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Top 20 Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

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    Are you a homeowner in Melbourne? If so, then you'll want to keep an eye out for the top 20 pest control and termite treatment companies in the area. By doing so, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible service for keeping your home free of pests and termites. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list below!

    Ultimate List Of Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    All Pests - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    all pests


    0409 523 029

    About All Pests: Pest Control & Inspections

    With over 20 years of experience, All Pests carries out inspections and pest control in a safe, reliable and accurate manner with prompt and timely service. We use environmentally safe products to control pests.

    Our Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula termite inspection & pest extermination teams are fast and professional.

    All Pests specialises in termite inspections and treatments during pre-construction to help minimise future risk to you and your property.

    Melbourne's Trusted Pest Control & Termite Inspection Since 2000, With Over 10,000 Happy Customers

    Trusted in Melbourne for over 20 years, we’ve completed over 10,000 pest control & termite inspection jobs over the years, and we’ve seen it all, so if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable pest control services, you’re in the right place!

    • Termites & Ant Control
    • Spiders & Cockroaches
    • Mice & Rats
    • Bee & Wasp Control

    Home Pest Control & Inspection Services

    We are specialised in residential pest control and have worked with different homes all across Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.

    All Pest experts can help make sure that whatever pests might be around your home or on your property are removed. Plus, we offer expert advice on how to make sure the pests don’t come back.

    Our pest control technicians have been in the business for a long time and will search your property and home to find where the pests are entering, figure out which pest is the problem, and then find the right customised solution that will remove the pests that are there. We provide advice on how best to keep pests away, so they stay away.

    Termite Inspection & Extermination Quality Assurance

    We will also provide you with a full written report that meets Australian standards, as well as provide you with the best termite solution/ treatment for your biggest investment.

    If your home or property has been infested in the past, we strongly recommend annual inspection and prevention treatment to ensure that re-infestation does not occur.

    We also offer a range of other pest inspection and extermination services, such as rat & mouse control.

    Identify, Locate, Exterminate, Protect

    We can identify the species of termite causing the infestation and also identify the entry points into the house and where the nest is located. By gathering this information during the initial termite inspection, we can take steps to eliminate the nest and reduce the chance of re-infestation.

    Our termite inspection process will identify if you have an active or inactive termite nest and also assess any damage that may have occurred anywhere in the house. After the initial termite inspection, we can also advise the extent of the termite damage that may have been caused while the nest was active.

    We use a variety of termite extermination techniques through the Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula area, including Termite Baiting.

    Zero Pests - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    zero pests


    1800 38 66 44

    Pest Control in Melbourne

    Zeropests is here to help you with our pest control services in Melbourne if you are having problems with unwanted insects and rodents invading your home and you do not know how to get rid of them. With our services, we promise that you will see results, and you will be able to restore your house to the secure and relaxing environment that you so desperately need.

    We can get rid of any kind of pest from your residential or commercial property if you hire us at Zeropest. Our service area includes all of Victoria and Greater Melbourne in Australia. Therefore, whether you have possums on your roof, rats or mice that need to be exterminated, scratching around your walls, or problems with flying insects, we are the company that you should call, and you can be confident that you will get the results that you want.

    Here for You When You Need Us Most: Pest Control in Melbourne

    Finding pests in your home can be distressing for a number of reasons, one of which is that they pose a health risk due to their uncleanliness. We can quickly return your home to the way you want it to be thanks to the emergency call-out service that is available around the clock from Zeropest. This service is located in Melbourne.

    Because we conduct pest inspections in Melbourne, we are able to determine what factors are contributing to the problems that you are experiencing. The amount of time required for the inspection and treatment of pests in your home varies depending on the types of pests and the dimensions of your property. You can have confidence that our exterminators will work quickly and thoroughly to ensure that you get the most out of the service that we provide.

    After we have come and treated your property, we promise that you will be completely free of pests in your home within a week's time. If for some reason you are not, we will return to your home and treat it again until you are satisfied with the results. This is the case for all infestations with the exception of termite infestation, which can take up to six weeks to eradicate through the use of an appropriate treatment for termite infestation. We do not give up until your home is completely free of pests, in contrast to other companies that might offer you a lower price. We also place a high priority on making your home pest-free over the long term by implementing preventative measures to stop pests from entering your home again after they have been removed.

    We provide you with photographic evidence, both internally and externally, of the points of entry that pests are using to gain access to your property. You will be provided with a lifetime guarantee or warranty when you make use of our service that blocks pest entry points completely.

    If you hire our company for rat pest control in Melbourne or mice exterminator there and take on our plans to block exposed entryways, we will guarantee our blocking for a period of five years. We offer you a lifetime guarantee on treatments for rodents, possums, and birds if we carried out the full blocking works ourselves.

    Pest-Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    pest control


    1300 989 345

    Termite Treatment in Melbourne, VIC

    Don't freak out if you find termites or evidence of their damage on your property; call WR Gay & trust instead. They have more than 59 years of experience providing services related to termite inspections and control.

    Why choose WR Gay for your termite treatment needs?

    The termite and white ant control products available on the market today are more effective than ever before thanks to their cutting-edge technology. However, in order to get it right and avoid the catastrophe of choosing the incorrect termite treatment method or product to suit your circumstances, it still requires specialised skills and a significant amount of experience.

    Before any treatment is considered for any situation involving the control of termites, an inspection must first be performed to ascertain the precise nature and scope of the infestation, as well as how or which treatment strategy or product will be the most effective. It is essential, in order to rid your home of the infestation, that you identify the pest control or termite treatment that is the most efficient.

    • Timber floor specialist
    • All work 100% fully guaranteed
    • Treatment is non-hazardous and will not harm “beneficial” organisms in the soil
    • We do not employ subcontractors
    • Appointment times to suit your busy schedule
    • All major products and brands available
    • Best value and service
    • Expert, experienced staff
    • Inspection service
    • There is no need to vacate the premises

    Pest & Termite FAQs

    Termites range in size from one-eighth of an inch to one inch long. They can vary in shades of white, brown and black, depending on their type and age. Termites are sometimes confused with flying ants because both have wings and antennae.

    Termites also drink water and they can transport water to their feeding areas by transporting the water through their mouthparts to other termites. A single termite can drink half of its body weight in a single trip to a water source.

    Termites forage almost at a constant bases and can spread up to 150 feet around their one colony. It doesn't take long for termites to 'nest' and an infestation can take place within a time span of a mere few days.

    You can use stones or cement to separate soil from the wooden area especially in your patios, gardens, etc. to create a physical barrier for termites. 5. Use Borate on Wood Before Priming or Painting: Borate is one of the most popular termite repellents. You can spray borate on wood prior to priming and painting.

    Essentially, termites definitely bite wood and do attack other insects, but they do not bite people. Although homeowners experiencing an infestation should not be concerned about receiving bites from termites, professional extermination methods should be sought and implemented to protect the structure of your home.

    Protech Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    protech pest control


    1300 486 154

    Pest Control Melbourne

    Imagine waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth alongside the cockroach that lives in the sink, listening to the buzzing of the bees that moved into your backyard while you eat breakfast, and saying goodbye to the possum that lives in your garage before heading off to work. These are just some of the scenarios that could play out if you had an infestation of unwanted pests in your home. Isn't it wonderful that we get to live this life? What you see here is exactly what it looks like when there is no pest control in Melbourne.

    Guardian Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    guardian pest control


    5987 1787

    Termite Inspections 

    Inspections of your home for termites on a regular basis are the bedrock of an efficient termite management strategy there. Only a trained eye can spot early signs of termite activity and inform you of the specific risks your home faces against a possible termite invasion. Because the conditions are always shifting, the risk of a termite attack can change over time.

    At Guardian, we recommend that annual inspections be performed on the majority of homes. These inspections, which are carried out by one of our skilled technicians in accordance with the national standards AS 3660.2:2017, are required. The price of our inspections begins at $295 and varies based on the square footage of your home.

    Our Residential Prevention Plans provide an additional access point to our inspection services and are the best value for customers who are looking for complete protection against the vast majority of pests throughout the entire year.

    Preventative Termite Treatments

    When it comes to termites, prevention is almost invariably preferable to treatment of any kind.

    The damage that termites can cause to a house that has not been protected from them is something that sadly comes to our attention on a regular basis. In spite of the fact that a termite treatment can get rid of an active termite infestation in your home and protect it from further infestations, the structural damage that termites cause is both costly to repair and potentially devastating for families.

    Because the majority of homeowner's insurance policies do not cover damage caused by termites, preventative termite treatment is your best, and sometimes only, way to ensure that you are protected against the physical and financial threat posed by termites. In Australia, major structural damage caused by termites is a significant risk. Termite damage accounts for a significant portion of this risk.

    In order to forestall an infestation of termites, Guardian uses the most advanced soil barrier and termite baiting systems that are currently on the market. Our treatments have the potential to eliminate nearby termite colonies that may be located outside your property in the trees, stumps, or retaining walls of neighbours. This further reduces the likelihood that your home will be damaged by termites.

    Contact us by phone or message to set up an appointment for a visit from one of our technicians if you want a plan for the long-term control of termites. They will devise the optimal strategy to ensure that your property is protected for many years to come and will outline it for you.

    Quality Pest Control And Maintenance - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    quality pest control and maintenance


    0422 805 245


    • Experts Who Are Qualified Our pest control specialists are trained and qualified technicians who have the experience and skills necessary to resolve any issues you may be having with unwanted pests.
    • Our products are not harmful to the environment in any way, and there is no reason for occupants of an area that has been treated for pest control to be concerned about potential long-term effects.
    • Same-Day Service: Our technicians are happy to provide free estimates and provide same-day service for any questions.
    • We are able to provide the most effective solutions for your pest problems because we work in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and pre-construction.
    • Quality: We guarantee the highest possible quality performance by utilising the highest quality products and equipment that are currently available in order to provide you with a service that is both safe and effective.


    Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection:

    Before moving into a new home, it is imperative that homeowners have their properties checked for unwanted critters such as termites and other pests. Each year, more than 130,000 homes in Australia fall victim to termite infestation. It is never a pleasant experience when a family moves into a new house only to discover that it is infested with termites or other types of wood-eating pests, but it is not uncommon for this to occur shortly after the move. A pre-purchase timber pest inspection would be a non-invasive procedure in which trained and qualified pest managers assess the property, using detection tools, to ensure that it is free of termites (and other pests). The goal of this inspection would be to ensure that the property does not contain any termites. In the event that it becomes necessary, our specialists will offer treatment suggestions in order to eliminate your pest problem.

    Termite Inspection:

    The evaluation and, if necessary, treatment of timber pest-related issues will be a part of a termite inspection. These issues may include termite activity and damage, as well as environmental factors and a risk assessment of your property. Our technicians will determine and ensure the safety and durability of your home by using tools that have been specifically designed to detect termite activity. These tools will be used.

    Termite Treatment:

    In order to rid your property of pests, the pest control technicians we employ adhere to the industry standard established by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and make use of the highest quality and most reliable chemical products available.

    Jim's Pest Control Victoria - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    jim's pest control victoria


    131 554

    Are you sharing your home or business with unwanted pests?

    When it comes to dealing with an infestation, there is never a good time. Unfortunately, sprays available over-the-counter and traps sold in grocery stores can cause pests to move around your home, frequently establishing new colonies or moving away from localised extermination efforts. When you let pests stay on your property for a longer period of time, not only will the damage to your finances but also the danger to your health will increase. Damages to the structure amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. heightened potential for physical harm. Your health is at risk when you consume food that has been tainted. These are the consequences that will arise in the long run if action is not taken NOW. Jim's Termite & Pest Control is here to help! Homeowners and business owners in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria can take advantage of Victoria's comprehensive pest control solutions. These services are available statewide. Our team is made up of knowledgeable technicians who have more than ten years of experience identifying, evaluating, and treating a wide variety of pests, regardless of their size or species. We have an appreciation for the complexities that come with dealing with Victoria's vermin, in contrast to the unregulated cowboys who view harmful chemicals as the answer to every problem. We treat every infestation with the same level of care, attention to detail, and focus that we did ten years ago. Whether it's safe pesticides that target termites without putting your pets at risk or the animal-friendly removal of birds and bees, we treat every infestation with the same methods. Continue reading to learn more about our pest control services.

    Termite Inspections

    Termites are responsible for millions of dollars' worth of damage every year in Australia, as they invade one home out of every three over the course of their lifetime. Inspections for termites are absolutely necessary in order to perform early treatment, which can save you thousands of dollars across the entirety of your residential or commercial property. We are the foremost authorities in the identification of termites in Victoria, so we are aware of how essential it is to take measures to prevent termites from infesting your property. An annual termite inspection can prevent an infestation and the irreparable damage that can result from it. Termites are capable of causing severe damage to the structure of a building before any external warning signs appear.

    Vip Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    vip pest control


    1800 198 054


    GENERAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN THE AREAS OF MELBOURNE AND BENDIGO, VIC VIP Pest Control provides a variety of pest control services in the areas of Melbourne and Bendigo, Victoria. These services include general pest control treatment, pest inspections, building and pest inspections, commercial pest control, residential pest control, pest management, and body corporate pest control.

    VIP Pest Control uses the safest insecticides available. We have the highest level of insurance coverage available and are recognised by the Health Department. Our pest control technicians are known for their dependability, friendliness, and honesty.


    We are able to lend a hand if you have reason to believe that your home is being invaded by termites. In Melbourne, Bendigo, and other areas of regional Victoria, VIP Pest Control offers termite treatment services that are reliable, affordable, and risk-free. We have the know-how to solve your termite issues once and for all thanks to our more than 40 years of experience working in the pest control industry.

    Adams Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    adams pest control


    1300 933 745

    Why control termites?

    No pest equals the common termite for its ability to inflict costly damage to buildings and other structures.

    • The existence of termites dates back more than 250 million years, and they are related to cockroaches and mantises through a common ancestor. Termites, much like ants, live in colonies that are organised according to a highly intricate social hierarchy.
    • In the wild, termites do not present a problem because they contribute to the breakdown of dead wood by feeding on it. However, the development of human society has restricted termites' access to dead trees while simultaneously providing them with a new source of food in the form of the wood that is used in and around numerous buildings.
    • Wood that has a hollow sound to it, wood that is crumbling, and the aboveground mud tubes that termites use to conceal themselves and avoid detection are all signs of termite activity.
    • Your home will undergo a comprehensive inspection by our trained staff, during which they will look for signs of termites as well as damage that has been caused by termite activity.
    • Businesses are forced to spend millions of dollars every year to prevent and manage termite infestations; however, early detection and treatment remains your best approach to avoiding any significant financial impact on your company. Businesses are forced to spend millions of dollars every year to prevent and manage termite infestations.
    • There is no way to guarantee that your home or place of business will not be affected by termites, despite the fact that some properties are more appealing to termites than others. Please give us a call as soon as you discover any signs of termites because they can spread very quickly.

    Perkins Exterminators - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    perkins exterminators


    1300 884 045


    Termites are social insects that can be found in a wide variety of habitats. They are extremely destructive and have a high rate of reproduction. They subsist on cellulose, which is a source of food that can be discovered in various places such as timbers, retaining walls, cardboard, papers, and garden mulch, among other places. Termites have the ability to endure conditions of extremely high humidity and flourish in temperatures ranging from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius.

    The termite colony must be situated in an area that maintains a constant temperature and humidity level for it to function properly. These colonies are almost always established underground and are characterised by the presence of thin mud tunnels that branch off the colony and lead the termites to the source of the food they eat. In common parlance, termites are referred to as "white ants." However, this terminology is incorrect because there is no insect that fits this description.


    It is recommended that annual termite inspections be performed on all dwellings in order to prevent, identify, and manage the damage that termites inevitably cause.

    Perkins Exterminators uses a variety of cutting-edge procedures whenever they treat a piece of property that has been infested with termites. The management of the soil, chemical treatments, termite baiting systems, physical protections, and reticulation systems are all included in this category. When you hire Perkins Exterminators, you can feel confident that you will receive high-quality service that is tailored to your specific needs at a cost that is reasonable for you.

    If you have reason to believe that your home may be infested with termites, you should get in touch with the professionals at Perkins Exterminators as soon as possible to arrange for a comprehensive inspection and treatment that will ensure effective long-term pest control.

    Termite Solutions Victoria - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    termite solutions victoria


    03 9555 5945


    Termite Solutions is a comprehensive pest control management company that combines the skills of a registered builder with those of pest controllers who are qualified and experienced in the field.

    We are experts in the following areas: termite and total pest management solutions; termite protection and treatment for residential properties; complete pest control treatments for residential properties; and commercial pest management for all types of facilities and industries.

    We are your Pest Control Experts.


    Pest control involving ants requires using effective programmes that will provide a solution over the long term. Treatment for an ant infestation can vary greatly depending on the type of ant infestation present. Your ant infestation will be accurately diagnosed, and the appropriate treatment will be administered.


    Cockroaches find the environment inside residential buildings to be both ideal and conducive to their reproduction. The majority of homes offer cockroaches a warm environment, cavities for nesting, food, and water. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to find out where they hide, then use a combination of products that kill them quickly and others that permanently disrupt their reproductive cycle.


    Termite Solutions Victoria provides a number of services that can be utilised to carry out efficient spider control in a property. Spider infestations come in a wide variety of forms, each of which calls for a specific method of spider pest control or spider management to successfully eliminate existing spider populations and prevent future ones.

    Wasps and Bees

    Wasps can be hostile, especially when they feel their territory is being invaded, and they use their stings as a means of self-defense. Wasps, in contrast to bees, are capable of stinging more than once. Humans face serious risks to their health when they are stung by aggressive bees. In order to protect the people living in their buildings, property owners need to take the necessary precautions, including implementing bee and wasp control measures. We have a programme to relocate bees, and we also have a plan to eradicate wasps.


    Rodents such as mice are typically found in close proximity to human habitations. They cause unimaginable damage to the structural integrity of buildings as well as to human health. We provide the most effective mouse control solutions for your place of business or residence.

    Mr Termite Solutions - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    mr termite solutions



    Termite Inspection and Control – M&R Termite Solutions

    M&R Termite Solutions is Melbourne's go-to pest control company for termite extermination. We provide termite inspection and control services throughout all of Melbourne and the Northern suburbs. Contact us to eliminate your termite problem. In the event that you are dealing with an infestation of pests on your property, give the professionals at M&R Termite Solutions a call. Our pest control company is fully licenced and insured, and we serve both commercial and residential clients across the city of Melbourne. Because we have access to the most cutting-edge pest control equipment, we are able to eradicate any and all traces of termites, rodents, insects, bugs, and a wide variety of other pests.

    Our process:

    Termite Treatment When you give us a call to take care of your pest problem, the first thing we do is conduct a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your property. This inspection and assessment includes looking at the garden area and the trees on your property to determine the type of pests and the level of infestation. You will receive a comprehensive written report that provides you with a detailed account of the findings of the termite inspection. We will tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs so that any pest activity on or around your property can be eradicated as a result of our investigation.

    Annual Termite Inspection:

    The elimination phase of our service in the management of pests is only the beginning. We perform annual inspections, which are absolutely necessary for the early detection of any termite activity on the property. We also recommend getting in touch with the best pest control company in Melbourne for all of your insect control requirements. The ongoing protection that we provide helps to reduce the risk of suffering extensive damage that requires costly repairs.

    • We have a rapid response time and are able to carry out pest control services on any kind of property.
    • In order to locate the sources of the infestation and determine its severity, we employ effective methods.
    • We carry out regular termite inspections and continue to offer protection against them.
    • We use treatments that have been shown to be effective while having no negative impact on the environment.
    • We are well-informed, and we will do everything in our power to fulfil your requirements in terms of pest control.

    Amazon Pest Exterminators - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    amazon pest exterminators


    03 9302 1854


    Termites in Melbourne are known to strike quickly and cause extensive damage; consequently, it is imperative that you seek termite treatment in Melbourne if you notice any signs of termite activity. Termites are detritivores, which means that they feed on dead organic plant material. This gives them the nickname "the silent destroyer." Unfortunately, almost any house can serve as an enticing feast for termites to invade. There is nothing that can be done to prevent a colony from nesting on your property if you do not have a prevention strategy in place. In addition to this, they might be hiding in your house or yard and there might not be any obvious signs of damage or that you even have a problem. There is a possibility that it will be several months before any visible damage appears. The good news is that Amazon Pest Exterminators offers a termite inspection service in addition to termite control in Melbourne, which can assist you in locating and getting rid of these troublesome insects.


    Amazon Pest Exterminators has been providing a dependable pest control service to homes and businesses in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for the past 23 years. Our customers include both residents and business owners. Amazon is a family-owned and -operated business that offers a reliable service for controlling pests, and we are here to serve you. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, and all of our staff members hold valid licences and insurance.

    Positive Pest Solutions - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    positive pest solutions



    Termite Control & Inspection

    The ability of termites to decompose decaying wood and dead trees makes them beneficial to the environment. This ability contributes to the production of manure, which is needed by plants. Termites are very small creatures.

    On the other hand, you could lose millions of dollars worth of property if termites make their way into your residence. Positive Pest Solutions offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on total termite protection and eradication in the event that you require termite control in Melbourne or any other metro suburb.

    How to Identify Termites Activity in Your Property

    Termites are destructive pests that can cause major structural and economic damage to homes and commercial buildings. Signs that you have termites ravaging your property include:

    • Termites construct mud shelter tubes as a form of protection for themselves. These are frequently discovered in the architraves or brick foundations of buildings.
    • Sagging floors or doors that are easily damaged at the skirting boards, door jams, or architraves are signs that termites have compromised the structural integrity of the timber. Termites eat away at the wood by consuming its cellular structure.
    • areas of the wood that have a hollow sound and are susceptible to damage from even light impacts.
    • Paint or plaster that has developed cracks.
    • Termites are responsible for regular power outages because they are drawn to the warmth of electrical fittings that are hidden behind walls.

    The factors that have the most influence on termite activity are the climate, the amount of precipitation, and the age of the building. If you find a termite nest on your property, it is imperative that you do not disturb it until you have determined an appropriate termite management plan with qualified experts in termite solutions in Melbourne. Until then, the nest should be left alone. When termites are startled, they may leave the area and go somewhere else in order to avoid being discovered.

    Termites not only eat away at structural timbers but also chew their way through furniture, paper products, fabrics, clothing, footwear, and even non-cellulose materials such as soft plastics, building sealants, and rigid foam insulation. Termites do not discriminate when it comes to what they consume.

    Pest Control Maintenance

    We are one of the most reputable pest control companies in Melbourne, and we can solve any and all of your pest-related issues in a single visit. We are able to assist you with any type of pest problem, whether it be commercial pest control, rodent control, termite treatment, or anything else along those lines. To ensure a positive and dependable experience for each and every one of our customers and clients, the professionals on our team have years of experience and are fully insured.

    At Positive Pest Solutions, we provide homeowners and business owners with high-quality pest treatment as well as pest control maintenance programmes through close collaboration with both groups. Because we are aware that no two properties have the same set of problems, we conduct thorough pest inspections and create individualised maintenance plans for pest control that are specifically crafted to meet your requirements.

    Pest Net - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    pest net


    0403 616 345


    What exactly is involved in a pest inspection? To begin, this is not the same thing as a building inspection in any way. The purpose of pest inspections is to locate and treat infestations of termites and other damaging or disease-carrying pests, as well as other pests that can cause structural damage. At the same time, building inspections or house inspections check for structural issues. These inspections are typically performed for individuals who are purchasing a property or remodelling it.

    Building and pest inspection services from reputable companies, such as Inspection Services from All Guard Pest Control in Melbourne, are essential for any property owner or commercial enterprise, and it would be irresponsible not to take advantage of them. Because termites can strike at any time, a timber pest inspection is performed not only before the purchase of a property but also before construction begins and then on a regular basis afterwards.


    When is it recommended to have a building undergo a pest inspection? You should get a pest inspection before you buy a home or other building, as well as before you begin construction on a new one, given that we have more than 300 different species of termites in Australia (thankfully, only a few of them are problematic). Termites can cause structural damage to homes and other buildings. Subterranean termites, also known as white ants, are the problematic species. If you are planning to purchase a home, it is essential to have a pre-purchase building inspection performed on the property.


    If you've finally found the house of your dreams and fallen in love with it, your happiness may quickly turn to disappointment if, after you've signed the dotted line, you find out that the house is infested with termites, cockroaches, fleas, or bedbugs. Have even taken over the kitchen!

    Absolutely, prior to moving forwards with the purchase of the home, you ought to have contacted All Guard Pest Control and arranged to have a pest inspection performed on the property. The situation would be the same if you purchased a plot of land, hired a construction crew and a designer, and moved into a newly built house, only to find that termites had already colonised the area. Give us a call right away to set up an appointment for the inspection.

    Bayswater Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    bayswater pest control


    1300 870 445


    It is essential to perform routine inspections if you want to stop infestations before they cause any damage. The first step in providing efficient treatment and prevention for termites is to take the appropriate measures to discourage these pests from establishing a colony in your home. We strongly advise that you schedule routine termite inspections with a qualified professional at least once per year and conduct a thorough inspection of your property during times of peak termite activity ( spring and summer).

    During an inspection, the most recent technologies and tools will be utilised. Your walls, skirting boards, architraves, window frames, subfloor, roof cavity, landscaped timbers, fenceline, and any trees that appear suspicious will all be inspected by us.

    After everything is done, a comprehensive written report will be given to you.


    WE ARE READY AND Willing To Help!

    Bayswater Pest Control is certified to provide the most recent termite protection solutions available. As a result, we have everything necessary to bring the termite activity at your Melbourne property under control.

    When it comes to Termite Activity, Bayswater Pest Control provides their customers with a four-step process.

    • Make arrangements for a comprehensive inspection and damage assessment, which should be documented in a written report.
    • Conduct an inspection, and then apply a termiticide directly to the live termites in order to eradicate the colony.
    • Establish a treated area around the property to ensure that it will continue to be free of additional termite infestations.
    • Carry out a follow-up investigation to ensure that the infe
    • stations have been resolved and assess the effectiveness of the overall treatment.


    We at Bayswater Pest Control have the necessary certifications and years of experience to eradicate any and all types of pests from residential and commercial properties in the Melbourne area. Our repertoire of services includes a diverse selection of options that, when combined, can eliminate the critter problems you're having in an efficient manner and produce results that will last. Bayswater Pest Control is the company to contact if you want the most effective pest control service in Melbourne.

    Tom's Pest Control Melbourne - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    tom's pest control melbourne


    (03) 9034 5945

    Trustworthy Melbourne Side Pest Control Service Provider

    Any building, whether it be residential or commercial, is at risk of being infested by unwanted pests. A property that is free of insects and other pests can be difficult to find. Therefore, how should we approach them? If this is a question that has also crossed your mind, the answer is that hiring a Melbourne-based pest control company is the simplest and most effective way to get rid of pests on your property.

    Homeowners and commercial property owners can rely on Tom's Pest Control for effective and risk-free pest control services. Our qualified and highly trained pest controllers always make sure to use the most up-to-date equipment and tools when eradicating pests such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mites, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, and many other types of insects and animals.

    How You Can Perform Pest Control Yourself In Initial Days?

    When you see an insect on your property, the first thought that probably crosses your mind is that you should get rid of it yourself rather than calling a pest control service. In the days leading up to the point where you can consider hiring professionals, you can use the following measures as a first line of defence against the pests that are invading your residential or commercial property.

    • Locate potential entry points for pests, such as cracks, crevices, and drains, and seal them off.
    • Make sure the kitchen is completely clean, including all of the appliances, and that the kitchen itself is spotless.
    • Make a mental note to utilise garbage bags that are resistant to cockroaches when collecting waste food items.
    • When storing food, make sure to use containers made of airtight plastic or glass to avoid having flies congregate there.
    • If you need to hire a pest control service in Melbourne, you can do so by searching for "pest control near me."

    Advanced Termite Treatment Services In Melbourne

    Do you suspect that there may be a termite pest infestation on your property, and are you looking for a termite treatment or termite protection that is both efficient and available in Melbourne?

    Infestations of termites are more serious than other types of pest problems because, if untreated, they can cause significant damage to the property and put the owners under significant financial strain. It is very challenging to completely rid properties of these unwanted pests.

    Tom's Pest Control Melbourne has a deeper expertise in the treatment and control of various species of termites in residential properties, commercial properties, and industrial facilities thanks to their years of experience.

    A thorough termite inspection will be carried out at your property in Melbourne, a bespoke treatment plan will be developed, a comprehensive termite control service will be carried out, and you will be given advice on how to maintain effective termite control at your property.

    Exopest - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 



    1800 686 245


    When it comes to the inspection and treatment of termites, you do not have the luxury of time to make mistakes. The swiftness and ferocity with which a termite infestation spreads is something that needs to be witnessed to be believed. Your home or place of business requires a specific inspection and treatment that can only be carried out by a trained professional.

    When it comes to dealing with termite infestations and treatments, we take a technological approach here at Exopest because we are the experts in termite control. For many years, our research has focused on termites and their behaviours, such as how they reproduce and how likely they are to cause infestations. We are absolutely positive that we are in first place.


    • Inspection, naming, and treatment of the problem.
    • Exopest protects your home.
    • Our surveys are not invasive in any way, our applications are safe for the environment, we apply safe chemicals in accordance with government guidelines, and our solution directly addresses the issue at hand.
    • Our entire field service staff is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of pest control.
    • Only licenced and registered products that have been approved are used here.
    • We provide you with the appropriate solutions to safeguard your residence.
    • Secure Reasonable and Dependable
    • In both the field and the technical support roles, Exopest recruits university science graduates to work for the company. We are GENUINE termite removal specialists!

    Termite Specialist - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    termite specialist


    1300 695 954

    Why have a termite inspection?

    In light of the fact that the majority of homeowner's insurance policies do not pay out for damage caused by termites and the fact that one in every five homes is subject to a termite infestation, the first and most important step in a termite management plan to protect your property is to have an annual termite inspection.

    During a termite inspection, your home will not only be inspected for termites, but it will also be inspected for timber damage, conditions that may make the building more susceptible to attack from termites, and construction faults or maintenance issues that may make it more likely for termites to enter the building without being noticed. Termite inspections should be performed annually.

    If the inspection finds that you do in fact have termites, it will also give us vital information that will allow us to determine the level of damage, the species that are present, and how they are getting onto the property. This will be helpful in determining the possible termite treatment options that are required to get rid of the termites and protect the property.

    A termite management plan for the property can be developed with the help of this information, taking into account the termite pressure, building construction, and surrounding environment. The plan will typically consist of a combination of termite inspections and a termite treatment to provide termite protection for your property.

    If you think you have termites, here’s what to do.

    Don’t panic! Try not to disturb the termites because if you scare them away, it can make it harder to treat them properly.

    • They should not be sprayed with insecticide.
    • Do not open any areas that have been damaged.
    • Don't be concerned. Even though this isn't particularly encouraging, it's important to remember that every infestation can be managed, including yours.

    DV Termite And Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    dv termite and pest control


    0411 448 445


    Homeowners and business owners located in Doreen, Eltham, Greensborough, Epping, Diamond Creek, Doncaster, Hurstbridge, and Whittlesea can take advantage of the termite control services provided by Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control. These services are available throughout Melbourne.

    It is common knowledge that having termites in your house or place of business can cause significant property damage. If a building's termites are not managed or controlled by qualified pest professionals, they have the potential to cause extensive damage to the structure of the building. Termites are also sometimes referred to as "white ants."

    Damage to the structure of your home that is caused by termites and other insects and rodents that feed on wood can be extremely expensive to repair if it is allowed to get out of hand. Frequent termite inspections, with the goal of spotting any potential issues as soon as they arise, are essential to achieving significant cost savings on repairs necessitated by termites.

    Insects known as termites feed on wood and virtually any other material that contains cellulose, such as cardboard, paper, and so on. Termites can vary greatly in appearance, including colour, shape, and size, depending on the species; however, there are a few characteristics that are shared by all termite species. On the evolutionary scale, termites and cockroaches share a common ancestor and are both classified as members of the order Isoptera. In spite of the fact that their name refers to ants, they are not related to the family of ants in any way.

    Colonies of termites can house millions upon millions of the insects at once. There are different castes of insects living in each colony, and these castes are responsible for different activities. The worker caste of termites is the one that is in charge of tunnel digging and making sure there is enough food. The primary responsibility of reproductive termites, also known as alates, is to ensure the survival of the species by means of an annual colonising flight. Soldiers are responsible for preventing outsiders from causing damage to the colony. Soldier termites and worker termites are incapable of having offspring. Termites are active at all times of the day and night and 365 days of the year.

    Because termites are very small and comparable in size to ants, they frequently cause confusion because of their size. In point of fact, a good starting point for identification is to be familiar with the primary distinctions that exist between these two pests. Termites are notoriously stealthy insects, making it challenging to spot them, particularly for those without any prior experience. It is far more likely that you will notice the signs of damage caused by termites before you actually see the termites themselves.

    Correct identification, as is the case with any other type of pest, not only ensures the use of the most effective control methods but also enables you to select the most appropriate preventative measures to take in the event that you want to avoid problems in the future.


    Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control offer a wide variety of pest control services, including but not limited to:


    Dial the number for Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control whenever you find yourself in need of licenced and insured pest technicians to handle the situation in your home. We provide our services to homes and businesses all over Melbourne, including Doreen, Eltham, Greensborough, Epping, Diamond Creek, Doncaster, Hurstbridge, and Whittlesea. Whether you need roof rat control, termite eradication, or any other treatment for pest control, we are here to help.

    Pest Police - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne 

    pest police


    1800 737 845


    It does not take very long at all for a small number of insects or other vermin to turn into a widespread infestation. You are in luck because it is possible to prevent unwanted critters from taking over your house and garden. To acquire pest control services that are both prompt and efficient, all you need to do is call Pest Police Australia.

    It is in everyone's best interest to consider pest control if they own property in Melbourne or in any of the city's many wonderful suburbs. As you are undoubtedly aware, the arrival of what initially appears to be just a few unwanted pest visitors can very quickly escalate into something significantly worse. In the earliest possible stage, it makes sense to call in a local company that is both experienced and trusted in order to assess the problem and craft a solution that is unique to it. Here is where our Pest Control professionals, who have been chosen by a large number of customers, really deliver.


    Pest Police is responding to an increasing demand for their termite inspection and treatment services from homeowners in Melbourne and the suburbs who are dealing with a dangerous termite infestation problem in their homes. In order to combat a problem that has the potential to affect more than one-third of Melbourne's homes over the course of their lifetimes, inspections are becoming an increasingly important tool.

    Termites, also known as white ants, are social insects that frequently form large colonies in which they reside and move about. The damage that they cause to timber is felt almost immediately and is frequently of a catastrophic nature. As a result of this, the Building Commission of Australia (BCA) recommends annual termite inspections as a minimum requirement for compliance with the Australian Standard, with higher requirements applicable in certain key areas.


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