which are cookery classes to try in melbourne

Which Are Cookery Classes To Try In Melbourne?

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    These days, it seems that everyone has an opinion on what constitutes good food, making it difficult to host a dinner party or even prepare a simple supper after a long day. Put simply, if you can't take the heat, you should choose another profession. Check out these Melbourne area cooking schools.

    There's no need to feel bad if you're a total kitchen disaster, but if you're sick of living off the same handful of recipes over and over again, maybe it's time to enrol in a cooking class in Melbourne. Professional chefs are just one type of instructor available, but there are also excellent home cooks that teach classes and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the art of making tasty foods for the family table.

    FAQs About Cookery Classes

    Here are some of Melbourne's best cooking classes. Spice Bazaar is a great place to start if you've never been to a cooking class. The small, hands-on classes are loads of fun, and you get to eat whatever you cook – usually several courses, so come hungry – accompanied by matching wines.

    Learn to prepare authentic Chinese cuisine during Melbourne's hands-on half-day cooking class. Your chef-instructor leads a class that includes all ingredients and cooking tools. After cooking the menu, enjoy a shared meal of the food you helped create, accompanied by beer or wine.

    Taking cooking courses in Melbourne is not only fun and adventurous, but it’s also super practical. We’ve gathered some of the best cooking instructors in Melbourne to help you learn how to cook while having a great time. Melbourne is overflowing with cooking lessons.

    Some of the popular Cooking Courses include Certificate Course in Food Production, BA in Culinary Arts, BHM Culinary Arts, PGD in Culinary Arts, Diploma in Culinary Arts, etc.

    Basic cooking skills can be mastered in as little as a day or two for some, for others it may take a bit more practice and repetition. So keep at it!

    Melbourne Cookery Classes

    There is always something to learn in the kitchen, whether you're a complete novice whose culinary high point is toast or a yet-to-be-recognized master chef. These lessons will take your taste buds on a journey across the world, exploring different cultures and cuisines while introducing you to new methods and flavours. Happy eating!

    The Essential Ingredient School

    The Essential Ingredient is indeed a high-end kitchen store that caters to both professional chefs and home cooks with its wide selection of exotic ingredients and high-end appliances. In addition, since 1997, the store has operated one of the best cooking schools in all of Australia.

    The school hosts events like baking workshops and Chef's Table that are participatory and teach participants from beginner to expert level skills. There are more than 40 different lessons to choose from, including vegan cooking with Daughters, charcoal mastery with Huxtaburger, and one-pot magic with Union Dining.

    Prahran Market, home to a renowned cooking school, is a cook's dream come true, since it is stocked floor to ceiling with all kind of delicious pantry staples and handy cooking implements. Although The Essential Ingredient is perhaps best recognised as a site to purchase high-end culinary equipment, they have also been operating a cooking school for nearly 20 years. While we are unable to offer classes at the moment, there are a tonne of videos on the site that will teach you how to make delicious dishes that will impress your friends.

    The Essential Component 32 Elizabeth Street, South Yarra is a popular destination for local chefs and foodies in search of high-quality cookware, gourmet products, and even a new guidebook.

    Class dates for 2019 include the proprietor of Saxe and meat cutter at St. Crispin teaching the ins and outs of roasting a bird. Ben Sisley, a freelance chef turned food stylist, also makes an appearance and teaches a workshop on how to become a pasta pro.

    Free To Feed

    which are cookery classes to try in melbourne2

    Visit Free to Feed, a social company started by social worker Loretta Bolotin & her spouse Daniel Bolotin, wherein refugees and asylum seekers teach weekly cooking workshops, to add some variety to your typical meal routine.

    The teachers hail from countries as far-flung as Syria and Sri Lanka, and for many of them, Free to Feed is their first job in Australia. Each of them has a deep interest in sharing their native cuisine with the Melbournians, and they provide classes on anything from Tamil curries to Iranian pastries. Teachers sat down to eat with other chefs and discuss their time spent as immigrants.

    Permission Granted to Feed Freely A cooking school with a mission may be found at 763A High Street in Thornbury. The community organizer's spouse came up with the idea for this nonprofit.

    Instructors are refugees and asylum seekers who have been trained to teach English to the students. Hosts on Free to Feed are experts in their field, and they'll treat you to a meal unlike any other while also teaching you about their culture's culinary customs. Prepare traditional recipes from around the world, try new flavours, and be inspired by fascinating tales.

    South Melbourne Market Kitchen

    The Neff Market Kitchen, located in the heart of South Melbourne Market, regularly hosts cooking lessons and seminars taught by some of Melbourne's most esteemed chefs. There is a course for everyone, if you want to master sushi, throw a Lebanese feast, or learn how to cook without a recipe.

    The course is conveniently placed adjacent to a deli with fruit and vegetable sellers, so you can start stocking up on all the supplies you'll need to practise your new abilities, and each session ends with a lunch.

    La Cucina Di Sandra

    La Cucina di Sandra [56-62 Lyndhurst Street, Richmond] is the place to go if you're seeking for a friendly and cosy environment to learn how to cook Italian food. Sandra's lectures are as genuine as they come because she hosts an Italian Festa at her own house. Sandra shares the culinary traditions of her culture with you, and you may learn all about it thanks to her recipes and detailed comments. Participate at La Cucina Di Nonna and learn how Sandra's nonna (grandmother) cooked traditional Italian fare. Can't get enough gnocchi? You can take a course that focuses on the less common but no less delectable variants of these airy treats. You'll enjoy a free glass of wine, some appetisers before the main dish, and the delectable meal created by someone who has a true passion for Italian cuisine.

    Please, Sandra, as the undisputed master of Italian home cooking, instruct us in your techniques. Sandra del Greco is a Richmond-based chef and the brains behind the popular cooking school La Cucina di Sandra. Her lectures are set up like dinner parties, where you can also observe the gracious host pottering around the kitchen, advising students on such matters as which cuts of meat to purchase from the butcher or which sauces go best with various shapes of pasta.

    Participants sit down to a three-course supper that they have prepared themselves at the end of each four-hour session. There will be a workshop on traditional Italian comfort cuisine, another on Sicilian staples, and yet another on seafood dishes from of the North and the South of Italy. Got some foodie pals? We advise getting a group of people together for a one-on-one or small-group lesson.

    Oasis Bakery

    Oasis Bakery, as its name suggests, is indeed a Middle Eastern café & grocery store that also functions as a cooking school, offering 90-minute sessions on Wednesday morning, Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. Come learn the basics of cooking with Yallateef from its creator. Eleven-Minute Dishes, Superfoods, Seasonal Soups, Saladicious, BBQ, or Wrap It! are just a few of the categories included.

    Oasis Bakery is a Middle Eastern bakery, cafe, and grocery store all in one, and it's already one of our favourite places because they provide frequent culinary classes. Winter Soups, Duck Tagine, 11 Minute Meals (this one will certainly popular! ), and Lebanese BBQ are just some of the programmes offered here, making it the ideal venue to master all the tricks of the trade for Middle Eastern cuisine. After you've brushed up on your culinary talents, head over to the supermarket and pick up a copy of Oasis Bakery's cookbook Yallateef, as well as the supplies to make the recipe at home. Sorted!

    Otago Kitchen

    A class at OTAO Cooking [360 Victoria Street, Richmond], run by one of Melbourne's most upbeat people, Ha Nguyen, will not only result in a tasty dinner and some great kitchen skills, but also in some memorable laughs. Classes are offered in a variety of Asian cooking styles, including but not limited to Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Indian. More specifically, you can take dumpling-making or Asian finger food classes.

    Ha not only teaches classes, but also leads tours, such as one of Victoria Street, where you can learn more about the immigrant history of the area as well as the rise of Victoria's popular Vietnamese eateries. You'll also be in the know about the best places to stock up on cooking supplies.

    Spice Bazaar

    With 20 different cuisines to choose from, there's always something fresh to try at the exciting Spice Bazaar. Eight or nine dishes will be prepared throughout the session and served as a communal banquet with accompanying wines; therefore, it is recommended that you attend to the class on an empty stomach. There are many delectable options, though, like Empanadas, Apple Tarte Tatin, or Persian Lamb Kofta.

    If you have never taken a culinary class before, Spice Bazaar is indeed a wonderful place to begin. There is a lot of laughs to be had in the intimate, hands-on lessons, and whatever you prepare is yours to eat (typically over the course of multiple courses, so don't forget to bring an appetite).

    It is possible to take a course devoted solely to, say, Thai street food and Spanish paella. Other courses provide a global culinary adventure, such as the Curry Lovers course, which include dishes including Ethiopian sweets, Sri Lankan seafood curry, and Sumatran beef rendang. In any of these tantalising classes, you'll learn to prepare recipes that will become staples in your repertoire.

    The Neff Market Kitchen, South Melbourne Market

    The Neff Market Restaurant [90 Cecil Street, South Melbourne] is ideally located in the middle of one of the city's most popular fresh food markets. At this culinary school in Melbourne, you'll be hosted by renowned chefs who will teach you how to prepare your dish de choice using goods from the vendors in the adjacent space.

    The most challenging aspect of signing up for a class is picking which one to sign up for. From regional Italian classics (prepared by chef Matteo Toffano of Grossi Florentino) to the enticing aromas and flavours of Vietnam, this event will have it all (with Dai Duong, chef and co-owner of Uncle). You can participate actively in class if that's your style, or you can relax and observe at your own pace.


    It's been said that hands-on experience is invaluable when it comes to education. We was grateful that the CAE's cooking lessons emphasise practise over theory. Please take advantage of the in-depth cooking workshops offered to master a new skill (they cover everything from French to Indian) or fine-tune your existing repertoire of dishes.

    All the way from the fundamentals of using a knife safely to the more complex methods of curing, sous vide, and confit, you can hone your culinary chops here. If you want to look around, visit the CAE website. This is the place to come for one-off classes on topics like personal development and adult education that are both informative and entertaining. If you look through their course catalogue, we dare you to find less than five topics that pique your interest.

    That scholarly citadel, with its reverberating hallways full of the sounds of eager students and the smell of books in the air, and its - dumplings! Oh, and éclairs! In addition, homemade spaghetti! Sorry, we got a little worked up there. Don't write off CAE as some quaint old institution. Whether you're interested in learning how to make vegetarian banquets, slow-cooked comfort food, or even dumplings, CAE has some of the greatest workshops in Melbourne to offer. We slackers who consider a cheese toastie to be "cooking" can even enrol in a "boot camp" style course. Making your homemade white sliced bread after taking CAE's bread making course is certainly cooking. If you've taken the chutneys, pickles, and relishes course, your toastie will taste even better with the addition of handmade condiments. Ah, CAE. Considering the abundance of delicious options, You would have guessed C&E instead.

    Relish Mama

    In 2009, they decided to create a restaurant called Relish Mama to let her to fulfil her lifelong dream of being a chef. The institution has evolved into one of Melbourne's top educational institutions. Classes are flavorful extravaganzas that honour a wide variety of cuisines, such as Thai, Moroccan, South East Asian, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Greek, and Mexican. Classes that celebrate Christmas and provide inspiration midweek tend to be quite well attended. Nellie hosts most of the classes, but occasionally other chefs will drop by to share their knowledge.

    All she wanted to do when she opened the Relish Mom cooking school was teach others how to make delicious food. Her passion for food has led her to pursue a number of other courses, including vegan and vegetarian cooking workshops, baking, and dessert-making with guest instructors, and an annual vacation to Italy.

    The relaxed approach to cooking she advocates means that you won't have to unleash your inner MasterChef from home; instead, she'll be pleased to offer guidance based on the resources you already have at your disposal. To sign up for a class, visit the Relish Mom website instead.

    Gânache Chocolate School

    which are cookery classes to try in melbourne3

    Gânache, a chocolate emporium in Melbourne, has been serving up tasty treats and a wide variety of hot chocolate to locals for nearly a decade. Truffle creation, a lesson in custom chocolate bars, a toffee & honeycomb class, a macaron course, and two new classes—Seriously Salted Carmel 3 Ways & Chocolate Dessert Creation—are now available for chocolate lovers.

    Do not drool. Even while Gânache, a popular chocolate business, provides crash classes in making truffles, macarons, and custom chocolates, that's no reason to indulge. You're allowed to feel a little hungry if the idea of constructing a chocolate house excites you. So, get up your pals and head back to class; that session is reserved exclusively for group reservations. An education has never tasted so good.

    Ganache Chocolate Academy [250 Toorak Road, South Yarra] is where your passion for chocolate may reach new heights via hands-on learning. As such a chocolate expert teaches you how to make anything from truffles and chocolate bars, your sugar cravings will be heaven. Do you rather eat chocolate than create it? It just so happens that there is a course dedicated to the art of gastronomic enjoyment that you can enrol in. Chocolate Dessert Creation & Salted Caramel Three Ways are two other options. Only the chocolates you don't consume during class will be available for purchase and take-home afterwards.

    Enoteca Sileno Cooking School

    Visit Enoteca Sileno to master authentic, simple Italian home cooking. Learn to confidently prepare a basic risotto, as well as pasta, gnocchi, and sauces. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you can try your hand at preparing authentic Italian dishes at home. Dolci, or Italian pastries, are another option (dessert).

    Depending on your interests, available time, and price, you can pick from a wide variety of courses. You can select between such a hands-on class and a demonstration class, both of which take place in the Terrace Room.

    Savour Chocolate And Patisserie School

    Let Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School [22 Wilson Avenue, Brunswick] show you the ins and outs of making the perfect dessert if you agree. You can take classes in everything from chocolate manufacturing to cake baking here; it's a one-stop shop for mastering the art of confectionery. Master the art of indulgent dessert and pastry preparation and presentation by learning how to achieve the ideal texture and flavour profiles in your baked goods. It also hosts classes for people who wish to make something special for Easter and Christmas.

    We are pleased to have you visit Savour, a college and shop devoted to the art of chocolate and pastry. We aim to provide a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their prior knowledge or expertise. Pastry chefs and guest chefs from around the world will help you realise your every culinary dream.


    Although Sydney is home to Herbie's Spices, a store stocked to the gills with aromatic herbs and spices, Melbourne is home to not one but three Gewürzhaus stores, each a fragrant hymn to sugar, spice, and everything lovely.

    The stores' cooking school is piqueing interest in addition to their exquisite spice blends and unique products (vintage merlot salt, anyone?). The shop offers classes on a wide variety of subjects, including German biscuits, Moroccan, Israeli, and Mexican, cuisine, chocolates making, and salt appreciation. The shop's title is German for spice house, so this is maybe not surprising. Make your reservations early since the Gewürzhaus is another why Melbourne is superior than Sydney and seats sell out quickly.

    Pip's Cooking School

    There's a class at Pip's Cooking School for everyone, even if they're averse to cooking or eating. Have no idea what a chef's knife is, much less a frying pan. Enroll in a beginner's course, of which there are both shorter (3-hour) and longer (6-week) options for those who wish to go beyond the fundamentals. Are you gluten-free, or are you trying to impress a person who is? Attend one of Pip's gliadin baking courses and learn how to make delicious treats like bread, cakes, and pizza without the use of any wheat. She also hosts high tea events, where guests can bake and enjoy petit fours, gluten-free scones, and profiteroles. This really does take the (gluten-free) cake.


    No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, there is always more to learn. You'll find everything you need to prepare delicious meals at Essential Ingredient, a high-end kitchen store that serves both professional and amateur cooks. Your sense of taste will be stimulated and your mind broadened by these lectures. The Essential Ingredient, located in Prahran Market in South Yarra, has been running a cooking school there since 1997. More than 40 different classes are available, from vegan cooking with Daughters to charcoal mastery with Huxtaburger.

    If you want to impress your friends with your culinary skills, then you need to check out Free To Feed. Refugees and asylum seekers manage the cookery school Free to Feed. Classes and demonstrations are frequently held at the South Melbourne Market Kitchen. If you're looking for a warm and inviting space to master Italian cuisine, go no farther than La Cucina di Sandra. Richmond's own Sandra del Greco is the culinary mastermind behind the acclaimed La Cucina di Sandra cooking school.

    Oasis Bakery combines the functions of a Middle Eastern bakery, cafe, and supermarket. Ha Nguyen, one of Melbourne's most optimistic persons, runs the OTAO Cooking. This event will feature a wide variety of cuisines, from traditional Vietnamese to regional Italian. Neff Market Restaurant is situated in the heart of the city's most well-known fresh food market. CAE is widely recognised as one of Melbourne's finest culinary schools.

    Provides intensive courses in a variety of cuisines, from French to Indian. Thai, Moroccan, Southeast Asian, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Greek, and Mexican are just a few of the cuisines that are celebrated in these cooking classes. There are three Gewürzhaus locations in Melbourne, each one an aromatic ode to sweets, spices, and all things beautiful. Savour is a school and retail establishment that teaches and sells chocolate and pastry skills. You don't have to like cooking or eating to take classes at Pip's Cooking School.

    Content Summary

    1. If you can't handle the pressure, find another line of work.
    2. Even if you're a disaster in the kitchen, you shouldn't feel bad about taking a cooking class in Melbourne if you're tired of always making the same things.
    3. Besides professional chefs, there are also wonderful home cooks who give lessons and are a treasure of information when it comes to the skill of producing good cuisine for the family table.
    4. Whether you are a complete beginner whose culinary high point is toast or a yet-to-be-recognized master chef, there is always something new to learn in the kitchen.
    5. The Core Curriculum High School With its extensive assortment of rare ingredients and sophisticated cooking equipment, The Essential Ingredient deserves its reputation as a premier kitchen shop for both professional and amateur cooks.
    6. In addition, the shop has been home to a top-notch cooking school since 1997.
    7. Participatory programmes from basic to advanced levels are offered, such as a baking workshop and a Chef's Table.
    8. Prahran Market is a foodie's paradise, with delectable ingredients and useful kitchen tools stacked to the sky. It is also home to a prestigious cooking school.
    9. In addition to selling high-end kitchen equipment, The Essential Ingredient has also been running a cooking school for almost twenty years now.
    10. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide classes at this time; however, there are a plethora of videos here that will show you how to prepare foods that will impress your family and friends.
    11. Crucial Ingredient If you're a chef or foodie in Melbourne and you're looking for some new tools or ingredients, or maybe even a guidebook, 32 Elizabeth Street, South Yarra is where you want to go.
    12. The owner of Saxe and the meat cutter at St. Crispin will be offering a class on how to roast a chicken in 2019.
    13. Freelance chef-turned-food stylist Ben Sisley also appears and leads a class on improving one's pasta skills.
    14. To spice up your usual meal plan, consider attending a cooking class taught by refugees and asylum seekers through Free to Feed, a nonprofit founded by social worker Loretta Bolotin and her husband Daniel Bolotin.
    15. Many of the teachers at Free to Feed are foreign nationals who have never worked in Australia before; they come from places like Syria and Sri Lanka.
    16. Permission Allowed Unrestricted Access to Food At 763A High Street, you can find a Thornbury cooking school with a purpose.
    17. The teachers are refugees and asylum seekers who have received special training to instruct their students in the English language.
    18. Free to Feed hosts are knowledgeable in their respective fields, so not only will you have a delicious dinner, but you'll also learn about the culinary traditions of the host's country.
    19. The South Melbourne Market's Cooking South Melbourne Market's Neff Market Kitchen is home to popular cooking classes and seminars led by some of Melbourne's most celebrated chefs.
    20. Sandra's Italian Kitchen If you're looking to learn how to create authentic Italian cuisine in a welcoming and comfortable setting, go no further than La Cucina di Sandra [56-62 Lyndhurst Street, Richmond].
    21. Attend La Cucina Di Nonna and taste the authentic Italian dishes prepared by Sandra's nonna (grandmother).
    22. Richmond's own Sandra del Greco is the culinary mastermind behind the acclaimed La Cucina di Sandra cooking school.
    23. Bakery Oasis The Oasis Bakery is a Middle Eastern bakery, café, and market that also hosts cooking classes every Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and Sunday afternoon.
    24. To get started with Yallateef, the founder himself is here to teach you the ropes.
    25. Get yourself a copy of Oasis Bakery's cookbook Yallateef and the ingredients you'll need to make the recipe at home, then brush up on your cooking skills and head to the grocery store.
    26. Classes on preparing dumplings and other Asian finger foods are also available.
    27. The Spice Market The lively Spice Bazaar features twenty distinct cuisines, guaranteeing that visitors will always find something new to explore.
    28. Spice Bazaar is a fantastic first cooking school for anyone who has never done so.
    29. Chef Neff's Market Kitchen, South Melbourne Market Located in the heart of one of Melbourne's most well-known fresh food markets, the Neff Market Restaurant [90 Cecil Street, South Melbourne] is a must-visit for every foodie.
    30. Choosing the course to enrol in is the most difficult part of the registration process.
    31. We like that the CAE's cooking classes put more focus on hands-on training than theoretical knowledge.
    32. Make use of the comprehensive cooking lessons provided to learn something new (the programmes span everything from French to Indian cuisine) or hone your present skills.
    33. Go check out the CAE website if you're curious.
    34. Stop by here for engaging and thought-provoking one-time workshops on subjects like self-improvement and adult education.
    35. Don't dismiss CAE because of its age.
    36. CAE has some of the best seminars in Melbourne, and they cover a wide range of topics from vegetarian banquets to slow-cooked comfort food to dumpling making.
    37. Even us lazy people who think a cheese toastie constitutes "cooking" can sign up for a "boot camp" style culinary class.
    38. After taking CAE's bread making course, you may make your own white sliced bread from scratch.
    39. Appreciate your mother A restaurant called Relish Mama was opened in 2009 to allow her to realise her ambition of becoming a chef.
    40. Over time, it has grown to become one of Melbourne's most prestigious academic institutions.
    41. She takes an annual trip to Italy and attends a vegan/vegetarian cooking programme, as well as baking and dessert-making classes taught by guest chefs.
    42. Go to the Relish Mom website to enrol in a course instead.
    43. Located in the heart of Melbourne, Gânache is a chocolate emporium that has been satisfying chocolate cravings for than a decade.
    44. If you're looking to take your love of chocolate to the next level through experiential education, go no further than Ganache Chocolate Academy [250 Toorak Road, South Yarra].
    45. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be in love as a chocolate specialist teaches you how to make everything from truffles to chocolate bars.
    46. The Cooking Institute at Enoteca Sileno If you want to learn how to cook like an Italian grandmother, stop by Enoteca Sileno.
    47. Gain the skills necessary to cook risotto, pasta, gnocchi, and sauces with ease and confidence.
    48. The International Chocolate and Patisserie Academy If you agree, then you should enrol at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School [22 Wilson Avenue, Brunswick] to learn the ins and outs of creating the best possible sweet treat.
    49. It's a one-stop-shop for learning the finer points of confectionery, with courses ranging from chocolate production to cake baking.
    50. Learn the ins and outs of baking decadent desserts and pastries with the best possible texture and flavour characteristics.
    51. We hope you enjoy your time at Savour, a culinary school and chocolate shop.
    52. You can count on the world's best pastry chefs and guest chefs to make your wildest gastronomic fantasies a reality.
    53. Gewürzhaus Despite the fact that Sydney is home to Herbie's Spices, a shop loaded to the gills with fragrant herbs and spices, Melbourne is home to not one but three Gewürzhaus stores, each a fragrant ode to sugar, spice, and everything delightful.
    54. The Pip Cooking Academy At Pip's Cooking School, you can take a lesson even if you have a strong aversion to either cooking or eating.
    55. They can't even identify a frying pan for a chef's knife.
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