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10 Best Music Schools in Melbourne

Music, in all of its myriad forms, possesses the capacity to evoke emotion, to inspire, and to change. This universal language is given a voice in Melbourne by a diverse range of artistic practices, cultural institutions, and educational programmes. The esteemed music schools in this city are at the forefront of this musical revolution. These institutions have become synonymous with brilliance and innovation in the music industry.

These educational institutions are not only learning hubs but also crucibles where nascent ability is honed and developed into future masters of their craft. While we are compiling a list of the top 10 music schools in Melbourne, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you on a musical excursion that will honour the city's exceptional contribution to the field of music.

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    Alla's Music Studio

    alla s music studio

    For over a decade, Melbourne has been home to Alla's Music Studio, which has become well-known among musicians as a trustworthy studio. The studio aims to make quality music lessons accessible to students of all ages and skill levels. They have a lengthy history of supporting more than 5,000 students as music teachers and have taught more than 20,000 lessons on a wide range of instruments. 

    The teachers want each student to develop a genuine appreciation for music so they can give their best performance and reach their full potential. By offering private lessons from some of Melbourne's most renowned music instructors, Alla's Music Studio is dedicated to creating a lifelong passion for music in every one of its students.

    Services Offered:

    • Music Lessons: Individual sessions for children and adults, spanning beginners to advanced levels.
    • Examination Preparation: Readiness for VCE, AMEB, and ABRSM exams.
    • Resources: Music instrument hire and sales of music books.
    • Qualified Teachers: Experienced and passionate educators to guide students.
    • Student Concerts: Organized performances to showcase talent.
    • Convenience: Same day/time slots available for families with multiple children.
    • Instruments Taught: Piano, Viola, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Double Bass, Bass guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Saxophone, Voice, Clarinet, Recorder, Flute, Trumpet, and Music Theory.

    Phone: 0422 835 857

    Burwood Music Academy

    burwood music academy

    Burwood Music Academy, situated in Melbourne's Burwood region, is a distinguished institution dedicated to fostering musical education. With a commitment to delivering top-tier education, the academy offers private lessons tailored to meet individual student needs, ensuring a holistic musical journey. 

    Their primary mission is to provide an education that motivates and encourages students to achieve significant milestones in Piano Music. Additionally, the academy extends tutoring services for students in Years 1-10 and those pursuing the IB diploma programme.

    Services Offered:

    • Piano Lessons: Ranging from beginners to advanced levels.
    • Specializations in AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) - all grades and syllabi.
    • ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) - all grades.
    • VCE Music performance - Units 1 & 2, Units 3 & 4.
    • Theory Exams for both AMEB and ABRSM - all grades.
    • Tailored lessons for students with special needs.
    • Customized lessons based on student-preferred or teacher-recommended music books and syllabi.
    • Tutoring Services: For students in Years 1-10 and those undertaking the IB diploma programme.

    Phone: 0431 774 881

    Melodic Minors

    melodic minors

    Melodic Minors is a dedicated platform offering creative piano and guitar lessons to individuals of all ages, from complete beginners to advanced learners. The institution emphasizes a tailored approach, ensuring that each student's unique needs and preferences are met, whether they're interested in classical, blues, jazz, reading from chord charts, improvising, or preparing for exams. 

    In 2023, Melodic Minors provides lessons on weekdays from Monday to Friday, starting at 4 pm. These lessons are conducted both at the instructor's home studio and at Bell Primary School during specific school hours.

    Services Offered:

    • Piano Lessons: Customized for all levels and various styles.
    • Guitar Lessons: Tailored to individual preferences and proficiency levels.
    • Music Theory: Comprehensive instruction in various musical styles.
    • Flexible Formats: Lessons are available for individuals or small groups, with durations of 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

    Phone: 0423 921 412

    Kidko Performing Arts School

    kidko performing arts school & chambers music

    Kidko Performing Arts School, nestled in Albert Park, is a family-owned boutique music school that stands out for its exceptional quality and tailored music education. Founded and directed by renowned concert pianist Rebecca Chambers and her husband, Greg McMaster, an accomplished jazz and musical theatre vocalist, the school offers a modern and engaging musical theatre program, alongside vibrant holiday performing arts workshops. 

    Kidko's team of passionate, multi-talented, and industry-relevant tutors employ a blend of musical methods such as Suzuki, Kodaly, and Orff, combined with contemporary teaching techniques, performance opportunities, and examinations. The school places significant emphasis on fostering a special bond between the teacher and student, ensuring a nurturing environment that is inclusive, encouraging, and enjoyable.

    Services Offered:

    • Private Music Lessons: Tailored to individual needs and preferences.
    • Musical Theatre Program: Modern and engaging curriculum.
    • Holiday Performing Arts Workshops: Vibrant and interactive sessions.
    • Performance Opportunities: For students to showcase their skills.
    • Examinations: To assess and certify students' musical proficiency.

    Phone: 0431 418 148

    Planetshakers School of Creative Arts

    planetshakers school of creative arts

    Planetshakers School of Creative Arts (SOCA), situated in Melbourne, is a distinguished institution dedicated to nurturing and inspiring creativity in individuals. The school offers a comprehensive range of programs, including music and dance streams, as well as speech therapy and Planetshakers drama. 

    Whether students are looking to hone their skills for personal development, worship team involvement, examinations, or performances, SOCA is committed to empowering them in their chosen craft, maintaining the highest standards of excellence and expertise.

    Services Offered:

    • Music Lessons: Both private and group lessons available on a weekly basis.
    • Dance & Drama Masterclasses: Offered on an ad-hoc basis.
    • Examination Preparation: Including CPM, AMEB, and VCE exams.
    • Performance Opportunities: Including the annual “Showcase performance” such as “Godspell The Musical”.
    • Training Programs: Workshops, vocal groups, children’s workshops, holiday programs, and short courses on various topics.
    • Instrumental Programs for Schools: Providing qualified teachers to enhance school music/dance programs.

    Phone: 03 9896 7999

    Dots Singing

    dots singing

    Dots Singing, helmed by the passionate singing teacher and vocal coach Dorothy "Dot" Thorpe, is a platform dedicated to helping individuals discover and refine their singing abilities. Located in Rosanna, Melbourne, Dot brings nearly 18 years of teaching and performance experience to the table. 

    She emphasizes the importance of vocal technique, believing that a strong foundation in technique provides singers with the freedom to express themselves creatively and emotionally. Dot's approach is rooted in her own experiences, having realized the transformative power of proper vocal technique during her university years. Her mission is to ensure that every student, whether amateur or professional, can realize their full vocal potential.

    Services Offered:

    • Singing Lessons: Available in popular music styles, both online and in-person.
    • Group Classes: Informative, fun, and affordable sessions to practice singing.
    • Vocal Warm-Ups: Resources to help singers prepare their voices.
    • Performance Training: Techniques to enhance stage presence and delivery.

    Phone: 0417 553 969

    BillieRose Music Studios

    billierose music studios

    BillieRose Music Studios, located in North Fitzroy, is a renowned institution dedicated to fostering musical talent and passion. The studio specializes in providing personalized singing and piano lessons, ensuring that each student's unique needs and preferences are catered to. With a commitment to quality and progress, BillieRose Music Studios offers a rewarding learning experience in a fun and friendly environment. 

    The studio's qualified, experienced, and passionate teachers ensure that students, regardless of age or ability, are given the opportunity to excel in their musical journey. Whether it's for performance opportunities, exam preparation, or simply the joy of learning, the studio stands as a beacon for musical excellence.

    Services Offered:

    • Piano/Keyboard Lessons: Tailored to individual needs.
    • Singing Lessons: Both private and group classes available.
    • Musical Theatre: Training in performance and vocals.
    • Songwriting: Crafting original compositions.
    • Theory: Comprehensive music theory lessons.
    • Performance Opportunities: For students interested in showcasing their talents.
    • Exam Preparation: For students aiming for certifications.

    Phone: 0404 015 308

    Hollier Music Academy

    hollier music academy

    Hollier Music Academy, established in 2008, is a private music school located in Melbourne, offering specialized guitar lessons. Founded by Rod Hollier, who boasts a rich background in music performance and audio engineering, the academy is dedicated to providing high-quality music tuition in a welcoming and encouraging environment. 

    Rod's passion for acoustic fingerstyle and pop music, combined with his expertise, ensures that students receive a comprehensive musical education. The academy's curriculum is designed to cater to beginners of all ages, with a focus on modern western popular music spanning from the 1950s to 2023.

    Services Offered:

    • Guitar Lessons: Tailored for beginners across all age groups.
    • Lessons encompass various western popular music genres from the 1950s to 2023.
    • Emphasis on repertoire, technique, music theory, and individualized instruction.
    • Provision of beginner guitars for use at home and during lessons (as a loan).
    • Resources: Access to sheet music, guitar tabs, and technique guides.
    • Pricing Options: Multiple pricing tiers available, including standard, extra, and custom options.

    Phone: 0492 953 650

    Fajoah Music School

    fajoah music school

    Fajoah Music School, a family-owned boutique music school, is nestled in Brunswick West and is renowned for its specialized piano and vocal tuition. The school caters to students of all ages and levels of experience. 

    Founded and directed by the dynamic duo of Jonothan Cannon, one of Australia's leading concert pianists, and Farah Diyanah, an accomplished classical vocalist, pianist, and composer, the school offers a blend of traditional, Kodaly, Suzuki, and contemporary techniques. Fajoah Music School is committed to delivering high-quality, affordable, and tailored music education, examinations, and concerts for both children and adults.

    Services Offered:

    • Private Music Lessons: Courses in both classical and contemporary styles.
    • Choral Program: Enhancing vocal skills in a group setting.
    • School Holiday Workshops: Interactive sessions during school breaks.
    • Performance Opportunities: Mid-year and end-of-year concerts for students, with high-quality audio and video recordings of their performances.

    Phone: 0413 113 274

    Solfege House

    solfege house

    Solfege House, a family-owned music establishment located in Bentleigh, Melbourne, offers a comprehensive range of musical services, ensuring that all musical needs are catered to under one roof. The institution comprises a private Music School, a Studio, and an Agency. At Solfege House Music School, students can delve into various music styles, regardless of their age or proficiency level. 

    From classical to pop, jazz, and blues, the school offers lessons in piano, guitar, singing, music theory, and composition. With state-of-the-art equipment in three studio rooms, the school ensures a warm and conducive learning environment. Additionally, Solfege House holds annual student concerts, allowing students to showcase their progress to family and friends.

    Services Offered:

    • Music School: Lessons in various styles such as classical, pop, jazz, and blues. Instruments include piano, guitar, and singing. Also offers music theory and composition lessons.
    • AMEB, VCE, and Theory tutoring with qualified teachers.
    • Studios:
    • Studio spaces available for hire for practice, rehearsals, and studio recording.
    • Equipped with extensive gear, suitable for solo practice to full band recordings.
    • Agency:
    • Organizes musical acts for public or private events.
    • Offers a wide range of musicians for events, functions, weddings, parties, etc., ranging from solo acts to larger bands specializing in jazz, soul, pop, and classical.

    Phone: 0422 480 071

    Yes, many music schools in Melbourne welcome international students. You may need to fulfill specific visa and admission requirements.

    You can learn a wide range of instruments at music schools in Melbourne, including piano, guitar, violin, voice, drums, and more.

    Some music schools may offer online classes, especially in response to COVID-19.

    Yes, most music schools in Melbourne offer performance opportunities, including recitals, concerts, and ensemble performances.

    Many music schools offer non-degree programs and individual music lessons for those who want to learn music for personal enjoyment.

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