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NDIS Lawn Care Services in Melbourne: Who Tops the Chart?

Melbourne, located in the state of Victoria, is a city lauded for its abundance of parks, botanical gardens, and urban green areas. In keeping with the city's eco-friendly vibe, numerous local businesses have set up shop to serve people with disabilities who are enrolled in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by providing individualised gardening services. To ensure that people with disabilities have access to accessible and therapeutic outdoor settings, businesses like this are invaluable.

Companies that provide gardening services—from mowing lawns to creating elaborate landscape designs—improve their customers' well-being and quality of life in numerous ways. They are a shining example of the Melbourne community's openness, generosity, and shared view that everyone should have access to a lovely outdoor space.

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    Must Have Maintenance

    must have maintenance

    Must Have Maintenance is a renowned lawn mowing company based in Melbourne, Victoria. They pride themselves on offering affordable, reliable, and swift services to all their clients. With a commitment to friendliness, integrity, and value, the company extends a broad spectrum of gardening services tailored to meet the diverse needs of Melbourne residents.

    Services Offered:

    • Green waste removal
    • Tree pruning
    • Hedge trimming
    • Lawn mowing
    • Flower beds care
    • Hedge Trimming & Pruning
    • Garden Planning & Makeover

    Phone: 1300 687 846
    Email: info@musthm.com
    Website: https://musthavemaintenance.com.au/

    Precision Gardening Solutions

    precision gardening solutions

    Precision Gardening Solutions is a professional lawn care and gardening service provider aiming to transform your yard into a verdant oasis. With a skilled team drawing on extensive experience, they offer a range of services to help you achieve a lush, green lawn. Based in Oak Park, Melbourne, and servicing surrounding suburbs, Precision Gardening Solutions is dedicated to maintaining the health and beauty of your garden. They have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, as evidenced by their positive reviews, and from September 1st, 2023, they will be focusing on providing ongoing fortnightly lawn and garden maintenance services to better serve their regular customers.

    Services Offered

    • Lawn Care Services: Ongoing lawn mowing, lawn care plans, fertilization, and weed control.
    • Gardening Services: Hedging, tree pruning, pest and disease management, mulching, weed control, and planting.

    Phone: 0482 090 033
    Website: https://www.precisiongardeningsolutions.com.au/

    Jaydens Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services

    jaydens lawn mowing

    Expert Care in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs Jaydens Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services is a dedicated company that has been serving the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne for over 4 years. They pride themselves on using top-notch equipment and paying meticulous attention to detail, ensuring client satisfaction. The company understands the value of time and aims to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices, allowing clients to enjoy their leisure while leaving the lawn and garden care to the professionals. Whether it's a small lawn mowing task or a comprehensive garden cleanup, Jaydens Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services ensures that every job is executed to perfection.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing: Including ride-on lawn mowing, slashing, and acreage mowing.
    • General Clean Ups: Catering to rental cleanups and green waste removal.
    • Gardening: Services include weed control and hedging.

    Phone: 0434 019 813
    Website: https://www.jaydenslawnmowing.com.au/

    Luxury Landscapes & Maintenance

    luxury landscapes

    Luxury Landscapes & Maintenance is a dedicated landscaping and maintenance company based in and serving the Adelaide Hills region. They pride themselves on offering a range of services that cater to various landscaping and property maintenance needs. Whether it's transforming a garden, repairing existing structures, or undertaking handyman tasks, the team at Luxury Landscapes & Maintenance ensures that every project is executed with precision and dedication. Their commitment to quality work and honest pricing has made them a prefered choice for many in the Adelaide Hills area.

    Services Offered:

    • Landscaping: Comprehensive landscaping services, equipped with an excavator, tipper, and dingo for all sizes of projects.
    • Repairs and Maintenance: revitalising tired gardens or homes and providing necessary fixes.
    • Upgrades: Enhancing entertaining areas, driveways, gardens, or backyards to create visually appealing spaces.
    • Fencing and Retaining: Solutions for sloping blocks to make them more usable and functional.
    • Handyman and Odd Jobs: Catering to a variety of miscellaneous tasks as required.
    • Slashing and Clearing: Ensuring land is free from potential fire hazards and unwanted overgrowth.

    Phone: 0424919959
    Website: https://www.llandm.com.au/

    Tradie Lady Trade Services

    tradie lady services

    Tradie Lady Trade Services is a unique Melbourne-based company that specialises in lawn mowing and gardening. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the trade, they guarantee professional finishes and services, ensuring perfection in every project they undertake. The company takes pride in being established by the first registered female in tiling in Australia in 1989. Their expertise is not just limited to tiling; they also have a rich history in lawn maintenance, having gained skills from early on and further honing them with practical work in Greenkeeping on a local golf course.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services: Comprehensive lawn care and gardening solutions tailored to client needs.
    • Tiling Services: Leveraging the expertise of being the first registered female tiler in Australia.
    • Detail-Oriented Services: Ensuring meticulous attention to every detail for complete client satisfaction.
    • Quality Assurance: Using high-quality products and tools to ensure the finest finish in every project.

    Phone: 0400 215 385
    Email: tradieladytradeservices@outlook.com
    Website: https://tradieladytradeservices.com.au/

    United Home Services 

    united home services

    United Home Services is a renowned company that provides a plethora of home services, including cleaning, gardening, and ironing, across Victoria. With a legacy spanning over 28 years, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry. Their services are designed to alleviate the burden of household chores, allowing residents to enjoy a cleaner, more organised living space. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in their professional approach, use of high-quality products, and the satisfaction of their vast clientele.

    Services Offered:

    • Regular Cleaning: Routine cleaning services to maintain a spotless living environment.
    • Spring Cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning services for a deep clean and refresh.
    • Vacate Cleaning: Specialised cleaning services tailored for properties at the end of a lease or before a new tenant moves in.
    • Window Cleaning: Ensuring clear and streak-free windows.
    • Commercial Cleaning: Catering to office and commercial spaces.
    • Builders Cleans: Post-construction cleaning to remove debris and dust.
    • Carpet Cleaning: Deep cleaning of carpets to remove stains and dirt.
    • Gardening: Maintaining lush and healthy gardens.
    • Ironing: Professional ironing services for wrinkle-free clothes.

    Phone: 1800 222 899
    Website: https://unitedhomeservices.com.au/

    Iris Lawn & Garden Care

    iris lawn and garden care

    Iris Lawn & Garden Care is a family-owned business based in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. They pride themselves on offering trustworthy, high-quality, reliable, and friendly services. With a focus on ensuring customer satisfaction, they provide a wide range of services from regular garden maintenance to specialized tasks like lawn installation. Their dedication to excellence is evident in their approach to every project, whether it's a simple lawn mowing task or a complete garden overhaul.

    Services Offered:

    • Landscaping and Lawn Mowing: Regular garden maintenance and lawn care services.
    • Fortnightly Maintenance: Customized lawn mowing and garden maintenance tailored to individual property requirements.
    • Yard Tidy Up: Specialized services to handle overgrown lawns, hedges, bushes, vines, and trees.
    • Lawn Installation: Professional turf installation ensuring the longevity and health of the lawn.
    • NDIS Services, Strata & Rental Property Maintenance: Catering to specific needs of NDIS beneficiaries and property maintenance for strata and rental properties.

    Phone: 0458859603
    Email: Alex@IrisLGC.com.au
    Website: https://irislgc.com.au/

    Inside & Out Perth

    inside and out perth

    Inside & Out Perth is a dedicated NDIS and Aged Care Provider situated in Perth. The team consists of compassionate and seasoned Disability Support Workers, Mentors, and a Gardening and Maintenance crew. With a strong emphasis on community service, all staff members are equipped with the necessary qualifications, clearances, and vaccinations. The company stands out for its commitment to equal opportunity employment, supporting the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) community through extensive mentoring programs. Unlike large agencies, Inside & Out Perth offers a personalized touch, with the owners actively involved in the business, ensuring that each client receives the attention and services tailored to their specific needs.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing and Yard Maintenance: Comprehensive care for gardens, covering both front and back areas.

    Phone: 0419 322 596
    Email: info@insideandoutperth.com.au
    Website: https://insideandoutperth.net/

    The Local Bloke 

    the local bloke

    The Local Bloke is a family-owned lawn mowing and garden care company that has been serving the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Lower Hunter Valley regions for nearly two decades. With a reputation built on reliability, professionalism, and exceptional results, they offer a range of services tailored to meet individual lawn and garden needs. Their team is dedicated to ensuring that every project, whether big or small, is executed with precision and care. The Local Bloke's commitment to the community is further highlighted by their numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Care: Comprehensive lawn maintenance services.
    • Garden Maintenance: Including tasks like weeding, pruning, and more.
    • Soft Landscaping: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of gardens.
    • Acreage Mowing: specialised mowing services for larger properties.

    Phone: (02) 4965 7388
    Email: admin@thelocalbloke.net.au
    Website: https://thelocalbloke.net.au/

    Guaranteed Garden Services 

    guaranteed garden services

    Guaranteed Garden Services is a leading gardening service provider in Adelaide, offering a wide range of services to cater to various gardening needs. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they pride themselves on delivering high-quality services, ensuring that every garden they work on is well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. Their unique guarantee stands out, promising that if they cannot satisfy a customer's requirements, they will pay a competitor to rectify the issue. Their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted name in Adelaide's gardening industry.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing: Keeping lawns clean, tidy, and healthy.
    • Gardening: From design to maintenance, offering comprehensive gardening services.
    • Topiary: Creating elegant garden features.
    • Irrigation: Installing and fixing irrigation systems, essential for Adelaide's dry climate.
    • Hedging: Providing practical fencing options that offer both privacy and aesthetic appeal.
    • Turf Installation: Adding value to properties with correctly installed turf.
    • Pre Sale Cleanup: Preparing gardens for property sales.
    • Slashing: Efficiently clearing long grass to maintain a neat garden appearance.

    Phone: 0407 304 977
    Website: https://www.guaranteedgardenservices.com.au/

    NDIS Gardening Services in Melbourne, Victoria, are those offered to those who are enrolled in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) who require assistance with gardening and lawn care. These services are meant to help people who have trouble doing so themselves take care of their gardens and other outdoor areas.

    Unfortunately, not all Melbourne gardening services are accepted by the NDIS. NDIS service providers can only offer their services to participants if they have been registered and are in compliance with NDIS requirements. Before hiring a gardening service, make sure they are an NDIS-approved provider.

    Melbourne's NDIS Gardening Services often provide a wide variety of gardening-related tasks, such as mowing the grass, trimming the hedges, performing general garden upkeep, and even landscaping. It's best to get specifics from the service provider, as they could be different from one business to the next.

    Participants in the NDIS can pick whichever service provider they like best. However, it is crucial to make sure that the provider is registered with the NDIS and that they deliver the services you need.

    The NDIS will pay for any gardening services that are part of a participant's plan. Depending on your plan and agreement, the service provider may submit a claim for payment to NDIS on your behalf, or you may make the first payment and seek reimbursement from NDIS.

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