quality and care melbourne’s 10 leading ndis cleaning services

Quality and Care: Melbourne’s 10 Leading NDIS Cleaning Services

In the quest for the definitive list of NDIS cleaning experts in Melbourne, one must look for providers who combine a deep understanding of the NDIS with unparalleled cleaning prowess. Our comprehensive guide is the culmination of extensive research and customer testimonials, bringing to light the NDIS cleaning services that set the benchmark for excellence in Melbourne. These cleaning services are not just about maintaining a space; they're about enhancing the daily lives of NDIS participants through meticulous and adaptive cleaning practices.

With a dedication to upholding the highest standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction, these NDIS cleaners in Melbourne are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure your home is a sanctuary of cleanliness and serenity. They appreciate the importance of a clean environment in promoting health and happiness and are committed to delivering personalised services that align with the goals and preferences of their clients. Get ready to transform your living space with our curated list of the top NDIS cleaning experts in Melbourne.

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    Clean & Personal

    clean and personal

    Melbourne-based company established in 1993 that specialises in providing customised cleaning services tailored to individual needs and abilities. These services are available on a weekly or fortnightly schedule. In 2019, the company became a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), focusing on Household Tasks such as cleaning services and Home Modifications. 

    Since then, they have seen significant growth in their cleaning service, offering personalised solutions to NDIS clients across Melbourne. They cater to Plan Managed, Self-Managed, and NDIA-managed participants. The team is well-versed in the NDIS objectives and ensures that their services comply with the Quality and Safeguards of the NDIS. They also have a registered builder proficient in the Australian Standards for Home Modifications for NDIS participants.

    Services Offered:

    • Customised cleaning services (weekly or fortnightly)
    • Home modifications
    • NDIS Household Tasks
    • Specialised cleaning services for NDIS clients

    Phone: 1300 136 894 | 4050 048 999
    Email: enquiries@cleanandpersonal.com.au
    Website: https://www.cleanandpersonal.com.au/

    Elm Residential Cleaning Services

    elm residential cleaning services

    Elm Cleaning has been specialising in premium and tailored home cleaning for over a decade. They understand the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and believe that home maintenance shouldn't be one of them. Elm Cleaning emphasises that a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment is crucial for achieving one's goals. 

    They offer a personalised Bayside NDIS/TAC cleaning service that begins with an in-home consultation to create a custom cleaning routine tailored to individual needs.Elm Cleaning believes that everyone deserves a clean, healthy, and comfortable living environment, which is essential for achieving personal goals. Their Bayside NDIS/TAC cleaning service is designed to cater to individual needs, starting with a personalised in-home consultation to develop a custom cleaning routine tailored to each client.

    Services Offered:

    • Regular Recurring Cleaning Schedule
    • One Off/ Spring Cleaning
    • End of Lease Cleaning
    • Hoarder Cleaning and House Decluttering Service
    • Organising Service
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Pest Control

    Phone: 1300 941 498
    Email: fresh@elmcleaning.com.au
    Website: https://elmcleaning.com.au/

    Houseproud Cleaning

    houseproud cleaning

    Houseproud Cleaning offers high-quality NDIS cleaning services, ensuring that homes are maintained in pristine condition for those under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is designed to support Australians with disabilities, and one of its provisions includes cleaning services. 

    Houseproud is dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning services, working closely with a vast number of NDIS providers across Australia. They emphasise the importance of understanding the unique needs of each client and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their services.

    Services Offered:

    • NDIS regular weekly and fortnightly cleans
    • One-off cleans and deep spring cleans
    • End of lease cleans
    • Any other service listed on their website

    Phone: 1300 880 198
    Website: https://www.houseproud.com.au



    Nurse4U offers domestic assistance and cleaning services tailored for the aged and NDIS participants, aiming to foster independence and reduce reliance on family members. Their team of domestic support workers provides a range of services, including cleaning, washing, shopping, and companionship. 

    The primary goal is to ensure that individuals, regardless of age or physical condition, can lead a fulfilling life without being overly dependent on others. Nurse4U stands out for its commitment to delivering high-quality care, understanding each individual's unique needs, and providing a comprehensive range of services.

    Services Offered:

    • General in-home cleaning services for seniors (vacuuming, mopping, dusting).
    • Bathroom cleaning.
    • Ironing, laundry, and folding of clothes.
    • Bed-making.
    • Cooking and meal preparation.
    • Assistance in organising the house.
    • Personalised care plans tailored to individual requirements.
    • Flexibility in service delivery to adapt to changing needs.
    • Comprehensive range of services, including personal care and companionship.

    Phone: (03) 8714 5816
    Email: info@Nurse4u.com.au
    Website: https://nurse4u.com.au

    TLC Disability Services

    tlc disability services

    Tender Loving Care Disability Services, commonly known as TLC, is an Australian-owned and operated NDIS-registered provider with a rich history spanning over 50 years in the disability sector. With a robust presence across Australia, including cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and an international office in Dubai, TLC is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its participants.

    Their person-centred approach ensures that the services provided are tailored to the unique needs of each individual, aiming to make their everyday lives more manageable and fulfilling.

    Services Offered:

    • Cleaning Services
    • In-home support, daily living activities, and duties
    • Support Coordination
    • Allied Health Professional services
    • Specialised Transport
    • Plan Management
    • Accommodation services
    • Social, Community & Recreational Participation
    • Day Programs
    • Multilingual support

    Phone: 1300 998 885
    Website: https://www.tlcdisabilityservices.com.au/

    High Power Cleaning

    high power cleaning

    High Power Cleaning emphasises the pivotal role of NDIS Cleaners in Melbourne's disability landscape. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was launched in 2013 to revolutionise disability services in Australia. It provides tailored support to individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have choice and control over their lives. A significant aspect of this support is the cleanliness and hygiene of NDIS-funded properties. Clean environments are crucial for the well-being of individuals with disabilities, especially those with weakened immune systems or mobility challenges. 

    NDIS Cleaners in Melbourne are specialised professionals trained to handle the unique cleaning requirements of these properties. They ensure the highest standards of cleanliness, prioritising both immaculate environments and participant safety.

    Services Offered:

    • General cleaning duties: Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and overall cleanliness.
    • Sanitising high-touch surfaces: Special attention to areas like doorknobs, light switches, and handrails.
    • End of lease cleaning tasks: Thorough cleaning activities to remove embedded dirt and window washing.
    • Adherence to specific cleaning protocols outlined by the NDIS: Using appropriate cleaning techniques and products suitable for different disabilities.
    • Specialised training: Knowledge about disability-specific requirements and maintaining cleanliness in disability accommodation settings.

    Phone: 1300 997 289
    Website: https://www.highpowercleaning.com.au


    after care

    After-Care offers "No Hassle" NDIS support, emphasising the importance of high-quality, reliable support without the burden of excessive paperwork and multiple phone calls. Their aim is to provide community-based support that allow individuals to have maximum control over their support services, ensuring they get the most value from their NDIS Plan. 

    They pride themselves on their "one call" approach to scheduling and coordinating, ensuring that clients don't have to chase them for updates. With over 20 years of experience in home care, After-Care is dedicated to providing top-notch services tailored to individual needs.

    Services Offered:

    • NDIS Registered Provider
    • In-home care specialists
    • High Intensity and Complex Needs support
    • Daytime, Evening, Weekend & overnight availability
    • Cleaning house and Garden maintenance
    • School Holiday activities & Program
    • Safe, experienced, trained support workers
    • Locally based services

    Phone: 1300 46 46 63
    Website:  https://after-care.com.au

    Trem Clean

    trem clean

    Trem Clean is a reputable cleaning service provider specialising in National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) cleaning across various Australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Canberra, and more. The company boasts professionally trained cleaners who collaborate with carers, plan managers, NDIS agencies, registered providers, and self-managed participants to deliver top-notch cleaning services. 

    Trem Clean emphasises the importance of hiring experienced cleaners who possess a Police Certificate, insurance, and a proven track record. The company is known for its consistent and outstanding cleaning results, offering services at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

    Services Offered:

    • Domestic Cleaning Service: Includes weekly, fortnightly, and monthly cleaning.
      • General dusting
      • Sweeping and mopping the floor
      • Wiping all furniture
      • Dusting all surfaces
      • Cleaning toilets and bathrooms
    • Exit Clean/End of Lease Cleaning: Also known as bond cleaning, tenancy end of lease, move in/move out cleaning. Comes with a bond back guarantee.
    • Deep Cleaning: For those who haven't cleaned in a while or need a thorough cleaning of the entire house.

    Phone: 0435 536 216
    Email: reception@tremclean.com.au
    Website: https://tremclean.com.au

    Careforce Group

    careforce group

    Careforce Group specialises in providing NDIS Property Maintenance services in Melbourne, aiming to support the disabled and senior citizens in the community. They have a team of NDIS approved property maintenance professionals who operate in various regions including Berwick, Dandenong, Hallam, Narre Warren, Cheltenham, and many more. 

    Their main objective is to offer property maintenance support, allowing individuals to regain their independence and spend more quality time with their families. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers numerous benefits, including property maintenance, and Careforce Group is dedicated to extending these services to those in need.

    Services Offered:

    • NDIS House Cleaning Services Melbourne: Services range from removing cobwebs, cleaning stoves, ovens, and fridges, to wiping cupboards and cleaning windows.
    • NDIS Builder Melbourne: As a registered NDIS builder, they offer housing improvements and modifications to enhance the livability and accessibility of homes for those with disabilities.
    • NDIS Handyman Melbourne: Tasks include fixing antennas, assembling furniture, plumbing repairs, fencing repairs, and more.
    • NDIS Gardener Melbourne: Registered gardeners assist in maintaining gardens, ensuring individuals can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the stress of upkeep.

    Phone: 1300 456 522
    Email: hello@careforcegroup.com.au
    Website: https://careforcegroup.com.au

    Joe's Mowing & Maintenance

    joe s mowing maintenance

    Joe's Mowing & Maintenance offers a variety of NDIS services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual. Their primary focus is to ensure that participants' lawns and gardens are maintained to the highest standards, providing both ongoing and one-off maintenance services. In addition to yard maintenance, they offer support for household tasks, enabling individuals to remain independent in their homes. This includes domestic cleaning services, laundry, and more. 

    Furthermore, they emphasise community participation, encouraging individuals to engage in activities that interest them, from dancing and cooking classes to mini golf. Group activities are also promoted, allowing participants to meet like-minded individuals and try new activities. For those seeking travel and transport assistance, Joe's Mowing & Maintenance provides support for various transportation needs, ensuring timely and safe travels. Lastly, they offer assistance with daily personal activities, ranging from personal care to grocery shopping and medical appointments, allowing individuals to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

    Services Offered:

    • Maintaining Lawns and Gardens (Regular Mowing, Weed Control, Whipper Snipping, Hedge Trimming, Lawn Maintenance, Poisoning, Blowing, Pressure Washing)
    • Household Tasks (Domestic Cleaning, Laundry)
    • Community Participation (Dancing Classes, Cooking Classes, Mini Golf)
    • Group Activities (Sports, Art Classes, Games Night)
    • Travel and Transport (Public Transport Training, Rideshare Booking, Personal Transport)
    • Assistance with Daily Personal Activities (Showering, Dressing, Toileting, Grocery Shopping, Medical Appointments)

    Phone: 0459 710 245
    Email: info@joesmowingandmaintenance.com.au
    Website: https://www.joesmowingandmaintenance.com.au

    This depends on the availability of the cleaning service; some may offer weekend or holiday services at different rates.

    While formal qualifications may not be required, cleaners should have adequate training and experience, especially in dealing with the needs of disabled individuals.


    You should contact an NDIS-registered cleaning service provider and discuss your needs and plan details with them.

    Most NDIS cleaners serve a wide range of areas within Melbourne, but availability may vary, so it’s best to check with individual providers.

    Yes, they can provide services in various living situations, including assisted living facilities.

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