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Where To Find The Best Wine Shops In Melbourne?

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    Whether you're in the mood for a light and fruity rosé, a robust red, or a clean and refreshing white, there's wine for you and any occasion. Wine, at least the good kinds, is more than a beverage; it is a potion of tranquillity, created through laborious methods and careful analysis. Finding these, though, can be a major hassle when browsing stores or perusing menus. This is where Melbourne's top wine bars come in.

    You can't go wrong at any of these Melbourne wine bars thanks to their expert staff and well-curated menus that feature only the best wines and winemakers. Anywhere in Melbourne, from a cocktail lounge in Fitzroy to a winery restaurant in Melbourne's central business district, we've got you covered. You may now sit back and savour the (grape) fruits of everyone's labour as they bring you delicious hospitality, wine, and food.

    Gerald's Bar

    geralds bar melbourne

    Gerald's Bar is deserving of its reputation as one of Melbourne's finest wine establishments, having won almost as many trophies as it does wine types. All the makings of a night to remember are present: a cool ambience, helpful personnel, and delicious degustations. From the moment you read the hand-written scroll that is their menu, to the last lingering sip of their local red, you will feel more at home here than in your own bed.

    Gerald's, located on Carlton's tranquil Rathdowne St, has been a neighbourhood fixture for over a decade. And while the beer and beverage selection is more than enough, the wine list has grown to almost two hundred bottles.

    Bar Liberty

    Bar Liberty features an international menu, with both domestic and international wines on the list, all of which are sustainably produced with minimal human involvement. Zackary Furst, who was Ben Shewry's assistant for two years at Attica, now handles the food deliveries.

    bar liberty melbourne

    Bar Liberty, located in Melbourne's trendy Fitzroy neighbourhood, is renowned for its close ties to some of Australia's most acclaimed winemakers, brewers, and coffee roasters. Consequently, the wine will improve. In addition to a selection of excellent wines, this informal eatery offers a wide variety of tasty appetisers, main courses, and sweets.

    City Wine Shop

    City Wine Shop in Melbourne's central business district is not simply a wine bar; it's more than a wine shop, period. Your guide to the most recent developments in the world of wine, along with expert advice on how to pair wines and a crash course on what to get your date. Thus, City Wine Shop will accommodate your wine delivery needs whether you choose to purchase wine by the glass, bottle, or case. Wine tastings from certain regions and nights with guest bartenders are only two examples of the frequent events they arrange.

    city wine shop melbourne

    The European & Melbourne Supper Club, two of the best late-night bistro pubs on Spring Street, are located just adjacent to City Wine Shop. Since this is a Top 3 list (although the same firm owns City Wine Shop, The European, and Melbourne Supper Club), We recommend you begin and conclude your evening at opposite ends of the spectrum. A wine bar with fantastic cuisine. Perhaps you're looking for a great wine list at a local restaurant. It's a must that you visit Cumulus Upon your Melbourne ghost tour.

    Thankfully, Cumulus Up is more than just an overflow location for the bustling Cumulus Inc downstairs. The wine list has something for everyone, and the staff is kind and willing to explain the differences between Syrah and Syrah if you need it. A good wine should look like that: inviting and easy to drink.

    Cumulus Up.

    It's like levelling up inside a video game; if you want a tasty drink, you need to Cumulus Up. The ever-rotating cuisine is certain to satisfy any appetite. Locally caught seafood from Port Phillip Bay and duck from of the Macedon Ranges are just two examples of the careful selection that went into creating the menu. Visit this Melbourne wine bar and see for yourself how much European flair it has.

    The Alps Wine Shop & Bar

    the alps melbourne

    You can get all you'd expect from one of Melbourne's top wine bars, and more, at The Alps, a low-key spot that spares no expense on its extensive collection of premium vintages. Steel, brick, and fireplaces may be found in a former cheese shop that has been touched up with touchwood. The wines chosen are representative of the region of origin for the grapes they are made from, putting tradition and authenticity ahead of experimentation. A lot of the wine served here comes from the regions at the base of the Alps, such as Jura, Burgundy and Savoie, hence the name. Once a month, these viticultural experts host barbecue-style seminars where you can pick their brains in an informal setting.


    The Embla staff members freely confess that they have somewhat unusual wine preferences, but they are confident that their customers will appreciate sharing their unique bottles. You can reserve a table for lunch (especially the Sunday set menu), but dinner is walk-in only. The wine, the food, and the personnel at this Melbourne wine bar are all packed with personality.

    Since opening in 2016, Embla has become a mainstay in the CBD, providing over 200 low intervention wines in a relaxed, no-frills atmosphere.

    embla melbourne

    Embla and Ask, two progenitors of humankind in Norse mythology, were the initial humans made by the gods. Embla means "vine," illuminating a previously hidden association with wine.

    Embla is the pinnacle of Melbourne's wine & fine dining scene, so don't sweat the origin of the name. An ever-evolving menu with meals that centre on a few essential components served in a stunning, rustic environment that has wines from all around the world (however some of them are a little harder to find).


    You may find more than simply great wine and fresh fruit in Marion during the appropriate seasons. It's a place to relax for a while, savour some food, and try some of the many different kinds of wine produced all over the world. Deadman's Dozen is a mixed dozen bottle selection of largely limited production wines which changes on a monthly basis and is available for takeout from this wine bar in Fitzroy. With a subscription lasting six months, you may even get free home delivery.

    Marion is equally committed to its food as it is to its wine, taking on the guises of a market, bakery, and bar based on the time of day. Still, with over 600 selections, the wine list is hard to beat.

    Neighbourhood Wine

    Neighbourhood is an 80s-themed restaurant and bar with a wine selection that leans towards minimal interventionism and was once the site of a gangster's "gentleman's" club, also known as a gambling den.

    Neighbourhood Wine uses the best seasonal ingredients to create an aromatic and visually appealing beverage. This wine bar in Fitzroy uses low-interference winemaking techniques, which they think showcase the wine's origins. Simon Denman keeps the selection growing and changing, so there's always something new to try and appreciate at this fantastic wine bar.

    Kirk's Wine Bar

    kirk's wine bar melbourne

    Kirk's Wine Bar uses the tagline "in vino veritas," which translates to "the truth is in wine." You can tell they mean business if they say it in Latin. Kirk's doesn't take reservations, so if you want to experience one of the top wine bars in Melbourne's central business district, just show up and prepare to get carried away by a wave of heady grape juice, wonderful dishes, and positive energy.

    Kirk's, which goes by the unassuming moniker "Kirk's," offers an impressive selection to its 85 patrons: 300 bottles and an ever-changing by-the-glass list that features a wide variety of high-end wines served in convenient Coravin glasses.

    Kirks Wine Bar, which opened in 2015, is a welcome change from the aggressive, tourist-focused eateries that dominate much of Hardware Lane. While not as beautiful as some other wine bars, Kirks' blend of old and new creates an irresistible energy. One of life's greatest pleasures is sitting on one of their outdoor tables in the summer and sipping a glass of Chardonnay slowly.

    Underwood Wine Bar

    Underwood Wine Bar is dedicated to supporting the efforts of small, independent producers in Australia, hence it carries only wines and beers from that country. Whether it's the inviting atmosphere, the large wine list, or the delicious charcuterie and bar snacks, they want to make every customer happy. The Fitzroy wine bar on the corner that gives attention to every last detail.

    Milton Wine Shop

    The Milton Wine Shop goes above and beyond the typical wine store. This cosy wine bar is an advocate for winemakers whose work emphasises transparency, authenticity, and terroir. But that wasn't exactly appropriate for the heading. They stock a variety of wines in addition to the standard red, white, pink, and orange kinds. So whether you're looking to soak up some sun in the courtyard during the warmer months or curl up by the fireplace inside the 'living room' during the colder months, Milton is one of the top wine bars in Melbourne to visit.

    Smalls Wine Bar

    Smalls Wine Bar has a big, fun vibe, but they only buy wine from small growers. There are only 24 chairs available, making it a cosy, walk-in establishment. You can always try something new because the menu and wine list are updated frequently. Do yourself a favour and visit one of Melbourne's greatest and most specialised wine bars.

    Seddon Wine Store

    seddon wine store melbourne

    There is a perfect balance of variety and quality at Seddon Wine Store, which stocks 500 of the best wines from boutique growers in Australia and beyond. Though they prioritise quality above quantity, they are dedicated to supporting smaller producers. Jeremy Honisett, a co-owner, has experience in the wine industry as a wholesaler, distributor, and in the hospitality industry (at bars and restaurants). He & his wife Suzy are picky wine drinkers, and they won't purchase a bottle unless they've both examined, sampled, and discussed it. Seddon Wine Store is one of Melbourne's top wine bars, so come on in if you want to talk shop about the nuances of the vino you're sipping.

    Bonny – Bar & Kitchen

    You shouldn't discount Bonny just because it's one of the more recent entries on this list; despite its youth, it's certainly no novice. On the other hand, this wine bar is backed by a group of well-known local business owners, including Shayne Dixon (Beermash), Adam Betts (Edge Brewing Project), Mike Baker (Henry Sugar), Northdown Craft Beer & Tap Smith (Smith), and Sonny Rehe (Midtown Jazz Café Fitzroy). The bar on Brunswick Street that specialises in specialty cocktails, 100% Australian wines, and beers is growing increasingly popular among residents of the Fitzroy neighbourhood.

    Bellota Wine Bar

    Bellota Wine Bar is conveniently situated next to Australia's most acclaimed independent wine shop. One may safely assume that this Melbourne wine bar offers one of the top wine lists in the city. The best part about visiting a new venue is being welcomed by kind, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic personnel who share your enthusiasm for wine. Former co-owner & head chef of Union Dining, a Melbourne institution, Chef Nicky Riemer is a proponent of European food. Chef Reimer, who helms one of Melbourne's finest wine bars, restores flavours that have been lost to modern cooking methods and provides a sense of provenance.

    Napier Quarter

    In Melbourne's oldest suburb, on a quiet corner, you'll find Napier Quarter, a wine bar and guesthouse. A dedication to quality and a focus on community are at the heart of their work. This wine bar in Melbourne has a unique wine list and a creative menu, which is proof of nothing. Look for the goat milk beurre frais, topped with house-made bottarga and lavish, though the menu is ever-changing.

    napier quarter melbourne

    The combined indoor and outdoor capacity of Napier Quarter is just over 40, making it one of the cosy spots on this list. About 30 bottles of usually rare and obscure wine are available in the bar's ever-changing list of wines.


    Mornane Pl, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Arlechin is indeed a cork-lined ode to wine, run by the Piu family of Grossi Felipe fame, and features a wine list with more than 100 bottles.


    South Melbourne, 181 Bank Street, Address

    Bellota, located in a converted terrace house on Bank Street, has a total capacity of about 80 diners and one of the best wine lists in all of Melbourne. There are currently 4,500 bottles available, and each week, 100 additional wines are added to the selection.

    Carlton Wine Room

    Carlton, Victoria, Australia, 172-174 Faraday Street

    There are currently one hundred wines on tap at the reborn Carlton Wine Room, with another three hundred in the cellar.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Shop

    Look for alcohol by volume (abv) to find out. Whether or not a bottle is dry is one of the most common questions customers have—and the answer usually is "most likely." Wine stores are pretty good about separating anything exceedingly sweet (with the glaring exception of some German whites).

    Profit margins on alcohol can be extremely thin due to heavily regulated wine. Salaries for store clerks are typically minimum wage. Management might make between $20,000 and $50,000 per year, while the owner may make $80,000 to $100,000 per year.

    There are three major traits to expensive wine: oak, time, and terroir. But, of course, it's possible to find these traits in value wines if they are from developing wine countries.


    In general, the wine industry is very profitable, as the wine industry growth rate suggests. For restaurants and bars, wine is easily the most profitable item on the menu. And wine, in large part, drives a lot of the profitability of bars.

    There's no shame in loving a budget bottle of wine, but drinking it could impact your health. The cheaper the wine, the more arsenic it's likely to contain — a major buzzkill, considering arsenic is a highly toxic, known carcinogen.


    Address: 60 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

    Founded by Hannah Green, who counts a residency as a sommelier at Attica on her CV, Etta is an intimate homage to local produce and great wine. The headliners here are a high vegetarian menu, along with its lovingly-researched, ever-dynamic wine list.


    Address: 11 Toorak Road, South Yarra

    South Yarra icon France-Soir remains a truly emblematic name in Melbourne's wine scene, and they have the wine list to back it up. Its comprehensive list runs some 2,500-3,000 names deep, exclusively comprised of Australian, New Zealand, and French offerings.

    Gertrude Street Enoteca

    Address: 229 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

    James Broadway's Enoteca still boasts one of Melbourne's most legendarily eclectic wine lists, even though it boasts a history that now spans over three decades. If there's an emerging trend in the world of booze, you'll likely find it here before anywhere else.

    The Alps

    Address: 64 Commercial Road, Prahran

    A wine shop bar fusion (or Enoteca) in the mould of places like City Wine Shop and Gertrude Street Enoteca, The Alps focuses on wines from regions flanking that same mountain range. However, what evolved into a 400 bin wine list, available take home, is also local offerings.

    Old Palm Liquor

    Address: 133b Lygon Street, Brunswick East

    Now built into the same venue as the Neighbourhood above is what's known as Old Palm Liquor — a sister bar and restaurant featuring a wood-burning grill, a South African-inspired menu, and a 400-strong collection of mostly natural wines.


    The greatest wine bars in Melbourne have knowledgeable personnel and well crafted menus that highlight only the finest wines and vintners. For nearly a decade, Gerald's Bar has served the community, while Bar Liberty is well-known for its ties to some of Australia's most avant-garde winery restaurants. In Melbourne's central business district, you'll find City Wine Shop, which is much more than a simple wine shop. City Wine Shop, the European, and Melbourne Supper Club are all owned by the same company. Like progressing through levels in a video game, a visit to the wine bar Cumulus Up rewards you with a delicious beverage.

    The wine and dining experience at Embla is unrivalled in Melbourne. The wines in the Deadman's Dozen are all from small vineyards and production runs. Marion is an excellent location to kick back for a while, savour some meal, and sample wines from all around the world. Marion takes its culinary offerings as seriously as its vino. You can just turn up to Kirk's if you want to enjoy one of the best wine bars in the city without making a reservation.

    The mission of Underwood Wine Bar is to champion the work of artisanal, local businesses. The wine merchants at Milton Wine Shop support vintners whose bottles highlight honesty, originality, and terroir. The 500 wines available at Seddon Wine Store are produced by small vineyards all around the world. Cocktails, Australian wines, and beers are Bonny's forte. The Bellota Wine Bar is located right adjacent to one of Australia's best independent wine stores.

    One of the welcoming places on our list is Napier Quarter. The Piu family, who are also known for producing Grossi Felipe, owns and operates Arlequin as a cork-lined homage to wine. Wine bars in Melbourne include Etta, Gertrude Street Enoteca, and France-Soir. One hundred wines are available by the glass at the Carlton Wine Room, with another three hundred available in the cellar. These establishments are where you may sample the latest and greatest in alcoholic beverage fashion.

    Content Summary

    1. If you're in Melbourne, stop by one of these wine bars; they all have knowledgeable personnel and carefully crafted menus that highlight only the finest wines and vintners.
    2. We'll take you wherever in Melbourne, from a winery restaurant in the CBD to a cocktail bar in Fitzroy.
    3. Gerald's Bar is rightfully acknowledged as one of Melbourne's best wine bars, having amassed an award collection that rivals the number of wines it offers.
    4. Bar Liberty offers a global menu and a selection of domestic and international wines that were all produced in a sustainable manner with minimal human intervention.
    5. Bar Liberty in Melbourne's hip Fitzroy neighbourhood is well-known for its connections to some of Australia's most revered vintners, brewers, and coffee roasters.
    6. The City Wine Shop in Melbourne's CBD is more than just a wine bar, and it's more than just a wine shop.
    7. Here you will find the most up-to-current information about wine, as well as tips from the pros on how to pair wines and what to acquire for your date.
    8. So whether you want to get wine by the glass, bottle, or case, City Wine Shop can fulfil your wine delivery demands.
    9. City Wine Shop is conveniently placed between two of Spring Street's finest late-night bistro pubs, the European and Melbourne Supper Club.
    10. Given that this is a top three list (despite though City Wine Shop, The European, and Melbourne Supper Club are all owned by the same company), we suggest that you start and end your night at completely different establishments.
    11. The Alps is a low-key bar in Melbourne with a surprisingly vast collection of high-quality wines.
    12. The selected wines are true to the grapes' traditional home and style, rather than straying into uncharted territory.
    13. The name originates from the fact that many of the wines sold here originate in the areas surrounding the Alps.
    14. Experts in the field of viticulture hold monthly barbecue-style seminars where attendees can ask questions in a relaxed setting.
    15. This Melbourne wine bar is brimming with character in every sense of the word, from the wines to the dishes served to the people who work there.
    16. Embla, which first opened its doors in the CBD in 2016, has since become a staple there because to its wide selection of over 200 low-intervention wines and its casual, no-frills vibe.
    17. Norse mythology attributes humankind's creation to the gods, specifically Embla and Ask.
    18. Don't worry about where the name came from; Embla is the best of the best when it comes to wine and excellent cuisine in Melbourne.
    19. Here, you may kick back for a while, enjoy some tasty fare, and sample wines from all around the world.
    20. This wine shop in Fitzroy offers a monthly rotating dozen-bottle selection, known as Deadman's Dozen, of high-quality, small-batch wines perfect for taking home.
    21. In addition to its dedication to wine, Marion also serves as a market, a bakery, and a bar, depending on the time of day.
    22. Once the location of a gangster's "gentleman's" club, widely known as a gambling den, Neighbourhood is now a 1980s-themed restaurant and bar with a wine list that tends towards minimal interventionism.
    23. This Fitzroy wine bar prides itself on its minimal intervention approach to winemaking, which they believe effectively displays the wine's natural characteristics and region of origin.
    24. The Latin phrase "in vino veritas" (the truth is in wine) is used as the slogan for Kirk's Wine Bar.
    25. If you're looking to visit one of the best wine bars in Melbourne's CBD but don't want to bother with making a reservation in advance, just walk up to Kirk's and expect to get swept away by a tide of intoxicating grape juice, delicious food, and good vibes.
    26. The 2015 addition of Kirks Wine Bar was badly needed to counteract the overwhelming preponderance of pushy, tourist-focused establishments that otherwise dominate Hardware Lane.
    27. Kirks is not as aesthetically pleasing as some other wine bars, but its intriguing mix of old and new makes it hard to resist.
    28. Underwood Wine Bar only sells wines and beers made in Australia because it is committed to promoting the work of small, independent producers there.
    29. The staff here is committed to providing excellent service to each and every patron by way of the warm ambience, extensive wine list, and delectable charcuterie and bar snacks.
    30. When it comes to wine shops, the Milton Wine Shop is in a league of its own.
    31. So whether you want to relax in the courtyard and enjoy the sun in the summer months or warm up by the fireplace in the "living room" in the cooler months, Milton is one of the best wine bars in Melbourne to check out.
    32. Seddon Wine Store has 500 of the best wines from boutique growers all over the world, striking the ideal balance between selection and quality.
    33. If you're in the mood to discuss the finer points of the wine you're sipping, head on over to Seddon Wine Store, one of Melbourne's best wine bars.
    34. Bonny may be one of the more recent additions to this list, but that shouldn't make you think of it as a rookie.
    35. The Bellota Wine Bar is located right adjacent to one of Australia's best independent wine stores.
    36. It's easy to assume that this Melbourne wine bar has one of the city's best wine lists.
    37. Chef Nicky Riemer is a supporter of European cuisine and a former co-owner and head chef at Union Dining, a Melbourne institution.
    38. Napier Quarter is a wine bar and guesthouse located in Melbourne's oldest district on a quiet street corner.
    39. This Melbourne wine bar boasts an original wine list and imaginative food selection, but that proves absolutely nothing.
    40. Napier Quarter is one of the more intimate options on this list, with a total capacity of just over 40 when considering both the indoor and outdoor areas.
    41. A renovated Bank Street terrace house now houses Bellota, a Melbourne restaurant with a reputation for excellent food and one of the city's top wine selections.
    42. Currently, there are 4,500 bottles accessible, and each week, 100 more wines are added to the list.
    43. The rebuilt Carlton Wine Room features one hundred wines by the glass and three hundred in storage.
    44. France-Soir, a Yarra institution, has maintained its status as a truly iconic name in Melbourne's wine scene, and its wine list reflects this.
    45. Only products from Australia, New Zealand, and France may be found on the extensive list of 2,500 to 3,000 entries.
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