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Where To Go In Melbourne During Winter?

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    The climate in the winter is cold, but not too cold; it is mild with modest rainfall and is generally warm but can be severe at times.

    Explore and enjoy Melbourne, Australia's coffee mecca, in the cooler months. Plenty of treasures are waiting to be unearthed here.

    Melbourne has beautiful weather when the rest of the globe is suffering in the heat. People go out to enjoy the festivals and events that take place in their communities. If you're planning a trip to Melbourne this winter, you should bookmark this post so you don't forget any of the incredible activities you may partake in.

    There's a certain magic to hitting the road in the winter. There are fewer people about and the air is calmer and colder everywhere. If you're looking for an incredible adventure this season, then a trip to Melbourne is a must. You may still have a good time exploring Melbourne in the winter, thanks to the city's ideal combination of warm indoor pursuits and exciting outdoor adventures.

    When Is Winter In Melbourne?

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    Let's start with the specifics. To those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, a friendly reminder: winter in Australia is not the same as in the North. As an illustration, in Melbourne, Australia, the winter season is June, July, and August.

    Melbourne's average winter temperature ranges from 6 to 15 degrees (43 to 59 Fahrenheit). In June, Melbourne experiences its mildest temperatures and driest weather of the year. If it's raining while you're in Melbourne, here are some suggestions for dry indoor activities.

    Everything We Love About Winter In Melbourne

    As the temperature drops, Melbourne's many warm cafes and pubs come into their own. Follow these simple steps and you'll be falling in love with winter in no time.

    Mulled Wine

    Hot red wine flavoured with citrous and spices is the perfect antidote to the winter blues. You can take home the syrup used to make DeWine's excellent mulled wine and use it to make up to four litres of your own. Additionally, this winter, mulled wine will be available once again at the

    Art Galleries And Museums

    The museums and galleries of Melbourne have reopened following a lockdown, and they're both stocked with fascinating exhibits and open to the public. A new French Impressionist show, a Goya drawing exhibit, and the return of Big Weather have all contributed to the NGV's prominence.

    The Melbourne Museum's long-awaited Treasure of the Natural World exhibit, with more than two hundred pieces from the Natural History Museum in London, has opened to the public. The Born or Built? Robotics Exhibition is a must-see at Scienceworks.

    Hot Spring And Onsen Getaways

    Daylesford And Hepburn Springs

    Daylesford and Hepburn Springs' natural hot springs are a wonderful way to warm yourself after being outside in the cold. Daylesford Royal Hotel is the perfect spot to unwind with a soak in the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, a therapeutic massage, and a hearty pub supper in front of the fire.

    Peninsula Hot Springs

    The thermal pools at Peninsula Hot Springs, located more than a hour by train from Melbourne, are known for their naturally curative waters.

    Hotham Ski Resort's Onsen Retreat And Spa

    The Onsen Retreat and Jacuzzi includes a Japanese onsen (an indoor pool, spa, sauna, and treatment rooms heated to a comfortable 38 degrees) as part of its amenities. Cost per adult for an onsen soak is $45. WARNING: The Hotham Ski Resort Onsen will be closed throughout the 2021 winter season.

    A closer option is to visit an onsen, such as Japanese Bathhouse or Sense of Self, located within the city.

    Hot Chocolate

    Nothing beats a thick hot chocolate and a cosy café on a dreary Melbourne day. While you can get a decent cup of hot chocolate at just about any café, I recommend checking out Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters, Mörk Chocolate Brew House, or Koko Black if you're looking for something truly exceptional

    Playing Board Games In A Bar

    Have a long, alcoholic afternoon of Scrabble, Connect Four, or Balderdash battles with your pals. Katuk, the Rooks's Return, and the 29th Apartment are some of our favourite watering holes to play board games.

    Afl At The Mcg

    Winter in Melbourne is not complete without a trip to the MCG to cheer on the home team while bundled up in a scarf and armed with a hot cup of tea and a freshly baked jam doughnut. Keep a sharp eye on the AFL rules page for updates on this year's tweaks, like attendance limits.

    Ice Skating

    This winter, lace up your skates and try your hand at ice skating. You can take a ride in the year-round O'Brien Icehouse, or visit the Winter Village at Fed Square's Skyline Terrace. Magical igloos, ice skating, food trucks, and pop-up bars all await you at this free winter wonderland.

    Rugging Up

    A literal yes. One of the best parts of winter is curling up on the couch with a warm, cosy blanket. Find one from a home goods company like Marimekko, which specialises in monochrome designs, or the sequence Otto and Spike.

    Snow Breaks

    You can go to the snow for less than you think, and whether you prefer skiing or apres-skiing, there are lots of great alpine bargains to choose from. To begin with, you can save money by going in the middle of the week. Mt. Buller, Mt. Baw Baw, and Lake Mountain are three of our favourite ski areas in Victoria.

    Things To Do In Melbourne In Winter

    Need some help figuring out what to do during winter in Melbourne? The city may cool down in the winter, but it heats up with a tonne of thrilling events and festivities. Here's our selection of the top ten things to do in Melbourne during the colder months.

    Eat Cosy Food

    The extra layers of clothing provide an excellent rationale for indulging in some hearty fare in order to keep your stomach warm. Lucky for you, Melbourne's status as Australia's culinary capital means that you won't go hungry even in the dead of winter. In order to keep their customers warm during the cooler months, Melbourne eateries serve up a variety of spicy, meaty, and hefty dishes.

    Relax In A Hot Springs Spa

    It may sound silly to point out, but Melbourne has chilly winters. If you're looking for a way to escape the cold, why not relax in one of the many natural hot springs in the area? When you've had enough of Melbourne's freezing winter weather, one of the finest things to do is to head to one of the many hot springs that are within easy driving distance of the city.

    One of the best ways to spend a cold Melbourne day. Fingal, Victoria is home to some thermal springs. From Melbourne, the trip takes roughly 2 hours. The springs are accessible by car. Unbelievably, they offer 60°C hot, all-natural, curative mineral water. Nearby spas offer luxurious soaks in the hot springs. It's great for a Winter day out in Melbourne. For a relaxing getaway in the great outdoors, you might also consider camping in the Melbourne area.

    Watch An Afl Game

    Just ask around. Australians can tend towards the irrational. Because of this, thousands of fans brave cold weather to attend AFL games at the end of winter.

    It's an absolute must if you find yourself in Melbourne, and you won't even need to be a football fan to enjoy yourself. You'll find yourself cheering for your favorite football team before you realise it, what with all the greasy snacks, booze, and happy and exciting atmosphere.

    Get tickets to a game at the MCG, the largest field in the southern hemisphere, for the whole experience. Unless it's absolutely pouring outside, the game will go on as scheduled, so bring a shawl and warm clothes just in case.

    This is certainly one of Melbourne's most entertaining wintertime pursuits. It's one of Australia's biggest draws. During the winter months, Melbourne residents go absolutely crazy over Australian Rules Football. The combination of the game, the weather, and the stadium makes for an unforgettable experience. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a massive venue with fantastic viewing.

    Shop At The Winter Night Market

    Get bundled up and experience Melbourne's winter weather by visiting a local market. Even though there are many wonderful night markets in Melbourne, the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market stands out as the largest and most popular.

    Almost everyone will tell you that the Queen Victoria Market is the best place to be on Wednesday nights, when live music and delicious food come together in one place. There are more than 30 food and drink vendors and almost 50 speciality retailers at Queen Victoria Market. There is also live music every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Those who choose to spend the night here will find plenty to keep them entertained. Along with the fantastic variety of food booths, live music, and occasional art displays will keep you company all night long.

    Relax With Some Friends Over a Drink

    Winter in Melbourne might be a bit melancholy even if it's your favourite season. And what better antidote to the blues than a glass of wine in the company of friends as the fire crackles in the background?

    Attend the Docklands' Fireworks Display

    In the winter of 2021, you will find that Melbourne is a fascinating place to visit. Every Friday night this winter, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., there will be spectacular fireworks. Both locals and visitors appreciate the event. In addition to the spectacular fireworks display, there is also exciting live entertainment and delicious cuisine to be had in the area around Melbourne's central business district. Typically, the fireworks begin at 7:30. This is also one of the many free wintertime activities in Melbourne.

    The Winter Village at Federation Square is the place to be.

    Not having snow in Melbourne isn't a deal breaker. Federation Square has been transformed into a skating rink for a few months over the Winter season with the return of both the Winter Village.

    In the middle of town, you may enjoy ice skating, a temporary bar and restaurant, snow showers, and more.

    Explore Snowboarding and Skiing

    In Melbourne, there is no lack of exciting things to do. Without a doubt, the finest time to go skiing or snowboarding is during the winter months. Melbourne gets its share of winter precipitation, including snowfall. Skiers and snowboarders should definitely check out popular destinations like Mount Buller, Falls Canyon, and Mount Hotham. Mount Buffalo and Mount Baw Baw are two other popular destinations in the area. These locations in Melbourne are perfect for taking in the sights and sounds of winter.

    Hang Out at Bars with Fire Places

    Chilling in a bar during the cold Melbourne winters may be of interest to those who are wondering what to do while visiting the city. No one needs to be reminded that Melbourne has a world-famous pub culture and is always showing cutting-edge restaurant bars. Even though the Melbourne winter can be brutal, the city offers many great pubs that are equipped with fireplaces. Enjoy a hearty dinner in one of Melbourne's quaint eateries. Enjoy a wonderful evening with your loved ones by going there.

    View The Masterpieces At Avg

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    With events spread out over 100 days, the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces is a must-see for any visitor to Australia's second largest city. The exhibits on view are of the highest calibre, and they have been gathered from museums and art galleries all over the world. Melbourne's Museum, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Australian Centre all have these displays. This festival brings in a lot of people from all over the country and the world, which is great for the state's economy and helps spread the word about the state. It's something anyone should miss out on.

    Drop by the Open House and have a look around!

    As this kind of thing does not typically occur in other nations, it is a pretty cool event. Open House Melbourne is an event held annually at the end of July that allows people to visit and explore spaces that are normally off-limits to the general public. There are around two hundred buildings in this group, including the Parliament Buildings, a Synagogue, the Town Hall, and the underground Russell Place substation.

    Take part in the Hot Chocolate Celebration.

    Imagine: it's cold outside, and you're at a festival where they only serve hot chocolate. The Chocolateries is a month-long festival held in August at several locations along Great Ocean Road and in the Yarra Valley. There are many of options, and you can sample many various kinds. Melbourne in the winter is the perfect time to eat chocolate. No one ever said "no" to hot chocolate.

    Engage in Some High Tea

    Why not experience high tea in Melbourne this winter if you don't drink alcohol but enjoy the thought of a hot beverage?

    High tea is a British custom dating back to the 1750s, when working men would take a break from their day to relax and socialise between the hours of 3 and 4. They would stop for a bite to eat before returning to their professions.

    Delicious sweets and sandwiches, coupled with fine tea and company, are the mainstays of modern high tea.

    Visit the Melbourne National Jazz Festival and have a good time.

    Since its inception in Melbourne in 1998, the festival has grown to become an annual event. In the colder months of the year, Melbourne has a jazz festival. This jazz festival will be happening in Melbourne, Australia, during the Winter of 2021. You're planning to have it at the commencement of June. Aside from the music venues and jazz clubs, the streets of Melbourne come alive during the festival. As a result of the festival, the colder months in Melbourne are filled with fun and excitement for both visitors and locals.

    Why Should You Visit Melbourne In Winter?

    Winter in Melbourne can be chilly, but it's still worth a trip because the city itself rarely sees snow. This is the off-peak season, so there should be fewer people and more hotel rooms and airfare deals are possible. Plus, as you're about to find out, Winter in Melbourne is not a time when there's a shortage of things to do!


    Content Summary

    FAQs About Melbourne During Winter

    There is no shortage of adventurous activities in Melbourne. Winter is unquestionably the best time to ski and snowboard. Melbourne receives its fair share of snow during the winter season. Fields like Mount Buller, Falls Creek, and Mount Hotham are great and most recommended for skiers and snowboarders to hit.

    Bright is blessed with crystal clear night skies during winter, and the stellar objects on offer are particularly good in the colder months. But, of course, you may get lucky and see a planet as well, such as Jupiter, Saturn or Mars.

    With its variable climate, Melbourne heats December to February (summer), cools down March to May (autumn), chills out June to August (Winter), and warms up again September to November (spring).

    Who can find the closest snow to Melbourne at Lake Mountain? Located just 2 hours from Melbourne CBD, it's the perfect holiday destination for you and your family to escape to for a weekend.

    The best times to visit Melbourne are between March and May and September and November. These shoulder seasons feature moderate temperatures, tourist crowds, and lower airfare rates.

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