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Where To Go Horseback Riding In Melbourne?

Where To Experience Horse Riding

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These are our top spots to have a trot around Melbourne.


If you want to go horseback riding but don't feel like driving for hours, Woodlands Trail Rides is a fantastic option only 30 minutes from the central business district. Views of the city, harbour, and Great Dividing Range can be seen in their entirety from The Woodlands Historic Park. Because tours begin at just an hour in length, it's a convenient option for first-timers to experience horseback riding without committing too much time to travel.

Dandenong Ranges

Contact Alan Smallacombe Trail Rides if you're interested in going on a trek over the Dandenong Ranges. In operation since 1958, the rides go through the Doongalla Estate Forest Reserve's varied trails at least twice a day on weekends. Nearly 60 years ago, guides began taking riders through the region's natural forest and estate reserve.

On weekends, you can go on rides in the morning or afternoon to explore the Doongala and Forest Valleys and other nearby mountaintops. The guides pair up riders and horses so that inexperienced riders don't have to deal with the mayhem of a bucking Black Caviar.

No matter how many treks you've completed, a ride through a natural forest is something you should absolutely do at least once in your life.

The cheapest option is a one-hour ride at $50, but after you're comfortable in the saddle, the best bargain is a two-hour ride for $70. Beginning at the age of 11, riders of all experience levels are welcome to ride the trail.


If you're looking for a riding school within easy commuting distance of Melbourne, go no further than Valley Park Riding School in Templestowe, located just 30 minutes from the CBD. Pony parties and the school's holiday presentation are annual staples.

Valley Park, located in the north-east, is dedicated to instructing the next generation of jockeys. Young equestrians are taught by instructors who are recognised around the world, but grownups are not excluded. On the contrary, classes are held for people of all ages during the afternoons of the week and full day on the weekends.

Katie Parker is the ideal tutor for kids with disabilities. More than 20 years ago, she began teaching riders with special needs how to safely and effectively ride horses.

Private or small-group lessons are available at Valley Park Horse School in Templestowe beyond regular business and school hours. Schoolchildren love their Pony Birthday Parties, and riders of all skill levels are invited.

Holiday programmes have teachers who are both globally qualified and experienced, allowing riders to gain self-assurance while making steady progress on the ponies. Each day of the week will have a different set of games and activities, but the overall schedule will remain the same.

Horses will play an important role in the development of a child's passion for and knowledge of the animal. They can take part in Equestrian Australia's Ready Set Trot programme, which is a fun way to learn the basics of horse care and riding. The kids learn not only how to ride, but also how to properly care for a horse in every way.

Lessons for all skill levels, from complete novices to seasoned veterans, are provided in a group setting. The theory/practical handling portion is 1 hour per day, and the riding portion is 1 hour per day.

Who is available from 8 AM to 7 PM to set up private sessions for students of any age and skill level.

Kindy lessons with children aged 4-5 are a miniature version of the people's group and last 45 minutes - the lesson comprises of 15 minutes brushing and tack up follow by a 30-minute riding instruction. Pony rides of 20 minutes' duration are available to 3-year-olds who are not yet old enough to participate in Kindy Lessons. Valley Park's specially trained horses make personal ownership unnecessary.

Mornington Peninsula

Drive south to Gunnamatta for some time at the beach or in the countryside. There are 75 horses available, all led by guides had decades of experience between them. Sunset beach cruises in St. Andrews go anywhere from two to five hours and take visitors along the shore.

Excursion times into the bush might range from 50 minutes for novices to 3 hours for experts. As a result, these outback travels provide ample opportunity to disconnect from civilisation and reconnect with nature.

In operation for almost 30 years, Gunnamatta Trek Rides is well-known for its beach and coastline rides around St. Andrews Bay on the Mornington Peninsula. The company's private and evening rides are ideal for first-timers and couples. The trail to the seaside takes the cyclists through coastal bushland, providing a breathtaking view for the whole of the two hours.

Birthday and anniversary gifts can be found among the various spa, spa, and dining packages. Participate in the lessons and clinics to hone your abilities. Gunnamatta welcomes riders of all ages, with age-appropriate options for riders as low as 6. A one-hour lesson can be had for a minimum of $60.

Gunnamatta Trail Rides has what you're searching for, whether it's a half-day excursion, a full-day journey, ongoing instruction, or a jam-packed holiday programme.

Gymkhana games, a Paint Your Own Pony station, a Trail Treasure Hunt, and then a miniature riding competition are all part of the Kids' Program, which is geared towards children ages 6 to 12.

Children ages 13 to 16 can take part in the Beginner Suitable, where they will learn the fundamentals of horsemanship including as saddling and sets the stage, trotting, cantering, riding for beach rides, and more.

Each class includes a trail ride, instruction on using tack and equipment, help with horse care tasks like washing and grooming, and more, and takes place in the facility's indoor ring.

Here's a secret: if you stay for three or more nights and pay in full at the point of booking, you'll save 25%!

Hepburn Shire

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There are a plethora of trail rides in the Hepburn area, including the popular Hepburn Lagoon Trail Rides. A short drive from Daylesford, this stable has horses to suit riders of all skill levels. The day trip can be made out of a horseback riding excursion by taking a ride to the Captain's Creek organic winery for some wine and food among the vineyard. Remember that the BAC of any rider returning to the stables must be below 0.05.

Yarra Ranges

Chum Creek Horse Riding offers tours on the Bicentennial National Path (BNT), the longest dedicated equestrian trail in the world, for those interested in a longer extended ride. Although the ride from Healesville to Downtown in Queensland isn't for the faint of heart, the company does provide a variety of BNT alternatives for guests to pick from based on their available vacation time. Since the tours are all-inclusive and run in intimate groups, they should definitely be on anyone's list of must-dos.

Riding horses and ponies in the Yarra Valley is a great alternative to biking, swimming, or canoeing. Beltran has been running horse stables for almost 20 years and has helped countless nervous first-timers take their first steps onto the trails. The trainers are patient with riders of all ages, and the quiet horses and ponies can go on rides in all kinds of weather.

Grooming or saddling your horse are just two of the many tasks covered in lessons. Individual or small-group sessions are possible.

During the holidays, kids can participate in novelty activities where they can receive prizes and ribbons for their efforts.

Great Ocean Road

Blazing Saddles at Aireys Inlet is a great place to stop if you're on the Great Ocean Road. The group's outings are tailored to different levels of riding experience, making them accessible to people of varying levels of comfort on horses. In addition, the group offers a 'Pub and Beach' ride that includes lunch and a complimentary beer or wine to make a day out of it. In order to go back to your starting point, you'll spend the better part of six hours travelling along creeks and beaches.

High Country

You may go on a trail ride with Watson's Mountain Country every day of the week, come rain, shine, or snow. The company offers excursions based on The Man From Snowy River that can last anything from an hour to five days. Riders will get an in-depth look at the region's past as they go to filming locations and historic landmarks. If the thought of all that riding has you feeling sluggish, rest assured that the trip also features home-cooked meals and a whiskey tasting to keep you going.

Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre

The south-west arenas are covered, so you may ride no matter the weather. Then, when the sun comes out, you can show off your equestrian prowess on the polo fields or the show jumping grounds.

The sand dressage ring is the perfect place to show off your Sunday best. The onsite stables provide a convenient place to keep your horse if you decide to make the transition from horseback rider to horse owner. Lessons, workshops, and unique performances are also available at the centre.

Melbourne Indoor Equestrian Centre

Every other week, the Melbourne Indoor Equestrian Centre hosts Pony Club. They get a formal lesson in their indoor arena where they learn all about horses and riding, and then they take a ride around their wonderful property.

Dressage, show jumping, bareback riding, horse riding contests, orienteering, trail rides, cross nation, and equestrian games are all covered in depth throughout the session, as is every aspect of caring for and handling a horse. Children also learn basic equestrian skills such as catching, grooming, saddling, and bridling a horse.

All youth from 8 to 16 years old, whether complete beginners or more experienced players, are welcome to participate in the 6-hour sessions (BYO lunch).

Kandivali Equestrian Centre And Pony Club

Tandivale offers riding instruction on both horses and ponies, for riders of all skill levels, in both public and private settings.

On Saturdays and during the week, students take part in group sessions where they are responsible for caring for a horse as though it was their own. Over the course of two hours, they cover topics from beginner to intermediate horse care as part of the organised learning curriculum.

One hour of the lesson is spent on the horseback, while the other two hours are spent on grooming, saddling, handling, and learning about the horse's behaviour.

The Sunday programme is a daylong activity that occurs every two weeks from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this time, students are responsible for the daily care of a horse, which includes feeding, grooming, saddling, then turning out. Moreover, there are two distinct categories of equestrian riders   There will be a BBQ for lunch.

Private sessions can be scheduled on a monthly or sporadic basis, depending on the instructor's schedule and your child's needs and interests.

During the winter and spring breaks, as well as for a few weeks in the summer, schools offer holiday programmes on weekdays. Students will understand the fundamentals of caring for, saddling, and riding a horse or pony with no prior experience necessary. The Holiday Program is not only for novice riders, but we can tailor the lessons to the skill levels of our students.

Wandin Riding Academy

Beginning at age 8, students at the Wandin Riding Academy can take advantage of either private or ensemble lessons lasting one hour, seven days a week. Wandin offers lessons in standard, dressage, cross country, and show jumping on more than 20 horses, or you can bring your own horse.

During the summer and winter breaks, many organisations provide camps and programmes designed to give students a more in-depth experience.

Woodlands Trail Riding

Woodlands Trail Riding is about 5 minutes from Melbourne's International Airport and provides trail rides through the 820 hectares of Woodlands Historic Park. Pony rides are available for kids ages 2 to 9 and can be reserved for both public and private events.

Jong Park

Only half an hour from Melbourne, Jolong Park features a variety of equestrian facilities. They're an equestrian facility that hosts lessons, boarding, and competitions.

Arragon Homestead Riding And Agistment

You can take riding lessons or board your horse at Arragon Homestead Riding and Agistment, an equestrian centre in Wonga Park.

Kenzie Park Horse And Rider Training

The Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia are home to Kenzie Park, an equestrian centre. They offer a variety of services, include clinics, agistment, and horse and rider instruction, and are located only 45 minutes from Melbourne's central business district. There is a strict appointment only policy in place.

Ryders Horse Riding Tours

As Tonimbuk Trail Rides, Ryders Horse Riding Tours has been leading riders through Bunyip State Park to the south-east of Melbourne for more almost four decades. Day or night, for an hour or for half a day, they have fully guided horseback riding experiences available.

Valley Park Horse Riding And Equestrian Centre

Less than 30 minutes will take you to reach Valley Park Horse Riding & Equestrian Centre in Templestowe, just outside Melbourne's central business district. They have instruction for kids as well as adults, and all skill levels are welcome. Pony birthdays parties are held all year long, and they have more extensive holiday programming during school breaks.

Arthurs Seat Trail Rides

Greens Bush on the Mornington Peninsula is the setting for the scenic trail rides offered by Arthurs Seat Trail Rides, which are suitable for riders of all skill levels.

Saddle On

Saddle On Riding School is located on 78 acres, 15 kilometres north-east of Geelong's central business district, and features an indoor riding court, three outdoor arenas, a lunging auditorium, cross country , jumping course, covered horse bays, and agistment. Pony rides are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 3 pm, in addition to horseback riding classes and birthday celebrations. There are also horseback riding camps for kids during the summer.

This is the Whinbury Hill Riding Club.

The equestrian facility at Whinbury Hill opened in 1992. Their offerings include camping for families and riding clubs where you may bring your horse for several days, as well as riding instruction, a horse share programme, agistment, equine-assisted learning, and agistment.

Balmoral Equestrian Centre

Located at 210 Harkaway Rd., Balmoral Equestrian Centre has been serving the equestrian community for over 30 years. They host riding lessons, clinics, agistment, and activities for kids in their saddle club. They focus on training and breeding warmblood horses for customers both locally and abroad.

Where To Ride Your Horse

Great Otway National Park

Many of Victoria's national and provincial parks are horse-friendly, so long as you bring your own stallion. Great Otway National Park, for instance, offers equestrian-friendly roads and tracks, and the park administration permits equestrian use in all developed park areas such Bambra, Deans Marsh, Barwon Downs, Barongarook, and Forrest. You can even pretend you're in Mr. Braithwaite's classic music video by riding your horse along certain beaches and along coast, such as Fairhaven.

You Yangs Regional Park

To go to Geelong from Melbourne, you'll have to go over the You Yangs range. The unique peaks are a fantastic place to go horseback riding since they provide a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding flatlands. There are three circular horse riding routes in the western plantation, conveniently located near one of the site's parking parks. Riding by Hovell's Creek while passing through the white gums is a highlight of the trip.

Alpine National Park

Numerous horse camps in the alpine regions make for a pleasant camping experience with your equine companion. In the Bogong High Plains, for instance, there are stables for up to 20 horses so that riders can enjoy the summer months. Howqua Hills, located on the banks of the Howqua River, is seasonal as well and welcomes visitors in the summer. Due to its history as a gold mining hub, this valley offers riders and campers peace and tranquilly.


The Dandenong Ranges are home to Woodlands Trail Rides and Alan Smallacombe. Conveniently located in Templestowe, the Valley Park Riding School is reachable in under an hour from Melbourne. World-famous equestrian coaches teach both kids and adults. Valley Park Horse School offers instruction for individuals or small groups. The Ready Set Trot programme from Equestrian Australia is an exciting way to get your feet wet with the fundamentals of horse care and riding.

Beach and shoreline rides along St. Andrews Bay are Gunnamatta Trek Rides' speciality. The Bicentennial National Path (BNT) is the longest equestrian track in the world, and Chum Creek Horse Riding offers tours along it. Given that the excursions cover everything and are conducted in small groups, they are an absolute must. For nearly two decades, Beltran has managed a stable for horses in the Yarra Valley. The group's rides accommodate riders of all skill levels.

Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre also hosts clinics and special shows. The Pony Club meets at the Melbourne Indoor Equestrian Centre every other week. Equestrian sports and disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, bareback riding, orienteering, trail rides, cross country, and equestrian games are discussed. Standard, dressage, and pony riding classes are available at Wandin Riding Academy beginning at age 8. For the past four decades, visitors to Bunyip State Park have been able to hire Ryders Horse Riding Tours for a guided horseback ride through the park.

Located near Templestowe, not far from Melbourne's CBD, lies the Valley Park Horse Riding & Equestrian Centre. You can bring your own steed to many of Victoria's national and provincial parks. For example, Great Otway National Park has paths and roads suitable for horseback riding. Howqua Hills, which is on the Howqua River's banks, has the same seasonality.

Content Summary

  • Greenvale Woodlands Trail Rides is a great alternative for those who want to go horseback riding but don't feel like driving for hours because it's only 30 minutes from the city's core.
  • If you want to go on a hike in the Dandenong Ranges, you should get in touch with Alan Smallacombe Trail Rides.
  • Templestowe
  • Valley Park Riding School in Templestowe is the best option for a riding school within 30 minutes of Melbourne's central business district.
  • Valley Park Horse School in Templestowe offers private and small group lessons outside of normal business and school hours.
  • For a lighthearted introduction to horsemanship, they can join Equestrian Australia's Ready Set Trot curriculum.
  • Children who turn 3 but aren't quite ready for Kindy Lessons can go on a 20-minute pony ride instead.
  • Take a trip to Gunnamatta in the south to relax on the beach or in the countryside.
  • Get better by taking part in the provided training opportunities.
  • Rides suitable for riders as young as 6 are available in Gunnamatta.
  • In the Yarra Valley, horseback riding is a fun alternative to biking, swimming, and canoeing.
  • The Pony Club meets at the Melbourne Indoor Equestrian Centre every other week.
  • The Kenzie Park Horse and Rider Training Center
  • At Kenzie Park in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria, Australia, riders of all skill levels can enjoy the outdoors and the company of horses.
  • Whinbury Hill's equestrian centre first welcomed riders in 1992.
  • In Which Areas You Can Ride Your Horse Otway National Park, Great You can bring your own steed to many of Victoria's national and provincial parks.
  • Many mountainous places include horse camps where you and your equine friend can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

FAQs About Horse Riding In Melbourne

  • Watson's Mountain, High Country. 
  • Hepburn Shire. 
  • Gunnamatta Trail Rides, Mornington Peninsula. 
  • Woodlands Trail Riding, Greenvale.
  • Chum Creek Horse Riding, Yarra Valley.

In the Mornington Peninsula National Park, horse riding is permitted only between Boag Rocks and the beach access track at Paradise Drive, St. Andrews-Rye. Horse access to the beach is ONLY provided from Truemans Road, near the National Park entrance station at Gunnamatta Beach.

So, is horseback riding expensive? My short answer is yes; from paying for riding lessons and competition fees to spitting out money for the upkeep of a horse, the average amount people spend on horseback riding is $4,000/yr.

Horseback-riding sports have been popular since ancient times. Many horseback-riding events include horse racing, show jumping, and dressage. In horse racing, horses are ridden by riders known as jockeys. They run for a set distance, often with obstacles for them to jump over.

Based on popularity, the best Victoria dirt biking are Bunyip State Park, Lerderderg State Park, Wombat State Forest, Mount Disappointment Trail Bike Area, and Alpine National Park.

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