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Top-Rated Freight Management Software in Australia: A Detailed Review

Discover the best in logistics technology with our list on 'Top-Rated Freight Management Software in Australia: A Detailed Review.' In this insightful guide, we delve into the most acclaimed software solutions revolutionising freight management across Australia.

Each review offers an in-depth analysis of features, user experience, and cost-efficiency, providing a clear picture of how these tools can enhance your supply chain. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, our guide helps you make an informed decision in selecting a software that aligns with your logistics needs and goals.

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    Cario introduces a next-level freight management experience, focusing on the needs of modern Australian businesses. The platform is engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, offering a blend of simplicity and advanced functionality. Cario's software is particularly noted for its scalability, ensuring that it grows alongside the businesses it serves. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for companies of all sizes looking to optimise their freight operations.

    Services Offered:

    • Seamless System Integration: Easily integrates with existing business systems.
    • Adaptive Scalability: Grows with the business, accommodating expanding needs.
    • Advanced Functionality: Offers sophisticated features for freight management.
    • Business Growth Support: Ideal for companies of varying sizes.
    • Efficient Supply Chain Management: Aims to enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

    Phone: 1300 822 746
    Address Sydney Office: Unit 10, 1 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
    Address Melbourne Office: 11 – 15 Smeaton Ave, Dandenong South, VIC 3175

    1-Stop Connections

    1-Stop Connections Pty Ltd, operating through its website, specialises in creating software solutions aimed at simplifying supply chain workflows. Their focus is on enhancing productivity and ensuring the smooth operation of delivery businesses. 

    The company offers a range of software solutions designed for the global freight and logistics community, covering various aspects of the supply chain from shipping and ports to road and rail. These solutions are tailored to maximise operating efficiency throughout the supply chain.

    The services offered by 1-Stop include:

    • Operations: Providing integrated capabilities and industry-specific products to streamline operations.
    • Tracking: Offering solutions for tracking shipments and logistics.
    • Security: Ensuring secure operations in the supply chain.
    • Payment: Facilitating payment processes within the supply chain.

    Phone: 1300 881 055

    BCR Australia

    BCR Australia Pty Ltd, accessible at, is a prominent international and domestic freight forwarding company and third-party logistics (3PL) provider. With a rich history dating back to 1892, BCR has established itself as a family-run and owned company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. They specialise in offering customised solutions across every aspect of the supply chain, including freight forwarding, logistics, and customs-related services. 

    BCR's commitment to providing outstanding customer service is evident in their high customer satisfaction levels, and they operate with a focus on trust and transparency, delivering expertly-crafted solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

    BCR's range of services includes:

    • Freight Forwarding Services: Expertise in sea freight, air freight, and domestic coastal shipping within Australia.
    • 3PL & Warehousing Services: Offering warehousing and distribution solutions, tailored to the needs and growth strategy of clients.
    • Customs Services: One of the oldest and most pre-eminent Customs Brokerages in Australia, providing services like Customs Brokerage, Customs Consultancy, Tariff concession applications, duty drawback, compliance, and Australian Trusted Trader accreditation.

    Phone: 1300 663 227

    Classic Informatics

    Classic Informatics, located in Sydney, Australia, is a top development agency specialising in end-to-end product engineering for startups and enterprises. They assist in ideating, building, and growing high-quality web and mobile applications, offering a range of services including outsourcing product development, building dedicated agile teams, and hiring top-notch remote developers. 

    Classic Informatics prides itself on infusing technical expertise with design thinking, enabling businesses to transform their operations and create user-centric products and solutions.

    The services offered by Classic Informatics include:

    • Web Development: Specializing in front-end, backend, and full-stack technologies for web and application development.
    • Product Development: Dedicated teams for enhancing existing products or creating new ones from scratch.
    • Mobile Development: Designing optimal user experiences for mobile applications.
    • Enterprise Development: Custom enterprise application development from conceptualization to launch.
    • eCommerce Development: Digital application development for business ideas and services.
    • CMS Development: Content management solutions including processing, storage, and delivery.
    • Web & Mobility Solutions: Tailored web development and mobility solutions.
    • Digital Marketing: Solutions to boost sales, drive traffic, and convert leads.
    • Application Development: Transforming enterprises with robust applications.
    • BI Solutions: Providing insights through complex data analysis.
    • Software Maintenance: Safekeeping ongoing software projects.
    • Migration & Modernisation: Modernising applications with new-age features.

    Phone: +61 02 9006 1053

    Ritzy Solutions

    Ritzy Solutions, based in Melbourne, Australia, specialises in providing software solutions for logistics and freight forwarding, inventory control and accounting, as well as real estate management. Their expertise lies in designing and developing user-friendly, cost-effective software solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients.

     Ritzy Solutions is committed to delivering high-quality results, simplifying complex processes, optimising operations, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Their latest offering, Ritzy 6.9, now features web access, allowing users to access the software via a web browser on various devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and desktops, across different operating systems.

    The services offered by Ritzy Solutions include:

    • Ritzy Shipping: A comprehensive logistics and freight forwarding system for air, ocean, and land, handling full transaction life cycles.
    • Ritzy Comfort: An accounting and inventory control system integrated with a flexible property management system for property managers and owners.
    • Ritzy Real-Estate: A real-estate accounting system offering robust property management solutions.


    Fred's Interstate Transport

    Fred's Interstate Transport, operating through its website, specialises in providing comprehensive interstate freight services across Eastern Australia. They focus on delivering full truckload (FTL) freight services to both metropolitan and regional locations.

    In addition to their primary service of interstate freight, Fred's Interstate Transport offers a range of other logistics solutions. They are committed to ensuring efficient and reliable transportation of goods, backed by a team of experienced professionals and a robust fleet.

    The services offered by Fred's Interstate Transport include:

    • Interstate Freight Services: Regular FTL freight services are available throughout Eastern Australia, covering both metro and regional areas.
    • Supply Chain Advice: Conducting Supply Chain Reviews to Optimise current operations.
    • Warehousing & Distribution: Local distribution options to ensure timely delivery of products.
    • Third Party Logistics (3PL): Catering to logistics specialists, freight brokers, or loading agents, focusing on competitive pricing and reliable partnerships.

    Phone: (02) 9755 1869

    iHub Logistics

    iHub Logistics, accessible at, is a company specialising in waste logistics software designed to propel businesses into the digital era. Their advanced, cloud-based fleet management software is tailored to simplify fleet management, offering a comprehensive solution for vehicle tracking, field service management, document compliance management, and supply chain management. 

    iHub Logistics' software is particularly beneficial for Australian businesses, providing a complete cloud-based solution for logistics management needs, from warehousing and distribution to order fulfillment. The software aims to save labour by reducing duplicate handling and streamlining logistics management, including GPS tracking, employee compliance management, and integrated sales with a payment gateway.

    iHub Logistics offers a range of services, including:

    • Fleet Management Software: Efficient route planning, scheduling, and real-time GPS tracking to reduce idle time and fuel consumption.
    • Waste Management Software: Responsible disposal with easy access to recycling facilities and pickup on demand technology.
    • Logistics Management Solutions: Comprehensive suite of tools for dispatching, route planning, driver performance monitoring, and more.
    • Total Data Security: Secure storage of personal and financial data, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
    • WasteVantage Mobile Device App: Streamlining disposal processes with secure bin booking, waste data tracking, and analysis.

    Phone: +61429966184

    TradeWindow Freight

    TradeWindow Freight, featured on, offers a modular and fully integrated international logistics industry software solution. This comprehensive, powerful, and flexible system is designed to optimise operations, providing superior control and visibility at each stage of the supply chain – from order placement to goods delivery. 

    Equipped with integrated accounting functionality, TradeWindow Freight aims to reduce the costs, errors, and delays associated with manual processes. Recognising the critical nature of IT system reliability and functionality in the International Logistics industry, the team focuses on the intelligent application of technology to maximise efficiency and productivity gains.

    TradeWindow Freight offers a variety of modules, including:

    • Accounts Module: Multi-branch, multi-currency with general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cashbook, and asset register.
    • Customs Declaration Module: Manages jobs from documentation receipt to the return of the empty container and job closure.
    • Freight Module: Operational management for import/export/sea/air shipments, enhancing financial control and customer service.
    • Order Tracking Module: Efficient management of clients’ orders from initiation to delivery with real-time tracking.
    • Container Freight Station Module: Caters to Export and Import processes performed by a Container Freight Station, integrated with TradeWindow Freight Accounts.
    • Transport Local Module: Job registration, assignment to vehicles and drivers, invoicing, statistics, job profitability, and integration with mobile and internet applications.
    • Warehouse Module: Fully integrated software suite for warehouse management, automatically processing all accounting transactions.



    Oracle, accessible at, is recognised for its comprehensive suite of cloud applications and cloud platform services. The company has been acknowledged as one of the world's best employers by Forbes, excelling in categories such as talent development and workplace diversity. Oracle's APEX platform recently won the InfoWorld Technology of the Year award in the Software Development Platforms category, highlighting its forward-thinking capabilities and vision. 

    Oracle is also involved in supporting various causes and initiatives, including standing with Israel against terrorist attacks and matching employee contributions to support emergency medical services in the country.

    Oracle offers a range of services, including:

    • Cloud Applications: A complete suite of cloud applications that deliver consistent processes and data across businesses.
    • Cloud Infrastructure: An automated, secure platform for migrating enterprise workloads and building new cloud-native apps.

    Phone: 1300 366 386

    Project Cargo Weekly 

    Project Cargo Weekly (PCW), accessible at, is a specialised platform focusing on the project shipping and forwarding industry. The website is dedicated to providing personal interviews with professionals in project forwarding and shipping, offering insights and experiences from industry experts. 

    PCW also features a roundup of shipping news, trade intelligence, and a selection of wise words, photos, and videos. This content aims to give readers a quick, balanced, and non-biased view of the shipping world, particularly concerning project cargoes. The site is a valuable resource for those interested in the intricacies and dynamics of project cargo shipping and forwarding.

    Services and features offered by Project Cargo Weekly include:

    • Interviews: In-depth interviews with project forwarding and shipping industry professionals.
    • Newsletters: Regular newsletters providing updates and insights into the industry.
    • Videos and Podcasts: Multimedia content offering additional perspectives on project cargo topics.
    • Photolog and Travelog Albums: Collections of photographs and travel experiences related to the industry.
    • Event Information: Details on upcoming industry events and conferences.


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    Yes, many systems can integrate with GPS for real-time location tracking.

    Most providers offer a demo or trial period to test the software.

    Updates depend on the provider but are typically regular to ensure optimal performance.

    Yes, it includes features for efficient capacity planning.

    Most systems are scalable to accommodate business growth and expansion.

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