Early Learning Centres in Melbourne, Victoria

Top 16 Early Learning Centres In Melbourne [2022]

It can be a very stressful experience trying to select the best early learning centre for your child.

There is a huge selection available, and each one asserts that they are the very best option. 

The question now is how to determine which option is best for your family.

Fortunately, Melbourne is home to a variety of excellent early learning centres that will cater to all of your requirements. The following is a selection of some of our favourites.

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    Ultimate List of Early Learning Centres Melbourne

    Oakleigh Grammar - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    oakleigh grammar - Early Learning Centres


    (03) 9569 6128 

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School Yes 
    Boarding School No
    Course Range K - 12
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students 900 
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fee Page:


    Through the years, Oakleigh Grammar has continued to reflect the shifting demographics of the neighbourhoods surrounding it by welcoming and celebrating multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusiveness.

    In the following timeline, several significant dates, landmarks, and moments in Oakleigh Grammar's history are presented that led to the school's current level of success. We will take a trip down memory lane, and we hope you will join us.

    Oakleigh Grammar is one of the best private Christian schools in Melbourne's southeast. It provides an exceptional education to students of both sexes, beginning with early childhood classes and continuing through the senior year.

    Our mission is to cultivate resilient lifelong learners, responsible global citisens, and minds of young people to achieve their full potential.

    Learning at OG

    • Early Learning Centre
    • Junior School
    • Middle School
    • Senior School
    • Learning Enhancement
    • The Arrowsmith Program
    • Co-Curricular
    • Greek Language Centre

    Life at OG

    • Wellbeing
    • Leadership
    • Careers guidance
    • Out of hours care
    • Holiday care
    • Book Lists
    • Uniform
    • Secondhand Shop

    Why OG?

    Our dedicated teaching staff works together and welcomes opportunities for professional development to maintain our educational programs' position at the cutting edge of modern education.

    Small class sizes and additional teaching support ensure that every child's educational needs are met by providing additional challenges for those who are talented and additional support for those who struggle in certain subject areas.

    Our institution makes it a priority to get to know each student personally and places the utmost value on the health and well-being of its pupils. Diversity is cherished, and inclusion is actively encouraged within Oakleigh Grammar's Christian-infused community, which is intentionally multiethnic and celebrates differences.

    The strong sense of belonging to the Oakleigh Grammar School community that we instil in our students is a collective effort.

    St Catherine's - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    st catherine's - Early Learning Centres


    9328 3040

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 4
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students N/A
    School Fees N/A

    Consider, question, argue, and try things out. The children who attend the St. Catherine's Early Education Centre will develop a wide variety of skills and qualities, including those listed above (Childcare).

    From the very beginning, one of our primary goals has been to assist children through all of the life changes that occur during childhood.

    To acknowledge the singularity of each child and the significance of play in the development of children is central to our mission. We will be committed to working in partnership with families to provide exceptional education and care within an environment that is welcoming and embraces diversity and the local community.

    Our highly specialised curriculum options include:

    • music
    • perceptual motor program
    • computer education
    • art
    • road safety
    • excursions and incursions, including visiting performing artists

    Kindergarten Program 

    Kindergarten is an essential first step in building a strong educational foundation for your child.

    St. Catherine's provides a kindergarten program for children aged four years old that runs for the full day, five days per week. A competent kindergarten educator will plan and carry out a rigorous educational program to encourage the growth of each child based on the specific requirements of the child as well as the child's particular areas of interest.

    Activities will include:

    • painting, drawing
    • collages, pasting
    • clay moulding
    • sand and water play
    • puzzles
    • books 
    • block-building, construction activities 
    • movement and dance
    • sensory experiences
    • science
    • story/discussion time

    City Kids - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    city kids - Early Learning Centres


    03 9034 7095

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 5
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students N/A
    School Fees N/A

    In April of 2010, we at City Kids Early Learning Centre opened our doors for the first time. We began with the vision of providing care and education of the highest possible quality, and that vision has not changed since the day we opened our doors. 

    Not only does this privately owned centre foster a sense of community and belonging for our families, but it does the same for the wonderful staff that we have working here as well. 

    It is thanks to this vision, as well as a strong sense of community and belonging, that City kid has established itself as a prominent early learning centre in the middle of Melbourne.


    • curriculum 0 - 3 years
    • kinder programs
    • quality frameworks


    • Lilly pilly 0 - 1.5 yrs
    • banksia 1.5 - 2.5 yrs
    • waratah 2.5 - 3 yrs
    • blue gum 3 yrs
    • red gum 4 yrs
    • level 1 yard playground
    • rooftop playground
    • virtual tour

    Why Choose Us

    Here at City Kids, we strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment for your child. Because we develop such strong relationships with each family, we can provide the highest level of care for our children and work in conjunction with their families to accomplish this goal.

    Our community makes a strong commitment to the health and safety of children, and we encourage all people to feel at home here. The cultural diversity of both our staff and the families we serve helps to ensure that our centre is an accurate reflection of Melbourne and fosters an engaging learning environment.

    Early Learning Centres FAQs

    Children should attend just one setting wherever possible, and parents should be encouraged to minimise as far as possible the number of education and childcare settings their child attends.

    One of your best options is a daycare, either through a group centre or home daycare. Many centres offer exceptional care with licensed, trained caregivers in an environment where your little one will get valuable socialisation with other kids her age.

    There are two main types of formal out-of-home childcare: day nurseries and childminders. If you think that your child would be better cared for at home, in a familiar environment, you may be better off with a nanny.

    Here's a look at 8 of the most common types of child care.

    • Traditional daycare centre. Most daycare centres provide child care during standard work hours. 
    • In-home daycare. 
    • Nanny. 
    • Shared nanny. 
    • Au pair. 
    • Babysitter. 
    • Relative care. 
    • Preschool.

    Children who participate in early childhood education programs have improved social skills and do better in school. They also learn essential life skills that stay with them forever. Most importantly, preschool is where children have fun in a safe and loving environment.

    Discovery Tree - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    discovery tree - Early Learning Centres


    (03) 9551 0870

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 5
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students N/A
    School Fees N/A

    At Discovery Tree Child Care, our goal is to provide each child with the highest possible quality standard in terms of both educational support and child care assistance. We can accomplish this by providing high-quality, in-depth programs that offer a plethora of opportunities for the discovery, curiosity, wonder, and interest of participants. 

    In addition, we cater to the individuality of each child by catering to their specific needs, personalities, and cultural backgrounds, as well as their particular capabilities and areas of interest.

    We are confident that we can offer a stimulating learning environment because of our cutting-edge facilities and resources, our highly experienced and devoted educators, and the utilisation of a solid foundational management hierarchy. 

    We believe that this combination will allow us to meet the needs of our students most effectively. We are thrilled that you and your family have decided to join us on this wonderful educational adventure.

    Our Rooms

    • Lilly Pilly room – 6 weeks to walking
    • Myrtle room – walking to 2 yrs
    • Bottlebrush room – 2 yrs to 3 yrs
    • Banksia room – 3 yrs to 4 yrs
    • Jacaranda – 4 yrs to 5 yrs


    • Educational
    • Kindergarten

    Why Choose Us?

    • Locally Family Owned and Operated
    • Dedicated Educational Leader
    • State of the Art Child Care Facility
    • Diploma Qualified Staff
    • High-Quality Early Educational Programs

    Fitzroy - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    fitzroy - Early Learning Centres


    03 8390 1133

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 4
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students N/A
    School Fees N/A

    We accept children as young as six weeks old and as old as school age, and we have kindergarten programs for children aged three and four so that we can better prepare your child for the transition to elementary school.

    We provide a setting that is free from danger and is conducive to learning, where curiosity is fostered, ideas are investigated, and discoveries are lauded. The children get to experience the power of learning together in both large and small groups while at the same time continuing to pursue their learning pathways.

    At Fitzroy Early Learning Centre, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. As a result, we are eager to be active partners and create collaborative relationships with the families of our students and the community in which they live.

    What we offer

    • Playground to Plate®
    • The Atelier
    • Early Learning Languages
    • Cooking Classes
    • 3 year old Kindergarten
    • 4 year old Kindergarten
    • Healthy & Nutritious Meals

    3 Bees - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    3 bees - Early Learning Centres


    03 9504 3668

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 5
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students 47
    School Fees Medium 

    Link To School Fee Page:


    We are a Special Child Care Centre

    • 3 Bees Early Learning Centre is a homely and inviting service licensed for only 47 relaxed children per day.
    • 3 Bees ELC offers a flexible number of childcare sessions for families who access the full extent of their child care subsidy (CCS). Full day, full-time, ten and nine-hour sessions are available, and we won't break your bank!
    • The service is family owned and run. We offer a friendly, caring and personal service. You’ll find the owner at the centre most days. Unlike large, corporate-owned childcare centres, you’ll receive individual attention to your needs and concerns from someone who can make an immediate difference.
    • We are open from 7 am to 6.30 pm, Monday - Friday.
    • We focus on YOUR child - what they like or dislike, their needs and wants. Their daily eating and sleeping schedule. We will follow your child's schedule as closely as possible so that the time when they are away from you is as similar as it would be at home. We try to make disruption for your children as minimal as possible. This is how to make a child happy and content, and willing to learn.
    • Situated in a renovated house, the centre has three small rooms and small class numbers. So there are only 47 relaxed children per day. Eight babies, 16 toddlers, and 23 3 - 5-year-old kinder kids. No cavernous rooms. This centre has domestic dimensions, which means your child will feel at home - relaxed, comfortable and happy.
    • Our staff are rostered to the same room year-round to establish stable relationships with each child.
    • All you need to bring is a water bottle, a change of clothes, and nappy cream. We supply all food, nappies, bedding, sun hats, and activities. Everything your child needs to develop into a confident learner.
    • All meals are made freshly in-house by our chef, and we supply - breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a cooked late snack. Our qualified chef cooks with FRESH ingredients from a local butcher and greengrocer. No frozen vegetables, no dehydrated potatoes.
    • We cater for all children. So if you have cultural dietary requirements - we’ll make you welcome. If your child has specific dietary needs - we’ll make you welcome.
    • We are completely inclusive and halal-friendly.
    • We offer weekly music and movement incursions as part of the daily fee. You won’t pay extra.
    • We are a flexible, community-driven centre that focuses on early childhood education and preparation for Primary School.
    • We love helping children learn, and we see that in developmentally advanced children at 3 Bees ELC.
    • Because we are a small centre, we get to know families and children very well and help with developmental changes that can challenge all families. If you have issues with toilet training, challenging behaviours, or anything that makes being a parent confusing - you can come to us and talk about it.
    • Educators stay in each room throughout the year. This contributes to children feeling relaxed and developing close and supportive relationships with the educators. Children and parents will get to know their educators. This helps all of us make your child’s time at 3 Bees ELC as productive and secure as possible.
    • There are some local community events throughout the year to help you meet and know other families. We run school transition evenings when local primary school teachers come to talk about primary school and what their school offers. We have special people's days (mother’s, father’s and grandparent's days), working bees and barbecues throughout the year so we can all get together on a weekend morning and chill, chat and communicate.

    Jumbo Early Education - Early Learning Centre Melbourne 

    jumbo early education - Early Learning Centres


    1800 232 795

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 4
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students N/A
    School Fees N/A

    Children as young as six weeks old and as old as four years old enrolled in the kindergarten program at Jumbo Early Education receive high-quality long-day care and early learning education.

    To extend and enrich children's growth and development, our qualified and enthusiastic educators integrate emergent child curriculum, inquiry learning, play-based learning, and intentional teaching.

    We are pleased to introduce you to the friendly and encouraging atmosphere that permeates our team.


    • Childcare
    • Kindergarten

    Bridge Road - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    bridge road - Early Learning Centres


    03-9543 5099

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 5
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students N/A
    School Fees Medium

    Link To School Fee Page:


    At the Bridge Road and Monash Vale Early Learning Centre, our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with your family to foster your child's growth and learn while enrolled in our programs.

    We hope to instil a love of learning and a sense of curiosity in your child through the use of co-constructive instruction. This will be supported with knowledge based on theory, the national quality framework, diverse communities, natural environments, and outdoor space as an additional teacher.

    At our centre, the teachers and educators treat every family with care and attention, keep the families informed, and share important milestones.

    Our Qualifications

    Our teachers and educators have the following qualifications:

    • First Aid and CPR
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Asthma
    • Child Protection
    • Nutrition and Food Safety
    • Curriculum development and training in the Early Years Framework
    • Positive interactions with children

    * A Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood, a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Diploma in Children's Services, and a Certificate 3 in Children's Services

    Childcare Subsidy

    The new Child Care Subsidy, abbreviated CCS, will take the form of a single payment that is made directly to the child care provider. Your eligibility to receive a certain percentage of benefits from Centrelink will be determined based on the following three factors:

    • Combined family income – Under the Child Care Subsidy, the percentage of subsidy a family is entitled to is based on their combined annual income.
    • The activity level of families – enables a family to claim a subsidy (e.g., work, study or training) up to a maximum of 100 hours per fortnight based on the parent with the least number of hours.
    • Type of childcare – BRELC and Monash Vale ELC is Long Day Care services, and the hourly rate is capped at $11.77

    Looking for more information?

    Call the Centrelink Family and Parent Line – 136 150 (Mon-Fri 8 am-8 pm)

    Choklits - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    choklits - Early Learning Centres


    (03) 9879 5888

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 6
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students 90
    School Fees Medium 

    Link To School Fee Page:


    At Choklits, we are dedicated to expanding our knowledge in any way possible, and we believe that learning can take place anywhere. Children who participate in Choklits are provided with the opportunity to learn and thrive, despite the circumstances in which they were born. 

    The children can socialise with new people, enjoy themselves, and prepare for school.

    Sue Brewer, Centre Director at Choklits Ringwood, leads our team of consistent educators, and the Herald Sun crowned Sue Melbourne's best Child Care Worker in 2022, which was her 26th year working for Choklits. Sue has been with Choklits for the past 25 years.

    The early years of childhood are a crucial period of development. We are dedicated to "stoking the flame" of a passion for lifelong learning within an atmosphere that is safe, supportive, and protected.


    "Choklits does things big, really big! This is in addition to the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF), which is the standard curriculum that every government-funded Early Learning Centre must follow. 

    Our educational program welcomes all children and strives to provide them with the most promising beginning to their lives possible.

    Interactions, experiences, routines, and events, both planned and unplanned, are all ways that we foster agency, independence, and interdependence among our students. We adhere to the philosophy that Learning Occurs Everywhere, and one of our primary focuses is on education through play.

    Paisley Park - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    paisley park - Early Learning Centres


    1800 724 753

    Early Learning Centre Yes 
    Primary School  Yes 
    High School No
    Boarding School No
    Course Range Years 0 to 6
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students N/A
    School Fees Link To School Fee Page:


    You and your kid will discover more than just a place to run around and have fun at Paisley Park. We will help nurture your child's creativity and curiosity by drawing on our thirty years of experience. 

    We will provide your child with individualised learning tools that will engage their curious minds and quench their thirst for knowledge in a welcoming and stimulating environment that they will love.


    • Childcare Services
    • Long Day Care
    • School Preparation
    • School Holiday Programs
    • Before & After School Care
    • Short Kinder Days
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