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Top +25 Landscape Designers in Melbourne

When it comes to landscaping your home, it's important to choose a design that fits both your needs and your budget. That's where landscape designers come in. They can help you create that meets all your requirements without breaking the bank. When choosing a landscape designer, it's important to consider their experience and expertise. Make sure they have a lot of experience working with the type of landscaping you're interested in. For example, if you want a garden with lots of flowers, make sure the designer has plenty of experience creating flower gardens.

If you're thinking about landscape design for your home, it's important to know what types of services landscape designers offer. Landscape designers can help with project conception and design to installation and maintenance. In addition, they have the expertise to create beautiful and functional landscapes that fit your home and lifestyle. If you are ready to start planning for your dream, the following is a list of what you can anticipate receiving from a professional landscape designer.

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    Ultimate List Of Top Landscape Designers in Melbourne

    Seyffer Designs Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    seyffer designs landscaping designers melbourne



    Melbourne Landscape Designer Delivering Stunning Garden And Landscapes Across Victoria

    Director James Seyffer's love and passion for gardens began at Melbourne University's Burnley campus in 2006. Inspired by this platform, James realized his dream of creating live canvasses that captivate and delights his audiences. His drive and passion were soon rewarded after receiving an award at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in 2011. His designs showcase his love for plants, variations in natural textures and hard surfaces.

    • New Landscape Designs
    • Design & Construction
    • Concept Plan
    • Coloured Plans
    • Project Management

    Personalized Landscape Designer Melbourne

    Seyffer Designs brings your landscape to life with our personalized landscape design services. Whether you are looking to transform your overgrown backyard into a perfectly manicured oasis or need some added curb appeal with Melbourne friendly plant selections, we can do it all. Seyffer Designs infuses passion and expertise into everything we do. From beginning to end, we ensure you have clear communication so no questions are left unanswered. Discover more on our blog or contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation for all of your landscape and garden design needs.

    About Us 

    Director James Seyffer's love and passion for gardens began at Melbourne University's Burnley campus in 2006. Inspired by this platform, James realized his dream of creating live canvasses that captivate and delights his audiences. His drive and passion were soon rewarded after receiving an award at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in 2011. His designs showcase his love for plants, variations in natural textures and hard surfaces.

    In addition, James has over a decade of experience as a qualified tradesman in landscape construction and horticulture. This experience cultivated a sound understanding of how to construct aesthetically pleasing landscapes, which are now baked into his design philosophy.

    Lifestyle Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    lifestyle landscaping designers melbourne




    Are you looking to update the look of your property? If so, get in touch with Lifestyle Landscaping!

    Our firm has over ten years of experience in the field of Landscaping. We can handle projects of any size or complexity! We come up with the best designs to suit your budget and needs and undertake projects for both residential and commercial clients. We also handle renovations.


    Since our inception over ten years ago, Lifestyle Landscaping has approached Landscaping with the same outlook - driven by our customers' needs while also being mindful of the surroundings.

    Our range of services includes:

    • Residential and Commercial Landscaping
    • Home renovations
    • Paving
    • Decking

    If you have a project you would like us to undertake, contact us today to have a chat!


    When you contact Lifestyle Landscaping for a project, our team will be with you every step of the way, from the initial planning to the final presentation, to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget and that you are completely satisfied with the results.

    From start to finish, we will be in constant contact with you and work closely with all other involved parties, such as architects, interior decorators or other specialized trades. 

    Contact us today, and let's discuss your project in greater detail. 



    Whether you are looking to liven up your property with a beautiful new view or want to update any part of your existing landscape, Lifestyle Landscaping has the perfect solution for you. We are passionate about Landscaping and stand by our results. 

    No need to worry about the cost; our services are suited to all budgets. Call us today to discuss your vision!


    Lifestyle Landscaping is regarded as a leader when it comes to creating breathtaking landscapes on time and within budget.

    Over the years, we have developed an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers who all praise our client-focused approach to our business. From contemporary and abstract to period or heritage, we design and build gardens and landscapes to meet your needs and complement your properties. 

    Contact us today for a site visit, where we will provide you with a comprehensive quote free of charge.

    Borland Architecture Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    borland architecture landscaping designers melbourne



    For the most creative, knowledgeable and approachable architects in Brighton, talk to the award-winning professionals at Borland Architecture.

    Designing a home is an exciting but daunting challenge. It could be the largest personal investment of time, energy and money you'll ever make. 

    Borland Architecture provides a team of award-winning, innovative architects in Brighton who recognize the need for a modern design solution - one that puts you at the centre of the planning process and ensures the designs you love will become the home you dreamed of. That means listening carefully, presenting the best options, assisting with government approvals and helping builders faithfully bring designs to life.

    At the heart of our business is the love of architecture. Our passion for urban design has helped us reach great heights individually as we've worked on award-winning designs for some of Australia's most respected and lauded architecture firms. But in our opinion, being able to deliver a beautiful design isn't enough. By contributing to other phases of design and planning, we maximize opportunities and minimize costs during subsequent stages of development.

    By working closely with builders, local authorities and contractors, we've made Borland Architecture a truly holistic design service. We'll provide an exhaustive feasibility service that surfaces potential issues but also presents exciting opportunities. After presenting beautiful architectural designs, we'll ensure the plans are approved by the local council and translated into precise construction documentation. Then we'll help you find contractors who will stick to plans, times and budgets. Last but not least, we'll ensure your home has the right styling and decorative touches. Our intimate knowledge of the plans helps us deliver ideal Landscaping and interior design solutions. 

    Roger Borland is the principal Architect who will personally design your home. Over the past 15 years, Roger has worked at the country's most respected and lauded architecture firms. This award-winning Architect has emerged as one of Melbourne's most creative, approachable and forward-thinking designers. His meticulous approach to the briefing process, unique creativity and extensive knowledge results in the creation of stunning homes that faithfully reflect the personality and lifestyle of each client. It's difficult to find architects in Brighton who match Roger's ability to guide challenging projects from concept to completion.

    Borland Architecture is a client-focused architectural and interior design practice based in the beautiful beachside suburb of Brighton, Victoria.

    Brighton dual occupancy living space

    Creating architecture with longevity is a challenge we embrace. 

    By focusing on our clients and diving deep into their briefs, we imagine their futures and create spaces that will adapt and align with each episode of their lives. To unlock the true potential of each design, our architecture practice encourages clients to dream and share their aspirations with us in detail. 

    Our role is firstly to listen, then question, then continually challenge our clients, ensuring we squeeze every last drop of inspiration from them. 

    We understand that commissioning a new building is one of life's biggest challenges and comes at a huge financial expense, so we encourage clients to explore and test their ideas. Ideas are cheap to test on paper but very expensive when constructed in stone, concrete or timber, so we continually collaborate with our clients to ensure the right choices are made before committing to the building stage. 

    By understanding where the challenges in design and construction can arise, we tailor our process to focus on those pitfalls early. This transparent approach is designed to ease the stress, allowing the process to be a pleasurable and creative journey. 

    We are passionate designers with a conscience, capturing the best this amazing country has to offer and leaving a legacy that positively impacts the fragile world we live in.

    Hindley & Co Architecture & Interior Design Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    hindley & co architecture & interior design landscaping designers melbourne



    We take the time to understand not only what you want but the deeper reasons why. Then we can design better, tailored living environments that our clients really love. 

    In our practise, we aim to lift the spirit, shift perspective, and amplify the sensory experience. We create spaces that connect you to life, nature, art and the greater whole.

    About us

    Our Architecture aims to lift the spirit and shift perspective. Our Interiors look to amplify the sensory experience and create spaces that connect you to life, nature, art and the greater whole. Our team delivers a holistic approach, creating remarkable outcomes by pushing boundaries whilst maintaining warmth, understanding and sensitivity to you, our client.

    Specialists in: 

    • Mid-century architecture 
    • Heritage overlay renovations 
    • Modernist design 
    • Contemporary design
    • New Minimalism

    The award-winning team at Hindley & Co are unique in its architectural design approach. They view each project as an entire whole - looking not only at the building but the interior design, from finishes through to furniture design and selection, to ensure the final outcome meets the brief. The team have an uncanny ability to bring inside and out together with views, Landscaping and flow, a key component of the overall design. 


    Pre Purchase Advice

    What is your plan to avoid overcapitalizing? How can you decide on your maximum offer if you have no idea what it will take to build or renovate your new home? What if you buy a property and then find out you are not allowed to do what you want to do? What if it is not even possible to make the changes you need to make?

    Design Diagnosis

    Getting the dream outcome you want actually DELIVERED is the ultimate project goal. Finding the right Architect who has a proven process to achieve very specific outcomes is not easy. Most people don't know what each different Architect can do or the process they use. So knowing who is a good fit and what value looks like is almost impossible.

    Before we accept any project, we have a process to get to know each other, so we can both be confident we are the best possible partners.

    Feasibility Study

    At Hindley & Co, we strongly recommend that the right preparatory work is completed before design commences. We want to understand your brief, your budget and your site's possibilities, limitations, and restrictions first, so you don't waste time, money, or energy exploring a design that will ultimately not be feasible.

    This work is included in our Concept Design Stage, but sometimes it is useful to engage an Architect to do this work first, as it will give you a much more realistic idea of what is possible before you commit to more services. The knowledge gained will also enable us to tailor our overall fees to your unique needs, so you won't end up paying for services that are not necessary.

    Concept Design Package

    More information is coming soon...contact us below for more on this service.

    Architectural & Interior Design Services

    We carefully research each unique project to ensure we specify the most appropriate products and construction materials for your needs. We forge a strong working relationship with each builder to make sure your project is built to high standards. Each project is designed with environmental consideration: drawing in natural light, shading through summer, and fully insulated and gap-sealed. We can help you select appropriate solar power, home battery storage, rainwater tanks and other high and low tech environmental solutions. 

    Furniture Selection & Procurement 

    We discuss your brief, if you have a preferred style or pieces, this is your chance to show us what you have in mind. We are able to propose loose furniture pieces, feature lighting, rugs and accessories to complement the design of your home, taking care to ensure they fit beautifully and are a pleasure to use. 

    We prepare a comprehensive schedule and specification for each piece, including custom options, fabrics, materials, finishes, prices, lead times, suppliers, delivery dates and contact information.

    Nick Bennetts Garden Life Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    nick bennetts garden life landscaping designers melbourne



    Nick Bennett's Garden Life Landscape Design for Life

    Delivering the latest designs combined with innovations in lighting, paving and traditional Landscaping. Nick, the owner and mastermind behind Garden Life, shapes ideas of a serene outdoor space into reality, a stunning custom landscape tailored precisely to your needs. From the initial conception of your idea through to the final delivery, Nick will provide any and all services required to create a truly memorable and exciting garden landscape.

    Gardens For The Modern Life

    Drawing on permaculture design, traditional Landscaping and modern innovations in lighting and paving, Nick Bennett creates unique outdoor spaces for the garden lifestyle.

    His work in both the residential and commercial sectors has taken him around the world, beginning in Cape Town over 20 years ago, working alongside a landscape architect innovating and installing 'green roofs'. His work designing and creating liveable courtyards in and around London refined his specialty in small space design, maximizing residential usability in small footprint sites.

    In Melbourne, his more recent work in permaculture has blended aspects of sustainability with traditional landscape design, merging the rustic, natural and messy visual effect of permaculture with the clean lines of traditional landscape design.

    For sites requiring a more traditional approach, Nick has extensive experience in paving, building, lighting and horticulture.

    Lisa Harper Designs Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    lisa harper designs landscaping designers melbourne



    Ready to design your own private sanctuary?

    Turn your exteriors into an oasis at home with beautiful, liveable landscapes that reflect your personal style. Whether you're wandering around your country property, tending your kitchen garden, relaxing in your sustainable native garden, or entertaining family and friends, we'll work with you to design landscapes you'll never want to leave.

    Our in-person and online landscape design services suit customers in Melbourne and around the world.

    Landscape design Melbourne

    We'll bring your dream garden to life.

    Our principal designer Lisa has over 18 years of experience in landscape design. A lifelong nature lover and gardener, Lisa has designed gardens for country properties, heritage estates, hobby farms, and family homes in Australia and overseas. Lisa will work with you, using your ideas and personal style as the basis for elegant, liveable, and serene outdoor spaces.

    Designing exceptional exteriors for over 19 years.

    With nearly two decades' experience in landscape design, our principal designer Lisa will listen to your needs and design exteriors that help turn your dream lifestyle into a reality.

    About Lisa Harper Designs

    Thoughtful, creative landscape design.

    We work with every client to design practical, bespoke outdoor living spaces that perfectly match your personal style and desires.

    We come to you, taking the time to really get to know your outdoor areas so that your landscape design enhances your lifestyle.

    Whether you want to complement your beautiful heritage home, establish a hobby farm, or entertain family and friends, our designs will create an outdoor oasis where you and your family can relax, recharge, and reconnect.


    We combine artistry and functionality to ensure your outdoor living spaces work seamlessly with your home and lifestyle.

    Expert listeners

    We work to deeply understand the needs of you and your family so that we can design spaces that are not only beautiful but elevate your way of living.


    We have over 18 years of experience in landscape design both in Australia and overseas and have been named one of Melbourne's Best Landscape Designers by CMP Stone as one of Melbourne's best Landscape Designers.

    Our philosophy.

    First and foremost, landscape design needs to work for the people who live there. That's why we collaborate with you to understand your needs, your personal taste, and the potential of your space to deliver beautiful, functional exteriors you'll never want to leave.

    Our process.

    Our principal designer Lisa will meet with you to understand your ideas, style, and dream lifestyle. We'll get to know your property and discuss potential options with you. Then, we'll shape your ideas into a beautiful, practical landscape design that you can use with your preferred contractor.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Landscape Designers Melbourne

    Landscape architects must be prepared to work on large projects such as public spaces, and be knowledgeable about issues such as grading, constructing structures and drainage. A landscape designer, on the other hand, typically has more knowledge in different aspects of gardening and specialized plant knowledge.

    Contact your friends, family, and local nurseries to get local recommendations. Interview two or three local landscape designers. Ask them about their design process and discuss any concerns you have about the project. See if they are a good fit for you personally.

    Landscape architects design attractive and functional public parks, gardens, playgrounds, residential areas, college campuses, and public spaces. They also plan the locations of buildings, roads, walkways, flowers, shrubs, and trees within these environments.

    No prior qualifications are usually needed, but some students take RHS courses before, during or after garden design courses to boost their horticultural knowledge. Many garden design students are career-changers or retraining after a break

    Landscape architects are taking the lead and there is also a growing trend in the revitalisation cities and also projects addressing climate change issues which has, in turn, increased the demand for landscape architects.

    Mark Browning Landscape Design Melbourne

    mark browning landscape design melbourne



    Award-winning Landscape Design Studio in Southeast Melbourne

    Mark Browning Landscape Design

    Mark Browning Landscape Design believes in the core philosophy of utilizing natural materials and sustainable planting. Every garden design is an artistic collaboration of both hard and soft landscape materials, balancing aesthetics with nature to bring forth the natural wonders and beauty of an entire landscape. There is no exact formula for creating beautiful garden designs because it is nature's recipe, an art guided by the hardworking hands of landscape designers and gardeners. It takes good imagination and broad experience to create successful and award-winning landscape designs using sustainable materials and sensible design principles, and this is something that Mark Browning Landscape Design has been doing for so many years.

    We understand the needs and requirements of our customers, and our workmanship is always designed to suit your lifestyle and give you the dream garden that is more than what you have imagined it would be. From concept to completion, we collaborate our creative skills, experience, and broad knowledge to inspire each other in creating award-winning and unmatched beautiful landscaped gardens for our customers.

    Your garden is your haven and your peace of mind, and we are here to make your dream garden a reality.

    Mark Browning Landscape Design is a Landscape Design Studio in Southeast Melbourne

    Formerly Cycas Landscape Design, Mark Browning Landscape Design has been operating for 16 years, providing landscape design services. Along with landscape design, Mark Browning Landscape Design incorporates a number of other services related to the landscape industry, including materials selection advice and sourcing. Since entering the landscape design scene in Melbourne, Mark Browning Landscape Design has enjoyed great success with its projects. Some of Mark Browning Landscape Design's gardens have featured on houses that have won noteworthy awards, and Mark Browning Landscape Design has been a keen participant in the garden show and festivals arena.

    Our reputation as landscape designers has been enhanced by winning a Silver medal at 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2017 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Shows, the "W.A. Comeadow" Gold Award for outstanding design at the 2004 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and Gold medals at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

    At the 2007 Chelsea Flower Show in London, Mark Browning, Landscape Design, was invited to design the Flemings and Trailfinders Australian Garden. Constructed by Kiama Landscapes, the show garden showcased Melbourne culture, outdoor living and architecture whilst highlighting the need for trees in the urban landscape. All materials used in the construction were shipped from Melbourne, whilst plants were sourced in the UK, Italy and Spain. The garden was awarded a Silver Gilt in the Show Garden category, the second-highest award available.

    Mark Browning Landscape Design prides itself on sustainable and sensible design principles, and we encourage our clients to strike a balance between both hard and soft landscape treatments, thereby minimizing their carbon footprint and hence doing their part by cooling the environment starting in their own backyards. At Mark Browning Landscape Design, we believe the planting of trees in the landscape is a positive and argue that a treed garden is not only good for our environment but has positive implications for property values and proven social benefits for family life in general.

    In relation to hard landscape practice, at Mark Browning Landscape Design, we encourage natural stone materials and, in particular materials that are often byproducts of quarrying such as the use of aggregates and random paving materials. When man-made products are desired, we encourage using materials manufactured by companies with sound environmental credentials.

    As far as soft landscape is concerned, we always recommend mulching, whether it be through organic means or using gravels and aggregates usually comes down to aesthetics. Materials such as pebbles sourced from Asia are discouraged.

    Water, of course, is of paramount importance as our climate warms and gets drier. At Mark Browning Landscape Design, we are proactive with the use of harvesting both rain and grey water. Our philosophy is to make the end user responsible for their needs. Naturally, the volume of water stored or grey water system in place needs to be appropriate to the needs of the individual garden, where the ability to harness water is more limited, we encourage more drought tolerant plantings.

    Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture

    nathan burkett landscape architecture



    Timeless Landscape Design By One Of Melbourne's Most Admired Landscape Architects.

    Nathan Burkett has forged a reputation for his elegant and understated landscape and garden design, which integrates brilliantly with existing architecture and sites. His award-winning gardens have been featured at the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden. 

    Nathan and his team create exceptional gardens and outdoor spaces enjoyed by clients across some of Melbourne and Australia's most exclusive postcodes.

    Our holistic approach to Landscaping means everything is taken care of for you, from concept design to implementation and even garden aftercare.


    Landscape Design

    Design is central to everything we do at NBA. We create designs that respond brilliantly to the site and brief to deliver exquisite outdoor spaces that enhance lifestyle.

    With each project, we bring our vision, experience, and a fresh set of eyes. Our design process begins with three phases: consultation, concept design and design development. This way, we methodically explore the requirements for your project to achieve a design you will enjoy for years to come…Learn more

    Landscape Construction

    Our execution of your design is equally as important as the design itself. Through implementation, we see it come to life, ensuring every detail achieves the intended effect.

    We use sustainable, innovative construction processes to minimize disruption to your daily life. We will work with you through the process of preparing detailed costings, project planning and construction implementation. Our conscientious and experienced construction team will execute your project to the highest standards.

    Throughout each step of construction, we remain in constant dialogue to ensure all details are constructed with accuracy and to deliver the highest quality of workmanship and care…Learn more

    Garden Maintenance

    We are careful to design gardens that are easy to maintain, but longevity is vital. Clever maintenance tends to the form, health and shape of your plantings while also keeping your hardscapes neat and tidy.

    We can curate a tailored garden maintenance program that sees your design grow more valuable and beautiful with age. As part of this service, we regularly check in with gardeners and horticulturists to ensure your design is realized with maturity.

    Bloom Design and Landscaping Melbourne

    bloom design and landscaping melbourne



    Who We Are

    "By providing high-quality residential landscapes, Bloom Design and Landscaping has become a trusted partner of homeowners in and around both Sydney and Melbourne. Our team of experienced designers, architects, horticulture specialists and landscapers have worked together towards changing the way Landscaping used to be, creating numerous perfect client-centric landscapes."

    Problem Solving

    When it comes to solving garden problems, enhancing outdoor spaces, and adding practical elements, Bloom Design and Landscaping have fresh ideas and approaches to undertake any outdoor area. This is why we've gathered great landscaping solutions for bringing in nature into your yard.

    Inspiring Spaces

    We consider every landscaping project, be it big or small, an opportunity to create inspirational living spaces. Our techniques are superior, our designs unique, and we have a team of skilled individuals who can transform your surroundings into a magical world. We work towards creating that perfect affordable outdoor living space to make the whole experience a rewarding one for our valued clients.

    Our Process

    Support & Guidance Every Step Of The Way

    Whether it's a new project or a renovation, taking on a landscape improvement project can be an overwhelming task. Our simple, clear-cut and systematic approach will take you from the initial consultation to going through the designs, planning the project, completing the construction and finally, maintaining your landscape.


    The first step is to have a face-to-face discussion on your site with one of our consultants at Bloom Design and Landscaping. We take a look at your outdoor space and see how it sits with your home so that we know to configure your different elements, so they work the best. We'll seek to understand your preferences and the space available for accomplishing them. We also discuss other aspects of your outdoor space that, including the design ideas, structural Landscaping, horticultural materials, etc. and give advice on council requirements specific to your project. Once we have a complete understanding of your brief, we can give an estimate of the project.

    Landscape Design

    Once we have a full understanding of your needs, have come out to see the space, and have discussed with you what your ideas and preferences are, we get into the actual designing of the plan. We prepare an initial concept design based on the brief that was discussed during your consultation. This full-colour concept plan will contain the proposed layout and include all the key design elements. We will also include the total project budget estimate for the initial concept. If necessary, 3D images or a short video is prepared to explain the concept design ideas. Examples can be found here and here.


    Once the concept plan and construction quotation have been approved by you, the final construction detailed drawings and relevant council approval is finalized in preparation for construction. Once approved, work can commence on your site.


    Once your Bloom Design and Landscaping construction design plan and approvals are in place, the tender process will start. Our preferred builder is Devakon Pty Ltd. With expert project management, we'll see that it's completed on time and to the highest of standards.

    Completion & Final Handover

    Once the project is completed, you are ready to enjoy your new landscape with your family and friends. You can provide feedback or address any further questions you may have.


    Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect solution. We can schedule a regular maintenance service programme for you, or you can book a service any time you need.

    Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping

    melbourne’s finished concrete and landscaping




    In July of 2017, Adrian Di Pierro, owner and operator, founded Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping. Adrian considers cordial relationships between clients, employees, and vendors to be a crucial factor in the success of his business. At Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping, building and sustaining customer loyalty and trust is a vital aspect of all business interactions. With ten years of industry experience, Adrian and his team are adept at capturing the client's core vision and transforming it into a work of art.

    Finished Concrete and Landscaping of Melbourne are proud to be Melburnians. They take pleasure in the execution and completion of high-quality work across a variety of landscape construction domains. Finished Concrete and Landscaping in Melbourne specializes in a variety of commercial and residential construction services, including concreting, Landscaping, excavation, timber structures, paving and tiling, rockwork, retaining walls, and irrigation systems, among others. Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping, headquartered in North Melbourne, serves the entirety of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.



    Exposed aggregate, coloured concrete, polished concrete, concrete stairs, civil infrastructure concrete, curbs, footpaths, crossovers


    Garden beds, topping paths, synthetic turf, plants, soil, mulch, landforms, terrain shape, gardening, altering existing designs


    Removal of existing concrete, soil or rocks, site cuts, trenching, tunnels, underground servicing works, site preparation & foundation.

    Timber Structures

    Eco & wooden boards, gates, fences, feature screens, floating platforms, pergolas, stairs, cubby houses, veggie boxes, timber bridges, playgrounds

    Paving & Tiling

    Stone paving, tiling, crazy paving, flagstone, cladding, stepping stones, stack stones, flat stones, limestones, sandstone paving


    Rock placement walls feature rock placement, natural mudstone, rock ledges, waterfalls in gardens, rock beds, and rock banks.

    Retaining Walls

    Resist the pressure of soil with free-standing structures, concrete walls, timber sleepers, brick walls, block walls, and rock walls.

    Water Features

    Active water features, fish ponds, ponds, water fountains, screen water features, free-standing water features, streams

    Synthetic Turf

    Artificial & synthetic grass, vertical wall hedges, artificial plants, artificial rocks, pet grass, golf grass, sports grass, court grass

    Brick & Block Work

    Masonry construction, raised brick garden beds & edging fire pits, fire drums, block walls, wood-fire oven pits, oven pits.

    Irrigation Systems

    Fully computer automated solenoid systems, manual systems, tap-timer systems. Helps grow agricultural crops & maintaining landscapes


    Strip drains, linear drains, pit systems, agricultural drains, flow grates, slotted grates, piping, inlets & outlets.

    Landsculpture Design & Construction-Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    landsculpture design & construction landscaping designers melbourne



    Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services

    Landsculpture Design & Construction has been providing the finest landscaping services to residential and commercial property owners in Eltham, Templestowe, Doncaster, and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

    Contact us to discuss your project requirements. We provide clients in Eltham, Templestowe, and surrounding areas with customized solutions.

    High-End Landscaping Solutions- Eltham, Templestowe, And Doncaster.

    At Landsculpture Design & Construction, we design, construct and maintain your landscape in accordance with your precise requirements and preferences.

    Our team has the most up-to-date tools, the finest materials, and years of experience in designing and constructing exquisite Australian gardens. Whether you desire a traditional or modern outdoor space, you can depend on us to bring your vision to life. We take a custom approach to designing and constructing your garden, producing the desired effects.

    We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and are available to answer any questions.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Extensive industry experience
    • Professional and qualified landscapers
    • Fully insured and registered company
    • Complete landscaping services
    • Original and innovative designs
    • Customized solutions
    • Reasonable pricing
    • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    Fiona Brockhoff Design- Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    fiona brockhoff design landscaping designers melbourne


    Fiona Brockhoff Design is a landscape design practise that offers a personal experience. Our commitment is to design a beautiful and practical garden for each situation.

    Our coastal, country and urban landscapes are distinctively Australian. They are characterized by their simplicity, relationship with the architecture and surrounding landscape, and the strength of the planting design.

    They incorporate local materials and recycled elements where practical and celebrate Australian plants.

    Twenty-five years of landscape design incorporates projects across Melbourne and southeastern Australia.

    About us

    Twenty-five years of landscapes

    During twenty-five years of landscape design, my values have remained consistent; relating the garden to the site and surrounds, building functional spaces that are relevant to the needs of the owners and creating beautiful gardens that are also practical. Only the style and elements used vary with each brief and unique site.

    Learning to observe the landscape and nearby gardens teaches us many things about local conditions and what will thrive. This is one of the most important tools we have to work with and has been critical to my approach to creating sustainable gardens and landscapes. It contributes significantly to minimizing ongoing garden maintenance.

    My partner's landscape construction company, David Swann Landscape Construction, builds most of the gardens, ensuring a high-quality finish. We are also involved in maintenance supervision. The breadth of our projects encompasses small and large gardens in urban, coastal and country settings, mostly in southeastern Victoria, commercial sites and revegetation projects. Many of these gardens have been featured in landscape design books and media as examples of uniqueness.

    Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes Designers Melbourne

    daniel tyrrell landscapes designers melbourne



    About Me

    daniel tyrrell is an award-winning Melbourne garden and landscape designer based in St Kilda. Daniel tyrrell landscapes was established in 2003 and since has forged a reputation as a leader in the design and construction of gardens throughout Melbourne.

    daniel has an individual approach to every garden, seeking to create an ambience between your home and the outdoors. We aim to bring balance back to your outdoor space by showing restraint with the built form and then softening with plants to create an atmosphere that will evoke an emotional connection, changing the way you will see your garden for years to come.

    It is always our aim to ensure all as

    Landscape Design

    Daniel Tyrrell will personally meet you on-site to discuss potential landscape and garden design options in your space. During this initial meeting, every aspect of the project will be discussed, including landscaping ideas, site aspects and issues, budget and your overall wish for the space. Daniel will talk through ideas on how to best approach, utilize and achieve the best design outcome that will suit your needs and wants. It is also the perfect opportunity to assess the site and form a brief for the proposed garden. Following this meeting, one of our team will send through a fee proposal for the design of your garden.

    On-site consultation cost is $200 Inc per hour.

    Landscape Construction

    Daniel tyrrell landscapes have been a leader in landscape design and construction in Melbourne since its inception in 2004. His studio now has a focus on design, and Daniel no longer completes construction in-house. We recommend you use our regular landscape contractors to complete your landscape construction needs. We offer onsite consultation throughout the build to confirm progress, identify issues and make any design changes to ensure the best outcome. 

    Kate Seddon Landscape Design

    kate seddon landscape design




    The Melbourne, Australia-based Kate Seddon Landscape Design aims to design gardens for living in. Integrating design and horticultural knowledge, there is a strong emphasis on planting design and selecting plants and materials suited to the setting, a more environmentally friendly approach to garden design. Projects include courtyards and larger scale landscapes throughout Melbourne's suburbs, the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, the Surf Coast, and interstate. At the beginning of every project, we listen and observe onsite, taking in the architecture, surroundings, site conditions, and household style, in order to learn as much as possible about the client, their needs, and their beliefs. By doing so, we hope to deliver a garden that is truly connected to both the home and the owner and that becomes a place of engagement and pleasure.

    AQL Landscape Design Melbourne

    aql landscape design melbourne



    Landscape Design Melbourne

    Reap the benefits of our years of experience with quality landscape design in Melbourne. Australian Quality Landscapes is dedicated to creating outdoor experiences that truly connect people with their natural surroundings. Our talented landscape designers draw inspiration from all around the world to bring you Melbourne's most stunning landscape designs, and we pride ourselves on providing creative gardens throughout Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, as well as quality landscape design services Australia wide.  

    Horticultural Expertise That Brings Your Garden Together

    With a strong focus on producing sustainable gardens, the environmentally friendly focus of the AQL landscape designer in Melbourne is one of the key elements that sets us apart from all the rest. As a landscape designer that has a passion for native flora, you can trust AQL to build you a garden that will fit perfectly into your local environment. For those who prefer a more international theme in their Landscaping, our vast horticultural knowledge, combined with years of experience with gardens in your local area, means that we can deliver a landscape design in Melbourne that will continue to thrive for many years to come.

    Professional Landscape Designs In Melbourne For Public And Corporate Spaces

    For years, we have worked with local councils, community groups, offices, and schools to create beautiful landscape designs in Melbourne, which are showcased to the public. Our award-winning designs have been featured in both urban and rural environments around the country and continue to showcase the originality of AQL as a landscape designer in Melbourne who is both creative and practical when it comes to planning public spaces. By working with local councils and committing to the production of our designs with all the necessary permits and approvals, you know you can trust AQL as a landscape designer in Melbourne who prides itself on professional ethics and civic responsibility.  

    The Aql Commitment To Excellence In Landscape Design

    Our years of experience and expertise in designing beautiful gardens are backed by our commitment to quality in providing the finest sub-contractors to complete every one of our designs to the highest quality standards. Our responsibility to our customers for quality landscape designs in Melbourne remains from the first quote, all the way through to project completion, to ensure that your design comes to life exactly the way you want it to. At AQL, it is our commitment to excellence that allows us to create the best landscape designs Melbourne and the Yarra Valley have to offer.

    Reinvent Your Home Or Office With Creative Landscape Design Today

    A quality landscape design can instantly improve the ambience of any space, be it private or public. By incorporating the beauty of nature into an outdoor space combined with inspired design, you can create a conduit between humans and their natural surroundings, which makes visitors feel calm and connected to the world around them. Contact AQL for a quotation on providing the best landscape designs in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley today and see how we can transform your outdoor spaces into inspired and creative places for everyone to enjoy.  

    Why Us

    • Trust Worthy
    • 40 Years+ Experience
    • Multiple Awards
    • Environment Friendly

    Ian Barker Gardens Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    ian barker gardens landscaping designers melbourne



    Creating beautiful, functional and timeless gardens

    Our complete in-house landscape service allows us to manage the entire process of creating your dream garden,

    ensuring you have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

    Landscape Design

    The design team at Ian Barker Gardens will work with you to create a tailored landscape design that is as unique as you.

    Landscape Construction

    The experienced landscape construction team at Ian Barker Landscapes will bring your garden designs to life.

    Garden Maintenance

    In trusting Ian Barker Gardens with your garden maintenance, you can be assured your garden is being nurtured, protected and cared for by the right people.

    Ian Barker Gardens Is A Landscape Design, Construction And Garden Maintenance Company Based In Canterbury, Victoria. Founded By Ian Barker In 1996,

    The Ian Barker Gardens team has a wealth of experience and knowledge, offering you a level of professionalism unsurpassed in the landscaping industry. Our complete in-house service allows us to manage the entire process of creating your dream garden, ensuring you have a stress-free and enjoyable experience. We understand that every client has different needs. So, whether you're looking for an entire landscape solution, a brilliant garden design, construction works or regular garden maintenance, Ian Barker Gardens will work with you to create a beautiful, functional and timeless garden that you will love waking up to.

    Luma Landscapes by Lachie Anderson Designers Melbourne

    luma landscapes by lachie anderson designers melbourne



    Garden & Landscape Design Melbourne

    Luma Landscapes by Lachie Anderson focuses on designing beautiful and functional gardens for varying styles and needs.

    Founded in 1995 and based in Kooyong, we provide a design and construction service that matches the architecture of your home with the desired function and look of your garden. Former clients regularly recommend us, providing a true reflection of the quality of work we carry out.

    Our designs are based around defining space through a cohesive blend of beauty and function. These are married together with the clever use of timber decks and paving, planting, retaining walls, and the placement of pools and water features to create a breathtaking landscape.

    We provide a holistic service starting with a landscape design consultation, landscape design, garden design, landscape construction, and finally, garden maintenance. You deal with the same person throughout the whole process, ensuring a consistent and streamlined approach.

    The Luma Landscapes Difference

    At Luma Landscapes, it all begins with you. We want to listen to your ideas, preferences, budget and needs before we start the exciting process. We place the focus on creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space to complement your home with you in mind.

    Rather than be restricted by trends, we aim to bring a garden design to life that reflects you, the architectural style of your home and the site conditions. From concept to the finished product, you'll be working alongside the same person throughout the process. This helps ensure that the journey is smooth and cohesive, and you end up with a garden to enjoy, and that will continue to evolve and thrive.

     Our Approach

    We take a client-focused approach to each project, aiming to build a harmonious connection between your home and garden. We're passionate about bringing your ideas to life with the use of carefully selected materials, greenery and features to help enrich the space.

    We believe that both beauty and function should be considered and used synchronously. We take your ideas, needs and budget into consideration to help bring it all together. We love being part of it all – we'll oversee the entire process, from the concept to the design and architecture to the landscaping construction and maintenance.

    Whyte Gardens Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    whyte gardens landscaping designers melbourne



    Landscape Construction By Whyte Gardens

    For professionals, it's all in the details.

    Our experience gained over the past 25 years allows us to avoid the most common mistakes some landscapers make in the construction of their projects. Ultimately it comes down to focusing on the following key points:


    Our in-house team of landscapers and specialist contractors are experienced and deliver work to a high standard, with proven results. We go the extra mile, and you'll see it in the little things we do, like running a clean site, careful scheduling of work and suppliers, and our team's skill in handling your enquiries.


    We ensure no contract is signed until every drawing and every permit are complete. We consult the engineer, the building surveyor, and others, so we have confidence that your project will comply with every code. During the design phase, our landscape architects and the project manager consult with one another over your project to ensure nothing is missed. Our systems have been set up on several software platforms and in-house systems to ensure you are serviced in the manner you expect.

    Registered Builder

    As Registered Builders, we guarantee high-quality construction and comply with all local and national standards and codes. Our experience in the landscaping industry provides us with the knowledge to handle all landscape construction situations. We pride ourselves on achieving the best result for our clients, one that is of high quality, on time and on budget.


    Things only go wrong through a lack of communication. So we keep you informed of the job's progress and ensure you have the right expectations at every stage. We explain such details as to why an automated gate for a driveway can only start being fabricated once the piers or posts are in place, and only then can we measure it accurately. We believe in open channels of communication where you can feel free to ask anything about any aspect of your job at any time.


    The final key ingredient in a successful construction is liaison with other contractors, such as pool builders for example. When installing a pool as part of your project, we maintain a close relationship with the pool builder and manage every aspect of the installation to ensure the best outcome for you. Often, we will excavate the site for our needs and then hand it over to the pool builder to excavate for theirs. Once they pour the concrete shell, we come back to carry on our work, but once they start tiling, we may leave again to allow them free access to complete the tiling and install pipeworks. We will also liaise with them on such things as electrical work. We pride ourselves on the great working relationships we have with specialty contractors and suppliers to ensure we always deliver a professional outcome.

    You can rest assured that as we handle everything about your landscape project, from design through to construction, we can make sure your garden ends up just how you dreamed it would.

    Normark Landscapes Designers Melbourne

    normark landscapes designers melbourne



    Melbourne Landscape Design Specialists

    Established in 1977, we are a second-generation family business specializing in landscape design and construction across Melbourne.

    The Normark philosophy is to provide a seamless client experience, overseeing the complete garden design process – from landscape design and architecture through to landscape construction and garden maintenance.

    From inner-city Melbourne courtyards to large commercial open spaces, Normark will deliver.

    Landscape & Garden Design Melbourne

    The Normark journey begins with design with all the elements to consider in a garden the design process is crucial to achieving a successful connection between your lifestyle and home, providing a platform for diligent planning and considered decision making.

    Embracing the requirements of your client brief, our team will join the dots and drive the creative direction as the design evolves.

    Initial Landscaping Consultation

    The journey begins with a site meeting to discuss your brief and assess the existing conditions. This will allow us to provide a landscape design proposal at the conclusion of this meeting.

    Design Concept

    A plan view landscape design is presented detailing planting options, material selections and an image mood board.

    Design Documentation

    Once finalized, the design can be developed into working drawings for construction. This will document elevations, site levels, and construction specifications along with planting, lighting and irrigation plans.

    Experienced Melbourne Landscapers

    We're breaking away from the stereotype of unreliable trade service. As your project progresses to construction, our client focus is reaffirmed, continuing a seamless landscaping experience.

    At Normark, communication is key. We devise a detailed production plan with you, providing a progress report with every step of the way.

    We value quality. Uncompromising attention to detail combined with our responsibilities as a registered builder will ensure you the leading service we are renowned for in the Melbourne landscaping industry.

    We are all about exceeding client expectations and providing a seamless, enjoyable construction experience.

    Evergreen Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    evergreen landscaping designers melbourne


    Landscaping Services Melbourne

    We can help you design your ideal yard based on your specifications, or we can provide suggestions for what will look good in your area. Numerous design elements can be borrowed from other gardens and incorporated into your own.

    Our Service

    Our core competencies include superior craftsmanship, skilled staff and designers, and a work ethic geared toward optimizing your workspace.

    Using Native & Local

    We aim to use local plants where possible that thrive in our local environment.

    Retaining Walls

    Send us your project details & we can quote them.

    Landscaping Melbourne

    We go above and beyond for every project!

    Proper Planning

    Any endeavour we undertake requires extensive planning and coordination. From communicating with clients about layout designs, planting schedules, and paver colours, everything must adhere to a standardized procedure to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that all aspects of the job description are met and, in some instances, exceeded.

    To get started, please visit our section on Undertaking of Works.

    Repeat Business

    We are aware that a significant portion of our business comes from customer referrals and repeat business. This is where the majority of our business comes from! We understand that if you complete a job correctly and within the customer's specifications, they will refer you to their friends, so it's vitally important to us that the quality of our work is maintained on every job.

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