top 10 lawn mowing companies in melbourne

Top 10 Lawn Mowing Companies in Melbourne

Melbourne, a bustling city known for its vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes, is home to numerous gardens and lawns that require regular maintenance. With the city's residents leading busy lives, there's a growing demand for professional lawn mowing services that can keep these green spaces looking pristine. Whether you have a small patch of grass in your backyard or a sprawling garden, finding the right lawn mowing service is crucial to ensure that your lawn is well-maintained and healthy.

In this guide, we will explore the top 10 lawn mowing services in Melbourne, delving into their offerings, customer reviews, and what sets each of them apart. From companies that have been serving the community for decades to newer entrants with innovative solutions, this list aims to help Melburnians find the perfect match for their lawn care needs.

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    Must Have Maintenance

    must have maintenance garden maintenance services in melbourne 2023 10 21 00 17 46

    Must Have Maintenance is a leading garden maintenance service provider in Melbourne. Established in 2018, the company has been dedicated to offering residents a trusted, professional, and reliable solution for their lawn and garden maintenance needs. 

    With a focus on high-quality service, they cater to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring that gardens and lawns are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. The company's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has positioned them as one of Melbourne’s leading lawn and garden maintenance companies.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Mowing & Care
    • Hedge Trimming & Pruning
    • Green Waste Removal
    • Tree Pruning & Care
    • Garden Landscaping
    • Weed Control & Spraying
    • Turf Installation
    • Garden Planning & Makeover
    • Brush Cutting
    • Soft Landscaping

    Phone: 1300 687 846

    All Neat

    all neat

    All Neat is a Melbourne-based company dedicated to creating well-designed and tidy gardens for both residential and commercial clients. They emphasize a personalized approach, working closely with clients to provide tailored options that suit their specific needs.

    With a focus on quality and service, All Neat combines scientific knowledge and extensive experience to ensure that each project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, fostering a close relationship with clients who are seen as friends and neighbors.

    Services offered:

    • Residential and Commercial Garden Maintenance
    • Landscape Design
    • Landscape Construction
    • Artificial Turf Installation
    • Hedging, Trimming, and Pruning
    • Lawn Mowing and Lawn Renovation
    • Rubbish Removal

    Phone: 044 992 3030

    Keilor East Mowing

    keilor east mowing 2023 10 20 23 29 31

    Keilor East Mowing is a professional lawn mowing and garden maintenance service based in Keilor East, Melbourne. The company prides itself on offering exceptional landscaping services to both domestic and commercial clients. 

    With a team of qualified and experienced professionals, Keilor East Mowing ensures that gardens look spectacular throughout the year. Their most popular offering is the ongoing maintenance service, where they handle every aspect of garden care through all seasons, allowing homeowners and property managers to enjoy a well-maintained garden without any hassle.

    Services Offered:

    • Domestic Lawn Mowing
    • Commercial Lawn Mowing
    • Ride on Mowing
    • Garden Maintenance
    • Selling/Rental Property Maintenance
    • Trimming, Pruning, and Slashing
    • Green Waste Removal
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Rubbish Removal
    • Weeding

    Phone: 0499 220 390

    AK Gardening & Mowing Services

    ak gardening & mowing services lawn care service 2023 10 20 23 31 56

    AK Gardening & Mowing Services is a dedicated lawn care service provider that caters to a variety of gardening and cleaning needs. They emphasize their availability seven days a week and pride themselves on offering services at reasonable prices. 

    With a focus on customer satisfaction, they provide a comprehensive range of services that ensure gardens are well-maintained and homes are clean. Whether it's regular mowing, garden clean-ups, or house cleaning, AK Gardening & Mowing Services is equipped to handle all tasks with precision and care.

    Services Offered:

    • Mowing
    • Edging
    • Weeding & Poisoning
    • Landscaping
    • Rubbish Removal
    • Timber Flooring
    • House Cleaning
    • Long term contracts for regular mowing/garden clean-ups and house cleaning services

    Phone: 0451 331 509


    gardening services aspendale gardens urban lawns will get your garden looking lush 2023 10 20 23 33 45

    Urban Lawns is a professional gardening service provider catering to both residential and commercial properties, including body corporates and real estate in the Bayside and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With over 23 years of experience in the field, they are fully insured and equipped with the necessary machinery to handle a wide range of gardening tasks. 

    Whether it's a small courtyard or a large commercial property, Urban Lawns offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that gardens look their best. They understand the busy lives of their clients and offer solutions that range from complete garden makeovers to regular maintenance tasks.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing (Domestic, Commercial, and Body Corporate)
    • Ride on mowing
    • Weed control (Hand weeding or herbicide spraying)
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Irrigation installation
    • Garden clean-ups
    • Pruning
    • Hedge trimming
    • Tree removal
    • Garden rejuvenations
    • Small landscaping

    Phone: Mark - 0413 837 215

    Amazing Grass Lawn Mowing

    lawn maintenance tarneit amazing grass lawn mowing & garden maintenance 2023 10 20 23 38 05

    Located in Tarneit, Amazing Grass Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance offers top-notch lawn care and garden services. They understand the significance of a well-maintained lawn in enhancing the aesthetics of a home and provide a solution for those who wish to enjoy a neat lawn without the associated hassles. 

    With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the team at Amazing Grass Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance delivers reliable services throughout Tarneit and its surrounding areas. They pride themselves on their passion for excellent service, ensuring gardens are well-tended and visually appealing. With options for onsite inspections and after-hours appointments, they prioritize client convenience.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing
    • Weed control
    • Edge trimming
    • Pruning
    • Rubbish removal
    • Garden maintenance
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Lawn care
    • Retaining walls
    • Garden design

    Phone: 0498 375 094

    LawnCrew Melbourne

    lawn mowing and gardening gardening, mowing, hedge trimming, irrigation 2023 10 20 23 44 22

    LawnCrew is a dedicated lawn mowing and gardening service provider that emphasizes the importance of well-maintained and beautiful gardens. As a family-run business, they are deeply rooted in the local community and are passionate about creating and maintaining garden spaces that enhance properties. 

    Their services are not limited to just mowing and gardening; they also offer a complete garden management system that includes periodic fertilization, weeding, and pest control. With a commitment to excellence, LawnCrew ensures that every garden they handle reflects their passion and expertise, leading to satisfied customers and harmonious outdoor spaces.

    Services Offered:

    • Grass Cutting/Mowing
    • Irrigation Planning and Implementation
    • Hedge Trimming/Pruning
    • Waste Disposal
    • Garden Care (weeding to mulching)
    • Certified Gardening Expertise
    • Complete Garden Management System (fertilization, weeding, pest control)

    Phone: 0414 930 859

    PitStop Gardening Service

    gardening service, garden services melbourne pitstop gardening 2023 10 20 23 49 14

    Pitstop Gardening Services is a leading gardening service provider based in Melbourne, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They offer a comprehensive range of garden services, lawn mowing, grass slashing, and landscaping solutions catering to various areas of Melbourne, especially Whittlesea, Nillumbik, Manningham, Banyule, and Boroondara. 

    The company is known for its fast, friendly, and quality service, ensuring that every garden they handle is transformed into a beautifully manicured space. Whether it's a vast broad acre area or a small backyard, Pitstop Gardening Services ensures quick and clean results.

    Services Offered:

    • Domestic / Broadacre Grass Slashing
    • Chipping/Mulching
    • Hedge Cutting & All Garden Pruning
    • Lawn Mowing or Grass Cutting
    • Garden Makeovers
    • Garden Maintenance
    • Irrigation Repair & Installation
    • Spraying Around Gardens & Lawns (Commercial & Domestic)
    • Commercial Gardening Services

    Phone: 0407685704

    Ayu Mowing Service

    ayu mowing service lawn care service in footscray & surrounding area 2023 10 20 23 48 35

    Ayu Mowing Service, located in Footscray and its surrounding areas, is a dedicated lawn care and garden maintenance provider. They pride themselves on offering affordable and reliable services tailored to both residential and commercial properties. 

    As a family-run business, Ayu Mowing Service emphasizes working within clients' budgets and specific needs, ensuring that every garden and lawn they handle is meticulously cared for. With a broad range of services, they position themselves as a one-stop-shop for all lawn maintenance and garden needs, catering to various clients including residential, commercial, government, and body corporate entities.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing
    • Gardening
    • Spraying and fertilising
    • Garden and general maintenance
    • Green waste removal
    • Irrigation repairs
    • Pruning
    • Rubbish removal
    • Gutters cleaning
    • Landscaping
    • Clean-ups
    • Odd jobs

    Phone: 0432 013 377

    Gus’s Mowing And Gardening Services

    gus’s mowing and gardening services lawn care service 2023 10 20 23 55 09

    Gus’s Mowing and Gardening Services is a dedicated lawn care service provider. The company emphasizes its commitment to ensuring that gardens and lawns are meticulously cared for and maintained. 

    With a focus on delivering quality services, Gus’s Mowing and Gardening Services caters to the needs of its clients, ensuring that their outdoor spaces are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. The company operates daily, offering its services to clients who require regular lawn care and gardening solutions.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn Care
    • Gardening Services

    Phone: 0433 699 374

    With edging, an actual cut is made in the lawn. This "edge" lines the grass and borders or sidewalks. Trimming is cutting grass in spaces your lawn mower can't reach, such as against a wall or fence.

    When you come to the end of a row, lift the mower deck as you turn, then mow in the opposite direction next to your previous pass. To get that fancy checkerboard look, mow the lawn a second time at 90 degrees to your first mowing. Finish by mowing a strip around the edges of the lawn.

    Mid-morning or late afternoon is usually the best time to mow the lawn. If done too early in the morning, the lawn will be damp with dew, which can cause the grass to tear rather than cut cleanly, leading to disease. Midday can be too hot, and the intense sun can stress the newly cut grass, but it is not too bad a time.

    It's best to wait for wet grass to dry before mowing. Wet grass clippings can clog your mower, causing it to choke and spit out clumps of wet grass that could smother and kill your lawn if left unraked. It's best to wait for wet grass to dry before mowing.

    Before you begin, check the blade is sharp and set the mower deck for the recommended height of your grass. Start the mower on a flat area. Keep the blade or blade deck up until the mower is on the grass.

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