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Which Are Homeware Stores In Melbourne?

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    The interior design of a house is never complete. As your preferences and requirements change, it must adapt accordingly. The time it takes to get a room looking as good as the one in your head, fit for a magazine, can be substantial even with a focused effort. However, that's all part of the game, right? There's always something else to learn about, discover, or buy. find by accident, or even better. Read on to learn where we recommend shopping in Melbourne for home furnishings, ornaments, and more.

    In our opinion, there is no better way to spend a few hours than wandering the laneways and hipster suburbs of Melbourne in search of the right piece of home decor. Needless to say, if you're lucky to be visiting or relocating to Melbourne, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to home décor retailers.

    Looking for some home decor but don't know where to begin? This is not an effort to squander your time. You won't find the finest home goods stores in the heart of Melbourne, so if you're on the hunt for something truly special, look elsewhere. The best homewares shops are not in Melbourne's core business district, so you'll have to travel a little to locate those hidden gems.

    In case you find yourself in Melbourne with a few spare hours, we've compiled a helpful list of the top places to browse for home furnishings.

    FAQs About Homeware Stores

    Fenton and Fenton don’t just offer some of the best boutique homewares in Melbourne, and it’s also one of the most-loved local stores in Inner Melbourne’s, Prahran. And just a hop and a skip from trendy South Yarra and Windsor, you’re bound to enjoy your time in the area.

    Simple Form is a gorgeous concept store based in Melbourne’s inner-west. True to its name, the homewares store focuses on stocking contemporary and minimalist Scandinavian, Japanese and Nordic furniture, art, fashion, jewellery and collectables.

    Tanto is a Japanese knife store and one of Melbourne’s most impressive retail outlets. He is pitched mainly at specialist local chefs aware that Japan produces the world’s finest kitchen knives; Tanto stocks precision implements that draw on a craftsman pedigree dating back to the sword-carrying samurai era.

    In 2011, the current owners, AEA Investors, acquired Garden Ridge, and three years after that, the company converted all of its Garden Ridge locations to the At Home brand.

    Related Definitions

    home store means a shop with a NLA not exceeding 100sqm which is attached to a dwelling and is operated by a person(s) residing in the dwelling, and sells foodstuffs or goods of a similar domestic nature intended for the day to day consumption or use by persons in the locality of the shop.”

    Melbourne Homeware Stores

    The time and effort required to maintain a stylish dwelling has become a legitimate career path. It's perfectly acceptable for guests to make fun of you and leave if you do not have a Monstera plants and a few vintage cameras strewn about your living room. That may sound harsh, but we weren't the ones to write the rules.

    Wherever it is in your home that you feel could use a little Show Block-style décor to make the Shaynna Blaze lady throw up her bangles and declare, "Now THIS is more like it," we have the perfect ideas. There's really nothing to it other than a great deal of money and exquisite taste.

    Jordan Flagship

    The Jordan main store, with its sky-blue paint & gold logo, stands out from the crowd of neighbouring shop windows. Australian blackbutt wood, Queensland marble, and natural grapefruit paint by Bauwerk were used to construct the retail area, which was inspired by the modernist aesthetics of John and Sunday Reed as well as the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

    The two-story space is bathed in natural light and decorated in soothing tones to showcase the company's growing collection of mid-century modernist-inspired furniture pieces.

    Bedding, jewellery by Lucy Folk, pottery by Porcelain Bear, or even surfboards by Maren are all on the list of products sold. In addition, there are always new displays of artwork, including sculptures, photos, and paintings by local artists.

    An open kitchen and entertainment space, replete with a coffee maker and modern Italian cookware, can be found on the upper floor. There's also an outdoor patio area, complete with soft pastel furnishings and lush planters. The modern Australian way of life is reflected in Jordan's furniture designs. The small business has been certified as a carbon-neutral enterprise and has obtained Australia's top environmental grade.

    Simple Form

    which are homeware stores in melbourne

    Located in Melbourne's trendy inner-west, Simple Form is indeed a beautiful retail idea. The business sells contemporary and minimalist furniture, art, fashion, jewellery, and collectibles from the Nordic countries, Japan, and Scandinavia, hence the name.

    At Simple Form, you can shop for one-of-a-kind items from established designers like Hay and Normann Copenhagen and up-and-coming artists like those from the Bay Area.


    Though Scandinavian design is often recognised for its aesthetic quality, Design stuff goes above and above to ensure that their furnishings are functional as well.

    Each of the contemporary designs you'll find on Design stuff has been carefully selected for its integrity, quality, and ability to complement your home's aesthetic.


    By 2016 though, Tait had outgrown its Johnston Street shop. The DesignOffice-designed flagship store is conveniently located near Tait's childhood home on Smith Street.

    Gordon and Susan Tait, a husband-and-wife duo, launched their namesake company in 1992. Stylish and weatherproof, their patio furniture is made right here in Thornbury.

    Their furniture is minimalistic yet sophisticated and often whimsical, such as the burnt orange turmeric bar carts and the Pick N' Mix line of table and bench legs.

    The design of the office's interior is inspired by common settings for outdoor living in Australia, with furniture including couches and lounge chairs arranged on timber deck or grey brick pavement. As soon as you walk in, your eyes will be drawn to the centrally located Australian barbeque and the deliberately planted greenery that creates dappled light with leaf shadows throughout the showroom. The green, blue, and yellow hues used on the walls are meant to represent the trees, ocean, and sun that make up Australia's landscape.

    Custom joinery & fixtures reflect Tait's attention to detail and craftsmanship. Although the timber decks won't weather like they would outdoors, the showroom nevertheless feels open and airy as you explore its many sections.

    Fenton & Fenton 

    Where exactly did you expect to find a place that would be like Aladdin's cave in the present day? Fenton & Fenton is the only place you need to go. From Moroccan rugs and pottery to Italian Seletti lights and vibrant pieces by up-and-coming Australian artists, it's like unlocking a box of endless treasure.

    Lucy Fenton opened the shop over a decade earlier, and it currently sells a carefully picked assortment of decorative objects, furniture, and textiles based on her extensive travels. Not only does Fenton & Fenton stock some of Melbourne's finest boutique homewares, but it is also one of Prahran's most beloved mom-and-pop establishments. And you'll love being so close to hip South Yarra and historic Windsor.

    Fenton & Fenton sells a wide variety of goods, from furniture to linens to carpets to clothing to artwork to jewellery to taxidermy. Lucy Fenton, the store's owner, says she seeks out unique items to sell. With a selection this colourful and varied, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start digging.

    The attention moves from a traditional wooden Rajasthani bed to the antler-filled fireplace. Beads with silver bangles fill a cabinet, which sits next to a rack of palm and -dyed kaftans. A magnificent deer's head stands guard over three Coptic crosses & five bronze candlesticks for a hint of Gothic.

    The variety of items on display is a reflection of Fenton's penchant for offbeat curios. Any space can be given an exotic feel with the help of one carefully selected piece. Rugs and furniture can be manufactured to order, and that's another service the shop provides. Inspiring Fenton to create this shop was his backpacking trip across India. As a result, the selection is always evolving to incorporate new items from her travels to places like Indonesia, India, China, France, and Morocco. How to best use these items into a modern home can be gleaned from a photo album showcasing several interior design schemes.


    The modern homewares and presents available at Connection, a store that celebrates Australian and in-house designed products, are sure to find a welcoming spot in your life.

    thanks to their ancestry Over the course of three generations and sixty years, their customers have amassed some of Melbourne's most coveted antiques.


    Some of us prefer the quality & history of old objects to the modern furnishings, replica pieces, and luxurious new products that fill many stores. So whether you're looking for a modern chair from the '50s or a mannequin from a 19th-century clothing shop, you'll find it at Scout, along with a few brand-new pieces. Orlando, Scout's owner, is widely regarded as possessing among the industry's finest eyes. So if you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, Scout is the place to go.


    Lighty sells one-of-a-kind, handcrafted products manufactured from natural resources that are ideal for the contemporary Australian household.

    Lightly has a minimalist appearance and focuses on creating useful things that make the most of their resources.

    Made In Japan

    Smack your chops. Circa Attica. In any of these eateries, you've probably eaten off of a plate that was made in Japan and imported by Manufactured in Japan. Tajimi is a quaint town inside the Gifu Prefecture, and the company's focus is on ceramics made there. In this area, ceramics such as sake jars, bowls, and teapots have been made for over a thousand years.

    Kazari, an Japanese furniture importer, was the company's initial parent. In the late '80s, when Peter Longmore was looking for vendors for his Hobart store with a Japanese motif, he came across it. He saw the potential of the company and bought it before relocating to Melbourne.

    He started with a single store in South Yarra, and now he has 17 locations all around New Zealand and Australia. These times, however, are long gone. Made in Japan, based out of Gifu, Japan, is able to survive with just three storefronts in Melbourne or a fulfillment center run by Longmore's because to the success of their online business.

    The three stores are always full of stunning items thanks to the constant presence on the ground. Black as night dinnerware. Metal-style serving dishes. Blue bowls that look like eggshells. Exquisitely decorated tea sets glazes with flowers. Countless mismatched, slightly off-center containers perfect for storing pens, paperclips, or anything else you may think of. There's a lot to see, so please don't rush.


    Mud dinnerware is a great investment if your eye for aesthetics extends to the dinner plate. Mud Australia, located in the hip neighbourhood of Fitzroy, is a pottery shop selling stylish, timeless, and minimalist pieces that represent the antithesis of mass-produced design.

    While Mud was created in Sydney by Shelley Simpson in 1994, it now has a retail location in Melbourne's Fitzroy neighbourhood, where locals and visitors alike can get a good look at the products up up and personal. Intriguing fact: all of Mud's porcelain clay comes from the French city of Limoges.

    Ivy Muse

    Even people who regularly murder plants will enjoy reading Ivy Muse. It's like house porn, but for grownups who know better: a shop devoted to houseplants and plant stands, with some upscale ceramic decor items added for good measure. Nearly 115% of the air there is pure oxygen. It's likely that you'll emerge from the procedure looking at least six years younger than that when you entered it.

    Shareholders can offer advice on how to best tend to plants (hint: don't overwater). They'll die of your benevolence (and you can buy accessories at Wingnut & Co. and Studio Two, so it's all good).

    Dinosaur Designs

    Dinosaur Designs are easily recognisable by its signature fluid designs and bursts of bright colour. Nonetheless, from their 1985 beginnings selling jewellery in Paddington Markets as college kids, the co-founders have gone a long way. They originally operated out of a small studio in Sydney before expanding to other cities across the world. The fact that Dinosaur Designs has survived this long while focusing on its one signature medium (resin) may sound restricting, yet the company has continually found new ways to push the medium's creative boundaries.

    The company continues to shock with its collections by doing things like switching to a monochromatic colour scheme after a run of bright primary hues and gradually adding bronze, brass, and silver items to its offerings. The company's foray into home goods and lifestyle accessories has benefited from the brand's signature organic look.

    As more and more Dinosaur Designs locations open up across Australia and beyond, the company has cemented its place in the industry's history.

    Safari Living

    It's not a fluke that Melbourne residents keep finding their way to Prahran in search of furniture and decorative items. Safari Living is, of course, not the only fantastic shop in this hip inner-city neighbourhood.

    Felicity Rulikowski, inspired by her passion for travel, founded Safari Living in 2001. Items from renowned design brands including Missoni Home, Iittala, and Tom Dixon are on display in the shop. In addition to the work of established names like Doug Johnson and Lucy Folk and Menu, you'll also find the work of a variety of indie designers.

    Safari Living is the place to go in Melbourne whether you're in the market for contemporary furnishings, modern wallpaper, or Hamptons-style decor. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Kathryn & The Bear

    Kathryn & the Bear, a joint venture between two companies, is a verdant haven where you can find one-of-a-kind handicrafts made by local artists. In addition to carefully curated homegoods, this location also offers interior design consultations with a trained professional and interactive seminars covering topics such as plant care and keep cup creation.

    There are lamps, throw blankets, and children's toys among the potted plants, bathroom accessories, and artworks. Each and every item in the store has been carefully selected by hand. Fedders has a predominantly Scandinavian feel, but they also promote Australian designers like Melbourne's Middle of Nowhere and Sydney's Zakkia, who both produce home goods with unrefined materials and aesthetics.

    The Woodsfolk Family Store

    which are homeware stores in melbourne3

    The Woodsfolk Family Store is an excellent choice if you are in need of any household goods and are in the Richmond, Victoria area on Church St. The name of the store, Everything for the Family, sums up the store's entire ethos. If you have a cute tiny animal as a pet, you may get them supplies here too.

    The staff at The Woodsfolk are always looking for ways to brighten your day, so you can count on them to pick out something that would make you happy. The Woodsfolk provide a wide selection of goods from all corners of the earth. For the discriminating home decorator, they provide the ideal collection of trinkets, stationery, and artwork.

    Modern Times

    Modern Times, which started as a series or pop-up stores in 2010 and moved into its current location on Melbourne's Smith Street in 2012, is a staple of the city's design scene.

    Inside, you'll find a kaleidoscope of original modern furniture and color-heavy artwork, despite the storefront's stark white walls and eye-catching blue logo.

    This husband-and-wife pair initially found their vintage furniture in Denmark, but have now expanded their sourcing throughout Europe. These vintage items from the '50s and '60s are so uncommon that we restore them right here in the shop.

    The ceramics, jewellery, textiles, & prints by Australian designers and artisans are a nice compliment to the wood furnishings. The store has a carefully curated selection of items, such as handwoven carpets by Pampa, concrete vases by StudioKyss, and ceramic cups by Katia Carletti. The vast hall also plays host to frequent architectural, interior design, and art discussions, as well as exhibitions by local artists.

    Crate Expectations

    It'll be tough to stick to your spending plan among the unique and high-quality furniture, cushions, lamps, and other homewares, artwork, and accessories available. Crate Expectations is a one-stop shop for home furniture and accessories sourced from both domestic and international designers.

    Craft Victoria

    Each of us has at least one friend or family member who is notoriously difficult to shop for. It would be nice to take them to Craft Victoria for their birthday. Items ranging from ceramic vases and apparel to jewellery and decorative accessories are all crafted by hand and sold at the gallery and shop.

    The organisation, which is run entirely by its members and does not benefit from their dues, was established in 1970 to advocate for manufacturers at all phases of their careers. In October of 2017, it relocated to its current location. The beautiful shop was created by architects, and the oxidised (or corroded, to use less poetic language) steel counter was a contribution by Sean Godsell Architects. There are also two art galleries as well as a library for your use. Come as you are for monthly art shows and workshops that will help you use what you learn.

    The Boroughs (3057)

    The Boroughs (formerly Five Boroughs) is revitalising the local textile industry and giving back to the neighbourhood. Former design director of knitwear brand Otto and Spike and mastermind behind the Melbournalia pop-ups, Alasdair MacKinnon now owns the company.

    The Boroughs gives back to a local charity of the its choosing for every purchase made in-store. There have been many different kinds of foundations in the past, such as the ’s Refugee Research Centre, the Foundation House in Brunswick, and the Share Your Hair Foundation.

    The Boroughs sells items created by anonymous creators. Artists like Able and Game, Northcote's Hungry Workshop, Footscray's Yen Yen Lo, and the periodical Paper Sea Quarterly are just a few examples of the local producers who account for 80% of the store's inventory. It also sells products from other countries, such the American brand Duluth Packs, which is based in Minnesota. Even so, these one-of-a-kind items are carefully vetted not to steal the spotlight from every local artists.

    The nearby chocolate shop Monsieur Truffe and many artists have also worked together on projects. Artists in The Boroughs make chocolate bars with special packaging that you won't find at Monsieur Truffe.

    You'll also discover some unique riding gear for "local blokes" that you won't find elsewhere in Melbourne. The store is a wonderful illustration of the kind of civic pride and generosity that is so prevalent in the inner-north.

    Grandfather’s Axe

    You can find genuine mid-century pieces without leaving the country. Just head to Northcote and look for Grandpa's Axe. The shop brings in old pieces from all over the world, including furniture, lighting, pottery, and posters.

    An array of uniquely crafted items awaits you inside. The Danish aesthetic may be seen in a variety of household furnishings, from dining table lined to sideboards. Many of the items reflect the Scandinavian value for understated efficiency.

    Grandfather's Axe's owners first opened their doors in 2010. While some of their European imports come in pristine shape, others require some TLC in the form of a trip to the repair or reupholstery studio. The team is careful to restore the originals without altering the original design.

    Prices are not cheap due to the time and money spent travelling to Europe, acquiring the antiques, and restoring them. For a statement item that not only keeps its value also increases it, however, you've come to the perfect spot.

    Post Industrial Design

    You'll find Pre Industrial Design in a predominantly residential strip if you keep going past the clusters few retail establishments. It's in an unusual spot for a store/gallery, yet the neighbouring suburbs show their support for local artists.

    The activists have been here for quite some time, setting up shop in their West Footscray neighbourhood and filling it with all kinds of interesting things. Mary sets the mood and the tone with handmade items manufactured from repurposed materials, and she adds finishing touches by employing designers and artisans from the area. Together, they provide a powerful component of long-term viability. The shop also features an exhibition schedule every other month. This platform provides an alternative means of showcasing the work of others.

    It's impossible to discount the couple's commitment to this innovative and creatively realised shop and gallery. Post Industrial Design is a shop that exemplifies the values of love and attention to detail, with carefully selected home decor, artefacts, and furniture displayed against white walls in a bright, airy, and open setting.

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    You'll have to venture outside of Melbourne's CBD to find the city's greatest home goods stores. It's not in the centre of Melbourne where you'll discover the best selection of home furnishings, so if you're in the market for something genuinely exceptional, you'll have to look elsewhere. The best places to shop for home goods in Melbourne are the city's many homeware stores. Here's a rundown of the top spots in Melbourne to shop for home furnishings. On Smith Street, not far from where DesignOffice founder Gordon Tait grew up, you'll find the Simple Form flagship store.

    They stock minimalist and contemporary furniture, artwork, clothing, jewellery, and collectibles from the Nordic and Japanese regions. Fenton & Fenton is your one-stop shop for anything from Moroccan rugs and pottery to Italian Seletti lights and colourful works by emerging artists.

    Content Summary

    1. The decoration of a home's interior is never finished.
    2. We think that there is no better way to spend an afternoon than exploring the laneways and hipster suburbs of Melbourne in search of the perfect piece of home decor.
    3. Those fortunate enough to be visiting or relocating to Melbourne will find an abundance of options when it comes to stores selling home furnishings.
    4. If you're looking for the best home goods retailers, you'll have to venture someplace outside of Melbourne's central business district.
    5. You'll have to venture outside of Melbourne's central business district to find the city's greatest homewares retailers.
    6. In the event that you happen to be in Melbourne and have a little downtime, we have produced a list of the best places to shop for home furnishings.
    7. Hardware and Home Goods Shops in Melbourne The dedication needed to keep a beautiful home in tip-top shape now constitutes a respectable profession in its own right.
    8. Flagship of Jordan The main Jordan store in its sky-blue paint and gold emblem is easily distinguishable from the neighbouring storefronts.
    9. The store's increasing collection of mid-century modernist furniture is shown in a two-story room that is drenched in natural light and furnished in relaxing tones.
    10. Products range from bedding to surfboards made by Maren to jewellery by Lucy Folk to pottery by Porcelain Bear to Maren jewellery.
    11. Jordan's furniture designs reflect the relaxed sophistication of contemporary Australia.
    12. The company has been awarded Australia's highest environmental rating and is officially recognised as a carbon-neutral firm.
    13. Simple Form, found in Melbourne's hip inner-west, is a gorgeous concept store.
    14. The shop's name comes from the Nordic countries, Japan, and Scandinavian countries' penchant for modern and minimalist furniture, art, fashion, jewellery, and collectibles.
    15. Unique pieces from both well-known designers like Hay and Normann Copenhagen and emerging artists like those from the Bay Area may be found at Simple Form.
    16. All the modern furniture, decor, and accessories you see on Design things have been handpicked because of their high quality and the way they'll fit in with your home's existing style.
    17. This office-style flagship store is situated not far from where Tait spent his formative years on Smith Street.
    18. In 1992, husband-and-wife team Gordon and Susan Tait established their eponymous business.
    19. Furniture, such as couches and lounge chairs, are situated on a timber deck or grey brick pavement, evoking typical outdoor living areas in Australia and serving as inspiration for the office's interior design.
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