best hens party ideas in sydney, new south wales

30+ Best Hens Party Ideas in Sydney, New South Wales [2022]

Looking for some amazing hen party ideas in Sydney, New South Wales? Look no further – we’ve got you covered! 

From unique experiences to classic celebrations, we’ve gathered 30 of the best hens' party ideas in Sydney. Whether you’re looking for something low-key or want to go all out, we’ve got an idea that will fit your needs.

Ultimate List of Hens Party Ideas in Sydney, New South Wales

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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Whatever the reason for your Melbourne girls' night out, our gorgeous and sexy male strippers and cheeky bare-chested waiters will make your lady's night one you'll never forget. The Magic Men can do private performances for you and your guests in suites, private event locations, and residences throughout Melbourne.

It's not enough for a Magic Man to simply perform; each one has the body, the moves, and the personality to captivate an audience. If you'd prefer a more sophisticated yet sensual display, our male strippers are more than happy to accommodate you. In addition, there are a variety of shows that can be tailored to meet the theme of any event.

Get in touch with us right now if you're seeking the most talented MALE STRIPPERS MELBOURNE has available or the most adorable topless servers to liven up your next event. Create a memorable experience at your next event. If you're looking for something to add a little something extra to your:


They're even sexier in person, believe us!

Country ladies! To guarantee that you and your friends have the opportunity to experience a MALE STRIP SHOW, our hunks will gladly travel across Victoria to make it happen.

Sydney Hens Party

Creating a Hens Party Sydney is easier than you think. It is indeed! We will be with you at this amazing hen party with our complete package services, and we will handle the entertainment. So, now that you've crossed that task off your list, it's time to round up your friends and get ready for an entertaining hen party.

For every kind of hen and her hen, we have a variety of activities. We will accommodate whatever your group desires. Live performances, e-shows, and house visits are many options for you to catch our shows and liven up your evening. You can transform an ordinary gathering into an exciting and memorable one in only a few clicks.

Parties should be magical, and at Magic Men, we want you to have the same kind of magical experience as your friends. Just a heads up: your Sydney hen party will be filled with grins, laughter, chuckles, bouncing, and joyous yells. Don't say you weren't warned!

Adult Events - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

Adult Events - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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The bride-to-be has entrusted you with the duty of booking a hen's party in Sydney since you are the finest bridesmaid ever. So, don't be one of those hens parties that end in disaster due to bad entertainment. Great Hens Party Packages for You and Your Guests in Sydney are what we specialise in. 

Book a package that includes either Topless waiters or both, and have male strippers show up for the performance. Then, simply click on the guy's page link to view our Sydney topless waiters and Male Strippers. You can even choose the Male stripper's costume if you reserve it ahead of time. 

Simply click on the Hens night package you want to book and fill out a booking form to reserve your spot. If you are reserving on the day of the event, please contact us as soon as possible because it will expedite your booking. Please do not use a private caller ID to ensure that your call is answered. Our hen party is going to be so much fun! We can't wait to meet you and your guests! 

Adult Activities 

Sydney-based Adult Events provides professional adult talent and entertainment, specialising in lingerie waitresses and topless waiters and promotional models throughout NSW, QLD, WA, VIC, and SA. 

Female Strippers 

Our female strippers and waiters have graced the covers of some of your favourite publications. To mention a few, there's Zoo Weekly, Penthouse magazine, Hustler magazine, Picture magazine, People magazine, Ralph magazine, and Fhm Australia. They'veIn addition, they've appeared in many Australian television series and advertisements. We can provide you with a stripper on short notice, but it's best to give the Adult Events team a heads up so we can find you the dancer you want. 

When the sultry female stripper arrives, she must swiftly change into their attire. Whether it's a hot French maid, a fiery policewoman, or an acute schoolgirl, we're confident they'll turn up the heat at your next event. So please look at our buck's party packages and our models to find the right model to entertain you and your guests at your next event. 

Topless waiters 

In addition to being incredibly attractive, our topless waiters are educated in hospitality and have current RSA certifications, making them ideal for a hen's night celebration. They'll come to your hotel, party, yacht, or home to offer you beverages and appetisers. Almost anywhere. In simply black dress pants and a really lovely bow tie, the topless waiters are true gentlemen attending to your demands. Your waiters will pique your interest, prompting you to take out your camera and have fun posing for photos with them to share with all your Facebook friends. To top it all off, our boys will offer you a shoulder massage and join in hen's party activities with you. 

Male Strippers 

Our hot male strippers make an excellent choice for a hen's night out as a bonus. Embarrassing the hen on her last night of freedom is a definite thing. Our hunky male strippers are ready to entertain with outfits like a sexy Policeman, hot Fireman, and Smooth Criminal. As we know you, gals adore a smoking hot man in uniform. We are confident that our male strippers will provide excellent entertainment whatever the occasion. Please look at our hens' night packages and pick your topless waiters or male strippers. 

So keep Adult Events in mind for your next bucks party or hen's night, and if you have a clever or naughty concept, we're confident our staff at Adult Events can make it happen.

XXL - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

XXL - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

0406 741 488

Sydney's best hen's night deals

Sydney's premier Hens Night venue hosts the city's biggest Hens Parties every Saturday night. Please contact us as soon as possible to secure your Party Bookings. In a lockdown, our deposit will be refunded in full.

At XXL, we take care of you from beginning to end. In Sydney, it's easy to organise a memorable birthday party or hen's night with our help. All of this can be done before the show starts at 8 p.m., including dinner, drinks, a pole dancing class, a life drawing class, and an art class.

In contrast to other venues, XXL offers luxurious booths and lounge areas to all of our guests. In addition, the show's front row seats are provided for all of our Sydney Hens and Birthday girls. 

Check out our venue, gallery, and blog for ideas on how to make your hen's weekend in Sydney one to remember.


It's not your average male revue show in Sydney. But that's just a sliver of what your Hens party can look forwards to on this jam-packed night! Before the show begins, you and the girls will be whisked from room to room for various activities, including pole dancing, life drawing, and cocktail making.

XXL Located in Sydney's Kings Cross at 33 Bays Water Road Potts Point, the club is geared towards women's pleasure. Fun pre-show Hen classes, great performances, drinks, and much more are part of our sincere effort for the damsels in distress.

Our packages are specially designed for each group's taste and budget to ensure that your Bride Tribe is well-fed and well-entertained for your Sydney Hens Night duration.

In Sydney, organising a hen do can be stressful, especially when dealing with a diverse group of women.

To make your job as the Hens maid of honour easier at XXL Sydney, we have listed our most popular Hens Night Packages, but you still can mix and match any hens' night activities to suit your group's preferences. 

If you're looking for a more bespoke Sydney Hen Party Package, XXL Sydney has all three classes to choose from, allowing your hens to complete each class in the privacy of their group and not have to join other hen's parties on the night!

To ensure your Sydney Hens Night continues after the XXL Event, we offer special drink packages for our XXL attendees, including Booth Pricing, that is significantly reduced. In addition, our team has delivered Great Hen Nights in Sydney since August 2015, ensuring that every birthday or hen group is treated with the utmost care and attention.

Let us plan your hen's night in Sydney.

It doesn't matter if this is your first time at XXL or if you've been there before and had a great time. You'll be singing, dancing, and laughing your way through the night. To ensure that your hen's night is one to remember, we have various options, including a variety of dinner and show packages. 

We care that you and your girls have a great time and leave with wonderful memories of your vacation.

Customer service and satisfaction are a top priority at XXL, which sets us apart from other clubs. So that you're never bored, we rotate all of our shows regularly.

Book Your Hen's Party with Us Today!

Why not give your hens the most memorable night of their lives? XXL's dinner and show packages in Sydney will make your hens' weekend an event to remember.

Book your hen's party with us today and prepare for the best night of your life!

FAQs About Hens Party Ideas

From talking to you all, it's increasingly obvious it's not one size fits all, and Hen Party planning is no exception. Your Hen Party should be a celebration of you, and if planning it yourself is what you want to do, break out another section in your planner and plan away!

Should the hen party be a surprise or arranged by the bride? On most hen nights, the bride is usually consulted on the basics – the date, time, invite list, and where it will start. But saying that, a surprise party can be a fun idea, depending on the bride's personality.

The point of a Hen's Party is to fundamentally give the bride her 'last hurrah'. More often than not, this involves activities, games, or products that tend to toe the line of discomfort or general squirmworthiness.

If you are opting for a spa day or perhaps afternoon tea or a dance class, the maximum amount of hens can usually range between 20-25, which can cause many complications when sorting out who to invite!

These two celebrations may seem similar; however, they're vastly different. Hen's nights are known for being a bit wild. They often involve lots of alcohol, nudity, and general debauchery or mischief. On the other hand, the bridal shower is a tamer party that tends to be multi-generational and quite sophisticated.

Escape Hunt - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

escape hunt hens party ideas sydney

+61 2 9299 3920

The thrilling alternative to regular hen parties is Escape Hunt. To beat the clock and break free, you'll need to work together and play to your strengths for an hour of adrenaline-pumping gaming. Then, in our spacious lounge, toast your achievement (or drown your sorrows) with a couple of bottles of wine.


  • 60 minutes of thrilling action
  • The hen gets a free game (minimum of five players)
  • Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits, and water are all unlimited.
  • Photoshoot in costume
  • Free electronic/downloadable party invitations


  • A wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as snacks, are available for purchase.


With the moniker "Escape Hunt," you and your team will embark on an action-packed journey across a brand-new universe, facing off against a series of tense tasks and obstacles as the clock ticks down.

The stakes are high, the time is ticking, and the adrenaline is surging. You don't watch Escape Hunt on TV. It's something you get to see up close and personal. All other forms of enjoyment fall hollow after experiencing an Escape Hunt environment.

How did all of this greatness happen? The first branch of Escape Hunt was established in Bangkok in 2013. We set out to develop something completely new but equally captivating, inspired by classic online computer games like Myst and Crimson Room. As a result, Escape Hunters are transported to another age to unravel a mind-boggling mystery devised by Escape Hunt Studios, our global game design team.

We now have locations from Brisbane to Birmingham, Marseille to Miami, and more that are opening all the time. We're delighted to announce we have escape rooms on practically every continent, and we're growing through a network of franchises to become the global leader in the escape room industry. May it endure indefinitely.

Sydney Harbour Party Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney harbour party cruises hens party ideas sydney

(02) 8004 7522

You've found the greatest site in Sydney to book one-of-a-kind cruises on Sydney Harbour, the world's most beautiful harbour! Sydney harbour party cruises can enable you and your guests to explore Sydney in a way you've never envisioned before, making every event memorable. Even in the dark of night, our party boats are renowned for giving our guests a front-row seat to Sydney's architectural splendour and spectacular fireworks displays. We can help you find the greatest deal possible for cruises.

Party cruises in Sydney's harbour can make your special day one to remember. Birthdays, Christmas parties, New Year's Eve parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, buck and hens parties, and even official school formals are no problem for us. So take a romantic tour of the scenic harbour land with your best friends or someone special. It's our objective to keep things simple so that you can soak in all that Sydney has to offer while still giving you plenty of time to enjoy the city's nightlife if you so want. We treat you like royalty every time you come to see us!

There are always extras on any Sydney Harbour Party Cruise to make it even more enjoyable. All of our party fares will be available to enjoy while you're out on the water. If you'd like to liven up the mood, we have a complete drinks menu, including beer, wine, champagne, juice, and soda. Have a particular request or a question regarding our service? Let us know! Whatever your needs are, we'll try our best to accommodate you.

Count on the assistance of our crew and employees. There is no better way to make an already memorable day than to indulge on a Sydney Harbour party cruise! Our customers are so pleased with our service that they keep returning. So as soon as you're ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, please give us a call at any time. You can find us at (02) 8004 7525. However, if you plan on taking a holiday cruise, you'll need to book early: With us, there's never a dull moment.

Hens Party Cruises

As it should be, Sydney Harbour is considered one of the world's most stunning waterways. Those who are fortunate enough to be on the water can enjoy the parks, natural reserves, and stunning houses that surround the shores of this 240-kilometre-long natural harbour. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the various sailboats and vessels may be seen from the water. We have a Hen's party cruises Sydney harbour package that combines the best of both worlds if you're searching for a terrific way to enjoy the water with some buddies.

Our rates vary depending on the size of your group and the Hens party cruises Sydney harbour package you select. It doesn't matter what you choose; you'll have the time of your life. While onboard, you and your companions can sip on your favourite beverages and savour a delectable dinner. With our all-inclusive package, you and your guests will be able to choose from a wide variety of options and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing vacation in the Harbour. Does this appear to be too good to be true? We guarantee that it's not.

We specialise in creating fantastic nights out with friends and family for parties of guys and girls on Sydney harbour party cruises. Because we function as a middleman between our customers and Sydney's merchants, boats, and vendors, we can not only pass on savings to them, but we can also secure special bargains that aren't accessible anywhere else. Hens party cruises in Sydney harbour allow you to live out your fantasies, whether you want to feel like a VIP on your boat or dance the night away with your buddies.

The sooner you purchase your cruise package, the higher your chances of receiving exactly what you want to do with your night out on the water. If you know in advance that you'll be hosting a hen party, you can now look at our possibilities. Many celebrations simply "happen," and we're delighted to work with you on last-minute plans! The view of Sydney's lights gleaming over the water will stay with you forever; make sure you and your pals book your Hens party cruises Sydney harbour package

Hens Party Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney 

hens party cruises hens party ideas sydney

02 4327 9192

Hens Party Cruises offers private boat rental for hens parties, wedding showers, and hen nights, all onboard a luxurious, comfortable yacht. Whatever the occasion, we have a variety of packages and boats to choose from, so you can enjoy a relaxing day out or something a little more risque. 

In addition to private boat rental, food and beverages are included in our hen's party packages. Alternatively, choose one of our BYO boats and customise your menus and beverages. At Hens Party Cruises, we can provide additional services like topless waiters, décor, and games for your hens' night out. 

Our hen's party boats provide private boat hiring, so you and your group are the only ones on board, and we have a variety of boats to suit small groups of less than 12 guests to huge groups of 150+ attendees! 

We specialise in providing private boat charter on Sydney Harbour for hens parties, hens night cruises in Sydney, and wedding showers. 

The parent company of Hens Party Cruises, Spirit Fleet Boat Charters, offers a wide range of private boat rentals for any occasion. Private boat rentals for hen parties were the focus of Hens Party Cruises. 

For Hens Party Cruises, we operate our own two luxury boats, the Silver Spirit and the Free Spirit. This is done by reserving certain boats. There is no middleman involved! 


Our goal at Hens Party Cruises is to find the best boat for the group. On Sydney Harbour, there are numerous boats available for lease. So how can you be sure you're choosing the proper boat for your party? A boat within your price range will meet your needs, but do you want a boat with a bar or a dance floor rather than one that only gives basic amenities like serving drinks? 

We've spent time getting to know each boat and its features so we can match them. We've checked out the boats and will only partner with trustworthy companies whose operators we know will provide you with an amazing cruise experience. 

Our Principles 

As a company, we strive to give the finest customer service possible so you may be confident in your purchase. 

While our competitors are moving towards a more online and automated approach, we prefer to stick with the tried-and-true customer service model of answering the phone with a live person who has actual boating experience. As the owner/operator, you avoid dealing with a sales representative and instead deal directly with the person who will plan your voyage. Do you have a query regarding the boat? Who better to know the solution than the proprietor? 

Packages for Hen Parties 

A hen's or bridal shower can be difficult to plan. Every aspect of female planning and organisation has its own set of difficulties. Our hen's party packages are extremely popular for this reason. They make planning a breeze. Our bundles are one-of-a-kind and only available on Silver Spirit and Free Spirit. The per-person fee ensures that any modifications to your guest list will not affect the total cost of the event for each attendee. 

Yes, there may be less expensive alternatives. However, having everything taken care of and organised for you and the service you receive before, during, and after your cruise is what you are paying for. Above all, you're on board vessels meticulously kept, tidy, and well-presented.

Twin Peaks - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

twin peaks hens party ideas sydney

0466 973 258


Many physically fit and seductive men are available to serve and perform for your amusement.

Upon entering the venue, you'll be greeted by the Twin Pecks Crew, who will serve champagne and show you to your seat before the show even begins.

You'll be escorted to your seat and given a complimentary tip before watching the first Twin Pecks sizzling show, and a gourmet selection of platters will be waiting for you when you get there.

You won't have to leave your seat for the most part unless you're chosen to be in a show by one of your incredibly hot Topless Waiters.

It's a double-header night with two different shows (each featuring a different Twin Pecks Guy)

Extra attention is paid to either the Hen or your designated special guests throughout the night. If you're planning on attending the Twin Pecks Cabaret, you'll need to bring your A-game because things will heat up fast.

Ucruise Sydney - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

ucruise sydney hens party ideas sydney

+61 (0) 422 222 677

This is the ideal Hens party concept!

Have a day out with all the girls on Sydney Harbour to celebrate a Hens party in elegance and luxury.

If you've been looking for a Hens party idea for a while, look no further - a Sydney Harbour cruise for a Hens party is simply great, as seen by all of the feedback we receive! The beautiful city settings give for some fantastic photo possibilities so that you can cherish the Hens celebrations forever.

We Have Everything You Need

We're convinced that our choice of boats will suit your needs, whether you're looking for a small, intimate gathering with all your closest girlfriends, a larger boat party that will rock the harbour, or something in between.

Our Boat Rental Fleet

Floating loungers for small intimate groups, medium to large catamarans for bigger groups, and medium to large yachts for a more premium service are all available.

Exactly What You'll Need

All of our vessels are skippered completely. Our skippers are Sydney Harbour specialists and know all the best spots.

Catering & Additional Needs

All of our boat options include a variety of cuisine and beverage options that are excellent for a Hens party, as well as entertainment options and all of the typical facilities you may require. Many of our boats also allow you to bring your own food.

Allow Us To Handle Things.

We've organised a lot of Hens boat parties in Sydney Harbour, and we're always delighted to collaborate with our customers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Hen's Knights - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

Hen's Knights - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

0405 156 359

A Few Words on the Hen's Knights

We specialise in providing male strippers and topless waiters for hen parties, bachelorette parties, and divorce parties. We also provide these services for girls' nights out in general.

We've been in business since 2009 and have a great reputation for being honest and reliable, which is hard to find in this business. If you hire your hunk or buff butler through us, he or she will be the best, most reliable, and most attentive around. Our boys won't disappear right before your party! Remember, even if your Bride-to-Be protests during the planning stages, she will never forgive you if she doesn't receive at least one of these male entertainment options, no matter how much she protests (that's probably you, right?!) And don't worry if there are any Nanas or Aunties in attendance; they will adore all of our magical men more than anyone else at the party, no matter how shy they seem so at first!

Booking one of our Adult Male Entertainers for a Bridal Shower or Baby Shower is a great idea. We've found that many women do so even for these traditionally more subdued events. So if you're feeling it, go ahead and book it; it's all about the laughs and the memories, after all!

Our Hens Life Drawing Classes are ridiculously funny, our topless waiters are reliable and diligent, and our Men Strippers can perform marvellous costume strips from Elvis to Fireman and everything else you can think of. In the middle!

If you haven't already, check out the rest of our website or give us a call for more great Hen Night Ideas!

Male Strippers, Life Drawing Models and Topless Waiters are all available for hire in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (Victoria), Queensland (QLD), and Western Australia (WA). Regardless of your location!

To top it all off, check out Hen's Knights for some of the best deals around town.

Sydney Event Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney event cruises hens party ideas sydney

1300 228 327


Sydney Event Cruises specialises in buck's and hen's party cruise packages. Host a boat party to honour the achievements of your friends. Sydney Event Cruises will go all out to make it a night to remember since it's their last as a couple.

For hen's and buck's parties, many groups are forgoing the traditional pub crawl and instead opting for a more intimate but still fun party cruise. With open minds, male and female waiters, strippers, and a variety of other entertainment options, groups are also celebrating their Hen's and Bucks together.

If you want to have a little raunchy fun with the bride and groom before the big day, this is a great option because it is safe and fun for everyone involved.

Whether you want formal or casual dining, BBQ, two bars with a variety of drink packages, or a dance floor with cutting-edge sound systems and a DJ, the Supercat has it all. We can even arrange for exotic entertainment if you want it.

In the heart of Sydney's famous Harbour and with great food, drink and entertainment to boot - this will be a night everyone will remember for a long time to come.

Sydney Event Cruises can help you plan your hen's or buck's party. You can get a customised quote by contacting us via phone or email.

Sydney Cruises for Special Occasions

The Supercat is owned and operated by Sydney Event Cruises, which is based in Sydney Harbour. You can choose from a variety of Sydney Harbour Cruises offered by Sydney Event Cruises. Luxury cruising on Sydney Harbour is made possible by a modern catamaran that has been completely renovated. Astound yourself with the stunning views from Luna Park and Fort Denison to the Harbour Bridge and the crystal-clear waters of Sydney Harbour.

You can choose between a daytime or nighttime cruise for your group. Taking a Sydney Event cruise is bound to be exhilarating, entertaining, and memorable. We'll take care of everything else, so you don't have to.

We'll take care of everything else, so you don't have to.

Let your imagination run wild as you take in all of Sydney Harbour's sights and sounds while relaxing onboard the SUPERCAT vessel. Enjoy the stunning views of this beautiful harbour and the city skyline with your guests. Come up close and personal with Sydney Harbour on one of our spectacular cruises.

Because we are a family-run Sydney Harbour Cruises business with decades of experience, a deep understanding of the industry, and a wealth of industry knowledge, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations.


Assist you in the planning of your event from conception to disembarkation by providing personalised service and attention to detail, as well as dependable and efficient service. Provide advice and assistance on everything from décor and menu planning to entertainment and sound systems.

Because we are entirely dependent on the success and joy of your event, Sydney Event Cruises takes great pride in repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. Specialising in cruises on Sydney Harbour, Sydney Event Cruises is a leading provider of such excursions. "Delivering results second to none" has always been our guiding principle and our foundation and mission.

Sydney Party Bus - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney party bus hens party ideas sydney

02 8004 1910

The Party Continues! 

Sydney Party Bus has been providing the greatest party transportation in the city for over 20 years now, with the most exciting options and amenities available for every type of event. Rather than just transporting you to your destination, our team of tour managers, party starters, drivers, and tour guides aims to provide you with a complete partying experience! 

So you've been chosen as the Maid of Honor! 

You now have a great deal of responsibility. It doesn't matter if you're a mellower or a whooper. You'll want to be ready for this memorable night. It's no longer about getting together at home and spoiling the bride-to-be with gifts and flattery... reserve that for the wedding... It's all about having a great time with your pals and family and creating lasting memories. 

Thousands of Sydney hen parties have taken place at CityClubhopper over the years. Our programmes are designed to ensure that everything goes as planned. With our Event Coordinators by your side, the planning process will be as smooth as possible. A Partystarter is in charge of making sure everyone has a good time by taking lots of pictures, planning the meals, and ensuring everyone are taken care of at each site. 

Our buses may seat anything from 35 to 75 people! 

The easiest way to get from point A to point B is to hire a bus. Our buses include a powerful music system with Bluetooth, USB, or auxiliary ports for all phones and iPods and flashing and laser lights to create a true party atmosphere. In addition, our knowledgeable and courteous bus drivers will ensure that your travel is enjoyable and safe! 

Accreditation, authorisation, registration, insurance, and monitoring 

Austrek has continued to set the bar for others to try to match since its founding in 1989. Bring it on! We'll be ready when you are. Pubtrek, CityClubhopper, Happy Dayz, City Nights, and Corporate Days are some party products and services available. Austreks team of party professionals also owns and operates Fastlane Karting.

Wicked Hens - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

wicked hens hens party ideas sydney

1300 830 002

Wicked Hens Parties is devoted to putting on spectacular hens' parties throughout Australia and New Zealand! All you have to do is sit back and relax! Your Wicked Hens Parties event planner handles party packages, transfers, activities, and nightlife suggestions.

Wicked Hens Parties: Why Go To The Expense

Having a hen party with Wicked Hen Parties is serious business! The hens' weekend can either make or break the wedding. This is where we come into play. With our help, we can help you plan the ultimate hen's party that will be talked about for years.

Thanks to our group party planning system, organising a large group of women for a party has never been easier. This way, everyone in your group will be able to contribute hen night activity suggestions, accommodation recommendations, and any other party requests they may have in mind. In addition, this allows members to vote on their favourites and share personal information, such as dietary restrictions, within the group. We've spent the last seven years perfecting our hen party planning system.

You'll have a lot of fun customising your hen's weekend package to fit your group's needs. Wicked Hens Parties also include those special Wicked Hens Parties touches that can make or break a hen's party.

An important responsibility of being Maid of Honour or Hens Party organiser is to give your best friend the send-off she deserves. So let us help you ensure that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience she will cherish for the rest of her life!

OzParty - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

ozparty hens party ideas sydney

1800 697 279

Live Performances

Our OzParty event planners are ready to help you and your guests have an unforgettable in-person event. After all, once this is over, people all over Australia will want to engage together like they never have before.

Whatever the occasion, OzParty event planners are here to ensure that your event is a spectacular and unforgettable experience.

Party in Sydney with the best Hen Party Sydney has to offer!

Our hen party organisers can organise a truly unforgettable hen party for the bride-to-be and her closest friends in Sydney. You don't have to worry about anything because our local OzParty hen's organisers understand how time-consuming and stressful planning weekends can be. As a result, we've put together some of the most creative and budget-friendly hen party ideas and party packages around.

We can assist you in organising an unforgettable hen party.

Having a great time with the girls on your hen's night out doesn't have to break the bank. As one of Australia's leading hen night providers, we're proud to offer the best hen party ideas, including fun hen activities, accommodations, party transportation, and exciting hen party locations. Choose from one of our hen's packages in Sydney below, or get in touch with one of our local OzParty hen planners today to create your bespoke hen event!

Everything You'll Ever Need Is Here.

Event planners at OzParty, a fun, friendly, and knowledgeable group, are dedicated to finding and curating the best selection of affordable party and event packages, enjoyable activities, interesting entertainment, and memorable modes of transportation for our clients.

Our online destination makes it simple and user-friendly to plan and book your entire event with the help of local event planners, giving you exclusive access to handpicked and customisable event experiences for any occasion.

Since we have 400+ venue, hospitality and entertainment partners, we are able to provide our customers with unforgettable celebrations that they will remember for a lifetime.

Regardless of the obstacles, the OzParty movement continues forwards.

Get Loose - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

Get Loose - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

02 8208 3396

Parties for Hens, Bucks, Birthdays, and Work-related Events

Discover customised party packages and book unique locations, boats, dining experiences, day activities, entertainment, clubs, transport and accommodation.

Whether you're looking to plan a bachelorette party, a stag party, a birthday party, an office Christmas party, or anything in between, Get Loose can help. Because we only work with premier locations, such as luxury yachts and venues, you can count on us for your party-planning and logistics needs. Choose from various party packages, create your own, or let us take care of it all for you. With us, organising a party is a piece of cake. We can offer you the best value for your money because of our extensive connections in the industry and our access to special offers. Nobody does it like Getting Loose!

Explore Customised Hen Parties & Party Packages Designed Just for You!

Private Boat Parties, Exclusive Party Venues, Dining Venues, Daytime Adventures and Clubbing, Transportation and Accommodation, are all included in these packages.

Party planning has never been easier with getting Loose's extensive network of Sydney Hens parties. With us, you can plan the perfect hens night or weekend. Check out our exclusive packages, design your own, or let us take care of it for you. Our online party planning tools make organising hen parties a breeze. We specialise in venues and boats, and we offer a variety of add-on activities. Hire a hen's party planner to assist you in turning your imaginative hen's party plans into reality. All of our events welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. No one does it like Getting Loose!

Why Join Us?

A large and exclusive Get Loose network of venues, boats, activities, entertainers and transportation providers. Since 2013, we've hosted events for tens of thousands of people, including celebrities from the Australian sports and television industries. We've even assisted MTV in throwing a bucks party for Ted, the movie star, as seen on Channel 9 and SBS!

Understand What You're Getting

When it comes to venues and pricing, Get Loose is very upfront (there are no hidden fees). See what you're getting for your money by checking out our website. Don't book a package without first seeing the location!

The Best Reviews in the Business

Among party planners, Get Loose has the highest customer satisfaction scores. Only the best suppliers (many exclusive to Getting Loose), the best people in the industry, and personal, responsive, and considerate customer service are the keys to our success.

Before booking a party with anyone, we encourage you to do your homework. It's worth your time to read customer reviews to get a sense of the service you can expect.

Our History

In addition to being pioneers and leaders, Get Loose is primarily a hard-working party planner that has organised thousands of parties for thousands of people in Australia. In 2013, we began offering a Bucks and Hens party planning service, and since then, we've built a solid reputation for collaborating with venues and vendors to create memorable party experiences. With the expansion of our nationwide network and the addition of services such as birthdays and corporate events, we've created the ultimate Party Planning Hub for all celebrations.

The best suppliers, experiences, and packages are now all in one place, saving you both time and money and, most importantly, ensuring that your party is the best! We've been featured on Channel 9, SBS, and MTV, and you'll love it, too.

My Hens Party - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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In addition to everything else you'll need for a fantastic Hens Party, we also have everything else you'll need to make it even more memorable.

Custom-designed Badges and Temporary Tattoos are available. Pre-made, generic party supplies aren't going to do it for you. For the bride-to-be, get yours personalised!


As a part of Australian pre-wedding tradition, the Hens Party is an integral part. A final fling as a single woman can be anything from a morning tea to a night on the town to a week in Bali and everything in between.

My Hens Party has a wide selection of temporary tattoos, party packs, and badges for you to choose from!


WHY I'M HOSTING A HENS PARTY: With our assistance, you can plan the ideal bachelorette party for your future wife and her best friends!

An Australian pre-wedding tradition without the Hens Party would be incomplete. There are many options for the final fling for a single woman, from an afternoon tea to a night on the town to an entire week in Bali.

My Hens Party offers a wide selection of high-quality, personalised party supplies. Everything you need for your Hens Party, from Sashes to T-shirts to T-shirts to Hoodies to Badges to Robes, is available at our Sydney Hens Party shop!

You can rely on us to provide personalised and friendly service for all of your Hens or Bucks party needs. Our customer service representatives will answer your calls with a friendly voice and helpful information about our products if needed.

5 Star Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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Sydney Bucks & Hens Cruises on Luxury Yachts

Sydney Harbour boat cruises offered by 5 Star Cruises are the best in town for everything from bachelor parties to corporate outings.

Booking your next event with us will guarantee that your party planning prowess will be the talk of the town. We have a fleet of luxury yachts at our disposal, as well as a host of experienced party planners and a little black book full of the names of the hottest waiting staff in Sydney.

What better way to toast the new Mrs. than on board one of our spectacular party boats?!

For the duration of your cruise, you and your closest female companions will have the opportunity to sail the seas and take in the stunning views of Sydney Harbour and the surrounding bays and beaches.

It's as simple as picking a package, bringing your girls, your bikinis, and your playlist, and hopping on board. Onboard, we'll take care of everything else!

Whether it's transportation, food and drink, or even where to continue the party afterwards, we'll take care of all the details while you relax and enjoy a glass of bubbly with your girls.

Every Bride-to-Be Needs These Hens Boat Cruise Ideas!

If you're planning a hen party in Sydney, you might be looking for some party planning ideas. Please do not look any further. When it comes to putting on the best hen party ever, our team has over twenty years of entertainment industry experience; what we don't know is worth knowing.

Our most popular hen party cruises are listed here. If the bride and her bridal party have specific requests, they can customise each package to meet those needs.

Why Choose a 5 Star Cruise for Your Hens Party?

For some reason, it's acceptable to admit that organising the perfect hen's party games can be rather difficult.

That includes having a stripper for the bride-to-be and a bartender for her sister, as well as ensuring that Susan gets fed every three hours. That's a recipe for yelling and waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

We're here to help. Itineraries tailored to your specific needs are available at 5 Star Cruises, which offers a wide range of options for all budgets.

You'll have a dedicated Party Planner assigned to you as soon as you get in touch with us. Your hen's party on Sydney Harbour will be taken care of by these professionals, who will take care of everything from arranging your food and drinks to picking you up and taking you home.

Sydney Topless Waitresses - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney topless waitresses hens party ideas sydney

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Make your Sydney hens' night events a little more exciting by hiring our topless waiters! Our topless waiters will make your hens' party a night to remember with their dashing good looks and enviable physiques.

With our hen night parties in Sydney, we can help you arrange your event, so you don't have to worry about anything. All you have to do now is unwind and enjoy the night!


You'll want a hen's night to remember when you're about to embark on your new life as a married lady. Is there anything more fun than getting ready for your forthcoming event with a group of stunning topless male models? There aren't many spectacular hens party ideas in Sydney, from sailing on a luxury boat to a magnificent rooftop party overlooking the city's shimmering lights. You'll love every minute of your celebration.

You'll appreciate the range of hunky models we have for you to choose from, whether you're planning it for yourself or as a maid of honour completing her obligations.


When hiring a topless waiter in Sydney for your hen's night, the first thing to consider is the bride's preferences. Whether you're the maid of honour or a close friend, it's critical to remember the bride's preferences in order to have the joyful night you all deserve. We have the sexiest and fittest male models in Sydney Topless Waitresses, with chiselled abs to give you a sensuous night to remember.

Our gentlemen are experts at making sure you and your buddies have the time of your lives. We've put up a carousel of Sydney's hottest topless waiters for you to choose from, so it could be difficult to pick just one!

If you're feeling saucy, we have a variety of nationalities and sizes available, and they're ready to dress as you like, even if that means no clothes at all. To get your party started, simply choose one (or two, or three) of our hot male model topless waiters and book now.

We can help you plan one of the most unforgettable nights of your life. Why settle for topless waiters when you may have a spectacular display to entertain both the bride and her guests? Our sultry firemen will light up your night, and the nude life painting workshop will let you express your most artistic and mischievous side. If you want a traditional but nonetheless engaging night, go with Sydney's most thrilling male exotic dancers.

See why Sydney Topless Waitresses is the gold standard for everyone who enjoys witnessing the city's sexiest and nicest male dancers. Call today and ask Charlie if you have any queries or want to schedule a presentation.


The exciting presence of our rough topless beauties will perfect your hen's night celebrations in Sydney. Dressed, Topless, G-string, Cheeky (apron – no pants), and Nude are just some of the sexy waiter-payment options available. It's the ideal alternative for the ultimate hens night in Sydney, with pricing based on an hourly rate.

All of our rates are based on a Sydney CBD event. A travel allowance may be required if your model of choice is required to travel outside of Sydney's CBD and adjacent suburbs.

Check out our wonderful men topless waiters for the right hot talent for your hen night in Sydney. You can contact our team via our online chat, the ask about button on various pages, or our contact us page to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Wildboys Afloat - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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The Perfect Night Out

Settle in for the most sensual experience of your life! A night out with the girls at Wildboys Afloat is like no other. In addition to a fantastic cruise on Sydney Harbour, you'll also get to see our Wildboys in action! Sydney Harbour cruises are a great way to celebrate a special occasion or just have a good time with your friends and family.

You'll have an easy night out if you have food, drinks, and entertainment planned out ahead of time.


  • Sydney Harbour cruise departing from the Star Casino Wharf for 3.5 hours
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the all-inclusive beverage package with table service, which includes a strawberry champagne cocktail on arrival as well as red, white and sparkling wine and house spirits (vodka, gin, rum, whisky).
  • A substantial seated dinner buffet with hot and cold options
  • Male Waiter Service for that extra special touch 
  • DJs DANCING!! 
  • Reserved seating for you and your ladies' Male Event Host to entertain you
  • Exclusive performances by some of Sydney's most renowned escorts.

Our all-inclusive package costs only $95*. For a great night out, we've got everything you need!

Rockfish - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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Since 2010, Rockfish Catamaran Charters has provided customers with incredible and unforgettable sailing experiences on Sydney Harbour. Hire one of three Catamarans for your next event or day on the water. Rockfish Catamarans will provide your party with the opportunity to experience a carefree day on the most beautiful harbour in the world, whether you are celebrating a birthday, organising a Work Event, or simply a group of family or friends enjoying a day out.

Our Catamarans can be rented all year. Your charter, which can accommodate up to 40 guests and includes a Rockfish Skipper and deckhand, is ideal for any event.


Bridesmaids, we have a special announcement for you! Are you in charge of organising the huge Hens Day for your beloved soon-to-be bride? Rockfish Catamaran Charters is the place to be. Join us onboard Rockfish and meet our welcoming crew. If you'd want to see Sydney Harbour from a different perspective, we'll take you out on a boat to see it for yourself! Our catamarans are ideal for private Hens Parties, with cabin spaces and foredecks that can accommodate up to 20-30 guests. Make the most of the day's activities with this!

We can arrange for your very own Topless Waiter to serve drinks and provide some eye candy for the ladies if you want to add a little amusement to your party. Make your Hens Party a cruise to remember by booking it with Rockfish.

Package Contents for the Hens

  • Sydney Harbour cruise for four hours
  • Three-hour anchorage at a Harbour area during a short sail.
  • Swimming is allowed.
  • Bring your own music; Bluetooth and AUX connections are available. Speakers with surround sound
  • Bring your own beverages, food, and ice.
  • Deckhand/Host and Skipper.
  • Antipasto Platters are available for $20 per person (Optional Extra)
  • Cheese Platters are available for $15 per person (Optional Extra)
  • Lunch and dinner BBQ packages start at $15 per person.
  • Topless waiters start at $125 per hour (Minimum hours apply)

Hens Bus Sydney - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

hens bus sydney hens party ideas sydney

0405 341 342

About Us

Hens Bus Sydney is a pleasant and safe method to bring you ladies to your destination in and around Sydney.

Yes, we can accommodate mixed groups and corporate events.

You and your pals can have a great time with our assistance. A little wine, champagne, or other booze is always part of a girls' night out or a hen's night. Your pals won't be driving because we take care of that for you.

To ensure that you and your friends arrive on time, we provide a variety of party buses that can fit up to 50 people. Our friendly, experienced bus drivers, all of whom are licenced by the New South Wales Ministry of Transport, will welcome you and make sure you have a safe ride to your next destination.

With an iPhone connection, an MP3 and USB slot to play your favourite songs, and over 1000 watts of sound supplied by strong subwoofers, our party bus is unlike any other party bus you've ever seen. With our laser and LED party lights to establish the scene, you'll feel like you're at a disco.

It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is; our bus will take you and your pals to your destination, and when your party is over, we'll be right there to pick you up.

An accredited "Public Passenger Vehicle Operator," Hens Bus Sydney is a leading provider of Sydney party bus charter services for hen parties.

Our Expertise

On your big day, Hens Bus Sydney will take care of your transportation.

We'll make sure you and your guests arrive on time and safely to your hen's party, wedding ceremony, or reception.

Make sure your wedding party and other key guests aren't going to ruin your big day by running late.

Music Festival or Concert

Taking a bunch of buddies to a concert or music festival? Trying to find each other among thousands of people at the event might be a problem, let alone navigating traffic and parking. Why not meet at a friend's house and let us take care of getting you and your pals to the event while you enjoy your friend's company? When you book your concert transfer with us, you can rest assured that everyone will arrive on time and safely.


Do you have a formal dinner or a school formal coming up? Dressing up may be both exciting and intimidating. Let us handle the transportation for you and your buddies. Get onboard our party bus and have a good time while you're travelling. Play songs you enjoy or dance to the beat. Get ready for your arrival.

Children's night out

Do we ever stop worrying about our children? Especially our teenagers, who enjoy going to the movies, concerts, music festivals, and athletic activities with their pals. And, of course, once they turn 18, it's impossible to avoid going to bars and clubs.

As parents, we understand that when teens come together, they might be a little goofy and do stupid things like play pranks, drive carelessly, or speed. Playing a game of dare and trying to impress their peers often leads to peer pressure and irrational decisions.

We'll make sure they're safe on the way there and back, so you don't have to worry.

Sports Activities

Going to the races or a sporting event? Avoid the headaches of attempting to find parking or leave when everyone else is doing the same thing. Our buses will take you to your events using the bus lanes, which means you won't be stuck in traffic.


Taking a bunch of friends out on a harbour cruise? We'll transport you and your guests to your cruise ship if you book our cruise party bus.


Are you going to the races for entertainment or to place a wager on your favourite horse? We wish you luck and hope you win. Avoid putting yourself and your friends' lives in danger by driving home after a night of drinking with them. Plan ahead, phone us, and we'll take care of your transportation to and from the racetracks for you. You'll return home safely whether you win or lose at the races.

Corporate Functions

Are you planning a sales conference or a team-building activity for your employees? All corporate events can be catered for by us. Party LED lights, lasers, and high-energy sound are all included in our fleet of party buses. This is an excellent opportunity for staff team building because they may listen to their favourite songs, sing-along, and dance to the beat.

For corporate occasions where alcohol will be served, consider delegating the transportation to us so that we can better serve you.

Men On Fire - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

menonfire hens party ideas melbourne

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Ideas for a Hens Party in Sydney

Is it any wonder that Men on Fire! is Sydney's #1 Hens Party Company?

We offer Life Drawing and Mobile Cocktail Classes for the bride who doesn't want a stripper at her hen's party! We have a lot of great ideas for your Sydney hens party.

The thousands of satisfied customers who sing their praises of our handsome crew have a good reason for their enthusiasm. All of our Firemen are handsome, sexy, and ready to make your bachelorette party one to remember for all the right reasons.

Make her last night as a single woman one she'll never forget if you're her maid of honour, bridesmaid, or a good friend. You'll always be glad you made the memories you did.

Over 20,000 Contented Customers!

You and your friends will have time with our topless waiters in full fireman attire, a more relaxed vibe with a fully-clothed professional cocktail mixologist, or even a party bus and boat cruise.

Rather than hog the spotlight, our Firemen are there to entertain the bride and her guests. As far as ideas for bachelorette parties go, we've got plenty of themes and games that will help you throw an unforgettable bash. Ask our knowledgeable event coordinators for suggestions for a night full of excitement and no worries.

If you want a hen party that your friends will talk about for years, we have various options for all brides-to-be.

Our Firefighters Were Born Out Of Devastation.

We had witnessed one too many awkward situations emerge at hens parties as one of the few female-owned and run hens party companies. So men on Fire was created to provide Sydney women (and Australian women) with a classy male entertainment brand for Sydney hens' parties.

Hens Party Sydney Fireman Items and Extras

The decorations and a few risqué accessories are essential for any hen's party. Our Men on Fire team has prepared a long list of hen's party extras from naughty game pieces and shot glasses with a big surprise hidden at the bottom. We've got you covered, whether it's a tiara for the bride or an inflatable for the guests. To make things even easier, our 'Shop' section of the website allows you to easily add more guests to your event. Also, don't forget to download our popular Hens Party Planning Guide and Hens Party Games, both available for free. Having a good time is the best way to enjoy the festivities!

Our customers highly regard the Hens Party Professionals.

Our team of Firemen shows up with your entertainment in mind, whether it's life drawing sessions or helping out with the BBQ. In addition to topless waiters, our Firemen know how to entertain your hen's party Sydney guests with games that will make them squeal with joy while begging for more. Hen's party customers praise our Firemen across Sydney, New South Wales, and the rest of the world for their professionalism. However, don't take our word for it. Make sure to check out customer reviews for Men on Fire.

The Men On Fire Crew Will Set Your Sydney Hen's Party On Fire.

You can count on the Firemen to bring the fun on your hen night. When these guys show up at your door, you can rest assured that they are well-respected members of the Australian community. From a firefighter to a police officer, our guys can show up at your door in whatever outfit you want. No other male strippers in NSW can match ours when making your future wife laugh until she cries. See what a Fireman's hen party is all about by looking at our gallery!

Make Your Sydney Hens Party Reservation Now!

You don't want anything less than your bestie on her special night. So you can count on the Men on a Fire crew for classy male entertainment that never crosses the line into the sleazy. When our Firemen come knocking at your door, they'll start your hen party off with icebreakers to get everyone loose, and then they'll heat things with games like life drawing and crazy cocktails.

All About Men in Flames 

When it comes to organising a hen's party, what is the most common request a bride makes of her bridesmaids? A boho theme or a weekend away isn't what I'm looking for. Please don't buy me a stripper, and I don't want one!

At Men On Fire, we're all about providing an unforgettable hen's party experience without the awkwardness that is all too common at these events.

Our "Signature Fireman Surprise" is what happens when your bride opens the door to a fully uniformed Fireman. Of course, there is no hen's party without a bride's reaction, and this will give you and your guests the perfect opportunity to get that public response. But the surprise is then followed up with "I'm not a stripper, don't worry, I'm here for:

a) A Fireman's Life Drawing party!

b) I've got everything I need for a cocktail class: ingredients, ice, shakers, and glasses!

c) Life-drawing AND Cocktail-Making Classes!

d) I'm just doing a low-key Cocktail Class in my regular bartending attire!

We've partied with more than 20,000 customers across Australia, and we've been featured in a few media outlets. Fireman Sam picked up Fitzy and Wippa's wife from the coffee shop (oops!) and interviewed Dave Hughes on Hughesy We Have A Problem, a segment of Pedestrian, on Channel Ten's Shark Tank. The Silbery's 90th birthday featured a male stripper, and we appeared on Goggle Box, where we raised $1500 for rescue kittens with our charity 2019 calendar. We also worked with Harley Breen on Taboo to combine mental health and art through Life Drawing, and we appeared on The Edge with Mike E and Emma, where we taught Mike E how to strip.

As if that wasn't enough, Men On Fire is one of the few female-owned businesses in the industry. As a result, ladies, rest assured that you are in good hands with our team of Firefighters and that you also have our ear when it comes to brainstorming your party themes, ideas, invitations, decor, and more. Booking with us means you get a Fireman, but you get access to a hen party planning expert for absolutely no additional cost.

The only company in town that does not require you to pay in cash at night is ours. So that trip to the ATM can be avoided. It's now 2020. After all, we accept credit cards and don't ask you to awkwardly pay someone in an envelope of cash at the night's end.

You can check out our Instagram, read our reviews, and get in touch with us to see why the Firemen are the best choice for your bride's big day.

Benda Party Bus - Hens Party Ideas Sydney 

benda party bus hens party ideas sydney

0438 223 633

The Ultimate Party Bus in the Style of Las Vegas

In the event that you need to transport a significant number of people, consider using our Sydney party bus as your primary means of transportation. You are welcome to make use of our party bus for any occasion. To ensure that you arrive at your destination on time, the party bus comes with a professional driver. On the road, you don't have to worry about getting lost or separated from your friends!

It's All About The Benda Bus

A Las Vegas-style party bus was what Sydney needed to ring in the New Year in 2014, and we decided to bring it to Sydney's streets at that time. If you're over the legal drinking age, you're free to have the most romantic date ever. You could either stay on board (more on that later) or use The Benda Bus to ensure that you arrive at that night out or official function looking like you're serious about having fun. Onboard, you'll feel like you're in the world's largest limo, where you can either relax or dance the night away – or both!

Pre Packaged or Custom Party Bus Packages

The Benda Party Bus is a private mobile nightclub in the heart of Sydney that aims to recreate the Vegas experience with drinks, hosts, and bottle service available upon request. Everything you need for a great party is right here!

Important Data

Please keep in mind that even though we are here to meet all of your party needs, it is critical that we promote responsible drinking. All passengers on board the Benda Party Bus who wish to drink alcohol must be at least 18 years old and present a valid form of identification or proof of age. Anyone who appears to be intoxicated will be denied alcohol service. All of our knowledgeable crew members are RSA-trained and licenced to serve alcoholic beverages in the state of New South Wales. They want to make sure you have a great time, but they will put your safety before anything else! We are here to let you have a good time, but it's important to know that we respect and abide by Sydney's laws for the safety of our employees and customers. Customers must also be aware that anyone on the bus drinking alcohol must be over the legal drinking age, and our staff have the right to ask you to produce an ID or proof of age if they feel it necessary. On the Benda Party Bus, you must be at least 18 years old in order to consume alcohol.

Other Important Information

A professional driver, stainless steel handles, custom seats and seat belts, and a bathroom on board are all included. Of course, we want you to have the best time possible, but at the same time, we must adhere to the rules of the road. Please be aware that we do not have a permit to sell alcoholic beverages. However, our crew members who serve your BYO alcohol on board are all RSA-trained and will adhere to all applicable liquor laws when providing responsible service of alcohol. Because alcohol is served only to those over the age of 18, this is a private event, and you must bring a valid photo ID with you at all times.


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