where to find the best cake shops in melbourne

Where To Find The Best Cake Shops In Melbourne?

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    There is not much that can be improved upon in Melbourne's cake shops. There is never a shortage of delicious baked goods in Melbourne's many bakeries and patisserie, which can be found all across the city, from Richmond through South Yarra towards the Central Business District. Not only do we have cake, but also chocolates, pastries, fresh-baked bread, and tea and piping hot coffee.

    It goes without saying that you didn't come here in search of muffins or croissants; rather, you were on the hunt for Melbourne's most delectable cakes. You can put your faith in us when we claim that we have thought of everything. Here we showcase Melbourne's finest cake businesses and some of their most popular offerings.

    FAQs About Cake Shops

    Some of Melbourne's best cake shops and patisseries are Beatrix, Le Petit Gâteau, Agathé Patisserie, Mister Nice Guys, Bibelot, Miss Ladybird Cakes LuxBite, Proof Bakehouse, and others.

    Some of Melbourne's best places to get a birthday cake are Bibelot, Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio, Proof Bakehouse, Mister Nice Guys, Tidbit Cakes, and Sticky Fingers.

    The cake's shelf life depends on its preparation method and storage. Typically, a cake can last up to four days without going bad or stale. When stored in the fridge, it can last up to 5 or 7 days. The frozen cake lasts longer but is best consumed after 2 to 3 months in the freezer.

    Wrap an unfrosted cake layer tightly in plastic wrap; be sure and secure the top, sides and bottom of the layers. Then place the wrapped layers in a plastic zip-top bag and store them on the kitchen counter at room temperature for up to five days.

    Store the cake as you would normally, using a cake keeper or some covering. A cut cake will last up to four days at room temperature.

    Cremorne Street Bakers

    cremorne street bakers

    Here's a Melbourne cake shop to the point where their product is carried by a wide variety of different bakeries and cafes, attesting to its dependability. Therefore, it's likely that you've sampled a product of these venerable bakeries without even realising it. Dropping by the Cremone shop will provide you the most accurate information. You will find more than you bargained for.

    Candied Bakery

    Some of the quick and decadent favourites available at Candied Bakery blur the boundary between cake & pie. The Red Velvet Crème Pie fits this description perfectly with its Oreo cookie base and generous topping of cream cheese icing. No matter how you slice it, this is undoubtedly one of Melbourne's finest cakes.


    This popular neighborhood bakery is run by Natalie Paull, one of Melbourne's best cake makers. In Melbourne, many people consider Paull's sour cream chocolate to be the best chocolate in the city. If you can beat the crowds, you could be able to get a slice. What you get here will be both fantastically simple and delicious.

    Miss Trixie Drinks Tea

    Miss Trixie Drinks Tea was the brainchild of the brilliant Alice Bennett. The idea behind this blog was to share her weekend baking with her friends and family. As a result, her friends and family began salivating over her baked goods and calling her at all hours of the night to satiate their desires. As a result, she began packaging her baked goods and delivering them to those who had a hankering for them. People want cake, so that's where Miss Trixie Drinks Tea begins.

    Tidbit Cakes

    This Richmond patisserie and bakery is known for its custom wedding cakes as well as other impressive confections. All of it is vegan and all of it is excellent, which is why it has received so many five-star reviews. Of course, you may still visit the store for uncooked cake slices and other delicious treats even if there isn't a wedding and birthday to celebrate.

    Agathé Patisserie

    The desire to travel to France persists. Then you must visit this famous bakery either in the Royal Arcade or in South Melbourne Market. You can discover some truly one-of-a-kind and delectable pastries in Melbourne, but you can also find the best croissants in the city, and maybe even the entire continent.

    Miss Ladybird Cakes – Retail Store

    Contact this Melbourne bakery immediately if you need a cake for a special event. Everything is made from scratch with local ingredients, and each one of their unique creations has to be seen in order to believe. While most orders are placed via the website or by phone, there is also a retail location designed like a café where customers can stop in for a slice of cake and a cup of coffee.

    Le Petit Gateau

    Located in the heart of Melbourne, this trendy bakery is often considered to have the best cakes in the city. Here, technique is king, and the jaw-dropping aesthetics and luscious tastes are proof. Pick from a selection of delicious cakes and take a picture to share on Instagram before you dig in.


    The moment you step inside this South Melbourne pastry shop, your heart will melt at the sight of the exquisite desserts displayed behind glass. When you bite through the decadent icing, you'll find a plethora of layers, flavours, but also textures that will excite every single one of your taste buds. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu at Bibelot, but the Hazelnut Praline Crinkle Cake comes highly recommended. When it comes to high-end birthday cakes, it's also one of the best places in Melbourne to order from.

    Visualise something glittering. Diamonds. Hairstyles worn by Kim Kardashian. Shinier than Bibelot. The folks from Chez Dre have opened a high tea parlour in the restaurant's former overflow space; it looks like a futuristic spaceship and serves cake. The cakes are a reflection of this glitz and sophistication. Try the mango-yuzu-coconut gateaux or the chocolate-covered hazelnut praline crunch with macarons if you're looking to induce a food coma.

    Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop

    mister nice guy's bakeshop

    If you're a dessert connoisseur who avoids places because they aren't "allergy-friendly" or "vegan," you're missing out on one of Melbourne's best cake shops. Mister Nice Guys makes decadent cinnamon buns, custom birthday cakes, and everything in between that will make you question the necessity of dairy and eggs.


    LuxBite is the go-to spot for Melburnians looking for unique flavours and textures thanks to its expert fusion of French technique as well as Asian influences. The Endless Love is a two-tiered meringue cake filled with rose moisturiser, lychee ganache, raspberries & lychees. Then there's the well-known Lolly Bag cake, which is a matcha cheesecake decorated like an opera curtain and filled with all sorts of bizarre ingredients. Indeed, the imaginable range of play is infinite.

    LuxBite offers an upscale assortment of sweets, including towering macarons and geometric hearts layered with vanilla meringue, elderflower jelly, blueberry compote, and vanilla sponge, all atop a yoghurt as well as almond base. Weis ice cream bar cakes, with their white chocolate, coconut mousse, and mango fillings, look like icebergs.

    Purchese & Burch Sweet Studio

    Burch & Purchase is a Melbourne institution when it comes to desserts, producing a wide variety of treats including custom chocolates, biscuits, small batch jams, cakes, tarts, and more. The Ordnance Raspberry Plain Chocolate Cake, throughout particular, has more layers than just a James Joyce novel, and its mirror glaze has become the things of local legend.

    What was once a cute shop on Chapel Street stocked with rainbow-hued meringues, chocolate-covered flowers, as well as rows of sweet treats is now only a virtual idea. Famous Melbourne baker Darren Purchese now offers cake delivery service. Every one of these rich cakes has a simple design, and they only cost $25.

    Proof Bakehouse

    The pudding, even though they say at this renowned establishment in Melbourne, is the proof of the pudding. It turns out that the proof can also be found in desserts like cake, cookie, pie, piece of chocolate, tart and cupcake. Delicious crowd-pleasers like marshmallow cake and amla ganache tort are the result of a lot of experimentation and imagination. Visit the online portal in advance of the next birthday celebration to order all of the cakes you'll need.


    Pastries and custom cakes with a French flair continue to be the bread and butter at this Malvern institution. To illustrate the power of custom cakes, consider the Lamington, which features layers of vanilla crumb cake, chocolate meringue, and blueberry jam, then is topped with Italian meringue, gold, ganache, fruit, shredded coconut, and sweet peas.

    Sucre Du Jour

    Sucre du jour is a humble bakery, cake shop and patisserie cafe situated in the bustling suburb of Camberwell Melbourne. Josephin Tan and Eigen Ting are a young couple with big aspirations. They met while working at Michelin-starred restaurants and have since gone on to hold positions of increasing responsibility at prestigious hotels like Jol Robuchon, Supper by Heston Blum, Shangri-La Hotel and Raffles Hotel.

    Take a look just at the couple's website, where you can be blown away by their exquisite pastries. Everywhere you look, you'll notice the attention to detail that was clearly put in so that you can once again experience the same level of style as you would while strolling the roads of Paris.

    Monarch Cakes

    When it comes to baking, Monarch Cakes has Melbourne covered. They have been making baked goods for over 90 years, after all. Several of the recipes have been used in Australia for generations and can be traced back to the first shop in Poland. Those who, in the past, baked a cake from scratch using only natural, whole foods like butter, flour, egg whites, and sugar. In the name of faster and cheaper baking, many people today have given up that traditional taste. The folks at Monarch Cakes never would knowingly do something like that! Notable items consist of the Cocoa Kooglhoupf and a cheesecake recipe that has been baked for 100 years.

    Icecream Social

    Icecream Social is a phenomenon that began in Castlemaine and has since spread to Brunswick and Thornbury, two northern Melbourne suburbs. Helen Addison-Smith, the owner (you may know her from Loafer Bread throughout North Fitzroy or Evey Peach in Brunswick East), makes excellent ice cream. Since then, she's expanded her repertoire to include savoury and sweet pies, all of which are delicious.

    Only those with a sweet tooth, however, need read further; cakes are on the way. The cakes can be ordered in whole or by the slice in advance. The only catch is that you can only pick it up at our Brunswick or Thornbury location. Custom cakes featuring raspberry red lace or vegan hummingbird fillings are baked to order, while others, like the tricolour ice-cream cake shown here, are premade with brownie bases and icing borders à la Costco.

    Holy Sugar

    holy sugar

    Former kitchen staff member of the Lune Whoever is interested in Audrey Allard's stunning sugar-infused creations can do so through her humble enterprise, Holy Sugar. To order a made - to - order cake or any of her cake boxes, you can reach her on Instagram but she does not have a website.


    Beatrix is one of the best restaurants in North Melbourne, known for its delicious baked goods, including cakes, slices, biscuits, tarts, and scones, as well as its ciabattas, sandwiches, and coffee. Beatrix is located at the intersection of Queensberry as well as Lothian Streets in North Melbourne, Australia. Although it is a bit removed from the main thoroughfares, the line that wraps down Queensberry on the weekends should help you locate it. Get in line to grab a piece, or place an order in ahead of time for a filled cake buffet. You can view the daily menus on Instagram or place an order via the website.

    Millé And B

    A multi-layered crepe cake is Millé and B's party trick, and it's a delicious display of opulence. Each crepe sandwich is packed with twenty thin crepes. You can find them between layers of strawberry and matcha pastry cream. A whole crepe cake baked to your specifications and decorated with seasonal fruits and flowers can be taken home and enjoyed later.

    Mörk Chocolate Brew House

    You can get your fill of chocolate at Mörk, as you might imagine. Try the Söt tasting box if you can't even decide between both the twice-baked chocolate and the brownies. Six of the finest bundts, some of which are gluten-free and vegan, are included here. Both a brownie and a slice of chocolate cake are included. Available for takeout even during the curfew. You can place your order ahead of time and pick it up, or you can have it delivered to your house in the suburbs.

    Rockpool Bar And Grill

    While Rockpool's steaks are famous, their cake is also exceptional. For dessert, order the world-famous chocolate delice layered with raspberry melted chocolate and caramelised hazelnuts. Or indulge in the decadent eight-layer chocolate cake. It's a trifecta of crumbly chocolate soil, velvety Valrhona ganache, and decadent chocolate cake.


    You can indulge all of your senses with the Italian bakery bling at Carlton Brunetti. At the entrance, cake displays and pastry cases compete for your attention. An éclair with pistachio filling and a bunch of cannoli with vanilla icing? Very, very delicious. Also, they have a cake collection that is truly legendary. Consider chocolate soufflés, croquembouche, and tiramisu. Put in an order on the web for pickup or delivery.

    Sweet Canteen

    The scrumptious flavours of France and Asia collide at Sweet Canteen. You should definitely try a flaky mille-feuille that is oozing with vanilla bean custard as it melts in your mouth. They hold one‘s Portuguese egg tarts as well as strawberry sponge cake in equal acclaim. When celebrating a milestone event, treat yourself to a custom-made cake featuring your likeness piped in icing.

    Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake

    Aunty Tetsu's wobbly treats, which fell between a cake and just a giant soufflé, became one of the first popular Japanese desserts in Melbourne. Try one of these treats in classic, matcha, or chocolate flavours for a light and crumbly treat.

    Tori's Melbourne

    Another adorable new laneway cafe has blessed Melbourne. There are no words to describe how adorable the treats at ori's are. You can buy cakes either whole or sliced. Think orange saffron bundt cake, Baileys-infused cream cheese, and burnt basque cheesecake (either traditional or matcha). Do your best to avoid the tempting Madeleines, too.


    In Carlton, the trademark sponges are dressed in an Asian style. There are over 6,000 different cake designs and optional embellishments available for your special occasion cake. Such as gift cards in the shape of lollipop candies, plastic unicorns to put on top of cakes, and plush toys based on popular cartoon characters. Take advantage of this photo op to post a selfie next to the flower wall.

    Le Bajo

    le bajo


    Hidden in a North Melbourne One of the creators of the Potato Head Beach Resort in Bali also opened the Le Bajo Milkbar. Japanese-style desserts feature fruit and cream as the primary ingredients. Fluffy shokunin fruit crème sando is a new way to enjoy white bread. You could also try the inter strawberry shortcake with fresh seasonal fruits.

    Tea Rooms 1892

    As of very soon, the new Hopetoun Tea Rooms will be open for business. Cakes, however, are still available at Tea Rooms 1892, a legendary institution in the Block Arcade. The Art-Nouveau wallpaper but also mirrors are still on display, as is the Instagram-worthy window. It's business as usual at the high tea, and you can even order a whole cake in advance.

    Saint Dreux

    This coffee as well as katsu-sando bar is actually Japanese, despite its French-sounding name (Saint Dreux). The castella sponge made in-house is a delicious sweet treat. It was in the 16th century when the famed super-moist honey cake made its way from Portugal to Japan. In this case, the dense cubes are given an extra kick by being iced in flavours like Japanese matcha as well as black sesame.


    Chokolait serves Belgian chocolate, but their pavlova is where it's at. Layers of bittersweet pav are balanced by chocolate but also topped with juicy strawberries. Or, for a twist, sprinkled with green matcha powder. Tiramisu, raspberry chocolate mousse, and passionfruit coconut are just a few of the decadent whole cakes available.

    David Jones Food Hall

    When office celebrations call for celebratory cakes, DJs is conveniently located nearby. So, match a croissant with such a rose and passionfruit tart or a blueberry bagel. Nonetheless, remember to take home the cake. What kind of shiny dessert will it be, like a fruit tart, lemon cheesecake, or a carrot cake with frosting?


    You'll never believe it until you witness their one-of-a-kind works of art for yourself. Nothing on the menu at Bibelot is a bad choice, but if you get a sweet tooth, we suggest the Hazelnut Praline Crinkle Cake. Among Melbourne's best bakeries you'll find Luxbite, Mister Nice Guy's, and Proof Bakehouse. LuxBite is renowned for its innovative fusion cuisine, which combines traditional French technique with Asian flavours and ingredients. There are more layers in an Ordnance Raspberry Plain Chocolate Cake than there are in a James Joyce novel.

    In Camberwell, you'll find the unpretentious bakery, cake shop, and patisserie cafe known as Sucre du Jour. Young and ambitious, Josephin Tan and Eigen Ting are a power couple. For more than 90 years, Monarch Cakes has been producing delicious pastries. Visit Holy Sugar and wait in line for a personalised cake or prearrange for a cake spread. One of the first popular Japanese desserts in Melbourne is Aunty Tetsu's wobbly delights.

    More than six thousand unique cake styles and adornments are at your disposal. Taste the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a flaky mille-feuille filled with vanilla bean custard. One of the people responsible for the Potato Head Beach Resort in Bali is also responsible for the opening of the Le Bajo Milkbar. Fruit and whipped cream are the backbone of Japanese sweets. Chokolait has excellent Belgian chocolate, but the real draw is its pavlova.

    Content Summary

    1. Melbourne's cake businesses are already near perfect.
    2. From Richmond to South Yarra and on into the Central Business District, Melbourne is dotted with bakeries and patisserie, all of which consistently produce mouthwatering baked delicacies.
    3. We also have chocolate, pastries, fresh bread, tea, coffee, and cake.
    4. You obviously didn't come here in quest of muffins or croissants; rather, you were on the prowl for the best cakes in Melbourne.
    5. sweet shop There is a fuzzy line between cake and pie in some of the quick and delectable customer favourites at Candied Bakery.
    6. Regardless of how you cut it, this is one of Melbourne's finest cakes.
    7. Beatrix One of Melbourne's top cake makers, Natalie Paull, runs this wildly successful neighbourhood bakery.
    8. The sour cream chocolate sold by Paull is often regarded as the finest in Melbourne.
    9. Tea Time with Miss Trixie Alice Bennett deserves all the credit in the world for creating Miss Trixie Drinks Tea.
    10. This Richmond bakery and pastry shop is well-known for its delicious pastries and special occasion cakes.
    11. Every item is cruelty-free and delicious, earning it countless five-star reviews.
    12. Even if you don't have a wedding or birthday coming up, you can still go to the bakery and get raw cake slices and other sweets.
    13. This is the Agathé Patisserie. Even after repeated attempts to dissuade it, the want to visit France remains.
    14. Storefront for Miss Ladybird's Famous Cupcakes If you need a cake for a particular occasion and are in Melbourne, don't delay in contacting this bakery.
    15. The Little Cake, or "Le Petit Gateau" The cakes at this hip central Melbourne bakery are widely regarded as the best in the city.
    16. Choose one of the tempting cakes from the display, snap a photo of it on Instagram, and then dig in!
    17. Bibelot When you enter this pastry shop in South Melbourne, Australia, you will immediately get smitten with the delicious delicacies that are proudly displayed behind glass cases.
    18. Nothing on the menu at Bibelot is a bad choice, but if you get a sweet tooth, we suggest the Hazelnut Praline Crinkle Cake.
    19. It is also one of the greatest places in Melbourne to order a high-end birthday cake from.
    20. A dessert enthusiast who shuns a business because its offerings aren't "vegan" or "allergy-friendly" is missing out on one of Melbourne's best cake shops.
    21. You won't need to doubt the value of dairy and eggs after you have Mister Nice Guys' delectable cinnamon buns, personalised birthday cakes, and everything in between.
    22. Due to its masterful combination of French technique and Asian inspirations, LuxBite has become the go-to location for Melburnians seeking out novel flavours and textures.
    23. Another popular dessert is the Lolly Bag cake, which is a matcha cheesecake with an opera-style curtain design and an assortment of unusual fillings.
    24. White chocolate, coconut mousse, and mango give Weis ice cream bar cakes their iceberg appearance.
    25. Burch & Purchase, also known as Purchese & Burch Sweet Studio, is a Melbourne staple when it comes to sweets. They make anything from bespoke chocolates and biscuits to small-batch jams, cakes, tarts, and more.
    26. All the Munitions The local lore is that the Raspberry Plain Chocolate Cake in particular has more layers than a James Joyce novel with a mirror coating that makes it look like it was made out of glass.
    27. What was once a lovely shop on Chapel Street selling rows of sweets and meringues in every colour of the rainbow is now simply a concept.
    28. Darren Purchese, a well-known baker in Melbourne, has recently started a cake delivery service.
    29. This Malvern mainstay is well known for their French-inspired pastries and speciality desserts.
    30. Daily Sugar Fix Camberwell, a thriving suburb of Melbourne, is home to Sucre du jour, a little bakery, cake shop, and patisserie cafe.
    31. Young and ambitious, Josephin Tan and Eigen Ting are a power couple.
    32. Even if you only check out the couple's website, you will be impressed by the quality of their baked goods.
    33. Cak es Monarch Monarch Cakes is Melbourne's go-to bakeshop.
    34. It's been baking for almost 90 years, after all.
    35. Several of the recipes date all the way back to the original store's opening in Poland, and have been used for generations throughout Australia.
    36. people who made a cake in the olden days with nothing but fresh ingredients like butter, flour, eggs, and sugar.
    37. People at Monarch Cakes would never intentionally hurt somebody.
    38. The cheesecake recipe has been in use for a century, and it has been used to make the famous Cocoa Kooglhoupf.
    39. The Castlemaine Icecream Social has become a regional phenomenon, with offshoots in Brunswick and Thornbury, both located in northern Melbourne.
    40. She's been baking great pies ever since, and now she does both savoury and sweet varieties.
    41. Scrupulous SugarEx-Lune kitchen worker here! To purchase one of Audrey Allard's sugar-infused works of art, visit her modest business, Holy Sugar.
    42. She doesn't have a website, but you can find her on Instagram if you want to order a custom cake or one of her cake boxes.
    43. Beatrix You can't go wrong with any of the ciabattas, sandwiches, or coffee at Beatrix, which is why it's considered one of the greatest eateries in North Melbourne.
    44. A landmark of North Melbourne, Australia, Beatrix sits at the crossroads of the Queensberry and Lothian streets.
    45. Stand in line for a slice, or call ahead and order a whole cake spread.
    46. Millie & Beyonce Millé and B's party trick is a decadent, multi-layered crepe cake.
    47. Mörk's Brew House Chocolate It should come as no surprise that Mörk is a great place to stock up on chocolate.
    48. You get a slice of chocolate cake in addition to the brownie.
    49. Even after hours, you can get takeout.
    50. You have the option of placing an advance order and picking it up later, or having the goods delivered to your suburban home.
    51. Restaurant and Bar Rockpool The dessert at Rockpool is just as good as their world-famous steaks.
    52. Try a slice of the eight-layer chocolate cake instead.
    53. Brunetti The Italian bakery Carlton Brunetti is a visual and gustatory feast.
    54. Canteen Treats Sweet Canteen mashes together the delectable tastes of France and Asia.
    55. In honour of a special occasion, why not get a cake with your likeness piped in icing?
    56. Japanese Cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu One of the first popular Japanese desserts in Melbourne was Aunty Tetsu's wobbly delicacies, which were somewhere between a cake and a large soufflé.
    57. A light and crumbly delight, whether you choose the traditional, matcha, or chocolate variety, is waiting for you here.
    58. The Melbournian Tori Melbourne's laneways now boast yet another charming new cafe.
    59. The cuteness of ori's baked goods is beyond description.
    60. To the north of Melbourne, in a One of the people responsible for the Potato Head Beach Resort in Bali is also responsible for the opening of the Le Bajo Milkbar.
    61. Fruit and whipped cream are the backbone of Japanese sweets.
    62. White bread gets a fluffy makeover with the shokunin fruit crème sando.
    63. Strawberry shortcake with fresh seasonal fruit is another option.
    64. Coffee Houses, 1892 The new Hopetoun Tea Rooms will be available for patrons to enjoy very shortly.
    65. However, the Tea Rooms 1892, a historic staple of the Block Arcade's food court, is still open for business and baking cakes.
    66. The high tea will go as usual, and you can even preorder a full cake if you like.
    67. Cathedral of Saint Dreux This cafe and katsu-sando shop may sound French, but it's actually Japanese (Saint Dreux).
    68. The homemade castella sponge is a delectable treat not to be missed.
    69. The incredibly moist honey cake, originally from Portugal, made its way to Japan in the 16th century.
    70. Delicious entire cakes including tiramisu, raspberry chocolate mousse, and passionfruit coconut may be found here.
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