Top 10 Custom Timber Pallets in Melbourne

Welcome to Melbourne's world of customised timber pallets, where art meets utility! In the middle of Melbourne, Australia's lively city, we're happy to give you our hand-picked list of the "Top 10 Custom Timber Pallets Melbourne." Pallets made of wood are the unsung stars of storage and logistics. In a busy city like Melbourne, they are especially important for keeping the flow of goods and materials smooth. 

From warehouses for factories to workshops for artists, these custom wood pallets are made to fit the needs of businesses and people. Come with us as we look at the best options in Melbourne for people who want long-lasting, eco-friendly, and highly useful wood pallet solutions made with care and precision. Our top 10 list is the best way to find the best custom timber pallets Melbourne offers, whether you work in manufacturing, shipping, or building or just want to find new ways to store things.

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    Pallet House

    pallet house

    Pallet House Australia offers specialised services in customising mini pallets tailored to meet specific client needs. Their custom mini pallets are designed to cater to various applications, making them an ideal choice for unique product displays, innovative marketing purposes, or bespoke shipping requirements. The company prides itself on providing a product that meets practical demands and adds aesthetic value, potentially enhancing the presentation of goods. Pallet House understands the importance of quality and customisation, allowing clients to dictate their mini pallets' exact size and look to match their precise specifications.

    The services they offer include:

    • Custom Sizing: Tailoring mini pallets to the exact dimensions the client requires.
    • Personalisation: Allowing for adding brand logos or specific designs to the pallets.
    • Versatility: Mini pallets can be utilised for marketing, displays, or unique packaging needs.
    • Quality Materials: Ensuring durability and aesthetics with high-quality wood.

    Contact details for Pallet House are:

    Phone: 1300 760 642

    Plain Pallets

    plain pallets

    Plain Pallets specialises in providing custom pallet solutions to meet diverse logistic and storage needs across various industries. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the company offers made-to-order pallets, ensuring that each client's specific size, weight capacity, and design requirements are meticulously catered to. Their tailored services are designed to optimise supply chain operations for domestic or international shipping. Plain Pallets prides itself on delivering durable, reliable, and precisely engineered pallets made from new and recycled materials, emphasizing sustainability and functionality.

    Their custom pallet services include:

    • Custom Size Pallets: Production of pallets in specific sizes per customer requirements.
    • Choice of Material: Options of new or recycled wood for pallet construction.
    • Heavy-Duty Pallets: Crafting of pallets to support heavy loads.
    • Export Pallets: Compliance with international shipping standards for export use.

    For more information or to discuss specific pallet needs, Plain Pallets can be contacted at:

    Phone: 03 9545 7344

    Pallets Australia

    pallets australia

    Pallets Australia is a prominent provider of custom pallet solutions tailored to the unique requirements of businesses across various sectors. The company’s bespoke service is focused on delivering pallets specifically designed to accommodate individual clients' size, weight, and shipping needs. By offering custom-built pallets, Pallets Australia ensures businesses can transport their goods securely and efficiently, whether within domestic boundaries or for international freight. Their commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their willingness to adapt pallet designs to meet specialised needs, providing a combination of practicality and durability.

    The services they offer include:

    • Custom Design and Size: Crafting pallets to the exact specifications requested by clients.
    • Variety of Materials: Offering a choice between different materials, including timber and plastic.
    • Industry-Specific Solutions: Providing pallets for various industries, from manufacturing to retail.
    • Compliance and Standards: Ensuring pallets meet Australian standards and international shipping compliance.

    Contact details for Pallets Australia are as follows:

    Phone: 1300 725 538

    Wintle Pallets

    wintle pallets

    Wintle Pallets in Australia offers a comprehensive selection of pallet solutions to cater to the varied needs of businesses in the logistics and storage sectors. Recognising the importance of reliability and strength in shipping and storage, the company provides a range of pallets, including new and second-hand options and rental services. They are committed to delivering high-quality pallets built to last and withstand the rigours of transport and storage, ensuring that clients' goods are kept safe and secure throughout their journey.

    Their services encompass:

    • New Pallets: Supply of brand-new pallets constructed to meet various load-bearing requirements.
    • Used Pallets: A sustainable choice with a selection of second-hand pallets refurbished to a high standard.
    • Pallet Rental: Offering flexible pallet hiring services to accommodate short-term or variable needs.
    • Heat Treated Pallets: Pallets treated to meet ISPM 15 standards for international shipping.
    • Custom Pallets: Tailored pallet solutions designed and built to client specifications.

    Contact details for Wintle Pallets are:

    Phone: +61 3 9587 3864

    Inca Pallets

    inca pallets

    Inca Pallets is a dynamic provider of custom pallet solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of businesses in Australia. Their service is focused on creating tailor-made pallets that are reliable for storage and transportation needs and aligned with customers' particular specifications. With an emphasis on versatility and customer satisfaction, Inca Pallets ensures that each custom pallet is constructed to handle the designated weight capacities and dimensions needed for the efficient and secure movement of goods, whether for local distribution or international shipping.

    The services offered by Inca Pallets include:

    • Custom Pallet Design: Developing pallets to match exact customer specifications for size, weight, and function.
    • Wide Range of Materials: Providing a selection of materials, including pine and other types of timber, for custom pallet construction.
    • ISPM 15 Standards Compliance: Ensuring all pallets comply with international shipping standards for wood packaging.
    • Consultation Services: Offering expert advice to design the most appropriate pallet solution for customers’ needs.

    Contact details for Inca Pallets are:

    Phone: 1800 462 273

    Pallet Point

    pallet point

    Pallet Point is a pallet manufacturing and supplying company in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. Their product range includes Heavy Duty Pallets, Medium Duty Pallets, Skids, and Custom Pallets. Additionally, they offer Second-Hand Pallets for sale. They provide complimentary pallet pickup services for all unwanted or unused pallets and offer convenient doorstep delivery options. Furthermore, they offer the option to stencil company logos on the pallet sides. Their primary focus is building enduring client relationships, aiming to deliver top-notch quality and competitive pricing for their pallets.

    Services they offer include:

    • Custom Pallet Design and Manufacturing
    • Pallet Sales (New and Recycled)
    • Pallet Rental and Management Services
    • Heat Treatment and ISPM 15 Compliance
    • Pallet Buyback and Recycling Programs

    Contact details for Pallet Point are:

    Phone: +61435158145

    Rita & Son Pallets

    rita & son pallets

    With over 25 years of experience in pallet manufacturing, Rita and Son Pallets possess a wealth of industry knowledge. They have established themselves as specialists in crafting various pallets, including new and recycled ones. These include export pallets that are either fumigated or heat treated and certified with the IPPC stamp, as well as standard, euro, and custom-made pallets and skids, all produced with efficient turnaround times. Located in Truganina, a suburb in the western region of Melbourne, they have emerged as the premier supplier of wooden pallets, serving not only Truganina but many of its neighbouring suburbs.

    Services offered include:

    • Pallet Types: Rita and Son Pallets offers a variety of pallet types, from heavy-duty to medium-duty pallets and skids.
    • Customisation: They provide the option to design and create Custom Pallets to suit specific needs.
    • Second-Hand Pallets: The website mentions the availability of Second-Hand Pallets for purchase.
    • Free Pallet Pickup: They offer a convenient service of picking up unwanted or unused pallets at no cost.
    • Logo Stenciling: Clients can opt to have their company logos stencilled on the pallet sides.

    Contact Details:

    Phone: 03 9394 1672

    Pallets on the Run

    pallets on the run

    Pallets on the Run specialises in delivering top-quality timber pallets in any shape or size tailored to meet diverse requirements. They offer both standard and bespoke pallet dimensions to suit various customer needs.

    The company prides itself on its capacity to handle orders of any volume, assuring clients that every quantity is manageable to be fulfilled within a remarkably brief time frame. Their manufacturing process is meticulously crafted to align with their clientele's precise quality and design specifications.

    In ensuring client satisfaction, they actively engage with customers to fully understand and accommodate their requirements, guaranteeing a rapid production cycle. This proactive communication strategy is key in preempting and resolving potential challenges before job completion.

    Services offered include:

    • Custom Pallets
    • Export Pallets

    Contact details for Pallets on the Run are:

    Phone: 03 9791 1212



    Established in 2013, Palleco has become Australia's premier national pallet supplier and recycler. The company distinguishes itself through its singular ability to serve as a sole provider for large-scale national enterprises, streamlining their operational processes across major cities.

    Palleco delivers comprehensive services by expertly handling the removal and sale of recycled and new pallets. Their extensive industry experience, a broad spectrum of products, and dedicated service position them as the go-to enterprise for all pallet-related requirements.

    The services offered by Palleco include:

    • Custom Pallet Design: Tailoring pallets to specific dimensions and requirements.
    • Pallet Supply: Offering a variety of pallets, including wooden, plastic, and hybrid models.
    • Pallet Recycling and Repair: Ensuring sustainable practices through pallet refurbishment.
    • Pallet Management: Providing logistics and management solutions for pallet inventory.
    • Delivery and Pickup: Offering reliable distribution services for convenience.

    For more information or to request a service, contact Palleco at:

    Phone: 0472 553 843

    AGT Pallet Solutions

    agt pallet solutions

    AGT Pallets prides itself on its capacity to craft pallets that meet various specific needs. They offer a bespoke service where pallets of any dimension can be constructed to align with their client's unique size and weight specifications.

    This custom approach ensures that each client's particular requirements are precisely met. The flexibility and adaptability of AGT Pallets’ services underscore their commitment to providing tailored solutions in pallet manufacturing.

    The services offered by AGT Pallet Solutions include:

    • New Pallets made to order
    • Second Hand Pallets
    • Natural Edge Timber
    • Pallet Collection Service

    For more information or to request a service, contact AGT Pallets at:

    Phone: 0417 030 144

    Custom timber pallets are pallets that are specifically designed and built to meet the unique requirements of a particular application or industry. They differ from standard pallets in size, design, and features, as they are tailored to fit specific loads and storage needs.

    Custom timber pallets offer several advantages, including optimised load-bearing capacity, better compatibility with machinery and equipment, reduced waste, improved storage efficiency, and enhanced protection for fragile or specialised items.

    To order custom timber pallets, you can contact a pallet manufacturer or supplier offering customisation services. They will work with you to understand your specific requirements, such as dimensions, load capacity, and special features, and then create pallets matching your needs.

    The cost of custom timber pallets can vary depending on factors such as size, complexity, and quantity. While they may be more expensive than off-the-shelf standard pallets, custom pallets often provide a better return on investment by improving efficiency and reducing the risk of damage to goods.

    Custom timber pallets can be environmentally friendly when sourced from sustainable forestry practices and designed for longevity. Timber pallets are recyclable and can be repaired, which helps reduce the overall environmental impact compared to single-use pallets. Using locally sourced timber can also minimise transportation-related emissions.

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