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Where Should You Go In Melbourne After Dark?

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    Since there are numerous exciting options after dark, we will do our best to help you choose from the best of the best.

    Is there any other city more enticing than Melbourne at night? Experience the city's vibrant nightlife. Throughout the Golden Mile, you may see the historic architecture.
    You can spend the evening people-watching at one of Birmingham's trendiest restaurants, or you can grab a table on the sidewalk and enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine and a glass of red wine in the lively Little Italy neighbourhood.

    You can expect a jolt from Fitzroy. It's alternative and bohemian, with pubs and bars playing live music every night of the week. Stroll along St. Kilda Road and take in the majestic views of Melbourne's skyline.

    Take in breathtaking vistas from Eureka Tower, the city's tallest building, or The Melbourne Star, the only enormous wheel in the southern hemisphere. From the southern hemisphere's highest vantage point, you can see 60 miles to the horizon, revealing a glittering panorama of city lights below.

    Round off the evening with a beverage at one of Melbourne's distinctive secret bars or relax over signature Melbourne latte and something sweet whilst being fascinated by Melbourne through the eyes of a native.

    Great Things To Do After Dark In Melbourne

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    As a group, we investigate Melbourne's most exciting hotspots to ensure you have a memorable evening.

    Eat At Kisumé

    Begin your evening with a plate of Kisumé's expertly made sushi. The Chablis Bar, the Restaurant, and the Sushi Counter provide three stories of genuine dining options. The menu is always changing to reflect the inspiration and availability of the chefs and the seasonal ingredients they use.

    Unleash Your Inner-Child At Luna Park 

    You can have a good time at Luna Park in St. Kilda any time of the year. It's open late so you'll be able to have joy right in the center of the night. Over its more than century-long history, Luna Park has played host to countless happy faces. Inside, there are all types of eye-popping thrill coasters from the King's Curse to the Enterprise. Then, lose yourself in the carnival's nocturnal revelry.

    Drink At A Themed Bar

    If you dig themed bars. These, though, are totally awesome. Storyville is a must-see for believers in the fantastic. A fairytale themed bar it awakens the brain and the sweetness. Looking seeking something a little more real? You may enter Berlin Bar, which is a reproduction of Berlin during the height of the cold war in the 1960s, by crossing the wall. If you're in the mood for some boozy fun while playing Asteroids or Pac-Man, head on down to Bartronica, a traditional video game arcade.

    Enjoy a Film at a Special Rooftop Theater

    It's a fascinating experience to see a film while surrounded by the Melbourne skyline. Melbourne's first rooftop movie theatre, Rooftop Cinema plays both classic films and cutting-edge new releases. The Rooftop Cinema at Lido is conveniently located outside of Melbourne's Central Business District. So, you can take in the entirety of Melbourne's suburbs while viewing the best movies now available. Each theatre also features a full bar, so you can enjoy a cocktail before or after your movie.

    Miniature Golf with Drinks

    Nothing beats a day of boozing and putting like a day in Melbourne. Golfers may enjoy 27 "crazy flip holes" at Holey Moley, spread out over two stories. After working your way through to the course, stop by the Caddyshack Bar on each floor to refuel with a drink from the updated cocktail menu. Then, make your way to the basement's Karaoke Room to let loose with some song.

    See the sights of Melbourne's historic district

    Afraid of nothing? Try out one of the Old Melbourne Gaol's Night Tours. In "A Night there in Watch House," you can spend the night in a real cellblock that once held criminals like "Squizzy" Taylor and "Chopper" Read. "Ghosts? Oh, those Spectres! "takes you on a tour around the Gaol while telling tales of mysterious sightings. If your health permits, believe them. As a last stop, you can take a "Hangman's Night Tour" of the Gaol with a genuine hangman. What kind of terrifying tales does he have in store for you?

    Spend Time At A Rooftop Terrace

    You may try out a wide variety of extreme hangs in Melbourne. The picture-perfect Rooftop Bar is located seven floors above Curtin House and offers breathtaking panoramas of the Melbourne skyline. Gather your pals for a meal at the Rooftop Cheesesteak Shack before heading outside to spend an evening beneath the stars. The Good Heavens bar is located high above Melbourne's famous Bourke street, and it serves a wide variety of cocktails, artisan beers, and wines reminiscent of the 1980s. There is always a good time to be had, along with excellent options for both food and entertainment.

    Fridays are for Partying

    A number of activities, such as the Friday Nights series, are held in conjunction with each major exhibition at the Victoria State Gallery. Visitors can experience the best up-and-coming and established locally and abroad music performers, DJ sets, restaurants, and bars after hours at the latest exhibition thanks to the art and music coupling.

    Place to Drink in Berlin

    Berlin Bar is one of Melbourne's numerous offbeat bars, and it will take you back in time to the chilly days of the German Democratic Republic. After passing through security, you can choose between dreary East Berlin and luxurious West Berlin, both of which provide inebriated lessons in Berlin's past. Put on Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator, get a drink, and lose yourself in the film. One can reach the pub by taking Little Bourke Street in Chinatown.

    Night Tours at the Old Melbourne Prison

    The Old Melbourne Gaol, which was once home to Victoria's most notorious convicts, is now a museum offering a number of terrifying ghost tours. Ghost?, Hangman's Night Tour, and A Night there in Watch House all take you through the Gaol's historic cellblocks and allow you to hear chilling tales from the prison's infamous past. Those Spectres! The tours will give you a realistic, and horrifying, look at what it's like to be incarcerated.


    Several karaoke venues await you in Melbourne, where you can let loose your inner pop star. Embarrassment is encouraged and less-than-perfect performances are celebrated in establishments like FM Karaoke on Bourke Street, Jankara on Russell Street, KBOX Karaoke on La Trobe Street, and Strike Bowling on Little Lonsdale Street. In that case, have some fun with your pals or coworkers. Maybe. Maybe not. Some latent skill of yours could emerge.

    The Cow Should Be Milked

    Get your cheese fix at Milk the Cow, an upscale food and wine bar open late. Over 150 handmade cheeses across the world and seasonal cheeses are available for tasting and purchase at this licenced fromagerie, which may be enjoyed there or taken home in a convenient Cheesebox. Indulge in a Cheesemonger's Choice Cheeseboard, savour a Cheese & Booze Flight, or warm up with a pot of fondue this winter or a scoop of cheese gelato this summer.

    Movies on the Roof

    In adding to the city's many sky-high pubs, Melbourne is also home to a number of outdoor movie theatres where visitors can see the latest Hollywood releases, indie films, or family favourites while taking in the night sky. During the warmer months, you can enjoy nightly screenings of your favourite films at Rooftop Cinema between Curtin House and Lido Sky on Glenferrie Road while taking in breathtaking views of Melbourne's cityscape.

    Restaurant on a Restored Tramcar from the Colonial Era

    Unique the Melbourne, the fleet of Baroque Tramcar Restaurants has provided widely used food experience since 1983. Dine on seasonal fare and fine Australian wines while taking in the sights of the city from the comfort of the luxurious burgundy trams. The all-inclusive changing menu comprises three, four or eight ( 8) meals with vegetarians and gluten-free options.

    The Comics Lounge

    The Comics Lounge, found in North Melbourne, is the oldest continuously operating comedy club in all of Australia. Dinner at Joe King's Bistro followed by a three-act romantic comedy with both national and international comedic stars is on the menu. Performers include radio and television stars such as Dave Hughes, Adam Hills as Carl Barron.

    Qvm Thursday Evening Market

    Visiting the iconic Queen Victoria Market is on everyone's Victorian to-do list, but for a somewhat different experience, visit the QVM's Wednesday Night Market. Through out summer and winter seasons, from 5 pm, the market includes global food sellers, specialist and design stalls, and live entertainment and roving entertainment.

    The Melbourne Star.

    Enjoy spectacular 360-degree views of the city from the Melbourne Star. At 120 metres in height, "the Southern Hemisphere's only big observation wheel" towers over the Docklands, and its 21 air-conditioned chambers provide breathtaking panoramas of Melbourne, Port Phillip Bay, the Dandenong Ranges, Mount Macedon, and Arthur's Seat. Take a stroll when the sun begins to set, or stroll again as the city lights up.

    The Food Truck Park

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    The Food Truck Park, located on High Street Preston, is a street food hub that welcomes a wide variety of food trucks and conducts a number of different themed block parties throughout the year. Enjoy your meal while strolling among the food trucks, listening to live music, and meeting fellow foodies. This dog- and family-friendly, fully licenced establishment also has a bar called Barry's Bar that serves local beers and ciders on tap.

    Distinctly Provincial

    When the sun goes down, Melbourne's newest rooftop bar, located above the Provincial Hotel in Fitzroy, opens its doors to the public. The new bar serves pub grub and craft brews, but it has a throwback feel, almost like a classier relative of Madame Brussels on the rooftop. When it closes, sneak downstairs to The Black Pearl and check out what's happening in The Attic.

    Exposed to the Devil

    The best place in Fitzroy to see the sun set over Brunswick Street is from atop a building. If you want to grab a craft beer or a table at the restaurant without waiting for the elevator, you'll want to get there early. Once the restaurant is empty, you may have pintxos and house-flavored vodka in the basement bar.

    British Columbia's National Gallery

    NGV's free exhibition More than a hundred artists from around the world have contributed to this triennial exhibition, which also marks the debut of Eternity-Buddha in Nirvana, a massive reclining Buddha draped with antique Greco-Roman statues. The NGV will be open late until January 28 for the Triennial Extra, complete with DJs, food, and dancing to accompany your art.

    The Museum of Victoria in Melbourne

    Come out to the Melbourne Museum on the first Friday of every month for Nighthawk, a series of late-night events. Enjoy a drink while perusing the dinosaur bones, pay a visit to Phar Lap when the sun goes down, and listen to a band perform in the courtyard after dark.


    A wine cellar lined with corks, where you may dine on delicious meals till the wee hours and just be treated like a person rather than a criminal. Whether it's an ox-tongue burrito or the iconic midnight noodles, a dish the chef used to create for himself when he rang off work, the menu is the sophisticated grown-up version of grilled on the way home. The staff is friendly and efficient. The food is supposed to be light and easy to pass around, and it may be combined with various drinks to make a full dinner if you plan on staying around for a while.


    Heartbreaker, with its wall-mounted animal skulls, red-neon lighting, and dirty rock music, might easily be a parody of dive-bar chic, but there is an intensity to the bar late at night that can't be manufactured. Canoodling in a booth, dancing on the bar, and eating Connie's pizzeria to soak up the beer—here you will find the true underworld of Melbourne nightlife.

    New Town Toff

    Whether you're in the mood for kicking on or winding down, Toff has you covered. Sidle up to the bar for a perfectly made cocktail, grab a railway carriage booth for Thai-inspired share dishes from Choo Choo's, or squeeze in to band room "stage side." Weekends till 5 a.m., weekdays until 3 a.m. Additionally, the Curtin House complex is home to the weekday-only establishments Cookie and Rooftop Bar.


    The city's first 24-hour pho café is there for you whenever you feel like reviving yourself with a bowl of beef broth. The Liverpool Street location of Hochi Mama, a Vietnamese restaurant, will have an interior design inspired by Melbourne's ever-present graffiti art, neon signs, and traditional Vietnamese fare.

    Cafe Butcher

    Coney Island hot dogs, steak sandwiches, and cheeseburgers are just some of the late-night American standards available at Con Christopoulos's new Bourke Street cafe, open 24/7. For one of the best and cheapest late-night lunches, pull yourself a stool at the bright yellow counter or travel upstairs to the more expensive dining room.

    According to Christopoulos, a fantastic late-night spot only needs to be open late, provide good food, and welcome everyone. The Supper Club, the city's preeminent late-night hangout, hasn't enforced a door policy in three decades. Taxis, touring rock stars, airline personnel flying at the wee hours of the morning, and everyone in between have all dined on party pies, cappuccinos, caviar, martinis, and precious rare wines at this restaurant.

    Five Things To Do When The Sun Is Up

    Arbory Afloat

    In the event that you're in the urge for another day drinking, make your way to the Yarra River where the Arbory has set up a floating summer pop-up bar. Spanish, a Mexican-themed floating barge formed like a fish skeleton, can be spotted throughout the summer opposite Ponyfish Island. It will be open until late February.

    Queen Victoria Market

    Stop by for some freshly baked American doughnuts, churros, and the finest American-made wares. Truth be told, during the warmer months, the Queen Vic Market transforms into a night market.

    Brighton Beach

    Stop by for some freshly baked American doughnuts, churros, and the finest American-made wares. Truth be told, during the warmer months, the Queen Vic Market transforms into a night market.

    Wilsons Promontory

    A day trip in the summer to "The Prom" is a terrific way to spend the day outdoors, whether you want to go on a long hike or just enjoy seeing emus along the side of the road.


    When the sun goes down, it's time to kick back and relax with a few drinks or a round of golf. Stop by Storyville, a bar decorated in a fairytale theme, or Berlin Bar, a recreation of the city's decor during the cold war. The Rooftop Bar is located seven storeys above Curtin House and offers amazing perspectives of the Melbourne city. Located high above Bourke street, the Good Heavens bar offers a large selection of drinks, artisan beers, and wines with a '80s vibe. Several horrifying ghost tours are available at the museum housed in the Old Melbourne Gaol.

    Over 150 different artisan cheeses from all over the world are available at Milk the Cow. Since 1983, the fleet of Baroque Tramcar Restaurants has been serving the public. When it comes to mobile restaurants, the Food Truck Park is a mecca for all kinds of vendors. The Provincial is a new rooftop bar in Melbourne that offers pub fare and craft beers. To watch the sun go down over Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, the greatest vantage point is from a high building.

    National Gallery of Victoria hosts a recurring late-night event series called Nighthawk (NGV). Arlequin offers wonderful meals till the small hours, and staff are polite and professional. Heartbreaker has an intensity to the bar late at night that can't be produced. Con Christopoulos's new Bourke Street cafe serves late-night American classics including Coney Island hot dogs, steak sandwiches, and cheeseburgers. At the opposite end of Ponyfish Island from the Yarra River is where you'll find Arbory Afloat, a temporary bar floating along the river during the summer.

    Content Summary

    • Let Your Childish Side Loose at Luna Park Enjoy yourself at Luna Park in St. Kilda any time of the year.
    • Take one of the evening tours of the Old Melbourne Gaol.
    • An actual hangman gives "Hangman's Night Tours" through the Gaol after dark.
    • Formerly a prison for Victoria's most dangerous criminals, the Old Melbourne Gaol is now a museum with a number of chilling ghost tours.
    • Milk the Cow is an upscale cuisine and wine establishment that is open late where you may satisfy your dairy cravings.
    • Melbourne is known for its many rooftop bars, but the city also has several open-air cinemas where moviegoers can take in the night sky while watching the latest blockbusters, indie flicks, or family favourites.
    • North Melbourne is home to Australia's longest running comedy club, the Comics Lounge.
    • Thursday Night Market Qvm
    • Every tourist in Victoria must see the famous Queen Victoria Market, but the Wednesday Night Market offers a unique perspective on the QVM.
    • Visit the NGV's free exhibition This triennial exhibition features the work of over a hundred artists from around the world and the first public showing of Eternity-Buddha in Nirvana, a gigantic reclining Buddha covered with antique statues from Greece and Rome.
    • The NGV will be open late until January 28 for the Triennial Extra, complete with DJs, food, and dancing to accompany your art.
    • The Victoria Museum in Melbourne
    • Nighthawk is a series of monthly late-night events held at the Melbourne Museum on the first Friday of each month.
    • The late-night American staples served at Con Christopoulos's new Bourke Street cafe include Coney Island hot dogs, steak sandwiches, and cheeseburgers.
    • In almost three decades as the city's premier after-hours hotspot, the Supper Club has never had a strict door policy.
    • The Wilsons Promenade
    • In the summer, a day excursion to "The Prom" is a fantastic way to spend a day outside, whether you want to go on a strenuous hike or simply enjoy watching emus along the side of the road.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    • Take in the views at the Eureka Skydeck. 
    • See a show. 
    • Laugh until your belly hurts. 
    • Scare yourself on a ghost tour at the Old Melbourne Gaol. 
    • Catch a movie. 
    • Enjoy the Queen Victoria Market night markets. 
    • Relax on St Kilda Beach and take in the sunset. 
    • Take flight on the Melbourne Star.

    The framework will consider Melbourne's role as a local government, as a state capital city, the place of our CBD as the largest entertainment precinct in Australia and as an international cultural city that operates throughout 24 hours.

    The lockout prohibited patrons from entering pubs, bars and nightclubs after 2 am in designated areas which included the council areas of Port Phillip, Stonnington, Melbourne (including the Docklands) and Yarra. Licensees that breached the lockout could be fined a maximum of $6,899.

    Retail. All Victorians can enter non-essential retail premises. Vaccination requirements no longer apply.

    • Australian National Aviation Museum.
    • Bundoora Homestead. 
    • Fox Classic Car Collection. 
    • Free Tour of Melbourne Town Hall. 
    • Heide Museum of Modern Art. 
    • Hellenic Museum. 
    • Ian Potter Museum of Art. 
    • Jewish Museum of Australia.
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