Idaho 7, and Amarillo hops provide stone fruit and citrus notes with piney dankness. Sessionable and Delicious!

    • 5.2% ABV
    • IBU 33
    • Hops – Chinook, Idaho 7, Amarillo
    • Available – CORE RANGE

    Aragon – India Pale Ale

    An accessible yet powerful IPA, Aragon is a warrior of a beer with a smooth, subtle punch. Rich golden colour with bold apricot, melons, ripe citrus and a balanced bitter finish. Dry-hopped to add citrusy zest. The perfect beer for a summer’s afternoon, yet just as enjoyable all year round.

    • ABV 6.3%
    • IBU 60
    • Hops – Wai-iti, Chinook, Idaho 7, Mosaic, Amarillo.
    • Available – LIMITED RELEASE

    Union St Draught

    We reckon Union St is the best street in Geelong, so we named a beer after it. Good, honest, local beer can truly claim to be a Geelong local. A Kolsch style ale with subtle hints of lemon rind and sage.

    • ABV 4.6%
    • IBU 21
    • Hops – Ella, Tettnanger
    • Available – CORE RANGE

    Golden Ale

    Our Golden Ale is a summer style beer brewed with Eldorado, Ella and Amarillo hop. The tropical and citrus fruit flavours and refreshingly dry finish make this a dangerously session-able beer. Brewed to be an easy-drinking beer, especially during the Australian Summer.

    • 4.6% ABV
    • IBU 28
    • Hops – El Dorado, Ella, Amarillo
    • Available – CORE RANGE

    Lime Bucket – Lime Cheesecake Sour

    We took a bucket of limes, another bucket of limes, and another bucket of limes and…well, you get the picture. Zest like mad, juice, add a bucket of lemons for good measure. Lactose. Lactobacillus, sorachi ace and riwaka hops. A hint of vanilla. Mouth puckering, lip-smacking. Both sweet and sour. Dedicated to the one and only Lime Bucket. RIP.

    • 4.0% ABV
    • IBU 10
    • Hops – Riwaka, Sorachi Ace.
    • Adjuncts – Lime zest, lime juice, lactose, vanilla.
    • Available – CORE RANGE

    Ziggy – Red IPA

    Ziggy is a Red IPA with light red malts with apricot, caramel, and oak. Great hops and raspberries provide tangy raspberry character. Created in tribute to the greatest rock star of all, Ziggy Stardust.

    • ABV 6%
    • IBU 40
    • Hops – Willamette, Pacific Gem
    • Adjuncts – Raspberries
    • Available – LIMITED RELEASE

    Gallowtree – Oatmeal Stout

    GALLOWTREE is a big rich, sweet stout with bold upfront notes of aniseed and liquorice. Chocolate and oak with a hint of blackcurrant round out this modern take on the classic winter beer. The image of the Gallowtree represents the bittersweet nature of life and death. GALLOWTREE Oatmeal Stout is perfect while sitting by a roaring fire to help ward away the winter chills.

    • ABV 6%
    • IBU 23
    • Hops – Cascade, Willamette, Tettnang
    • Available – WINTER SEASONAL

    Freyja Moon – Tropical IPA

    Created as a celebration of life’s passions, this IPA has lashings of passionfruit, plus generous additions of riwaka and Simcoe hops. We always said we wanted to make beers worthy of the gods.

    Hopefully, they will accept our latest offering.

    • ABV 6.0%
    • IBU 47
    • Hops – Riwaka, Simcoe, Galaxy
    • Available – CORE RANGE

    Blackthorn – Chocolate Blackberry Stout

    The perfect companion to your favourite Edgar Allen Poe or HP Lovecraft tome, this rich and delicious milk stout screams decadence and depravity; rich chocolate, dark wooded malt, and a tart blackberry finale. So settle by the burning hearth to pour yourself a Blackthorn glass, and so protect your shivering soul against the creeping winter cold.

    • ABV 5%
    • IBU 30
    • Hops – Fuggle, Willamette, Pacific Gem
    • Adjuncts – Cacao Nibs, Lactose, Blackberries, Vanilla
    • Available – 2020 RELEASE – 31st July

    Loose joose – Hazy IPA

    It’s crazy, and it’s hazy. It’s juicy, and it’s quite loose. It’s a beer that’s just a little bit queer. It's a Loose Joose Hazy IPA. So grab yourself a tinnie, why dontcha; just crack it right open. Cos sometimes we all gotta let Loose the Joose!

    ABV 6.9%

    Available – LIMITED RELEASE

    Razz! – Raspberry Lime Sour

    This bold, fruity sour ale has a truckload of raspberries and strawberries with the addition of lime juice for a little citrus kick. A hint of biscuit malt and lactose adds a berry tart dimension.

    ABV 6.8%

    Available – SEASONAL

    Blackman’s Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    blackman's brewery in mornington peninsula

     0403 238 000

    At Blackman’s brewery, our philosophy is this: we love good beer; it’s that simple. We make our beers with the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on, and we give our beers the right amount of time in the tank; we don’t rush them through to meet deadlines. Our core range is made up of beers that cover a variety of flavours and styles, and we want to make good beer for everyone. We were awarded the AIBA 2019 Australian Small Champion Brewery thanks to this core philosophy.

    We run Brewery Tours every Friday at Blackman’s Brewery Geelong at 4.30 pm. One of our Brewers will show you where the magic happens and take you through the Blackman’s brewing process. It’s $20 per person (for a maximum of 10 people) and includes a tasting paddle. 

    The Blackman’s Beers

    Blackman’s is an independent, family-run and owned brewery based on the Surf Coast and Geelong. We make our beers with the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on, and we give our beers the right amount of time in the tank; we don’t rush them through to meet deadlines. Our core range is made up of beers that cover a variety of flavours and styles – we want to make good beer for everyone.

    Loch Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    loch brewery & distillery in mornington peninsula

     0414 590 555

    Here in Loch, ales are brewed and spirits distilled. The bottle and cask conditioning happen 

    here too. We do it all according to old ways, but with smarts from today that give it something special.


    Traditional style beers that appeal to contemporary palettes. How? Australian & New Zealand grown and malted barley as the base. Specialty malts from the UK to enhance flavour. Unfiltered and 100% preservative-free.


    We make famous gins, a rare vodka, and a long-awaited single malt whisky with traditional methods and modern ingenuity. The magic takes place in hand-beaten alembic copper pot stills. See it all at the Cellar Door.

    A Bit About Our Beer

    We brew our ales using Australian & New Zealand grown and malted barley as our base grain and specialty malts from the UK. In addition, we use old-world English hop varieties for a genuinely traditional flavour. All our beers are designed for easy drinking and are mid-strength in alcohol. These ales are also the base recipes from which we distil our single malt whiskies.

    Speaking Of Spirits

    Our spirits are distilled in hand-beaten alembic copper pot stills. You can see them for yourself when you visit our Cellar Door. The 30 litre and 100-litre pot stills take pride in place as they distil our gins. In addition, we have our 400-litre Alembic spirit in the brewery, and 1200 litre Knapp Lewer wash still, distilling our single malt whiskey.

    Visit The Cellar Door

    Take a journey through the rolling hills of South Gippsland. Visit our historic Cellar Door in Loch Village any Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a relaxed and unique tasting experience.

    Hickinbotham Of Dromana Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    hickinbotham of dromana brewery in mornington peninsula

    03 5981 0333

    Escape to Hickinbotham of Dromana

    Hickinbotham of Dromana was established in 1988 by Andrew and Terryn Hickinbotham. They set up on Manna Gum woodland overlooking the Dromana plains and the blue waters of Martha Bay. Andrew represents the 3rd, & Cal (behind the bar) and Jake the 4th generation (and now current brewer) of the family famous for winemaking and wine education in Australia.

    Our Wines

    Wines are grown, made and bottled onsite under the watchful eye of winemaker James Janda who strongly believes that wine is made in the vineyard. As a result, Hickinbotham is about great wine and beer, fresh local food and a relaxed atmosphere. Relaxation comes easily with our cobbled brick floor, warm, open fireplace, live music, rustic surroundings, and stunning views.

    The Hix Microbrewery was established in 2006 with our brewer Jake Hickinbotham brewing award-winning beers, including a Pilsner, Pale ale, Brown ale and Irish stout year-round. In addition, seasonally, we produce various ales and special experimental beers for beer lovers.

    TWØBAYS Brewing Co & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    twØbays brewing co in mornington peninsula

    03 5910 0778

    Gluten-Free Beer

    Whether you miss heading to the pub with friends or cracking a tinnie with family, we're brewing great gluten-free beer that's safe for all to enjoy – without compromise. In order to journey through a new world of beer that everyone can explore, we built a dedicated gluten-free brewery. And it's not just about accessing quality beer; it's about the whole experience; from the flavour to the look, feel and smell – and not forgetting great company to share it in.

    We believe that nobody over the age of 18 in Australia should miss out on tasting this experience, which is why we have two gluten-free beer brands; our TWØBAYS craft beer range launched in December 2018 and our GFB easy-drinking range launched in September 2021. Both offer great gluten-free beer for everyone. 

    We are proudly situated in Dromana amongst Victoria's great Mornington Peninsula breweries, and we are Australia's first dedicated gluten-free Brewery and Taproom. 

    Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Taproom

    In December 2018, we opened Australia's first dedicated gluten-free brewery and craft beer Taproom in Dromana, on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Our proximity to Melbourne’s CBD makes for only a short trip to experience the best gluten-free craft beers that Mornington Peninsula’s breweries offer.

    Pouring up to nine gluten-free beers – brewed metres from the taps – we're proud to offer everyone a new world of flavour to explore in paddles, pots or schooners at our Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Taproom.

    We also serve wood-fired gluten-free pizzas, local cider and wine, and soft drinks – and the fridge is always stocked for you to explore our cans and cartons at home.

    We were thrilled to get the Bronze Medal for Best New Tourism Business in the 2019 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards. We look forward to having you for a beer!

    Ocean Reach Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    ocean reach brewing in mornington peninsula

    03 5952 5890

    You can deliver Bionic Good with Bionic Beer. Support Free 3D Hands in getting free Bionic Arms to people in need with Ocean Reach Brewing’s Bionic West Coast IPA.

    On Sunday, the 20th of March, the Bionic West Coast IPA beer launch coincided with an open day at Free 3D Hands in Newhaven. The day brought the Phillip Island community, beer lovers and Free 3D Hands supporters together for a day of celebration and connection.

    The event saw 200 people, and together we raised $4,200! So far, we have raised $20,000 and counting. You can continue to buy Bionic beer at all good stockists around VIC & NSW and donate directly to Free 3D Hands at any time.


    Ocean Reach Brewing is an independent brewery based in the beautiful beachside community of Cowes, Phillip Island. Want to dine in? Our Lunch & Dinner sessions are a set time allocation. Bookings are available for inside or footpath areas. Walk-ins are welcome if we have space.


    Our Brews

    • Pale
    • ABV 5%
    • IPA
    • ABV 6.4%
    • Draught
    • ABV 4.2%
    • Porter
    • ABV 5.3%

    Seasonal Beers

    • Bionic West Coast IPA
    • ABV 6.25%
    • Blackcurrant Saltwater Gose
    • ABV 4.6%
    • Black IPA
    • ABV 6.3%
    • Helles Good Helles Lager
    • ABV 4.8%
    • Mango & Cream Sour
    • ABV 5.4%
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