why is melbourne so special

Why Is Melbourne So Special?

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    Numerous tourists and residents who have seen all of Australia consider Melbourne their favourite city in the country. Melbourne provides a very different experience from the standard white sand beaches and extreme heat you'll find in most Australian vacation spots.

    It's not the stereotypical Australian beach town. The laid-back and happy atmosphere is unrivalled, and the occasional rainy day only makes the sunny ones that much sweeter. The downtown area of a city is where you'll find the best food, the most concert and festival options, the most locals, and a more relaxed vibe.

    Every vacation spot has its share of drawbacks, unfortunately. Melbourne is far from ideal, what with the traffic jams that make getting anywhere take an eternity as well as the high cost of living in a metropolitan area. Those who have lived here for a while, however, can attest to the city's many positive aspects.

    There are many advantages and disadvantages of the town to think about before going, whether you plan to stay for just a few weeks or plan to live there permanently. Of course, you should keep in mind that each and every city offers its own advantages and disadvantages, and that it is ultimately your responsibility to make the most of your time there. The city of Melbourne will quickly be one of your favourite Australian vacation spots, and we assure you won't be disappointed by its many attractions.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Melbourne, the most cultural city globally, has everything your heart can desire. Here are a few reasons why Quasi Niche city is so damn special. First, milk Bars; we have one on just about every corner—more than just a place close by for emergency needs but also a great incentive to exercise.

    Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, known for its music, art centres and museums, and celebration and expression of art. It has been ranked, year after year, the most 'livable' city, and it’s not hard to see why.

    Most cities have to look at a postcard to dream of tower romance, but Melbourne has its 168-meter-high imitation. Performance halls are home to opera, symphony, and the Melbourne Festival at the base. An esplanade that's worth a harbour.

    The city's vibrant arts and culture scene deeply reflects its multicultural identity. Known as Australia's cultural capital, Melbourne is home to galleries, museums, theatres, and heritage sites.

    Melbourne has been named Australia's most liveable city and the 10th in the world in the Global Liveability Index 2022 . Released by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the title is awarded to the city with the highest score for stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

    Melbourne So Special

    Not only did people you know and meet online recommend Melbourne to you, but the 2011 Step Towards enhancing Survey ranked it as the best city in the world in which to live. That's quite a bold claim to make, and got us to think about what can make a city located on the other side of the globe the best location to live in the entire world. They quickly realised that it wasn't just one thing, but rather a wonderful blend of characteristics existing in symphony with one another in the city.

    Melbourne Is One Of The World's Most Liveable Cities.

    Currently, Melbourne ranks as the world's second-most liveable city and Australia's best. Multiple forms of public transportation, low crime rates and an abundance of employment opportunities all contribute to Melbourne's reputation as a desirable location to call home. In addition, it has excellent schools and a relaxed way of life in the arts and culture.

    It Features Riotous Street Art.

    why is melbourne so special3

    As far as international street art scenes go, Melbourne's has to be up there with the best. In fact, sprayed and stencilled alleys like Hosier Lane in the city centre have become must-see attractions, functioning as true galleries and offering a never-ending feast of technicolour brightness.

    Even though great street art might be discovered by chance, our resident Melbourne guru Cristian Bonetto recommends sifting through it more thoroughly on a Melbourne Graffiti Tour. Best of all, the tour concludes with beer, wine, and discussion at the Mixer Studios, one of Melbourne's largest and finest street art studios, and is led by some of the city's top street artists.

    There is a Saturday-only tour of Collingwood and Fitzroy that departs from 48 Easey Avenue in Collingwood, while the original tour of the city centre begins at Federation Square.

    The Coffee Culture Has Reached New Heights

    Everyone who appreciates coffee, please respond! Coffee lovers will be in ecstasy in Melbourne, with hip cafes at every turn. One can hardly take a few feet without coming across a brand-new coffee shop or someone carrying a takeout mug. Coffee is a serious business for Melburnians, and they are widely acknowledged as producing Australia's finest cup (and arguably, worldwide).

    Café Florentino along Burke Street is credited with having the first coffee maker in Australia. Those who are visiting or relocating to Melbourne need not worry about running out of coffee shops to fuel them through the day.

    Architecture And Communities

    Whether you agree or not, the cityscape, its layout, and the buildings that adorn it all contribute significantly to the appeal of any given metropolis. As the gold rush of the nineteenth century peaked, Melbourne became the world's wealthiest metropolis. Evidence of this unexpected affluence persists in the form of arcades and extravagant structures across the city, even in the most unassuming neighbourhoods. If you just go around Melbourne without ever glancing up at the cornices and masonry, you're missing out on a significant part of the what makes the city so special. It's true that Melbourne, like most big cities, has a wide variety of distinct neighbourhoods, yet there seems to be something special about the Melbourne ones.

    They nevertheless retain some of their unique history and personality, and the vibe that permeates the area is palpable to even the most casual of visitors. St. Kilda, a popular beach getaway, combines city life with the invigorating spray of ocean air and picture-perfect scenery.

    World-Class Research Facilities Can Be Found In Melbourne.

    Many of Melbourne's colleges and universities are among the best in the world. Studying in Melbourne, however, will get you used to thinking beyond the box, as the city is both artistic and academically prestigious, with a thriving startup scene (and around it, above it and below it, too).

    And One Of The Most Beautiful Train Stations In The World.

    The massive beauty of Flinders Street Station. It's a popular photo op because it's a landmark for the city and because more than 100,000 people walk through it every day. Construction of Australia's second city railway station was finished there in 1909. There are numerous city people who congregate there because of its famous clocks.

    Simple To Get Around

    In this day and age of eco-friendliness and cost-cutting, the ease and speed with which one may travel around town is a crucial factor to be taken into account. With its enormous tram network, Melbourne has done an excellent job. With over 400 tram cars & 150 miles of track, Melbourne's cable tram system is the biggest urban tramway network in the world. Its history stretches back to the 1870s.

    Commuter rail, which connects the city to the suburbs and surrounding areas, is used by more people than any other mode of public transit in the city. And if you don't want to take advantage of the city's excellent public transportation, Melbourne is a great place to walk about. Rather than huddling together in one of the numerous trams, we found ourselves wandering all around town for the sake of the experience.

    The driving situation is the only negative aspect of Melbourne's transportation system. In fact, the traffic wasn't bad at all compared to what we used to in Washington, DC; it was the annoying hook turns that got on our nerves. Hook turns are made when vehicles that would ordinarily have to drive across moving cars are instead forced to turn throughout all lanes of traffic. These twists and turns are daunting for a driver who is not familiar with the area. However, We suppose that's just one more argument in favour of taking the bus or subway.

    The Coffee Is Fantastic.

    Need your cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Good news for you, coffee aficionados: Melbourne has a thriving café culture. Melbourne cafés serve some of the greatest coffee in Australia, if not the world, thanks to the city's world-class baristas, welcoming neighbourhood atmosphere, and people' penchant for supporting locally-owned companies.

    Kilda Offers Plenty of Beach-Going Amusement

    Those in search of palm palms, Art Deco houses, retro flats, coaster, kosher bakers, hipster cafés, artists, yuppies, and rollerbladers need look no farther than St. Kilda. Melbournians' go-to bayside neighbourhood has been the setting for innumerable works of fiction and popular culture: A Beach in the 19th Century

    sanctuary; postwar Jewish enclave; resurgent real estate market

    Our man in Melbourne, Bonnetto, told us, "Ackland Street is at the centre of it all." It's a real melting pot of people, with everyone from hipsters talking music and film projects to backpackers and locals with more refined tastes in food and drink whooping it up on the weekends.

    "This same Esplanade spreads out such a stream of Melbourne landmarks between that and Fitzroy Street (St. Kilda's second important bar but also restaurant strip), such as the vintage Luna Park (luna park, the famed live music venues). In the same area as the Esplanade Hotel, the Saturday Esplanade Market, and the Palais (Palais theatre." The iconic activity in St. Kilda is staring.

    The Food Scene Will Have You Drooling

    When it comes to their cuisine, Melburnians do not play around. The restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines from all around the world. That being said, if you are a real foodie who appreciates a well-presented meal, you will have a wonderful time discovering the various dining options in Melbourne.

    Melbourne's culinary scene is so diverse that it will keep visitors on your toes. You can find anything from delicious pizza and spaghetti in Carlton (Melbourne's Little Italy) to incredible sushi restaurants serving fish caught only hours before and vegan-friendly eateries. The state takes its food culture very literally and frequently alters its menus to stay up with all of the culinary trends. Melbourne is a city that never, ever stops moving.

    Close To Quality Of Life Escapes

    The availability of high-quality parks and other recreational sites within quick driving distance is an essential feature of any great city. Melbourne residents are in luck since Victoria has no shortage of fantastic day trip options.

    Melbourne residents can easily take a day trip to one of many nearby tourist destinations, such as the Coast Road, Healesville Sanctuary, or Phillip Island. Phillip Island really pleased us because it is a great place to take the kids and enjoy some time away from the city. Phillip Island is a bucolic haven because to its historic farms, wildlife sanctuaries, and breathtaking coastal views. There are many ways to escape the city for a couple of days, so it doesn't matter what you choose to do.

    The Community Is Hugely Diverse

    Many distinct cultural events take place in Melbourne because of the city's diverse population. Some of the many events you could attend while in Melbourne include the Antipodes Festivals, Melbourne Italian Festa, Chinese New Year, TET Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, and Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you explore the surrounding areas of the central business district. Each one is home to a diverse range of peoples and cultures.

    Collins Street Is The City In Microcosm

    Collins Street is the epitome of Melbourne's haughtiness, and no visit to the city would be complete without a stroll along it. Kick things off at the eastern end of Spring Street, in which the techno Old Treasury Building stands as a mighty bookend.

    Much of the $200 million in gold that was carried in from the Victorian goldfields is stored in its basement vaults, which were designed by a 19-year-old governmental draughtsman and built in 1862. Towards the west, stop at Nos. 191 and 333 to take in the rococo-revival decor of the Regent Theatre's lobby and the mosaic floor of a Block Arcade, respectively. There is also the techno ceiling of the ANZ Bank at 380, and further west at 471–477 is the equally ornate Olderfleet Building. Make a reservation at the Lui Bar atop the Rialto Towers for sunset drinks.

    The Cutest Wildlife To Watch

    why is melbourne so special2

    The penguin parade on Phillip Island is an international tourist attraction. Little penguins from the Sutherland Beach colony emerge from the surf every night after sunset, waddling like landlubbers on their way home after a day at work.

    Our Melbourne insider said, "While the parade is a terrific event, Phillip Island's Koala Conservation Centre, whose elevated boardwalks are a perfect site to catch sight of Australia's cutest animal." From October till December, visitors to Seal Rocks can see fur seals, hence the name. However, late October is indeed the greatest time to see them, so mark your calendars and keep your binoculars handy. Phillip Island may be found 87 miles south-east of Melbourne, at the mouth of Westernport Bay.

    You Can Go Skiing Right Outside Of Town.

    Yup, it’s true. Australia offers skiers the chance to hit the slopes. You can rest assured that this isn't a practise run. Victoria's temperate climate makes it possible to go skiing just two hours outside of the city inside the winter. If you want to take a trip to Australia but still want to go skiing, Melbourne is the place to go.

    You can spend a day inside a winter wonderland & return to Melbourne inside the late afternoon to have a cone of ice cream by the seaside. If you enjoy both cold and snow, this city has it all.

    The Airport Is Super Accessible

    It is common knowledge among international students that having a nearby airport is quite convenient, particularly for those who frequently travel back home or who have friends and family in town. Thanks to its proximity to the heart of Melbourne, the airport there is incredibly convenient (around 20-35 minutes each way).

    Features Some of Australia's Most Recent Live Acts

    More than any other city in Australia, Melbourne was known for its robust music scene. Corner Hotel, located beneath the Swan Street railway bridge, is where curious sightseers can sample the local fare. The Corners has been rattling heads and hips that since Forties.

    Everybody from Dandy Warhols as Well as Mick Jagger, to A White Stripes to Crowded House have played here, and the location remains one of Brisbane finest mid-sized venues for upper live music. It's a great place to see up-and-coming Australian bands like Sydney's alt-rockers The Preatures (who were nominated for an ARIA Award) or Melbourne's indie-poppers Saskwatch.

    Check the website months in advance if you want to see a headliner or cult favourite perform on its infamous sticky carpet, as these shows often sell out in advance. If you do, be sure to grab a drink in the lively rooftop bar as well.”

    Lots To Do 

    Last but not least, if a city wants to be called the "Best in the World," it needs to offer a wide variety of attractions to both locals and tourists. It should come as no surprise that Melbourne is jam-packed with exciting opportunities to learn about and participate in both the city's rich history and its vibrant present. In spite of the fact that we’re not a particularly enthusiastic shopper, it was clear from simply strolling about the city that shopping is a popular activity here. There's a wide variety of shopping experiences available, from upscale malls to unique boutiques.

    The Hill and Content, a quaint bookstore, was a great place to kill time. We make it a point to support local authors by visiting bookstores wherever we go. You can learn a lot about the area you're visiting and maybe even pick up a terrific book that you won't be able to find anyplace else.

    In spite of this, Melbourne is not merely a shopping destination. In this city, there is always something fresh to see at an art gallery, theatre, or museum, so there's no way to become bored. However, a huge history nerd, so exploring the city's rich past—whether just at Royal Pavilion or in one of the many charming laneways—was the best activity. Tourists would love its location.

    Melbourne Is A Great Place For Start-Ups

    If you're a student studying abroad and dreaming of one day opening your own business, Melbourne is a great place to do so. Ideas that demonstrate originality, creativity, business preparedness, financial viability, and advantages to the city in Melbourne are eligible for a wide variety of small company grants. In your opinion, how thrilling is that? It might as well be you!

    You Can Swim With Wild Dolphins

    Even though there are many of things to do at Port Phillip Bay, nothing beats swimming alongside wild dolphins. With Polperro Dolphin Swims, an eco-tourism firm, you may go on boat trips and swim alongside the bay's renowned bottlenose and, if you're fortunate, Australian fur seals.

    Ropes to grip onto ensure that even those with little swimming experience can enjoy being so close to these "clever, curious creatures." You can watch from the deck if you don't feel like getting wet. This pre-booked three- to four-hour excursion leaves from the pier in Sorrento, a beach town located about sixty miles south of Melbourne's major business district.

    Furthermore, there is a Crafty Hipster Mecca

    The Rose Street Artists' Market is more than just a weekend market; it's a Fitzroy neighbourhood institution, where northern suburbs hipsters and artistic types congregate, chat, and drink excessive amounts of coffee. It is also a great place to purchase works by some of the city's most talented artisans. You may get anything from artisan candles & designer lamps to sculptural jewellery and graphic T-shirts at the kiosks.

    "If you're looking for mementoes, don't miss the stall selling beautiful, reasonably priced photorealistic images of Melbourne. When we go, we always pick up a few to take as souvenirs. The Young Bloods Diner, located within the market, has decent food and coffee, but it pales in comparison to the offerings at Industry Beans, which is conveniently located nearby.


    The relaxed and cheerful vibe is unparalleled, and the occasional cloudy day makes the sunny ones taste that much better. According to the Step Towards enhancing Survey from 2011, it is the best city in the world to call home. Melbourne is known as a great place to live because of its convenient public transportation options, low crime rate, and numerous job openings. Street art in Melbourne is among the best in the world. The city's central Hosier Lane and Hosier Street are increasingly popular tourist destinations.

    Melbourne is a paradise for coffee aficionados, as there are cafes on every corner. The beauty of a city is in large part due to its cityscape, its layout, and the architecture that decorates it.

    Content Summary

    1. Many visitors and locals who have travelled extensively throughout Australia identify Melbourne as their favourite place to live.
    2. This is not your usual Australian seaside resort.
    3. You'll find the most locals, the most laid-back atmosphere, the tastiest food, the most concert and festival possibilities, and the most options in a city's downtown area.
    4. Whether you're considering a short visit or a long-term relocation, you should weigh the town's various pros and cons before making the move.
    5. Of course, you should remember that every city has its own set of pros and cons, and that it is ultimately up to you to make the most of your experience wherever you go.
    6. We're confident that Melbourne, Australia, will become one of your favourite holiday destinations in all of Australia.
    7. Uniquely Melbourne The 2011 Step Towards enhancing Survey ranked Melbourne as the best city in the globe in which to live, backing up the recommendations of your friends and acquaintances from the internet.
    8. That's a rather bold statement to make, and it got us wondering what characteristics may make a city on the other side of the planet truly deserving of the title "greatest place to live in the world."
    9. Melbourne is widely regarded as a prime example of a "liveable city."
    10. Melbourne is currently the finest city in Australia and the second-best in the world in terms of quality of life.
    11. Melbourne is known as a great place to live because of its convenient public transit, low crime rate, and numerous job options.
    12. Melbourne has one of the world's top street art scenes, if not the best.
    13. Our resident Melbourne expert, Cristian Bonetto, says that while outstanding street art might be found by coincidence, a Melbourne Graffiti Tour is the best way to sift through it.
    14. The best part is that the tour is conducted by some of Melbourne's best street artists, and it ends with drinks and conversation at the Mixer Studios, one of the city's largest and greatest street art studios.
    15. Melbourne is a haven for coffee aficionados, since trendy cafes can be found on nearly every corner.
    16. Those visiting or relocating to Melbourne need not worry about a lack of cafes from which to draw energy.
    17. During the height of the nineteenth-century gold rush, Melbourne surpassed New York as the world's most prosperous city.
    18. Like other major cities, Melbourne is home to many different communities, each with its own character and charm.
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