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Where To Find The Best Waterfalls In Melbourne?

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    Waterfalls, in which water plummets from great heights into rivers or streams, are a stunning example of nature's true beauty. Each year, waterfalls provide people a chance to unwind by providing a picturesque setting for group outings like picnics and camping. Melbourne is home to numerous picturesque waterfalls. Every year, many tourists from all over the world go to Melbourne to bask in the city's enticing beauty and have the time of their lives with their loved ones.

    Around Melbourne and the rest of Victoria, you may find a plethora of stunning waterfalls. Many may be seen in a single day from Melbourne, or as part of a longer getaway focused on nature, perfect for families.

    If you're going to go on a bushwalk, why not make it more than just a stroll and see some waterfalls?
    To help you locate a waterfall in your area, We have compiled a list of the top waterfalls in Victoria. The terrain is not always stroller, and certain routes are more suited to children than the little legs, but most of the waterfall hikes are child-friendly to varied degrees as the lengths are very easy and quick.

    Visit Victoria's waterfalls in the winter or spring, when the precipitation is heavier and water trickles down from higher land, for the finest effect.

    Sheoak Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: 2 hours

    sheoak falls melbourne

    Being one of the most visited waterfalls in the Lorne area, Sheoak Falls is a must-see for anybody travelling down Great Ocean Road. You'll travel through some damp forests and coastal woods on the way to the falls. The hike is short and manageable for novice hikers, and those who are prepared for more of an adventure can continue on to Swallow Cave. Tree Martins are cute, slender swallows that have been known to be spotted constructing nests in the creek's muck.

    Agnes Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: Three Hours

    The state of Victoria's highest single-span waterfall is located just over 200 kilometres from Melbourne. The 59-meter-high Agnes Falls plunges over a rocky outcrop into a dark valley, and the path to it passes through a stunning blue gum woodland. Pack your lunch and also get ready to enjoy the scenery; this is the ideal location for a picnic. Keep your ears peeled for the various natural animal species that make their homes here.

    Gram Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: 2 hours

    Gooram Falls, located in North East Victoria close to the town of Euroa, is a roaring waterfall with many cascades that plunge into rocky pools below. From the adjoining parking lot, it's only a 400-meter walk to the falls, making it an ideal location for a picnic (or a quick plunge if the weather permits).

    Woolshed Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: Three Hours

    Woolshed Falls is located in Chiltern-Mt. Pilot National Park, which is located north of Beechworth. At the height of a Gold Rush inside the 1850s, thousands of miners made their homes in Woolshed, which is only a 10 drive from Beechworth. You can watch water gushing over worn rocks into waiting rock pools just a short distance from the parking lot. After a rainstorm, the water will be very swift, so exercise caution when walking on the rocks.

    Triplet Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: 2 hours

    triplet falls melbourne

    We recommend Triplet Falls as an alternative to Erskine Falls if you want to visit a waterfall without the crowds. Towards the southern end of the coast, in Great Otway National Park, you'll find three cascades that tumble through a verdant rainforest full with mossy tree ferns. Leave the parking lot for Triplet Falls and stroll the designated two-kilometer circular trail for a leisurely to moderate one-hour in the great outdoors.

    Mackenzie Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: Three Hours

    The hike to Mackenzie Falls is unforgettable. The beautiful Mackenzie Falls comes as a complete and utter shock in the middle of a dry and rugged Grampians National Park. As you make your way down the steep but clearly designated route, you'll start to hear the waterfall before you see it. The cascade, which storms over a sheer slab of rock into the a deep pool of pure water, will come into view at some point.

    Mackenzie Falls, a popular tourist destination in Grampians National Park, features a breathtaking panorama of water plunging into a big pool below. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Grampians, and seeing it is a must for everyone visiting the area.

    The path that leads to the foot of a falls is very breathtaking. The total distance covered is roughly 2 kilometres, and the out-and-back time is estimated at 1.5 hours. Little ones may have a hard time making the descent to the base of the falls due to the steepness of the terrain. Those who do make it can cool off their toes in the lake after a long hike. If it's too much, there's a short, simple lookout that can be reached even with a strong stroller.

    Towards the southeastern end of Australia, inside the Grampians National Park, you'll find Mackenzie Falls. Tourists go there annually because it represents one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Melbourne area. It will take you around 1 hour and 30 minutes to go exploring in the park and back again so that you can see the falls. Where it is being used, the monitoring condition is valuable. Visitors can walk right in without making a reservation. Another entrance allows visitors to observe the falls from the comfort of a bath chair. The year-round flow of the fountains provides a breathtaking panorama of the falls as they plunge through a massive rock into a seemingly bottomless pond, sending a burst of rainbow colours into the air. Underneath the waterfalls in the park, swimming is not permitted.

    Erskine Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: 2 hours

    erskine falls melbourne

    Erskine Falls is one of many spectacular waterfalls in the coastal area near the Great Ocean Road. This roaring waterfall is just 10 kilometres from Lorne, and it drops roughly 30 metres into the Erskine River's gorge. There are two vantage points from which to take in the scene: the higher vantage point is a leisurely five-minute stroll from the parking lot, while the lower vantage point is a more strenuous drop to the foot of the falls. Additionally, there are a few lesser waterfalls within a 23-kilometer hike of Erskine, perfect for the more daring hiker.

    Erskine Falls is one of our favourites and Melbourne's most stunning waterfalls. From Lorne, head 15 minutes inland all along Great Ocean Road. You'll need to use a baby carrier if you're bringing a young child because the track isn't suitable for prams. Alternately, with an adult's assistance, children as young as four can walk the track.

    The journey down is quick and simple, taking no more than 15 minutes. Although there is not much to do in that area, the waterfall scenery is stunning.

    One of the most kid-friendly waterfalls in the Melbourne area, despite the steepness of the steps leading back up. There's so a lot to do in the Lorne area, so be sure to read our guide to the best attractions.

    Hopetoun Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: 2 hours

    Hopetoun Falls, a cascade that drops thirty metres into the Aire River, is another natural marvel of Otway National Park. There is a series of stairs that have been kept in good condition that visitors can use to get down to an observation deck that is practically at the base of the falls. We're not exaggerating when we say "within shouting distance." There will be rain, so bring an umbrella. The whole distance of the walk is one kilometre, and it ought to take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

    Trentham Falls

    Just one hr from Melbourne

    One of Victoria's longest single-drop waterfalls, Trentham Falls may be found in the Hepburn Shire, close to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. If you visit after a heavy rain, you'll see water crashing 32 metres down basalt cliffs that are at least 40,000 years old. Getting to the waterfalls is a breeze as well. To reach the overlook, drive to the Trentham Waterfall parking lot and then follow the signs.

    Trentham Falls, found not far from Daylesford and around 90 minutes from Melbourne, are the longest single fall waterfalls in Victoria. There's still an observation point a short distance from the parking lot, but the walking trail closed in 2015. As you go back from Daylesford, don't miss the opportunity to visit the stunning Trentham Falls.

    Wannon Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: Three Hours

    wannon falls melbourne

    Wannon Falls is a punchbowl waterfall, so named because the water cascades in a single, 30-meter-high wave into a large, bowl-shaped basin. In western Victoria, not far from Hamilton. The waterfall is fed by the Wannon River, and your visit will teach you all about the native flora, animals, and Koori culture. Nigretta Falls is a must-see if you're in the region.

    Steavenson Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: 2 hours

    Can anyone locate one of the most easily accessible waterfalls on the this list in the Marysville area? The 84-meter plummet into to the Steavenson Valley area makes Steavenson Falls one of the government's tallest waterfalls. Visitors can observe a powerful flow that is usually continuous over stepped granite platforms by walking the approximately 350 metres to the viewing deck under the falls. A steep path goes to the summit of the falls, where you can get a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain range. You might either trek to the trees fern gully or on to the Keppell Lookout (a total of 13 kilometres) (8km return).

    One of our favourite Melbourne-area waterfalls is Stevenson's Falls. Marysville's Steavenson Falls is among Victoria's tallest at 84 metres. These lovely waterfalls, located about 90 minutes east in Melbourne in the picturesque Yarra Valley, are the perfect backdrop for just any photo and can be reached even with little children.

    The main lookout at Steavenson Falls is only a short, 350-meter walk from the parking lot via a gravel route that is suitable for strollers. If you wish to keep on, the upper viewpoint is another 800 metres beyond that.

    Steavenson Falls is especially beautiful at night, when the walkway and falls are illuminated from sunset until 11 o'clock at night. If you're in the area during the winter, make your way to Lake Mountain for some skiing and a visit to the local bakery for some fresh, tasty pastries.

    The Victoria, Australia landmark of Steavenson Falls is found just four kilometres south-east of Marysville. There are few taller waterfalls in Victoria. One must walk around 700 metres in order to have a decent look at the falls. The waterfall system has a total of five separate falls. The tallest one is 21 metres. Native residents of the area supposedly carved out a route to the fountain about the year 1866. The area was initially seen by the then-Assistant Commissioner of Roads and Bridges, John Steavenson; the river is now being diverted away from the site, and the locals are familiar with his surname because of the fountain. As the world's highest fountain, this one plummets from a height of 122 metres (about 400 feet).

    The Yarra Valley, where the fountain is located, is one of the most picturesque areas in all of Australia. Both outspan plots & tramping rows can be set up here. If you want a nice view of Australia's tallest waterfall, you'll need to trek 11 kilometres, which could take you three or four hours. The cost to enter varies based on the time of year. This waterfall is worth the $99.15 it costs to visit on a snowy day.

    Beauchamp Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: 2 hours

    beauchamp falls melbourne

    Getting closer and closer to Pennington Falls can feel like you're tumbling more and further into a rabbit hole. One of Victoria's best-kept secrets is one of its many hidden waterfalls, so it's not all bad. Following the trail markers through the mountain beech forests, down a manmade staircase, and across a few rocks, you will come to this breathtaking 20-meter towering cascade. Taking your time is recommended because the rocks are slippery when wet and the route back is a bit steep.

    Beauchamp Falls, located in Victoria's Great Otway National Park, is another breathtaking waterfall in the state. It's a bit further away, perhaps an hour's walk there and back. Still, it has a lot fewer stairs than its neighbour Skip connection Falls. To get to the 20-meter drop, there is a path that starts at the picnic area and winds through the woods.

    There is a lot of free camping along the Ocean Road if you're an avid camper.

    Fish Falls

    Distance from Melbourne: Three Hours

    You should go to Fish Falls inside the Grampians for these three reasons. At first, the water drops from a height of over 60 metres over a series of granite terraces and into a stunningly dark pool. Two, it's a good enough hike to warrant a full day of exploration. Starting from the Zumsteims parking lot, hikers can go on a 4.6-kilometer out-and-back along the MacKenzie River upstream, taking in beautiful scenery of the surrounding gorges. Not only that, but there are far fewer people here than at nearby Mackenzie Falls, which is a major plus!

    Mason Falls – Kinglake

    The breathtaking Kinglake National Park in North Melbourne is home to the breathtaking Mason Falls. This waterfall plunges 45 metres over the edge of some cliffs and offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding forest and canyon.

    mason falls – kinglake melbourne

    The stroll is between moderate and easy, and it covers about 700 metres. If you want to see anything, you should wait for it to rain, as the summer heat can dry anything off.

    There is a picnic place not far from the falls where you may relax and eat your meal while hearing the roar of the river. In addition, you can take a stroll through the woods to observe the regeneration that has taken place since the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009, which were started by Who.

    You may go treetop climbing or mountain biking in the forest at King Lakewood Adventures, which you should visit if you find yourself in King Lake. Also, read our comprehensive guide to the best King Lake attractions.

    Hopetoun Falls – Beech Forest

    Hopetoun Falls is a stunning 30-meter plummet into the Aire River, hidden away inside the Otway National Park's verdant rainforest.

    It takes around half an hour to make the round-trip journey from the viewing platform, 20 metres away, to the base of a waterfalls through the forest, where 200 steps lead down to the ground. Those who choose to take in the scenery at their own pace can do so from a seat near the base.

    Masons Falls

    It can be found in Australia's Kinglake National Park. The falls are an attractive tourist destination because they offer a picturesque backdrop for a picnic. Also available to the guests were places to sit, use facilities, and have fun, such as tables, shelters, and restrooms. These amenities set this location apart as the premier option for any public gathering. Although picnicking is not always allowed, visitors are welcome to bring their own utensils, such as gas canisters, for the occasion. Just 700 metres of strolling through the park will bring you to the beautiful Masons Falls. Around 13 kilometres of exploring is required to get a feel for the whole region. Having a picnic there is a great way to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life.


    Numerous waterfalls may be found throughout Melbourne. Some of the best waterfalls in Victoria include Sheoak Falls, Agnes Falls, and Gram Falls. Many people from all over the world flock to Melbourne every year to take in the city's stunning scenery. Here is a list of some of the most impressive waterfalls in Victoria, British Columbia. In North East Victoria, not far from the town of Euroa, is the thundering waterfall known as Gooram Falls, which features many cascades that drop into rocky pools below.

    If you're looking for a waterfall to visit without the crowds, Triplet Falls is a good alternative to Erskine Falls. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Melbourne area is Mackenzie Falls. To reach Erskine Falls from Lorne, drive 15 minutes inland along Great Ocean Road. If you plan on bringing a baby or toddler, you'll need to utilise a baby carrier because the trail is too steep for strollers. Trentham Falls, located in the Hepburn Shire, is one of Victoria's longest single-drop waterfalls.

    The breathtaking Hopetoun Falls can also be found in Otway National Park. If you're in the area, you should definitely check out Nigretta Falls. Among the many beautiful waterfalls in the Melbourne area, Stevenson's Falls is a top pick. You can reach Steavenson Falls by travelling about four kilometres south-east of Marysville. In order to have a good glimpse at the falls, you'll need to walk around 700 metres.

    There are a total of five waterfalls in the world's highest waterfall system. When it comes to Australia, Yarra Valley is among the most gorgeous places. Victoria's national parks are home to some of the state's most secluded and beautiful spots. Located deep in the Otway National Park's green rainforest, Hopetoun Falls is a breathtaking 30-meter drop into the Aire River. Enjoy your supper at a picnic area near the falls and listen to the rushing water as you dine.

    Content Summary

    1. Every year, waterfalls serve as a relaxing destination for picnics, camping trips, and other group activities.
    2. Waterfalls abound throughout Melbourne, and many of them are quite lovely.
    3. Every year, Melbourne attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the city's alluring beauty and spend quality time with their loved ones.
    4. Many beautiful waterfalls can be seen in and around Melbourne and the rest of Victoria.
    5. Sheoak Falls is a popular stop for tourists on Great Ocean Road and one of the most visited waterfalls in the Lorne area.
    6. Just over 200 kilometres from Melbourne is where you'll find Victoria's tallest single-span waterfall.
    7. In North East Victoria, not far from the town of Euroa, is the thundering waterfall known as Gooram Falls, which features many cascades that drop into rocky pools below.
    8. Woolshed, located just 10 minutes from Beechworth, became home to thousands of gold miners throughout the 1850s.
    9. Travel time to Melbourne: 2 hours
    10. If you're looking for a waterfall to visit without the crowds, we suggest Triplet Falls as an alternative to Erskine Falls.
    11. It is possible to spend a pleasant hour in nature by leaving the car at the Triplet Falls parking lot and following the circular route that extends for two kilometres around the waterfall.
    12. In the midst of the dry and stony Grampians National Park, the stunning Mackenzie Falls comes as a complete and total surprise.
    13. Water thunders over the edge of Mackenzie Falls in Grampians National Park, plunging into a large pool below.
    14. The trail to the base of the falls is an amazing sight in itself.
    15. The overall trip is about 2 kilometres, and it takes about 1.5 hours to go out and return.
    16. Because of the steepness of the ground, young children may have difficulty making the journey to the bottom of the falls.
    17. Inside Grampians National Park in southeastern Australia is where you'll find Mackenzie Falls.
    18. To get to the falls from the entrance of the park and back will take around an hour and a half.
    19. Swimming is not allowed in the area directly under any of the park's waterfalls.
    20. Only ten kilometres from Lorne, this thundering waterfall plunges about thirty metres into the Erskine River gorge.
    21. For the most adventurous, there are a couple smaller waterfalls within a 23-kilometer hike of Erskine.
    22. One of our favourite and Melbourne's most beautiful waterfalls is Erskine Falls.
    23. Despite the difficulty of the steps climbing back up, this is one of the most kid-friendly waterfalls in the Melbourne area.
    24. There's a lot to see and do in the Lorne area; consult our recommendations.
    25. Hopetoun Falls is another one of Otway National Park's natural wonders, a cascade that plunges thirty metres into the Aire River.
    26. The entire trek is one kilometre in length, and you shouldn't need more than 30 minutes to finish it.
    27. Trentham Falls is one of Victoria's longest single-drop waterfalls, and it's located in the Hepburn Shire, not far from Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.
    28. The waterfalls are also easy to reach.
    29. Near Daylesford and around 90 minutes from Melbourne are the longest single-drop waterfalls in Victoria, known as Trentham Falls.
    30. Towards Hamilton's western edge of Victoria.
    31. Steavenson Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the country, plunging 84 metres into the Steavenson Valley region.
    32. The 84-meter-tall Steavenson Falls in Marysville is one of the highest in Victoria.
    33. The Yarra Valley Waterfalls, located about 90 minutes east of Melbourne, are beautiful and accessible even with little children, making them the ideal backdrop for any photograph.
    34. Only four kilometres south-east of Marysville is the Victoria, Australia landmark of Steavenson Falls.
    35. In order to have a good glimpse at the falls, you'll need to walk around 700 metres.
    36. Around the year 1866, the local native population apparently built out a path to the fountain.
    37. The Yarra Valley, where the fountain may be seen, is often considered to be one of Australia's most beautiful regions.
    38. Hiking the 11 kilometres to Australia's tallest waterfall might take up to four hours.
    39. Another spectacular Victoria waterfall is Beauchamp Falls, which can be seen in Great Otway National Park.
    40. Wait for it to rain if you want to see anything; the summer sun will bake anything solid.
    41. Enjoy your supper at a picnic area near the falls and listen to the rushing water as you dine.
    42. The regrowth of the forest following the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009, which were started by Who, can be seen by taking a walk through the woods.
    43. If you find yourself near King Lake, you should definitely check out King Lakewood Adventures, where you can go treetop climbing or mountain biking in the woods.
    44. Kinglake National Park in Australia is where you'll find it.
    45. The falls are frequented by sightseers because they make a lovely setting for a picnic.
    46. If you go through the park for only 700 metres, you'll reach the breathtaking Masons Falls.
    47. There's no better way to escape from the pressures of everyday life than than having a picnic there.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Melbourne's Falls

    MacKenzie Falls is located in the Grampians National Park and flows year-round, and it's the biggest waterfall in Victoria!

    No, you cannot swim at the base of Trentham Falls, nor can you access the falls themselves. Experts have determined that the erosion, weathering & constant stream of visitors have caused the paths & surrounding rock structures to become hazardous to life.

    Wallaman Falls, Girringun National Park Townsville | Tropical North Queensland. The highest permanent, single-drop waterfall in Australia, Wallaman Falls, is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, home to some of the oldest rainforests on earth and many endangered plants and animals.

    Victoria Falls is a spectacular waterfall located about midway along the course of the Zambezi River, at the border between Zambia to the north and Zimbabwe to the south.


    It may seem inviting to take a dip, but swimming is not permitted at MacKenzie Falls due to many unseen dangers in the water. The walk is 2km return, and you'll need to trek down 260 narrow steps to reach the base of the falls, so be prepared for a difficult climb back to the top.

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