2 20+ best places to buy engagement and wedding rings in sydney

20+ Best Places To Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings in Sydney

Are you looking for the perfect engagement or wedding ring? If so, Sydney has no shortage of places to find them! In this blog post, we'll list 20+ of the best places to buy rings in Sydney. Whether you're looking for something traditional or unique, we've got you covered. So, without further ado, let's get started!

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    Ultimate List Of Engagement and Wedding Rings in Sydney

    Temple And Grace - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    temple and grace


    0414 500 999

    The most beautiful wedding and engagement ring available in Australia.

    The wedding planning process is an exciting time. Temple and Grace can make sure that your big day is celebrated elegantly by providing you with exquisitely crafted wedding rings and engagement rings. Temple and Grace are extremely proud of their reputation as reputable engagement and wedding ring specialists based in Sydney. Because the owners are also master jewel-smiths, every piece of jewellery is crafted by hand with meticulous attention to detail. Visit Temple and Grace in Sydney if you are preparing for your big moment, or shop online for wedding rings to make your preparations easier. Over a thousand different wedding bands and ring sets are available to select from at Temple and Grace. It is recommended that you keep both your choice of precious metal and your lifestyle in mind when selecting an engagement ring and wedding ring, even though the appearance of the rings is important.

    When you buy engagement rings, diamond rings, and wedding rings online from Temple and Grace, you will save over 40 per cent compared to high-street jewellery retailers' prices. This is an important fact to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of your money and ensure that you get the best value possible. So how do you save so much? It's not hard at all. Every piece of jewellery sold at Temple and Grace is crafted there. You can trust that every diamond ring, engagement ring, and wedding band you see on the Temple and Grace website is handcrafted directly at the jewellery boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne. We are highly regarded as both goldsmiths and experts in loose diamonds. We guarantee that we will be able to craft for you the most exquisite diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings thanks to our extensive knowledge of precious metals such as gold and platinum. See the artisanship and superior quality of our wedding and engagement jewellery in person or shop our selection online.

    The history of how Temple and Grace came to be made into a film

    The attention to detail that goes into creating high-end and elegant fine jewellery sets it apart from jewellery that appears to have been purchased at a discount. The jewellery sold by Temple and Grace is crafted with the necessary level of passion and precision. Making fine jewellery is a different process from dealing with fine jewellery as a commodity. Both Temple and Grace are skilled jewel smiths, so they know the stringent requirements that must be met when creating diamond and gold jewellery. The exquisite craftsmanship of a Temple and Grace wedding ring is immediately apparent upon opening the presentation box for the ring. Temple and Grace can continue operating successfully because of the happiness that it brings to its customers. The wedding is a momentous occasion, so picking a good reputation is essential. There is no such thing as a ready-made, perfect wedding ring that can be purchased. Even if you prefer a particular ring style, you still need to have it sized specifically to your finger. A wedding band made of platinum or gold that has been expertly crafted looks extraordinary and feels extremely comfortable. Since 2015, Temple and Grace have been driven by a deep passion for the art of handcrafting the most exquisite gold rings, platinum rings, and diamond rings that both men and women can wear. You will also find an excellent selection of women's jewellery, such as gold and diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings set with gemstones.

    Temple and Grace have been so successful because they work tirelessly to design, handcraft, and sell the most beautiful wedding bands and engagement rings that can be purchased online. So if you're looking for zirconium wedding rings, titanium wedding rings, or stainless steel wedding rings at an affordable price, Temple and Grace has Australia's largest selection of wedding ring materials. Temple and Grace are, without a doubt, the best online jewellers in Australia, and this holds regardless of the type of metal or price range you're shopping in.

    The staff at Temple and Grace takes enormous pride in the fact that they are a vital component of the life of at least one customer daily. The team at Temple and Grace is motivated to come to work each day by the joy they feel when they can assist a couple in realising their dreams and committing to spend their lives together.

    Engagement Rings

    Online and in their jewellery showrooms, the Australian businesses Temple and Grace Engagement Ring offer access to some of the most original diamond engagement rings globally. Because we are Master Jewelers, we can design and handcraft the most beautiful engagement rings that Sydney and Melbourne have ever seen. By avoiding the involvement of a middleman and purchasing an engagement ring from Temple and Grace in Australia, you can save more than forty per cent on the cost of your diamond ring. We guarantee:

    We are Australia's most trusted diamond wholesalers, and we offer the lowest prices in Australia for GIA-certified diamonds that are sold loose.

    Because we will be directly responsible for the production of your diamond engagement ring in our Sydney jewellery workshop, you will be able to save thousands of dollars compared to the ring's retail price.

    365 days of risk-free exchanges and returns; an industry first

    Picking out a one-of-a-kind engagement ring from our exquisite collection of rings set with diamonds and other precious gemstones will help you produce a lifetime's worth of cherished memories. Temple and Grace are experts in creating engagement rings and wedding bands. We take pride in creating the most beautiful Engagement Rings Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne have ever seen. You can visit Temple and Grace in Sydney and Melbourne with the assistance of an appointment. Temple and Grace, which can be found in Australia, is home to exceptional examples of local craftsmanship. Temple and Grace are makers of jewellery, as opposed to high-street retailers who only deal in jewellery as a commodity (and add their margins on top of that). We are master jewellers who take pride in creating Platinum and Gold Engagement Rings that are truly one of a kind. Australia has seen many of our creations.

    Every Diamond Ring that Temple and Grace create is characterised by exceptional design and meticulous attention to detail in its construction. Temple and Grace Diamond Engagement jewellery stands out due to its meticulous attention to even the smallest details compared to high-street jewellery stores. Furthermore, to ensure that only the finest precious stones are used in the production of our jewellery, we select every loose diamond and gemstone.

    Wedding Rings & Bands

    You can visit our wedding jewellery showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane by making an appointment, or you can shop online for the most distinctive wedding bands we have to offer.

    We are not like other retailers on the high street. We make our wedding rings, and if you buy them from us instead of going to one of those other jewellery stores, you can save more than forty per cent on both the women's and the men's rings. A legendary collection of men's wedding rings and women's wedding bands is available from Temple and Grace.

    Australian Wedding Rings - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    australian wedding rings


    02 8006 8645


    I’m Alex - jeweller, online shopping pro and past bride.

    When I was planning my wedding, our wedding rings were the easiest thing on my to-do list because I didn’t need to shop for them, and I knew exactly what makes high quality, durable rings.

    It made me think about other couples and how wedding ring shopping can be daunting and confusing. Variations of specs, alloy qualities, manufacturing techniques and country of origin can make two very similar-looking bands vary in price; you’re essentially comparing "apples with oranges". So why can't you just be offered only the best of everything?

    By combining my jewellery, online shopping and wedding planning experience, I could make things easier for you! Australian-made, boutique-quality wedding bands are affordable and completely shoppable online, delivered anywhere in Australia.

    That was my light bulb moment and my passion ever since. Now, you can enjoy a 21st century, online, stress-free experience and the best Australian-made quality rings, most easily, at the best price.

    Being part of your love story is an incredible honour and a dream job. I can’t wait for you to see your beautiful new wedding rings!

    Classic Gold or Platinum

    Your perfect day deserves the perfect wedding band. So be delighted as you admire your wedding band on your wedding day and every day forever. It's ethically made in Australia so that you can wear it with even more love. With the convenience of delivery to your door within 12 calendar days and affordable prices, saying “I do” with Australian Wedding Rings is the easiest choice!


    Our classic women’s and men’s wedding bands are the perfect symbols of your special union.

    In your commitment to each other, our commitment to you is unparalleled quality and prices in our collection of custom-made, solid wedding bands. View our diverse range of designs, available in your choice of precious metals 9ct and 18ct yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, two-tone and 950 platinum. In addition, we offer impeccable craftmanship in our ring designs, including domed and flat styles and matt or brushed finished textures, to tailor your treasure to your desires. You can also celebrate your coupling with a matching set to last a lifetime.

    Australian Wedding Rings also specialises in His and His wedding bands and Hers and Hers wedding bands.

    For a personalised touch, choose to laser engrave a message to your loved one on any of our available brands. We aim to make this milestone as stress-free and unforgettable as possible. Purchase your Australian wedding ring online from the comfort of your home and expect fast delivery Australia-wide. Our readily available finger-sizing kits, received within four to seven working days, guarantee no uncertainty on your special day.

    You can know that your purchase also spreads love to others who need it. Each ring supports the Harding Miller Education Foundation, providing schooling for underprivileged Australian girls.

    AE Design Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    ae design jewellery


     0400 780 745

    Our Story

    AE Design Jewellery is a family-owned and operated jewellery house founded in 1957 and is located in the historic Westpac Trust Building of King Street, Sydney CBD. We pride ourselves on holding the expertise and experience to source the very best diamonds and gemstones from key markets worldwide while upholding the professionalism to deliver them to our sophisticated clients at fair and competitive prices.

    We work closely with our clients to design and create unique jewellery exhibiting their hallmarks and style. While our services are highly sought after to provide bespoke engagement rings, our repertoire extends to wedding bands for the bride and groom and sentimental keepsakes that may need rejuvenation for their special day.

    Engagement Rings Sydney From AE Design Jewellery

    Welcome to AE Design Jewellery, one of the leading suppliers of unique engagement rings Sydney has available. We are a family-run business first established in 1957, and we are conveniently located in the heart of the Sydney CBD in the historical Westpac Trust Building on King Street. We specialise in the highest quality custom-made engagement rings in Sydney and other types of brilliant jewellery. We also have our ready-to-wear Pronto Collection of Sydney’s unique engagement ring settings for those that prefer to select a pre-designed engagement ring in Sydney.

    Custom Engagement Rings Sydney – One of a Kind

    We have long been a provider of custom engagement rings in Sydney, and our award-winning bespoke engagement ring designs showcase our master jeweller’s expertise. Although many people are put off choosing a bespoke engagement ring, Sydney couples who are budget-minded prefer to stay within their spending limit. However, you can select unique engagement rings in Sydney CBD without going over your budget. One of our experienced staff members would be happy to talk you through the different Sydney designer engagement ring features available. So look no further for beautiful engagement rings, Sydney couples, love.

    Zoe Pook - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    zoe pook


    0434 911 054

    About Zoë Pook Jewellery

    Established in 2006, Zoë Pook Jewellery specialises in creating bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands, signet rings and other accessories.

    Our customers come to us looking for a one of a kind piece to declare their love, mark an occasion or simply treat themselves to something uniquely special.

    Bespoke Commissions

    We pride ourselves on creating unique, personal and sentimental pieces of jewellery. We consult, design and make special treasures tailored perfectly to our client’s desires! We are based in NSW, Australia. However, we can consult and liase with you via email, video calls or phone. The whole process is easily done remotely, and then we’ll ship your beautiful jewellery off to you, interstate or internationally. If you’re able to visit one of our two studios, you’re welcome to make an appointment to come in and begin the creation of your bespoke jewellery. We’re also very good at keeping secrets; we enjoy being part of a master marriage proposal plan or special birthday surprises!


    If you would like to give some of your old jewellery a new lease of life or recycle some of your sentimental or vintage jewellery into something unique and more suited to you, we can help! You can start by sending us some photos of the jewellery/gems, any information about them, and any ideas about what you’d like them to be made into. We can arrange an appointment with you in our studio to bring the items in for assessment, or you can send them to us. Please email or call us for a consultation. We are here to help!

    Ready to wear

    You’ll find a selection of gorgeous items that are ready to buy right now in our shop! No need to wait for that new piece of jewellery to be made; just browse and buy. The shop also features wedding rings in a range of metals and finishes where you can simply choose your requirements and place an order, and a lovely collection of gems that you can purchase and have made into something special.

    Engagement and Wedding Right FAQs

    Most commonly, a single ring was worn on the pinky finger to indicate a man's wealth and status. Even today, men who wear pinky rings intend to make a statement about their wealth and prosperity.

    If you see a woman with a pinky ring on the right hand, this likely symbolizes her profession. Wearing a ring on the pinky finger also symbolizes self-love, whether you are in a relationship or not.

    According to legend (and some news reports) over the years, women buy them for themselves as personal declarations of independence and a celebration of single life. The right-hand ring is simply just a celebration of you. Also called "dress" or "cocktail" rings, the ring — and its symbolism — dates back to the 1920s.

    Although it's tradition to propose with a ring, you can just as easily propose with another piece of jewelry that you think your partner would wear or enjoy more. A necklace, a bracelet, earrings, or even a watch might be a piece of more practical and preferred engagement jewelry.

    It's customary for brides to receive two rings. An engagement band before the wedding, and a wedding ring during the ceremony. Your first ring is a promise of marriage.

    OROGINALE - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



     (02) 9719-1145

    Oroginale Jewellery Australia

    Custom Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

    Looking for the perfect ring for your significant other might seem daunting. Still, when you choose a place with plenty of options and customisation that would deliver amazing wedding rings, you can count on Oroginale. For stunning wedding rings, Sydney can depend on Oroginale for excellence. We offer custom made engagement rings you will remember and last a lifetime.

    Whatever cut or colour you need, we can do it. For our diamond engagement rings, Sydney residents are not the only ones who can appreciate and admire our extensive selection. So no matter what your taste or desires are, we can help you choose or craft the perfect ring for you and your loved one.

    Engagement Rings

    At Oroginale, we have a selection of engagement rings Sydney will love. We have solitaire settings or rings with side stones, halos, and many more styles. We have many models on display to look through. We can also help you create the perfect custom engagement ring. For beautiful diamond rings, Sydney can depend on us.

    We hand make bands in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, depending on your preference. We also work with 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and platinum. We can make bespoke handcraft simple or intricate designs, and our display rings come in all shapes and sizes. While diamonds are the most extravagant and most popular gemstones, we have coloured gems in various styles and colours. There are many different cuts to choose from, so whatever your wish is, you will leave Oroginale delighted with your ring. Oroginale also offers an exquisite range of coloured and Argyle Pink diamonds and provides a wide range of ideal cut GIA certified white diamonds ethically sourced at wholesale prices from all over the world.

    If you are unsure of exactly what you need, there is no need to worry. When creating your custom engagement rings in Sydney, you can come in with ideas, or you can browse our beautiful selection of existing settings. From there, we can help you create a brand new, unique ring, which will be exquisitely crafted just for you. In short, we can design the perfect ring for you. 

    Wedding Rings

    We have a large selection of wedding bands Sydney residents will love, like our engagement sets. We have wedding bands for men and women, and you can choose the perfect band for you and your significant other. Whatever colour gold you prefer or whatever creative aspirations you may have, we can help you create the perfect matching bands for you and your partner.

    We have yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, black zirconium and titanium bands. You may select a simple style, or you can choose to create a more intricate design with small gems or twisting bands. Whatever you desire, we can help you design an exclusive piece that will symbolise your love for a lifetime.

    LeiL - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    61 2 8367 0945


    LeiL was born from a desire to become the next generation in jewellery. With an architecture and jewellery background, we aim to reinvigorate structural integrity and beautiful design within the industry when producing sustainable, ethical fine jewellery. We believe in the purity of truth and seek to empower you with the knowledge to make truly informed decisions about what you wear.

    Rather than focusing on just the aesthetics, LeiL fuses simple elegance and technical precision within our sustainable, ethical jewellery pieces and diamonds. We focus on discarding the unnecessary to create structurally sound, timeless, lab-grown jewellery designs made to last a lifetime.


    Each LeiL jewellery piece is not only a kinder option to our planet by being 100% ethical but has carefully considered dimensions, symmetry and proportions backed by proven design principles and built to withstand a lifetime of wear.

    Our inspiration is not one-dimensional but multidisciplinary. We aim to celebrate the intersection between architecture and sustainable jewellery and how this can inform designs and processes.

    Each sustainably produced jewellery piece intends to reimagine the conventional idea of luxury by discarding the excess and celebrating materiality and structural integrity. We believe in the elegance of simplicity, timeless design and the beauty of form based on function. 

    We design not just to create a beautiful, ethical jewellery piece – but to complement the vibrant life around that product.


    The jewellery industry often has a reputation for failing to provide clarity about jewellery making. At LeiL, we aim to change that, empowering you with the knowledge to make decisions on your purchases with conviction.

    Our sustainable, ethical production methods are unique and draw on a revival of forgotten knowledge. We fuse traditional methods with the latest advances in prefabricated technology, including lab-grown and sustainably sourced diamonds. Our unique method harnesses both technology and handmade craftsmanship to allow for exceptional technical precision, allowing us to create a range of ethically sourced, sustainable jewellery pieces.

    At LeiL, we cast our sustainable luxury jewellery in two to three prefabricated sections. Then, it is assembled, set with lab-grown diamonds or sustainably sourced gemstones, engraved and polished. LeiL’s unique blended technique produces high quality, sustainable jewellery of the same quality as handmade pieces, yet in a more precise and timely manner.


    We understand that some people want a truly unique design. Our blended process means we can create any design unique to you in its exact standards and dimensions. We can also provide you with the technology of previewing the design through CAD Images and even prototyping before creation.

    When working with LeiL, you'll have peace of mind knowing that we only work with sustainably sourced and ethical diamonds and gemstones. We pride ourselves on producing fine, eco-conscious luxury jewellery.

    If you’d like to create a design for a special occasion or one that embodies your unique individuality, we’d be happy to help. We specialise in lab-made diamond rings, ethical wedding bands and synthetic engagement rings.

    Simply gather your design inspiration, let us know what ethical stones you'd like to use and contact us to arrange a consultation where we can discuss your design. After that, we’ll collaborate on your beautiful jewellery design until we have your approval, and we’ll start crafting your fine, luxury jewellery piece. 

    Above all, we want to create your dream custom ethical jewellery piece that's kinder to the planet and ensure your design is structurally sound so you can treasure it into the future.

    Every minute detail of each of our custom pieces is an opportunity to build a unique design and make your jewellery dreams a reality.

    Twinkle Diamonds - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    twinkle diamonds


    (02) 9261 5054


    Your antique & old jewellery, which was once attractive, can be restored.

    We can transform your jewellery into an attractive and nearly new - they will have noticeable appearances.

    Wedding Rings

    We handpick and measure our diamonds for their excellent proportions and lasting and noticeable results.

    Engagement Rings

    Our GIA certified diamonds are handpicked to their Excellent all over proportions. Our brilliant-cut diamonds carry heart and arrow features to have lasting and noticeable results.

    Lovelle Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    lovelle jewellery


    (02) 9267 9945


    Below are some exciting milestones from the history of the engagement ring:

    • A sign of ownership. The tradition of gifting jewellery to a loved one stems from Ancient Rome, where such adornments were crafted from ivory, copper, and iron. This gesture symbolised mutual adoration and obedience. It also made for an official agreement between men and women. Evidence of such jewels was found in Pompei. 850. Engagement rings officially represent the intent to marry, and gold is the most popular metal used in jewellery, with diamonds making their first appearance in 1477.
    • The popularity of diamonds. As an emblem of devotion, jewellery continues to evolve where diamonds become the main feature in the late 1940s when the De Beers beginsbegan to mine diamonds in South Africa.
    • Millennials. For individuals who’ve reached adulthood only in the early 21st century, coloured stones such as blue sapphire and ruby begin to replace the preference for diamonds in engagement rings.


    The most prominent diamond cut is the round brilliant, followed by the princess and emerald cut. Other than these cuts, these are some of the unique forms that you can find in our range of diamond engagement rings:

    • Marquise. This 18K Lovelace 1.00ct solitaire diamond ring is GIA certified and has a laser inscription. A halo of petite natural diamonds surrounds the centre stone and continues down the band.
    • Pear. The rings that feature this cut are the 18K Mist 1.01ct, the Lumiere 0.40ct solitaire diamond rings, and the cluster diamond in white gold. Options to suit various budgets.
    • Cushion. The 18K Milliardaire 1.00ct solitaire diamond ring is fit for royalty, with the centre stone surrounded by two natural diamonds in a trilliant cut. Our collection includes GIA certified 0.41ct and 1.00ct cuts in pink and yellow diamond, respectively.


    Whether you’re looking for couple’s rings, wedding bands, or engagement rings, these are some of the gems that you can look forward to when shopping our collection:

    • Diamonds. These can be set against yellow, white, or rose gold. You will find Sydney wedding rings for women and men featuring delicate designs such as the 18K Sommet rounded diamond ring or the classic curve diamond band. If, instead, you’re looking for a statement piece, consider the diamond ribbon ring or the yin yang diamond band. We stock the equally opulent moissanite Sydney engagement rings if your budget is less flexible. Although they are more affordable than diamonds, they are second to them in durability and don’t scratch easily.
    • Australian opal rings in Sydney. Did you know that these precious stones take 1.2 billion years to form and that 95% of the world’s opal production happens in Australia? 10% of these are black opal dark grey and have a complete rainbow colour spectrum. Variants of this gem include the boulder opal, extracted as a single piece from Northern Queensland, Quilpie, and Winton. White opal has a milky or translucent appearance, while the Welo or African/Ethiopian opal has distinctive markings that catch the light and shimmer.
    • Precious stones. Besides rings, we offer other exceptional jewellery, such as the old-world locket with emerald and mother of pearl, and pendants such as the playfully posh treasure chest with ruby. You will also find pieces that can be beautifully paired, such as the multi-sapphire ring with the rainbow drop pendant. Alternatively, you can match our gemstone earrings with rings from our collection, including amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, citrine, garnet, moonstone, morganite, peridot tanzanite, and tsavorite.


    The following are some of the ways we add value to your experience with us:

    • Custom designs. You have the option of expressing your creativity with us or recreating a piece you were inspired by, where we help you create bespoke jewels. The simple process involves sharing your idea, collaborating with us to create a design, confirming a digital CAD drawing, and four-to-six-week production time. We also offer custom hand engraving, where you can engrave details into your jewellery, such as dates and names, in a handwritten style.
    • After-sales service: To keep your piece in mint condition, we provide complimentary cleaning, ring polishing, and rhodium plating services. We can also resize and repair your ring and offer 24/7 customer care.
    • Accessibility. Our collection of opals is set as triplets (three natural layers, black onyx backing, and crystal cover) and doublets (two layers, opal layer set against a boulder opal ironstone), making them more economical.
    • Competitive pricing. We offer various payment options and free domestic shipping for orders over $300. You also won’t have to postpone your purchase due to cash constraints with our six-month layby facility, for which you need only pay a deposit of $50.

    Victoria Buckley - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    victoria buckley


     02 9231 5545

    Welcome to Victoria Buckley.

    “Where Jewellery meets poetry….”

    We specialise in exquisite and unique statement jewellery and bridal designs of the finest quality diamonds and precious gemstones. We offer ready-made one-off pieces in-store or a tailored experience if you’re searching for that perfect bespoke piece. 

    Having been in the fine jewellery field for more than 30 years, Victoria Buckley has amassed a cult following for those seeking powerful statement designs delicately refined and perfected by the imaginative spirit and touch of the designer herself.

    Inspired by long-forgotten fairytales and whimsical dreams, Victoria’s designs will delight you forever as treasures that exist from an era outside of time, only defined by their timeless and moody, romantic beauty.

    Our designs are made here in Sydney from fair traded solid Australian gold and ethically sourced gemstones. Visit us at our Retail Studio in the Bvlgari Building at 64 Castlereagh St Sydney. Shop our growing selection of fine jewellery from our online store to enjoy expertly made heirloom pieces to be treasured forever and beyond.

    What we do

    We make precious gold and gem jewellery, all designed and made here in Australia. 

    Victoria Buckley is inspired to make romantic, soulful jewels, inspired by myth, magic and poetry, designed to enchant for a lifetime. 

    Victoria's designs have continued to amass a beautiful following for thirty years, and she continues to show her love of the craft through her intricate and beautifully made designs. 

    Victoria’s clients seek powerful yet subtle statement designs, delicately refined and perfected by the imaginative spirit and touch of the designer herself. All our work is crafted to stand the test of time. Victoria treasures the great honour of being so intimately part of a person's life journey and has dedicated her life to doing service to this privilege. 

    Victoria Buckley fell under the spell of engraved words on gold when she discovered the tradition of the Posy rings held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1992. It started an obsession with making her own powerfully meaningful talismans that continues to burn strong. 

    Inspired by long-forgotten fairytales and dreams of undiscovered wild places, Victoria’s designs will delight you forever as treasures from an era outside of time, only defined by their timeless and moody, romantic beauty.

    We specialise in engagement and wedding jewellery, set with diamonds and coloured gemstones and larger gem set rings and pendants, engraved with intricate designs meticulously carved by hand. Her clients inspire Victoria to create pieces that are truly meaningful to them, and she loves to work on commissioned designs that have true personal meaning. 

    Victoria Buckley’s designs are made here from fair traded Australian gold and ethically sourced gemstones in Sydney, Australia. We see clients by appointment at our Retail Studio upstairs in the Bvlgari Building at 64 Castlereagh St Sydney. We also offer our extensive selection of fine jewellery from our online store, so anyone, anywhere in the world, can enjoy our expertly made heirloom pieces.

    GF Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    gf jewellery


    61 (2) 9188 5245


    Gavin Fisher began his jewellery career in Sydney in 1996, working as an apprentice under the guidance of renowned Australian jeweller Russell McCullough. Throughout his tenure, Gavin learned all aspects of the jewellery trade, including traditional and modern manufacturing techniques and gemstone appreciation. Here, he refined his style of classic jewellery with a modern twist.

    In his mid-twenties, Gavin set out for Canada and worked in Vancouver, then travelled to the United States to work in New York. Gavin’s career highlight was being selected as the Master Jeweller for the prestigious Greenwich Street Jewelers in downtown Manhattan, New York City. He had the pleasure of meeting directly with clients to help them design customised jewellery and then make the pieces. During his time in New York, Gavin was also asked to teach his master skills at several private jewellery schools, which he found deeply rewarding.

    In 2014, Gavin quickly reestablished his name, returning to Sydney and setting up his private studio to service his clients with personalised jewellery creation. Nearly 20 years of experience have made Gavin an expert craftsman in creating custom jewellery, restoring heirlooms, setting gemstones, and remodelling worn or damaged jewellery.

    Special Occasions Jewellery

    Custom made special occasion jewellery is the perfect gift to your loved one or yourself. I handcraft high-quality necklaces, earrings, broaches, bracelets and one-of-a-kind pieces. Using precious and semi-precious stones and metals, we will make a piece together like no other. And I happily use family heirloom stones and metals to modernise your most precious pieces.

    Handmade Eternity Rings

    Eternity rings and anniversary rings greatly affirm your life partner's love. Your love is uniquely yours together, so celebrate that uniqueness with a handmade eternity ring designed for them. Set their heart on fire with a custom eternity ring, using any variety of stones and precious metals you desire. I also often make fine custom jewellery for christenings and graduations.

    Custom Engagement Rings

    Tell your story of love with a one-of-a-kind handmade diamond engagement ring. I source only the highest quality natural diamonds and gemstones, combining them with the finest metals and expert artistry to create truly stunning engagement rings. I take you from the initial consultation to the day you surprise them with the question of a lifetime.

    Personalised Wedding Bands

    Your wedding band should complement your engagement ring perfectly and look exceptional when worn on its own. I combine exquisite beauty with practical functionality to handcraft wedding bands you will want to wear every day. In addition, I make wedding bands using precious metals and occasionally small accent stones for men. And I welcome couples' wedding ring requests.

    Mondial - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    61 (0)2 9267 7945

    Argyle Pink Diamond Collection

    Each Mondial creation is a unique item crafted by our jewellers here in Australia.

    We carefully source and hand-select the diamonds and gemstones that go into each piece. 

    We specialise in custom made jewellery, and we will find the perfect shape, size and colour of diamond or gemstone to suit your needs. 

    Our jewellery can be tailored to your preference of white, rose or yellow gold and platinum.

    Jarrett Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    jarrett jewellery


    (02) 9267 1045

    Our Story

    Jarrett Jewellery is a family-owned business that has been trading in Sydney since 1946 and from our current location in Town Hall Square for nearly 40 years. We pride ourselves on our stance of excellence in knowledge, design, manufacture and service.

    Our business continues to evolve with the times, and our product range features a wide range of contemporary designed jewellery for all occasions. We are passionate about diamonds and coloured stones and have a comprehensive range of designer silver. We hand-pick all our gemstones for beauty and insist on great design in every finished product we sell, no matter the price.

    Custom Design & Manufacture

    We offer a full-service custom design and manufacturing service. So whether you have just a concept in your mind, a picture on your phone or need some help getting started, we can bring it to reality.

    With over 70 years in business and nearly 40 years in our current location, our expert team has over 100 years of combined experience in jewellery design and manufacture. We have an extensive network of diamond and coloured gemstone producers in Australia and overseas, so we source as wholesalers to give you the best quality and price.

    Jacques D Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    jacques d jewellers


    02 9264 5745


    Jacques has always been fascinated with the transformation of precious metals, from basic bars of gold to exquisite and delicate pieces adorning women (and men) and symbolising love and commitment.

    Jacques began working with experienced artisans in Europe at a young age, learning the techniques being passed from master to apprentice over generations. From his humble beginnings, he matured and developed his craft by learning from various goldsmiths worldwide.

    As Jacques’s skills and qualifications as a handmade jeweller grew, he became increasingly captivated by creative designs that started as a concept, a vision and progressed into a piece of jewellery that possessed powerful sentiment. He is extremely grateful for the support and encouragement he received at every stage of his career. Teachers and peers continually extend his talents as a designer and a craftsman.

    Jacques devotes a high level of excellence and perfectionism to his work, from a simple wedding band to complex engineered designer jewellery. And no design is too great a challenge. Jacques respects the vision of all of his clients, and his goal is to turn all of his client's dreams into reality.

    Jacques D Jewellers was established in 1994, operating from a studio workshop in the Sydney CBD. He has created a comfortable and friendly environment to nurture the partnership between client and craftsman, allowing Jacques to create and design unique and sentimental pieces. Jacques is committed to ensuring his clients realise the piece they desire.

    The 5 Cs of Diamonds… are just the beginning.

    Every jeweller you speak to will confirm; it’s the cut, clarity, colour, carat weight and certification of the diamond which will impact its brilliance. But, of course, when light hits your finger, you want your diamond to sparkle.

    But at Jacques D Jewellers, the diamond selection is only part of his process – he has coined the three P’s of ring design (Proportion, Practicality and Promise) to ensure a brilliant diamond and the perfect fitting ring.

    Handcraft your wedding ring

    Jacques Diodati is a hopeless romantic and is driven by the happiness he creates for his clients. He believes in romantic tokens that make a difference and wants you to start the happiest time in your life with your best foot forward. Every client who has a ring designed by Jacques has the opportunity to take romance one step further. You or your partner can make your wedding rings and seal your promise to each other with one final intimate and romantic gesture.

    How do you handcraft your wedding ring?

    Jacques runs wedding ring workshops once a month on a Saturday, and in a few hours, you take part in the ancient ceremony of crafting a ring. At the end of the workshop, with Jacques’ guidance and assistance, you would have created a lifelong memory and further sealed your love.

    Whether you are wearing a Jacques D Jewellers ring or are about to book your first appointment, we are always happy to discuss this unique and romantic service.

    Giulians - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    612 9247 5645


    Bespoke Design

    If you’d like to collaborate with us on a bespoke piece, we’ll organise a virtual appointment – or if you are in Sydney, we will welcome you for a private in-person consultation. We’ll guide you through the gemstone selection process and work with you and your budget to source the perfect metal and stones.

    Engagement Ring Design

    We love working with our clients to make special moments all the more special by creating unique and personal pieces. It starts with a conversation to understand what our client is after and to learn about the recipient of the special piece.


    By a beautiful quirk of nature, only a tiny percentage of diamonds mined are pink in colour, making them the rarest and most valuable in the world. About ninety per cent of the world’s pink diamonds originate from the Australian Argyle mine, and just one-tenth of one per cent of the Argyle Diamond Mine’s production is pink.

    • Pink diamonds are more valuable than other diamonds, with prices between 10 to 30 times that of white diamonds.
    • Argyle grades of pink are measured by tone and intensity. Tones include red, pink, purplish-pink, pink rose, and pink champagne, while the intensity is measured in numbers from 1-to 8, with one being the most intense in colour.


    • The Argyle mine produces some blue diamonds, which can be as valuable and rare as pink.
    • Argyle and other mines around the world also produce champagne and cognac diamonds. Sometimes referred to as ‘chocolate’ diamonds, they are not as rare as pink and can be very affordable. Imbued with effervescent natural colours with rich overtones of yellow, orange and pink, these diamonds represent the best opportunity for value.
    • Fancy Yellow diamonds are mined in other parts of the world and can vary from pastel tones to intense golden.
    • Coloured diamonds are highly sought after for their versatility in providing contrast in jewellery design, especially the increasingly popular black diamond.

    Raphael Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    raphael jewellers


    61 2 9233 4854


    Raphael Jewellers is owned and managed by the creative brothers Raphael and Joseph Akelian, specialising in the design and manufacture of fine jewellery. The business was established in 1989, opening its first store on the second gallery level of the iconic Strand Arcade in the heart of Sydney.

    Over the past 25 years, the combination of Raphael and Joseph's slight flare for design and abilities in production has seen Raphael Jewellers develop an enviable position as one of Australia’s leading jewellery houses, for both their ready to wear collections and their more acquired individual bespoke pieces. Raphael Jewellers have won numerous jewellery design awards for their inspired, unique creations and conceptual designs. They have built an international reputation for exceptional service, premium quality and fine craftsmanship, and are humbled by their loyal clientele. Their brand has enjoyed continued growth, most recently opening their second boutique in the Strand Arcade, located on the prestigious ground floor boulevard amongst premiere Australian and international brands.

    Raphael and Joseph’s success is attributed to their impeccable attention to detail, not just with their creations but in every element of their identity, including the charming interior decor of their boutiques, which they design. This attention to detail, mixed with their artisanal abilities, has not gone unnoticed. In the 2014 edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide to Sydney, Raphael Jewellers was the only boutique jewellery brand to be included, seen in their view as the “king of bespoke jewellery”, with their store being described as recreating “the warm luxury of the the the European boutique of the 1900s”.

    The most special thing that defines their brand is that the key processes of design, manufacture and gem setting are all done in-house by their team of master craftsmen, adopting traditional and modern techniques to create magnificent jewellery pieces, meticulously constructed to become heirlooms to noble houses. This transparent visual workspace allows clients to see where their creations develop and experience the look and feel of the time-honoured classic of the jewellery workbench.

    With an uncompromising passion and dedication for the creation of fine jewellery, Raphael and Joseph are proud to say their success has come from producing exquisite, uniquely designed pieces and, more importantly, never compromising on providing the highest levels of service and attention to their discerning clientele.


    Over the years, jewellery styles change and certain pieces succumb to being over-loved and under worn.

    Raphael Jewellers are experts in remodelling existing pieces of jewellery, which are neglected in the abyss, to create new designs more in line with current trends, whilst simultaneously considering the timeless elements which make the Raphael difference. The transformation from dated designs into new personalised pieces is incredible. As custom design is their main specialty, they have worked with many clients to enhance, remodel and recreate old jewellery into exceptional new pieces to reflect an individual’s personality and lifestyle. Many clients are unsure whether their pieces are worth the remodelling effort, but the Raphael team will be able to assess your pieces professionally and advise accordingly. Their in-house designers and master artisans can transform and reinvent an outdated piece of jewellery, or a few pieces, into more modern, beautiful creations.


    Raphael Jewellers offer a range of jewellery repair services.

    Their in-store master artisans can expertly repair and restore your special jewellery piece, including resizing rings, re-tipping claws, repairing broken chains and clasps, replacing missing stones, restringing pearls, polishing and cleaning to bring a new lease of life to your old jewellery.

    Natalie Barney - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    natalie barney


    61 2 9953 8645


    Bonjour jewellery lovers, I’m Natalie Barney.

    My love affair with jewellery began when I was a teenager in France, enamoured with the sparkling pieces in the windows of my town’s jewellery stores. 

    I love harnessing the beauty and energy of natural gemstones to create exquisite jewellery that will awaken your senses, express your uniqueness and form part of your story. 

    My vision is ‘heal the world, one gem at a time’ — from creating meaningful jewellery that positively impacts someone’s life to supporting causes that bring positive change in the world.


    Jewellery designer Natalie Barney is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of coloured gemstones. Le Blog des Bijoux is a gemstone jewellery blog that explores rare and interesting coloured gemstones. It is a fabulous resource for those seeking a coloured gemstone engagement ring, gift, or unique and meaningful gemstone piece.


    Have you ever secretly thought about redesigning or upgrading your engagement ring? You’re not the only one. Many women feel they’ve outgrown their ring and long for one that better reflects their individualism and style.


    Looking to add a splash of red to your jewellery collection? Here are four formidable red gemstones for your consideration…


    Many are drawn to the great colour and prestige of an emerald engagement ring. But before you commit your heart and mind to an emerald, you might like to explore some of its equally stunning but lesser-known green gemstone rivals.

    Lane Gems - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    lane gems


    61 2 9235 2945


    We are a family run business well known for our honest advice and high-quality standards. 

    The origins of Lane Gems & Jewellery date back to 1972, when Christopher Lane began regular buying trips to Colombo, Bombay, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York and Bangkok and quickly became a primary source of imported gemstones in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

    This history and our long-established international relationships give us unequalled access to major markets to source our fully certified inventory of Diamonds, Natural and Unheated Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Aquamarine, Pearls, etc. other fine Gems. (GIA, HRD, Gubelin and GSL).

    Entering the jewellery trade in 1988, after completing his apprenticeship and joining his father in the family business, Cameron Lane successfully added jewellery design and manufacturing to the company's existing activities. Lane Gems & Jewellery specialises in creating unique and individually designed custom made jewellery.

    Before design and manufacturing, we offer expert advice and guidance in the all-important diamond and gemstone selection. Our long-established business is based on referrals and repeated business, and we are very proud of our large and loyal clientele.


    Designing your engagement ring or wedding band is an exciting and special time for every couple. Opting for custom made pieces means having something individual and unique to you. Be inspired by rings we’ve crafted, designs you love or share your ideas, and we’ll guide you through the design process. 


    Choosing the right diamond or gemstone can feel overwhelming. We offer vast experience and peace of mind to help you choose the right stones for your design, expectations and budget. Our long associations with suppliers worldwide give us access to the best stones at the best prices. And all of our stones are sourced from ethical suppliers.


    Lane Gems have been handcrafting jewellery in Sydney for clients all over Australia and the world for over 40 years. Be it for a special occasion, a sentimental keepsake, a special gift or a personal treat, we have the experience in design and manufacture to produce jewellery pieces to suit our client's needs, whether it be sourcing stones and metals for a new piece or the re-modelling of a family heirloom.

    KL Diamonds - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    kl diamonds


    02 9221 1545


    Kalleh Levonian, a third-generation jeweller/gem setter, is the head of KL Diamonds, located in the heart of Sydney's jewellery district. Levonian Jewellery was founded by Kalleh’s late father, Hagop, in 1977. At sixteen years of age, Kalleh started as a gem & diamond setter and has been driving business development and growth. Kalleh has studied various jewellery, diamond setting and gemmology courses throughout the years and continuously strives to develop his skills and techniques using the latest trends & technology.

    The Levonian family’s early passion for intense vivid diamonds spurred the desire to specialise in coloured diamonds and consequently promote them to Australian jewellers when the attention was purely on white diamonds.

    The company carries an extensive range of natural loose coloured diamonds, including Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Cognac, Champagne & Black.

    With a particular interest in Argyle pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, which are highly sought after worldwide, KL Diamonds currently specialises in the supply of pink diamonds ranging from 0.005ct to 4ct in size and 1PP to 7P in colour.

    KL Diamonds believe that the rarity of the Argyle pink diamond marks them as the ultimate expression of luxury and exclusivity. Furthermore, the range of hues and intensities of pink diamonds allows for a more adventurous and contemporary design, using different coloured metals and small white diamonds to complement the colour.

    KL Diamonds are one of the top diamond jewellery manufacturing wholesalers in Australia. We focus on quality handmade pieces using the rarest of diamonds for discerning customers throughout Australia and worldwide. Our in-house jewellery manufacturing workshop lets us create every piece with nothing but quality and precision from start to finish.

    The same passion that helped open our doors in 1977 still exists today, simply a love for rare diamonds.

    Why KL Diamonds

    • Handmade craftsmanship
    • Engagement ring and wedding band specialist
    • Custom made
    • Over 35 years in the industry
    • Wholesale prices direct to retail customers
    • Ethically sourced diamonds
    • Full repair and restoration service
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Free delivery
    • Free valuation
    • A long-standing member of the Jewellery Association of Australia
    • Member of Gemmology Association of Australia


    KL Diamonds prides itself on providing outstanding craftsmanship and approachable service to clients. KL Diamond’s workshop brings together a team of experienced professionals, which means that we can provide an extensive range of services, from supplying loose diamonds to intricate jewellery design and manufacture. 


    KL Diamonds specialise in custom designing jewellery pieces such as diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, etc. The process of custom designing jewellery involves private consultations, where we help transform the idea into reality. We also redesign and remodel existing jewellery, such as heirlooms. 


    At KL Diamonds, your jewellery must never lose its sparkle. Our exceptional customer service offers annual check-ups, including free polishing and plating, to ensure your jewellery is always looking its best. Even the highest quality jewellery may require maintenance over time; by bringing your pieces back to us for a check-up, we can ensure your piece is well looked after.


    • Repairs
    • Remodelling 
    • Resetting stones
    • Re-stringing 
    • Polishing and plating 
    • Jewellery Valuations 
    • Supply of diamonds, gemstones, gold etc.
    • Computer-Aided Design
    • Insurance

    At KL Diamonds, we recognise how valuable your jewellery is to you and therefore promise to provide high-quality craftsmanship and care when working with your special pieces.

    Bunda - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney




    BUNDA Fine Jewels, located in Sydney's iconic Strand Arcade, is an internationally renowned fine jewellery house with exquisite design and craftsmanship.

    We have collections ranging across all gemstone types and metals, meticulously crafted in our Sydney Workshop. We can also provide a bespoke service for individual commission pieces.

    We build your legend stone by stone, from magical gifts and fashion statements to major milestone pieces.


    With decades of experience at the hands of all of our workshop artisans, they not only pride themselves in creating some of the most iconic BUNDA pieces but also strive to produce the best artistry, from the simplest polish to the most technical repair.



    A workshop polish is where you bring your ring(s) in for a detailed setting check, where we identify wear and tear along and check all diamond settings. We then do a full re-polish of the ring to finish as new.


    We recommenced a workshop polish every three years for engagement and wedding rings; however, finer rings with many small diamonds set in the shank we recommend every two years.



    Rings need to be re-sized from time to time as people's finger sizes change. A tight or loose ring is generally not worn due to a lack of comfort and security. Re-sizing is a delicate procedure and something we take great pride in at BUNDA, bringing your ring back to a size that you can comfortably wear while also being secure.



    For diamond or gemstone set rings that are worn daily, there can be a time when one or more claws can bend, wear down or even break. This generally can happen when a ring constantly rubs against leather or, in some cases, metal (think of a zipper inside a handbag).

    The most common cause in this situation is when the claw bends slightly, and the stone can appear loose and have a little rattle. We need to tighten the stone and check all the claws for further damage and possible re-tipping at this stage.



    Pearl re-stringing and cleaning is another important service required periodically, especially with larger Australian South Sea and Tahitian Pearl strands. Over time, a pearl strands knotting will stretch, and the pearls can appear loose, i.e. sliding along the cord.

    Pearl strands can also become dull with perfume and make-up residue, so we clean each pearl during re-stringing.


    For large pearl strands (pearls over 10mm in size), we recommend restringing (Knotted) every 3-5 years.


    As a bespoke couture service, BUNDA attends to every detail: from the first stage of selecting a diamond to crafting the best setting and creating the perfect piece to embody your style, budget, values and vision.

    BUNDA offers this service to express our commitment to you, and it’s a commitment for life.


    Wedding rings can be simple and traditional or whimsical and dramatic like engagement rings. At BUNDA, the most vital distinction is that every ring in the bridal ceremony reflects your taste and story.

    MN Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    mn jewellery


    (02) 9283 4945

    Jewellery design for over 25 years

    Mark Nathan is a 2nd generation jewellery designer from Sydney. His timeless designs have given joy to thousands of Australian and international clients who have bought rings, necklaces, and custom made pieces.

    Visit our Sydney showroom on Castlereagh Street and enjoy a truly personalised shopping experience and jewellery education. For example, clients purchasing a diamond can use an eyeglass and learn the 4 Cs of diamond grading and see examples of each type of stone. 

    All diamonds are GIA certified for authenticity and peace of mind.

    Mark Nathan Jewellery Designer

    Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and luxury jewellery.

    Shop online or by appointment on Castlereagh Street, Sydney

    How to choose a diamond

    Like any other gemstone, choosing a diamond should be a personal decision. Of course, certain factors affect price, like the well-known 4 Cs, but if buying a diamond gives joy, either to oneself or a loved one, the buyer must choose a stone they love.

    Here’s our guide on the 4 Cs, how they affect the stone's value, and useful links to help a buyer decide what they like.

    Diamond Carat Weight

    A common misconception is that a diamond carat refers to its size. A diamond carat is actually how much a diamond weighs with a metric “carat”, defined as 200 milligrams. Each carat can be subdivided into 100 ‘points.’ This allows precise measurements to the hundredth decimal place.


    The cut of the diamond is the most important factor of the 4C’s. A poor cut can make your expensive diamond appear dull and lifeless; a cut too deep makes your diamond appear smaller. An experienced cutter will be able to create sparkle and increase the appearance of clarity and colour grade.

    Diamond Clarity

    Diamond clarity refers to the grading system of both surface and internal imperfections. Surface flaws are called blemishes, whilst internal flaws are called inclusions. Blemishes and inclusions are microscopic, with most unable to be seen by an untrained or unaided eye, and do not affect the diamond’s beauty. After cut, carat and colour, clarity is the least important 4C’s when buying a diamond.

    Diamond Colour

    Diamond colour is the second most important factor to consider when buying a diamond. The rating scale goes from colourless to light yellow or brown (this does not include canary diamonds). The higher the quality, the closer to colourless the diamond becomes.

    Robert Cliff Master Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    robert cliff master jewellers


    02 8850 5445


    Everything at Robert Cliff Master Jewellers is held to exceptional standards. We will ignite your imagination and bring your engagement ring ideas t life.

    Our award-winning designers are committed to their craft, which is then brought to life by our master jewellers.

    Whether you are shopping online or in our showroom, our team is committed to you; we create a fun and relaxing environment for all.


    Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

    Robert Cliff Master Jewellers·We love weddings! And to help you remember this big celebration, we have designed several wedding rings for her to choose from. You can also make a booking to consult on a custom creation too!


    Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

    Robert Cliff Master Jewellers·Love a ring you designed. You'll love that we made it easy! Bespoke rings designed & handmade at Robert Cliff Master Jewellers with love.


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