where to find the best healthy restaurant in melbourne

Where To Find The Best Healthy Restaurant In Melbourne?

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    In search of Melbourne's finest healthy eating options? Without a doubt, Melbourne is Australia's premier dining destination, but did you know that it also features some of the world's finest health-conscious eateries?

    In Melbourne, only the best restaurants offer completely plant-based or vegetarian menus, so you can try out new healthy cuisine without leaving town. This means you can ditch Acai Bowls as a regular part of your diet.

    To the contrary, you can now eat brekkie patties, nachos, and other similar foods without having to worry about what you're putting into your body. All of these eateries put a premium on providing nutritious meals, so you can rest assured that you won't leave hungry.

    FAQs About Healthy Restaurant

    It would help if you balanced a good Chinese meal with the right combination of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and good fat. This fundamental principle puts Chinese cuisine among the most healthy in the world.

    That topped the list of Google searches in Sydney and Melbourne, followed by Chinese, Japanese and Italian. Indian, Greek and Mexican cuisine also featured in the top cuisines. Vietnamese ranked highly in Australia's two largest cities, but not nationally.

    It's Smith Street, Collingwood. It may be news to some, but with its vast range of food and dining options, funky bars, artisan outlets and vintage shops, it's easy to see why this once 'working class' area has become the number one must-see street on Time Out magazine's world hotlist.

    The ingredients and cooking methods of the traditional Korean diet it's generally considered healthy.

    Researchers say eating at restaurants is generally bad for our overall health. They note that 50 per cent of full-service restaurant meals and 70 per cent of fast-food meals are of poor dietary quality.

    Shoku Iku

    shoku iku

    The term "organic and seasonal" is a perfect way to describe SHOKU IKU. As you work towards a healthier diet, you can count on their selection of nutritious meals to be a helpful resource. Prepared meals at SHOKU IKU are both delicious and nutrient-dense. Everything is vegan, gluten-free, organic, and low in sugar. You can pick them up in a shop or have them shipped to your house.

    Transformer Fitzroy

    At Transformer Fitzroy, you can enjoy a vegetarian menu and high-end service. Enjoy low lighting, locally sourced food, and fine seasonal wine at one of Melbourne's healthiest restaurants. If you want to try out their "feed me" menu, you should invite a large group of people.


    Feeling spiritually hungry? Put away your search! Nosh's goal is to make people happy by filling their stomachs. Everything on the menu is made with love, is packed with nutrients, and is a product of remarkable creativity. You cannot go wrong with any of their signature tubs like the Eye of the Tiger (with chutney prawns) or the Wagu-San. Food and seafood are featured prominently on the menu, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious carnivores.

    Hochi Mama Cbd

    Hochi Mama CBD is stylish and trendy; it doesn't look like a place that serves healthy food. But don't worry; this area of Melbourne is home to some of the city's finest healthy fare. Their Asian-inspired dishes are designed with communal eating in mind. Their signature "Me Hungry Now" menu costs $33.50 for lunch and $35.50 for dinner and is well worth the price. Two appetisers, two mains, and one side dish are available (per pair). Their crispy fried dumplings and caramelised pork belly are highlights.

    Trippy Taco

    This eatery serves vegetarian Mexican fare because it is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients. In our opinion, you simply must order the mixed taco dinner and the Taquitos. The option of ordering vegan meals is also available. No matter what you order, from breakfast tacos to Nutella melts, you can rest assured that you are getting a healthy and balanced meal.

    Seedling Cafe

    The Seedling Cafe is widely recognised as the best cafe in Melbourne when it comes to healthy eating. Absolutely nothing here will make you sick, and it's all delicious. They, like Hochi Mama, provide high-quality, convenient ready-made food that make eating healthily a breeze. Their Cottage pie and allergen Lasagna will win you over. They also sell a variety of fantastic cakes that are certain to be a hit at any celebration.

    Being a coeliac requires a lot of work, from planning ahead by researching menus to dealing with awkward situations with staff to explain that it's an allergy instead of a lifestyle choice. Seedling is a 100% gluten-free cafe, so it's worth knowing about if you or a brunch companion suffers from coeliac disease, which affects 1 in 70 Australians. Cakes, smashed avocado, salads, and acai join the ranks of the usual cafe fare alongside paleo and plant-based options.

    Vegie Bar

    vegie bar

    From healthy smoothies to hearty grain bowls, Vegie Bar has you covered if you're a veggie fanatic. Everything from stir-fries to burritos to arancini balls to burgers and more can be found on the menu at this fusion-style eatery. Each dish is an invitation to branch out and try something new, and the combinations of flavours are often surprising. Now is the time to check them out if you have an interest in vegetables.

    Yong Green Food

    When you walk into Yong Green Food, it's like you've stepped into another dimension. Their incomparable cuisine should not be overshadowed by the charming decor, which includes dragon walls but instead floating paper lanterns. They pay great attention to detail, which is why they are one of the healthiest restaurants in Melbourne. The food here is as eclectic as that at Veggie Bar. Swap it out for a meal of Lentil Curry, Nachos, Dumplings, and Sticky Date Pudding. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are also provided to make sure everyone at the dinner party is satisfied.

    This is an acceptable introduction to healthy eating in Melbourne. It may come as a surprise, but Yong Green Food, a vegan haven, is loved by both meat eaters and their veggie pals. The vibrant dishes on their menu, which range from umami-rich Japanese curry to spicy kimchi gyoza, are so nutritious that they will make you feel like you're radiating health.

    Thy Self Co.

    In addition to promoting healthy, ethical food choices, Regenerate. Thy Self Co. is committed to reducing its environmental impact. They want you to have a healthy Victoria dining experience, so everything on the menu is plant-based and organic. Because of their dedication to quality, they only use natural, earthy flavourings in their cooking. The Antiox Acai is a great choice for breakfast, and the Bootylicious Bowl is a great option for lunch.

    Likely, it will come in a dish or jar and be labelled "Heal" if it's healthy. Fortunately, Thy Self Co. succeeds at both. For their whole-foods focused menu, they only use the freshest, in-season ingredients from nearby farms. This cosy cafe in the middle of Yarraville Village helps make it beyond simple if observing The Impact Players has inspired you to eat more tree (we know we're not alone). Is anyone in the mood for a Snickers smoothie?

    Moroccan Soup Bar

    The goal of Moroccan Soup Bar is to give customers a true taste of Morocco. As well as soups, they also serve lunch and dinner. Food options include rice, eggplant, hummus, and various sauces and dips. On a wet Melbourne day, we highly recommend trying their Harrira Soup, which is vegan and dairy-free. A "Pay it forwards" feature enables you to donate a meal bundle to a person in need.

    The veggie-filled stews, soups, tagines, and salads at Moroccan Soup Bar are legendary for being hearty, comforting, and nourishing. Bring a Tupperware to take home the healthy, delicious leftovers from this authentic North African feast. There will be no temptation to turn to the dark side at this charming eatery because alcohol is not served here.

    Shakahari Too

    Shakahari Too has been a centre for vegetarianism for almost half a century. Seasonal vegetables and fruits from Victoria, Australia are used in every dish. Finding reasonably priced vegetarian options can be challenging, but at Shakahari As well, you can eat to your heart's content. Their flavours, like their world-famous satay and lasagne, are out of the ordinary and inventive. Don't be shocked if your sense of taste is completely overwhelmed.

    Similar to its sibling healthy restaurant Shakahari, this vibrant newcomer is a testament to the curative potential of a tree diet and can be found in Melbourne's north. Due to popular demand, this restaurant serves a unique blend of flavours that can convert even the most committed carnivore. Can't say we didn't give you fair warning, now, can you?


    As one of Melbourne's healthy and nutritious cafes, Touchwood provides you with energising meals without breaking the bank. We frequent this restaurant often because it offers a wide variety of delicious dishes to satisfy any appetite. Everything from the Mexican Chicken Salad to the Crispy Chicken Baos, to the fresh Granola and the Brekky Burger. You are not required to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy a well-balanced meal at this cafe.

    Combi Elwood

    Combi Elwood promotes the philosophy of "follow your joy." It's a great example of a cafe in Melbourne that is both original and popular. They intend to provide you with healthy fare that is still full of flavour and indulgence. A lot of their food is raw, including the Organic Superfood Bowl and the Blue Moon Smoothie. If you're not in the mood for dessert, they also offer savoury options like their Spicy Butternut toasted sandwich.

    The Elwood restaurant had its beginnings in a Self - concept . self van. Combi has a laid-back, take life as it comes atmosphere, and the people who frequent it are like family. Their natural, fair trade coffee drinks pair wonderfully with their superfood protein shakes, Vegan Buddha Bowls, and thick-cut toasties.

    Green Man's Arms

    green man's arms

    The Green Man's Arms is a bar and restaurant that prides itself on serving only the finest in Australian-made food and drink. Their mission in the vegetarian restaurant industry is to provide you with only the freshest ingredients and beverages. All of the items on their vegetarian menu change with the seasons. If you're looking for a healthy, low-calorie option, try the Fried Cauliflower as well as Smoked Watermelon. Try the Green Man's Environmental Burger or the Sunday Roast if you're looking for something heartier.

    The notion that bar food has to be fatty is ludicrous. Not the people at Environmental Mans Arms, a pub in leafy Carlton that serves no meat. Dishes like polenta cakes, golden beetroots, and their renowned flatbread tacos feature unforeseen flavours that give an incredibly delicious take on vegetarian fare, and the menu is inspired by Israeli cuisine.


    Miznon is a huge success all over the world, from Tel Aviv to Paris to New York City to Melbourne. The staff is committed to serving you their unique take on traditional Mediterranean street fare. You can choose from a wide variety of options, each of which promises a new and exciting experience in terms of flavour.

    Their Ratatouille is without a doubt the best vegetarian dish ever created (it would make Remy proud). If, on the other hand, you're a carnivore, don't leave without trying their Intimate Wagyu as well as Roots Stew. Each dish is made with care and respect for the earth and its bounty.

    Loving Hut

    Loving Hut serves gourmet vegan cuisine and is a global phenomenon. Again, the dedication to healthy, environmentally friendly eating is palpable in each and every dish. They have a wide variety of options, including entrees, appetisers, and desserts, on their extensive menu. There's a dedicated Thai menu section, where you can get authentic dishes like Green Curry as well as Pad Thai. You can even try some raw food options there.


    Alimentari has been one of Melbourne's go-to healthy dining destinations for over 20 years. They have a shop in which you can buy cheese, sausages, or even fresh bread in addition to their delicious meals. If you're hungry for breakfast or a salad for lunch, you can just walk in without making a reservation.

    It's safe to say that no one else in the world makes salads quite like these guys do. Roasted spiced cauliflower of chickpeas and celestial pesto spiked farro, feta, and almond have helped make this Fitzroy deli a neighbourhood favourite. The holy grail of good health dining in Melbourne, their fresh and flavorful dishes will make you feel both satisfied and healthy.


    The cafe at Smooth Me is unlike any other. You can get delivered breakfast smoothie packs. In addition, they sell picnic baskets, which are ideal for intimate get-togethers or special events. Want a variety of sweets but don't have much time? Your back is guaranteed by them. Treats like cookies and fruit are included in their Sweet Dreams box. Acai bowls are available on their own if you just need a quick breakfast pick-me-up.

    Hunters' Roots

    Although the space is limited, the staff at Hunters Roots has not compromised on the quality of the food they serve. Everything on the menu, from breakfast to dinner, is made from scratch and changes seasonally. Ex-personal trainer and co-owner Jeffrey Chew gives his stamp of approval to the not-so-salady salads, smoothies, and raw treats served here, so you can eat what you want and know your body will benefit.

    Raw Trader

    Raw Trader's desserts are organic, raw, vegan, primal, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free, and the store promises its clients "decadence without the guilt." One might reasonably presume that this restaurant lacks flavour as well due to the prevalence of forbidden substances. Try again. It's time to rethink dessert, with chocolate beetroot soil mass joining the ranks of doughnuts made with cashew and coconut flour and a prize-winning granola.


    The transformer has a huge health advantage because it only consumes plant-based foods. There are several reasons to check out the spacious, open-concept facility. It's beautiful, quiet enough to carry on a conversation, and, most importantly, the food is as good as the hype.

    You can tell that Transformer's menu was made with families in mind because of how much you'll want to share the restaurant's substantial, wholesome (and actually healthy) fare. Native spiced beetroots with macadamia cream, fingers limes, saltbush, and samphire, or crispy chickpea Panisse on truffle salt and parmesan. And if you're dining with a large company, the Feeding Me chef's pick is an excellent opportunity to sample the restaurant's finest offerings without worrying about splitting the check.


    If you're trying to eat clean but have a hankering for meat, Vietnamese is a fantastic option. The next time you're in the city and feeling hungry, stop by Mama's Buoi for a quick and healthy Viet meal. Lean meats and seafood are frequently featured as protein sources so that diners can indulge in a meal without feeling guilty.

    You may find all the usual suspects on the menu, and the ambience is lively and welcoming without being overbearingly noisy at Mama's Buoi. The restaurant serves fresh sticky rice rolls, five different kinds of vermicelli salad, and bowls of pho with a broth that has been simmering for at least six hours. If you have a habit of eating more than you intend to, you may want to keep this in mind, as the portions are quite large.

    Would recommend the banh cuon if you're looking for something kind of out of the ordinary. The pork mince with traditional pork sausage within the rice pancake make it a protein-rich option that pairs well with a side salad or other vegetable dish for a balanced meal.


    It's no secret that Melbourne is home to some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world. Completely vegetarian or plant-based menus are only available at the finest dining establishments. There are some of Melbourne's greatest organic restaurants in the central business district. Among the many healthy dining options in Melbourne are Yong Green Food, Regenerate, and Thy Self Co. The food at Yong Green Food is so well-balanced in nutrients that you'll feel like you're bursting with vitality.

    For breakfast, choose the Antiox Acai, and for lunch, go with the Bootylicious Bowl. The soups at Moroccan Soup Bar are famous for their renowned thickness, warmth, and nutritional value. For a vegan and dairy-free option, try the Harrira Soup. At Touchwood, you may get energising meals without breaking the bank. The motto "follow your joy" is advocated by Combi Elwood.

    The regulars at Combi are like family, and the vibe there is mellow and accepting of whatever comes your way. Authentic Australian produce and beverages are featured at The Green Man's Arms. The vegan restaurant Loving Hut has become a worldwide sensation thanks to its high-end menu. In Melbourne, these restaurants represent the pinnacle of healthy eating. The meal at Hunters Roots is entirely seasonal and produced from scratch.

    Because it primarily eats plants, Transformer has a significant health advantage. Mama's Buoi is the place to go for a quick and healthy dinner. The menu includes freshly made sticky rice rolls, bowls of pho, and a vermicelli salad. This is important to remember if you tend to overeat.

    Content Summary

    1. If you're looking to taste some fresh, nutritious food without leaving Melbourne, look no further than the city's greatest restaurants.
    2. In other words, you can stop including Acai Bowls in your diet on a daily basis.
    3. SHOKU IKU is best described as "organic and seasonal."
    4. You can rely on their offering of healthy meals as a resource while you make progress towards a healthier diet.
    5. Meals at SHOKU IKU are both tasty and healthy.
    6. There are no animal products, no added sugars, no gluten, and no dairy in anything.
    7. One of the healthiest restaurants in Melbourne, with dim lighting, locally sourced food, and superb seasonal wine.
    8. You should bring a big group if you want to order from their "feed me" menu.
    9. The mission of Nosh is to improve people's moods by satisfying their hunger.
    10. High-Five, Mother Cbd Hochi Mama CBD is hip and modern, not at all like a spot that provides nutritious fare.
    11. The good news is that this Melbourne neighbourhood offers some of the city's best options for eating healthfully.
    12. At $33.50 for lunch and $35.50 for supper, the "Me Hungry Now" menu is a steal.
    13. Vegan options can be requested when placing your order.
    14. When it comes to organic and healthful food, the Seedling Cafe is often considered to be the best cafe in Melbourne.
    15. Like Hochi Mama, they serve healthy, ready-made cuisine that is both quick and easy to prepare.
    16. If you or your brunch companion has celiac disease, which affects 1 in 70 Australians, you should know that Seedling is a 100% gluten-free cafe.
    17. If you're a fan of vegetables, you'll love the selection at Vegie Bar, which ranges from nutritious smoothies to filling grain bowls.
    18. Healthy Young Food It's as though you've entered another world when you enter Yong Green Food.
    19. All sorts of cuisines are represented here, much like at Veggie Bar.
    20. If you are new to healthy eating and live in Melbourne, this is a good place to start.
    21. A vegan paradise, Yong Green Food is beloved by both carnivores and their vegetarian friends, which may come as a surprise.
    22. Self-Reliance Enterprises, Ltd. Regenerate. also encourages people to make ethical eating choices.
    23. Thy Self Co. has made it a priority to lessen the harm it causes to the planet.
    24. Every item on the menu is plant-based and organic because they care about you having a healthy Victoria eating experience.
    25. To its credit, Thy Self Co. is successful in both areas.
    26. They serve lunch and dinner in addition to soups.
    27. Moroccan Soup Bar is well-known for its warm, comforting, and healthy vegetable stews, soups, tagines, and salads.
    28. Too, Shakahari For nearly fifty years, Shakahari Too has served as a hub for vegetarians and vegans.
    29. Vegetarians have a hard time finding affordable dining options, but at Shakahari As well, you can eat to your heart's content.
    30. This bustling newcomer, located in northern Melbourne and like its brother healthy restaurant Shakahari, is proof of the healing power of a tree diet.
    31. Touchwood Touchwood, one of Melbourne's healthful and nourishing eateries, serves up inexpensive, energising fare.
    32. You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy a healthy dinner at this restaurant.
    33. Blender Elwood Combi Elwood advocates the "follow your joy" concept.
    34. The Green Man's Arms is a pub that serves only the best of what Australia has to offer in terms of food and drink.
    35. Everything on their vegetarian menu adapts to the changing of the seasons.
    36. If you're in the mood for something heartier, I recommend either the Sunday Roast or the Green Man's Environmental Burger.
    37. It's ridiculous to assume that bar food must be greasy.
    38. Not the patrons of Environmental Man's Arms, a pub in quaint, tree-lined Carlton that doesn't serve meat.
    39. Miznon From Tel Aviv to Paris to New York to Melbourne, Miznon is a smashing hit everywhere it is introduced.
    40. There is no doubt that Ratatouille, one of their creations, is the finest vegetarian meal ever (it would make Remy proud).
    41. Refuge of Love The vegan restaurant Loving Hut has become a worldwide sensation thanks to its high-end menu.
    42. The same attention to detail that went into creating each dish also went into making sure they were nutritious and sustainable.
    43. You may find traditional Thai fare like Green Curry and Pad Thai in a special area of the menu devoted solely to Thai cuisine.
    44. You don't need a reservation if all you want is a salad for lunch or a quick breakfast.
    45. This restaurant is the pinnacle of healthy eating in Melbourne, serving up delicious, wholesome fare that won't break the bank.
    46. Smoothie Smooth Me has a unique cafe experience.
    47. Origins of Hunters Hunters Roots may seem cramped, but that hasn't stopped them from serving out delicious meals.
    48. The menu, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is entirely homemade and updated regularly to reflect the changing of the seasons.
    49. Indulge in the not-so-salady salads, smoothies, and raw goodies here with confidence, since they have been approved by former personal trainer and co-owner Jeffrey Chew.
    50. Crude Trader Raw Trader guarantees its customers "decadence without the guilt" with its selection of organic, raw, vegan, primal, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free sweets.
    51. Transformer A major boon to the transformer's health is that it exclusively eats plant-based foods.
    52. There are a number of great reasons to visit the airy, open-concept building.
    53. The atmosphere is lovely, conversation is easily carried on, and the food truly lives up to the high expectations.
    54. The Feeding Me chef's choice is a great way to try a variety of the restaurant's best dishes when dining with a large group without having to worry about divvying up the bill.
    55. Mama's Vietnamese food is great for those who are watching their weight but still crave meat.
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