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Which Are Pubs In Melbourne?

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    Finding the greatest Melbourne pubs or a nice pub dinner in Melbourne's central business district is a challenge due to the abundance of options. Fortunately, we've already researched the topic thoroughly. It's now time to relax and enjoy the ambience and drinks at these top-notch restaurants.

    Many consider Melbourne to be Australia's cultural epicentre due to its abundance of museums, theatres, galleries, restaurants, and bars, particularly in the neighbourhoods of Richmond and Fitzroy. Pubs in Melbourne are representative of the laid-back Australian culture thanks to their wide assortment of beers, tasty pub food, and flexible sitting arrangements. We've catalogued Melbourne's finest speakeasies and steakhouses, and now we've compiled a definitive list of pubs and includes them all.

    There is a bar on every corner of Melbourne, and you can count on finding ice cold beer and a tasty schnitty. However, for those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Melbourne's finest watering holes. This list has got you covered for weekend and weeknight fun over the next four years, with options ranging from old historic public houses to modern music venues. Listed below are forty of the finest watering holes in Melbourne.

    FAQs Pubs In Melbourne

    Many pubs in Melbourne offer all-inclusive function packages, with prices typically ranging between $25 and $60 per guest. Some others are simply priced with a minimum spend on food and/or drinks.

    The newly reopened Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda, one of Melbourne's most iconic pubs, is far too big and sprawling to simply pop by for a pint. The wide front stairs still lead up into the palatial front bar.

    The Palace Hotel: South Melbourne. South Melbourne. The Palace remains one of the brightest jewels in the crown of Melbourne pub dom. On every scale, one could judge a pub, and these guys top the list. From beer to sports, to food, to service, this unassuming little boozer has you covered.

    Examples of theme pubs include sports bars, rock pubs, biker pubs, Goth pubs, strip pubs, karaoke bars and Irish pubs. The 18th century saw a huge growth in the number of drinking establishments, primarily due to the introduction of gin.

    A classic Sunday roast has been crowned Britain's favourite pub grub.

    The Melbourne Pubs

    What would we be doing without Melbourne's pubs? In our collective opinion, it's not something we should dwell on. No one factor defines a "excellent bar" in and of itself (although the weight and circumference of the house parma do make an impression). However, Melbourne's finest watering holes are a perfect synthesis of Melbourne's colourful past, creative present, and delicious past.

    A few of the places on this list are older than the city proper (but more than keep up with times). Some are progressive thinkers who redefine what a warm and welcoming neighbourhood resident can be in the twenty-first century. All of these establishments have one thing in common: they are ideal gathering spots, whether for a cheap lunch, a round of quiz, or a casual weekend get-together (or wind down). Perhaps one of these bars will have what you're looking for.

    The Esplanade

    After a brief absence, St. Kilda's famous Esplanade Hotel reopened in 2019 at the same location, but with a fresh new look. There are currently three concert stages, twelve bars, and two eateries in the spectacular venue. Inside, retro touches like exposed brick and concert posters from the 1980s add a nostalgic ambience, while outside, a garden terrace and panoramic ocean views create an exclusive resort atmosphere.

    There is always something new to discover here. On the first floor, you'll find Mya Tiger, a Cantonese restaurant with a stunning bay outlook and an equally stunning drink list.

    For a more traditional St. Kilda experience, make your way to the rear of the bar area for a pint and pub lunch. For a more exclusive drink, however, request the key to the Ghost at Alfred Felton, an amazingly VIP prohibition-style bar located on the fifth floor.

    The Lincoln

    which are pubs in melbourne3

    The Lincoln, established in 1854, has been regarded as one of Melbourne's finest watering holes for more than 160 years. Their seasonal menu features dishes created from locally sourced ingredients and their prise art deco bar serves drinks from 12 rotating taps and a carefully curated wine list. The Lincoln has been recently renovated and now has a modern style while maintaining its classic character. Perfect for laid-back hangouts with pals who like a drink or two.

    By definition, bars are historical artefacts from the past. We brought them over from Great Britain, and they still appreciate a nice drink, a hearty dinner, witty conversation, and a fun atmosphere. Even though most of us don't spend our days digging rock for a living, after a long day of data entry even those of us with desk jobs and white collars wish nothing more than to sink a cold one.

    Thus, it takes a deft touch to modernise a pub without wrecking it, but at the Lincoln, they managed to sneak in an amazing wine list, an enticing variety of craft brewers, and a bistro cuisine that wouldn't appear out of place on white linen with candles and surgically precise service. Nothing about this venerable Carlton watering hole, which first opened its doors in 1854, has been changed, and the additions feel as though they have always been there.

    Toss out those sauv Blancs that are so acidic they will eat your teeth. The grassy yellow Western Australian gewurtz riesling is a light, fresh, and flowery wine, and the oaky chardonnay from Beechworth is created with local yeasts. The atmosphere here is similar to that of a wine bar. Iain Ling, the publican, went so far as to purchase a special corkscrew that just pierces the cork without actually removing it.

    Grab a bottle of Gentle Folk, the natural wine kings, and a steak from the local pub because you're about to eat the best steak in the world. It's a Cape Grim dry-aged sirloin of 200 grammes, and the addition of Café de Paris butter amplifies the meat's juiciness and grassy savoury notes. The counter lunch of a pork cutlet coated in crunchy panko, topped with mushrooms, sweet tonkatsu sauce, and fat chips is equally delicious. This dish has elements of both German and Japanese cuisines and is a winter-busting cracker.

    Their ability to provide tasty snacks is also impressive. Light as air and super crunchy corn crackers (like a prawn cracker) topped with spanner crab make a great appetiser to kick off any visit. You can get the half Lincoln, which includes five items from the head chef's menu, for $45 per person, or the full Lincoln, which includes eight items, for $65 per person, and you know the pub has its bistro in order.

    When you start to think this location doesn't sound like a bar at all, you'll hear about the rotating selection of 12 beers on tap. You could easily down a local witbier from Stomping Ground or something sour and fruity like a Boatrocker raspberry Berliner Weisse in a single sitting. Those kegs won't be full the next time around, but there will be something else equally intriguing to try. They work with Craft and Co. to produce their own beers, and they also experiment with it themselves. The Lincoln manages the tricky balancing act of old and new with the grace of a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, allowing us to enjoy our natural wines in an Art Deco bar while watching the game and waiting for our steaks.

    The Great Northern

    The Great Northern Hotel offers Melbourne's finest watering hole for a memorable day out with man's best friend, since dogs are welcome inside. You shouldn't suddenly stop spending lots of time with your pet merely because the city is back in business in 2021.

    On Mondays, you can make a reservation for a parma, on Tuesdays for a steak, on Wednesdays for trivia, on Thursdays for burgers, and on Sunday for a traditional roast. Get a GNH leash for your dog that doubles as a bottle opener while you're there.

    Marquis Of Lorne

    Over the course of more than 150 years, the Marquis of Lorne has stood at the intersection of George & Kerr Streets. Will, formerly of the Newmarket Hotel bar, and the new proprietors (Tall Timber, Touchwood, and Station Street Vending Co.), respected the pub's history and character when they took it over. As an alternative, it has been brought back to its previous splendour.

    The hotel's three floors were recently updated, but the establishment still has that familiar pub atmosphere. The inside is bright because of the sunny roof above. The chef (Epocha, Builders Arms) will taking good care of the meals for the intimate private dining area that seats 12.

    Bar fare like potato cakes, Pacific oysters, and grilled octopus, as well as counter fare like chicken schnitzel, a 250-gram scotch fillet, and a cheeseburger, are all accessible over all three floors. In keeping with the meaty theme, we also offer chilli and fennel dog, lamb roll, and slow-cooked lamb ribs. There are still some wooden tables out front where customers may have a cheap pot of coffee as they watch the sport on a TV.

    The Woodlands Hotel

    The front of the Woodlands Hotel may be mistaken for a miniature German castle or an ornate British firehouse, but the interior is a constant Victorian celebration. They really put their money where their mouths when it comes to buying and using locally grown goods.

    There is a house lager, a pearly from Cavalier in Derrimut, and a raspberry hefeweizen from Bareside's Boatrocker on tap, but we can't get enough of the mango goes from Hop Nation in Footscray; they have all the fruity sweet flavor on the nasal passages of a Daiquiri, but with the bracing savoriness and salinity of a German-style beer.

    The wine list delves into bottles from Mornington, Yarra, Pyrenees, Criteria were set Ranges, and Heathcote, while the bottled beer list expands their domain to include brews from Two Birds, Three Ravens, Edge, Bridge Rd, Hargreaves Hill, and La Sirène. You couldn't have a more authentically Victorian experience than at this premiership. You can bet your bottom dollar that they only use Victorian products in the kitchen. The flavours, though. Of course, that's a different story; the Woodlands Hotel also serves the finest pub curry on town. Slow-cooked beef in a Mauritian-style curry sauce flavoured with whole star anise, sweet onions, green curry leaves, and coriander proves that pub grub doesn't have to mean English comfort food. Although it's classified as a snack on the menu, it comes with a hot, fluffy roti and can be upgraded to a complete meal by adding a $2 order of rice.

    A common practise here is to avoid tourist traps. Mussels inside a green curry sauce, the omnipresent burrata on a bed of strongly dressed tomatoes, and fried tzatziki sauce cheeses with rockmelon & pickled watermelon are all on the menu. It's a real mishmash of styles; they top parmesan with taleggio and salami, serve mac and cheese with pig chops, and pair Persian fetta with squid. They have a worldwide perspective yet are buying locally.

    Not to mention, it's a great spot to relax and have some laughs. The high ceilings of the public bar, which are lined with timber, make it feel airy and comfortable on a hot afternoon, while the atrium in the back is like a mini-cathedral and is stuffed with houseplants. The upstairs is a completely different ballgame, with chandeliers, ketchup red wall, dark leather booths, and a steak menu all in keeping with a Russian-Oriental concept. To put it mildly, it's crazy.

    In the pub hubs of Melbourne, there is no shortage of excellent dining options. Coburg has fewer people and a more relaxed atmosphere than neighbouring Fitzroy, which is a 24-hour pub party hotspot. Fortunately, their flagship offering is a monster, and well worth the trouble of crossing Sydney Road for.

    Retreat Hotel

    The Retreat Hotel is Brunswick's premier venue for live performances of a wide variety of musical genres. Take a break in the lively beer garden after the show. In recent years, The Retreat has become famous in Melbourne for its lively atmosphere and delicious pub lunches. If you want to go out drinking, the best nights are Thursday and Saturday.

    The Napier Hotel

    According to their own description, they are "like a big, big, friendly Fitzroy embrace," and you must agree, as they are among the top 10 finest pubs in Melbourne according to your 2021 rankings.

    If you're looking for a pub meal with an Australian twist, the Napier is the place to go. They have a chicken parma topped with smoked kangaroos, and they have a grilled kangaroo salad with pomegranate dressing. This Fitzroy institution has been around for almost 130 years, and despite its age, it has retained its endearing, nostalgic pub vibe and is still scoring goals.

    Builders Arms Hotel

    There have been several incarnations of The Builders Arms under the leadership of chefs and proprietors. Moon Under Water Restaurant was once housed there. That was demolished to make room for a more lighthearted Chinese eatery.

    However, the traditional front bar style remained. It was the first thing you saw whenever you walked in, and it was always bustling with happy drinkers no matter the time of day. The remainder of the building is now open as the bistro it always intended to be thanks to the contagious mood.

    You can still get your burger and roast of the day from the counter at the front bar while drinking some light beer. However, it's easy to tell you're inside a McConnell restaurant when you sit down at the bistro's table. The staff is friendly and attentive. The colour scheme is subdued, featuring mostly white, blue, and grey. Its food is slightly superior to that of other local establishments.

    Consider the chicken parma, which, instead of the customary flattening, is prepared in a football-like Kyiv-cut. It's been given a unique and elegant twist with the addition of fresh mozzarella as well as a thin layer of prosciutto on top. Another well-known dish is fish pot pie. When you cut into the hot pastry, you'll find rockling, ocean trout, and prawns swimming in a brothy slop. Steaks, pasta, oysters, salads, and an addictive whipped cod roe dip round out the menu. In our opinion, the food at The

    You can't go wrong with Builders Arms.

    Being a McConnell establishment, the bar offers a respectable wine list, with many options from up-and-coming vineyards such Alpha Box & Dice, SC Pannell, and Jericho. On a warm day, the small, inhabited courtyard is an ideal spot to enjoy a well-made aperitif or beer.

    The Royston

    We included The Royston in our 2021 list of the finest parmas in Melbourne, so its inclusion in your listing of the best 10 Melbourne pubs is not surprising. On Mondays and Wednesdays, you can get a famed $17 parma at this Richmond dive, which is tucked away off River Street in a secluded corner of the city's backstreets; to give the impression that you've gone "straight to the pool room," we recommend scheduling a game of pool first thing in the morning.

    Stomping Ground

    which are pubs in melbourne2

    This European-style brewery & beer hall will live up to its billing as your new hangout and top choice for a Melbourne watering hole. Collingwood was once the centre of Australian brewing, and Stomping Ground celebrates that heritage. They have the best independent beer in town, a huge bar with 30 taps, a private room for groups, and a unique sense of community.

    The Gasometer Hotel

    When The Gasometer unexpectedly shuttered in 2013 due to financial difficulties, it appeared like another blow to Melbourne's live music scene. The bluestone bar was an essential part of the culture, as it hosted shows every night of the week.

    Fortunately, hoteliers Shannon Vanderwert (from the Postal Service Hotel in Coburg) & Clint Fisher (from the Hideaway Hotel in Brunswick) came in. The band room was remodelled by removing a wall and installing new flooring. Additionally, a powerful Nexo public address system & sound desk were installed.

    Since its reopening in 2014, The Gaso has been a vital venue for live music and comedy performances every night of the week. Its unique band area can hold up to 350 people and features a retractable roof, making it ideal for outdoor performances. Also, if you want to get a bird's eye view of the action on stage, you can sit in the mezzanine.

    There are various burger options, a parma, a curry, and other hearty standards on the menu, as one would expect from any decent pub. Beer-wise, there's nothing particularly out of the ordinary either. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale and Mountain Goat Steam Ale are two of the most ordered beverages.

    Foresters Pub And Dining

    The late-night parties at Foresters Pub & Dining are what the establishment is best known for, despite its excellent beer and wine range and typical pub grub menu. Wish to carry on your weekend antics long after most nearby watering holes have shut down? If so, you've found the right spot. Every Saturday and Friday night, you can expect to have a wonderful time (and possibly a hangover) thanks to the club's 4 am licence and DJs.

    The Catfish

    In a time when bars and pubs are being transformed into social climbers through revivals, renovations, and slick makeovers, there is a growing appreciation for the resistance, and no place is more beloved for its rough edges than that of the Catfish near Fitzroy. In this sprawling, weathered watering hole, the drinks and the entertainment are prioritised over superficial details like the fact that the walls are painted millennial pink or the decor has a Montauk vibe (it doesn't, of course). You can enjoy a local, full-flavored red IPA by Home Base or a nutty, malt, brown ale by Bad Shepherd whereas the namesake lowest part swims around peacefully in his repurposed TV tank.

    Go wild with a Watermelon Warhead form Feral, and fill in the gaps with Philly cheesesteaks at Sparrow's, the restaurant's main dining area. You'll need the energy to make it through the show in the band room upstairs, so fuel up on the sirloin strip torpedo rolls that are smothered in cheese. The Catfish features free live music four times per week, and on Thursdays, local DJs from PBS spin funk, soul, and rock. On Tuesdays, the band room plays host to one of the city's most popular comedy nights, with acts trying out brand new material for $12 (best appreciated with a $7 pint of Young Higgins lager). If you want something from a bottle, but don't want to break the bank, consider splitting a six pack of beer from the fridge instead.

    There's a European coffee & fig oat stout from New Zealand, a range of super-hopped IPAs ready to blast off with your taste buds, and even gluten-free beer because coeliacs simply want to enjoy fun, too. After a long day at the office, you can relax with some friends and a few cold ones here without worrying about whether or not your black band shirt is appropriate.

    Rock 'n' roll, like the Catfish, is at its best when it's a little rough around the edges, so you don't really want things to be pristine when you're speaking about it or wonderful neighbourhood bars.

    Edinburgh Castle Hotel

    This classic Brunswick watering hole has the best trivia host these side of the Pacific, a pool table in such an adjacent room, and a pleasant beer garden out back, making it an ideal location for social gatherings. Infinite examples may be given. The Edinburgh Castle Hotel serves as a great jumping-off point for a night out on the town, and it's only a short distance from the rest of the bars that line the lively Sydney Road. It's a no-brainer.

    Lamaro's Hotel

    In 2017, a seasoned chef and proprietor of Dandelion restaurant took over Lamaro's with a business partner. The pub's rich culinary heritage and traditional atmosphere drew them in. The pair refreshed the pub's luxurious carpeted dining area, but the establishment has retained its status as a long lunch spot frequented by a mature clientele. The wine list caters to this demographic by showcasing bottles from well-known wineries like and while also include some newcomers, such BK Wines from South Australia.

    Lindsay's early work is the inspiration for the main menu, before her career shifted to focus on Vietnamese cuisine. This includes dishes like parmesan and herb-crusted veal schnitzel served with a creamy slaw and homemade potato gnocchi served with slow-roasted lamb shoulder and freekeh. Using a Josper oven to cook steaks gives them a unique flavour and aroma that you can't get with a regular grill. Banh mi, Reuben sandwich, Moules Frites, and fish-head curry are just a few of the international dishes available at the pub.

    Flying Duck Hotel

    You'll have a tough time deciding where to stay at the Flying Ducks Hotel because there are so many options! Indoors, you'll find a warm and inviting pub atmosphere, while dining in The Glasshouse will transport you to a new world. The chic indoor/outdoor space is light and airy, making it ideal for individuals who want to try something new while enjoying an evening drink with colleagues or unwinding after a long day.

    The Great Northern

    A Great Northern is a popular local watering hole thanks in large part to the large number of people that gather there to watch sporting events from all over the world. This is the place to be for watching major athletic events like the Super Bowl or the World Cup, as they have massive screens both inside and outside in their enormous courtyard. The pints here are cheap, as well as the service is casual and welcoming. Even if you're only visiting, you'll feel like you're at your neighbourhood watering hole, so feel free to sport your team's colours. Peanut butter & pumpkin dog biscuits are baked fresh on the premises to keep your canine companions happy while you sip a cold one.

    College Lawn Hotel

    College Lawn Hotel, tucked away in the alleys of Prahran, is well-known for its vibrant Sunday events with live music. This location is ideal for warm weather events thanks to its largely outdoor layout and dedicated "paws on the lawn" space for canine guests and their human companions.

    The revolutionary QR codes on the menus may be scanned with a mobile device to place an order, so you can stay seated and enjoy the pleasant ambience while waiting for your meal to be prepared.


    Melbourne's pubs are emblematic of the relaxed Australian lifestyle, with their broad selection of drinks, delicious pub food, and adaptable seating options. From ancient watering holes to cutting-edge concert halls, this list has you covered for weekend and weeknight entertainment for the next four years. Melbourne's best bars and restaurants are a reflection of the city's vibrant history, innovative present, and delectable past. Others are forward-thinking innovators who reimagine what it means to be a friendly, welcome neighbourhood resident in the twenty-first century. With its doors first opening in 1854, The Lincoln has long been considered one of Melbourne's best bars.

    The elegant art deco bar serves drinks from 12 rotating taps and a meticulously picked wine range. Even with white tablecloths, candlelight, and sterile service, their bistro fare would impress. The Lincoln gracefully walks the line between the past and the present, like an acrobat from Cirque du Soleil. In operation for over 150 years, the Marquis of Lorne can be found at the corner of George and Kerr Streets. While you're there, pick up a dog leash that can also be used as a bottle opener.

    The facade of the Woodlands Hotel may be. a small German castle or an elaborate British firehouse, but the interior is a continual Victorian. celebration. They back up their rhetoric about supporting local farmers by actually doing so. Coburg is quieter and more laid-back than neighbouring Fitzroy, which is known for its nonstop pub crawls.

    The Retreat Hotel has one of the best pub lunches in Melbourne, and it's open late on Thursday and Saturday nights, when drinking is most popular. The Royston, a popular restaurant in Richmond, offers the city's best $17 parma on Monday and Wednesday nights. Stomping Ground is a tribute to Collingwood's history as Australia's brewing capital. Foresters Pub & Dining has a stellar selection of libations and standard pub fare. Every night of the week, The Gasometer plays host to a different lineup of live music and stand-up comedy acts.

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    1. It can be difficult to zero in on the best pubs in Melbourne or a wonderful pub supper in the CBD.
    2. It's time to unwind and take it easy in one of these luxurious eateries.
    3. Richmond and Fitzroy, in particular, are home to a plethora of museums, theatres, galleries, restaurants, and nightlife options, leading many to call Melbourne the cultural heart of Australia.
    4. Melbourne's pubs are emblematic of the relaxed Australian lifestyle, with their broad selection of drinks, delicious pub food, and adaptable seating options.
    5. We've already prepared an exhaustive list of Melbourne's greatest steakhouses and speakeasies; now we've done the same for the city's pubs.
    6. If you're searching for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, though, we've created a list of Melbourne's best bars.
    7. But Melbourne's best bars and pubs are a seamless blend of the city's vibrant history, inventive present, and delectable past.
    8. Some of the locations included predate the city itself (but more than keep up with times).
    9. The Promenade Along the Esplanade The historic Esplanade Hotel in St. Kilda returned in 2019 with a new name and decor after a brief closure.
    10. With its doors first opening in 1854, The Lincoln has long been considered one of Melbourne's best bars.
    11. They have a seasonal cuisine with dishes made with local products, and their art deco bar, which is prized, serves drinks from 12 rotating taps and an extensive wine list.
    12. The Lincoln has been updated to provide a contemporary look while retaining the hotel's traditional charm.
    13. Bars, by their very nature, are relics from the past.
    14. This historic Carlton watering spot hasn't altered a bit since it first opened in 1854, and the new features blend well in.
    15. This place has the vibe of a wine bar.
    16. For $45 per person, you may have the half Lincoln, which features five items from the head chef's menu; for $65 per person, you can order the full Lincoln, so you know the pub has its bistro in order.
    17. Just when you think you're not at a bar anymore, you hear about the 12 beers on tap that change every few weeks.
    18. We were able to enjoy our natural wines in an Art Deco bar at The Lincoln while watching the game and waiting for our steaks because the restaurant pulls off the balancing act of old and new with the deftness of a Cirque du Soleil performer.
    19. It's the Great Northern Dog owners in Melbourne are in luck: the Great Northern Hotel is home to one of the city's top pubs, and Fido is more than welcome to join you for the day.
    20. Having the city fully operational again in 2021 is not a good enough reason to suddenly cut back on quality time spent with your pet.
    21. While you're visiting GNH, pick up a leash for your dog that also functions as a bottle opener.
    22. Lord Lorne's Marquis The Marquis of Lorne has been a fixture at the corner of George and Kerr Streets for almost 150 years.
    23. On any of the three levels, you can get bar food such potato cakes, Pacific oysters, and grilled octopus, or counter food like chicken schnitzel, a 250-gram scotch fillet, or a cheeseburger.
    24. Resort at the Woodlands You could easily mistake the exterior of the Woodlands Hotel for a little German castle or a fancy British firehouse, but once you step inside you'll find yourself immersed in a timeless Victorian extravaganza.
    25. This premiership will provide you with the most genuine Victorian experience possible.
    26. They utilise solely Victorian era items in the kitchen, you can bet your last cash on it.
    27. That's a whole other can of worms; the Woodlands Hotel is home to the best pub curry in town, among other culinary delights.
    28. Pub grub need not be limited to traditional British fare; this dish of slow-cooked beef in a Mauritian-style curry sauce flavoured with whole star anise, sweet onions, green curry leaves, and coriander is a perfect example.
    29. There is no shortage of great restaurants in Melbourne's pub districts.
    30. Coburg is quieter and more laid-back than its neighbouring Fitzroy, which is known for its nonstop bar crawls and nightlife.
    31. Accommodations for Rest and Relaxation Live performances from a wide range of musical genres can be seen at the Retreat Hotel, Brunswick's most popular concert hall.
    32. The Retreat's reputation as a fun place to hang out and a great spot for a hearty pub meal has grown rapidly in recent years.
    33. This is the Napier Hotel. They call themselves "like a big, big, friendly Fitzroy embrace," and you must agree if they made your list of the top 10 finest pubs in Melbourne for 2021.
    34. The Napier is the place to go for pub grub with an Australian flavour.
    35. Hotel Builders' Arms The Builders Arms has gone through multiple iterations with different chefs and owners at the helm.
    36. However, once you take a seat at the bistro table, you'll know you're in a McConnell establishment.
    37. There's the Royston. It's not unexpected to see The Royston on your list of the top 10 Melbourne pubs, given we placed it on our 2021 list of the greatest parmas in Melbourne.
    38. This Richmond dive, located off River Street in a quiet part of the city's backstreets, is where locals go on Mondays and Wednesdays to get their hands on the restaurant's famous $17 parma; if you want to give the impression that you've gone "straight to the pool room," we recommend setting up a game first thing in the morning.
    39. This European-style brewery and beer hall will quickly become your favourite place to hang out in Melbourne.
    40. Stomping Ground is a tribute to Collingwood's history as Australia's brewing capital.
    41. They serve the best local craft beer, offer a spacious bar with 30 taps, a separate area for parties, and foster a special kind of community.
    42. The Hotel Gasometer The unexpected closure of The Gasometer in 2013 owing to financial concerns seemed to be another blow to Melbourne's live music scene.
    43. Live music and stand-up comedy have made The Gaso an essential nightlife destination since it reopened in 2014.
    44. Foresters Restaurant and Bar Foresters Pub & Dining has an extensive beer and wine list and serves standard pub fare, but it is best renowned for its late night events.
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